Tuesday, October 14, 2008

monotype corsiva

what to do about all this
writing, take care of it, ready
for replication, this text is
asleep, a font that hits the eye,
you have been branded, the problem
with this text, voluntary branding,
blare less, just keep grinding,
the cooking game, sleeping at
work, medicine ha, hermaphrogenized,
haganah, tear out this page,
trance hallucination, you have
the right to remain reading,
zero emissions, rotisserie
poetry, actually having money,
bag nugget, crakers, queef,
philaedephile, demaggoting,
pourdex, experimental love,
total freedom no deadline,
bordijol, this is worth
nothing, how old do you feel,
david jones, x sparks the mot,
nothing by today’s standards,
a hamilton, madonna bush,
the hand of the handjob, baron,
others scream: no more slogans,
release tension by breaking,
gather strength for war,
pass up the weapons, break
out in open, shed light on
the enemy, you are a target,
vano, nothing robotic, tried
to get thru but, biting fly,
who are we becoming,

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