Sunday, November 23, 2008

simulated heights

it’s time to get back into the
spring, fax deduct, new intoxica,
what does it feel like to have a
spelling problem, buddha cluster,
scan but don’t print, sgda, what
does one have to do with other
artists, calkr, movable void,
syys, what does it feel like
to have a bit of cash flow, look
at all that postage, astroray,
obc, downtoon, uptoon, lae, fax
the art, all the postage we
wasted, sixty-six ninety-nine
thirty-three, doubt art, faith art,
gray matters, ray says pieces, tcgg,
art s, hing, lick the gum, bark
odes, cap eye, purple ray, toglb,
milf, one has become something
else, give up doubt, fat whack
of cash, how far below zero
do we need to go, are we still
lookin’ or have we found,
aliberation, tblg, chip your
consumption down, what is it
you want to say, primary
caregiver liberation front,
luce levy luce, writing is an
aid to memory, only one left
man wire, tcsggpm, naafi,

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