Wednesday, April 08, 2009

got pot?

toggle b, a lot of meat, do you
want me to lift you up, nothing
needs to be said, degraded towards
the light, this reminds me of a
moment five years ago, thanks for
keeping tabs on me, keep it with
the rest, the squick factor, e-stim,
surreal politik, pantytime, got
milf?, orthomolecular, roussigns,
it needs to be said in a concrete
way, spinning jenny, sch, orange
magnified, sczhaprenia, open
sky policy, cheesesteak, flaking
concrete zones, went blank easy,
crone delight, the concrete
floor, a memory in the bank,
the post delivery system broke
down, mcdada, wai, cone hats,
villages of concrete, hat yai,
a barefoot monk in saffron-
orange robes, salaam alaykum,
concrete anteroom, stale date,

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