Sunday, March 10, 2013

"psycho geography"

chaos compliant, tetramorph, nadu,
strawberry letter twenty-three,
longview texas, massengill,
quadrigas, ccbb, you are
bleeding thru onto me, oka,
head of an extensive counter-
feiting, engineeraving, pivo,
clusters of sheep, insulbrick,
special refile, kost, ain’t
real, my love changes with
you, little dangly think,
sunburned envelobe, blowjob
smith, torn torn torn, no we
are not an item, zen fur,
add a creature, the old man
will probably be dead when
the letter arrives, winged
penis, harmless idiots, news of
the word, death will set you
free, if you love something
kill it, lay a sheet of brown
paper over it, mirth trim,
reality in love, long live
death, swat stick, get out
of my heart, the cupcake was
you, psycho geography, the
nine institute, how many
hundred, please hand
cancel, coincidence of suns,
thorn thorn thorn, swat,

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