Thursday, March 30, 2006

we thot we had more to say,
dash off a quick thot, imagine
reading this aloud, these
little phrases that, translating
translating eye lamp sand
cluster, nobody wants to hear
about period, whacked little
text, no attention for us
thanks, cunk, massive con king,
here’s a memory for you,
holy lunatic batman,
remember having this read,
the texts that made us, if
we had only read, analyzer,

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

invention from blank, bottledrive,
drive six hours for nothing,
flame marks, how do you like this
font, still go, orange garland,
combarative embottled history,
pristmoss, enrich the coffers
human history, it’s far to late
to subscribe, untrauma, it’s a
little game with a mirror, how’s
your armenian, emphasize your
failures, a pile of garbage to
write about, chrstie miracle
void void void, rutilant, fosforos,
monilia, the big jimmie’s and
the sooks, hoc executive committee,

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a page torn from yesterday,
the minds we have to interact
with, class barriers breaking
down, you can’t steal all this
stuff, what is a zine, what
kind of bread are you eating,
do you remember feeling, who
are we addressing, a literally
wandering eye, copyrictus,
flucks us, dadacism, the
climax meat grinder, here’s
the image that went to
infinity, remoss, infinite inbox,
fuck poetry,

Monday, March 27, 2006

reproduction of the johnson,
actual use of present,
version numb, one of a thing,
same image different
substrate, various methods
of producing multiple, the
thing there is that needs
to be, repeat taper, repeat
reality, paper size relate,
need to know nothing, ray
seeking, the mail gang,
selling postcards, this is
not an ed,

Sunday, March 26, 2006

sans ultra, bold gill, speech
pent, aqz lmt, currency
operations, agrandissement,
pop psychle, the nubile
tiger, enuf contentment to
be humble, ceremonial caps,
at art, trance faladorian,
dot jet, serpasil, kallikrein,
femlin, a walking void,
against literature, end eye,
brand yourself, it art, cbd,
think blot, computer fall,
comp punch card, bionic

Friday, March 24, 2006

a little confusion begin,
what blank black, is this
not a work of art, vacuum
valium, my first e-mail,
short days, the rap we had
going, the hap and the not
hap, aitch aitch library,
zen events, same as what, wall
of silence, before the book
came out the book came out,
collier than thou,

Thursday, March 23, 2006

pallium, metaethical, software
art, ludological, spinoblaster,
canadians have expressed concern,
until the moss had reached
our lips, orange ice, spalls,
the computer hungers, toner
collage, all the seams gone,
how do we feel about this text,
elk font, liverwort madagascar,
invent your own font,
dermography, representation
theory, the entire cultural

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

coffee dance, please label, we
already saw these signs,
e-vocation, gravity pulling
flesh down, who did this art,
till soil, deletion seminar,
this is not now, actually up
in the air, still in the trance,
sperrgebiet, one of these near
here, opening up into the text,
astone, not mentioning nothing,
pomograffiti, if you are
willing to cough, the years
are going, dream vision structure,
we don’t live here anymore,

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

trebuchet, using various means
to get the words down, brain
fade, old mohee, still universe,
basa fataka, welt anschauung,
we’re really happy for you,
anti-trance, thrash poems,
rayonism, artistic subversion,
capture copies, postartist,
clusters buzz, powder magazine,
exer cycling as if hypnotised,
are you still there, designated
sender, designate them all,

Monday, March 20, 2006

writing on steel, olympic
money, eighty-eight nickle,
mere god, mere penny, cut to
nineteen seventy-three, not
the swoop you thot it was,
deserta alberta, corpse of
discovery, seventy-five penny,
black cloud g, think your-
self back, intentional
damage to penny, special
year, se, se, se, se, se, se, se,

Friday, March 17, 2006

now much blank, novonine, ovo nine,
we have records of all this, card
came up, epistemology no thanks,
mail never mailed, a mere link,
putting the touch on nobody,
affixed to the flux, the blue
on yellow, a series of televisions,
free jugs of milk, texting
texting, unused letters, examine
the book, drop your plans, six
three six six, odd man out,
thinking contact, same as me,
loaf like bread, missing
section, all these words come,
clairol herbal essence, home
on the strange, no real connect,

Thursday, March 16, 2006

discount nothing, size of hand,
usa items, for the asking lit,
no heroes, a flood of beer,
tinima, crystal palm, this is
the proof, representing me,
birra, reading over the border,
tequiza not zapata, thwou,
neglected to go, don’t waste
your breath, slick concrete,
chaos house, amark, contin,
nothing different, a tit
for a tat, info for a penny,
exposing crack hole, half-free,
arizona nevada, half-black and
half-white, a billion copies,
one percent diff, pay by mail,

Sunday, March 05, 2006

push the publish button, zeq,
curvilinear poetry, letter-
maker, keep it to yourself,
untangle the carpet, blue
tangle, hard tangle, infinite
umbrella, no deposit no return,
dream-mail, i work well with
others, oh really, bretzel zero,
cut and restart, stop malaria,
green memory, lamp sand-
blaster, called forth the
trance, the common hand,
prema, a careless snatch,
artware, sural, condensed into
a highly edited, atemwende,
no winnowing process, flence,
established critic and
highly, contextures,

Friday, March 03, 2006

can hardly be the same
person, selfabet, miscut,
before we went online,
eucatastrophe, a sign mean,
see at, ilit, switch pix,
syllababble, blank manilla,
before we lost each other,
attempt to contact,
forget we never had, who
done by, still activate,
how are you goint, still zen,
starlight bends, people
trying to say, concrete now,

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

england continent hotel,
diverse demarcation, think
to the future, licht consum,
black feather duster, it is
art, correct advertising,
still owe, how could it
travel, know not what they
speak, if this is any
indication, not dead but
gone, blandification,
nothing unprocessed,
canadian ball, grid write,
rant rant, two delta, wind
grid, if any, writing ab,