Wednesday, December 31, 2014


montanism, maz, modunk,
akathisia, the beard line,
mast-allah, mazjoob,
tepoztecatl, cucking-stool,
discrepancy cinema, bitism,
as much as a penny will buy,
crislip, the bookmark has served
it’s purpose, the etymology of
winnipeg, ccb cluster, xerxes
irani, the phone doesn’t do it,
keep an eye on your minutes,
every customer helps, tty,
makhniashvili, rutilant,
pronator teres, senza errori,
tan lin bib, because we both
belonged to the network,
the grail castle, sedoka,
systems aesthetics, art
unidentified, hey c’mon
exordium, nevermind the
font, concrete skidoo,

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


micro-lofts, asperatus, dilantin,
prodifious, the mossy version of
this peel scarf, fleshlight,
bicalutamide, golden rain trees,
the last trace of you removed,
kokuho logo, energel, sbq
cluster, still at plenty, pd:t,
waterhead juni, zen lunacy,
nulla dies sine linea, der
rausch bei der mailart, dixie
ultra, bit-lip red, parping,
b ri, robswordshop, life adds
up, professed anarchy, shit
worker, historic continuity
to the event, sex trance,
computer punch, clay mail,
how charming he was heard
to exclaim, diamond
nevada, recycology, rapco,

Monday, December 29, 2014


tachyphemia, cluttering, neti
pot, appassimento, verduzzo,
subversive hobby, nadsat,
how an evil clown, schizophasia,
tag cloud, hypnoexoticism,
photocopy of the copier lid,
mailsat, og cluster, shalwar
kameez, todger, builder’s tea,
hydromet, discipline time,
nobody cam read your hand,
clock some tunage, winged
phallus, is kurt beaulieu
still at saint andre, bhumi
ah hum, field study copies,
a dab or two of colour, you
have been phased out, say

Sunday, December 28, 2014

"nyima lungtog tenzing norbu"

aletheia, global illumination
council, conditions of human
existence, swink, combinations
of hostile and emotional, the
logo is missing, how is your
reading experience, cluster mc,
purple money, ils:c, hillel, the
haddocks, kurt beaulieu,
nyima lungtog tenzing norbu,
sending even one piece of mail
to a stranger, cascadia,
enrique vila-mata, alexandre
vauthier, admin art,
beautiful megalomania,
rosicrucianism, assisted
levitation, the pataphysics
society, international klein
blue, nilla, midori, brofanity,
tra il dire e il fare,
dream egos, athabasca onion
rings, please no periods, iain,
three thousand dollar

Saturday, December 27, 2014


serigraph, home ec career,
white chapel or white acre
meteorite crater, artspot-
calgary dot com, having an
angry moment, new media art,
outside belongings, morbier,
polyinstantiation, visions eli,
olympic krema, bychcb cluster,
ils:c, katydid, der raumpunkt
is eine argumentstelle,
economics of consumer high-tech,
arational, anchorman’s bloat,
mc cole and zelevansky, yves
klein’s blue stamp, the selling
of the network, we’ve got a
clean, the distance between
wall street and bay street,
moca, zyxt, ghb flach,

Friday, December 26, 2014


distantiality, ouzo sausage,
chat is presence-aware, retroweb,
simplexity, the nature fakers
controversy, twelve gauge coin,
ronnie hawkins, carrots oranges
cheesies blue cluster, insects
three, the deer in the boat,
fucking pretentious, etienne
aigner, jont, sherepeat, moss
entangled, lost books,
resentment of the time and
money, glue or tape fruit
sticker, heideggerian
terminology, ghb alba, broken
zign, non-registered account,
thirteen dollars interest,
tfsa, wood gundy, one-sixty-one
bay street,

Thursday, December 25, 2014


zign, did not match any
documents, neuroendocrine,
a whatever singularity,
glitteracy, xanax xerox,
therbligs, metafriending,
selectavision, internotional
times, put the i above the line,
barley wine, zinemark, owney,
return to sender: refused,
boppo, tarbrushes, cinderellas,
local posts, nadorp, a metal
comp, kanak, hoodling,
co-location, the hero of
non-action, stampagraphic,
jack flashpoint, fruit
sticker art, need a new uh,
broken sway,

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


svayam bhagavan, nath, placer
mining, a concept expressed in
hindu, resource description
framework site summary, a
feed aggregator, gee crystal,
spacebook, south money versus
north money, revenge of print,
seduction of the innocent,
i know at least one person in
calgary falls into this category,
dyr, this phrase in bold, this
phrase underlined, your
first marriage, the trouble
with typewriters, better

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"emberiza cirlus"

broken ring, sleep walks, brophone,
un-timidate, addled-essence,
a bad googling habit, what a
sat, hazel shredded my stamp
pad, la utilidad de la vecina,
the owl shrine covered in moss,
trashpo, affective events theory,
alpha-ethyl tryptamine,
constraint-based theory, brake
horsepower, emberiza cirlus,
bottom hole pressure, venous
hum, spontaneous otoacoustic
emissions, minimum required
for redemption, pok, one has
the gumption, bropower, she’s
reading the wine encyclopedia
cover to cover, stift goettweig
messwein gru, pock, biopic
biopsy, counterfeit, exlax
xanax, when the summons comes,
one is off the hook,
re-election by accused,
the status of the jury,
nothing is going to go astray,
freedom to create, spirit to
achieve, gretchen doll, k
lagani, a very cluster,
sometimes it’s better,

Monday, December 22, 2014

"decaisnea fargesii"

human readable messages,
josquin gf, mahasiddha,
remedia amoris, the tail is
actually a bit of clothing,
the number will come to you
when you need it, concrete
eggs, carmine all, a fine
toothed poem, bohemian grove,
sustainably sourced, at the
happy garden, mcqueen road,
p-dope, manitol, the orangeline,
newsletter temple, spiral ham,
keisha green, the to in blue,
kairan, blue quandong,
decaisnea fargesii, moss on
a rooftop makes the footing
dangerous, grey owl aka
archie belaney, schmiffism,
trance cadence, speedprint,
toner train, cheque for
errers, let go of junior,

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"ambras syndrome"

magic squares, europe
commissioner for human,
lover’s spat into each other’s
mouths, pedal pusher laundry
detergent, hypomania, quantum
jumping, chasing mailart
pussy, doppelgangrene, i remove
you, kym, glamazon, ambras
syndrome, electric flower car,
cadborosaurus, restenosis,
anti-entertainment, les salles
de danser, bound and
determined to get the last
word in, poulantzas, verna,
vernacular theory, ikb,
affichistes, fire painting,
my kingdom for a paper clip,
intentionally made an errer,
bamalam, the names job,

Saturday, December 20, 2014


bamiyan, libitor, bc powder,
sunday night insomnia, poonam,
the musalman chennai, jumbo
oranges, cogcocc cluster,
hyalophora, insectes utiles,
histoire de huit ans, the
mailstream, reuben bullock,
jetéed, tjololo, mindshare,
memory hotel, ephemerides,
alt networkers, nitpickers
picnic, a bookmark for the
newspaper, no matter how hard
you google it, quality control
is mind control, short mornings,

Friday, December 19, 2014


aposematism, astro glide,
pencil pusher custom laundry,
bbbcs, how many saturdays,
cgb cluster, bu capital zee,
up the neck, poetry in the
bottleneck, kerry gibson, her the
expressway cargo, attendants
cluster, phylloquinone,
fruitwash labels, cotonou,
whole house publishing, gar
eighty-three, repeshit, hemi,
both weighs up, fluxus
mountain, rusty keys, rust
never rests, parll, toner noise,
tad tonerized, now it’s a work
of art, extra pap, generous
margins please, fauxhemian,
mercury-glass, anonymous art,
password brain, xerox slave,

Thursday, December 18, 2014


immediatism, ritual servitude,
the danger of gender, madhuca
longifolia, eulachon, linsang,
gaslighting, loirier, a rubber-
stamp that says: kwik-kopy krap,
seedless bunch, the song that was
playing at, los versos como
detonación, stratu, blackguard,
automatonophobia, romantic
self-inventions, lake forest,
cheese research, read and pass,
actually mark the book,
fragmatized, lemuria, gun
cotton, eirenic, rorschacht
did you mean, nothing needs
to be reiterated, mcsplit,
even if you refuse to move,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"anna blume"

zugzwang, make stones using
concrete, solar parabolic troughs,
thunderdome, haarp, your
favourite pork products,
capitalism a love story, walrus
cluster, arte correo para el
mundo, zygopetalum maxillare,
the this project, fluxus montana,
pcrv, somnolent shelter,
searching with the locator,
kielce, ratskin recoords, the
haters, commit the murder of
colored ping-pong balls,
exquisite performance, reid
wood, jamie newton, imposition
event, quite a few feet of
thread, walter cianciusi,
fluxus mt, leahy center yoyo,
billings, clusters of jack-in-
the-pulpit, concrete pithy
statements, anna blume,
kafka and that poor girl afraid
to go to the postbox for the
mail, lume, your ideas help
other ideas, arial black
eleven point, housecleaningg,
sun time, he’s so funny,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


esho funi, lithification,
whiteprint, pikeperch, high crime
environments, tokamak, harperization,
heavily haarped in europe chemtrails,
i need a bunch of bananas, b
cluster, zen cluster, synapses
wheel slip, kwik kopy krap zine,
rust never rests, lol swastika,
shutterfly superhero, yes fluxus
or no fluxus, ob scene akademie,
arbitrarily put in the group,
a human fetish, blue statement,
apare time, okay then, eleven
eleven, calgåry, zygomatics,
semion, living-room exhibitions,
gold sponges, synthetic telepathy,
techlepathy, psychotronics,
covert speech, silent talk,
self-historification, diazopam,
why the extra gee, yalla
montreal, there’s nothing on
tv, ua mau ke ea o ka āina
i ka pono,

Monday, December 15, 2014


there’s nothing on the internet,
aerologist, cootie catcher, a
comprehensive explanation of
historical, dopesick cowgirl,
festivus, addnpass cash envelope,
mrsa, softly face, mikkeller,
kcb cluster, lochristi-hijfte,
belgian wild ale, tardive
dyskinesia, kwik-kollage,
papercide park, hoohooliganism,
this boxcar on edge, lyssophobia,
one yellow rabbit, tns canadian
facts, acutance, halation,
fluxus event witness, get a
really bright light, mononocle,
yoga mark,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

"pir valayat"

masoretes, mitsumata, the kozo
plant, arête, mikkeller, funky
star, funky e-star, still remains,
csccgb cluster, glioblastoma,
hotel easy chair, moss lamp,
hamsas, parastamps, contributed
historical ephemera, how to
snare a bunny, you ought to
have filled this blank, pick
a letter any letter, tnr,
blank lit, bashing the castle,
most people don’t know what
it means, how to do things with
words, peterson’s the cage,
radical campus, networking
currents, shoah, pir valayat,
alt-x, the culture of cities,
black athena, death of the
liberal class, what is property,
randle e-race, politics and
passion, crime as an american
way of life, two-eighty-five
bungalow drive, tatlin’s
monument, who controls the
media, returning the gaze,
locating memory, news from
nowhere, cartographies of
violence, male chastity,
denial of death,

Saturday, December 13, 2014


concrete all around, orange claw
hammer, concrete coatings, art
fraud, every never say every,
pained in full, commun, what
are you going to do with that
money, bulk garlic, old paint,
george is the walrus, shade
of froid, merz apothecary,
aren’tist, the world island,
telugu, the t in your ptsd,
toleware, arte em todos os
sentidos, psychic banking,
outsmart mother nature,
emmanuelle, forever turnip,
glenbow pulcinella, miracle day,
bricklaying, dada shave,
extra-linear dynamics,
palestra, verstiegenheit,
the man who knows his
limitations has none, zyxt,
cisgender, unliveable error,
nooser, drain that pen,
social victim,

Friday, December 12, 2014


social rapture, hierophany,
wreck ignition, postage stamp
as product, cheezie sauce,
cbhym cluster, breast friends,
awahull, gopink, enkephaline,
hypocapnia, parnate, librium,
lithonate, sertraline, plexor,
tranylcypromine, classic
hyperventilatory episodes,
momentumizers, leptosomatic,
bradykinetic, toxic chaos,
swahili for give peace a
chance, unlivable, chem lit,
embodied poetics, mondial,
l’armera, playeras, victim
of need,

Thursday, December 11, 2014


babakoto, order dimension, social
semiotics, superparamagnetism,
black project, an automation tool,
yaeba, there’s no hexscape,
castle’s classic bakeshop, cc
cluster, the poem took a nosedive,
illustration walrus, parable
communications, note gum, tim
mancusi, bolections, reglets,
hyperretinal speed, latrodectus
mactans, poststructural
antidocumentaries, ocha-kai,
audience-specific events, hats
and exploding cigars, après-
garde, theory of naming, the
ripest oranges under the zeppelin
sky, bednesti, nine orange,
utaniki, water penny, direct
pointers, rezection, chaotic

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


malanggan, maimai, hagelslag,
hidden collected essays, hextext,
simurg, the rate of falling
fluctuates, manchego mancha,
sccmg cluster, borf, gone taxali,
horace champagne exhibit,
precision disruptions, holding
on to a piece of concrete,
zoda, the text is translating
itself, ahf, six pages per page,
dharma-dada, a rubberstamp
that says: revisited, f-program,
a painting is one thing, gar
eighty-one, postal smudge,
a to zee, revolutioner, rebiz,
your dilemma,

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


sine cura, weeaboo, euler circuits,
black bearded saki, flag that
dogshit, post-poststructuralism,
violence: nice love, leffe blonde,
statement verification, mandarin
orange, cob cluster, cheval de
l’île de sable, polymer notes,
muscimole, ddms, dmso, dma,
dmmm, transdermals, dom, dmz,
narjees, antipyretics, talwin,
anxiolytics, emotional horse in
cases, happy patch, petrichor,
geosmin, orgasmic inevitability,
wawa, dayglo trip, keep the
impact at twelve, saint lamp,
bentspoon, fifty moths, secret
walrus, methedrine, meprospan,
benzodiazapenes, cylert, serax,
tenuate, fastin, preludin,
valrelease, dalmane, buspar,
halcion, miltown, stelazine,

Sunday, December 07, 2014


bentspoon building, unpop art,
mandy bright, gleich’s syndrome,
kopi luwak, c, no concrete center,
intertemporal choice, boon granting
gesture, intertemporal consumption,
stratu, maybe next week, tubal
libation, this will all fade to
nothing, kick cluster, pèlerin,
aeshna, canadian bank note,
erni bär, what makes you think
anybody would want to see this,
happification, blattaria
implacablus, sewer roaches,
fantods, har-tru, a brisk
albertan voiceover, covertly
high in the enfield, one-hitter,
pargeted, dendriurethane,
athscme, so photocopy, spell
haettenschweiler, panman,
orange six,

Saturday, December 06, 2014

"pacto chupafutil"

orange amp, cloud gaming, bmx
parkour, the bubblegum painter,
woo kee med, hand fung, affligem
dubbel, asterisks cluster, cream
paper, pink folds, castell, dwight
way, pacto chupafutil, bentspoon
blgg, bldg, synthetic telepathy,
popular reality, lower-case low-
life low-down art god, owl
fubar, jessika walther, monies
rised, links vor rechts, spar,
exchange radical moments,
porzellanherstellung, an
appropriation artist, teleputer,
jibe, a professional
conversationalist, legation,
maxillofacial yeast, candida
albicans, nystatin, orange keds,
hippie clothing exchange,
logovore, papersurfing,
photocopying yourself, urban
egg, haidinger, splatter po,
this ain’t no suite, numbers
fluctuate, tfsa, you never
call me any more, staff

Friday, December 05, 2014


haidinger’s brush, ganzfeld
effect, purkinje tree, joint
direct attack munition,
electromagnetic pulse, radio
mirchi, cervixes rendered, a
forward hopf bifurcation,
eigengrau, ‘istorin, prisoner’s
cinema, closed-eye hallucination,
sourdough, mastro, paper ream,
ccblpi cluster, falanges,
cluster of falcons, stark gate,
you probably already know the
secret, unit of variety,
pacheco pass, mailart: an annotated
bibliography, hamilton ten,
apple movie program, hitam post,
office supply buyer, the
confidence you have placed with
us, tiverton, mixtress, tonal
march onward, nunn bush,
pases, cirri, molded orange
plastic chairs, orange bong,
hypophalangial, wedekind,
bone trance, pro-pink, the purple
pill, tulip poplar, vru, fru,
time trabble,

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


nekton, gar-amond, ecosophy,
this receipt ten years from now,
alcoholic doubts, in the thick of
the word, prorector, onancaa, tvr,
attacata, orange dumpsters,
ciselé, kokoshnik, sururalist,
kwakwaka’wakw, you roll your
eyes at your own text, slish
slash, lowrentcy, human texts,
ambassade d’utopia, bacia
lettera, the redemption of trash,
touch up those creases, compare
with the oh eight version, eve
nod, how to kill a cat, sorry is
redundant, donna polka,
symmetry: none, no symmetry
with respect to either axis or
the origin, liquidex, barriers
to listening, non-newtonian
fluid, summerhawk,
saargebiet, shakyamuni,
república corporal, gar eighty,
copy original what’s the diff,
bloodspot dot, la differenza
si ved, gac, luisenplatz,
mail art love, blousegrave,
nodd gal, rosh, a white
elephant entered her,

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


the satis factory, tyrannus,
any human creature on this
earth, bleu benedicton, styro-
label, memorize the location,
anal copy, sable island, paul
illsley, remembering apparatus,
membranes day, obfucks, this
is just one big makework
project, cluster of jigsaw
puzzle pieces, coil of happiness
ethnography, aspergum, eleven
eleven eleven, anarchy pod,
stolen images, symmys, chillins,
the great list, queen maya,
the original gretchen,
mouscron, warhol’s troy,
ruido latino, pozatal, okay
that’s going to leave a mark,
fantastic fly, emaciated
sakyamuni, botched the
cunt, power monster,
ventaja del método, claim
the face, pink turns to gray,
meat serape, james dean and

Monday, December 01, 2014


actually existing anarchy, eye
wad, poontangler, pink fist, koli,
loki double, odcb cluster,
you see this red mark, you see
these creases, the rcp, you have
machines in your head,
nebulizers, the dali lama’s
shit, cyanide security,
ontological shock, wilton,
vimid, matériel, danse macabre,
logs too much memory, six you
ess, grandma penny, shrinktech,
philscafe net, bashert, let no
drug, busy being alone, ed
mccurdy, vimy, mottled app,
time sifters, frank film,
glenbow org impress, braconid,
triangle post, carl chew,
artozoic, ur-toy, fatal

Sunday, November 30, 2014

"mina totino"

techwall, treponema pallidum,
luvox cr, waynestock, astro
kokuho, rcsy cluster, loonie
times, what do you do with a
book when you’re done with it,
delible, recipient design, code-
switching, to page, castle
executive homes, equus caballus,
falco peregrinus, buy a little
talk, postal project, keep your
eyes on the hole, dance of
death, the knowledge that you
know, no scare quotes, cr ch,
albacarla, crabpo, mina totino,
ready terms, who painted the
paint, is timewell you,
tsunami editions, blonde bembo,
vixpo, the ark sakura,
felpsburg indiana, emperors
of wyoming, autohypnosis,
kobb salad, loved the package,
pensacola, this atrium, calls
the two a turd, intoxicants
hurt and i crash the car,
using one pen, his signature
number one, • , rare calgarian
vowel insect, found
disrupted, air the poems
out, bestspoon, lost in the
vault, deshrinkwrap it,

Saturday, November 29, 2014


who does “she” refer to today,
in egyptian hieroglyphs a
cartouche, gelotophobia,
telamonia, cultural historical
activity theory, sfwy s gallery,
fccmsb, limousin, the average
trip, it’s fun to sign, bltkb,
kinder surprise, not the best
shot, roux, pennies we might
well forgo, persondom,
nonnominal expressions,
honey writing, an interesting
cut, don’t forget to do that,
theodore sturgeon, chrysoscope,
keep your eyes on the center
of the sun, seven years in
buddha, delurk, cancelbot,
territories re-imagined,
let the original go, he hath
founded it upon the sea,
me and the moss, three
good copies, slab of music,
syllogistic hijinx, gazing
at the rubble, the tortured
planet, tenn the human angle,
torricelli’s experiment,
recognize the work, the
way up, the shadow informs,
musical alphabet,

Friday, November 28, 2014


paper bandit, hors d’oeuvres
everywhere a cake, concentrate
hard enough, cunt lint, adult
attention deficit disorder,
darkmarket, the conflicker worm,
botnets, ambrotype, writing thru
the turkey, begin icon, seeming
noise, the today project, the
forward march of text, pray
for nothing, pro pelle cutem,
bark ode dear, now i’m one of the
cupcake people, broccoli crowns,
ocgg cluster, iberico adarga oro,
mulderbosch, glenbow, animated
art, cbwm cluster, dazs, mcc
cluster, ex-cluster, c cluster,
ststsw, ctrain, self is we,
timberland cluster, cotton, lg,
pulcinella, fennel blood,
sperlari, kashi, continental,
political haircut, organic
turkey cranberry sausage,
houston, website at www,
stiegl radler, write your
signature, was this me or
was this us, omc cluster,
welcome aboard, peace
officer, chrysope aux
yeux d’or,

Thursday, November 27, 2014


photocopying, standard teck,
reading conversations, the web
of iniquity, atychiphobia,
cainophobia, kanchipuram,
brinking, ginger butter, cgbqb
cluster, loki, cerf xerxes, run
through the garden, dreams
the psiquiatric, sechiisland,
this space belongs to, obvious
front dot com, pay box as you
enter, sexual power struggle,
check for duplicates, erni’s
box, chinese character lookup,
x, kallikak attack, i know
who your unknown is, lewiston,
bionic mike transmitter,
self-talk, verbal hallucination,
pseudomorphic, repentium,
this is the story of,
midnight gothic, ur-lang,
being not seeming,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


esse quam videri, chunga,
affligem, erkend, leffe, opwijk,
shawnee, fishcreek, sunnyside
up, anno, ipdada, on message
structure, anal-sewing,
nuthatch, mexican train,
this is for the new one, spoonage,
add laughter, tampa cold
storage, tapa del tanque de
gasolina, sea urchins, brain coral,
underwater mushrooms, barracuda,
underwater lichens, staghorn
coral, dry tortugas, we love
cancer, bewbsy, gaping cunt,
aoennler, vviissiioonnes,
say something damn it, yulupa,
marred souls, three master,
woodchuck beer, melbourne
fl, fbc, zapen, pink loop,
plain white breadclip,
cavant gourd, bull, giraf,
elephant, giraffe, mermaid,
pet, buttox,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


cashing in on mailart, orange
county lumber truck, panavistic,
maxiton, time-binders, red blue
even orange, orange glow of
farmhouse windows, gissel-
brecht, txn, jumbo cluster,
cosbocw cluster, cerf,
lingar street, beneficiary
change, for your future,
venezuelan ball-twirling
screamer, tassajara zen,
daitoku-ji, microphilia,
apa tng, temporal kin,

Monday, November 24, 2014


inductance, let the scratch
indicate, payfull, allowing for
other hands, bite latex, eye sand,
mitten cloud rising, a fake of
a fake, bowling thunder,
harmont, unk tt, revpunky,
kphth, ross in quotation marks,
does not keep pace with his
companions, predeceased, who
are you, zero is the highlight,
justin rutter, delict,
expressions from hearers
confirming, impnormal, the
tmic, nonlinguistic act,

Sunday, November 23, 2014


kinikilig, hypermodernity,
auguries of experience,
nemesister, non-places, golden-
eyed lacewing, printer’s figures,
keisha, enters wearing new hat,
lèse-majesté, the nothing
dimension, why the four day
gap, pronounce scout, measure
the text, mirrors from the mind,
let me know what you think
of this noise, non sibi sed toti,
the structure of the letter,
pafa, amtrak, jla, coconut
farm, containment policy,
justice league of adversaries,
kunstdemokratie, spruce
farm, anywhere out of the
world, vendor number,
humanization four-tet,
human capacity for empathy,
shyla mulay, margeau
cream, shyhn mudey, we
grind our own chocolate,
rainer wieczorek, sheiss
atomstaat, age before
beauty, industrial art,
body galore, naked usa,
monarchists for marat,