Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"aniskowicz" & "mailbot"

milk fire, your failure to
participate, mylar, nardia,
give up work altogether,
orthocaulis, this is not what
the program is designed for,
emphasis on the question mark,
fancy name for lophozia,
five wrong guesses, lucy island,
gendesc, with authority, plache,
nilkitkwa road, aniskowicz,
herzogiella, without your
feeling a thing!, ptilidium,

please process immediately,
you’ve ruined the envelope, you
don’t see envelopes this size very
often, the stamp is dead, mailbot,
there must have been an interesting
mark back there, if you put a
stamp on it the message would
be obscured, my memory thinks
it sees a doubleyou, here’s
another one of those odd, walks
are dicey, davidual, aon,
photo age enhanced a generation,
no i thot i saw an are,

Monday, July 30, 2012

"aleza" & "in zund"

teratologia, lepisosteus, jollymore,
printing cost recovery items, in wet
depression, tip up mound, must be
approved, gaultheria, nooky dace,
a big beautiful black scapania,
ixobrychus, wet spot with o,
maypole on may day, cosewic,
nilkitkwa, aleza, with carmel,
running up into the wind’s eye,
saccobasis, but for this the
regularity would be complete,

the frank chickens, newsprint
butterfly, arts funding slashed,
a fatal bicycle accin, in zund,
sleep loss away, megabuck arts
rag, a suicidal patience, scooterazi,
the day of the storm, open space,
the important part has already
been removed, the cover of
the georgia straight for
october twenty-three ninety-
seven, slocan, wrote it in mirror-
writing, a cute postage stamp,
i don’t remember having that
signature, pass flat rep,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

"spearmint rhino," nonchat," & ""scrawlblog"

higgs boson, the stuff of dark matter, the heart slog, right this
sec, a heart emoticon, cash it out before it evaporates, controlled
sources, pick a year at random from the last four hundred, you
are paying for the juice, jack up the point size on the haetten—
schweiler, commun, wid thaw, cluster of galaxies, lucky fools,
cara cara cara cara cara cara cara cara cara cara oara cara cara,
meaninglass, get more use out of the garbage, not much to choose
between the 1 and the 0, a big word meaning not much, vetasa,
parcae lachesis, hatwork, heartwork, spearmint rhino, falling
naked, your memory of what this means will fade, experiential
women, survival sex workers, end the harms caused, i just wanna
be your stepping stone,

arbitrary infliction of pain, arbitrary infliction of pleasure,
we thot we had seen the last of you, buddhist transgressatory
destruction methodology, there is no such thing as real presence,
nonchat, one just loves: no object,

yellow flower, blank silicon, kneels, why ask a distant star,
let's ask the moon, you can’ have exactly the same fun, a long
wind is a-blowin', late & distant acquaintances, outside the
outside, bigger chunk, now if this was money..., extend in both
directions, scrawlblog, glitch art, your first taste of heroin,
running out into the street after you, approved waste, you can
check for signs but there are none,

Friday, July 27, 2012

"rpv" & "spinnaker"

het anker, hat and anchor, wire cage,
celebrate nothing, hb fourteen,
teethmarks red, art in fermented
form, holl and brew, mendocino
to rpv, the meaning of north,
teethmarks blue, hansen’s sense
nineteen-thirty-five, drinking
rolling rock in pennsylvania,
bells or hats, floyd floyd and
floyd, cut the leash, authentic
stone, silver cap, drp three four
two, maori pointillism, cali
terra, slayman, hcslorg, gib,

independent reading, cemented to
the hair, reading is easy with eyes
closed, webb avenue, signature
sticker, manila, cap reg dis par,
botanical thugs, special forth,
undeliverable gibberish, mobot
robot gobot, chome tsurumi,
spinnaker, baldwin, you ain’t no
author, microvariations, noboss,
remaining silent, live material,
steinmetz, jepson, upsidedown
reunion, succursale, bastion,
irony wood, scobc, you are your
other, porophyte, incompletionism,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"rosen-zerbé" & "beauddha"

i am preparing this for you, i
never budgeted nothing, what’s
with the books, ten thousand
contest, ltdnisku, crun, potts-
jaffary, the paper in question,
maybe try it in the typewriter,
this is one of your fellows,
moss jaw, your days of confusion,
totor, days we were picking up
postcards, rosen-zerbé, identity
confusion, abandon identity,
so much cat food, coffee
by design, spot yourself,

mal art, painting with sledge,
i got the bourgeois blues,
anti-ism, tell me what’s in your
journal, fine art left in the
sun for too long, pretty flow,
mixxed, chiapet art, ersatz
blues, you want my time or
my art, agnostic blues, nonblues,
saint ride, beauddha, hat led,
you gotta watch this stuff
in the sun, media bum, postcar,
particles of the genuine, hand-
crafted money, bored enuf,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"bariet" & "anti-buzz"

hello! my name is karen eliot,
feel the material object, if you
heart me, mpc-dg, you could open
it up more fully, doing mailart
is time well spent, what am is,
this text has been handwritten
by, yorp, the black truth about
mailart, egghead on a wormbody,
these shows make the rounds,
miss pap, you were supposed to
do something with this document,
now put a layer of shellac on,
the perforated line is there
for a reason, bariet, so hep me,

we need to determine how this
was printed, yellow trance, is
this from the source or, the new
king of mailart is a woman,
indeterminate printing techniques,
van reflex, this junk is suitable
for framing, freak went, clay
fish, franticham, jeju, van mail,
here’s a flounder for you,
war bridge, anti-buzz, the
hardest thing to read in town,
it was good but sort of a
deluded moment, everything
fluxed together, sharpie bleed,

Monday, July 23, 2012

"oniasis" & "fotolampo"

upload the image into your brain,
the burning off of the face,
there is no such thing as a great
mailartist, using a chainsaw to
slice the meat, get lost in the
great north woods, a rubberstamp
that says: something you want to
say a million times, no diff
if the communication is direct
or indirect, bottomless nature,
cafsc, the whole poem is only
nineteen letters long, oniasis,
expersons, ir skaista, that
lamp keeps cropping up, sexist pink,

i don’t even have a vote, nobody
is going to miss you when you
disappear, rjd, callya, well this
is money here but it’s already
been spent once, památnik, i don’t
see any fuckin’ tree, heimwerker,
is it such a puzzle, fuch, i
think i actually might have
published this, fotolampo,
you can spend the same dollar
again, letterpress concrete,
i don’t have the right to vote,
we don’t know who the author,

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"richard blue baker" & "chris isaak’s uncle"

vidor, seriously crazy shit, i
care for your succor, the whack
net, hand with eye, perhaps the
words are meaningfull, what is
meant to be stuck in the ground,
avedon, ham mail, psychedelic
jellyfish, streeeeet, at bob,
use the art, full head of hair,
cordialement, how long have you
been a nut, where you place the
perforations, macaroni and cheese
with frogs, richard blue baker,
we had plenty of these, wonder
who the artist was,

fuck!, normal i thot normal was
new, wogsm, i was planning on turning
this into art, art without commerce,
this should be long gone, artistic
accumulations of dust, to inbox
at, meiotic, chiclero’s disease,
chris isaak’s uncle, reticulated,
idzr, skull lucks, itka, this is
not, the prime minister in the
hot seat, lachance, aptn, not
pil, pic sip, olome, the church
is dead, cherry honey, pir,
photogogic, pine pan, cherry line,

Saturday, July 21, 2012


don’t give me no smiley face,
and don’t small letter my name,
i don’t want to read it but i like
to run my fingers over the letters,
the raised letters, alfred e
smith, how do these yahoos get
a stranglehold, banana fish,
sao, all is well if it ends well,
leishmaniasis, zoom in on my
eye, van the route, you could
walk there with your eyes
closed, vks, i failed you,
seventeen-sixty-three mail,

Friday, July 20, 2012


thoese daze, nothing is deteriorating, you can see the folds
but they aren't there, try to imagine what it would be like
to be physically incapable of perceiving this, distrance,
goathammer, drummingles, just fuckin enjoy the pain is all
you can do, how were you out four days on the date, google
and see, i'm sorry it has taken me so long to die, you could
indicate the colour, pink written in blue, this is a form of
handiwork, making something out of nothing practically, right
as ray, not that youre dumb but, big fan of fandom, you still
don't really trust the computer do you, cumpunkt,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"e-dentity" & "livitsanos"

sheehan may, you don’t even
remember how to tell time,
kidzxress, with special permissions,
the eternal male-female conflict,
place artists stamp here, one
flea spare, e-dentity, odd car,
out in the weather, ladies
invitational deadbeat
society, ube queen tan, we had
planned to take part, memory
will be really gone, apti,
identical persons, this will
destroy your life, identifold,

if the paper is twenty-five percent
cotton why does it rip so easy, turbana,
the essentials of imaging, livitsanos,
wad of photocopies, red heart
meat, i gave you the designation
anyway, you must have a stamp,
pornography is just an excuse,
prinses wo, don’t rub the art,
jazzenede, art greed, little
man, gasmask art, denigsated,
a beautiful sample of your
hand, jurel, rafa, mades if,
i’ve had it with silly,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"moixa" & "lyallite"

mini-floppy disk, didak, word
perfect five point one, sorgfältig
einsetzen, soft sector, datadisk,
schützen, queen’s printer, moixa,
falsch, drive a, multiplan,
blank multiples, precision
magnetic media, double sided
double density, electronic arts,
nunca, quickshot mouse driver,
let’s try and hook the old
computer back up, a wheel,
five point two five inch plop,
coarsegold, f, blot lab,

vidal, tuhsu, arc hyp, yunnan,
acid bottle, heft art, gvpl,
tissue text, baggie, sterilised
by gamma radiation, lyallite,
sterile stainless steel
surgical blade, vale road,
super stainless, four oh one
dukes, non magnet, the tweeze,
surgical rust, steel tool,
dissection tool, a heap of broken
microscope slides,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"nanotime" & "skikiji"

do you see what the sun does to
things, you don’t want to be
lugging the book around, it faded
right from blue to black, the
problem with communication is
the illusion that it has been
accomplished, this will be
starting up again, a last green
glint of moss, you can pay zero,
mechanized shoddy, wireless
gateway, hit with an actual
paid stamp, we won’t be doing
any mailing, nanotime, we had
hope for the envelope,

nobody pays, check the void, just
in case you don’t know where to
place the stamp, we need to get
at this money, autorenewal,
station eh, catsup like blood,
pink purse, everything you love,
download hundreds, skikiji,
hilton beach, the postal rates
continue to climb, we phased
out the envelope, calling all
over the country, we should
be able to reduce, purple
and green, was it oh six or,

Monday, July 16, 2012

"sleem" & "casasole"

kumala, the little penguin, i’m
getting a picture of people at
work, pick a barrel any barrel,
capital a lozenges crown, the
discovery never ends, the cock of
the rock, boon rawd, the big
rooster, corona five cents deposit,
the design on the crozier
signifies, slee, sleem, as performed
by the minutemen, re eight-
twenty-three, vin, rendition of
grab, rendition of grapevine,
leffe, mouse under cap, beer
link, rewer, just drink it,

pivovar, a whole vehicle painted
up to sell your product, the
dragon comes out to play, the
roar of the dragon, grosh, sgf,
which to swim in, brb, it’s blue
and white but it calls up the
memory of green, there is a
language of crooks, casasole,
sobebev, watching beauty read,
the bite of the device, this is
just loss, read the skin, white
beer, there must be a way to
read these symbols, proudcock,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

"any network" & "alsadoon"

you can’t even remember your own
phone number, you can’t even remember
your own name, save paper and
reduce clutter, i don’t really
want to think about these people,
i think we were paying less, no
need to emphasize, nationwide
talk and text, shortly before
you were seized, ten bucks is
ten bucks, any network, you got
suckered, you weren’t making
any phonecalls, do not send
cash, automated calling, x,

elaborate watermark, green fibers,
in ten years this will be, city
to city with all your shit, just
wanna have fun, alsadoon, not
consuming any electricity,
can’t we get this text inside
the box, you can see the seams
if you look close, there are
people who do not know, the
paper as paper, matane, things
were out of my hands, gubmin,
enatam, bailed on you, one
remembers the street, mom,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

"mema" & "togam"

reduced ajusted, an outline of
your economic situation, the person
who is saying the word my, devpln,
tracking database, trip con,
devil up meant, dadabase, way
repetition, mema, invermere,
objects dot, double face,

it’s not silver, facial comparison
technology, bit encryption,
driver slice, togam, you know
where the book was, it looks like
the interior faded right thru
the paper, statement of claim,
mackimmie, you meant to say
universality, liplike section
cut out, you see how low your
consumption went, end of oh
seven, cut yourself an inch,
you stole the anti-theft doc,
stoardmore, three trance,

Friday, July 13, 2012

"ffe abdii" & "groc"

if a fin is a five then a twin
fin is a ten, wyn and spiritusraad,
button pops, start pounding, icrf,
black grapes, ffe abdii, regular
trance, these croziers, why see,
fell for green, there is a language
of, dragon contest, mere black,
objectual memory, our national
logo, to ming, what you choose
when you have a choice to make,
big crock, inflated maple,
bottlecap with mouse, growch,

there is no green to be seen but,
a bunch of letters overlapping,
tiger love, key logo, jut a sex,
you could visit the beer, proud
cock, paint it green, big black
rock, the minutemen on youtube,
formula one roostertail, the
dragon signifies, igro, barbequed
beaver, groc, mouse angle, grol,
arrow points to ro, rols, bot
hop, morrison bowmore, peat
marine notes,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

"australorp" & "alox"

benday dots, push button for
pickle, this artwork is still
hypothetical, my spiritual life
series, your self in nineteen-
seventy-six, without the caption,
forgotten things worth celebrating,
ain’t got no umbrella, still
smilin’ now, ham girl, i bet this
banana would taste good, the
moment of conception, australorp,
hey you’re lookin’ kind of grim
buddy, lick and see, simple-
hearted and wicked, that’s
our boy, sin on credit card,

we don’t want to be thinking
about death, from here in the
midst of life, retention trance,
inhaling shellac, trance
personal, just think of it as
down time, alox, the edge of the
beauty, i am unique in the
world, one two three where the
hell’s my face, why are you
hoarding all this art, girls
girls girls, biosfera, golden
acrilic, roll me on, what
makes you draw, sapateiro,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"microdot" & "gretna"

our-person-in-the-mailroom, la
fée, sell microdot on e-bay, hhh-
uffmotor at commune dot, these
are the girls that put you over
the edge, feel dat reality,
there was a reason for the thing
being sealed away, mind river or
mind driver, you see what time
is up to hear, twenty-five
dollars per sheet of paper,
child’s work of a moment, a well
laboured scrap of paper, where
the turning point occurs,
crodex, internet surprise,

insane turkey, paigra, dragons
or dinosaurs, you could open all
the little doors, type-able green
tissue, true the years, gretna,
nothing as golden as chocolate,
we’ve got enough here for an
edition, back in the day drunk,
meditation paper, landscape
green, experimental wafer,
a language of paper noises,
the day called: one-too-many,
paper landscape, tissue edition,
icon competition, dr ink,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"burghardt" & "bomford"

long after the thing itself is
gone, your words for you, the
hole is all, a nice rendition of
the word ink, one comes to love
flyers after all, paper sleeve,
we have the ground but we can’t
quite make out the figure, one
prefers the souvenir to the event,
burghardt, a few extra folds
of paper, maybe start with a
paper route, bundles, your
very first job, save the paper,
you could use it as an envelope,

heelies, slick tissue, wire houser,
lesson three in writing, desnoes,
yzer, respects the authority of the
reader, die folds out to form
cross, tube-noses, some small
mammals, with the holes punched
in it, bomford, use the edge of
the ticket to clean your teeth,
use the whole, time we spent
together whacking down rubber-
stamps, enthusiastic lunacy,
creating multiples, multiplying
creations, precious paper towel,

Monday, July 09, 2012

"ostracods" & "teldon"

one recalls the taste, you insert
yourself into the postal mechanism.
this is your ballot, the paper vine,
collect each and every, because you
failed to discard it, inch by inck,
hot little math head, a single
bit of confetti, do not open, sheet
of paper that got spared, dinomir,
calendar remains blank, mail
liam, little slugger, ostracods,
verb two, metolius, kauai, any
mark makes art, this day only,
when the ink was exploding,
compunter, things get built,

i wanted to send you something,
tatuk, two people at a time,
striking visual writing, strange
markings, label drying paper
towel, thursday mo, teldon,
clean the rubber, wow i didn’t
even see the second one, du sud,
thirty-seven thousand households,
hat high, computer post, graph
of the tear, pommel, the
mad · , good hands, your thirt,
re ap mr, les dessin blank,
calendar remained blank,

Friday, July 06, 2012

"sardanapalus" & "glaukom"

will you be my strawberry, work ink, the moment that lasts
forever, a mossy cleft, inanna, five-oh-one dash cee dash three,
fountain penny, confiteor, proxima, schvitz, the quick chicken
scratches, various replication mechanisms, fucking the pavement,
who's appropriating who's what?, what is it you find so repulsive
about this text, we are not prepared to shift gears, you have
some sort of problem with the idea of setting, you are
resisting the communication, sardanapalus, is this what they call
not in my back yard suurrearlism?,

god’s photograph, psychosocial,
stressfaced, glaukom, om gate
gate, to not prefer the one thing
or the other, i’m glad you’re
finally getting a bit of head,
rug bug’s eye view, way down
under the collage, you don’t
even know where the hell you
are, bo did, hat mojo, high
light you, dashin’ it off,
and you thot you were
special, dri-fit, the hubble
mistake, lot forty-nine logo,

Thursday, July 05, 2012

"dian" & "chaos collage"

drawings of erect penises, beware
the zack hole, never had any truck
with the camero, hat inch, get yer
dick out of that turkey, magic
bird shit, registered nursing,
what are those ladies up to, we’ve
only got a particle to go by,
the message while it is still in
the wire, guilt motivation, the
eight of wands, now is an e-mail
enuf, why is all this beauty
sitting idle, dian, just say om,
i like to take it out and run
my fingers over it, portect,

is there enough love to go around,
make sure you use paper that won’t
fade in the sun, mister bent
spoon, i think there’s a missing here,
let things unfold to their fullest
extent, this needs to be swung
back into circulation, sorry
there lemon, chakra points, get
this shit into circulation,
this is not your best work,
tantra il matto, some form
of visual literacy, hot off
the burning deck, chaos collage,
the third line, aperture self,

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

"lexicogrammar" & "syrup purys"

twenty, three, glo-fi, pg man,
curiosities of the way, capital
k, kleenex  kluster, chocolate
penny, all repaired, next line,
lexicogrammar, ananarratology,
let a hundred flowers blossom
and a hundred schools of
thought contend, the scratching
down we do today, eagles
fables, anybody within earshot,
scratching thru from the
other side, anomiatic, jibber
jabber literature,

longest period off the wagon,
hand signed, vertebration, open
plum, to junk store buy souls,
this crap is not even paper,
you really think you’re a
writer don’t you, syrup purys,
mopars, twenty-three word bio,
parallel disclosure, two-bit
postcard, intellectual
chalk board, blood-stained
lawns, a card to protect the
card, bending is not a problem,

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"panis angelicus" & "hokaiso"

are you sure you know who this
poetry belongs to, cream-symmetry,
panis angelicus, orange daisies,
kairos, write me a letter
across the street, we prepared
the egg but, anti-manuscript,
this is where it all began,
this became a fractal economy,
a ring, a ring awakens, there
will be no break, tjart, oh
plum indirect, smell it,
still fine for use ten years
later, find your limits by,

freedom through obedience,
medal metal mettle meddle,
hokaiso, don’t fuck with my
text, silence of life, no need
to edit this, nine to eleven,
van stasis boulevard, crazy
line drawing, abs, confess
coffees, boson bosom, electric
flake, s i n, one bird bone,
crack baby crack, ix thix nix,
out the tits, cherry blossom
calories, the happy sausage,
your accordion metaphor,

Sunday, July 01, 2012

"um umhum" & "litbio b"

this writing looks as fresh as the
day it was written, the written
area of the page has been
removed, poetry bribe, wait i
thot i felt some text in there,
it doesn’t really register as
a flag, maybe if it was in
colour, the way this line is
forming, um umhum, this paper
seems to have gone thru a
machine, black and white
retinal delight, dime line,
bouca, bromine bouquet,

take a deep breath, e-wing,
gearlike words, bentspoonfeed,
obeah, place your sticker, my
left hand is female, guillotine-
eyebrows, try to take the
whole page in at a glance,
golden piss, litbio b, turquoise
digits, imageflash, feel the
texture of the paper, cut your
way into the void, my micro
poem, i wonder if this text
was ever salvaged, striate,