Friday, December 31, 2010

"nondissipative chaos"

the feeder two, losing their
letterness, sow many words,
supporting the living, at this
point in the proceedings,
fuckin’ butterflies!, a hundred
thousand of these, do not remove!,
munications link, beginning
with the smallest particle,
justly disturbing, post-van
movement, high imp act,
invisible eye, a depiction of
cunning, nondissipative chaos,
master of ceremony?, is this
a cultural event, temporary
ink, burn thru paper, it will
reflect so you can see it, i
choose this because there is
only one difference, he
claims to write, thanks to
the yous, buy nothing more
ever!, poetry is the way,
face the base, a sure bet
to cleanse the palette knife,
stalin gulag might, the
l e t t e r s apart, a
performance score,
taking the text in at a
glance, how long is this?,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

"cortina honorarium erasure"

i’m still trying to figure out what
you were saying two years ago,
unlulued, no we are not going to
press today, there is a variety of
realities, cortina honorarium
erasure, tonermania, feel free
to pop out of this rut, tonerclick,
pencil on solid toner, remember
that time i bought your book,
if the peelers would stand still,
a big machine to sort boy sperm
from girl sperm, concrete reality
versus abstract reality, code six,
sex and see, pronounce ż, we are
becoming monsters, boob icon, we
got a job of work to do, dig it
al, trying to keep yourself out
of the pit, capitalized entity,
al chemy,

there is a variety in actuality,
i’m thinking reduce, sex tech, keep
track of trash, oh you want the
whole sweep, vote with toner, toner
seahorse, ebbrybuddy, time wise
and space foolish, no details
please, nice of them to pay me,
a sad penny, cantel, it’s only a
dollar forty-six but it means a
lot, this is the centre, the truth
about credit cards, mister dee r,
the interior of the soul, the oil
stewardship council,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


deobjectify yourself, the book
clock, nine bucks, three sixty-nine,
the vaginal eye, this will go
somewhere, this looks like a list,
you could google her, starchitects,
ipecacuanha, hello climate
engineer, beauty always comes
as a bit of a shock, can’t
knack, see the aitch, there’s a
face on your kneecap, you’re
decidedly lopsided, sweat met,
use your atc finder, use this
hole to frame your picture,
now you are published, sooner
or later you will follow the
link, glasgloss, i was just
kidding when i said, cheif
chief, the problem of writing,
zed dot concrete, psycho-flarf,
decode the number six, do you
want to save the changes to
your brain, evil sex, a blot
on communication, think in
vast sweeps, vat weeps, e-cargo,
here let me fill your bucket,
the magic click, you’ve got a
bird for a heart, dirty oil
free, just slap the text into
the hole, who has time to
google all these things,
fragment of delight,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"a boundary of infinite complexity"

i’m not ready to begin, slacs, shifty
characters, intentional explosion,
what is called reading?, a text
you can climb inside, drive she
said, already apart of, need she’s
prolly, changed your fermat,
where you find yourself,
scaling problems, wanting to
find yourself, amongst,
tight tiles, got ahold of my
book, gettin’ pretty slick,
buried in laughter,
printed matter (crossed out,
wholey other, different
standard, double deletion,
please suspire us, thot we
were on the other end,
guess who wrote this,
you you too, a boundary of
infinite complexity,
simplicity breeds complexity?,
let’s play the chaos game,
using the collage theorem,
cosmic arrhythmatic,
still a useful instrument,
sure knew, the coffee,
letterc solumn, here
calendular, original!,

Friday, December 24, 2010

recursive markov chains

present art, hypertexture,
commissioner boog, the anti-mayor,
ixks, an anarchist who spent as
much time in jail as outside it,
didot, cijfers, ijooji, busy being
present, art terrors, better off
without a dick, using what tools
you have to hand, if the words
come back to you, ujooji, replicaha,
capitalized essences, vagones,
cemetary editions, rubber lips,
trance hole, fur ray, how’s your
head, nixie, ambivolence,
chatart, vulvic space, contact
improvisation, havemayer
estate confirms, iterior, pink
black, your communications
provider, i don’t remember
placing this call, borpacita,
simsun, raavi, shruti, simhei,
the hard part is getting the
canadian ballerinas to stand
still, intake concrete quibbles,
the anti-police, impressively
constructed prisons, aliasized,
recursive markov chains, hey
lookit all this blank space,
single selling pop, protect your
cheese, xpr ess, goat face,
nu-unlulu, get out your
crayons, site-specific lid,
make the page smaller,
traffic-free websites,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"pure code"

i only take my hat off for
one thing, dis sid, let’s do it
as a lulu. beauty suggests
beauty, this ain’t no punkin,
in lieu of flowers buy his
book, you did capture that
tit, capture that lip, lop,
the machine did it, we are
going to cross the rubicon,
sexing the fragment, deobjectify
the figure, the people at the
record store might know, cease
the grind, slip into a different
mind, kingfisher seahorse
leapfrog, the dread of zero
information, the date is not
quite true, pure code, pit them
one against the other, we can
do it better and cheaper
ourselves, name the movie,
oboros, the grit in the bottom
of the river, sexing nothing,
addnpass with leather, object
delight, osc, carrie rodriguez,
do not gloss, toyota cortina,
the indiwidual, what if any
got lost, let text pass, are
these all birds, toner media,
black ink on white paper,
face and breast, a letter
crept in, the one breast,
sketchy is the word, in hand,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"tangible text"

& still he could not sleep, left a thumb-
print in a book, petrified moss,
holiday epical cables, one thousand
four hundred and ninety-two kilo-
meters on foot, i went to the post
office to ask if i can be cashed or
not, but i can’t be cashed, but you
can be cashed, dead instrument,
me exactly ken, pride of god,
a nest of nails, washed up in
victoria, tangible text, still on
its way, to feeder, loosing frames,
backed by tobacco, some early
works, trance pyre, be honed,
three hermit, no info, too
desktop, unrevealed beauty,
committed, to much time in
enctosed smokey spaces, the
laughter of the innocents,
trance america, with the forks
, which word?, with conscience,
as a complete thing, tenderizer!
, blockages, talking about
purification?!, i was him
for a while, a funny
feeling, think pink, book
louse, shrinkled, the
bright red mud, moves
me further, writeomania,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"jam the channels"

this text is incomplete, over in
this space, some sort of writing,
let’s go get some off-sales,
recite time (social thot, before
the border difficulty, ain’t
ing(y, to undertake to open a
book, joe i think it was
horseman, & wasn’t a grace
also present?, a q in the ear,
to undertake to read a book,
one five six eight four zero,
chose literature, living in
the broke, subverting
boundaries, what does it
mean to know?, madness as
a lack of language, ex-centering,
a failure of trance late,
watch the shuttle go to & fro,
home grounding, vim talks,
on us, go ahead to, jam the
channels, until when will
i await my fill?, my-zine
hero’s, vy zine (clear eyes,
good ‘ole sprinkle, our
house (å, inspired by a
dream, wi?, pass on judging
altogether, helical airscrew,

Monday, December 20, 2010

"link factory"

let go and let language, chinook
action, scrying crows, a silk snail,
sharegardening, pedehe, voot,
interahamwe, continued hot
elsewhere, snail meniscus,
semindanster ark, i’m seriously
thinking about defriending
you, steve stack, fabada,
fideua, dit, a victory beer
cap, slamgeesh, do you date
your garbage, frankly i think
it’s a waste of fuckin’ ink,
you’re missing all the cues,
what can’t a guy buy some
coffee, pornopo, toiletpo,
exchat, drunk brainiacs, i
wonder what her smarts feel
like, the art of standing still,
depending on the font, élan
mental, the chat-hunter, the
hard problem, qualia, una
zanzara, un moustique, le
cerveau et la conscience,
snail souls, waiting for that
book to drop, the little drip
of desire in your pants,
meta-level desire, link factory,
sacred cash cow disease,
thetaree, paeons, psychological
continuity, closest continuer,
you’d have to study up if you
want to do it properly, is that
the yob, the machine decided,

Sunday, December 19, 2010


where the actual space is, unit
bee twenty-seven, a touchon cluster,
penny rain, hats cards eyes, what
did you do to your hand, shirley
temple’s what, waiting for the
text to what, let language do
the talking, is chat presence,
chatart, decrease the speed of
the fall, money being sucked
thru wires, do you have a
criminal record, nonedible
groceries, one swamps, chinook
two thirty-three, sunnyside
delight, you were across the
river, a collection of brains,
what is deckling, yellow drip,
so what was the total damage,
penny wheeler, see above, good
luck penny club, hutch-rabbits!
cigars! exploding!, martial
mailart, formular net, the zone
of belial, dnyaneshvair, took
the anti-hallucinogen, today
art is a prison, extensive jail
correspondence, the shit show,
the zackenstein mirror, blue
collar temps, ambiviolence,
gyrocam, gigantic chaotic
jigsaw puzzle with only about
five percent of the pieces,
concrete hemp copies, the chatart
project, communal human
engagement, the plunge into
banality, libido dildo,

Friday, December 17, 2010

"pinhole spew"

drang, well this is still blank,
this has a couple of marks on it,
prioritizing the insignificant,
a penny-a-liner, hopefully easy
to cry, you’ll have to rotate the
book, sweet savings, vegetable
cookies, cuz there was a connect,
you and your significant other,
excremental culture and hyper-
aesthetics, libido glance, canada
council reject, don’t read on me,
question for you, disidentification,
ironologist, stay in contact, the
connection between you and me,
you really value this stuff
don’t you, sucking ink, tnr,
adrian smith, one of fun,
no this is not bowling, concrete
mail, blank and ready for use,
elimination trance, i was tramping
the moss at the university, each
cohearen henisons, collared
humming electric, ceragenetics,
chrononautical project, eyelock,
printheads, groove-stick,
schmikes, the lazy nickels
action philosophy, xerox
teleservice, community
organization worker, like
engraving on electrons, triftazin,
xerox thirty-one oh seven, pinhole
spew, railroad imagery, we are
famous among ourselves,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

present website

who were the cathars, sylfaen,
for the hard of reading, tahoma,
fragment shaped like the
province of alberta, actual
war, waplove, it’s the blank we are
after, a font’s a font, toner so
thick, refusing to click with
you, just another one of the plums
that dropped off the tree,
memory so faded it don’t hurt,
expand the toner area, the thing
is sex, turning dross into gold,
youse guys, present website,
twenty years in prison, the
bad boy of the canuckistani
underground, a farce to be
reckoned with, banana tax,
get a post office box so you
can float around, the fight
against mental illness, life
folder, mental sanity, enrolled
rosebery, make plans early,
every text inside the white
cube, lidlit, attempt to
hijack the list, draw a line
and hey ho, really colour it,
it costs nothing, language
machines, it looks blank but,
peek panties, i don’t want to
have to repeat that word at
every turn, the wastepaper age,
edward everett hale, payjuice,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"reassemble the firework"

the truth rut, feeder one, cross in,
a peach of paper, deliterate, allwords,
mindwheel, buy fur? kay: shun!, the
one and the frenzy, imaginary
money, om™, canadianism, time
isolation, constant haze of
extraneous, daisy world,
erratic eye movements,
escape rhythms, high-grade
block, apparant dollars, sit
and stare at blank paper for
hours, kitchen: outrageous,
you may be this, nothing on,
nobody love, quit scribbling
& pay attention!, because i
don’t have one anymore, spill
into the streets, if they
really cared, write it down
for me, reassemble the firework,
was that really the same day?,
clinics in computers, vying
for speedballs, american
friends, street for liquor,
marked by el is de, the whole
telephone book twice over,
just bind it all together & call
it a book, just a dot,
international order of,
the all important final line,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


you gotta get your priorities
straight kid, one more penny
to the beast, the bread question,
a rubberstamp that says: we’ve
already seen all your stupid
rubberstamps, world enough
and time, the mental cash-registers,
the worker in one connection was
the worked in another, the mad
hatter’s tea table, jacob’s room,
some blackguard without a
penny, polygonal tropes, prairie
diaspora, six by nine just fine,
hit it today, some sort of
stain in the centre of the
paper, the gutter of the photocopied
book, nothing drives me wild,
nevus, cachets, hopes to work,
bookchute, passing through,
stanzagraph, alternis dicetis;
amant alterna camenae,
bethluisnion, don’t be fooled
by the blank, blood robots,
mogger, stalk not lest ye
be stalked, why is this text
not complete, the moss black
dug the boggied fuel,
telidon, pymes, six-fingered
chicken, the optic gride, there
is nothing that is too personal
to be art, botana, a, salmineoism,
inmorality, correspondense,

Monday, December 13, 2010

"the five hindrances"

still living in illusion, authentik
and historikal, joaquim murtinho,
dames, something to deposit
anyway, artimisia, naked artist,
whatever will mail, domino graffiti,
one has no wisdom to impart,
what’s your position on graffiti,
dextre, repp, punked ‘em, seals sez,
la clique, perforated beauty,
care for a game of flinch,
selected and mixed by, fun
for millionaires, hooking art,
the rest of the photo, trust and
truth, be in this book, donating
a lot to mental illness, what
are the five hindrances, we had
to cut our way in, luc bb,
user belongs to too many groups,
forget your password? tough
luck!, fluxface, party pants,
mene mene tekel upharsin, we can
have a threeforall, thou shalt
not delight!, seems the paper
was defective, species ss/bf
espèces, always already spent,
eye to eye art, spurtnik, if
you want the good shit, we
are heading for seven hundred
and forty pages, you laugh
when somebody else falls,
trim it out, this old saw,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"chaotic pendulum"

gapping up the history, tactile
text isle, keep your eye on the
chaotic pendulum, gave up on
chaos, took a path, restar not
rest our, paths nearly took,
a door! (no, one of hours,
somebody’s reading him all,
the unspoken (for, lulu indeed,
bachelor father, let’erin’,
in the all, one four eight
five zero, how other can you
get?, time & non-narrative,
hour routes, an alien foot
walking around, free me,
ënacts liberty of childson,
synoecism not cynicism,
brotherule, newspaper
publisht as book, business
is literature, built by a
poet, anti-capitalism demon,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"repetitive reality"

never in never out of print,
post-borp, ego-agogo, buddha,
triboluminescence, you yôu,
beat more meat, we are out of
copies, twoness is an illusion,
red tick, lead tick, bored of
beauty, repetitive reality, oh
shit did i say that, the texts
are getting all mixed together,
these ones are for now, triple x
nothing, remembering microbits
from two years ago, field
food, a double bind is when,
what’s new pussycat, what
does this mess say to you,
warlove, job of work number
one, one copy for your records,
one copy for distribution,
how did this text get separate
from the main body, the drang
cathars, language space,
present body, memorize the
names of the fonts, job of
work number two, i am writing
this for the future, job of
work number three, big job of
work, purple copies just fine,
designated makeready, art
equals start plus, waiting for
das ding, my rubberstamps
and your rubberstamps
together, couple of tries,

Friday, December 10, 2010


it all depends on where you put
the text, nobody really likes
handwriting, bang a nail into it
call it a coffin, who would have
thought that putting in one
staple could be such a production,
aside from the fact it is folded
right in half, do you intend to
act, this is only going to add
to the confusion, random font,
just crank the calendar back,
to paginate sheath, morin control,
juggling hot branding irons, my
avatar loves your avatar, using
old books to build monumental
sculpture, grocery list with poem
on it, abandon yourself, jville
honey, in other words you never
take your hat off, the art that
is present before you, language
takes control, here in real space,
the cathars is, draining you,
your cyberself, release reality,
like helen of troy, zackify,
seen the worm trance, hat rep,
a network of ninnies, this is the
spillover, the only thing legible,
even though it is blank, sill wet,
the copy is on its way to, toner
wizard, toner codes, we will get
to the copy, i can’t really see
with my glasses on, almost
got her face, exaggerate
beauty, it’s just a drawing,

Thursday, December 09, 2010


seamless trance, is on, nobody
showed, i’ll say!, blue stay,
how i got it wrong, trance
action code, a book-length
manuscrypt, it was too long to
read, pretending to be sane,
trance late this, thinkin’ like
mad, a few things i want to
touch (on, imp piss ant, madness
itself, trance fear, perform
language, infallow-able,
excavation the child is hollowing,
knowledge loving, police area,
floating eh?, infall, ®evolt,
at ≈, perfect imp unbound,
first drunk, pencillin’ for
your back teary a, planted
a few seven footers, if you
decode, sin a schizm, only
nineteen o, cut off your
ear, dedevelopment, the
wrong good thru, sort
code, spirit sermon, lit itch,
yes or yes, join the bulk,
isolated reports, closing
in on us, closing out on us,

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

"art strike"

the drawing is not complete
until it has been copied, it’s
hard to miss with the ass,
she is making a sign, infiltration
practices, prices are liable to
change anytime, biro, mosquito
swish, whatever happen to, the
book don’t exist until you hit
the button, one copy resembles
any other copy, thank goodness we
had the foresight to remove that
word, go with your best intuition,
use the paper to shield your
eyes, clicketty-split, job prob,
indénouable, trance literacies,
contextualize havel’s epistolary,
coming to this empty-handed,
he went – literally – from jail
to the castle, anonymization,
a penny a day, havel nah rad,
i don’t understand why the
book comes in a pizza box,
packed by, so the book doesn’t
get dinged up, bad enough
that they exist once and you want
to copy them, disprit, art strike,
you could get another word out,
invoice mmm nnn,

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"art life takes risk"

the banff springs snail, i don’t
feel like i’m falling, undermic,
acting in the background, watch
you don’t get ink all over yourself,
now this is a different substance,
fill you fill me, complicated
horse emergency, nietes, brb,
defected from suburbia,
adirondack moose, ylang ylang,
doong, es ich ueberich, conatus,
trieb, the book that feeds itself,
the book that devours itself,
a splendid cluster, the moment
of real happiness, ralentando,
the grey immensity, calibri,
busy being dug, the snail and
the grizzly bear, to love or not
to love, gothic century, the
biggest end, image search
spurting, con arte ink, fat prose,
diving for pennies off the cliffs
of acapulco, art life takes risk,
drawlings, retire the bookmark,
what was the delgado, chop it
out and fly it, no more signs
please, seeing thru the illusion,
the nobodyflask, nobot, so you
want to be in the movies,
correspondense is not a
priority, daydereaming, you
really didn’t think i was
going to sign this did you,

Monday, December 06, 2010


a perfectly good piece of paper,
big yes, undone!, be writing,
a trace of overwriting, prod
the code, a chuckle before ya go,
what is our national fate?,
means walking, buzzin’ around,
drop names altogether, some
kind of mine or yours, lettuce
mayo future perfect, trance
ire, distended brain, now
now & now!, sun yatter,
thot i might like to be a poet,
vy for one, still plenty of time,
unborn, open square bracket,
no un, the errie (no mo, reopen
that channel, the imp printer,
mihnimaoism, more be us,
telling the difference,
place of confusionism,
multilinguistic forkt tongue,
when this is very old,
tea section, night hand call um,
hour day, bring thing,
burn your eyes out for,
jined togadder, unrespondable,
still art, read lemma &
was so imp you are, non,

Sunday, December 05, 2010


ghawar, oil springs ontario,
jelena, the things in your
peripheral vision as you read,
i find myself on my hands and
knees crawling around naming
the different mosses, minim,
cirrus estrus hyle, lu-thlu-pai,
trypanosome, estranged
husband and celibate, let’s
think in terms of page-size,
this phrase might make you laugh,
six by nine, concrete hips,
aftertalk, the loss of doc one,
cluster under the hat,
buddhist tarantino, herald
blank, the rate of decline, pay
cake ache, draw a graph
depicting your fall, donate
to mental health, the good
old days are back again,
imppress, the language of
schizophrenia, the antinomic,
happy clappers, meta-insects,
meta-texts, unterphysic, zou
ma guan hua, ein lemmel,
dispensationalism, canigou,
agelastic, fuck the inkblot,
the text at hand, picknit basket,
clear as blank, in money we
trust, the toner pendulum,
once was message, deterioration
flipbook, the myspace
revolution, presence project,

Friday, December 03, 2010

"coriated by hacker elders"

alberta buddha, what does your
beauty want from me, kids make
better art, burnish garbage,
point thru diaphan, a photograph
of a photograph, orozco, abi,
there’s no way to tell when you’re
all zoomed in, you’re kidding me
right old man, even the kids are
wise to the ways of mechanical
reproduction, your kids are
better artists than you are,
it’s a fine line between art
and this is just a bad mess,
microbooklet, the battle of
salamis, risible script kiddie,
coriated by hacker elders,
cybercriminal, the three-cent-
fare scheme, the uni-commodity,
a who’s who of late twentieth
century mailart, death is
freedom, do you have something
in the show, we think ross
should just shut up, prison
no surprise, outlulu lulu,
now that all the artist’s work
is gone, no matter how many
degrees, □□□ , the true artist
can see thru anything, you the
consumer, giving credit to
the wrong people, three word
poem, the hat worm, bedroom
prison, never in never out of
touch, the fine art of the sell,

Thursday, December 02, 2010

"dance of discord"

shrinkwrapped literature,
shrinkled sex, this nothing,
breaks off here, be on, h
our roots, encomatosed,
which side am i on?, bending
over backwoods, skip (trace,
enhancement completed,
we are already there,
sophisticated fraud, but it
was my idea!, form at the
bottom, becoming her,
hitting it hard enough, imp
ate us, trance for payment,
dance of concord, dance of
discord, character of human
experience, concern for
historical exegesis, this
tension?, sin corporation,
reënact, tacit us, open your
eyes before you die, utter
mutter, my tea, sad minute,
precious minutes, has not been
completely or properly
cleared, without glass,
unsubscribe!, klunk!,
plunk!, keep the negatives,
a thru the window, weird &
wonderful things with lawn-
mowers, hose pipes, scrap metal,

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


chatwork, chatbot, semina culture,
bela blue grimm, happy fangs
giving, the things we struck from
the list yesterday are back on
it today, elevator de-elevator,
hey look at all this blank space
over here, maybe we should try
and do this inhouse, mauriac’s
river of fire, transcendence-
facticity, kessel’s pure hearts,
valéry’s divine absence, you
ought therefore you can can’t,
a sin confessed is half pardoned,
enuf to last you a couple years,
the same old warp and the same
old weft, friend hunting,
initiate endless instant message
session, cambria math, candara,
let’s work this stuff up into a
book, what is with all the
spacing, a couple of drops of
water on blank paper, the blank
can be trimmed away, milpa
walk, the neoist encampment,
ling, concrete pores, ansible,
seapot, cambria, check the
markings on the copier, split
and flip, bad apples pouring
in the door, may west june
west july west, holy ween,
chop drop and, flesh lure,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"the absence of production"

written in the kitch, the form
baker is alive! (i’m not dead: i’m
just… paralyzed!), not eye,
my pen alp!, our nows coincide?
, trance & highways, talent
books, the ink tends to chip or
flake, the absence of production?
, blow the crap out of the gutter,
believing myself to be a poet,
compositional miniatures,
only all, actual canadian,
i i & i, zap eight, deep
imp pression ink, imp
pen etrations, end of psi
kick, sounds in tents, mutual
fun (manducation, did i
read?, wasn’t he one of the
i think it was four joes?,
always already at, imagination
all compact, plause button,
what do you do when you
reach the edge of the paper
?, pops up an explodes at
head height, i guess i did
read id, for a good clause,
wasn’t that a strong dream!,
we fit in here, istolation tank,

Monday, November 29, 2010

"a noistic matrix"

crack coffee, iffi, contact list
contact, the mowent, tinygurl,
put it on the get rid of list,
overnight replenishment, just say
no to art, chevalier no less,
sabbacetaso, the literary industry,
why don’t we include your book in
my book, entropic graphomania, pons
asinorum, the heart of the concrete,
minute contemplation, a tavern
puzzle, cell elixir hinged,
pre-ordination, gray blank, words
flowing in and out of the text,
kalpa, sult, moneyless art collectors,
are you calling me by my name,
ongoingify, fear of chat, text
remains to be, the multilog, nosim,
a noistic matrix, brecht from
natural and biological sciences,
an opinion leader strategy, the
arts of the new mentality, the art
maze, hat soaked, it’ll fit zine,
the day’s eye, meatflux, drilling
graffiti, back to the original,
gutterslick, the toner pendulum,
what does this say to the eye,
pun itch ameant, a beautiful
waste of paper, breaking the book
holds, a network of one, nothing
but beauty, we’re going to have
a whole little book by the end
of the week, expanded substance,

Sunday, November 28, 2010


luru, i included your name in my
book, the book is not ready until the
pages have been cut, just call it a job
of work and have done, a viral poem out
of control, the curves of the paper give
it a sculptural quality, dead eye dick,
caija, are you getting enuf poetry,
armp it, seeming in quotation marks,
tornado flakes, loogar, souhaita
reposer, you might prefer the cover to
the book, committed to the book,
editio durus natio semper, sign it
like you mean it, miva, this is a
lesson in nossel, holding a house,
i don’t recognize these people, as
long as the wheels are spinning,
experian, strk mesox it, you got the
wrong ray johnson, a long long
story the end, you might prefer the
artist to the art, wait til you see
the thing itself, history and
community each, authentik and
historikal, the irrelevance of what
is physically original, nothang,
robbing event, pink wigging, olfp,
the avatar of boredom, tepco beach,
the clay movement, carriers howl
like empty, akademgorod, pinche,
requinto, the font keeps reverting,
thrips, aesthetic categories, the
blank is the only thing that
matters, marxians versus marxists,
chatphobia, hardcore do it yourself,
you can see the difference in the
way the pen writes, missed points,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

[see longhand]

not colour coded, the only
true friend of poetry,
how about a game of babble?,
buy the time, think you can
read?, a poor thesis, what
was goin’ on up there?,
who let the whole thing in?,
just us & this peace of
paper, little r revolution,
blank it state meants,
unshrunk, this bird-like
shape (shifter, eternal
occurrents, slipping tru,
this paper is n’t saint and
hard, taking care of busy
ness evry day, [see lh], or
itchin?, expensive words,
place to go, mid loathing,
confusing things, did for
us, class eye, we have
people, the last of it,
mist roving, entropy play,
visited each other in the
places, went your way,
make any frenzy, bulk c ode,

the longhand

Thursday, November 25, 2010

(insert apostrophe)

perhaps you have overlooked something,
goodbye gee bee, how can you call this
nothing, wow paint, this elaborate
shape represents nothing, now here’s
something worth typing up, a red
circle with everything in it, capreol,
you can’t afford to be ate, actually
carry the card, nestshaker, the maw
of the network, ganesha, ecozoic,
the suasive power, noumenal energy,
hamiota manitoba, paumonock, tired
of being in books, one wage-earner
who supported the artist mate,
highly empathetic correspondent,
thou shalt not communicate, deep
grid work, folk reality, in the
meantime online, a diary enlarged,
artmind, fiorinal, chocha, time is
the simplest thing, jungian slide,
giving a penny for the old guy,
still more remains to be processed,
being reading this, chose grot,
kartika latha, sign debt, the
copy is just as good as the original,
a week’s worth of text, luru point,
coffee abuse, your ideas feed my
ideas, you don’t even know what
a double bind is, you can tell
by glancing at it that it is
empty: the text, everyday i write
the book, and you write it back
to me, hot off the press and
straight into the trash,
caffiene, really do it yourself,
cwazy art, flux of meat, writ graf,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


caffeine, the politics of the face,
sales can’t go down, rage on son,
there are no illegitimate diamonds,
have a pretty serious hat on,
facebooking the boss, ju’, pop tax,
with or without the addition of
art, sunnys, you just have to read
all the little bits and bytes,
triolet, word golf, antonymical
poetry, autodiegetical, the
danaides, the hackneyed example
of the cretan, aliterature, a
clausula that concludes
nothing, coming to the end
of a history, etnet, bentmoon,
your hat sitting on the air
above your collar, the tailouts,
our poetry is now the realization
that we possess nothing,
neuroimaging, assman’s
funeral parlour, corbel, puhol,
upnates, chatable, we are all
beyond the book, ontinue,
still publishing, are we doing
this together, memorize blank,
finding nothing beautiful,
if nothing was a verb, these
artists are improving, not even
the publisher is reading it,
illegible textuality, toner
owner, the text seems to be
at speed, gutter slick, the
original note, woote, comicimoc,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"the watching machine"

did you remove your original?,
more of-a-piece, i & i & i, open
bracket, days old, where all
the money goes, promoting
other culture, the border is an
imaginary line, this literature,
owning a book, mass turbulence,
bo_P, maybe it is all right, free
tables!, as quickly as possible,
saint what?, raw action, throw
the close on the watching
machine, a little doubt (double,
restwork, the poetry lobby,
in the nay, hitler was a
vegetarian (picky-choosy,
double ditch, day of the sun,
thru the eye into the, roar
too fard, come thru for, pal
lap (alp, once they get in,
either black or white doesn’t
matter, from away home,
slaboratory, good behaviour
self, miss pent up, following
devious courses, overlaid
than never, call so & so
call, a significant profile,

Monday, November 22, 2010


bach rings a bell, tiss, no
quarter no penny, signed nothing,
making a mockery of the book in
general, flashpackers, they
phased out the good stuff,
dawn void, lulu voodoo, non-
thetic, freedon, crank back the
clock, constantia and consolas,
men politics, admirably
beating, hit the font jackpot,
slunge, was dug, a crime of
desire, levelution, kakania,
ronsonol, fluxus flesh power,
anybody who thinks they know
what art is, empty coin, ipecac,
penny ice cap, meerkats, hocus
crocus esquilocus, kawaii,
frailejones, vocational
rehabilitation, return-to-work
interventions, hanging chads,
open the door to every tom dick
and harry, learn how to write
so you can write graffiti,
this is the moss envelope fold,
you can see there’s something
coming up from the middle
there, first thot worst thot,
pass it on: beautiful chaos,
blood smeared all over the
car, and the back pages too,
how can you call this copy of
a copy of a copy an original,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"mechanically constructed letter"

slick toner, meditate on the
blob, it looks like some sort
of writing, the mess is the
message, really only one copy,
we were we’re werewolves,
this is all part of the ongoing
text, from nobody to you all,
leaving one out of the equation,
it bled thru, lapstrike, crank
these out to a full page,
mechanically constructed
letter means, the fattest
emphasis, the twenty-five grand
delgado, make a mark with
a gun, blank charity, undream,
snailmail is not a priority,
living in jail, drawing words,
nobody is actually printing
the damn thing, what is
stopping you from reading
the text, buddhist marketing
techniques, saint nunnery,
if you want me to read it
send me a hardcopy, chatplay,
she’s giving you a sign,
assbook, nothing is that
beautiful, pick a face any
face, help yourself to a
body, the whole her, presume
nothing, chatlure, one wants
the view from the gutter,

Saturday, November 20, 2010

"the seam"

sideways dee, the actual moss,
total waste of ink, bunch process,
see what you think, what
photograph?, what writing?,
blue equals white, even better
(even worse, waste of toner,
really collage, which is it?,
free!, the same these me the
seme, the seam, how we are
changing, mixed in with,
every, whenness, dread reason,
tongue oppressor,
hypersensitivity to acoustics,
a national trance, harmonious
enjoyment of a common, economic
and historical context, eye
surrounded by not-eye,
about to big in, she inserting,
the colon of crys, still
active ?, mindmade & is led,
end to psychic all war intestine,
the it inside, over the return,
must be ness, four different
writing instruments, deunite?
, class contest (grade five,
synth you mention, mind
connected with aitch, still
exploding, ta king of time,

Friday, November 19, 2010

"net puppetmaster"

on the bubble, ghunk, say it
with me, syncrons, are karune,
you can hardly tell it’s a lulu,
trench art, facebook creature,
died to general indifference,
what’s this little rider, have you
said your matins, make note of
the blank, furboats, umbilical
limbo, comma but comma, there
is nothing erotic about money,
net puppetmaster, message up
on the sun, would you rather
interact with humans or machines,
you can’t get ink for it, fear of
disconnection, love at first
chat, three two two two, the
peintre nato, what can we
learn from excess, daze of
the weak, millions of books
being published, random love,
a code so difficult not even
the writer knows what is being
said, citore, make a point of
googling, i don’t care if you
read it as long as you buy it,
unconsumed consumption,
trebuchet is, eat down,
mechanized chaos, toner heart,
pro- thuck, the thing as such,
the smell of coumarin, writing
to a stand still, a bad
halfbit, happening lines,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"telecommunications art"

betty stork, gaudy penny, the
pleasures of winter, lickable
split, orange stamps, suny side,
meditor, advance documentation,
aurry, massification, netclubs,
telenetlink, telecommunications
art, internet workers, keypal, the
pre-doc, lustra, the paper
revolution, kitayamasugi,
verdana mandala, watching for
the ink fade, penning it down,
inkados, thanatope, rastro, in
the binary field, cold text,
don’t read it just examine the
font, bad writing in a beauty
hand, can you identify this
stain, run the degenerations
as an animated movie, toner
in a vial, a stack of blank
paper, toner is made from, ink-
worm, moving to a standstill,
tonerdance, and gone, a green
smell, eat green feeds, antropy,
nothing always changes, lizab,
avatars in love, owning the
substance, feedom,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


oppression lift, all that ink,
untorn again, on reverse,
global warning, only in canada
eh?, support search operations,
seriosity level, read sense, is
there much call for paper(s)?,
the moss a microcosm of the
forest, black whites, first
initial basis, books within books,
chocolate in the gutter, the
pointlike present, affection
for the self, i was just thinking
about that stone, all is just
an emanation, ewomanation,
starts with a zed & ends with
an ex*, difficult reading time,
african saints, run & get some
reference material, trace the
trance forming one into the
other & the other into one,
geuss stop oh son lake, busy
being born again,
connected things, the name
we are known by, trance
migratin’, let’s have a
potlatch!, exlarva,
* astir risks, done!,

Monday, November 15, 2010

"forced art participation"

the last of the green, rust
event, money is for fools,
memorize the code for green peppers,
roasted facts, xeroxing copies
was illegal and conviction often
led to imprisonment, trance
bridge, zaumnost, acmeism,
vacuum poetry, telnetlink,
cinderella stamps, live node,
forced art participation, the
author’s original draft of this
text is available on request,
a communication-happening,
brainstorm versus lone ranger,
hypercard stackware, slave-
terminals, facesmack, net
puppet, fuck we’re running out
of ink, not two but seven
thousand cattle, it only takes
a second to google it, empty
text empty text, carharts, this
rock green moss companion,
choss, munge, spill food onto
the art, a time of none, why
should we waste time with
your text, now that is not
sane, high koan, one has
looked and seen it is good,
we would rather stare at
blank text, maybe she is
done with you, on the erotic,

Sunday, November 14, 2010

cornucopia tsunami

are you writing a copy, time enuf
for rust, join the stack, grueso,
zarchive, extra slash alter citizens,
schablone, the vacuum bubble,
the not even working class, the
unemployed class, the last of
the green ink again, you can’t
get ink for it, miss twists, you
can try up the hill, botargo,
galoubet, nacelle, caillebotis,
equal a happily chosen, bad
exoticism, anterior exile,
homemom, lag sausage, net
burnout, i wrote this with my
dick, yahoozicon, premium
twine, cornucopia tsunami,
ten years past prime, no need
for detective work, limit your
eye time, entity created by a
housewife, number grid verse,
how are you making out with
that grapefruit, aziyadé,
maitreya lithography, lola
galla, simulated freedom,
hammering away in silence,
ratava, handwrite scan e-mail,
e-repeats, losing face booklets,
write green, nothing green, this
text is a movie, animated
degenerations, everything is
moving to a standstill,

Saturday, November 13, 2010


pulling back from the edge, hit
the dark button, the starry so
far, what the paper is supposed
to be used for, robot writing
machine, the chose was, british
columbia is a maritime province,
do it now, bone journey,
holding a house, a joint-
knowing, anatta nobody,
what is sharing?, scotomization
not sodomization, out of us’,
over sighs, talking war,
whose italics?, ex-centric
to himself, lit odes, a mute
trance, i got a readache,
scoptocracy, megaphonics,
canadian commodity poetry,
sigh tax, cum oddity, change
the cover, al(read)y, drawning
connections, new desire,
it was an air or, section mark,
jumped or was pushed out,
potential modern, the
pounding above, where
did that speck go?, hey
hey easy on the eyes eh!?,

Friday, November 12, 2010


eet geen vlees, she’s working
barefoot for you, reflexbewe-
gingen, red arrow to your heart,
to your seven hearts, we caught
a glimpse of the thing itself,
it’s different on different paper,
yellow plastic striptease,
follow alla, barietprint,
overprint, bether, seek deep
within the collage, collage
yourself a foundation, you
can’t tell the process from the
product, vizwise, innocku,
least but not last, virtus
justitiae ancilla, the best
town by a damsite, the only
contact allowed, thuy tien,
money you forgot you even had,
what’s the convention with but
and the comma, asemic sibyl,
neeps of faith, a language
worker, theoretical anti-
humanism, remember not to
fight, i don’t have time to make
love to you right now but you
can watch me make love to this
other person, triple x freedom,
art now won train, leaping
into laps, orange splatter blue,
nothing saint rep, take write,

Thursday, November 11, 2010


a small green object, political
graphics, make an appointment to
see the art, a sawbuck, ten people
a day, a greater aptitude for
patience, gray eminence, pull
my information, actual linotype,
watching for the inevitable
fade, wow we sure got a lot to
say, the flaming iron, stevens-
johnson syndrome, mail-tapes,
never ending orgasm, copier
proficiency certificate, the
pony farm, it’s nearly now,
rezando, art is a prison, don’t
pigs have long orgasms, time
square, pregroperativism, pro
zac pocket, clortalidona,
escritorio publico, sound
acupuncture, the league of
the hat, t lobsang rampa,
my shadow is my graffiti,
artathlon, chrononaut, yantra,
limnetic stickleback, frenemy,
shopper-tainment, vivimind,
relocalization, elimination
of cancer heart, the burj,
zerogatory, if this bookmark
could talk, vegetable globe,
my avatar is crazy for your
avatar, literature splattered
with orange, nothing strep,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


hot ink, good contrast, how they
might fit together, white ground,
by comparison, the temp is late,
a produced thing, you can’t
just go and underline, she
wants it back, thin k, getting
thru (out, domination day,
trance substantiation,
getting the bad noose,
fungus in the insulation,
the imp risen, out of our
league, naked crown?, how
seriously can we take this
stuff? ( self-decapitation,
read what you want to read,
poland in the original, them’s
fightin’ words!, zinemark,
you gave money to these people,
the em in flame, verbomotor
skills, hiring now, word
capital, what kind of ecstasy
you’re after, nothing™,
neck taming, trance history,
some kind of space-time,
plodding east, photocode,
headlesson, disunited states,

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


do you think you could move some
of this writing for me, people
with writing problems, putting
out a little toner, text not to
be handled, book as apparatus,
from here to poetry, we’re still
brainstorming on this, the dead
skin of the artist, the good
stuff is back in stock, we
still need ink, i’m happy with
a zero budget, sari dienes,
thingma, eight things is too
many, do you have a feeling
for the copy, i can’t even
remember who this was anymore,
i meditate my voodoo on you,
hoping for something material,
the writer is blind, grotty
gresik, kayak, drill with pen,
everything has to be copied,
luru crack, caffeine overload,
slick bach, i could show the
run of deterioration, more
text on the page, the entropy
might waver for a moment,
let’s chick, nothing material,
how many times must we fall
into the gutter, the original
note bach played, overlook
literature, coffee comix,

Monday, November 08, 2010

"hard copy edition"

hard copy editition, cutupia,
seeing gremlins, black buzz, red
juice to multiply, mailart
millionaires, goest thou to a
woman: do not forget thy stick,
do you really think you are
somebody, snoz softgeometry,
keep you eye on the million,
help people empty out their
drawers, image loss, duckles,
rudderstamp, african bobbins,
snox, mekalite, duraznos, snoz
partyline, ink levels are
dangerously low, the consolation
of alcohol, jiao, document with
same name bumps, mailart much
bether than telefon, colour
for the sake of colour, poetry
is a job of work, blank portion
to be removed, candiru font,
hototogisu, writing thru the
paper we are writing thru,
black says copy, blue says
original, spip, reach out and
touch the small green object,
eat green veggies, technique
for moving words, immortal
texts, brazil lizard, your
avatar is breaking my avatar’s
heart, art is sustenance,

Sunday, November 07, 2010

"the image nation"

messy cage, time plate, black
figuring, somme losses, which
is today, diggin’ the ditch, welld,
desperate for ink, establish a
cosmic harmony, headlines the
cultuwordular energy, wasp-
swatter, a drap o’ ink,
intoxification of reading, ho
use for sale, relay message,
component-imp, five point one
on the richter scale, not having
seen, sex log, this was the
bottom, without uttering a
word, the alphabet tattoo,
prime the psycho pump, does it
still stand?, make no mistake,
true & false, reduce to manage,
the image nation, mining the
present, by a woman, that
face (south, char, miss be
have your, minute garden,
two ells two enns, recycle the
wind oh!, not following the
guidelines, chunky circulation,
work it off, plastic fantastic
lover, how much is your time
worth?, make it too easy, burst first!

Saturday, November 06, 2010


genuine nineteen-eighty-five mexican
photocopies, cybernauts, note fold,
all we want is just one book, the
year bearers, ataraxia, terreño,
autohistoricization, mineoism,
enigmatic and completely
hilarious, business fiction,
chair of ling, salcichoneria,
the concrete aerial bridge, milug,
failed to show at the gig, did
you ever think you might be
addicted to it, overdocumented,
account author, desires sex
and death: not necessarily in
that order, a word that would
not let us go, i forget what the
little bits were, hued and
cried of each’s colour, pointing
you towards trash, put the
magic spin on it: it never stops,
is the ink getting gray, nothing
goes to waste, depends on who
the author is, the early history
cancelled, the evolution of
the seahorse, obzine, you set
me free, minor crime, blank
as newly fallen snow, you can’t
just add a couple of letters
out beyond the justification
line, let the typewriter do the
talking, which do you prefer
the copy or the original, this,

Friday, November 05, 2010


just pretend you understand this,
it’s the white nothing, hinerwadel’s,
shrink-wrapped art, maimism, when
in rome new york, they trid, the
zack desiny, don’t forget to thank
the reader for turning the page,
kamikaze pilot with red hat,
self-historification, secret
agent artists, completed home
everything, excellence and
heartrending comedy, if i’m
paying for webspace i’m gonna
use it, t, somebody’s got the
knack of eternal orgasm,
faecesbook, this text is suitable
for any occasion, a bottle of
demons, stealthswitch, the
parsimony principle, lotman’s
system, tkaronto, échantillon,
the telephone is less intimate
than internet chat, a scanner
performance, one is a document
handler, writing is a job of
work to do, you have to do your
own erasing, love goes over the
line, mockba, nothinglamp,
chiquita thick as bog, o
uncreated nothing, location
granard, peo-freebody, i’m
hardcore but to a degree,
this text is complete,

Thursday, November 04, 2010


yes you’re highman, still their
deal, black mark king, already
gone, cellular energy levels
are humongous, side by side
(no relation, in deep end end
arms, ossifer if i cay shun,
the hero is a collective ego,
beneath criticism, me the x
is, influencing the machine,
need our trance fix,
incorporation thru the eye,
indebtpeondance, thimble full
of meaning, not her position
to throw, the crusty towel,
same place we always are,
don’t forget the open, the
uncommon courtesy, when
rot emit, a moment of facework,
dew nu, see all over the,
reset!, rose pride, re trance,
eat candidly, all knowing
is temporary, suss ink t,
open her e, sifting thru,
sign schmign, none of it, the
small print on shampoo
bottles, dispose of this mess
(age, or land on, the old flag,

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"no me digas"

loves you are, in mailart everyone
is everyone’s guru, lobsang rampa,
correspondemons, salt lick press,
the plough position, no one has yet
succeeded in taking a penny into
the next life, formularism,
krononuts, albanil, a wheelbarrow
of concrete, the ultimate piñata,
alacran, chayotes, communication
disease, a permanent eclipse of
the sun, gosprom, population
thirteen eighty-nine, herb coqco,
are you in a band, what i thot
was a buzz turned into an
earache, i’m beyond the car,
a paper computer, nothing going
on time, you will see what
difference it makes, acedia,
huxley’s chirpy essay, legover,
no me digas, gumbotill, green
moth, fix it now, fix it now,
constant as a corbel, wipe-
writer, let’s see if there’s
life in the old network yet,
distro!, a gob of work, might
not be able to find the magic,
let’s lay down in a bed of
moss, we are together in green
time, editedit, edit tide,
bulletin letter system,

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"gold-plated feces"

orgone music, the magic is held
up with glue, glory shack, it ain’t
hard to stumble, when you get to
the bottom of the page just add
dear so-and-so at the top, the
perpetual motion top, my gyroscope,
why do we feel the need to touch
the things themselves, various
intensities, the walking penguin
blues, nazario zarakanustra,
what is the point of making
only one copy, makes a hefty
chunk of writing, nose-pots,
famous mountains painted on
lima beans, vermillion velvet,
gold-plated feces, burping
bowls, pop op min kin con pro,
extinctualism, essentially
harmless conformity, you are
doing whatever you do, nopal,
bizfic, buckitos, alcalde,
your total communication
bill for the month, fear of
losing our connection, going
out? bundle up!, henny penny,
yabo, abseil, mouse party-hat,
ellinas, a little fondness,
one code without lucidity,
now where we headed, the blank
is all we care about, the ink
is going, ribbon getting jammed,

Monday, November 01, 2010


maybe you should get your hair-
cut before you go up north,
the fall has fallen, the economy
of us must go utter, strategically
hip, the exact same text (thru
the wringer, rent a mental,
fixing the trance (mission,
the letter a tattooed on yer
hide, newer ones, screef,
painful to read, biocentrism,
spending two million every
minute on military weaponry,
one person, chug busters?,
overlays, five million dollars
worth of damage, propaganda
by deed, copycat riot, whown it
gets to em, must dust, floating
dispositif or widget, know
things, & am a tronic (time
(sand & plastic, let’s hire a
summer student, tree pan,
embraces are cominglings
from the head (even to the
feet, new soft spot, shoot the
sun, the french for blow job,
a matter of excision, flip thru
& not out, phrasing not
sentencing, solar meditation bow,

Sunday, October 31, 2010


genuine nineteen-seventy-nine bent
staple, nife, more serial than serious,
nixamal, identicopy media for the
millions, art value, world head
hat, the john jones dollar, mind-
whipping or brain-flashing, the
zack destiny of martyrdom, if
you’re going to make a copy you
might as well make a jpeg,
chomba, poetry welcome,
geosphorical, falliotropic,
what do you want with all these
people, it’s not about what we
like: it’s about whatever comes
down the pike, hi delicious,
the twenty-five dollar e, flux
dick, fastfarmers, a perfect
lunatic, also available in
magnifire edition, dick cheney
indicted for organized criminal
activity, communicate for free,
make print-ready file, the gears
are turning, too many irons in
the fire, gathering souls for
the revolution, what the hell
do you want another book for,
keep poetry out of it, not dead
yet, you know the kind i like,
there’s always room for a little
poetry, the ptum, this jpeg,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

"the to-and-fro a-go-go"

something is growing, stolen out
of the dumpster, don’t let the
production techniques fool you,
still working the slush pile from
twenty years ago, can you spare
some time, how many steps to the
ink, blue car keys, mimeoism,
foursquare around the audience,
what do you see in the envelope,
all the beautiful people trapped
in their boxes, the equal ended
greek, admit me and you,
collaging artworks together,
trance sleeve, la quiniela,
divulge it please, the to-and-fro
a-go-go, om giveth and om
taketh away, yaroslavl, milk
bath, the documents you
want, say hello to the green,
i find nothing touching,
reptech, i check you off my
list of things to love, a zine
called bolus, get your
grubby fingers off that book,
the finnish word for festival,
you don’t have to do the math
everytime, one is tempted by
the book, one is tempted to
get rid of the book, the ink
conspiracy, mandarin time,

Friday, October 29, 2010

in the he art lost

only three chances, never finisht,
rich hours, ten drills, join
publications, give space, can’t
do it much damage, blue bled
yellow, collect them all!, sure
eye follows, kidz active, saint
amplifier, what things might
become, it’s a bad inhabit,
where standing, in the he art lust,
arrow pointing at target,
trace of the trance late than
never, on a t-shirt, for jury
doody, another name for myself,
crazy motion, dissort til age,
crossed reference, die a
jesus, ape angel, disword,
no dick or no i’m a dick, all in
air, not just the word, it’s a
gig all right, this tractor pull,
scotomizer!, human
experience as consisting,
re: prehensive isle, an
interlocking plurality
of modes, best standing
shop fun, line nil,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"genuine nothing"

labit, twenty-three at midnight,
amaro, this is not a face, bakery
department two oh one, saving
dollars from being spent, flesh
addiction, i hate logos, my
favorite thing is for people to
write back, flaming irons, self-
historicization, go to the
mountains: go thru the mountains,
palatinotype, the one’s the one,
which luther blissett, havenet,
oh my god charles bernstein,
faia, environmental crisis and
the hard, the molasses storage-
tank explosion, moose on
tightrope, interpellation:
when homeless people ask you
for money, noank, nipplegate,
fleeting expletives, bonefish,
hallucinatory effects on the
critics, ribayital, concrete
dunes, setu banda sarvagasana,
motor vehicle bolix, it ain’t that
fine, the g is finished, wall to
wall text, genuine pretender,
orgone and love, genuine
nothing, yes wine, yr heart,
getting in to art is one thing,
only one copy and it’s defective,
this is not a phrase, very
particular about nothing,
we know you’re out there,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


ogsm, rip peer, so-and-so has been
dropped, i can’t find the hidden
nuance, john gone, red satin wheel,
yor, glass raku, playing with your
tail, oscar dominguez, happiness
depends on one’s capacity for self-
delusion, redneck hippies, golf war,
pamphlet war, irritainment,
universal or celestial loutishness,
goof it up, what good is a little
bit of paper, deconstructive
surgery, ground up buttons,
lll ueu cvc, the garbage is not
complete until, this is not a fire,
when it comes to love, shorthand
grocery lists, rorica, the printer
goes offline intentionally,
simulated sunshine, the
astrological symbol for sun,
there’s only so much of the
alphabet one can take, score
some art, how do we intend to
redeem this bit of paper, vtd,
jv, sensitive pro, an important face,
an inforb, die of exposure,
grocery list acronym po, you
just tell me what you want,
caps ban, at a certain point
up merges into down, mote of
toner, all the labia, scrapbooking
for lunatics, networks intersect,
this text is beyond redemption,
animated deteriorations,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


what’s it called?, texts may vary,
number them, eye deal, where we
were thinking, twice is much,
yer highwayness, pushing the left
buttons, certainly tainted mirror,
one day can add a day, before it
got so imp roof book, not so tons
w/o all yer pal eh?, vision six,
across bodies, happy eats ‘er,
optimum letter sighs, eh? is
for anarchy, sizzler stick,
break down the boundaries,
& do de dance, we gotta project,
if we might introject for a mo’,
think in terms of opening,
what is the tour guide saying
as the tour bus passes us in
our neighborhood?, we had a
ticket but we never went,
turtle with guillotine,
robbin’ phraser, small fine,
went different anyway,
somewhere school, lemme see
means lemme touch, don’t drink
tyically, tie it all, distant
early warning nearctic,
number line, b(o)p’ra?, have

Monday, October 25, 2010


this is not a face, when it comes
to love, a dollar a bite cheese,
extreme social anxiety, just put
an x on it and call it done,
obsessive-compulsively productive,
the run-what-ya-brung show, the
jump outside all hierarchies,
penniless artist, concrete slab
gallery, cultural disorganizer,
sings and talks twenty-four
hours a day, shirkists, now’s
right, electronic vegetables,
nebulism, telidon, an electronic
yoga, extensive jail correspondence,
electronic immortality, what
ruined his life was his being
the world’s most irritating
person, self-interview, august
hats, east cleft heathcliff,
simulated heights, erase
haide’s chalkboard, get back
into the spring of things,
praying for something blank,
now we are thru with this text,
these fonts with the huge
apostrophe gap, yoni fot, just
run down the list, hey c’mon up,
maybe you wouldn’t mind
mailing this, the lines seem
to indicate connection, you
can only love in one moment at
a time, lie about important,

Friday, October 22, 2010


the skyscrapers are keeping the sun
out of my eyes, anyone who didn’t
wind up hating you yet, we like
to focus in on what is already
gone, people drifting in and out
of the picture, gooch-o-graph,
xoid, videotex, to accept everything
one must have the very highest
standards, bildschirmtext,
tissick, cabrito, spirit copies,
penny machines, horseclay,
concrete thoughts, frogskins,
hat woven of cornhusks, lincoln
pennies, poodleburger, cyber-
gadget, you take it where you
can get it, audio captcha, shit
disturbers unite, merry chrisma,
poetry nestled up against
money, the photocopier has a
mind of its own, makin’ it
available press, i was trying to
fall in love with you, bobby
billings, salmon colour, the
ghost of a frog, the ghost of
a whale, the ghost of a
sturgeon, the hours are keeping
track of you, you might be
surprised to find your name
in this text, apraxia, what are
your top ten fonts, microtrance,
extend the text, yoni drawing,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

nodes to words

forgot the trick, lineal eyes, swiz,
the temp is getting late, a link of
the eye, the fight to work, tickets
to write?, reconstituting, saint
ress, careful what you lick,
nothing in the syntax rules out
such a reading, chaos mess,
any moss city, a phenomenal
mind, denegation, prepare
to lose, thot sand, growing
image bank, is that her
real name?, wooden shoe (in
the) works, the minute we
got into, the part that got
blotted out, years later it
comes in handy, spare a thot,
becoming warped, commune
eeks!, when she’s ten, old
letter head, what is keeping?
, worth redoing, postage
stamp poetry, i suppose you,
niceness of the paper, the
cry me (a river, & the confes-
sionism, on a plank, the eee
& the enn, selection proceed
yours, nodes towords, a letter
i am writing, not about money,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

time complex

the strange document preservation
society, effort to humanize
conceptual, do you realize what
you’re advocating, making
documents available, the tragedy
of keeping yourself happy,
what does it mean to “time complex”
things, rapidograph, a general of
correspondense art, freestream,
dump a mountain of pennies on
wall street, microspecialization,
banana beer, dirt art, black
studies, salt gaze, orange ray,
when the angel fucks the
whore, dust the pennies, a few
grains of salt under the mouse,
community arts activity space,
pretending to be offline, you
can’t just fall in love with
every girl you chat with, koto
records, this project is getting
ripe, simple art, one is plummet,
imperfect impressions, arbed,
assess your mental health,
the wax slide, she’s a
sensitive professional, a solid
wall of pussy, gold corpse,
penny for the guy, amohat,
tout fait, we made it thru
the seeping shed, worthless
scrap of paper goes for a grand,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


something for nothing, seems
illegible even under magnification,
the technology of time, doing
voices, loading the escape ship,
the thing itself as far as we
have come to know it, shawm,
the open idea, mail it or burn it,
talk artists, oldism, the xerox
thirty-one oh seven, fucking
on the sidewalk, soul-check,
the base cannard, see what you
can do with this barcode, jet-
set mailart, hypepyh, twenty-
five bucks for a paperback,
you don’t know the meaning of
underground, windsort, kalpa,
put a poem down on it, memorize
the code for mandarins, put
the art on before or after, i
wanna read your body, saint
eye lamp, did you feel it slide,
tongue of verdana, gymkhana,
patternicity, i didn’t hit the
wall: just kissed it, face
muskegged, mystery bucket,
c and h enterprises, saccades,
cox’s orange pippin cap, violence
makes nothing better, what do
you have against mailboxes,

Monday, October 18, 2010


not to sag, blowing off the bottom,
thot for a moment, with egg barbequed,
nat it titan, past last, was eggz,
why don’t you just book off!?, non
de-inked paper, subagitation,
runcated, almost seems to say
something, the aided eye, the
machine says i, what the font
says, must beef head, soul reversal,
tens of thousands like yourself,
the typeface people, want with
us, build a better book, when it
did not fit, get rid of this
somehow, quarter the head,
greatly reduced format, of
course it’s held together,
unexpired, hand copying text,
if you are going to say it loose,
sealed under, i’ll take the bought
jelly, you can enjoy the speed,
a does in, all dem daze, tick
the bill me later bocks, tongues
then arc, when is a thing not
a thing?, sints, pen alp imate,
thru trash, for political
reasons, what was not here,
early poet, again silence,
hard drinkin’ & hard
drinking, letterheadman,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"la grande gidouille"

do you see how the document works,
a swan lager cap, high-wire art
historian, grunched, ceramic poetry,
a free supply of concrete, jomos,
hallucinogenic mold, an atrocity
artist, project art, art by
telephone, anartist, kwik-kopy,
the meanest man in new york,
four men carried concrete,
a cluster of broadcasting
stations, champs hotel employees,
wooden mail, we started reading
the book from the wrong end,
doc forward, plenty of other
voices you could be attending
to, the nothing continues to
happen, poetry is not an
improvement, cornegidouille,
grondle, ironic faceloss, keep
it material, la grande gidouille,
le mombril du monde, photocopy
an already photocopied piece
of paper, what is the meaning
of entropy, toppling texts,
toner under the microscope, what
is the source of the blot, let’s
roll them bones, as far as
today’s day goes, your name is
death, blank is our only hope,
offliners’ conference, ego
burble, hammering imp,
achiote, doceat, wreck art,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"use reality as a substrate"

extremadura, bowling arena,
rubberlips, jas faximum, the one
and only manuscript, saint lux,
my art is people, what are you
picking up thru the magic window,
going by hand, what do you
consider the tools of your trade,
nothing ever changes for these
two, you want to hold the actual
sphere, you can find tons of it
in any gift store, outside the
rational box, fleshface, paint
the ink out, this is a mere place-
holder, is this really from
nineteen eighty, multilayer
colour photocopy, the battle for
the hole, echt seiffener
handarbeit, gollage, de nada
demasiado, you don’t expect me
to read myself do you, indicate
gutter, use reality as a sub-
strate, where’d you get the girl,
are we bees or ants, please
indicate: gummed or ungummed,
things are getting sucked up in
the whirl, i only have one chair
and i hate it, obvious
reference, study greek,
joomboosh, dummyism,
spacematic, paraquat, jomo,
shuck and jive, sybaritical,

Friday, October 15, 2010

weasel, weasel, weasel

as yet ungone, one eyed interests,
name picking up, routine waste,
low intrinsic value, made beauty,
it is on, formotion, a colonial bond,
pursue thru points, sorts & scraps,
migs it ap!, quit geisticulating,
economic situationism, subtle
lies, inlist, what can be done at
zero?, ain’t got no fax, how the
day might be peeled back, mutual
funds that invest in companies
using slaves, i’m thinkin’ i’ll swear,
over next to under, red lion,
job shop, moveable horizon,
just before closing, multiple
copies, red over green, the
mental environs, faster &
furiouser, booking off the
text job, schoom!, guished al
depth, a ultraviolent hell, got
so slick, little elite pair, e-lit,
skip reading, weasle thru,
down below the borders,
bellow down!, sounds like
these sounds, tackle something
big, saltability, tod eh?,
that’s what happens when
things get taken apart, new numb,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"neuron bombing"

sign display local, our trump,
watch him typing, voiceprinting,
vocorder, ham operations, the ham
radio network, speak’n’spell,
cooperative effort to help,
mazoola blues, phototypesetter,
neuron bombing, menudo, gild
the lily, cybis, historical
exhibition is of california,
pebbly concrete, cast concrete,
magic beaver bundle, how value
is developed, beaverhead,
tensegrity, gold sperm, cybernetic
serendipity, jasmine tea is my
drug of choice, the gone web,
a feather in god’s something,
bread and information, down
under hair, our lives are
touching here, the sad truth
about happiness, time camping,
tuba hats, cambria cheese,
shouldn’t there be some accents
in here, we had to hammer out
a whole half, wound or wound,
wreck doc, unwent, a quotation
from the butthole surfers, the
part of the world with words
like, extreme endurance, toner
pendulum, mechanical yoni,
ogo one, silk death, spinning in
chains, arabic toner, can’t you
see the whole thing is toppling
over, toner butterflies, kingfish,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"almost a meg worth of nothing"

let’s get things spinning, why
would you want to limit it,
surrealism for beginners,
just drop your art in the art
drop box, autographed copy of
flyer, masked night riders,
hermaphroditic land snails,
histocompatibility, odourtype,
liquid leggings, negotiation
art, charcuterie, a woman of
substance, how to cease to be
sober, breathable, gia, three days
of insanity, marmay yam ram,
keep an eye on the numbers, if
you have to pay gst on it then
you don’t need it, the things on
the list we failed to do,
comment chains, almost a meg
worth of nothing, contagious
writing, un abrazo, test tsetse,
it’s, pneumothorax, cacatwixl,
concrete bonds, chakra-opening,
brododi manzo, skrukketroll,
gnome kink, minitrue, giant
orange smile, rustmarx, letters
you pull out of envelopes, a
block of concrete is the
murder weapon, there is still
time to rush, prison pen pals,
the arial narrows bridge, oh
uh nothing, mark ‘em chains,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


unit to move, hear again, something
besides words, the drug grudge,
nothing besides words, nine time
stitches, held in an open, maybe it
really is over (the whole word thing,
buy the hipe, maybe we should
apply for a grant, the one we
missed, won’tcha come home,
not just any books, are we going
this way?, is discriminating ever
a good idea?, parallel words, are
you an individual or an institution?,
the imp personal tough, rubber
stamp machine, s o b story,
open up a new life, double you
is for writers, turning again,
this ain’t cowboy poetry, ink
her wrecked, over due it, a
good enough reason to half, been
referred to, we versus us, a
box for everything, where’s
that life we started?, videocan,
develop funding strategy, some
crazy reason, demanding
discipline, finding a home’s
pace, one bit organization,
do you have real mail?, doing
our own secretarial work,
we are become life, find
the front, summition, retuna,

Monday, October 11, 2010

"communications consoles"

brother can you spare a dime,
antique photocopies are nice,
kundalini, stoner art, positive
pornography, noone for council,
we have better things to do with
our money, photocopies of books,
farm art, gunk art, boredom
contests, rain rien nevermind is
looking over your shoulder from
kansas, fringe or even beyond
the fringe artists, wine paper
person, penetration time,
communications consoles,
sub-consciousness raising,
word-walking, tastes like a
supermodel, feather on the
breath of god, chaotic events,
if not in then, epigraph
halcyon in cyclone, untada,
moonpie, i’m forgetting you
and your birthday, happiness
is found and lost and found,
malsign, snailworld, save on
meat, garbage with poetry
written on it, oemreman, eet,
becoming a real facebook
personality, fishing for big
fish, animate art, look at the
sun for a second, now we have
refreshed our knowledge,
the knowledge we were trying
to forget, unobliteratable,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"art: no commercial value"

fluxus songs, goop the paint down
the wall, dead branch sprouts,
black bucks, one is never done
with money, zen blotch, maybe a
little too calculating, whoa
take your shoulder off the wheel,
art: no commercial value, band of
angels, boddhasatva, even
hesitate to clean his ears,
ixtla, data cell, heliograph,
tintypes, compoz tablet, mossy
stone sask, arf is goof, mere
photocopy presented as art object,
mere photocopy presented as art
object, chocha, nmfg, nopal, much
less than a penny, reglas, j-ism,
ejidal, prestype, compadrismo,
bumf, bureaucratic projects,
other-ism, ditch the apparatus,
fucksface, bed azzle, actual
real money, lunch meet, bozo
texino, your female on line,
poking out of turn, escalation
anxiety, the identity police,
rdy, the back of the sticker is
still good for, pretty sensitive,
the face of the penny, pearl-
bordered fritillary, waiting
for about blank, nothing
consoles us, always knows
the exact time, golden reverie,

Friday, October 08, 2010


the source of the error, speak
across, this is not what i want to
say, the point of turning, in the
gluey heat, a load of lights,
saint i am, overreactionary,
unmail, this bery ground,
suddenly the phone rang,
original document text,
sometimes why?, out of one’s
hands into another’s, remains
undone, here & hear again,
hered, the wetter or not,
having a cajun, this must be
the day, the only day we got,
another meaning can always
be found, united to move,
broaching a difficult
topical, saint op, one sing
& one sing only, two hundred
and fifty dollars an hour no
wonder, to different, thot
there was a special one, bone
reconstruction beauty, there
must be something in here
for us, pass the dynamite,
female order, unrelate to,
ex current, i want that bare!,
a little play in the system,
just another grape on the vine,

Thursday, October 07, 2010

"no i am monty cantsin"

the person was a lunatic, ammo
meant in time, blank envelope,
letter music, ubu spiral, art
banker, sharing value, cft
seventy-six, snow’s third eye,
that tree has film for foliage,
obviously hasn’t changed his
clothes in months, everything
flows thru the bank, chrononaut,
no i am monty cantsin, blank
insertion, eggplant porn, this
ain’t no shell casing, who’s got
the other box, somebody was
doing the dishes, when i see
gum i lick it, will work for
junk, open too open, blank
spacer, iron out the folds,
this needs a larger envelope,
nut mail, pistons and tequila,
mister and missus orridge,
the all-saving blank, eye zen-
ical, metapost, abulon, an easy
solution to the problem of
information, larger blank,
it’s time it’s past time, vast
blank, how was this strange
bit of text put on the page,
the whole world is blank
today, the swan king, blank
with flecks, you think you’re
stabilizing but, start grind,

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"cheesy pourboires"

acai, italian meat, little
buddha christ, twobits times
a hundred, twobits exponential,
the insanity money, five spot
sawbuck, we are only limited by
the size of the bed, the subject
was peat moss, waiting for that
cheesey smell to dissipate,
workfist, the word prorogue,
imperfectly printed art, the
ginger grinder, waxaw, saint
arve, paper knife, the art without
the name, no bit so small there
ain’t room for art, willing to
sign anything as art, porboires,
new-path, art millionaires,
ceregenetics, established
hollywood clay, sluj, a gray
worm, grant writing time,
crushed by a concrete column,
postal poker, a real working
artist, han’ , hand-crank mimeo,
the seven-eleven mentality,
wash your socks in buddha
piss, your ideas help my ideas,
the millionaire mentality,
kiss of deaf, thineself,
possibilidades sem limites,
clovernook, at least the
blank paper is something
useful, writer can read it,

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

innocence, you noob

only a californian, two hundred
and thirty-one pages reduced into
seven, beyond all art, did he
deserve the chair, broken concrete
squares, miltown, keokuk,
psychedelic power, multigroovy,
he only asked a penny, barueca,
avila ana panama, pulverizing
concrete, moss-stained, ham-
bags, pills that stopped time,
chorine, permaculture,
language acts, prorogation,
la vie en rose, cyprine supreme,
the day bettie page died,
laconia, chatchop, the love that
moves, she has a passion for
cheese and some wild tattoos,
sometimes we prefer to be
non-present, the letterstream,
triptychon, one is always
already online, time enuf to
print a poem, time enough,
are you really going to sign,
hallelujah to the blank,
we are going to have to go to
that golden mean format,
anabas, ask leoo, sunflower
of innocense, expressing
chaos, there will be another,
dang nigh blank, no need to,

Monday, October 04, 2010


wall-sized texts, dot um dot com,
nipplegate, l, starvation moon,
what is it about resolution you
don’t understand, the world turned
blank, faceforward, peachblow,
koto, hundred letter friend
getter, each chichi hooray, eadem
mutata resurgo, ginger pills,
ross the rossed out, hipbone
coming ecclesiastics, clausus,
how can a penny be any more than
a penny, all this writing is just
a big filing problem, i made
this book this week, luggage-art,
phonautograph, psammologists,
mythical daughter, out of pocket
press, rushing towards the next
breaking point, trance tape, not
even poetry can redeem, save one
frame for poetry, microtip, do
you understand how writing
works, eternal spin, homeless
person with sign: don’t laugh
you’re next, meat gaze, in the
land of the blind the one-eyed
person is a lunatic, paper only
half covered with words, cubic
toner, catching on to the flow,
crank back the clock, the
people we like to forget, let’s
play leapfrog, toner obelisk,
nothing copies better, out,

Sunday, October 03, 2010

"the screens are flowing 24 hrs a day"

was it the day?, the circled ones,
and swear, if this is the case then,
just cover, not gonna disappear, what
kinda circ, blist, line too far across
the page, i we, post-language, a swell,
dunce eyes, wi’ll vote for yuse is
use foals for me, tele-abscenss, join
the bored, the screens are flowing
twenty-four hours a day, unopenable
mail, we the machine, needs to be
taken care of, inkablink, the haves
& the havn’ts, fear & all, forty-
six degrees, rot id e, you can
find it, zim!, is that one
person or two?, the liver hip,
get on board, you can say, get
sharp, not expected to be good
pure say, what does this refer
to? (reefer do?, not to say
slick, reminds me of an
opportunity i once had, how
is it couched?, a real hand,
mid-house, rattle ogg, the
wholes story, the world just
got a little bit worser,
make things different,
chalk a block of days,
hammerjet, too fine!,

Saturday, October 02, 2010


how to fit two hundred and thirty-
one pages onto fourteen, there’s
no poetry in the poetry issue,
speaking of crystal meth, why
would you want to take this away
from your kids, no cahuenga,
who’s your face, blood sealed
in, seventy-six hours straight
banjo playing, haul everything
forward, why this sheet is
particularized out, no more nor
less than photo copies, panty
scan, a firm believer in the
anal orgasm, beef up passwords,
looking for what’s looking,
but we are real world compatible,
nmfg, it hot change back to i
thot, stand on street with sign:
willing to work today, i love
you: pass it on, a nice textury
place to print the poem, if
this is the low price then what
is the high price, out of
memory at line seventy-nine,
hat in she why lure, hung gun
up, zen begin, why am i paying
this penny, there is always room
for a little poetry, local
art lady, kaligraphy, hatted
batters, fanjuls, bateys,
coerced labor, lidere,
boredom purveyors,

Friday, October 01, 2010

"the 'i love you' virus"

the length of time the rainbow
lasted, frozen speed, art in good
faith, soiled gauze, aphid art,
rent is near, a letter trapped
in the letter trap, egoburn,
cheesedate, lettertrap one word,
change maria, it came from
columbus ohio and it’s going
back to columbus ohio, canola
formerly known as, rinnamon,
touch bone, east van can’t or,
static ack, self-portrait series:
just got out of bed, things we
are trying not to say, is it
worth risking your young beauty
for, what are you going to do
with success, the ‘i love you’
virus, zealandia beercap,
kuroi, nude root wood, slurper,
a clam blossom, cyprine,
laughing orange beasts,
creative compatible house-
painting experience, lucid
consolation, i’m packed, ein
weg flocke, verbivore, eyes
in his control, rejaction,
rejectomy, bright as moss six
inches thick, clusters and
clusters and clusters of
leaves leaves leaves, owlsey
purple, sipapu, thimk, mivok,
shit-sprayer, exp housep com,

Thursday, September 30, 2010

"caffeine-induced dementia"

the damper down, yes to her day,
colourless mere ink, eye egg, if you
are holding this you can enjoy, new
mode, we are articling, two ton, don,
imp movement, an all-canadian
text, five-pin howling, a sweet
bachelorette, e i e i owe, car quest,
filling of mixed, whe, who’s i?,
ex this stance, this is today we’re
talkin’ about here, back to the grindcore,
who go missing, it doesn’t say it
to me, working backwords, an
infinite number of things, never
know it, marked alt, say a lot less,
say it more beautifully, is it in
fact bigger, that eight dollar bear,
not hoping to win just hoping to
compete, caffeine-induced
dementia, & the winner are!,
bulk account hombre, your
message here, torrent outta,
sidewalk price, artist run
clutter, independancy, nice
of one to say, this is another
realm altogether, more big
names, twenty twenty vision
is not good enough, you knew
it was no, thru eye, figure
out what one is, no abstain,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"the great pacific garbage vortex"

handwriting is the human touch,
pebble festival, mercury
retrograding, visualit, all these
fonts that don’t work, where’s
global warming when you need it,
nothing glitters, now this tiny
fragment of paper is a work of
art, i put some gas in your tank,
whatevs, the deterioration is all
in the brain, how will you survive
the winter, yes we have the channels
open, the study of lime, er time,
bryde whale, causing extreme
hardship, the great pacific
garbage vortex, an existential
source, jungle all the way, yox,
nil line nil line nil line nil,
here where strange worlds touch,
just put the whole stack in the
job of work file, the page
numbers are arbitrary, one of
a thing is one thing: five of
a thing is a job of work, uh
you got the number the, the
hand is free, the centrefold
text, a boul, california text,
there will be another rainbow,
flesh speaks, a bowl of aish
or a bowl of acai, my technical
face, who grew the sunflower,
you only know how to destroy,
the wemory, this shape is a,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"naive charka"

ozzenberg, cut my heart, is this the
kind of shit you want your children
exposed to, the d queen, rundfunk-
genehmigung, im nebel der vergang-
enheit, the material show, oka w nocy,
i only break the big rules, could
we get a bit of an explanation in
english, using the few tools we
have to hand, inside the art temple,
carl spitzweg, doing work that is
also play, think beyond news, we
prefer pristine garbage, you’re
picking up some kind of text on
your flesh, retrogradations,
hey don’t obscure the art, foe
nieve, hole beans, are you seeing
the brilliance of the simplicity,
are you seeing the stupidity of
the simplicity, crystal singing
bowl, sacral chakra, decomposed
digital print, the amount of time
it takes to read a piece of paper,
we are making it thru hell,
just ignore the money, peeming,
simulated heights, there are a
lot of electronic files kicking
around, the eye i was thinking
of, nothing is bloated, pond
scum plop, the corpus hermeticum
the egyptian, the gift of
gas, sixty-six thirteen,

Monday, September 27, 2010

"keep shoving it down our throat"

here, every word count, window on
nothing, run out of breath, a mere
facsimilie, duplication number two,
keep showing it down our throat,
make a solid error, in permanent,
where is your form at?, beauty is
certainly possible, esk, you can
feel the difference, disturbing
pictures at, & the shell, who are
we again?, total blank, you want
me to be bored?, what lotsa stamps
is, blank again, don’t forge what
you promiced to pay, isink, people
who do things rightly, cute!?,
soup turreen?!, gone bulk,
where was i?, printed on
cheap paper, with chainsaws
swirling around our head,
where did this dread lock
come from?, where we are
carrying on from, a very poor
sentance, these are the good
old days, threat of discourse,
another skunk of daze, coffee
stains, tan nat, pop-up heart,
what i insided, a novel
graphic, said oh something
or other, per pop, charting
the unch art, disconnection
point, think with eye,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

just ignore that strip

society for visual lunacy, ka,
heliochrome, a baker’s cyst,
grabiron, slow photography,
caraferrari gentleantics, gray
space, the chameleon party,
kerk boom, the unpaid bills
collage festivals, spart, hyper-
telekinepathic, temporal
community, anarchist commune,
it lights up blue when touched,
beauty and horror, the promise
of the future, lion lazer,
women killing, what is all this
chaotic junk, the complete
letters of, here’s a letter you
wrote thirty years ago, idea
exchange project, glitter is the
worst common denominator,
canadian political propaganda,
moment in freak time, well if
it came thru the network,
golden buddha homeless,
sifting thru immensity,
invisible display, actual
rubber, divide and conquer-
reviewing, we are past the day,
we don’t really go to websites
anymore, tonart, whether you
put the art on after or before,
gotoliths, chovah, blue ditto
markings, check text, it does,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"oka kokuho"

my bad hand, you can feel your
head shrinking, splotch out the
ghouls, a permanent houseguest,
parties for orphans, reality-detached
character, but you will not remember,
halogen credenza, d moss, sterno,
collective plagiarism, flaming
iron, articipants, nebulism,
the sh’nn, cabrito, eleplant
hotel change, supersocialized,
la verga, the concrete balloon
bpoem, blue cheer, callejon,
your deadline is still extended,
tumba, lapsid, gumbile, we have
nothing in common except
desperation, halah, print pearl,
endlesstrain, rainpearl, garmail,
hold the blank, it ain’t what it
ain’t, miss mincemeat, just snip
out the blot, nothing yell, we
are not interested in the text
we are interested in the blank,
text event, society does as
society desires, oka kokuho,
ginger zinger, keep an eye on
the tank, artistic stimulation
document control, mident,
one to one communication, i am
trying to quit writing, we live
in an alcoholic culture, all
the ways of getting words from
point a to point b, envision en,

Friday, September 24, 2010


madiba, from wild style to fine
control, do a copy white out go,
replication problems, printed with
a bagel, did we gar you, a
little heavy on the whiteout,
you’re making errors with the
whiteout, wordial, don’t try to
identify the source, how can you
call this no mind, illegible
address mail-artist, the limitless
meaning of original mind, low
dispotition, hara, cosmic murder,
kill the buddha, zendo, you’ve
got the right look for a lunatic,
you get the hour you are entitled
to, revillon, ell ell,

Thursday, September 23, 2010


bled a little, stop trying to get
everything, suspect the flow
was the other way, how tiny
is possible, fuckin’ A!, in
fin it loops, the highest
form of crazy, unsignified,
verb i’m at, gore key?,
turn your computer screen
upside-down for this one,
the same calling (more,
all’s ‘wareness, i can’t
finish!, on-ness, remove
the signature, sight gag,
kali’doscope text, seem-
lessly joined, not afraid
to take up a lil space,
prise things loosely, save
the bad ones, still art,
third thud, all pummelled
out, also unnecessary, mail

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"computer therapy"

why do you feel obliged to make marks, glancing askance at the
signature, five hundred dollars worth of poetry, no need to
play the guitar: just fuck around with it, you might get a
sudden burst of energy, letters for the homeless, post-borp,
gfe, cluster below the line, free facial, downwards from the crown
of your hat, nihil obstat, endless train downtime, monoglottal
stop, another crazy idea, shut up and play your cello, cerebrite,
uncontrol urge, it’s all funny, hmmm a little poltergeist seems
to have tumbled out of this documente, a muddy baseball card,
this is about eighty percent letterhead, these images keep cropping
up, good things to say about bad things, this letter needs to go
to, who did the hand, perhaps ice cream is the key, letters about
trying to get shit to happen, energy energy energy, the poet
must have been baked, maozak, the man’s mind changed like the
wind, we tend to forget the world that people were in forty
years ago, getting stoned and reading scifi, you would have
to make a serious effort to lay hand to this little tidbit,
the letterhead is more interesting than the letter, the five
thousand dollar pinyata, project to make a color xerox copy
of the entire world, what’s with the drinking bleach, mazoolah,
three sixty-nine lotta stuff, type inside dotted line, it was
such a big deal thirty years ago, let’s lift this into flight,
you cut a hole in the text, kol nidre, like as if these byoorowcrats
are going to listen to this, the very moment life rode off the
rails life rode off the rails, computer therapy, psychocentral,
paper video, exhibit a clay hat, mort et vrai, wrote letters
eighty pages long to his correspondents, pseudopod, tried to
steal someone’s rattlesnake hat, rapidograph pen, jomboosh, wrote
thirty pages in twenty-four hours, papagayo,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"dim aria"

a firm hand, consciousness of
organization, it’s all good, but
some of it is more gooder than
the rest of it, a person cooking
eggs, did you actually cut down
the original, penis-shaped bullet,
the sadness of lost reality,
twenty-five dollar oral, are you
listening at all or just making
noise, how did culture fall,
it’s not about you superstar, a
phisophy, er a philosophy of yes,
silton saskatchewan versus
manhatten, the nut ruin, painted
with fresh blackberries, any
asshole can paint, do you really
think you are somebody, nahuatl,
please repeat each phrase a
thousand times, three souls in
one mind, yael dragwyla, a house
held, writing long letters to
people you don’t know, life
riding on the back of death,
s cuore di maria, art form
letter, that might not be too
good for the eyes, what seemed
like magic in nineteen-eighty-
three, o-wrench and gale preen,
chronosome, clear address,
carving concrete in a bathtub,
shit art, rezador, kitemaug,

Monday, September 20, 2010

"combat lit"

multiple submissions encouraged,
the signed & the unsigned,
circulation of attention,
waterial, you over the line,
as a set, why should it be avail,
extra material, liderature,
mummery’s the word, more
info for the info glutton,
carrier: paper, scan print
scan print…, resent message,
against the name, the liar us,
getting a review mirror,
no relation, combat lit,
the good lore, the anti-net,
chaotic desire (trance mine,
liquid members, project
nothing, ballast!, wont in,
generating breaks, gold
from the dross, bright black,
the personal is the political,
nib bin, transitional training,
coming up again, memory
file, time to do this,
unsplitable, infonite repro
cesspooling, throw out?,
my muttering, lux low,
the pokin’ word, worth
sayving, a hole different,
flat waters, really pour it
out, not exactly news print,
all the different, that’s that,

Sunday, September 19, 2010


zsfresh, keep you alive for another
day, madibal, schlegell, tool for
close look, not-to-do, who is
hermetic, little frag of red,
pumping them out one at a time,
i’m concerned for the person who
is being hung by their feet,
puritas, toner syllables, a fold
is a sign that indicates, after
years of experiment, the clock got
stuck, printing with strange objects,
taking a break from the heart,
magnetic scorpion, bug bender,
two eyes in the center of the
cephalothorax, hog wild, flood
to spot focus, paper crown,
cracker toy, scarborough china,
tartan tiny, sarl, butterfly
brand, hard to tell the hand
made from the, microfinance,
kiva, mechanical hand, givex,
children at high-needs
elementary, amour de la
lecture, mixed sources, the
whirl is damaged, cheaper and
goes farther, chocoladefabriken,
zenya, drink up once, klongkew,

Saturday, September 18, 2010


oh three pin con con, bluk, grocery
list art, a love anarchist, cagey
for effect a hero, herod with
the cormwell’s eczema, outside of
the money structure, rightring,
christ consciousness, papelleria,
costals, to go to baltimore
without a penny, an ad revolution,
kensho, nyorai, tathagata, shoshin,
zafu, have a cup of tea, what is
your face to day, dead wisdom,
filling empty, schizotime, if you
got the do-re-mi, reality has
a tendency to evaporate, alacron
alacrity, liberated printing
machines, if you can get your
insanity to pay, get that real
shaky hand going, survenant,
clean heroes, green house, brain
brain cit. rain rain, how many
miles how many years, chain
letter in circulation for
thirty years, this might not
replicate well, the years treat
people different, a one penny
credit voucher, blue cliff
records, getting paid to work
at your art, strange currents,
information economy, a
history of failure, nut

Friday, September 17, 2010

"access to excess"

are you sure you don’t need some
help?, flow reversal, all yer
answers questioned, conk read,
seeing the unseen, the difference
between reading & looking at
wordletters, all the ways of
putting things together,
loaf several, all the set, test
test test test test text!,
disance from source, semi-
original, foreign reason,
print on the trims, spatial
special, god solid, the original
is inside the machine, comp
you, inside she et, this dance
between the letters, on the
wait (eww! language!), is that
eye?, one quarterr, possible
productions, anti-slick,
what came before we were
reborn, tradverteyesing,
shrinkwrapped literature,
set theory aside, thot box,
the avant-edge, infinite
text, is that a real space,
details within details,
soulidity, letterish, where
does all this take us?,
lone hello, access to excess,
destroyed by reading,