Friday, December 31, 2010

"nondissipative chaos"

the feeder two, losing their
letterness, sow many words,
supporting the living, at this
point in the proceedings,
fuckin’ butterflies!, a hundred
thousand of these, do not remove!,
munications link, beginning
with the smallest particle,
justly disturbing, post-van
movement, high imp act,
invisible eye, a depiction of
cunning, nondissipative chaos,
master of ceremony?, is this
a cultural event, temporary
ink, burn thru paper, it will
reflect so you can see it, i
choose this because there is
only one difference, he
claims to write, thanks to
the yous, buy nothing more
ever!, poetry is the way,
face the base, a sure bet
to cleanse the palette knife,
stalin gulag might, the
l e t t e r s apart, a
performance score,
taking the text in at a
glance, how long is this?,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

"cortina honorarium erasure"

i’m still trying to figure out what
you were saying two years ago,
unlulued, no we are not going to
press today, there is a variety of
realities, cortina honorarium
erasure, tonermania, feel free
to pop out of this rut, tonerclick,
pencil on solid toner, remember
that time i bought your book,
if the peelers would stand still,
a big machine to sort boy sperm
from girl sperm, concrete reality
versus abstract reality, code six,
sex and see, pronounce ż, we are
becoming monsters, boob icon, we
got a job of work to do, dig it
al, trying to keep yourself out
of the pit, capitalized entity,
al chemy,

there is a variety in actuality,
i’m thinking reduce, sex tech, keep
track of trash, oh you want the
whole sweep, vote with toner, toner
seahorse, ebbrybuddy, time wise
and space foolish, no details
please, nice of them to pay me,
a sad penny, cantel, it’s only a
dollar forty-six but it means a
lot, this is the centre, the truth
about credit cards, mister dee r,
the interior of the soul, the oil
stewardship council,

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


deobjectify yourself, the book
clock, nine bucks, three sixty-nine,
the vaginal eye, this will go
somewhere, this looks like a list,
you could google her, starchitects,
ipecacuanha, hello climate
engineer, beauty always comes
as a bit of a shock, can’t
knack, see the aitch, there’s a
face on your kneecap, you’re
decidedly lopsided, sweat met,
use your atc finder, use this
hole to frame your picture,
now you are published, sooner
or later you will follow the
link, glasgloss, i was just
kidding when i said, cheif
chief, the problem of writing,
zed dot concrete, psycho-flarf,
decode the number six, do you
want to save the changes to
your brain, evil sex, a blot
on communication, think in
vast sweeps, vat weeps, e-cargo,
here let me fill your bucket,
the magic click, you’ve got a
bird for a heart, dirty oil
free, just slap the text into
the hole, who has time to
google all these things,
fragment of delight,

Saturday, December 25, 2010

"a boundary of infinite complexity"

i’m not ready to begin, slacs, shifty
characters, intentional explosion,
what is called reading?, a text
you can climb inside, drive she
said, already apart of, need she’s
prolly, changed your fermat,
where you find yourself,
scaling problems, wanting to
find yourself, amongst,
tight tiles, got ahold of my
book, gettin’ pretty slick,
buried in laughter,
printed matter (crossed out,
wholey other, different
standard, double deletion,
please suspire us, thot we
were on the other end,
guess who wrote this,
you you too, a boundary of
infinite complexity,
simplicity breeds complexity?,
let’s play the chaos game,
using the collage theorem,
cosmic arrhythmatic,
still a useful instrument,
sure knew, the coffee,
letterc solumn, here
calendular, original!,

Friday, December 24, 2010

recursive markov chains

present art, hypertexture,
commissioner boog, the anti-mayor,
ixks, an anarchist who spent as
much time in jail as outside it,
didot, cijfers, ijooji, busy being
present, art terrors, better off
without a dick, using what tools
you have to hand, if the words
come back to you, ujooji, replicaha,
capitalized essences, vagones,
cemetary editions, rubber lips,
trance hole, fur ray, how’s your
head, nixie, ambivolence,
chatart, vulvic space, contact
improvisation, havemayer
estate confirms, iterior, pink
black, your communications
provider, i don’t remember
placing this call, borpacita,
simsun, raavi, shruti, simhei,
the hard part is getting the
canadian ballerinas to stand
still, intake concrete quibbles,
the anti-police, impressively
constructed prisons, aliasized,
recursive markov chains, hey
lookit all this blank space,
single selling pop, protect your
cheese, xpr ess, goat face,
nu-unlulu, get out your
crayons, site-specific lid,
make the page smaller,
traffic-free websites,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

"pure code"

i only take my hat off for
one thing, dis sid, let’s do it
as a lulu. beauty suggests
beauty, this ain’t no punkin,
in lieu of flowers buy his
book, you did capture that
tit, capture that lip, lop,
the machine did it, we are
going to cross the rubicon,
sexing the fragment, deobjectify
the figure, the people at the
record store might know, cease
the grind, slip into a different
mind, kingfisher seahorse
leapfrog, the dread of zero
information, the date is not
quite true, pure code, pit them
one against the other, we can
do it better and cheaper
ourselves, name the movie,
oboros, the grit in the bottom
of the river, sexing nothing,
addnpass with leather, object
delight, osc, carrie rodriguez,
do not gloss, toyota cortina,
the indiwidual, what if any
got lost, let text pass, are
these all birds, toner media,
black ink on white paper,
face and breast, a letter
crept in, the one breast,
sketchy is the word, in hand,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"tangible text"

& still he could not sleep, left a thumb-
print in a book, petrified moss,
holiday epical cables, one thousand
four hundred and ninety-two kilo-
meters on foot, i went to the post
office to ask if i can be cashed or
not, but i can’t be cashed, but you
can be cashed, dead instrument,
me exactly ken, pride of god,
a nest of nails, washed up in
victoria, tangible text, still on
its way, to feeder, loosing frames,
backed by tobacco, some early
works, trance pyre, be honed,
three hermit, no info, too
desktop, unrevealed beauty,
committed, to much time in
enctosed smokey spaces, the
laughter of the innocents,
trance america, with the forks
, which word?, with conscience,
as a complete thing, tenderizer!
, blockages, talking about
purification?!, i was him
for a while, a funny
feeling, think pink, book
louse, shrinkled, the
bright red mud, moves
me further, writeomania,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"jam the channels"

this text is incomplete, over in
this space, some sort of writing,
let’s go get some off-sales,
recite time (social thot, before
the border difficulty, ain’t
ing(y, to undertake to open a
book, joe i think it was
horseman, & wasn’t a grace
also present?, a q in the ear,
to undertake to read a book,
one five six eight four zero,
chose literature, living in
the broke, subverting
boundaries, what does it
mean to know?, madness as
a lack of language, ex-centering,
a failure of trance late,
watch the shuttle go to & fro,
home grounding, vim talks,
on us, go ahead to, jam the
channels, until when will
i await my fill?, my-zine
hero’s, vy zine (clear eyes,
good ‘ole sprinkle, our
house (å, inspired by a
dream, wi?, pass on judging
altogether, helical airscrew,

Monday, December 20, 2010

"link factory"

let go and let language, chinook
action, scrying crows, a silk snail,
sharegardening, pedehe, voot,
interahamwe, continued hot
elsewhere, snail meniscus,
semindanster ark, i’m seriously
thinking about defriending
you, steve stack, fabada,
fideua, dit, a victory beer
cap, slamgeesh, do you date
your garbage, frankly i think
it’s a waste of fuckin’ ink,
you’re missing all the cues,
what can’t a guy buy some
coffee, pornopo, toiletpo,
exchat, drunk brainiacs, i
wonder what her smarts feel
like, the art of standing still,
depending on the font, élan
mental, the chat-hunter, the
hard problem, qualia, una
zanzara, un moustique, le
cerveau et la conscience,
snail souls, waiting for that
book to drop, the little drip
of desire in your pants,
meta-level desire, link factory,
sacred cash cow disease,
thetaree, paeons, psychological
continuity, closest continuer,
you’d have to study up if you
want to do it properly, is that
the yob, the machine decided,

Sunday, December 19, 2010


where the actual space is, unit
bee twenty-seven, a touchon cluster,
penny rain, hats cards eyes, what
did you do to your hand, shirley
temple’s what, waiting for the
text to what, let language do
the talking, is chat presence,
chatart, decrease the speed of
the fall, money being sucked
thru wires, do you have a
criminal record, nonedible
groceries, one swamps, chinook
two thirty-three, sunnyside
delight, you were across the
river, a collection of brains,
what is deckling, yellow drip,
so what was the total damage,
penny wheeler, see above, good
luck penny club, hutch-rabbits!
cigars! exploding!, martial
mailart, formular net, the zone
of belial, dnyaneshvair, took
the anti-hallucinogen, today
art is a prison, extensive jail
correspondence, the shit show,
the zackenstein mirror, blue
collar temps, ambiviolence,
gyrocam, gigantic chaotic
jigsaw puzzle with only about
five percent of the pieces,
concrete hemp copies, the chatart
project, communal human
engagement, the plunge into
banality, libido dildo,

Friday, December 17, 2010

"pinhole spew"

drang, well this is still blank,
this has a couple of marks on it,
prioritizing the insignificant,
a penny-a-liner, hopefully easy
to cry, you’ll have to rotate the
book, sweet savings, vegetable
cookies, cuz there was a connect,
you and your significant other,
excremental culture and hyper-
aesthetics, libido glance, canada
council reject, don’t read on me,
question for you, disidentification,
ironologist, stay in contact, the
connection between you and me,
you really value this stuff
don’t you, sucking ink, tnr,
adrian smith, one of fun,
no this is not bowling, concrete
mail, blank and ready for use,
elimination trance, i was tramping
the moss at the university, each
cohearen henisons, collared
humming electric, ceragenetics,
chrononautical project, eyelock,
printheads, groove-stick,
schmikes, the lazy nickels
action philosophy, xerox
teleservice, community
organization worker, like
engraving on electrons, triftazin,
xerox thirty-one oh seven, pinhole
spew, railroad imagery, we are
famous among ourselves,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

present website

who were the cathars, sylfaen,
for the hard of reading, tahoma,
fragment shaped like the
province of alberta, actual
war, waplove, it’s the blank we are
after, a font’s a font, toner so
thick, refusing to click with
you, just another one of the plums
that dropped off the tree,
memory so faded it don’t hurt,
expand the toner area, the thing
is sex, turning dross into gold,
youse guys, present website,
twenty years in prison, the
bad boy of the canuckistani
underground, a farce to be
reckoned with, banana tax,
get a post office box so you
can float around, the fight
against mental illness, life
folder, mental sanity, enrolled
rosebery, make plans early,
every text inside the white
cube, lidlit, attempt to
hijack the list, draw a line
and hey ho, really colour it,
it costs nothing, language
machines, it looks blank but,
peek panties, i don’t want to
have to repeat that word at
every turn, the wastepaper age,
edward everett hale, payjuice,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"reassemble the firework"

the truth rut, feeder one, cross in,
a peach of paper, deliterate, allwords,
mindwheel, buy fur? kay: shun!, the
one and the frenzy, imaginary
money, om™, canadianism, time
isolation, constant haze of
extraneous, daisy world,
erratic eye movements,
escape rhythms, high-grade
block, apparant dollars, sit
and stare at blank paper for
hours, kitchen: outrageous,
you may be this, nothing on,
nobody love, quit scribbling
& pay attention!, because i
don’t have one anymore, spill
into the streets, if they
really cared, write it down
for me, reassemble the firework,
was that really the same day?,
clinics in computers, vying
for speedballs, american
friends, street for liquor,
marked by el is de, the whole
telephone book twice over,
just bind it all together & call
it a book, just a dot,
international order of,
the all important final line,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


you gotta get your priorities
straight kid, one more penny
to the beast, the bread question,
a rubberstamp that says: we’ve
already seen all your stupid
rubberstamps, world enough
and time, the mental cash-registers,
the worker in one connection was
the worked in another, the mad
hatter’s tea table, jacob’s room,
some blackguard without a
penny, polygonal tropes, prairie
diaspora, six by nine just fine,
hit it today, some sort of
stain in the centre of the
paper, the gutter of the photocopied
book, nothing drives me wild,
nevus, cachets, hopes to work,
bookchute, passing through,
stanzagraph, alternis dicetis;
amant alterna camenae,
bethluisnion, don’t be fooled
by the blank, blood robots,
mogger, stalk not lest ye
be stalked, why is this text
not complete, the moss black
dug the boggied fuel,
telidon, pymes, six-fingered
chicken, the optic gride, there
is nothing that is too personal
to be art, botana, a, salmineoism,
inmorality, correspondense,

Monday, December 13, 2010

"the five hindrances"

still living in illusion, authentik
and historikal, joaquim murtinho,
dames, something to deposit
anyway, artimisia, naked artist,
whatever will mail, domino graffiti,
one has no wisdom to impart,
what’s your position on graffiti,
dextre, repp, punked ‘em, seals sez,
la clique, perforated beauty,
care for a game of flinch,
selected and mixed by, fun
for millionaires, hooking art,
the rest of the photo, trust and
truth, be in this book, donating
a lot to mental illness, what
are the five hindrances, we had
to cut our way in, luc bb,
user belongs to too many groups,
forget your password? tough
luck!, fluxface, party pants,
mene mene tekel upharsin, we can
have a threeforall, thou shalt
not delight!, seems the paper
was defective, species ss/bf
espèces, always already spent,
eye to eye art, spurtnik, if
you want the good shit, we
are heading for seven hundred
and forty pages, you laugh
when somebody else falls,
trim it out, this old saw,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"chaotic pendulum"

gapping up the history, tactile
text isle, keep your eye on the
chaotic pendulum, gave up on
chaos, took a path, restar not
rest our, paths nearly took,
a door! (no, one of hours,
somebody’s reading him all,
the unspoken (for, lulu indeed,
bachelor father, let’erin’,
in the all, one four eight
five zero, how other can you
get?, time & non-narrative,
hour routes, an alien foot
walking around, free me,
ënacts liberty of childson,
synoecism not cynicism,
brotherule, newspaper
publisht as book, business
is literature, built by a
poet, anti-capitalism demon,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"repetitive reality"

never in never out of print,
post-borp, ego-agogo, buddha,
triboluminescence, you yôu,
beat more meat, we are out of
copies, twoness is an illusion,
red tick, lead tick, bored of
beauty, repetitive reality, oh
shit did i say that, the texts
are getting all mixed together,
these ones are for now, triple x
nothing, remembering microbits
from two years ago, field
food, a double bind is when,
what’s new pussycat, what
does this mess say to you,
warlove, job of work number
one, one copy for your records,
one copy for distribution,
how did this text get separate
from the main body, the drang
cathars, language space,
present body, memorize the
names of the fonts, job of
work number two, i am writing
this for the future, job of
work number three, big job of
work, purple copies just fine,
designated makeready, art
equals start plus, waiting for
das ding, my rubberstamps
and your rubberstamps
together, couple of tries,

Friday, December 10, 2010


it all depends on where you put
the text, nobody really likes
handwriting, bang a nail into it
call it a coffin, who would have
thought that putting in one
staple could be such a production,
aside from the fact it is folded
right in half, do you intend to
act, this is only going to add
to the confusion, random font,
just crank the calendar back,
to paginate sheath, morin control,
juggling hot branding irons, my
avatar loves your avatar, using
old books to build monumental
sculpture, grocery list with poem
on it, abandon yourself, jville
honey, in other words you never
take your hat off, the art that
is present before you, language
takes control, here in real space,
the cathars is, draining you,
your cyberself, release reality,
like helen of troy, zackify,
seen the worm trance, hat rep,
a network of ninnies, this is the
spillover, the only thing legible,
even though it is blank, sill wet,
the copy is on its way to, toner
wizard, toner codes, we will get
to the copy, i can’t really see
with my glasses on, almost
got her face, exaggerate
beauty, it’s just a drawing,

Thursday, December 09, 2010


seamless trance, is on, nobody
showed, i’ll say!, blue stay,
how i got it wrong, trance
action code, a book-length
manuscrypt, it was too long to
read, pretending to be sane,
trance late this, thinkin’ like
mad, a few things i want to
touch (on, imp piss ant, madness
itself, trance fear, perform
language, infallow-able,
excavation the child is hollowing,
knowledge loving, police area,
floating eh?, infall, ®evolt,
at ≈, perfect imp unbound,
first drunk, pencillin’ for
your back teary a, planted
a few seven footers, if you
decode, sin a schizm, only
nineteen o, cut off your
ear, dedevelopment, the
wrong good thru, sort
code, spirit sermon, lit itch,
yes or yes, join the bulk,
isolated reports, closing
in on us, closing out on us,

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

"art strike"

the drawing is not complete
until it has been copied, it’s
hard to miss with the ass,
she is making a sign, infiltration
practices, prices are liable to
change anytime, biro, mosquito
swish, whatever happen to, the
book don’t exist until you hit
the button, one copy resembles
any other copy, thank goodness we
had the foresight to remove that
word, go with your best intuition,
use the paper to shield your
eyes, clicketty-split, job prob,
indénouable, trance literacies,
contextualize havel’s epistolary,
coming to this empty-handed,
he went – literally – from jail
to the castle, anonymization,
a penny a day, havel nah rad,
i don’t understand why the
book comes in a pizza box,
packed by, so the book doesn’t
get dinged up, bad enough
that they exist once and you want
to copy them, disprit, art strike,
you could get another word out,
invoice mmm nnn,

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"art life takes risk"

the banff springs snail, i don’t
feel like i’m falling, undermic,
acting in the background, watch
you don’t get ink all over yourself,
now this is a different substance,
fill you fill me, complicated
horse emergency, nietes, brb,
defected from suburbia,
adirondack moose, ylang ylang,
doong, es ich ueberich, conatus,
trieb, the book that feeds itself,
the book that devours itself,
a splendid cluster, the moment
of real happiness, ralentando,
the grey immensity, calibri,
busy being dug, the snail and
the grizzly bear, to love or not
to love, gothic century, the
biggest end, image search
spurting, con arte ink, fat prose,
diving for pennies off the cliffs
of acapulco, art life takes risk,
drawlings, retire the bookmark,
what was the delgado, chop it
out and fly it, no more signs
please, seeing thru the illusion,
the nobodyflask, nobot, so you
want to be in the movies,
correspondense is not a
priority, daydereaming, you
really didn’t think i was
going to sign this did you,

Monday, December 06, 2010


a perfectly good piece of paper,
big yes, undone!, be writing,
a trace of overwriting, prod
the code, a chuckle before ya go,
what is our national fate?,
means walking, buzzin’ around,
drop names altogether, some
kind of mine or yours, lettuce
mayo future perfect, trance
ire, distended brain, now
now & now!, sun yatter,
thot i might like to be a poet,
vy for one, still plenty of time,
unborn, open square bracket,
no un, the errie (no mo, reopen
that channel, the imp printer,
mihnimaoism, more be us,
telling the difference,
place of confusionism,
multilinguistic forkt tongue,
when this is very old,
tea section, night hand call um,
hour day, bring thing,
burn your eyes out for,
jined togadder, unrespondable,
still art, read lemma &
was so imp you are, non,

Sunday, December 05, 2010


ghawar, oil springs ontario,
jelena, the things in your
peripheral vision as you read,
i find myself on my hands and
knees crawling around naming
the different mosses, minim,
cirrus estrus hyle, lu-thlu-pai,
trypanosome, estranged
husband and celibate, let’s
think in terms of page-size,
this phrase might make you laugh,
six by nine, concrete hips,
aftertalk, the loss of doc one,
cluster under the hat,
buddhist tarantino, herald
blank, the rate of decline, pay
cake ache, draw a graph
depicting your fall, donate
to mental health, the good
old days are back again,
imppress, the language of
schizophrenia, the antinomic,
happy clappers, meta-insects,
meta-texts, unterphysic, zou
ma guan hua, ein lemmel,
dispensationalism, canigou,
agelastic, fuck the inkblot,
the text at hand, picknit basket,
clear as blank, in money we
trust, the toner pendulum,
once was message, deterioration
flipbook, the myspace
revolution, presence project,

Friday, December 03, 2010

"coriated by hacker elders"

alberta buddha, what does your
beauty want from me, kids make
better art, burnish garbage,
point thru diaphan, a photograph
of a photograph, orozco, abi,
there’s no way to tell when you’re
all zoomed in, you’re kidding me
right old man, even the kids are
wise to the ways of mechanical
reproduction, your kids are
better artists than you are,
it’s a fine line between art
and this is just a bad mess,
microbooklet, the battle of
salamis, risible script kiddie,
coriated by hacker elders,
cybercriminal, the three-cent-
fare scheme, the uni-commodity,
a who’s who of late twentieth
century mailart, death is
freedom, do you have something
in the show, we think ross
should just shut up, prison
no surprise, outlulu lulu,
now that all the artist’s work
is gone, no matter how many
degrees, □□□ , the true artist
can see thru anything, you the
consumer, giving credit to
the wrong people, three word
poem, the hat worm, bedroom
prison, never in never out of
touch, the fine art of the sell,

Thursday, December 02, 2010

"dance of discord"

shrinkwrapped literature,
shrinkled sex, this nothing,
breaks off here, be on, h
our roots, encomatosed,
which side am i on?, bending
over backwoods, skip (trace,
enhancement completed,
we are already there,
sophisticated fraud, but it
was my idea!, form at the
bottom, becoming her,
hitting it hard enough, imp
ate us, trance for payment,
dance of concord, dance of
discord, character of human
experience, concern for
historical exegesis, this
tension?, sin corporation,
reënact, tacit us, open your
eyes before you die, utter
mutter, my tea, sad minute,
precious minutes, has not been
completely or properly
cleared, without glass,
unsubscribe!, klunk!,
plunk!, keep the negatives,
a thru the window, weird &
wonderful things with lawn-
mowers, hose pipes, scrap metal,

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


chatwork, chatbot, semina culture,
bela blue grimm, happy fangs
giving, the things we struck from
the list yesterday are back on
it today, elevator de-elevator,
hey look at all this blank space
over here, maybe we should try
and do this inhouse, mauriac’s
river of fire, transcendence-
facticity, kessel’s pure hearts,
valéry’s divine absence, you
ought therefore you can can’t,
a sin confessed is half pardoned,
enuf to last you a couple years,
the same old warp and the same
old weft, friend hunting,
initiate endless instant message
session, cambria math, candara,
let’s work this stuff up into a
book, what is with all the
spacing, a couple of drops of
water on blank paper, the blank
can be trimmed away, milpa
walk, the neoist encampment,
ling, concrete pores, ansible,
seapot, cambria, check the
markings on the copier, split
and flip, bad apples pouring
in the door, may west june
west july west, holy ween,
chop drop and, flesh lure,