Saturday, March 24, 2007

posted here second

the reference is gone now,

you want reference, toronada,

rogers malts, taj mahal tea,

blank to all, semi-erotics,

what is a good piece, posit

interactions, lenar, orphange,

communication before death,

here and now is everywhere

and everywhen, this oughta

be typed up for all to

read, master of illusion

or, pollom, your famous

dinosaur, still fighting,

Sunday, March 11, 2007

canadian economist historian, happening with the economy is contributing, confirmed by experiments with high-speed, tripalium, swingeing, porridgible, corn pone dogs, pops his hard hat, freeload highjacket settee, ticky pie, indifferentism, copied to death, a threshold of concrete, involuntary poetry, hand relief, banish the blank, ain, hamza, barzagh, nda, romance like mosquitoes, schreck, candy torts, corcel, gay cats and scenery hogs, let’s go chew some tar, ell tee dee, eye oof, a discount gentleman, cybernetic disasters, runaway positive feedback, sustained oscillation, gigadeath, oxytocin, prolactin, somatostatin, the nucleus accumbens, sucking oranges, cooking eggs on a hot, pudding dogs, prairie itch, himself the cool embrace, plop the stillness of his mind,

Sunday, March 04, 2007

coming, plant shame, xeroxes,
acrylic multipolymer, colour
trance wheels, still more
colour boxes, bardo idol,
postal chunk, luc lev luc
ham, back down to zero, what
is your red stuff, acid glove,
tutoyer, tying a new strap to
my hat, moxa, nothing idiot,
the innernet, thirteen sixty-
seven, scan this barcode,
still missing, economic joke,
epson salt, visual reality,
copy theory, the post prairie,

Saturday, March 03, 2007

international collage,
switch heads, ychcatolotic,
your last joke, the right to
rent, neobucks, you can't
unsubscribe from spam, ray-
makers, gryptog, expecting
investigation, aka lack,
shows mass, moss brother,
ncv, temporary contact,
monopoly on moronism,
curious coincidence, spjut,
high-falutin' spjut, not so
smart after all, even google,