Thursday, September 30, 2010

"caffeine-induced dementia"

the damper down, yes to her day,
colourless mere ink, eye egg, if you
are holding this you can enjoy, new
mode, we are articling, two ton, don,
imp movement, an all-canadian
text, five-pin howling, a sweet
bachelorette, e i e i owe, car quest,
filling of mixed, whe, who’s i?,
ex this stance, this is today we’re
talkin’ about here, back to the grindcore,
who go missing, it doesn’t say it
to me, working backwords, an
infinite number of things, never
know it, marked alt, say a lot less,
say it more beautifully, is it in
fact bigger, that eight dollar bear,
not hoping to win just hoping to
compete, caffeine-induced
dementia, & the winner are!,
bulk account hombre, your
message here, torrent outta,
sidewalk price, artist run
clutter, independancy, nice
of one to say, this is another
realm altogether, more big
names, twenty twenty vision
is not good enough, you knew
it was no, thru eye, figure
out what one is, no abstain,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"the great pacific garbage vortex"

handwriting is the human touch,
pebble festival, mercury
retrograding, visualit, all these
fonts that don’t work, where’s
global warming when you need it,
nothing glitters, now this tiny
fragment of paper is a work of
art, i put some gas in your tank,
whatevs, the deterioration is all
in the brain, how will you survive
the winter, yes we have the channels
open, the study of lime, er time,
bryde whale, causing extreme
hardship, the great pacific
garbage vortex, an existential
source, jungle all the way, yox,
nil line nil line nil line nil,
here where strange worlds touch,
just put the whole stack in the
job of work file, the page
numbers are arbitrary, one of
a thing is one thing: five of
a thing is a job of work, uh
you got the number the, the
hand is free, the centrefold
text, a boul, california text,
there will be another rainbow,
flesh speaks, a bowl of aish
or a bowl of acai, my technical
face, who grew the sunflower,
you only know how to destroy,
the wemory, this shape is a,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"naive charka"

ozzenberg, cut my heart, is this the
kind of shit you want your children
exposed to, the d queen, rundfunk-
genehmigung, im nebel der vergang-
enheit, the material show, oka w nocy,
i only break the big rules, could
we get a bit of an explanation in
english, using the few tools we
have to hand, inside the art temple,
carl spitzweg, doing work that is
also play, think beyond news, we
prefer pristine garbage, you’re
picking up some kind of text on
your flesh, retrogradations,
hey don’t obscure the art, foe
nieve, hole beans, are you seeing
the brilliance of the simplicity,
are you seeing the stupidity of
the simplicity, crystal singing
bowl, sacral chakra, decomposed
digital print, the amount of time
it takes to read a piece of paper,
we are making it thru hell,
just ignore the money, peeming,
simulated heights, there are a
lot of electronic files kicking
around, the eye i was thinking
of, nothing is bloated, pond
scum plop, the corpus hermeticum
the egyptian, the gift of
gas, sixty-six thirteen,

Monday, September 27, 2010

"keep shoving it down our throat"

here, every word count, window on
nothing, run out of breath, a mere
facsimilie, duplication number two,
keep showing it down our throat,
make a solid error, in permanent,
where is your form at?, beauty is
certainly possible, esk, you can
feel the difference, disturbing
pictures at, & the shell, who are
we again?, total blank, you want
me to be bored?, what lotsa stamps
is, blank again, don’t forge what
you promiced to pay, isink, people
who do things rightly, cute!?,
soup turreen?!, gone bulk,
where was i?, printed on
cheap paper, with chainsaws
swirling around our head,
where did this dread lock
come from?, where we are
carrying on from, a very poor
sentance, these are the good
old days, threat of discourse,
another skunk of daze, coffee
stains, tan nat, pop-up heart,
what i insided, a novel
graphic, said oh something
or other, per pop, charting
the unch art, disconnection
point, think with eye,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

just ignore that strip

society for visual lunacy, ka,
heliochrome, a baker’s cyst,
grabiron, slow photography,
caraferrari gentleantics, gray
space, the chameleon party,
kerk boom, the unpaid bills
collage festivals, spart, hyper-
telekinepathic, temporal
community, anarchist commune,
it lights up blue when touched,
beauty and horror, the promise
of the future, lion lazer,
women killing, what is all this
chaotic junk, the complete
letters of, here’s a letter you
wrote thirty years ago, idea
exchange project, glitter is the
worst common denominator,
canadian political propaganda,
moment in freak time, well if
it came thru the network,
golden buddha homeless,
sifting thru immensity,
invisible display, actual
rubber, divide and conquer-
reviewing, we are past the day,
we don’t really go to websites
anymore, tonart, whether you
put the art on after or before,
gotoliths, chovah, blue ditto
markings, check text, it does,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"oka kokuho"

my bad hand, you can feel your
head shrinking, splotch out the
ghouls, a permanent houseguest,
parties for orphans, reality-detached
character, but you will not remember,
halogen credenza, d moss, sterno,
collective plagiarism, flaming
iron, articipants, nebulism,
the sh’nn, cabrito, eleplant
hotel change, supersocialized,
la verga, the concrete balloon
bpoem, blue cheer, callejon,
your deadline is still extended,
tumba, lapsid, gumbile, we have
nothing in common except
desperation, halah, print pearl,
endlesstrain, rainpearl, garmail,
hold the blank, it ain’t what it
ain’t, miss mincemeat, just snip
out the blot, nothing yell, we
are not interested in the text
we are interested in the blank,
text event, society does as
society desires, oka kokuho,
ginger zinger, keep an eye on
the tank, artistic stimulation
document control, mident,
one to one communication, i am
trying to quit writing, we live
in an alcoholic culture, all
the ways of getting words from
point a to point b, envision en,

Friday, September 24, 2010


madiba, from wild style to fine
control, do a copy white out go,
replication problems, printed with
a bagel, did we gar you, a
little heavy on the whiteout,
you’re making errors with the
whiteout, wordial, don’t try to
identify the source, how can you
call this no mind, illegible
address mail-artist, the limitless
meaning of original mind, low
dispotition, hara, cosmic murder,
kill the buddha, zendo, you’ve
got the right look for a lunatic,
you get the hour you are entitled
to, revillon, ell ell,

Thursday, September 23, 2010


bled a little, stop trying to get
everything, suspect the flow
was the other way, how tiny
is possible, fuckin’ A!, in
fin it loops, the highest
form of crazy, unsignified,
verb i’m at, gore key?,
turn your computer screen
upside-down for this one,
the same calling (more,
all’s ‘wareness, i can’t
finish!, on-ness, remove
the signature, sight gag,
kali’doscope text, seem-
lessly joined, not afraid
to take up a lil space,
prise things loosely, save
the bad ones, still art,
third thud, all pummelled
out, also unnecessary, mail

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"computer therapy"

why do you feel obliged to make marks, glancing askance at the
signature, five hundred dollars worth of poetry, no need to
play the guitar: just fuck around with it, you might get a
sudden burst of energy, letters for the homeless, post-borp,
gfe, cluster below the line, free facial, downwards from the crown
of your hat, nihil obstat, endless train downtime, monoglottal
stop, another crazy idea, shut up and play your cello, cerebrite,
uncontrol urge, it’s all funny, hmmm a little poltergeist seems
to have tumbled out of this documente, a muddy baseball card,
this is about eighty percent letterhead, these images keep cropping
up, good things to say about bad things, this letter needs to go
to, who did the hand, perhaps ice cream is the key, letters about
trying to get shit to happen, energy energy energy, the poet
must have been baked, maozak, the man’s mind changed like the
wind, we tend to forget the world that people were in forty
years ago, getting stoned and reading scifi, you would have
to make a serious effort to lay hand to this little tidbit,
the letterhead is more interesting than the letter, the five
thousand dollar pinyata, project to make a color xerox copy
of the entire world, what’s with the drinking bleach, mazoolah,
three sixty-nine lotta stuff, type inside dotted line, it was
such a big deal thirty years ago, let’s lift this into flight,
you cut a hole in the text, kol nidre, like as if these byoorowcrats
are going to listen to this, the very moment life rode off the
rails life rode off the rails, computer therapy, psychocentral,
paper video, exhibit a clay hat, mort et vrai, wrote letters
eighty pages long to his correspondents, pseudopod, tried to
steal someone’s rattlesnake hat, rapidograph pen, jomboosh, wrote
thirty pages in twenty-four hours, papagayo,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"dim aria"

a firm hand, consciousness of
organization, it’s all good, but
some of it is more gooder than
the rest of it, a person cooking
eggs, did you actually cut down
the original, penis-shaped bullet,
the sadness of lost reality,
twenty-five dollar oral, are you
listening at all or just making
noise, how did culture fall,
it’s not about you superstar, a
phisophy, er a philosophy of yes,
silton saskatchewan versus
manhatten, the nut ruin, painted
with fresh blackberries, any
asshole can paint, do you really
think you are somebody, nahuatl,
please repeat each phrase a
thousand times, three souls in
one mind, yael dragwyla, a house
held, writing long letters to
people you don’t know, life
riding on the back of death,
s cuore di maria, art form
letter, that might not be too
good for the eyes, what seemed
like magic in nineteen-eighty-
three, o-wrench and gale preen,
chronosome, clear address,
carving concrete in a bathtub,
shit art, rezador, kitemaug,

Monday, September 20, 2010

"combat lit"

multiple submissions encouraged,
the signed & the unsigned,
circulation of attention,
waterial, you over the line,
as a set, why should it be avail,
extra material, liderature,
mummery’s the word, more
info for the info glutton,
carrier: paper, scan print
scan print…, resent message,
against the name, the liar us,
getting a review mirror,
no relation, combat lit,
the good lore, the anti-net,
chaotic desire (trance mine,
liquid members, project
nothing, ballast!, wont in,
generating breaks, gold
from the dross, bright black,
the personal is the political,
nib bin, transitional training,
coming up again, memory
file, time to do this,
unsplitable, infonite repro
cesspooling, throw out?,
my muttering, lux low,
the pokin’ word, worth
sayving, a hole different,
flat waters, really pour it
out, not exactly news print,
all the different, that’s that,

Sunday, September 19, 2010


zsfresh, keep you alive for another
day, madibal, schlegell, tool for
close look, not-to-do, who is
hermetic, little frag of red,
pumping them out one at a time,
i’m concerned for the person who
is being hung by their feet,
puritas, toner syllables, a fold
is a sign that indicates, after
years of experiment, the clock got
stuck, printing with strange objects,
taking a break from the heart,
magnetic scorpion, bug bender,
two eyes in the center of the
cephalothorax, hog wild, flood
to spot focus, paper crown,
cracker toy, scarborough china,
tartan tiny, sarl, butterfly
brand, hard to tell the hand
made from the, microfinance,
kiva, mechanical hand, givex,
children at high-needs
elementary, amour de la
lecture, mixed sources, the
whirl is damaged, cheaper and
goes farther, chocoladefabriken,
zenya, drink up once, klongkew,

Saturday, September 18, 2010


oh three pin con con, bluk, grocery
list art, a love anarchist, cagey
for effect a hero, herod with
the cormwell’s eczema, outside of
the money structure, rightring,
christ consciousness, papelleria,
costals, to go to baltimore
without a penny, an ad revolution,
kensho, nyorai, tathagata, shoshin,
zafu, have a cup of tea, what is
your face to day, dead wisdom,
filling empty, schizotime, if you
got the do-re-mi, reality has
a tendency to evaporate, alacron
alacrity, liberated printing
machines, if you can get your
insanity to pay, get that real
shaky hand going, survenant,
clean heroes, green house, brain
brain cit. rain rain, how many
miles how many years, chain
letter in circulation for
thirty years, this might not
replicate well, the years treat
people different, a one penny
credit voucher, blue cliff
records, getting paid to work
at your art, strange currents,
information economy, a
history of failure, nut

Friday, September 17, 2010

"access to excess"

are you sure you don’t need some
help?, flow reversal, all yer
answers questioned, conk read,
seeing the unseen, the difference
between reading & looking at
wordletters, all the ways of
putting things together,
loaf several, all the set, test
test test test test text!,
disance from source, semi-
original, foreign reason,
print on the trims, spatial
special, god solid, the original
is inside the machine, comp
you, inside she et, this dance
between the letters, on the
wait (eww! language!), is that
eye?, one quarterr, possible
productions, anti-slick,
what came before we were
reborn, tradverteyesing,
shrinkwrapped literature,
set theory aside, thot box,
the avant-edge, infinite
text, is that a real space,
details within details,
soulidity, letterish, where
does all this take us?,
lone hello, access to excess,
destroyed by reading,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"jeweled one ell"

this book is a gift of new york,
zen mind, the unrestricted mind,
dharma heir, flesh art, nerve verb,
skeeball, art-maybes, leaves snail
tracks on your clothes, mudra,
ceramic poetry, chinches, a giant
concrete and ceramic-jewelled
bullfrog, bartolina, fuck times
new roman, are you the one are you
the one, flirtation device,
knockin’ boots, empowered creative
clear-headed, take the universe in
at a glance, prison library, green
milk, giving the blank new meaning,
scarf retreat black, vegetable
milk cluster, you need never
leave the house, one has been
poisoned, machine happy, from
the writer’s point of view,
happenchance, rucksack beach,
lungpo, the feel of solid toner,
you would rather study this
blank text, tonerspider, still
a perfect seahorse, going over
to be someone else, check off
artist, seven big names, seetext,
lug heart, pick a mushroom any
mushroom, it only takes a
moment to transform the world,
normail, apatride, wechsler,
someone you used to know but
have forgotten somehow, writing
on your sleeve, me lick anus,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"sylfaen sildenafil"

lugpo, xanax amohat, sylfaen
sildenafil, adcb, no matter how
long you stare at the text, a
cluster of imperfections, the
iraqi manicure, freedom shoes,
tlaloc, krait, dhurries, prison
art, the famous john smith, olla,
envelopes in the flesh, caustic
jelly portraits, rivism,
guajalote, varmint canada,
the meat thereof, lunchmeal,
searching for blood, the moment
the magic unrolled, searching
for pearls, european paper, german
paper, why don’t you hand colour
these copies, communications of
the insane, after seeing genius
at work we are none the wiser,
we ought not to get behind this
insanity, hand first, the hand
you committed the crime with,
fill an entire eight-and-a-half
by eleven with typing, any
communication that once was there
is long gone, jpg stands for,
some monster is evolving, toner
graffiti, it doesn’t even look
like information anymore,
writing about typing about
photocopying, we need to have
some higher level talks, what
is this thing i published
all about anyway, erase temp,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"atom secret"

consumed in the processpool,
the programmar, colour our,
crappier’s books, oh when?,
trick fold, all the empty space,
hyperspace button, step back
a little, an adverteyesing
feature, emptying the set,
addition of metal, to the edge,
depends how good yer
computer is, barcode text,
eye can’t hear it, too big
for the boxing, priviliged
information society, could
you look it up?, the textual
body, how does that want to
be done?, outside the box,
hairy potty, read with all
your might, pointing outside
the set, somehow different,
peacing it all together,
are you a letterhead?,
stick yer eye on it, secret
leaflet, critical massage,
watermark art, against
joys?, do you expect anyone
to read this?, is the container
part of the set?, infinite
set, empty set, easy for you
to read (cuz you wrote it,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dec. 11, 2006 & Dec. 12/06 (pm)

have you ever seen this text before,
there is paining but no painer, if
you look inside here you might find
sex, if you look inside here you
might find death, memory
stones, remember norway, violence
as performed by, arbitrary
sentence, opportunity locks,
remember you are going to die,
save the frag discard the whole,
orange halifax, tower of the law,
look and see who died, monkey
wench, even stars, don’t you
want to hear, in the market
for nothing, everything it takes
to sell one, let’s get soft on,

putrefied soul, syncrude upgrader,
you want to be out in that desert,
don’t want no television, from your
high to your low, screaming at a
speck, we don’t want any solutions,
ringing a bell for the eye, blast
first alberta, didn’t we just see,
how long is this sentence, let’s
try zanzibar, consent to violence,
metal walls, eco-skyscrapers,
homeless real estate, a photo of
the book, weep on demand, you
better start looking harder, grave
fix, there will be no more busses,
christmas slap, paper intox, roll
a marble down balboa, choose nil,

[compare with: done]

Sunday, September 12, 2010


might be confused, a full minute
of silence, the big care, outta
line, heavy paper bond,
mutual appreciation society,
briddle trance body,
misdelivered, station to station,
their’s different ways,
layered self, this line sign?,
that little scribble means me,
sign yer life away, nice
blank rounds, i comma &,
draft, the figures in bold,
fax font, exhibit aitch,
just lettin’ ya know, nice
paper, offices in, authorizome,
some date, hold the fold,
what douz this little mark
mean?, still work, suddenly:
smash!, little bit of paper,
upholstery button pop!,
conception of the evolution of
the human, alpine flowers,
historian does not encounter
comparable, name knowledge,
for the asking, asking for
it, look things up & down,
that’s where i took it,
build yer own geodesic
dome, engraved?, try to read,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

MAR 01 2008, 8:30 pm

“Nevada Line” (Med. Hat ’03 ’04)

1) this item is excluded
1) we got off on the right foot
1) then we got off on the left
1) the unknown person
1) focus on the quilt
1) what are you doin’, ray?
1) this is not an architect at work
1) there’s a definite face in his chest
1) a moment for posterity
1) the art is nothing without the artist
1) Agency for Peace Tenacity?
1) we don’t have these Carnival Giants here (do we?)
1) the ship of hope is sinking
1) sand dusters
1) everything there is behind the paper!
1) mailart projects that we almost sent something for...
1) absolute archive
1) how is my favourite energyman?
1) who stays still long enuf to get mail?
1) leaving no sign that the text has been copied
1) let us resume interacting
1) Blanke hoofdras
1) we had a brief interaction
1) our interaction was one-way (?)
1) some time during 2004
1) cheesy printing
1) please put me on your mailing list, thanks!
1) four years ago (& still clicking along!)
1) √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √
1) why wasn’t i informed?

Friday, September 10, 2010

"reading a book by the light of the computer screen"

a perfectly good peace runed,
the vulcana, gum it up, the
soul sister, the big turn-around
, are we for getting or against?,
feel as if you actually made a
difference, geeist & yer,
addressing yourself, wait a
minute [1:00], pure fect time,
reading a book by the light
of the competitor computer
screen, lost consciousness there
for a second, sign work, rapid
eye machine skiing, lack co-
de a sue, the trims ings,
up-over, diremption song
(taking back bottles, already
thru, don’t answer, phrased
out, by you, get high gourd,
the game of the name, look
now further, this text
contains, fed out, untrusty,
can i get a witness?
leaving issue, barely
beleev?, deterioration
of facts, up the value,
adopt the fax, corner
staple doodads, rough
shoddy, delivered,

Thursday, September 09, 2010

MAR 01 2008, #5? 3:30 pm

“BC Apples” (bottom of the barrel)

1) throw that away
1) a rather ominous birthday greeting, no?
1) is this supposed to break my heart?
1) you have an evil heart & are widely hated
1) gritty reality
1) forty-something
1) we’ve got the thing itself handy (& it’s broken in 2)
1) how many copies of the blather do we need?
1) we are always already at nirvana (are we not?)
1) one that locks the letters in place
1) actually move from the beach
1) it’s the wild west, the wild wild west
1) there’s another summer rolling in soon
1) atc up!
1) the meat is long gone
1) once were doing (ain’t no more)
1) wouldn’t you love to be annoyed by that now
1) near ones gone
1) it looks quite organic
1) get over into the sk side?
1) civilized people
1) now we are down to nothing
1) finding uses for absolute trash
1) perfectly good art
1) what can you say about nothingness?
1) the selling of the whole idea of mail
1) from me to you
1) drugs
1) boilin’
1) buddaboo

(here we are back home again)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

"miichanica metaluna"

schwa!, computer gibberish,
whose remains are? scattered,
for ex, trance mission difficulties
(errors, pressing so hard, iiiii
iiiiuiiii, em twenty-two!, away
back, wm wm wm wm wm wm,
a record of the trance(action,
chill charge, thanks to the mach-
ine, at staples, joining the man
, the state he was in when he
wrote it, shard, recreasing,
what went in, can’t even spell
the word, you put this in?,
over on the other side (the
other’s id (eye dee), up down
what’s the diff?, you lost the
originals?!, different kind of
machine, kinda like the feel,
no such thing as an original,
got the whole thing in, the
earwig glance, magica
margaritica mechanica,
underground journal, the
concept be gryphons, piß
, rise charms & stimuli,
talion punishment, the
planting trance, eye loving
, wrist strengthening, colour tech,

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

FEB 24 2008, #1

1) just mail the fuckin’ thing!
1) the idea was to assemble this into a booklet
1) this is not really for copying
1) everything there is to know on google
1) what needs to be done with text?
1) strike a match: take care of it all!
1) this non-wasp paper reminds me of you & you
1) 37 x 2 = 74 x 2 = 148 pages
1) doesn’t work when not in progress
1) S.L.A.N. (sans location anno nom)
1) you can travel thru time thru paper
1) what’s a repeat sign?
1) might want to compare for version-ness
1) try that rusty railway spike
1) people really thinking thru the chapbook
1) it feels real, it looks real...
1) Mari Boine’s “Leahkastin”
1) Edward Vesala’s “Nordic Gallery”
1) GARWEEN “redochrebreast”
1) Alexei Kruchonyhh
1) can’t read another mile
1) you have to draw the line somewhere
1) hat’s dead
1) oh, christ! not hockey!
1) letterpress: “Java script must be enabled”
1) erotica: everybody’s favourite!
1) could you draw me a quick graph?
1) sometimes it feels like my brain has been damaged
1) bigwig poetry

Monday, September 06, 2010


□∙ , deter your oration, freaks too,
canadian ice burg, individ , crow?
, a productive reading, nontheory,
ecopostmodernism, stoic ink or
pour real, how about postcapitalism?
, metandmorefussed, newly skilled
in affairs, misnoamer, what is
the the me?, post-present,
situate yourself, no-thematism,
axiotlology, is detail femenine,
trance-ferred between partners,
eww!, for the eyear, wount fit,
fluidentity (canny-ing, trance
fear ants, trance alivedead,
trance parentchild, sexual trance
, a youthful mind, word salad,
split remains, meaningless
repetition or imitation of the
actions of others, echo praxis,
every sentence is a death
sentence, go read hear say do
think, smelly words, cchchchchatter,
hold fast, reconstitute, saint
art, promotional material,
antimotional immaterial,
pnhang, bid good nite, more of
your own, where’d they all go?
, our (oh you are), apparently writing,

Sunday, September 05, 2010

FEB 17 2008, 4:30 pm (continued)

1) the Angry Kids Crew
2) look how dingy reality is
3) Khost
4) the last outpost (of art) before the void
5) not the best (but the best is already gone)
6) trying to “bomb” in the winter
7) Skone, Pies, Khost
8) one remembers precisely
9) it looks 3D, but in reality…
10) it ain’t!
11) i took this photograph for a lunatic
12) throw it in the trance can
13) once you start entertaining lunatics…
14) does that mean Socrates is inferior?
15) heritage centre the esplanade
16) photos sure can capture time (freeze time?)
17) you could have more printed
18) moments before 2004

Jan. 1/07 (cont.)

1) antique websites
2) doesn’t look particularly japanese
3) you never even shared this
4) timewise & space-foolish
5) art has the ability to float
6) another particle of what we were doing in 2002
7) the dying out & the dying back in
8) art from size zero to size infinity
9) we thot we felt a little weight but
10) the message will become more & more illegible with time
11) what have we got to distinguish it from
12) what about the human body

Saturday, September 04, 2010

FEB 17 2008, 11 am & 4:30 pm

1) too close to the hole
2) this paper sucks!
3) to stick things to get her (oops, together!)
4) dated microfrags
5) the blocking chop

In Praise of Prejudice – Theodore Dalrymple


1) just keep writing
2) little did we know the last laugh would be on us.
3) do you think you know? (what art is?)
4) destroy all green space!
5) burstin’ thru the concrete!
6) smashed circuitboard
7) the difference is rotation only
8) “sark” (not as in “cutty”
9) insane graffiti
10) do not open / you can be badly hurt
11) what are the extras for? the extras are for sharing!
12) you’re not going to recognize your own children
13) we should have stayed on Valleyview Dr., but we didn’t
14) before the looming monstrosity was up
15) mail one of these to the esplanade
16) it’s a machine for making skyscrapers
17) it was so peaceful then
18) here’s another angle
19) crane narc
20) the graffiti is the first to go.
21) i wish i was walking down that hill right now
22) or better yet tobogganing down it!
23) it sort of lights into the brain
23) not everyone (anyone?) can read it

Friday, September 03, 2010

Jan. 1/07

1) have a seat in the rubble
1) $2500 for coke
2) enter the void, stand in the void
3) the insane fun we had together
4) lift the pink flap
5) we have crisper material
6) out of work
7) love
8) torn between heaven and hell
9) maybe you will find peace in jail
10) you who have flown so far away
11) nothing left to signify
12) tir a l’arbalete – kruisboogschieten
13) how are you making your marks?
14) a rubberstamp for everyone
15) a dangerous mind
16) mere obscene
17) let contact go
18) i do not care
19) re-attempt contact
20) gather up a complete set and ship it to you
21) increase the cashflow
22) who’s a millionaire now
23) still searching for what we lost fifteen years ago
24) small change (make a)
25) see number twenty (do)
26) keep it up for twenty years
27) there is no law that says
28) spend all of your life trying not to lose any time
29) sounds like a fine idea
30) antique bookmarks

Thursday, September 02, 2010

"copies of copies with no originary referent"

inclusion zine oh!, same agains,
waiting inanimatly, e in there,
something fell, finding a way out,
for the time being lost, trance
value, incredit card, not going to
beleeve the big stories anymore,
mechanical agency, the terrain
ahead, beyond the word, copies
of copies with no originary
referent, profounder depthless-
ness, whether you’re decoding
or recoding: you’re crazy,
milk talk, writing to forget,
motor stereotypywriter,
thot-deprivation, join the
clang association, speaking
thru tubes, a language all
to oneself, public enema
number one, beyond language,
pair of these-heres, without
gramma, wit out rhetoric,
read or it wasn’t, thru out into
outside in, he’s dele(te)rious,
disobedient tongue, apostrophe
zed?, the time we were away,
piling down, […], in poor taste
to be poor, want to know what
he said, in another hand, isnow
, POSTAL, crossflower, ink clue,

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

FEB 18 2008, am (#3)

1. We are still @ one.
1. I don’t give a fuck.
1. you mean you stole this money from me.
1. one feels ripped off.
1. what? are you trying to shove this money down my throat?
or what?
1. I am the difference spotter.
1. can-ady (eng)
1. pay to the order of: to whom it may concern
1. no, it’s not complete. It’s not even started.
1. the interior pattern of the envelope is more interesting.
1. G Raymond we have your credit card
1. Mixed Sources.
1. you’re not gonna give your money away are ya?
1. the war was already on, long before you were born.
1. we need some film.
1. depends on the outside temperature (the fluctuations)
1. just keep draining me people
1. it’s a pattern cuz it’s not a pattern
1. spin class
1. choke me up!
1. a rubberstamp is a wonderful thing! all
1. an honest lawyer
1. can I get a breakdown on this?
1. watch you don’t scratch your lense there
1. E. & O.E.