Tuesday, September 30, 2014


a cascade of failures, smart
grid, phylogenetic clustering,
clades, concurrent malfunction,
browncoats, regolith, flow-thru
shares, transmetamorphosis,
moorsoldaten, kilim, paillettes,
flesh-mobs, niki hoeky, swiftlet
nests, examine the text,
gruttoland, look with all
your eyes, a third of eleven,
downslide lubricant, wincest,
hypnosis porn, delicate freedom,
blue ink says, inherit magic,
katun stamps, test something,
calgary international, a
verified pin, such total, odeon,
shizer, please leave signed
copy, yougurt, épaisseurs,
bagels on broad, tripetition,
embarquadero, sidney town
pantry, the roost, save yourself
the trouble of art, one loves
to sign, you have to order
an ink refill, one is tempted
to make an impression, ok
cluster, what is beneficial
about the cecropia moth,
handifax, generous act,

Monday, September 29, 2014

"revolutionary anarcho-libertine desire"

katun, hundreds of canadian
employees, bright pink mosquito,
snivilisation, arbitrary group,
drop the meat, winnipeg fluxus,
natalie, scyccbb cluster,
chrysopa oculata, comanche
pussy, the hand is easily
crushed, trangia, concrete
blasphemy, ibāhiyya,
revolutionary anarcho-libertine
desire, remember an orange dream,
algorithmic walk, stride ab,
hideously continued for eight,
collect all the back issues,
cheese in the gutter, almost
missed a beat, moss mary,
solid you, all design, copie
dossiers, innovative insects,
cecropia, pacemaker blackberry,
philatelic products,

Sunday, September 28, 2014


hedonia, incentive salience,
mesolimbic reward pathway,
qualia, the golden thread,
nopales, chollas, the goddess
is within, a word in edgewise,
cm cluster, mental hygiene,
intersigns, colour vispo,
networking is subjective,
foulards, girl crazy, fat
quarters, james k smith,
muslin, shibori, cause faith,
flour sack, kimberlin cats,
picotage, papadakis, toile,
farmall, damask, shirting
sconce, peel it away, moiré,
moda luna notte bisque,
start a community garden,
mu-torere, delta vector,
wickiups, neither god nor
master, the time we spent,
speed time, zucoffee,
stained orange, hierophant,
solicitação de emprego, end
point vibration, eskidenberi,
tutturulmak, laisse coin
pas sommes, mnstrissue,
godsgirls, postbeuys,


*special thanks to Tom Lewis for transcribing this one.....!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


solidus, muscadine, air hug,
each grain of sand must do
its part, the penetrant, meetup,
chips cluster, men are in trouble,
l’art è una donna nuda,
teatru, dott anger nast,
granulated eyelids, recumbency,
everything hanging from the
ceiling, nilgai, maktab,
operaismo cells, autonomen,
anarcho-autonomists, cosmic
ink, rust grind, orange dream,
hoping for nothing, hedonia
post, art budget, visaperks,
runforth, inscape cabinet,
the statue against liberty,
return to the dollhouse,
own alternate reality,
living in the plus fifteen,
ride the dollar, point-of-
presence, refashioned
black garbage bags, short
cuts and other practices,
scout books,

Thursday, September 25, 2014


hierodule, devadasi, repurpose
the nasty, minneola, ocgb
cluster, pure chasing, mcnally,
typographical union, the
college of complexes, terbium,
neodymium, lanthanum,
dysprosium, cultural
guerilla warfare,
landscapades, a long concrete
ramp, mostaccioli, the
imagination knows, poem
comma, keep your name off
the web, concrete high, pat
zot, ceramic dance, fruit
sticker collage, dust collage,
mail art tax, aboma, minibus
estorbo arte, lanzamiento,
do you like broken, return
again, fight for money,
june six fifteen fifteen,
i'm going to give you
another chants, do something
different, how to eat a
bunny, luxme, colour is a
snore, pessoais, start here,
poppycop, twenty cent phone
bill, turn over for deets,


*special thanks to Carmel Purkis for transcribing this one...!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


ideokinesis, procatalepsis,
eutony, isolated thunderstorms,
the eye of the hurricane is
calm, aesthetic consumption,
latex light, srbg, cluster,
cfc disease, reverse electro-
wetting, siu mai, har gow,
laowai, pole tax, tanjoose,
orange pantyhose, mew-jiheu,
orange cracker, dydaptic,
too tonjuh, anti-production,
what better might be done,
bryu, gummi snack, baby echo,
tasaday, neosho, neuroplastic,
majon, autopromo, zandarin,
erotic dismemberment, zine
research grant, technocratic
totality, life is a xerox,
hunting seasons, langgore,
submittens, bankster
penelec, remote dreams,
wilton, coleção, buffalo
ad at id, curitiba, cmf
martin, kosher for passover,
vox blissett, ernst fischer,
birdstock, taylor guitar,
raspo de ua, pancake
circus, judging by the
chain, ceramic joker,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"engelsova ulica"

expect happy customers, ipud,
storm surfers, mesabi, ploke,
flatbook, watch the numbers,
ptlcsoibes, current month’s
minimum, bath paper, tlmw
cluster, airport cluster,
quadrant cluster, minneola
tangelo, omtc cluster, babgs
cluster, globe cinema lamp,
tumwater, heebee jeebee land,
look at yourself, free of
life, fuelling change, adulte,
ccbbcbcatlemcb cluster,
bball bacon, concrete
emancipations, postcrab,
orthodachsun, broken concrete
cylinder, elantra, orange
linoleum, orange casserole,
an orange jag, alloway,
tieto-enator, spent humor
cartridge, timesicle, caring
gal, the grease leaks thru
the bag, getting things
done, streng, that’s the way
the paper rips, moss crazy,
patenty, spruce gum,
lamarcaeditora, extra
butter pictures, engelsova
ulica, baby ruth,

Sunday, September 21, 2014


patent troll, comte cheese,
cyoabn cluster, singer needles,
the second plane, enigma
explainer, transparent body
bag, ttof, the fly in the blue
ointment, saigon hot sauce,
ati inc, nine-eleven jumpers,
antieke fietsen, kidrobot,
belgien, megamorphosis,
muttermorphosis, aboma,
the open pussy, shock cuts,
collisionism, interrelated
in clusters, life-giving
discontinuities, crits, a
multi-latent simpleton,
ribbed concrete verticals,
waxy as an orange, sugar-
bean, sunstain, mossed
inscription, chocolate and
clear, dhanya, mungeing,
dhunya, luminescent
peat, conniption poem,
dallas balaka, plotke,
letter plot, kwok,

Friday, September 19, 2014


kwak, relaxin, naegleria
fowleri, tribofinition, brabble,
tonnelage, microbillage,
cockyolly bird, since seventeen
ninety-one, kwm, ninkeberry,
bcgb cluster, red bell, vendome,
jaja de jau, combw cluster,
sign here now, forgot to start
the meter, postal discipline,
heads dropping out, cbc cluster,
keith martin, pauwel kwak,
buggenhout, kriekensap,
floris kriek, werden, texture
sh, nekheb u , a hitman who
can’t make a simple hit,
smurfiest, trace the word,
bucks on a whim, pass paper,
pump house studio, bunlarda,
sabrina, jack handey,
lovecraft, greist building,
siebenrockiella, brayprint,
take it, tapada, found-art
blogspot, hove, ppf, mailbomb,
rosback, heart of the new

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


corruption fit, cenobite,
googolplex, tetration, sunnyside
grocery got bombed, knuth’s
up-arrow notation, pepper cluster,
klc, jbfc, la fin du monde krystal,
clcb cluster, murcott, a week
in the life of a deputy head
teacher, dilinghaus, anoegenetic,
mina, hipsomatic, trance ether,
quantum tunneling, parasongs,
miserabilism, this is brill,
attention pressurized contents,
unibroue, nothing erotic,
melisma, lionliness, chrysopa
oculata, calgary central,
beneficial insects, free acid,
a quick and easy voting
experience, your poem here,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


telexplainer, comping, universal
design, placing into infinity,
chick is happy every, outside
sales, cbmg cluster, say g’night
bozo, yes i have seen the rain,
go pout somewhere else, poly-dactyl
kitties, meat bloggers, you
missed a key detail,
inexcavible, plain of the green
heart, it replicates the light,
softplay, moss topiary, the
population growth, poement,
hackerspace, gonfalons,

Monday, September 15, 2014


protospace, rock snot, affing,
an orange laced with anbesol,
pavilion heart, ampu-balm, masai,
low density polyethylene, bride
burning, j-ville, historical
friggers, css cluster, servir
frais, server phrase, hoke edged
closer, gutta percha, parolibero,
new lyricism, language artwork,
utopian capitalists, when the
population was only four billion,
cat catorum, language comes
to a halt, quantum folds,
you know what the strange
words mean at the moment but,

Sunday, September 14, 2014


quantum entanglement,
terraplane, info is as info does,
bolludagur, tarotplane,
vaporetto thirteen, zerod,
bluish-black cluster, byccgc,
la cave des vignerons,
gueberschwihr, a bit much,
never kept a penny of their
pay, thetford mines, doppio
macchiato, the volatility
index, bindle, time-shifting,
the law of disorder, peasant
savant, chipset, wampum belts,
over-entitlement, the riot
index, soy futilitario, nil
magnum nisi bonum, corkstuff,
you won’t remember that for
long, gar seventy-five,
pintos, house of the face,
bridge number one, the tape
made the ink bleed, not
sure if you folded it right,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"grand maru"

otoconia, prose theatrics, cyo,
product of the people’s republic
of china, maroquinerie, maroq
orange, leatherworking, the
right split, thirty-thirty peru,
in case of beer, keep your eyes
on the center of the sun,
orange beer cluster, ikea
collage postcard, hosmer mountain
soda, opuntia seventy point five
a, one prefers unknown
quantities, jacannette,
receiving many pennies in the
change you get, we tear the
pages from the books we read
once we’re done readin’ em,
rapidrez, it needed to be done
so it got done, set the
decision aside, grand maru,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


toadlets, delta king, derivative
of displacement, delta jerk,
privates detector, the master
and margarita, flash riot,
original equipment manufacturer,
fluxus circus, bawa, tissue
of terror, wdeck, small painting
for summer, jail tail,
mundus sensibilis, penco, not
very creative, cgmcl cluster,
the lowlife press, chalchihuitl,
nalguitas tremulas, a
kirillian photograph,
intersententially, jean
houston, garfay, generous
margins please, doctor flfg,
public art, chrome world,
fear of sleep, 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


hypnophobia, orange goo, defcon,
the varityper mafia, use the
sky, cb cluster, blow a wad,
dollars tate dollars, harvestman,
holy target, lew merrill, meat
for steamy love scenes, moresco,
mobo, it started with a dude
in a purple hat, cracks in the
concrete, yuke, xenobiotics,
immense collection of books,
proproductive, informational
waste, an unrestricted
general economy, chichen itza,
primal geography, zapapa,
language thirteen, carnival
harbourfront, mimeo carnival,
tuli, the dark night of the
soul in the poetry mines,
mental radio, mandana,
hey it’s a t-shirt, it adds
up to a t-shirt, you have
been listed, i can’t see
nothing, victoria island,
the underground is over,
odd habits in steel enclosures,
truly demented, calling
the vegetable collected,

Thursday, September 04, 2014


biff burger, b-twenty-nine
crashes into the esb, kanagan,
sunlight dappled, splash the
paper for a sign, dcgb cluster,
fgm, metonomatosis, excess
rocks, galaxia, jimbo in
purgatory, depressive realism,
orange against black, alum
rock cheese, infibulation,
ceviche, veronicastrum, now
we need to go back, clugger,
glenmar shimmy clay, emote
eye, the starry-eyed stamper,
mail art is pain, dig down,
the pogo, bacta lettera, israeli
drive, eight boobs, chainbreaker,

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

"back on the linoleum!"

emotionally available,
eberhardt press, anthony leskov,
suffrutices, libidnikov,
oysters and brandy, clos des
nines, the tax put it over,
the zine explorers’ notebook,
glorreich und verboten,
fool’s cap envelope, back on the
linoleum!, uranium wedge,
moseley island, cute hate,
the devil commands, type
shields, engine all clatter
and hum, the singularity,
numbers broadcasts, yyc
twenties, recoltant, the storm
moment, available font,
the glenmar shake, let the
text pass, eclectic literature,

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

"sat sri akal"

ekleksographia, saint eom
pasaquan, quo vadis, kendo,
katana, tanto, gchat, into thin
air, your favourite hole,
bscym cluster, guaranteed
relief for that crack, cns
bc, show me the money t-bone,
catch a case distort, how
many of these did you have
done up, mark twain forever,
communicating vessels,
holley cantine, procrustean,
donation envelope, drop the
blog, prahune, gurdwara, sat
sri akal, munda, meezban,
spontaneity of encounter,
wrying, amen nights, bow hole,
one can cease hoping, barbie-
sho, mudra dex,