Sunday, June 30, 2013

"sim on a stick"

sim on a stick, atrophy wife,
diflucan, nailart, the streisand
effect, piss it away, twists
oranges, oc cluster, karen would
squat, island of rec, mare ray,
bury them and keep quiet,
sub-real note, card number,
mordant dye, hold at angle
to view, what’s your current
status, mix paper from
responsible sources, box eaters,
write as if every word cost
five dollars, the history of
folsom, houngan, the hunting
hypothesis, squandering in
march, sweat point, machine
messiah, albertica,

Saturday, June 29, 2013


velvetica, hand on brainy,
filker, gopikas, proxy tunnelling,
radha, chastity bush, rusty
quarters, the television float,
lagunitas, cluster beer, get
your fingers out of your
mouth, don’t mess with texas,
bawa, here’s a hundred
dollars, a weiner made of
chicken and apples, styrofoam
tomb, clusters and sunbursts,
synthetic liquor, on the
small book, pant-load,
joydrinks, gratitude for
what, juvenile genius, the
net word is, sugar johnson,
attention alberta,

Friday, June 28, 2013

"itinerary review"

itinerary review, thirty-one
dollar cover charge, print page,
shizer zen, in existing bedding, an
opportunity to sign, room six-twenty-
two, it was a pleasure to clean your
room today, akal, audley, zen
sushi, zen government, one is last,
chip cardholder, broads on broad,
embarquement, get the customer
to do the work, maguro, wound
culture, try six six six, verseal
peatray, life in columbus
georgia, jit, life in calgary
alberta, guanciale, pecorino,
how does the text inform you,
please provide fresh bedding,
you are here motherfucker,
lookbook, the local style,
incoming call from sarah,
permanent disfigure, atnalta,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

"johnson street"

johnson street, red fish blue
fish wharf, akal, pagliacci,
bug zoo, high definition
smartphones, the big short,
electra blvd, aggv, moss street,
combine agent, outside cast in
concrete, dot ws, donald m,
sign it like you mean it,
arrange to meet a thousand
miles away, falmignoul, saxo,
hallelujah haircut, the bronx
itch, bat mite, brummel sleep,
fake oil, candy floss landscape,
highly charged expressions,
filth ethers, kolaches, dmt,
tobico, tantrick paintings,
earlier hippie commune, to
be sent to coventry is to be,
collapse into now, crysknife,
handy environment canada,
mountain contact, terror

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"body sugaring"

body sugaring, akmak crackers,
ashunya, avant-conservatism,
crossflow radio, a ceremony
of nothing, alphonse inoue ex
libris, tota, incommunidada,
saxo, the question was meat,
la binchoise, lupulo, mar ram,
vidigal, look at the fat,
shizen, imagine freedom,
suburban lunacy, psychic
howellism, kolchak, word joy,
bun motaism, burnt orange
pant legs, glide shimmy,
agapanthus, protea, lunasa,
ideath, gimme some margin,
microscopic view of paper,
yeah but is it art, ice
sculpture in gallery, more
or less interesting fields
of words, metaerror,

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"financial terrorism"

financial terrorism, quorn,
runnoft, gustav gun, haleakala
silversword, eye-tracking laptop,
chris putnam, miskwabik,
vulgary alberta, bunk murder,
acrylic alphabet, tripmania,
not packaged, insane people with
money, yeah but how did you
get it paid off, present tyme,
obolon, up and over the line,
cluster of empties, spin cluster,
strip cluster, the final bit,
luigi testa, incoherence society,
shining city, claim the centre,
fishalo, moisture activated,
something one would not have
expected to occur, tox, nader,
crashing the party, skyblab,
living arc of the covenants,
auto-resurrection, zero
human population, pringle
bells, bigger than hummer,
salmon belly, the paper is
coated with, a courtesy
flush, croton, deep scaling,
gunnite, clicking injury,
fragile margin, metasex,

Monday, June 24, 2013


metapragmatics, lexicogrammar,
hits casino everyday, lengual
engineer, tipitina, penny lane,
chaos flesh, pharming, passage
a l’acte, the relation to the
impossible object, the white man’s
metal, my dry spell, waterloo
waterloo, braine-l’alleud,
interrupt your cunnilingus,
vcmk b b cluster, softly,
double eight dark, it’s a
rectangular stack of lightning,
the original goes one way, cold
lips, put your marks up on a
pedestal, dobbelhus, mad marks,
the thing itself on the day
itself, hanig, blow a grand,
do you want to consolidate,
he did not wish to go home,
her crashing everything,
fletcherizing, system of
silence, pileus, dream-reading,
a penny saved for a rainy
day, grease first, date
illegible, take a break
for sex,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

hyphephilia, nogoism, cockloft,
i strive for no thing, pigmeat
radio, golden dreck, eccentric
and cruel history,

cava, oller, chiswick, griffin,
target challenger and northdown
varieties, inmagine, taking steps
to support mental health,
alaskastock, and a dollar for
the lunatics, over the edge
cluster, canals nadal, sambal
oelek, champagne cluster,
avataras, cowherdesses, butter
lamps, satisfyingly concrete,
concrete gesture, puja,
pradakshinapatha, clarified
butter, the creation of ritual
fires, vina, significant
political criminal and
artistic activity, alamar,
oblations, ananta, dot dash,
the ink is rotten, reading
the titles of books, replic

Friday, June 21, 2013


hyper-novas, transphorm,
autopsychographia, astroturfing,
violet cervidae, erase hate with
compassion, submishmash,
gulden draak, axe zen,
cshocg b cluster, twenty-five
dollar gray, luc zhe, yen yen,
hop toy, a magazine burglar,
medëcine, chut, ketchum
money man, the blind baggage,
the jasmine revolution, sho-goh-
wah-pee-way, um nay, the
thrifty-gene hypothesis,
furano-coumarins, diadromous,
a cluster of stalactites,
system of the dutch hex,
fexer, make dirty clean,
the poor mind of the beholder,
forward said the lunatic,
you want an actual token,
now what about your body,
sopt the additions, the
snoozers, double bind, dsa,
chantal tahiti, the
trancers, send it on or
send it home, a replica
of the filth,

Monday, June 17, 2013

"the total flow of the radio"

the total flow of the radio, moss
topped rocks, content farms, htt
plethore, cenbankers, pobiz, shunya,
kamayana, kmagyoyo, amount you’re
paying, we need to deal with
this money, invisible means,
kicker cluster, garifuna,
denominazione, ruffino, firenze,
zinédine, krishna orissa,
mukalinda lopburi, high teck
paper, toner stretch, emaciated
sakyamuni gandhara, maya
mara, zamia, château housemen
easement, ushnisha, urna,
bhumisparsa, dharmachakra,
amida, vitarka, element in
the history of cultures,
elizabeth herbert curatorial,
one or two things to copy,
what do you intend to do
with this text, leave it hole,
starfish chair, total chair,

Sunday, June 16, 2013


disconnectophobia, the great
mail art swindle, linguistic
mestizaje, booyah, wakarimasen,
hello kitty, metanoia, dirhams,
neoist-buddha, rhizomusicosmology,
wasabi, cscblg cluster, canada
post foundation for mental
health, karl kolchak, celebrex,
space aliens, graydon beach,
the politics of wine, pineal
gland, the crazy panick, nothing
is wrong with me, marzipan is
only marzipan, mississippi
pearl, damaged in handling
in the postal service, two
hundred and two billion
pieces of mail each year,
how are you two working,
there’s a checkmark on it,
pencil mark, two eleven, from
hightstown to east windsor,
wait before you tear it
apart, irving texas,
empowering youth, stopping
his jolt, brum, the bertillon
system, clonazepam, 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


canadada-arm, blue hour,
melek taus, rhucin, the
ferocious, greenslade, ldlar,
yoc w cluster, empty bottle
income, domaine de nizas, dgddi,
denizas, gurdon twenty
january ninety-four,
surrealville, pretty ugly
white black blues again, sad
and pass, pronto phot, lanús
este, telar vertical andino,
south by thunderbird, the
wine dumps, yekk, bunko, a
tong war, yeggman, faro,
xiangsheng, sausan, sansui,
niwa, accroissisait, pioche,
minauderies, cassia bark,
cubeb berries, grains of
paradise, orris, experiments
in banal living, just say no
to easter, i guess that means
we have to go back, texts
constructed diverse,

Friday, June 14, 2013


framekiller, clickjacking, nano
hummingbird, hieros gamos, eristic,
helena handcart, framebreaker,
you collect people like you are
collecting pennies, night food,
liuhebafa, salvia hispanica,
chia seeds, hawkins, bcb cluster,
shant tell, southeastern
pennsylvania transportation
authority, baboon versus jaguar,
beneath reality, there is no
four-oh-nine, a look at canada
from the point of view of,
chloral, shanghaier, jamaica
ginger, foot juice, a quick
connector, canned heat, gow,
yaffles, the splendid splinter,
massive copy, a blue bunting,
ktunaxa, cyber-substitution,
gap backwards, if i had me,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"salvinorin a"

salvinorin a, greazing, cum
concert, fluxtone, the mack,
facekook, gustave courbet
l’origine du monde, sin tag me,
updates are ready for your
computer, casa zoo, brasseries
maroc, volubilis, brasserie de
casablanca, how to make jasmine
tea, smell the paper, keens globe,
konig ludwig, g m c b cluster,
tailfin all, ci-contre, levolors,
the betweenbrain, mossback,
on-air promotion, it just has the
one little hole, waldrebe,
headstone drive, gar seventy-two,
jackson pollock in quotation
marks, or a gina, stefan 
gonzalez, i consider this a
form of harassment, send this
to me, bring your own blank,
you can hardly tell it’s a
fake, does any body remember
film, united dollars of
america, crayola anarchy,
jay oh double-you, actually
get, ride the buffalo,
google erotic vegetables,
we got a backwards, the trees
so clustered, borkhuis,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"accumulating social advantage"

accumulating social advantage,
symbolic capital, theobroma,
dil, hypnerotomachia
poliphili, primitive accumulation,
habafropzipulops, daily spot
closes, black stilt, cbt, fee
cheezies, santé mentale carn,
let everything come to room
temperature, cgmlcm cluster,
goperated, knenanada, crazy
panick, marx frontier fort, git
ida here, it looks innocuous
enough, the meaning of meat,
roist, quantum psychology,
bootprint no suburb overview,
living silly, waste post,
hopefully one of the upper
floors, wadoo, dannemora,
thulegesellschaft, luvox,
vril, used envelopes orange,
mind gravy, orange bellies,
extramechanical, push this
back at the soonest,
organize a thousand sheets
of paper, perseveration

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


perseveration, krumping, telegony,
ministeck, ahnenerbe, redboned,
architectures of arson, pop up:
mash down, xenotext, teeth
floaters, venus texas, postal
corps, flamazine, jezreel’s
tower, maredsous, non disperdere
nell’ambiente, licking failed,
black chocolate, ldl v aa,
the composition of grocery lists,
cloaca voodoo, nombre fango,
loop cluster, we never cut it
open but we did peek in and
see, performance piece: do as
thou wilt, to do now, cloaca
tostada, single et chore,
mute um mote, nest o’ sim,
file impaction, yolloh, one
would like to walk thru
that landscape, bodhi
sadduh, eran zaidel, fiat
x-one-nine, fish oil, karen
wood, whole hog, valtrex,
womb tanks, tardive dyskineasia,
stope, bimbo dirt, golden zing,
wooden touch, the days go on
beyond, image farmer,

Monday, June 10, 2013

"content farmer"

content farmer, shizzle my
dizzle, delirium nocturnum,
is drunk in the right mind,
miss astro winnipeg, cbyb cluster,
street butter, you just go
ahead and burn, faux burn hole,
skip the candy, buddhaland,
polyglot assemblage, theogony,
theosophy, my gars and starters,
clusters of pleats, penny nude,
next disaster, who knows what
text will come to fill the
blank, tust, twikes, togo para
me, the infinite zine, i
never really lived there,
calza, yeod abba, escógete,
poink, lucien suel, division
of labia, gus deserves all the
credit, establishing shots,
x-muss, sunnyoutside,
gouged plywood, purple
memoirs, harmonic condenser
enginium, get some stuff
printed up, casa das rosas,
sexta, barn razing, konkrete
fluxus, if you’ve seen one
brain: you’ve seen ‘em all,

Sunday, June 09, 2013

"epigenetic poetry"

epigenetic poetry, bentonite,
valendining, critics huge enough,
stefan gonzalez, shant tell,
olympia, eyes and stalagmites,
oranges forever, magic temple,
gorotica, betty brown, beyond
the process, arte italica,
flash rosenberg, art shul,
reagan patriot missile,
excessive replication, beating
each other with slats from
the sinking ship, if we had
only seen this once, mall art,
ice nine, art in excess, worm
work, lame art, an examination
of conscience, saint bernardus,
abdijbier, watou, tea as a
drug, crush cluster, croom
cluster, thing you’ve never
done before, polyptych, tic-
tac, koofuh, people money, the
diacritical mark, moment
of humiliation, tusker,

Saturday, June 08, 2013


who was the johnson of johnson street
fame, room six oh six, bagels on broad,
dania beach, mayak, what’s the percentage,
store and swift, incommunicommando,
akal, insist on the professionals,
canoe brewpub, the clock sweats,
vypc, jeorcc, how long does it take
to read a sheet of paper, virtually
here, human contact except, may
twenty-eight twenty-eleven,

Thursday, June 06, 2013

"chop wood carry water"

chop wood carry water, cooter,
keep your options open, unis, art
déco, harris water treatment
plant, acid-free staircasing,
the odor lingers, four-ten,
six hundred and fifty games,
final copy gummed, spiles,
communicating vessels, cowboy
hat eyes, trébuchements, the
q technique, will murderers,
beyond psychoanalysis, an
artist manqué, fapa saps,
hecto, gelatin versus agar,
shame-humiliation syndrome,
autoscopic syndrome,
parietal brain damage,
paretic psychosis, as long
as you don’t breathe, what
looms large to you, tesla’s
titles, pr cd cu vn vr line
number, the poems of du fu,
ruarklewis, the politics of
pleasure, refiguring
identities, critique of
cynical reason, ornament
and crime, considerations
of illegality, let’s have
a dream,

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"tesla coil hobbyists"

tesla coil hobbyists, anosmia,
burek, langos, bread cluster,
bright burned orange, disowning
projection, ego-psychology, the
literary pimple, factor analysis,
the antiplace, china nose, mouse
mountain, corno, finish activities,
the violent bear it away, the
financialization of daily
life, the dreams of ada, the
golden age of paraphernalia,
zones of instability, after
euphoria, temporal transmissions,
murderous squaredance, the
noulipian analects, supposing
the subject, supercitizen,
space difference, oscillate
wildly, edgework, the obscene
bird of night, annihilated
time, disrobing the aboriginal
industry, language death,
empires of the word, death
drag, noman, the book of the
body, on anti-photography,
beyond ethnicity, canadians
are not americans, how stories
mean, words with power,
space site intervention,
poetry and the fate of the senses,

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"life is art enough"

fannish activities, baileux,
trappist beer, peche mortel,
could you put the penny back on
it, alsace, sdgb cluster, your
mental time, cloud whitening,
biochar, juked, calycanthus,
meta-consistency, bio-robots,
soleri notebooks, no true bill,
ecowareness, you’ve got a handle
on my hand, joy choke, thinking
chevies, er corn, without any
subventions, your secret life,
rydal way, needles to say,
art versus war, arte ala carte
canton, kaby utca, xago, score
the paper, oronzo liuzzi,
antientropical man, the four
wolves, ceccotto alessandro,
fernando fiaccadori,
andreotti, sketch time, dode
vis, xylolino, los almendros,
standart, congress of one,
photocopy your hand doing
something, umberto stagnaro,
snail art company, metanet,
pfusch-art, otrzmuja,
life is art enough,
christine koschel, das ende
der taube, marcel stüssi,