Friday, June 19, 2015


hyperobjectification, men
bilong otha light, road bilong
cargo, the kontsevich integral,
stream of cuntiousness,
Ashtabula, overadministered
world, performance libido,
chimay tripel, the trappist logo,
stampsalive, chimay white cap,
pmrr, stampede carn, that’s
the end of the roll, cog
cluster, altiero spinelli,
bitewing, the revolt of ghent,
the envoys to the hopeless city,
the effect of the council
holden, ribaudeaux, cressets,
the host of the mallets,
rosebeque, jaume plensa,
mossy heath, Dylan tempest,
silly Sheehan, constant
consolation, bruxelles
independent exchange,

Gong: Flying Teapot

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"ossau shankar"

the independent art world,
more concrete falls, gnome
chomps key, gyro poutine,
electronic paper, authentic
trappist product, pères
trappistes, repurpose fragment,
chimay red cap, do you want
me to try and adjust, please
share your thoughts online,
notyetification, art of the
ungrand, sill wet, i is another,
actinomycosis, temenos, god
wot cud lor, cord loot mor
torn, gut bucket scholarship,
hand squeaking, orium,
want mossy bank, fullers,
toronto couch, floppy glass,
sterilized dissection, ink
india, orange lover, ossau
shankar, three three six
five, markotic and cabri,
midnight yoga for
alcoholics, bulyea road,
anarchist bookfair,
shelf life, john snow zine,
leehwylf, this is today,
truck grain exchange,

Monday, June 15, 2015

"jumbo kekamine"

ossau-iraty, jumbo kekamine,
crosier, eudyptula, rupicola,
smart game format, hotter
environment canada, life is
about losing everything, two
trips a day, the medium is
out of stock, barnyard
peppercorns, dragon bklt, air
mail stickers, power happiness
and success, clcb cluster,
borderline grafix, breaux
bridge, dear usa: nothing is
forever, hippodrome des art,
letters from the devil,
lotus ess-one, evangicle,
perigord truffle, eyzies, a
solution hollow, croze,
infrastructures of resistance,
noctaduct, cavemen hunted
every, housing communications
energy, put safe search on,
cauldron font, mahals,
ravi shankar,

Sunday, June 14, 2015

"ebm darkwave"

the orange aspires to regain
face, giving face, prosopon,
rayification, make the orange
expressive, until you see the
whites of their eyes, ponge
the orange, junior kindergarten,
roe family singers, baileux,
abdij van scourmont, ten
dollars q, twists tax, xerxicise,
chimay blue cap, latex tax,
eleven cluster, rcqb cluster,
conception design, stonehinge,
oh-la-la post, is this math,
official joel cohen fan
club, wumpskate, ebm darkwave,
ihabcp, world’s most
fascinating artist, vaginal
moisture, triangle lazy
bunny, mail artist versus
mail artist, cordele
tifton lake park, oviedo,
the wizard of collage comes
to life, cradle to cradle,
masonic youth, yon-ka,
what is to be done, cotter
tenant, ankylosis, sun
spoiled, spermophile,

Saturday, June 13, 2015

"om shiva shankara hare hare ganga"

om shiva shankara hare hare
ganga, chocolate bona vita,
gubmint, mynah, rhea, what
would jiminy cricket do?,
xenu, thetans, just another
control-addict trip, woesten
vleteren, why would anyone
want to make jasmine tea,
smell it and see, you need
to align, pannepot grand
struise, wittgenstein on red
circles, every mountain and
hill shall be made low, 
moon-honey, wise blood, bions,
labrys, bloodmare, diablotin, 
sukra and rakta, rubedo,
kermberry, scorpion hopscotch,
phone your mother, bataan
font, stable matching mu,
aglime, deer in india,
international smear, the
indestructible life,

Friday, June 12, 2015

"my first pulque tour"

i will lift up my eyes, tkach,
eye-tracking system, leptons,
the higgs field, supersymmetry,
sememe, teotwawki, prepper,
shtf, chalkupy, ecolectives,
pannepot, struise brouwers,
being in the system, the
winnipeg newspaper, srocg-
cbcb cluster, a modest repast, 
i am thought, hagazussa,
kiss the ass of the devil and
eat shit, millrace, channel
orange, adult playground,
judoka, jzkfq, adjust the
ajusted, bald-headed mouse,
york tea, sein und zeit, 
random chopper, visual
lexicon, when international
was one-forty-nine, duvel,
david zack letter, once a
week is not enough, boycott
bad love, chaw mank's plight,
fourteen white bon express,
the westberg ploy, we have
folding issues, my first
pulque tour, too cold to
go out and xerox,

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


mondegreen, grok, heteronyms,
mongolian clusterfunk, oy
sinebrychoff, vanessa place
forcible oral copulation,
had to cancel my credit
card, remaining cluster,
gaillard faugeres, can we
talk buzzes, metrovino,
character set, mbw cluster,
okumura, nijo castle, naked
mouse, twin peat, naked
monkey, aranea, chital york,
penny ten, april fools day
glasstext, sien and ziet,

Monday, June 08, 2015


penny shy, freekeh, bufo
alvarius, transpersonal,
peak experiences, skull flux,
saketini, babymaker,
psychosynthesis, ort ond lüüt,
absolute grinding satisfaction,
staub, grind design carousel
dark, norlevo, time tax,
reintarnation, recused,
gp cluster, intentional
overspill, zettel three-
thirty-five, dtmfa,
infrastructures of dissent,
collective creches, flying
squad networks, the transfer
culture, food shares,
anarcho-communism, masses
who make history, zenonism,
practico-inert, non-statal,
freedom from versus
freedom for, bengay dots,
circular alphabet, higher
education cello, saint
egano, over the counter,
broadridge ten,

Thursday, June 04, 2015

"anarchist morality"

steganographic, jorts, final
penny photo-op, normative
poetics, radical hobbyism,
unedited identity, expensive
beatnickism, choixtemps,
negative and positive rights,
derping, twenty: fifty, csy
cluster, fourteen: twenty-six,
cbt cluster, hymn to money,
formal freedom, immaterial
work, becoming-rent-of-
profit, the choice is either
this hegel, the shanghai
commune, the cunning of
reason, futur antérieur,
in nuce, hedonism co exist,
fuzz lover, mail room ink,
again because it crashed,
higher education cents,
ruckus juice, kay two
seven eight a four a three,
cep scep union label, peter
kropotkin, anarchist morality,
the revolt of ghent,
pishing hoodling, no
quarter six, seeing like
a state, homophilia, the
heart of the end,

Wednesday, June 03, 2015


poet at work, procellariiformes,
the sunshine skyway bridge,
vrec, buying dreck, jojo
popcorns, tabard, tronie,
gaebul, deposit for a change,
mini twists, ocp cluster,
hyalophora, immortality
centre, communal nut paper,
a time-pretzel, will hogg
greathouse, instant mail art
fame, trans redfoxpress,
sixty from three, two in,
pfyn, paper police, those
curators are going strange
ways, heinz prybit, kultur
kreis kassel, life is art
enough, hugh garner, knout,
capitalism with asian values,
passivizing, governing class,
the chaos of local opinions,
the omni-competent citizen,
the throne is empty, doxa
constituted versus constituent
violence, the crisis of
democracy, psychologization,
emily church, philipp van
artevelde, paper towel wad,
desnos, usps van, ruckus,