Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"sublime negativity"

upsidedown e, multitudinous
repetitions, in action, meaning
less, the long way or instantaneously
, takes no time (takes forever,
getting beyond (time, spilling
out into the street, step away
from the flower shop!, stuck in
the footnotes, survey says......
discipline!, a little too awake
maybe, the merely unpresentable,
sublime negativity, the arrow
space, one has been meaning,
beneath the lime tree in flower,
(at night), i part, the male out,
letter’s home, true the duck,
malers, i’m already awake
thanks, people in other parts of
the countree, might never see
again, without an eye (towards,
one monoman, this very day,
a square of latex, starts to
repeat, making her squirm,
what’s your circulation?,
prefer to lick, look up the code
, tucked in (the back, the code
revealed, editioning, need to
be sterilized?!, inside front,
inside back, not used (for y? x,

Monday, August 30, 2010

FEB 18 2008


1) that day we did something together, you & I.
2) all hood
3) is there an engine in there?
4) you in your “1st Goal” hat (chubby little hands)
5) typeR
6) focus on what is in focus
7) focus on what is in the background
8) think of it as a composition in blue
9) a wooden car (1917)
10) get into the dragster
11) a search engine with a blower on it
12) washed out chevrolet
13) there we are there: together: in the reflection.
14. 4.005 (
15. put your little “thank you” sign where it will be seen.
16. you might grow up to be a gangster, like yer dad
17. make a funny face for me
18. always with the little sneer
19. open your eyes! open your eyes!
21. Please Look / Don’t Touch
22. somebody else’s little boy (getting ready for war)
23. a slice of toast with chocolate “farkles” on it
24. check the negatives (see if any are missing (yes!)
25. print #4, #16

(from July 5/04) (approx.)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


lovely opening, back on to rack,
equally degenerate, special degen-
eration event, eye there roar,
line by line (down from verse,
the study of the mind, formed very
swiftly, epistrata, parastrata,
catching your absolute genetic
drift, side-communication,
microphysics, a hypothetical
particle that travels faster than
light, interst(r)atic,

a gap, some air, are we just items,
income for the year, to call back
to mind, internal polylogue,
hyper-totalization, no italics,
to free from servitude, being able
to say anything, the absolute poem
, the highest knowledge, nothing-ing,
“equivocal, contradictory, hanging on”,
retraction, zen lenz, fur slide,
money-mouth, forgotten to renew,
website graffiti, has nothing
to do with me, basically just an
advertizing vehicule, ghost of
a spirit, in separable, making
it here, buzz thru it, an indi\-
/idual thing, notice the seconds pass,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FEB 23 2008

1) ye old standby technique, is that
1) all there is to probation? ,
1) cancer of the nervous system
1) I don’t know what it is, but I know what it’s gonna be!
1) we need to figure out where this map fits into
the larger map.
1) a month from now (now being: FEB 23 2008)
1) we are past the lowest point
1) waiting for the phone to ring
1) do you intend to cast your ballot?
1) if so, for whom?
1) pull my daisy, tip my cup, all my eggs are broken
1) do you know what to do with it? i know exactly
what to do with it.
1) the all important paperclip
1) Rousenberg’s Factum I and Factum II
1) my problem with the alphabet
1) blazevox.org
1) if we could travel thru time & space at will
1) the first thing people want to do (to beauty)
is deface it.
1) i only read poetry by people i love
1) the ink i

Friday, August 27, 2010

MAR 02 2008, 9:48 am

1) filter out the poetry
2) the crimp
3) you think you got problems, buddy?
4) dewy skin
5) any little paper
6) paper ring
7) still needs to be chopped up
8) www.kodak.com/go/film
9) there’s that penny again
10) there’s that beautiful face again
11) bārūkh habbā
12) Watershed Blue
13) the least you could do is title the thing
14) this is not me. this is another.
15) this is my post-situationist identity
16) the phrase that got picked was . . . !
17) i don’t think there’s room for another piece of paper in here!
18) bottom of the orange barrel
19) save that blank sheet!
20) categorizing the uncategorizable
21) at least it’s not written in green ink!
22) i’ve had “New Mother Nature” stuck in my head all day
23) some things aren’t so easily titled
24) i’m trying to draw a map of the art world
25) just use the first line as a title
26) or jump down to line 7
27) one does not mind remembering hell
28) well, where are we going to breathe now?
29) copy set go
30) now you’ve turned a perfectly good copy into an original!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

MAR 02 2008, 11:20 am

1. the filth used to bother me, but...
1. when everything is in colour, nothing is in colour
1. this is beyond irrelevant
1. basically what we are saying is: “shut up!”
1. pick up more file folders?
1. pick up more porno mags?
1. order more duotangs
1. sausage is jesus backwards: susej
1. i can’t stomache this writing
1. shouldn’t that be “mailperson”

rant from 1999

ex, start a new pile, the world is
in flux, finally figured it out,
the norn, the idea of it, take your
soul, save & why, dead to all that
& all this too, i don’t give a fuck
about all that shit anymore,

i didn’t reject them they rejected me
i wanted in they wouldn’t let me in
now i don’t want in anymore
found another world
against botany
“i know more than you know nya!nya!”
why should people get paid big money
to study useless shit?
black listed me
helicopters to the QCI to look for
rare plants, wasting money
speciesism -> racism
hitler’s volk nature lovers

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FEB 23 2008

1) the day is now
1) create file
1) your fingertips will tell you
1) now you have altered the original
1) alter forth
1) copy or “original” (nth degree copy vs. n + 1 °)
1) up it, puppet!
1) toner poems / toner music
1) easy to tell by the feel
1) easy to tell by the holes
1) it really wouldn’t matter too much (n or n + 1)
1) everything goes under the hat
1) fire it into one hole or another
1) http://stores.lulu.com/l_m_young
1) failure to offer
1) there’s no point in examining them too closely (the copies)
1) at least i let the art fucking breathe, eh?
1) the male reproductive tract
1) ralt
1) four months later!
1) are they worth copying? (that’s the question)
1) who’s “J.” anyway?
1) let the future worry about it
1) it doesn’t look like it needs to be copied
1) this is meant for you, rob.
1) wait, this is still blank!
1) the actual film supply has become very dusty
1) jailsnail
1) ex tempore (“out of the time”)
1) giving out the wrong address

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


space can always be filled, thru
paper, living in ditches, over &
over the same sections of earth,
revoking closure, inform all,
move to the desert, re-entry
point, humane (executing a
condemned, trippy, committed
to a historical explanation (
completely flat, makebelieve
poetry, a plurality of copies,
trance valuation, the power
of the sign?, people who are
sick of good writing, eye reps,
not being ahead of yourself in
the world at all, (all hyphenated
together if you will, eproxy,
just nice paper, fax art,
medecine juice, should be eye,
exit looping west, catalogued
over one thou(‘s and, strange
post-age, keeping them in the
slush, all (a)sides, not the
community corner!, we are
the media (i am the medium
, paper-metal-paper, number of
slips, que see, red square,
heavy water fall,
multiple choice pro, depends,

Monday, August 23, 2010

FEB 18 2008, (am) (#1)

1) I really enjoy your “queries”
1) don’t mess with a ragin’ bull
1) envelope interior pattern project
1) you don’t wan’t [sic] to get your phone cut off, do you?
1) thirteen cents for “provincial network fee”?
1) “Fueled by Passion” (trademark)
1) it costs you nothing to respond
1) priority code: BUKY
1) Roger A. Crozier
1) what would you do if you had (ie. owed) $100,000?
1) Answer all the questions.
1) 10 months in the window
1) subrogation
1) very expensive clip art
1) dear current occupant,
1) occupying the current
1) 1000 minutes with South America
1) how do you go a whole month without making a single call?
1) open a hole and let them bleed you
1) hardly using any energy
1) just about spewed my coffee
1) just bring this bit of paper in
1) the only difference is in the size of the dots
1) seven cent phone call
1) shortly after I spoke to you I was taken into custody
1) nationwide talk
1) special message: none
1) looking into the fixed rate industry
1) well there’s crime & then there’s crime, right?
grime grime

Thursday, August 19, 2010

FEB 27 2008, 8:30 pm (tea)

1) what were you doing on your last birthday?
1) this is not supposed to be fun
1) this is not ‘pose’ to be fun
1) using a styrofoam plate for a begging bowl
1) what about that bum you passed back there?
1) copy and mail (and hurry up it’s getting late)
1) sort of reddish-blue (& what does reddish-blue make?
1) the writer is working up a sweat
1) a pen worth refilling (?)
1) are we still rolling?
1) can you get white rubberstamp “ink”?
1) you get to know what sorts of papers will print nice &
1) kleenex, no! facial tissue, yes!
1) you need to wash the rubberstamp between colours
1) 833 g / (1 lb 13.4 oz) $1.70 (bananas)
1) as if tea were some sort of drug
1) nothing to do with toys
1) spot the art
1) a quarter of your income to taxes?
1) Joseph Buys Nothing!
1) i only work to deadline when i’m working for $
1) thou shalt not eat dirty candy
1) syn (“together”) & ekdochē (“interpretation”)
1) “lycopodioides” for “Barbilophozia”
1) “Barbilophozia” for “lycopodioides”

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"that will chunk"

ð, a, tired of the different,
can still be made out, almost
oriental, forgo nothing, average
printing nineteen million, i don’t
get it, what kind of writing this
might be, before the origin,
hyperwriting, the outer limits
of the soul, schizosexuality,
flexible grain, xer(o)xes,
hyperinsomnia, end with a comma
, schizonomadic (schizo? no: mad
, between the lines of the mind,
the stone is rollin’, the trouble
with experiencing one sense as
another, lightstreams (dreams,
sheep look up blade run in diction-
ary, schizofreenogenesis, tuff
getting thhru, light cream,
potsherds gluen together, no
harmful fumes, propt, in town
here, trance end tribalism,
crax, minimal interest, at:

, e-mail your resume,
number ‘sixty-four, the odd pen,
break (flux or flex) before spinning,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FEB 28 2008, 8:30 pm (on tea: Royal Majesty)

1) the technical term for these little plastic doodads
2) erman
3) making foil sculptures with your toes at work
4) desire keeps us alive
5) writing strictly from necessity
6) hardly makes it art
7) pre-press targets with curve
8) c m m y . . . o g k
9) m y c y . . .
10) remove before wearing
11) a button & a loop of thread in a tiny ziplock bag
12) oh, i thot it said “manties”!
13) . . . y c y k o g k
14) you see here it switches over from one design to
another completely different one
15) the best thing that can be done with paper
16) i don’t want the book, i just want the title
17) but some of the paper is missing
18) you can remember it, or you can try & forget it
19) is this trying to be art?
20) maybe we should stop doing what we are doing
21) think of things from the other’s point of view
22) the words are clicking right off the page
23) “it” has become illegible
24) it would be making a bit more noise however
25) stranger & stranger textual terrain(s)
26) the poem floatin’ free!
27) get in. get out. get busy.™
28) forgot it all already
29) now this also goes into the bag

Monday, August 16, 2010

words removed, position, double
point, what-ness?, see:

............where word breaks off
no thing may be, not perishing,
in the communal sense, tongues of
fire, speaking together, called
the almond (too), track all, schizo-
language, broke off (reading,
one text or another, replace the
base, appraxis: dee-day, imp
ending:, note sheet itself, im a
little s(c or k)eptical, temporary
location (where dirt comes from,
telecommunist from a telecapit-
alist, leaping out from page,
telejam, a woman’s the way:
awaiq! (lie-brary, an acid express
ion, see!, publisht, balami!, make
a word ones own (gala™ (west,
you alley cat you, subversive
purchase, graft on to, high price
of getting dry, a perfectly bomb-
able bridge, here it is in black &
white (here it is in colour), just
say no to explosive devices,
brow paper n, hurting to ask,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

MAR 01 2008, (am) #3

1) you’ve got your mailman’s cell on speed dial
1) hello? depot 9?
1) concrete rubber
1) for instance: François Rabelais Gargantua (16th-cent.)
1) gargantuan debt
1) it’s because i haven’t been getting my mail!
1) this bread reminds me of you
1) spurious words
1) you can’t buy enlightenment, but...
1) takin’ it apart is makin’ it worse
1) the tiniest particle of garbage can be turned into art!
1) cLust!
1) desperately wanting mail
1) let’s take a gander at newfoundland
1) are you making your appointments?
1) it’s only a few thousand bucks, just forget about it
1) backwards conjectures
1) plus we plugged the jukebox
1) that’s what they call them here (“sticky buns”)
1) did you look at the price before you bought this cheese?!
1) live with all time out.
1) voltafaccia
1) the shit has been hitting the fan for 3 years now!
1) you wanna rock, bitch?
1) we are thru with the bits!
1) wait, here’s another microbit!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"market anarchy"

the size of the book, something on
the glass of the copier, stolen blank
space, media package, harmoney,
invisible knapsack system, sleep
pools, never nerve, he just threw
it in the garbage, ah magpies! (a
breeding pair!), falling in hate,
an erotic fascination with a vulva,
military art, pamphlet that changed
the world, power looms, a riot
in a café, frequent philosopher
card, shake off the robot,
cre(m)ation, emergency shelter,
all word, ver’ big, upper and
lower, upper and lower, can’t
remember what it said: comma
something (cern?, a special place
, against the central interests of
those in power, including the
window (& the frame, i under
stand, reasoned grassroots’
advocacy, it’s the means i object
to, when they say i, act now,
as a matter of fact i do have one
, becoming deed, coffee bar,
no questions asked, e.s.p.ecially
behind closed doors, e-day too,
from the bush, whore’s commerce each,

Friday, August 13, 2010

FEB 25 2008, 7:30 pm (on tea)

Med. Hat 2004
(Vanderhoof 2003)
(+ 1994, etc.)

1) my ears are still damaged from the last
time i went to the drag races!
2) go ahead and pop one of the bubbles
3) Ging Folders
4) Luke’s not here
5) Tara’s not here
6) Julie’s not here
7) it’s good to hear a smile in your voice
8) everybody loves _______
9) or better, (5-5)2, in which case they both burst out laughing or
10) X – social level -> X X s X
12) completes the course of heaven and earth
13) heaven and earth are in contact and combine
14) xerex , xerexerex
15) that was when i had pneumonia (that was the happiest
time of my life!)
16) maybe music would help
17) what day was it, do you think, that you went insane?
18) one of your little buddies when you were a kid
19) Nothing Reproduces Better!
20) print the poem over the barcode
21) zero tolerance for violence
22) okay, pretty boy, you asked for it!
23) those were the fuckin’ days, eh?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"the wrecking ball's arc"

giving the word, might have to just,
inside the machine, frontlog, meny
, fill in this blank, chronic logic,
call no, not a single word,
unbound(ed , known as the gutter
, one word or so per page, a mail
order press, trance pyres,
reworked by, hands covering
eyes, kraft paper, you you,
ballzark, inter rest, t(h)rash,
difference is dangerous,
freak-o!, i ate one, as per
severing, put back to before
the word, a very private person,
zhelots, acid you late, in signif-
icant details, attentat(ive),
thinking read, following pages,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MAR 07 2008, 6:00 pm

1) network of bad apples
1) looks more like a seahorse than a dragon
1) eck/eck/licy/licy/sive
1) apparatus to protect the precious art
1) xcountry blvd.
1) websites have a tendency to crumble
1) i’d like to assemble a complete collection of unarmeds
1) it took 4 years to drain the first “refill”
1) the God of Infinity
1) now this name is more than just a name
1) is there any place you have not been publisht?
1) I don’t know anything of kissing
1) to see the buddha in a big mac
1) the apparatus is starting to show thru
1) is there anybody you haven’t publisht?
1) it seems simple enuf, but…?
1) distracted by the colour
1) modem knock
1) won1t
1) still great despite the typos!
1) i thot everyone hated that prick!
1) you call me imp i’ll call you…

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"balked at the last one"

missed the beginning, all that
work, toughnecks of the avant
guard, how the numbers go again
, i don’t think it’s against the law,
later the same year::, forward
backwardness, in a sugar bush
(ecesis), the gilded beaver,
french submersion, to get to get
her, thot i was alone, reapproaching
, you can now renew, target maze
, graphic depiction (letting it
breath, head over head to head,
you forgot your toothbrush, oh my
eye is killing me, alternative
cranny, fewer bombs, perfect
half job, brave words, over
the manuscrypt, beneath the
original, bubble-burster,
needle need all, glue these
two together, now you’ve got
an extra one,

Monday, August 09, 2010

MAR 01 2008, (am) #2

1) God doesn’t give a fuck.
1) geve
1) the “error” is in the sign
1) high-tech dishrag
1) cluster of bills
1) the word “piquant” always reminds me of David Wisdom
1) walrus bucks
1) parable communications
1) it’s no coincidence that Canadian postage stamps
are printed by Canadian Bank Note
1) the flavour of the gum (on the back of the stamps)
1) no more slogging through the bog for you!
1) we need a spillover zone
1) add it up: five mil.!
1) save yourself a click or two (& i don’t mean
a kilometer or two!)
1) the environmental jetset
1) sometimes they ding ya, sometimes they don’t
1) Gekic
1) sopor
1) god, you can hardly find a blank bit of
paper anymore
1) Hi Temp Turner (sounds like the name of a jazz musician)
1) it’s just a slightly different machine i guess
1) no point trying to hide the poetry
1) mighty fine BLANK paper!
1) is could easily be made unblank!
1) canada, eh?
1) beach people should be shot
1) this is something very painful

Sunday, August 08, 2010


become alive to it again, quit with
the words, enouph with the worps,
war the machine out, a record of
the disaster, any day now, mail it
off, thru-points, the old system, just
a working paper, the best not taken
, difference is risky, butterfat
content, tempted to go down,
fuzzy subsets & noology, trance
fuse, trance verse, nomad thot,
outside thot, notes on the trance,
signifiance, likes to see his name
in print, imp orts (& scraps) with-
out modification(s), crowned
anarchy, smooth space, wind-weld
, the same number of words,
always referring to something
actual, musical content is a function
of the rate of forgetting, the
person who was reading before
you, it’s all been done before &
better too, egological disaster,
to create openings, been all
thru that, all gummy (nost
algia, a jones jones, here some-
where, but that was yestoday,
tradition has led us to, mailed inside,

Saturday, August 07, 2010

MAR 06 2008, pm (#1) 10:00

1) $10 x 25¢ = 40?
1) this little scrap of paper is hardly big
enuf to hold a poem! (& yet it is!)
1) with this paper ring...
1) a tiny fragment of paper* only large enough to hold
the single letter ‘I’
*) money paper
1) this paper is merely a vehicle
1) dross rot
1) is there any way we can defend ourselfs?
1) please take care of your genitalia
1) the ‘I’ crushed under the weight of the penny
1) the zen of data entry
1) limping home
1) unitasking
1) masting in the sense of...
1) let you grow / let us grow
1) you are here
1) tick toc
1) raindeer clad in mittens
1) agro scab
1) feral human
1) my life in the bog
1) observers: none
1) Sally Mac
1) soon the poetry will be discarded
1) it’s time for a fluxus break!
1) my whereabouts is no concern of yours
1) you are only one letter away from the universe
1) one enjoys digging

Friday, August 06, 2010

"all that is solid melts into air"

leaving off where we picked up,
separates & joins, give it in,
materiality of it, not-so-aware-
ness, finally beginning, barren
ground alive, face time, more
interesting if you don’t totally
get it, thru the nose (poetry,
shaping language, optioned?,
bombs are not the answer,
wishing you were reading
something else, you can’t just
jump back in, harmonious col-
laboration of the european, all
that is solid melts into air, the
moron factor, agglowmeration,
lumpy language, surfing the wind,
talkin’, the football players threw
packets of mustard & ketchup,
make four lunches, pays base,
this service, the whore or
the whore or, artwork itself,
that’s what those boxes are for!,
a definite difference melting
away, select yourself, a spread
, flower up: flower down,
procide, when they were here
, thirty years behind, display
face, also known as chocolate,

FIVE COPY ZINE JUL 31 2010. I read the first 7 pages of this at TRUCK gallery last night. We also showed 30 of the Crouch Collabs.

The Crouch Collabs


thanks to Meghan Doraty (of flywheel/filling Station) for the invitation and for creating the powerpoint presentation.

oh, by the way, i've got 4 of these left if anybody's interested...!

oh yeah, one more thing: the face on the cover is by Amie Carson.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

MAR 01 2008, (am) #1

1) can you speak artspeak?
2) this is only the tip of the greenberg
3) somehow turn the garbage into art
4) i vote for art
5) let us exchange grains
6) what sorts of things do you eat?
7) depends how you effect the separation
8) a clean cut / a clean break
9) people invent words that enter the language
10) coffee cluster
11) maffick
12) penny cluster
13) copy cluster
14) eleven thousand dollar cluster
15) speed: one point zero gigabytes per second
16) like carrying a big fat book
17) the invitation was open, but now it is closed
18) a fragrant violet (a flagrant violation)
19) the art sits and waits
20) to hell with the body
21) goopy white ink
22) stay up late reading and writing poetry
23) not willing to fight for literature?
23) all by little tiny bits
23) how do you like me now, motherfucker?
24) nothing is being lost
25) are you “career-primary” or “career-and-family”?
(or, heaven forbid, “family-primary”?!)
26) i asked you all a question
27) 7:30

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

read on CJSW Aug. 3, 2010 (Writer's Block Program)

referential treatment, leave the
gap, a crew, open front cover,
seconds before the disaster, lef,
media copies, when we were in
exile, still sending, blank paper
is worth more, cenotaph (say no
to firebombing, computer zigzag,
means crow, syntaxonomy,
deserves me right, lif, event
you all mist, old one toe,
picking up a book where you
left off years later, using
them as blood bags?, war caused
by capitalism, like a poet with
a sore throat, froat, spend our
way out of a depression, entirely
peasant country, is communism
a religion?, want to run things,
peacing it back together, a new
disaster, it is fixed!, in one
sense & out the other, not enuf
press, value-added ? paper
product, the real & the unreal
mixt together, gloss zine,
back to a (reopenure, setting
off caps (again & again & again,
still hopen, fess up!, makes
it impossible to recycle, earcrete,


cjsw archive

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"for ever freeing..."

the other machine, inkiness, my
favourite photocopier (out of order
, walk vo (vuh, introduction to the
bible by a non-believer, the time
being existing, armenian trance,
for ever freeing the whole of
society from exploitation & oppress-
sion, capitalist swindle, gypsy-
scholar, crypto-ethnicity, had it
all along without being aware,
signs of life? or a life of signs?
(the science of signs, wake me up
when we get there, legitimate
target?, rubbisheries! (zalls i
can say, the battle of hastings
(street), rainbow decal (sign?
, oh oh!, meaning as a means,
sign me up, response to affairs,
never came thru (true,
disconnecting the dots, eye
tell ya in (current see,
lone wolves ripping the flanks
out of, with their drills (girlls,
bank: melting, systematically
thru the library by call letter
(blue, just an el riff, circs,
circs, when the ink was really
flow(er)ing, empty box, pursue,

Monday, August 02, 2010

MAR 02 2008, 3:41 (pm)

1) is this a poppy?
2) multiplicity for millions
3) isn’t “white out” like white paint?
4) is this text (from 2004) still available?
5) i don’t see how you can call it a poem when it has
no words
6) rainbow razor rainbow
7) i hope this is not real blood
8) i’m trying to work my way back into your good graces
9) i was on a 6 month “vacation” from the art world
10) wake up farther!
11) enuf with the psychocollages!
12) i like the originals more than the copies (sort of)
13) best not fool around with your veins, eh?
14) it looks quite real
15) failure to respond in a timely fashion
16) i tried to keep track of you for a while, but…
17) this is not green ink
18) art enuf
19) yedsfetersahr
20) apart of the artwork
21) you are gone (but?)
22) why the product is not as good as the advertising
23) synthetic paper
24) synthetic communication
25) i want to be at this very moment that i am at
26) nanofractals
27) a device you place in front of your eyes for amusement
28) are you still purveying?
29) not sure what you are indicating here
30) localizationism is wrong

Sunday, August 01, 2010


still no progress, stillness pro,
fillness, jam-packed, getting
used to getting used, the part of
it that is not material, more of the
diff, a whole book’s worth,
expunging the inbox, towers of
words, can’t accept the rewards,
i am doing nothing, becoming
older persons, no piece, a mere
assemblage, one becomes two (in
the mere roar (the me error,
angel makers, abstract machines,
overcoding, body without organs units
, asignifying, local vocal,
messification, deterritorialization,
see an opportunity: go, climbed
out of his crib, to mark again, tain,
gear heart, portable capitalist
machine, a persistent protoplasmic
alteration, a madness for trance
(for tracing, arriving from
outside (by chance, so it wood
seam, next to chutney, covers o,
long time coming (honey, fill in
the blank, wore out the mach
one, it takes, no t, reduced to
tearing the glassine window out
, & more, defiling system, zenos!,