Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"those little errors can kill you"

centre or center (global), everyone
has a private life, don’t they?, not
just any best, my eye, my eye, my fucking
eye, pink versus red, now we are back
in the city, the hair at the back of
the neck, thank godness you are not
mobile, those little errors can kill you,
the last moments we were together,
blowing thousands of dollars of the,
never even read the cheat sheet, beware
all systematizers, are we in the x zone
or the y zone, all the info hitting you
right in the eye, the swan dive palace,
you cannot bar the head, the three penny
markdown, no one has ever ordered the napoli
chicken but we’ll see what we can do,
population two thousand and thirty, deja
boo!, that was a feast, tip big, is
becomes was, you never even read poem one,
auguries of boredom, one is moved, one is
getting so tired of, if only one, one
is a monstrous bucket full of, aug, are
you trying to say this text has been
tamperered with?, ah hah!,

Monday, June 29, 2009

"they're ready to buy"

(30), 1862, some chick, lollipop photocop, 24 hr.
turnaround involving post, sales, 7,228 syllable
tour-de-force of astonishing proportions indeed,
story & structure, filthy lucre, exercise b, the
figures, indigo bar code, offers readers, users/
inhouse, demongraphics, democrazy, beauty-craz
y, byoorocrazy, worthy groups, what is it that
you want from us?, why should we help you?,
≠ , as per your request, touch base, my
direct extension, media kit, blue-chip,
dollar-cost-averaging, your campaign,
start building equity now, words 59 cents
each (regardless of size), word ad dead-
line: monday 12 noon, shake the conservative
capital, a shade less definative, who’s lonely
tonight, alterna-capitalism, high traffic
locations, forward-thinking people, they’re
upscale, they’re educated, they’re ready to buy,
per insertion, the best vehicle, sophisticated
readership, mechanical requirements, rate
card, unit depth, delivery confirmation, the
canal of salty sweet marie, increased payloads,
deepening, widening, bypassing, between
bodies, a simple ditch, serve pleasure
craft, looking at graf, untrammelled serendipity,
rim asian, fake registration number, sea air, ah!,
water street, swift (brown) fox, marked “void”,
zen actions, loopholes, real teeth, enlisting,
mental law work, stats can lie, miaow,
not for us = them, big blue bottom, nonesuch,
non-entry, in the doom’s day book, nonentious,
the girls nubile, none-so-pretty.....

Sunday, June 28, 2009


ten grand worth of wiggle room, no more
mister nice price, lainn, one has become
detached, the most northerly point
on the map, thank god for staples,
a sign is better than nothing, isn’t
it?, some people never have to move,
still clicking?, why this on this
paper?, untermenschen, hydrogen in
its core and expand, snarge, the rage
circuit, schlimmbesserung, “entangled”
states, electric sleep, expensive
cellphone call in hungary, exprees
extra e’s , express-line writing, so
thingy, language-about-itself, a
collective horizon of emergence, deixis,
nonreferentiality, concrete puzzle, a
video-screen blankness, dojo, politry,
momoclinic, circadia, ochre concrete,
beaver fedora, isogloss, idiogloss, tamal,
tulis, socio-interpretation, cream concrete,

"defiling system"

goob root, can you gloss this for
me?, i forgot what i meant,
just another book in the wall,
just open your, relevent art,
block ages in the system, dexist,
paper remains, let us try and
sort this out, produce less &
reproduce more, easier zed
than done, defiling system,
strike this out, found weekend,
assimilarity, drinking-e, untitled
states, a drunken dagger, buy
yu, organ eyes, dis centre,
zent, can’t find a machine,

just ice paper, the ross
edition, what’s verse, a
record of a mom ent ity,
what are we writing about?,
sure eye reremember, that
must have been before,
drew you in,
proved by
that, noend, again saint time,
mint mind, why lay boring?,
time id, the machine will
wait, still room, / lack
choose brown, /id
what? is it all /ar,
me log
get be on,

Saturday, June 27, 2009


finish another pizza paper,
productivity substitution,
housekeeping text, duct tape
text, the ball is still, what
colour is this paper?, you
forgot the um, award of an
institution, unremarkable
abscence, dissemble material,
unexplicable ë, ö, show ‘er,
as in learn, book , flow er bunched,
one can only refer, no info if,
the photo cops, get a bigger
jackhammer, imping, the
meaning of the words does
not matter, no table absent,
every little tiny bit, turn the
paper face down, maybe
one’s brain isn’t smart(ing
enuf, all po, create yer world,
hinterleaf, you see full,
ashash, unrequiting, what is
the message of this peace of
paper?, a whole another, avents,
a few pointers, the name
remains the same, this is
a whole , maybeing, better
comluter, might out,
mosscult, trick,
letterrific!, saint all, hidden
mist, urbane (sub-), fine art does the

Friday, June 26, 2009

i think this about covers it

community notebook(s), transacting community, telefax, green
capitalism, democratic each-to-all broadcasting, information is
not enough, special institution, radio without an audience, micro
revolution, noncommunicating, one watt, mini-fm, microradio,
chiasm, entrelacs, the culture of distance, otaku, electronic
individualism, economy changed the housing, banzai collectivity,
receptacle programming, slip-starting, culture jamming, grid of
one, avant-preneurs, eye phones, photo novella, genlock, telestrating,
telewriter, capabilities from existing and hybrid, cyberarts,
Buddhist capitalism, authors’ galleries, mind-at-a-distance,
distributed authorship, technoetic, telepresent, biotelematic,
telidon, the network as medium, holopoetry, xerofilms, teleart,
blue printing, postal art, being here now and always already,
the center of human experience, intimate bureaucracies, networked
psychoanalysis, sociopoetic systems, therapeutic politics,
petrochemical-driven foreign policy, spiral of silence, copy it
right!, kathkali, ego let-go, performance poetry, waste art: want art,
terminal fun, the conveners of the embittered harvest, rubdown type,
satellite trance, penny bender, translocality, translocal, local
trance, trance locality, the hand is the outer brain of human
beings, avant-garde ikebana, emotional bandwidth, microtelevision,
palimpsest art, antisociology,

this is meant for nobody,
pure verse, you never new, how
fast can the crap fly off
the shelf, how fast can the
crap fly off the shelf, weltome,
please don’t do me any more
favours, jumbotron, vasser
visser, da matta, faster
fister, eye just in, colour
together, not safe, involun,
learning the meaning of,
we thought we were alive,
existence has been cancel,

"at war with nothing"

it starts off with the house, turn
nothing into one, network of lost
souls, turning one into nothing,
requise, judging by the wear
and tear, the ma
the machine that
made the marks, prefer marked
or unmarked, nine eight six two
three, four three five one two,
insanity dust, one zero two one
six, one seven seven six five nine,
nine eight six two three zerg,
one seven seven six five, nine seven
four oh nine, sail away text,

let’s call it written, blue
blank, homing missive, of the
fire, motorized daydreams,
trance scendent, mock work,
ever enlever, a penny a gram,
via sign, plastic verses, whip-
sawing, photocopies zero value,
floating meat again, mukti,
non-dimensional space, keokuk,
intraduisible, coupons in this
handy envelope, there is food
in the ting, highly evolved
civilization, a cult utensil,
carton cutter, the unbinder,
phronesis, club paranoia, a
real hat, the green fear,
the temporary finish line,

half-way across the border,
tree sign, interpretive trails,
patricia alberta, attempting
to find a use, silent book,
paper versus plastic, suffocate
paper, at war with nothing,
breathing plastic, change your
patterns, art song, art trade,
you can see right thru this,
d before b, bag ub, actual
shopping, manipulation
digitale, this art is refering
to that non-art, art next,
refuse to read, refuse to
include, reading refuse,
actual subscribe, pester b, ub,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

#666, Volker Nix

it’s a bulldozer not a ghettoblaster
, folds envelope, asitating, ggod
typo, scratch nothing, which
waying up, what does this
photograph refer to?, punct ,
splain to see, a period of
aberration, now with a hole
thru the o, only a person who
lives not in time but in the
present is happy, can’t knows,
blame the machine, the unend,
bang your head against concrete,
zero copy, peace bullet,
to remove the spots, protocollage,
correct the historical error,
a fashion-philosophy, put yer
name on it, we don’t talk
like that, word progress, we
up here,

"or any salt thereof"

a pen this is, new series, abandon
text, all them bits, sing a new
song, a excess facing guy, the
losin’ gang, unmethod sound, fear
of zen, concrete unity, obsidian-
ality, from three to four, well:
don’t go there (hell, cyber eyes,
let’s us face it, flight not
war, or any salt thereof, word
robot, textual breakthru,
exactly nothing, keeps returning
to the surface, saying & saying,
writin’ & writin’, word going
nowhere, open the open, we
have already had all these
thots, stop that talking!, no
you read that talking, imp:
pertinent information only,
real people are better,
check the temp, open
moment um, smelting, gems
dot, sayin’ the new, kigs
solid but, what’s aqua

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"the idiot is trying to communicate" & "if you love something replicate it"

get out your chalculator,
catsa acsta, money flying in
all directions, community of
monsters, macmoney, chit,
the highest point on the map,
you got something but you had
to buy it, no identifying
features, the idiot is trying
to communicate, laser disks,
inter alia, gafiated, conrunners,
avocational subcultures,
squamous rugose and
cthonic realities,

the wire recorder, low food security,
what can be said about all this
saying, meices, mailfront, boreal
etude, misprison, sone, the black-
hatted, undertaker no comma,
skunk mail, bust plots loose, if
you love something replicate it,
chicca-tivoli, ray johnson is
alive and well and living in…,
meat milk, all you have to your
name, discrepant, go onto the
night shift, slunch, you are the
employee, events in my home country,
brothertongue, step-brother tongue,
the enemy’s language, obzoki, obeah,
kinopoesis, womanist, english is
not a race, it’s a language, the
art of thinking big,

"amazing bedsheets"

pay/to the/order of, where there is dark:
light, & vice verse, vacuum cleaner sucks!,
icon fester, anti-thematization, token
payment, this is vancouver (nor are we
out of it), immediate process, no such
people (as us (anymore, my comments:,
did you k)now, we need to act quick, even if
we aren’t), grizzly w/ graffiti, what
people can be convinced to care about,
maxi shopping, hate to say it, snowke,
AGREEMENT, mute trance, the zen cage, the
non-place, ‘there’, there where I do not
think, the time, effort, and energy,
reads gaining momentum, a little
fatter, still organizing my way, that’s
bin marked down, fat fiction, any format,
any text, eradicate the disease,
priapic angel, chaotic toner islands,
buying our eyes, an open theme, leave
the computer(s) behind, literal meaning,
liberal meaning, why do we want
defense mechanisms against change?,
a standing under, it doesn’t fit,
telemarketing, please do not fold,
amazing bedsheets, you got the eye,
more than i missed you, giving people
a little of themselves, rubbah!stampah!,
burstin’ blood vessels in my eyeballs here,
Ho Ho Merry x mas What does x have
to do with it?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"mickler dumpus nome"

high pressure tactics, e-ink, chain-letter-mail,
when going away, effort thief, one moment
the next, rose petal, the abolition of useless
actions, thermal decomposition, commotion
calm ocean, puller togetherer, says to the
eye, desolation! recommence!, to have seen
that!, symmetrical accident scenes, rip,
a willing error, state alterations, off
ward, free peep, flying only with the
help of the elders, isnow, five hundred
years ago, gate to the west, making the
transition, consumed things, fake scuzzy,
struck, struck, struck, to many mazes,
think in another dimension, fork over, every
day is garbage day around here, or say no
to garbage day?, mickler dumpus nome,
came t(h)rue, but does it count!, pathways
will be operating, reprocessing the werd,
sure it’s colder, but i can see so much
clearer!, slamming, i wonder how fast
this was going, supporate, techno-evagel-
ism, more than a letter, depends on how
many, you are missing, fuse that stayed
blown, illusratted, new enter, ways of
striking, quite the slab, ia rai, a good
tun, us + me, better trance late
than never, yes, the filing cabinet
of doctor, ewww! it’s the powdery side,
gross!, allow you to exist, never thru,
call hall, gore geous, not trying,
when you have, sluggage, always
current, first giving then taking,

"really writing nothing" &

the zero copies project, gar numb,
hello i’m dead, select by means
of, tonerized rubber, ednumbchuck,
you wouldn’t know suffering if
it hit you on the head, zen skiing,
take them to the text, booyah,
let us have a moment together,
art is lawless, still roiling,
really writing nothing, oh boy
nothing, you wanna hear some
poetry, saint riking, now you
can let your perception flip,

read it as if it were written
in pitman’s shorthand, pi is not
random, why am i having so much
trouble finding the centre?
aha!, don’t let the live matter
die, turn the radio from country
to, art is not gold, happy
birthday in the back of a
caps van, visual voodoo, i am a
node, i enjoyed it to the full
and the empty too, i wrote this
in prison, i feel like a head
liner, my hand and your hand
touching, crap back,

Monday, June 22, 2009


word up!wo/manship, stripping words off, blotting
a thousand, actual size, recognizable chunks,
the alea(meantory canal, mucous-membrain-lined
tube, move her & shake her, it can’t be any
good if there is so much of it, ‘laying down’
(of books (for the future, just coasting (west,
writing us in, the letter tea, everyone loves
to get applause®, please retain this information
for future reference, glitter in gutter,
kaput-alism, to live quietly, to live in silence,
piper methysticum, die no more (electric
machine), Pd, squirrel’s fur, northern flicker
got zapped nice dots brilliant orange feather
grey-blue lizard claw feat, songs of motion/movement,
one who exists in the tomb? a grave-robber?,
pax americana, chance sons, the opposite of
neap, careenagers, spans high,
saturnalienation, umbrella distribution,
something photocopy-able, MAC Formant
tiff, eps files, what sort of thing,
big in again, the condition of art, nothing
grows but marble, complete shun,
no comma?, the information pack, the
urge to write has become writing’s
subject, I beam, interiority complex,
self + other(s), to arrange (a pair of taxis)
side by side, make a good logo, no progress,
turn garbage into money, more valuable
than money, it can’t be that easy,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"mass debate"

fee for interaction, moss bank, both constant,
maxi-mi$er option, divid end, operating lines,
take it out or put it back in, all the difference
in the world, this something day of somewhen,
who are these people and what are they
doing with our money?, cancerization,
non-finito, postrelative, the production of
commodities by means of commodities, gels
the imp!, living picture, living list, urb & orb,
perfect marks (imp), around tish, miles
a head, free booze!, comic book relief, mass
debate, sprung reference, de-semioticization,
untypesettable, codic doublings, trance
whichics, only projectivism, in addition to
song, prose o’ dyin’, one who warns,
minotaurization, scrable em codes,
phonemics not phonetics, hope phloats
& so does shit, message traffic-king,
something new, languag(escape, super
imp, stolen (time), taking dictation,
(dictator), biggest enemy bestest friend,
a mere reproduction, dux of the school,
un stay pulled, inborn talent (open field),
ever see’n’ the southern cross,
latter notice, new dire (war(nings,
we went to grease, crystal archive
in ideograms, 99-me (e), remain ixnay
reduce to, unchanged, ear regard
(r), devdonor, file that (down), legal
name, silence suite/sweet silence:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"give this text a title"

nothing is beyond redemption,
it all came out of africa, please
stop the communication, give this
text a title, went lefty, when
your hand gets tired use the
other, gotta ff, drawing in
your sleep, thanks for bearing
with me, this chit, cloudsnakes,
cloudwalker, east coast
hauteur, the gini index, still
blind, unknown money, good to
go, landing in the sun, paid to
read, eye acknowledge, don’t
forget the acid, paper is good
for nothing,

i think we’re in africa, tick water
buffalo off the list, down at the
water hole, all the little green
things in between, a rubberstamp
that says elephant, why is that
animal glowing, check the huge
blossoms on that tree, the people
who live in those huts, poor old
elephant is it real, look a human,
now we are roaring down the high-
way, the animal is on it’s mark,
mere pelican, yung, monkeys blocking
the road, the baboon’s ass, birdwise,
tall bird, here’s us,

"finally found my outer voice"

zzzz youth baby book, imp person all,
B. Wypaser the artist, before they are famous,
language living?, the pageless actual, a
shining trance crypt, the context, gesture,
intonation + pronunciation give spoken
words a stamp of meaning which a written
form will lack, (still unpublished), ok dense,
to fall (& rise ? her eyes, a new cadence means
a new idea, impression writing, descended
upon things to arrest them all, wit maniac,
incommunicado, say it! no ideas but in things,
improvisations, trance it, shifting from one
fact to the next, smithereens, up from the
ranks (go girl go! er, go woman go!), from
Bearshit to L (heart), withholders, calm
mutations, meditative permutations,
surrender the sense, sanctioned drug-
use, block grants, for the insane,
finally get picked (apart), unavailable for
several years, bounced here, people
return to the ge mine shaft, finally found
my outer voice, micro-presses, the empire
writes back, a chain mail network,
postcolon lit, commonwelts literature,
walled suburbia, in(j)ured, made the
grade (steeper), tell the fragments to
which we have access, a better composite,
it’s too canadian!, per mutation,
pro forma!, flying fox, thru the window:
warped & wefted, this paper can be
recycled, the last, lacking for time,

Friday, June 19, 2009

"digital skin"

penny rollers, &, to come out, unheimlich
manoeuvres (not secret), is will be was, to
flow to, digital skin, ermine gash, here it
is! gone! here! gone!, side real desire stars,
St. one gold, fey sing (ing), pub!, a box of
tongue tactics, ‘s pen’s dexterity, visible
speech, many-writing, wild schizzed-out
eruptions, exchange of prepackaged
commodities, trance-ative, an easy rider,
generously marred, imp lick ate (or 8),
discrete not discreet, & esp not sneaky,
eventism, the fix is on, a snake eating
its own tale, coin worth ten asses,
flood of signifiers, wordness, fob?
free on board?, writing as politics,
a going after, but competing flat out,
evidence device, perpetual motion
machine, radical = fundamental,
against paper (st. again), I don’t know
how to say this any other way, draw
the line at drawing the line,
interpellation not interpolation,
unnaming, exorbitation of language,
over sense, subjection objection,
against civilization?, global society,
the thing about the horizon, frag’d,
cyber-government, y(ourself standing
outside y)ourself, inward eyes, one over,
any outlets, this time around again,
doughpe?, big patch of purple + blue mushrooms,

"surcharge the system"

in under, page gap, moss free zone, logo agog,
60 ¢ worth of poetry: $ 60 worth of booze, move
me to put a word down, water damaged paper,
silence as a means of expression, surcharge
the system, is this gonna get my boys any
more wood?, a person sprung from jail, all
ages gig, get your face out there, unites unties,
gypped? (probably short for gypsy, politically
inkorreck etymologically take them out of the
language ?, a book is a machine, imp lies,
impyous, uncanadian activities, man i too,
bah!, pain in the mouth, the aleph bait,
yeah what?, in the beginning: bare shit,
shapeless matter, graven images, any
errors in pronunciation will result in
failure of the project, flood of sand, there’s
no such thing as fun for the whole family,
a pen that writes, how could a stamp be
broken?, not alone, rest of the world, inist,
dr, hybridity & porosity of nations,
ev(a/o)c(u)ating, still wilde?, operates the
microphones, meme, slam?, keep open,
time to do a collage, what happened to
all my glue?, the generous support of,
resting on the future, sharing a table,
literacy may be too low, where these things
have value, thermadrama, bad brain,
way out, office away from home, mea,
plastic measures, at one meant, mere notes
, collecting pebbles with the eye alone, an
image of the world as of now, now, now,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"give up poetry" or "nothing is beyond redemption"

raw copy, you’re going to want some sort of protection, pass the bell,
smail, finite crisis, thousandfold finite crisis, vivoleum, yute,
infrastructure antinomie, first approximation, standby time, anytime
minutes, geomembrane, a “one-window” contact, deminimus, an outage
window, safety stand down, a “beefier” machine, to “seed bank”, what
biologists call a “search imaf (we need white out) “search image”,
type in what you were doing here, kakithaw-piyak, another user,
rockhouses, ccoa, acid in the environment, cypripedium parviflorum
seven meters tall!, blotto swallows, psychogeographers, future mead,
a psychogeographical drift, and now the hat flew, contains that
entire history, chaos apprentice, expelling hungover conscript,
a low-level fractal, irration, moss-dampened daylight, trance-picnic,
fomite, a lipstick poet, flight number zero, amplified typewriter,
thanks ross, listen did you hear it a bit of paper dropped, nothing is
beyond redemption, no need to say nothing, we already said it a
million times over, you have to slice it very thin, original type,
copy type, can you tell your left from your right hand, now we
have a machine to write for us, now we have a machine to copy for us,
the original takes priority over the copy, the copy takes priority
over nothing, it is not possible to block communication, enviral,
are we out of the jungle yet, are we out of the forest yet, young
woman’s milk, young woman’s jock, give up poetry, whatever you do
please don’t replicate this text, try to drop this paper, we are going
to let the words go, we are going to let the black marks go, we are go
ing to let the white go, try spining it, try spinning it, last chance,
type talking, solid replica, thin space, thick time, human expression
command, the comminimum, prehistoric cyberspace, intolerant of
network latency, telemedicine, telecollaboration, telephonoscope,
telephany, works of anticipation, tomorrowland, the nwe, the new
world information order,

"hope breeds despair"

Touch, faster on the hot motor, knocks spores,
Torch, That’s her on the motorcycle, spore a knocks,
ouch, orchestra (base), pink X, against following,
begin middle end, sense it if, you alley cat, box
of log, blew main, that boy or girl, never learnt
nothing yet, hope breeds despair, amusing
automobile accidents, organ harvest, all prizes
are harmful, don’t go into bookstores, a thot
of oz witch, the hand, you + me both, imp
art, ewe & we both, mental blackout, cite!,
tracking the keep, the only country today
with a liberal immigration policy, flacq, it’s
me with my “self”, i don’t get it, mumb,
this bit here that is illegible, sit tight,
kneows, designated moron, dirt-eaters
of the world unite!, trance zephyr(eak,
that tiny little union, infinity dealt with,
i’ve heard about these shrikes, study for
high education, progam, as a O, sep
a rating, bushing it beyond the boundary
to, how about a little consultation here?
, purple banned and a, wild mushroom
eating, threaded flange, condensing
the universe, nothing can be done, to
alter the sit, edelweib, dark-eyed junco
partner, sap sucker purchase at a tuna fish,
showing thru from the other sine wave,
must be your own work, this is a gene-
sis of the abstract, contradictionary, ch-
thonic boom, a bigger dickshunairy,
on parole & langueshing, look-alikes, the
system of a language & any individual utterance
, havin a little papah money, honey, the,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


your change, up inside the exbank, in they
go, out they go, the gift of attentiveness, the
poison of attention, re-visionary, webbing
that connects, isn’t trying to “get” something
a form of greed?, everything?, suffoblanketing,
sigoggling, crooked wisdom, insanity you can
snap out of at will, was there all the time, it,
zoned out, why don’t you go do some sports?,
fell...in, names beyond recognition, eye
finding, reason is gone (never), a window
onto the warp & the weft of, quietly gather
dust, what about all of these annoying quest
(ion)s,?, in trance it time, des(k)patch, infin
nite enuf for ya?, kabballistic molecule,
not about anything, not outside of anything,
nothing outside of, like q without you,
love f, this is still perfectly good!, wake me
up when we get there, organization
production & marketing (grag), fill man
fill, the diffriends betwine sippin &
spittin, envious & niveous,
heterophobia, how many kitties do
you see?, q & q, a failure of the will
to power, reflection of touch, that
momentary feeling of confusion
before it all comes back into focus,
simple eye, ap art h ate, to gether love,
recycle money, buy the way side,
colour as colour, public hair, radiating
root system, 98 98 TOTal total, harvest
without killing the donor, madamcharge,

"moss in anus"

vainfull efforts, trance figurin’, except red,
combined into one utterance and do not exist
separately, i wone, spinal crackers, just
across the street, i’m reading you, pantonality,
revision is less than vision, moss in inus us,
moss in industrial areas, irony board,
white concrete (see meant), walled suburb
of the mind, please fix, vining around, too
shiny, red vanessa, i cannot read language,
divination by means of lines & figures,
because the black is flowing, ancient
laughter, this is a work of art, look at
this again later, transformation tips:,
interlinkking, a bushel of stars, rubies,
grapefroots, sound over ground, say so,
cybergovern, in chapters, ways to go
still, ghost hill, against chapters, let her
open, almost bought, emphasis on the
aitch, where to go from here:, dead end
(pomo), a section of the map, buy nothing
ever, the guy who wrote the bill of
human rights wore a suit, fearless
analysis, because everything is tish,
the window itself, just because it’s
on brown paper, free of chargex,
wallet size poems, wristin’, to show
that you’re with us, mr. idge, we saw
mew gulls, what animals are still out
and about and what are they up to?,
the bottom of the tunnel, a wide
variety of drugs, rituals from shaman,
i’m just a regular guy, done bin done,
the present lone, comes, is a flyer,
reindicate, cross my lips, no socred
cows, buffoon indeed, bite the psucks,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


at least id, it might say something
to you but it says nothing to me,
can you explain what it says,
maybe there is nothing to see,
you’re dropping letters left and
right, add this interior to your
collection, this could be in the
hands of, a sudden change of
identity, one can tell by the
shade of the white, can’t really
tell but willing to risk a
guess, hurry up and drift, the
last remaining clue, not exactly
what we had in mind but we
don’t mind, annotated money,
grab yourself a computer,
dances with machines, the
thing itself is changing,
wonder if anyone will ever
read this, annotated actions,
it was the day, dancing with
disaster, hey those are my
words, we make an educated
geuss, curious to know death,
hurry up and give me hope, if
not the colour then the texture,
nothing is left open to chance,
god made me do it, the nuclear
explosive method for
stimulating hydrocarbons,

Monday, June 15, 2009

"the language burial"

the language burier, setting it up to tumble,
50 ¢ PENNIES, speaking true, thrue speed king,
fuzzy sets of words, the edge of the book is the
book, the this + the not-this, headlessness,
imaginary letters, all of this, what might
be being said, don’t give us that strong &
weak bullshit, the language burial, ouch
events seventh, very arbitrary judge,
quit hoping &, cryptographer, letters from
the crypt, the third hand, by word of mouth,
deaccumulationist, self-paranoia ?, ġ,
descent for docent (mattter, all true
is um, imp(il)licit, polyphony, pre-sense,
to go toward the utter boundaries, to
utter the utter, to utter the other,
docter small-letter, or, (ex) perimenting (-),
inciting a riot in the prison house of
language/society, denormalizing,
shifters, pushing against the limits
of language, being able to say…
everything, create a kind of imp-possibility,
praxis, praxis, praxis!, the V-effect,

Sunday, June 14, 2009


unflown, portable ink, grace, period!, time
turning into money, whichever is greater,
$1,000 a day in cash, hassle-free access to cash,
composite sketch, a map of the middle of the
journey, pay for your own birthday present,
schizoanalysis, split split, schizo-machines,
energumen, at first sight, differ end,
occupy, new men on, filed under the name
‘Priddle’, subject subjected to, acephalus,
o(n)tology: being thru the ear, anti-critique,
postcritical, I Kan’t go on, I go on, a
tensor of desire, my evil book, human
body as mobeus strip, pure view, pay
the exorbitant price, de-ontology – the
study of non-being?, lack , money
engendering itself, cause a sewer,
surplus value = meaning?, cacangelism,
tensor band (age), mess of shit – blow
cow – bomb, long-standing tradition,
tiger hell-icopters, eurofighter military
aircraft, that little black cross (again),
constitution, everything is related to
everything else, representation, nonsigns,
nonscience, nonsense, anti-system, mangled
mattter, panopticism, a native agent for
a foreign business, decontextualization,
deferentialist, wordness, letterness,
between the floods, looking at words
as opposed to reading, trance former,
scryptorium, counter commodity,
present not represent, fuck epistemology,

we ain't trippin'... we's just chippin'!

the difference between, B & P, th, unreproduce,
the memory of art, grab at material circum-
stances reduced, proximities for instance,
subst(ance/itute), name-of-the-son, caps lockt out,
a cap full of zero, (a cup full of zero), slurp,
lost friends found, heading off towards the
vanishing point, broke the first time it was
used, inukshuk™, money & hourglass, just
chippin’, ad locus: bus transfer (flex, trance
for, run ya true $33,000 watch, forces you
to think ahead (dollar sign), free child,
creation date/time= 11/23/98 11:06:34, $600
seduction (suction), fin-de-millenium,
emphasizing its otherness, excremental
culture, undercommited, two teas, trance
substance (s), artificial vaginizations,
couvade, trance verse, brushing against
the mouth of the uturus, e not you,
sexual trance, drat oyl, spinal cracker,
style as politics, cat a-hexes, tenser,
trance literation, cathexis?, against
foreclosure, dis simulation, power opener,
multisexed, writing is irresponsible, we
never publish anything except rough draft,
ess, desirevolution, the proper name, ten
sore, miswriting, the breaking-apart-of-
the-vessels, met a leper, trance sump,
a mismatched or disjointed program,
supporting kulcher & selling tobacco,
sez print but, trance lucent, spent
his canada council grant on dope, too
much progress, more feemz, wordsome,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"reading it won't help you"

the stamps are collecting dust,
xiamen, penny boat, pleasure is
against the law, proclaim boredom,
is it policy to open people’s mail,
finally got to see what you got,
explain it closer, van ghoul,
socially responsible poetry, in
of and apart of, van gardening,
yes we have a run of the
originals, reading it won’t
help you, have you no stapler,
human effort to count, why do
you feel the need to write,
we ain’t suckers!, uitgever,
lot’s of good splits, let’s split
the workload here, can you give
me a northing here, north south
what’s the diff, the unexamined
specimen is not worth
collecting, outside sales,
breast fillet, a horn-shaped
container emblematic, how
are you going to pay for your
crimes, cash?, maintain your
fat, some serious fluctuations
going on, green tara in green
ink, one blue ink bottle, it
might be junk to you but,
soft skills training, in
sunnyside, two knees touching
two knees, who benefits,

"write and have done"

maybe you are the one, octo eight,
oct oh nine, get rid of the toner,
mail-artists who have moved, a
rubberstamp that says guilty as
charged, all your friends are
fading into oblivion, write and
have done, only a woman would
think that, gat, holograph,
dotmatrix, the talk is clicking,
he combed and encrusted, a
day back in may, fuck turkey,
ontological error, ess sos com,
tip to follow, i am a ghost of
a chance, only a man would
think that, blogs on paper,
opportunity knocks you down,
concrete cream, om pog, haitch,
the face of a penny, public man
hat, into peat mulch settles,
jammd clusterd, dno tich sin
teger, sun hot concrete, cool
extravagant heat, human herd
cartoon elves, hocho, paramind,
boppos, ump pook, pachuco,
clusters of fireworks, the
orange snail, each height colord,
a clean hit extends, confused
exhausted and hopelessly,
vitamizer, bottom of one ten,
orange monarchs, bottom of
one fourteen, sky caps,

Friday, June 12, 2009

is this an ocelot?

getting rid of the self, magnified particles, it
was so real, as good as you wered, all is i want,
another nother, butch’s beauty glow, sure
as sherry, there’s more to it than that, isn’t
there?, are you mocking me?, garbage
freshener, how’s my time? is it still infinite?
, Franses King, here I Come, (This is Tara’s
righting), Firstname.Lastname, be log,
generally speaking, non-working,
just went to thin ear, states of delerium
& raving are produced upon consumption,
Dole ] pure product of poland, half union, the fatal
Guatemala ] five, dramatic pen portraits,
#4011 ] fragmentation, bushtits, brain-like
convolutions (never actually see one),
stalk in a skirt-like fashion, volva or
‘death-cup’, petcock, holistic individals you,
eye bolt,
[pen and ink drawing of ocelot?]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photostats should be capitalized

a not-her woman, copulation with exploding
genitals, over-organization & deliberate
disorder, freeplay, feedback!, itselfness,
the closer one looks at a word, the greater
the distance from which it looks back,
everything is surface, to thrust aside,
levellism functioning, (+ his ilk), vicrory
of city over nature?, here & there, everywhere,
scattered about, cyberculture – 1964, pan
shot, mere ultramodernism, (or eye mush
bilge), photostats, a common place,
light standing still™, the fluid ink of matter,
exoteric, He is a window which lets in light,
an artificially created human being,
the trance formers, in-itself, she kinda,
there are no restrictions on transfer of funds
from Canada, group life, easy access to high
technology from the American neighbours,
land of immigrants, flat country under
sugarcane, sugar factory, Woven from
multicultured threads, a ‘heady’ brew of races,
languages, religions & eating habits, it’s me:
venus, landed, 135,000 annually, my hat
my gun thee, where am I in all this?,
the far side of abstact, the hymn, of
treasure-bearing king, sings of you, and
the northpole also honours you, from,
publishers, condensed, 140 canadian poetry
magazines, out of date(ah), when there are
no words, a poem has to be understood in language,

we need to dig out the original

simultaneously now, the speed of creep, a
coherent cake, each enclosed by its rotten shell,
selective attack, hope lives, stand up to america,
all of a suplemeant, all of a sudden, great masses
crash down, a jumbled mass of debris, the
general breakdown, complete dissolution, the
forces of construction have prevailed, there
would, of course, be no human beings, touché
avec moi, new eyes, geast of ideas, royalties,
co-mission, hopper-type, often impales its
victims on thorns or barbed-wire, preferred
guests, non-preferential, mysterongs,
deformed by creep, techno-syesis, distorted
meanders, accumulates in distinctive construct-
ional forms, help yourself, word-sculpture,
measurement of creep, rock-destruction,
the heliographer, chisel-teeth, eye bolt,
hopper feeder, eat only a small bit, a stole,
would have been depressing anyway (discard
sale), no longer in good standing, may cause
erasure, lost or damaged materials, liable
for any copyright infringements, identity card,
loss of value, progame, partial surrender,
searchers, We see what you see™, the
nourished, society of independent, storehouse
of christian, still active, spend in a single,
not quite expired yet, transit of venus;
expeditions, ink running (bleeding), ink
reasing, tear the moment, mechanics of id,
don’t bank on machines, pales beyond, be
lighted, glass sleeve, pate, pute to that,
write off of that already, anyone can
………………………or anytime[?] etc etc etc,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"the death of the original"

limitations of the word, something between
speech & action, left blanks in their writings,
I mean for things they didn’t know, hatred?
hate blue, trance late, alba, language of yes,
thru sound, a mask, begins to speak,
emotional synthesis, time-keeping, break
time, cessation or standing still, it is easy
to see, never found it worth his while to
discover an interesting subjective self
to please people, parse money, tradition,
contemptation & manipulation of the letters,
contemplation & medi(t)ation, ecstatic text,
permutations of the elements, L, M, N,
amalgam of anagrams, zimzum, breaking apart
& mending, final phase of rest itution &
rest oration, pseudepigraphic text, sapphire,
includes all stranger’s sementics, day for night,
totalitarian fun, social impo(r)t(a/e)nce of poetry,
cult of us, hipp(i)er-than-thou, pop-poetry, the
technology of night, possible drift, spendour,
means to end, solidary communication, the
death of the original, stainism, a comer,
strength & song,

"let's see if i'm talking about you here"

all this for a dollar ten,
distinguished by the wrong
marks, you wanna drive the
boat?, what do yoo, some people
have to work you know, this is
the one that is going forward,
entirely blank except for the
toner, grm cnn wic, hunting a
hunter, commun money, symp,
well you say it was paid but,
sequester some coffee, one
was pre-slacker, sunnys, unive,
chalumet acorus, still to pay,
dreaming up data, workflow
process success, insertion of
form succeeded, insert money
into savings, generous with
computer time, tick the x,
a floating hat, breamed,
still an animal at heart,
the tropey-dope, signs of
life, the day before we met,
by letting you pass thru my
system, anatomy trains, let’s
see if i’m talking about you
here, yes i’m always talking
about you, i’m glad it’s
becoming illegible, please
don’t leave me, still here?,

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"anything worth copying is worth copying"

every annotation calls out for
another, alphabetize all these
phrases, how you arrange the
stamps on the envelope, fractal
flesh, noninformational image,
how does one score such delight,
lay claim to the whole text, one
is moved again, now you are
finally outdoing yourself, art
with a bit of body to it, now
you can take a good look at
yourself, suddenly you are still
there, you are looking right thru
it, they will get used to your
error, what do you want with the
prairie, is this whole thing a
dream, here the poetry is stained,
pale lime green poem, now we are
here together but, anything worth
copying is worth copying, who’s
the new concrete king, you pays
the sage, why the hair, at least
it didn’t make us puke, how
much are you blowing on,
the beebeep of the scanner, no
one does not wish, gigawatts,
transmission deferral account
rider, trance power, identity
destruction, apply postage
stamp, where the action is,

"read at pages on kensington, June 4, 2009"

referential treatment, leave the
gap, a crew, open front cover,
seconds before the disaster, lef,
media copies, when we were in
exile, still sending, blank paper
is worth more, cenotaph (say no
to firebombing, computer zigzag,
means crow, syntaxonomy,
deserves me right, lif, event
you all mist, old one toe,
picking up a book where you
left off years later, using
them as blood bags?, war caused
by capitalism, like a poet with
a sore throat, froat, spend our
way out of a depression, entirely
peasant country, is communism
a religion?, want to run things,
peacing it back together, a new
disaster, it is fixed!, in one
sense & out the other, not enuf
press, value-added? paper
product, the real & the unreal
mixt together, gloss zine,
back to a (reopenure, setting
off caps (again & again & again,
still hopen, fess up!, makes
it impossible to recycle, earcrete,

Monday, June 08, 2009

"read at pages on kensington, june 4, 2009"

there’s one more thing i wanted
to say, the green ink fell flat,
there’s a few things i didn’t
really want to say, blow in!,
make no mark on the paper,
always already marked, this
was supposed to go on the
table, of course no-one is
going to want this, what other
category can this go in, not
actually making any payments,
let the text leave the page,
still never got to this, texts
for jumping out of, odd things
to say in front of a bunch of
people, no point writing about
blank paper, everybody’s
favourite words: pay to the
order of, if you look close
enuf it’s atomic, guilty
love, mail sat, i sign or you
sign, brumalia, paper which is
not flat, one has one’s
detractors, dsw, day, you
are perfectly capable of
representing yourself,
craftsters, would you
sign this for me, metta,

Sunday, June 07, 2009


giving the word, might have to just,
inside the machine, frontlog, meny
, fill in this blank, chronic logic,
call no, not a single word,
unbound(ed, known as the gutter
, one word or so per page, a mail
order press, trance pyres,
reworked by, hands covering
eyes, kraft paper, you you,
ballzark, inter rest, t(h)rash,
difference is dangerous,
freak-o!, i ate one, as per
severing, put back to before
the word, a very private person,
zhelots, acid you late, in signif-
icant details, attentat(ive),
thinking read, following pages,

Saturday, June 06, 2009


missed the beginning, all that
work, toughnecks of the avant
guard, how the numbers go again
, i don’t think it’s against the law,
later the same year::, forward
backwardness, in a sugar bush
(ecesis), the gilded beaver,
french submersion, to get to get
her, thot i was alone, reapproaching
, you can now renew, target maze
, graphic depiction (letting it
breath, head over head to head,
you forgot your toothbrush, oh my
eye is killing me, alternative
cranny, fewer bombs, perfect
half job, brave words, over
the manuscrypt, beneath the
original, bubble-burster,
needle need all, glue these
two together, now you’ve got
an extra one,

Friday, June 05, 2009

"triuph, triuph, triuph"

get yourself signed up, smear
the fresh ink, you are smearing
the ink, xerox the cheque, poet’s
hockey zorn, what does the font
say, all in the hands, neglect
torino, cluster ed slang or,
a church of sand, graybox,
skip the life fantastic, death-
rock, just check them off,
have my brains taken out,
orange triuph, chewing toilet
paper, the self-created, roaching
your hair, processus, this has
not been photoshopped, crack it,

"disconnecting the dots"

the other machine, inkiness, my
favourite photocopier (out of order
, walk vo (vuh, introduction to the
bible by a non-believer, the time
being existing, armenian trance,
for ever freeing the whole of
society from exploitation & oppres-
sion, capitalist swindle, gypsy-
scholar, crypto-ethnicity, had it
all along without being aware,
signs of life? or a life of signs?
(the science of signs, wake me up
when we get there, legitimate
target?, rubbisheries! (zalls i
can say, the battle of hastings
(street), rainbow decal (sign?
, oh oh!, meaning as a means,
sign me up, response to affairs,
never came thru (true,
disconnecting the dots, eye
tell ya in (current see,
lone wolves ripping the flanks
out of, with their drills (girlls,
bank: melting, systematically
thru the library by call letter
(blue, just an el riff, circs,
circs, when the ink was
flow(er)ing, empty box, pursue,

Thursday, June 04, 2009

"i am doing nothing"

still no progress, stillness pro,
fillness, jam-packed, getting
used to getting used, the part of
it that is not material, more of the
diff, a whole book’s worth,
expunging the inbox, towers of
words, can’t accept the rewards,
i am doing nothing, becoming
older persons, no piece, a mere
assemblage, one becomes two (in
the mere roar (the me error,
angel makers, abstract machines,
overcoding, body without organs units
, asignifying, local vocal,
messification, deterritorialization,
see an opportunity: go, climbed
out of his crib, to mark again, tain,
gear heart, portable capitalist
machine, a persistent protoplasmic
alteration, a madness for trance
(for tracing, arriving from
outside (by chance, so it wood
seam, next to chutney, covers o,
long time coming (honey, fill in
the blank, wore out the mach
one, it takes, no t, reduced to
tearing the glassine window out
, & more, defiling system, zenos!,

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"wishing you were reading something else"

leaving off where we picked up,
separates & joins, give it in,
materiality of it, not-so-aware-
ness, finally beginning, barren
ground alive, face time, more
interesting if you don’t totally
get it, thru the nose (poetry,
shaping language, optioned?,
bombs are not the answer,
wishing you were reading
something else, you can’t just
jump back in, harmonious col-
laboration of the european, all
that is solid melts into air, the
moron factor, agglowmeration,
lumpy language, surfing the wind,
talkin’, the football players threw
packets of mustard & ketchup,
make four lunches, pays base,
this service, the whore or
the whore or, artwork itself,
that’s what those boxes are for!,
a definite difference melting
away, select yourself, a spread
, flower up: flower down,
procide, when they were here
, thirty years behind, display
face, also known as chocolate,


become alive to it again, quit with
the words, enouph with the worps,
war the machine out, a record of
the disaster, any day now, mail it
off, thru-points, the old system, just
a working paper, the best not taken
, difference is risky, butterfat
content, tempted to go down,
fuzzy subsets & noology, trance
fuse, trance verse, nomad thot,
outside thot, notes on the trance,
signifiance, likes to see his name
in print, imp orts (& scraps) with-
out modification(s), crowned
anarchy, smooth space, wind-weld
, the same number of words,
always referring to something
actual, musical content is a function
of the rate of forgetting, the
person who was reading before
you, it’s all been done before &
better too, egological disaster,
to create openings, been all
thru that, all gummy (nost-
algia, a jones jones, here some-
where, but that was yestoday,
tradition has led us to, mailed inside,

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

"the shark infested waters of avant-garde poetry"

i don’t have a fucking computer,
we have no way of knowing what is
on the disk, mestization, men
and women: equals or differents?,
din a four plain, expecting to
have your mail inspected, did
that thread really float there
all around the planet?,
publication on blogspot, the
shark infested waters of
avant-garde poetry, the mail
and how it gets delivered,
welcome sucker, you don’t even
have to watch the money
leaving your wallet, it all
depends on what you are
guilty of, dee what is the
dee for, the officialness of
the rubberstamp, phone crime,
ukumale, i love clutter, you
know you’re making too much
money when they’re taking a
third of it off, last glint of
moss, having a wonderful time
wish you were here instead of
me, just say yes to unsorted
garbage, what kind of a
thing is that to say, eat rock,
you don’t have to dance with,

"all this spam needs to be read"

this one is going forward, this one
is hanging back, this one almost
went, this one did go, this one we
decided against, rasy, all this
spam needs to be read, check
this out: shows envelope, it’s
probably a good thing we can’t
quite see, another false illusion,
gar for, oh we did a little, by
rights or buy rights, goop-oh-phone,
pass up your chance to speak,
the back chip, the universe is
fading before your eyes, you
get your house taken away, a
pear a plum, the originary copy,
if you make a copy of it it
belongs to you, other people don’t
know what it says, why would
you want to destroy all this,
one that lasted, myofascial,
goop-a-phone, a compassionate
heart for the whole world, you
can see more in the copy, fluxate,
by in quotation marks, one of a
thing is one thing: fifty of a
thing is another thing, ten
thousand plums, now the orange
cat stalks the snail, galuttos,
jugular labial, frig zen, i
don’t want nothing, thing itself,

Monday, June 01, 2009

"what do you hope to gain from this text"

we had a chance to get this
into a few ears, what is it you
hope to gain from this text,
almost broadcast, we are never
going to move all this material,
retains a trace of the original,
did you happen to note the
reality, copies of a different
order, miscellaneous: can you
be more precise, turn the
multitude into one, you may
recognize some of your
writing in here, now these
anachronistic texts are
joined seamlessly together,
but the paper is different,
zero difference at all, faster
than you can say goodbye,
ain’t goin’ nowheres, all the
beauty is long gone, toner
is beautiful, blue black
what’s the diff, this ink
almost looks like toner,
green ink is nice, all this
work for nothing, all this
work for even less, the
blankness is the meaning,
genteel garbage, find you,


goopophone, art is one of the four
false illusions, spam and
nothing but, still doing art
after all, the art without the
interpretation, which wad of
garbage do you want, face the
poet, mint toner trash, what no
seal, no copy required, some of
these might be new, the sign of
a hand, yes i will answer to,
this was a paper band, are we not
getting a little ahead of our-
selves, double mailart project,
ivanhoe the movie, one is writing
to you, does paper carry any more
weight, diegress, save ever tiny
revision, question mark, m
stands for mark, anyone could
do better than this, boy with
gray hair, exponentially blah-
blah, hat design, a leaking
orange, nothing’s blueprint,
concrete powder, poetry is not
stand-up comedy, from back
when we still had a computer,
approximate clockwork, fillinf,
poetry is music without the
music, no we are not burning
any more bridges, what does
one intend to do with this,