Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"lorem ipsum"

how am i supposed to write
with materials like this?,
the text does not mind, imp
groove, hard to believe its
the same text, magic bullshit,
eny meany whi? wov, its former
mother country, the wobbling
divot, eye before e except
after see, suddenly super-
conducting, laminar flower,
jell man, jelly-cose, too
beautiful to read, pulled
the cactus over on himself,
forehead full of thorns, get
too serious, is it or is it, a
great big word that has no
meaning, the reading eye,
we don’t have cable but we
wish we did, is this a soft
text?, a parodic kind of fractal
latin-blocks of linguistic
nonsense organized into word
strings, reading that shines
or radiates or bounces or
jumps out of the text, usage,
writing copy, cybersphere,
it is still there, when the eye
see winds blow, shelter tax,
get the name right, door to,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

JUL 06 2008, (pm) 8:00

1) everything you could want
1) your famous matches
1) why do some elastics keep their elasticity?
1) a smooth flat black pebble
1) lugging around the first four volumes of Schuster
1) five hundred dollars worth of information
1) recycle your money
1) Jana, Ilka & Sarah
1) hip process, hip bam, A blitt
1) the specimen seems to be gone
1) Pleurocladula albescens
1) Jean Du Bec-Crespin – Discours de l’antagonie du…
1) & Dena
1) Gloeocapsa montana Kuetz.
1) you’re still orbiting around the
1) shipping computers?
1) necrology?
1) how does one really become somebody?
1) nobody now
1) floating islands
1) thou shalt not mail
1) the bookcase fell on your head
1) do you want me to find you?
1) & Lisa
1) what was it that destroyed you?
1) blank index
1) “the mossiest spot in the world”
1) George Don (1764-1814)
1) sublime & enduring perseverance is needed
1) moss paint
1) moss paint
1) scratch scotch
1) anything else on the roll?
1) a window into a world
1) gee whiz apples

- take these books off my hands
- White Model WA 122
- & Galloway
- Ab Baars
- wouldn’t mind having a vacuum cleaner
- a bag of crumbs

Monday, March 29, 2010


here we go again, no comment,
thru from, which was which?,
i mean, this is moving, chicken
juice?!, caliborations, homepress,
is that your brother?, who
did the graff?, also desiring,
likely places, slow collection,
it jives, miking noses, the
value of creases, the eye nose,
you want meaning?, still to
read, the way reality was then,
get utter, one cannot say this,
concrete utter ances, finnegans
no apostrophe, love spun, the
meaning-finder, on a mat:
utopia, a democratic access,
perceiver-centered, pre-empty
, a democratic access,
poet-researchers, under down,
the machine did it, boy-with-
wings, confucions, lend an ear
& an eye &, coming back to us,
trance seeing, lostery,
balance is zero, fun it her
age d, a place we were, more
time will pass, a ticket to
time, i dent if i, out in a
field, not applying yourself,
remark: rapid eye movement ark,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

JUL 06 2008, (pm) 3:00

1) very rare manzanita trees
1) let’s get rid of all these books
1) Rustom Bharucha
1) sieze the marshmallow
1) psh
1) portal to joy
1) the letter ‘A’ floating free
1) the usual poetry
1) marbled paper
1) “surf the net”
1) but not by much
1) what does the pink microdot mean?
1) why can’t i get back to the days?
1) Robert Frisbee
1) elst
1) Stealing Beauty
1) two crummy dollars
1) Boolean Operators
1) why would i hide your Harry Potter book?
1) on this day at this time
1) ain’t got nobody
1) ain’t got no money
1) you are ordered to
1) nothing left in the bottom of the box, but…
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √
1) √

Saturday, March 27, 2010

JUL 08 2008, (pm) 9:00

1) $12.95 for this tiny piece of paper?
1) fluxus cash
1) a girl rig a
1) the sword amongst the roses
1) free literature!
1) need to make up an ATC template
1) urgent action requested
1) we are always working towards something, but...

1. this concrete has nothing to do with concrete
1) a receipt from back in the olden days
1) zzzz, why always zzzz
1) open mike acid
1) shiva ova
1) inkformation
1) thank god you’re not a genius
1) murderball with the medicine ball
1) nibble on the bookmark
1) do you remember being there?
1) years agone
1) now we are here
1) we don’t know anything about it anymore
1) i don’t know any women
1) ways to means
1) gonch
1) referree referer
1) temper, temper
1) I_O_
1) nibble on the postcard
1) sucking in all the information
1) ass consciousness
1) buy a lot of books?
1) buy your books at “value village”
1) we don’t need no information

Friday, March 26, 2010


rocks on the photocopier, bad
paper, crowdy corner, mist
opening, roundly ignored, shop
where & tear, my body’s killing
me, enrich its cultural holdings
, the size of a large bassett hound,
plural?, logotectonic, this
side of the see, logo the rap,
thot we might like to read, what
is winning now, on the way to,
going to do, laying in versus
laying out, consort eh?,
can you tell me what this
says?, get particulate, knowball,
cussed ode, todaying, same
quality of light, buyin’ airy,
hound red, mislifed, a word
said, repleat, take it upon
yourself then, still current,
nobody wants your shite, get
thru yer head, poison please,
humiliatin’, importin’ thinks
to think, just junk, on!, too
weaks, just down the street,
all line meants, i cunt
do it, found a wave, center
cuntest, the machine is thinking
about you, recenter, e-mpty,
this gorge, sense surrounded
by, be you tea, whole name, y’wannathink,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

JUL 05 2008, (pm) 9:30

1) let’s try to unearth the complete text
1) starting from so…
1) when we were all leaving together
1) open your head and let the demons out
1) father worrying about the paternity of his children
1) probity probation
1) let us continue to learn
1) flounderments?
1) paroemiography
1) one is long gone
1) superheroic writing
1) not going to be making any splashes, are we?
1) ackachunka
1) dancing and having fun in the dirt
1) maybe get a credit card for the kids
1) the age at which they go missing
1) what is so embarrassing about poetry?
1) tantivy lace
1) vespertine
1) taking up a lot of space on the page
1) puncta delentia
1) identify!
1) this double hyphen is your only hint & clue
1) annotated by baby
1) cinnabar azure
1) footing the bill yourself
1) a dime goes in, a dime comes out
1) in and out the bucket
1) whatever was in the envelope is gone
1) adjre
1) cjcls
1) the hand almost looks familiar
1) keep trying you will
1) could we get tom robbins to sign this?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

JUL 16 2008, (pm) 4:00

1) lichen job
1) one shell & one stone
1) candle honey
1) the paints that aints
1) i prefer the reality
1) genuine or
1) “lines” of “text”
1) cunjunct
1) are you still there? are you still there?
1) this ain’t lotus land
1) did we go together? or did we go alone?
1) seemingly together
1) txn
1) directions to doing an odd job
1) the other Einstein: Carl (Existence & Aesthetics, pre-1940)
1) evaluate this, muthafutha!
1) Jost Hermand
1) the li... brar... y...
1) a month in the library
1) one feels content
1) flowers for halloween?
1) what was the name of Ather.....?
1) one still has teeth
1) decomposing letters
1) paint it purple
1) she does have a point
1) this is not the sort of concrete we are after
1) run across the street and pick up some cream
1) run across the street and pick up some wine
1) a not her
1) History of the Harlequinade – Maurice Sand
1) neos & neos again
1) people we worked with
1) the moment your hand started to fail

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"underwater bars"

see too much, incomplete letters,
paper dead weight, refuse to sign,
more time spent not acting, underwater
bars, a type of note, am facing me,
zero ex, you never made this bed
of nails & now you gotta lie in it,
besides taking money out of you,
becalming more a where, planing
things down to a tea, out of a hat,
ix food, mind like sift, not even
moderate income, found is one
thing stolen is another, the date
is your elephant, get what you
order, glance into memory,
trying to figure out where it
resides, mere spillage, lost
our balance, left a tear in
the sheets, where is this from
again?, wanna go for a box ride?
, what the eye heard, sow memory,
who remembers the armenian
rub us?, can po, pig meat is
what i crave, nothing is free,
who needs paper?, had an
oppour tune ity arise, blow
ink, nothing ever came of no
thing, unattractive box, a
hole lifetime, no apology, saw
on the bus, fave sex shun, tao,

Monday, March 22, 2010

JUL 17 2008, (am) #2

1) publish first read later
1) i never said i was going to publish
1) the secret of death
1) each letter has it’s own emphasis
1) Daniel Yergin
1) can so-and-so come out & play?
1) bringing together & bringing apart
1) baltimore?!
1) i’m just a placeholder (not even!)
1) this bookmark has never been in a book
1) fill all blanks
1) Dirty Oil Free™
1) two hundred dollars worth of pain
1) final statement for visual poetry
1) can i get a copy of your name?
1) Sir Jammer surgehammer
1) beautiful reflections coming off the coins
1) longing for a good book
1) you have to wait, the book is not even published yet
1) don’t let it pass
1) Ross Donald Priddle
1) ticking off specks
1) lay the text to rest (for a while)
1) manzanita olive bp
1) see how fast you can burn thru money
1) thank god the pen died
1) tell me how bad this sucks
1) way back in July 2006
1) the ink gets on the paper
1) the complete text will never be assembled
1) even the black toner has rainbows in it
1) let the ribbon fade
1) you can’t possibly read this
1) tremolo

Sunday, March 21, 2010

JUL 06 2008, (am) #1

1) ribbon fade
1) miscus
1) writing on paper is not as effective as
1) why would you want to promulgate this sort of nonsense?
1) when you erase you lose history
1) one has not been intoxicated
1) she stole atoms
1) he’s an airhead in idaho
1) find we
1) you can take your little check & shove it!
1) let us begin a photograph
1) one would like to quit writing
1) glas plere
1) penny envelope
1) the misregistered text
1) atomic moss
1) locational judge
1) breaker one nine
1) toner horse
1) trying to track down (and succeeding!)
1) reduce this down to atc size
1) the name of the month, oh!
1) because it contains a personal message
1) did tick
1) slummin’ w/ giants
1) why you continue?
1) mentally designated
1) one likes to remember what one has said
1) select another direction
1) why should i flog this dead horse for you?
1) the problem was with the copier
1) gopherward
1) you could easily date
1) long gone

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"a hundred wolves"

at home daught calm, unawares, we
aren’t going to take our medication
anymore, clothes close off, in the
sweat of the event, change how we
read, we are open, is aboat, wholly
text, full of wholes, scratch
tape, more jumbled, of course
it’s real, it is a cycle of continual
change, smaller than small
press, all access, in house, side
issue, copier makes copies that
look like this, mag round, call
that thinking?, unhung with
leap, owe it to us, disinhabit,
exploding name, red-codes,
unticked talks, getting to be
a whole year, weary of time,
in this year, discontinued
english patterns, pre-dated,
income pat abilities, just a
name, a magnum of pus,
crammer in, beyond daze,
swifty, duplicate number,
sufficiently suffoncified?,
lapsed gasp, saying things are
going to happen, a one off,
a hundred wolves a hundred
& nine, coming out of
retirement, crystal book,
live days, the hole has-to-do-with,

Friday, March 19, 2010

JUL 17 2008, (am) #4

1) actually three years ago
1) beehive behaviour
1) i’ll add your card to my collection
1) pho dao
1) eleven bucks ?! for little bits of paper
1) chestermere, blackie,
1) why take it away only to give it back
1) worst case scenario:
1) RIBE OXY nucleic acid
1) how can you eat the same shit day after day?
1) brother
1) kinda steep tho!
1) a giant pile zine called MIDDEN
1) woo kee
1) the anti-social committee
1) since when does “able bodied” mean male?
1) better off just leave it blank
1) those socks you are wearing are made in...?
1) seek shelter in a ditch
1) where’s yr dopp kit?
1) Jamie Dopp
1) the dirt in the grocery store
1) hypotenuseless

Thursday, March 18, 2010

JUL 17 2008, (am) #3

1) yeah, i can wait a couple years, no problem
1) can i offer these?
1) you can use those cut corners
1) meanwhile time is passing all this time
1) if you’re going to put something on it
1) little fragment of paper with something profound on it
1) ink works better
1) the clean-shaven phrase
1) a person passionate about cheese
1) who needs meat when you have oil?
1) desire yourself to death
1) just say no to dirty oil™
1) could buy, goodbye, could buy, goodbye
1) too much medication
1) 4 am you get up & google “food poisoning, rice”
1) the “adventure” continues
1) the town was designed by a criminologist
1) do you realize how fast you can burn thru ten grand?
1) garbage used as a carrier for art
1) we thought it might be information, but...
1) do you have this Booth Ranches fruitsticker?
1) you could open your own factory
1) the most we can say
1) meng fan
1) hopefully it didn’t go thru twice
1) & here we go again
1) you’ve got it to spare
1) milk ray
1) immaculate banana
1) frightful expenditure
1) frightful expenditure
1) microcrystalline wax
1) severe wonderstorm
1) sheesh kaboom!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"nobody bothers to read these"

under glass, the whole home, prefer
to sit with our back to it, cheese free,
the split eye, overlaying eggs,
deterioration going on, nobody
bothers to read these, unreadable,
so you can get something, might
differ, miss the joke, four ?
eighteen ?, hit the jackpot on the
first pull, other than english or
french, sweet for rent,
non-normative, over the border-
line, happen to be saying,
imagine making ourselves,
no bray!, signce, we have in our
possession, ever been to concrete,
beyond recall, the book of
contention, closed door policy,
halfheal, already there,
rebegin at the bottom,
block grants ?, under mine ?,
car money, becoming a non-
member, mock up soup, from
the ain’t yet of daze, pub ?,
in other words fixed,
learn the art way, a little
too effective maybe, words
pulled us, autonomous eye,
the privy ledge of paying tax,
what does this sign say ?,
not missable, flood texts,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

JUL 05 2008, (am) #2

1) prefer the misregistered image
1) annotated trash
1) the heart & soul are the true objectives of my
1) when all else fails try ink
1) a yankee sawback
1) we were hoping to be doing a bit more bizniz
1) bottom of the barrel sludge (oilman’s delight)
1) Glas - Derrida
1) this bit of writing is not writing at all
1) if you don’t want to write, why do you insist on writing?
1) most people are in the red
1) in voice we trust
1) help me i’m lost
1) thou shalt not lose thy temper
1) Kenebowe, ID
1) atomic reality
1) soundasleepness
1) get alot of random art in the mail
1) nothing is random
1) Toner Vista
1) stuffing a lamb
1) you don’t like where the text is going

JUL 05 2008, (am) #1

1) money penny
1) finalize your debt
1) remember driving up alongside the blgd
1) is this the newest of the news?
1) sturho
1) stamp damaged by postal system
1) that’s the way the mind works after it has been
1) wiry hand-writing
1) debt debris
1) solicitor client privilege
1) lululation
1) save the pizza box
1) the exact texture of the plastic
1) qty friday
1) just pull the plastic bag over your face &
1) like when i’m driving in the car...
1) perfectly reuseable bookmark
1) easy enuf to write a check
1) penny pulp
1) water alcohol
1) the price of rice
1) i’m a slave to the bean
1) two hours of classic rock
1) humvee music
1) toasty toes
1) your days are running out
1) keep the coupon in your wallet
1) a rubberstamp that says “a rubberstamp that says”
1) thank god the alphabet is not infinite
1) trim the art down a wee bit
1) you were so beautiful (in 1956)
1) ink just fine
1) fun is being had
1) a higher quality envelope

Monday, March 15, 2010


in a place of light, skin milk, set
this down, of other, less other,
seamless eye &, purr fold,
still long, late to rest,
photo-shock therapy, won’t some-
body please explain this to me?!,
half a cent, back digging, eye
am ussed, with any other purchase,
was a trance later used?,
star sixty-nine, national
typographic, overreview,
actual poetry, a zine called
foist & another named
actionable & one more entitled
misnomer, six souls, genuine
menace, reading the mental
fine print, turning a horsey
into a knight, paper cuts,
trance pyre, slick goopy number
game, what box?, generous
momentum, ban kings, ex
press without the squeeze,
actually being all the way
there, sold sold sold sold,
rebird book, microsystematic,
the ckech is in the mail,
bittered art, not for joe
average joe, d-elite, ©,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

JUL 02 2008, (pm) 8:00

1) i’d like to quit writing
1) multiculturalism and politics
1) little wooden disk
1) num wun
1) precarious before the fall
1) don’t remember ever phoning anyone
1) asciian
1) “ascii” – those without shadows
1) Nathanael Carpenter - Geography (1625)
1) g s / t
1) one shaped
1) trim to fit
1) speak, toner!
1) eye ell
1) nonsignifying smudge
1) fucking blank
1) get thee to a library
1) speck of bryophyta
1) where the hell is “Waterlily Lake”?
1) galimafree
1) octothorp
1) the “just being glad game”
1) vox pop
1) one dollar (666)
1) egregarious
1) lays regular
1) scrimshoner
1) poikilo-
1) the debt police
1) “chicken-chaser”
1) Marceline Desbordes-Valmore
1) Turkey 1908
1) Samuel Hopkins Adams
1) slantindicular

Saturday, March 13, 2010

JUL 04 2008, 8:00 (pm)

1) glas
1) bolus
1) jejune morsels
1) pettifogger
1) vcts
1) six thousand pennies
1) float & gush
1) sepo
1) earn, crawe, finc, wrenna, ule, spearwa
1) arn, krawa, fincho, rentilo, uwila, sparo
1) seven plowing oxen
1) the word for the day is “dollar diplomacy”
1) palin
1) text-reality
1) spirit turd
1) Lychett-on-Heath
1) roturier
1) scrifan
1) meanwhile, penniless
1) a blushing crow
1) nechako-ization
1) whad
1) Andrew Wright
1) Lise Giguère
1) left to interact with
1) paper schism
1) zzzzz
1) Av
1) actual size
1) interets
1) liou
1) in finnerty
1) flip this over
1) plere

Friday, March 12, 2010

"total flow"

in place of light, solved in advance,
flowed tex, eye tell a size, comes
a burthen, find the price of a
photocopy, the absence of meaning,
how it got to that level,
fluctuating around zero, start
keeping track, still another out,
getting quite a collection, has
been changed, a zine called glitch,
two three two, two thru to, avoid-
dance, relate fake, couldn’t make
hide nor tail out of it, unbounded,
a day later, two to four grammes,
real persons, float them down
river, satsuma blank, the left
open to, don’t mind all the ads,
is it real or is it memory?,
holding off the inevitable,
wise acre, the kind of shit that
will kill you, distract us from
the real, no question of spending,
immediate environmentalism,
cover the cost of total flow, it’s an
institution, sub tend, thru from
ab ovo, explorde out the back,
where she stops nobody knows!,
refusing to vote, forthcame!,
a page from the book, hot young
canlit, unburyable, inparticulate,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"saint upidity"

the zombie ninja poet is collecting
dust, this is visual communication,
where does the copy go, with faith
in the present, we need more pennies,
damn right i stole it, i was going
to say something, it’s not illegible
if you already know what it says,
the house is still there, dear
stefano, a photocopy of nothing,
the last thing i have to say, now
annotate the annotations, ain’t
saint upidity, i’d rather not be
referring to at all, yer
fuckin’ unedjukated, folding
issues, here’s another folding
issue, you’re going to unfold
it anyway, came out blacker,
the solidity and the dust,
that’s a ten dollar bill, it’s
a fragment of a ten dollar
bill, e-mail makes language
fly, every time i copy this
it comes out different, now
you know how much of a
monster i am, put a lock on
the school door, i put an
annotation right on it, now it
is worth more, talk about
credit where credit is due,
the weight of it is gone,
it all depends on how your
french is,

"smashing the state begins at home"

you can’t see the orange but
you know it is there, maybe
they have not lost touch with
themselves, the dripping
faucet is morse code, what
do you prefer: the living or
the dead, maybe you’ve got
your shoulder to the wrong
wheel, the dead are still
kicking, smashing the state
begins at home, real actual
shit, why has this arisen
again, include a real penny,
did we miss the boat that
sank, we always need more
punishment, it’s a painting
duh, what is the machine
doing, don’t do that, oh i see
what it’s doing, it’s pretty:
what’s wrong with pretty, all
the colour has been bled, the
original going backward,
include god, some of the
blanks we intended to fill,
all the references you ever
missed, you miss all the
references to certain things,
saint eam,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"replete dyer"

what is time?, what is this “time”
people are always talking about?,
hang up & end your connection,
shed the machine, just say no
to multinational corporations,
you said you’d send to me,
interior warp, from trees,
doomsday device, repleted yer,
damned poets, bypass
language all together, the
concrete world, help
communication or expression
, show you the tropes, tup
her where sand paper, see
meant, this talking cure, this
is for the people on the
stairs, yeah i got stuff on
the web but i don’t actually
surf myself, a long concrete
passageway, kiss all you ess
eh artists, lamp mal,
reproduction of deterioration
, so fast a nation, see there?,
remove all juices, fun mon,
a dart (pass on, limited reality,
outernet (meatspace, a language
of silence, contents must be
compatible with the
container, sigh here, love vol,

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"smear of shit"

you have to check to see whether it’s a copy or
not, the last time we ever wrote a word like we
meant it, good old “smear of shit”, it already was
“produced”, none of them went nowhere, the file of dead
souls, we experience a sense of loss, do you need to have
the original and the copy side by side?, anchor rain,
it’s not about “saving paper”, i can swell your
beauty, this is a project we are still working on, hold
within nothing, do you really think any of this needs
to be repeated?, consolidate ate solid con,

JUN 30 2008 (am) #2

1) the good things you are doing
1) do you want me to stop?
1) the dinosaur bones are the ground

"feeding the bureau"

still using obsolete technology,
dot uri, has a monopoly on
computers, change copy shops,
simultaneous impressions,
clemency of, larger copy window,
nothing adverse, for not of,
typewriter original, black and
white lies, page and screen,
need to know where you live or,
printed on and written on, what
were you doing when this was
being written, say ah, forward
text, trancing horizontal, beam
clustered elum, coffee and
oranges, begin another trance,
feeding the beaureau, only for
seconds, bl fors, nothing
original for a change, get it
over with, actual kissing, serve
english, gama dimed, pet set,
do you see what is happening,
data fabrication,

Monday, March 08, 2010

"para-lysergic point"

su press, for you, this is a thing,
the trick with paper, unproduced
thing, know the system, para-
lysergic point, this space for rent,
steel engraving ice, already is
pent, any other between, when
worms fly, poetry rip-off, yup,
we slipping into eye, mysterious
work, just ice palace, resist
meaning?, a movie about jam,
performance properties,
nine nine nine, our twirled,
concrete lives, imp yer
fections of the book, takes
time to sea, aleph you,
seeing opportunity, what
for a thing is this?, the leering
void, elevate! maintain!
annihilate!, i suppose that
uh..., cleaning up the text,
retroactive unmaking,
reaching one’s ground by
disintegrating, alt i’m,
wither without the
apostrophe, blazin’ reality,
furl of, not poetry poetry,
almost number, this is all
till, it’s over it’s over it’s over,

Saturday, March 06, 2010

JUL 02 2008, (pm) 4:00

1) at financial zero
1) fitty
1) you could be paying twenty cents a copy
1) what was the garment?
1) one crummy copy
1) after the fact, but before the...
1) one oh three is you
1) nine one five is me
1) zero is me (one is you)
1) it’s not the different
1) run up your credit cards
1) bank balance: one dollar, sixty-six cents
1) the only thing you need to worry about (today)
1) sing a song of
1) let us share a bit of bread
1) the toner is trying to say something
1) distena
1) bulawayo
1) why should i give you my hard earned money?
1) this ain’t no joke: being broke
1) repleted your cranium
1) now we are back down to $3.43
1) money omen
1) where are you going to get your next dollar
1) pukka orchestra
1) regular consumption of yogurt
1) “centgener”
1) reading without using your eyes
1) you only have to go crazy once
1) dear granum,
1) meaty scientific
1) you’ve only got a dollar sixty-six to your name
1) 1726
1) photofinishing photostarting

Friday, March 05, 2010

JUL 01 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) you can take your little invoice & shove it
1) maror & charoset
1) la napa
1) who made this mark and why?
1) the brother of Death
1) Terence - Eunuchus
1) ducere
1) Aphra Behn - The Amorous Prince (1671)
1) Robert Burns “Address to the Unco Guid”
1) Sir Walter Scott – The Bride of Lammermoor
1) Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815)
1) Benjamin Stillingfleet
1) William Hazlitt (1822)
1) pridian intoxication
1) William Thackeray (1840)
1) Charles Dickens - David Copperfield
1) Lorenzo Tonti (1653)
1) beyeten
1) melior
1) Fly (1910)
1) tap toe
1) quasi vestigiis nostris insistere
1) Elizabeth Catlett “Homage to My Young Black Sisters” (1968)
1) countertime
1) a combination of letters forming a sacred word
1) J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hobbit (1937)
1) St. Inkfinger
1) polyfillah
1) pasch
1) nychthemeron
1) 9/11/00
1) poetry exchange
1) ridic!
1) convenience check

Thursday, March 04, 2010


file open, activity frameworks (whited
out, the opening side, for else,
wet concrete, thru the echo mike,
leaving us more vulnerable,
women woven, use the index,
fairly lazy, eye can hear the light,
spoken big thor, at the fold,
original nothing, able to act,
who foist, makes green, eye
not why, getting over, old
buildings imp loading, never
showed, saint urb, serotonin
zen, counterimp earialism,
confessing to his torical errors,
seein’ rail, essentially human
concerns (ist, alp flow, so
totally not, cyberpsychosis,
assault on limits or border
war, multisexual, rev you,
miss quoting, tojo miles per
hour, forkin’ sideration, the
kind stuff, machine writer,
a sieve memory, a represent-
ation of the page, you can
dig, more of, brit brit brit,
is that me?!, mickey finisht,
renovember, thank you for
bringing that to light,
when your socks get holes
where them upside down,
for getting, unplug the computer,

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

APR 18 2008 (pm) 8:00 (cont.)

1) dump fest
1) documents of the revolution
1) subversive underground
1) remember: violent nonobjectiveness
1) chime for
1) entropy the conceptology of haterdom
1) teenage anarchists
1) coffee binge
1) the zombie effect
1) this is not exactly available
1) generates exit
1) classical plagiarism
1) Peirat Serge
1) jack text
1) demolish serious culture
1) art hritis
1) yawn

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

APR 18 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) no more hand
1) empty bottle dot
1) is this the little book that all the fuss is about?
1) uttertrance
1) the forgotten b-side
1) gigantic mailart assemblage
1) my mechanical insides
1) possible trance systems
1) trance plunge
1) xerophrenia: copy everything
1) destroy authority
1) schizoversive
i itt mazoo
1) copy up a stack of attack
1) new art strike
1) paini
1) violent nonobjectiveness
1) eleutheros
1) it’s six o’clock
1) yezitive
1) the new moment
1) neverism
1) momentism
1) neoanarchy
1) whatever comes to hand
1) set yourself desire
1) genuine underground
1) make ‘em bay
1) go naked for a sign
1) karen eliot est moi
1) swamp fest
1) Frances Barton Coleman
1) destruction of family
1) poster your city

Monday, March 01, 2010

"ladder roll!"

needs a drop of, my ‘nd, not you,
nothing against banks?, taking
space up, distribution work,
to sign together, i know with my
mind, do you need numbers?,
page fifty-seven dross, info-ad,
no ess, gvess a, a geist, creative
disorder, re(dis)tribution,
eco-capitalism, thinkin’
sideways, ladder roll!, bonded
by junk, taking water, cross
imp act, ex-speculating,
still existing, newly branded,
c arð, usu, recognizable eye,
yes is already said, brutain,
this mailing, gender gap?,
look lock, dollar to death,
poetry in a box, bring for
words, questionablle message,
smallesse, selfink, selflife,
i am sam i am, doing th’ is,
angst tone unit, act chully,
singing in the street,
soiled mail, tibed, getting
elsewhere, self-identity,
the crispness spirit,
leg it, unsigned work,
attemptation, sure bro’ ,
dig in to deep, kind of
reading, sticky pages,
number temp, will to
feel, there you weren’t,