Thursday, January 31, 2013


i spent sixty cents on you, horre,
ahoj, bainbridge georgia, y, roy
alabama, lil, lithochrome trash,
just keep babbling, whammu, note
all the little swastikas, sapper,
microformats, florachology,
concrete inversion, operation
cornflakes, the ohio grassman,
deveria, up-island, burnt
rubber stamps, omb cluster,
metalepsis, culturalization,
dedifferentiation, cultural
resistance, the feminization
of superexploitation,
disneyfication, geoculture,
americanization, not sure
where this piece of fluff
came from, mixpelling,
working our way down and
back, there ain’t gonna be
no next time, magnet schools,
borderlands-of-science, not
even hoping for any mail,
spend the rest of your life
playing chess,

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


the hand says a word, the title
says it all, throw out the
envelope, locust valley, discharge
from the bowel, sao stands for,
bloody flux, grufo unchained,
american doll with banana,
daddaland, doll with head,
vox blissett, mike dyar, dyer,
fishfinger, buy inspiration,
spiral op, what tells you,
any old hat, deep research marcel,
infinite chorus line, the
moment you hit the print button,
who’s the dude on the fifty,
the crowded page, postage where
postage is due, aka betty
stork, boy howdy, defo, pino,
unableham, ajaxpipe
quickling, superconsciousness,
i consider this work, jung
fluxus, perimenopause,
black carrots, the only
vegetable, international
cluster, yardbird, short
tandem repeats, some other
dude did it, null alleles,
dye blobs, electropherogram,
culture ideology of
consumerism, structure
of feeling,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


load in subdued light, legs
meant to be open, still surging,
still sot, the crimson one, the
mint one, how’s your pan, who’s
sign is this, fullwit, better
not let you have this in
writing, stambro, animal
hoarder, dreamliner, lambic,
aggressive beaver on the
rampage, avatars-as-art,
superprims, turn off computer
once and for all, forget the
food, hops essence, i want to
buy some art from you,
coffee filler, eat the apricot,
just the one poem, spaces of
flows, ideological software,
tolerant contact, relations of
disjuncture, lost geography,
red thread, post-nafta poetics,
active individualism, the
social horizon, super-
imperialism, three thousand
two hundred and ninety-eight
page, a font that fill out
the page, examine the original
in good light, the g, a long
wake, bibendum, there is
nothing on the internet,

Monday, January 28, 2013


it’s not a bad little thing,
the canadian excuse, waka poetry,
approve of intoxication, we
still have a drop left, nothing
to do with love, globe thistle
cluster, damage the art forward,
all angles, all garbage, pink
flecks, broxberry, the hagfish
a critter that excretes,
scrambled signals, tchotchke,
sparts, accacia, social reproduction,
deindustrialization, the
figure of outward, post-politics,
no that’s not a semicolon that’s
an i, the moment the molecule
rose to the top, the failure to
change is the, maybe you
should go back to, get black
and stay black, zero demand,
enjoy slave, lacking the means
of subsistence, harriet poetry,
last and least, fuzzing up
the line, fuzzy seahorse,
here we can trace the
branch points, fools rush to
the top, suckpess, super-
legible, gar sixty, if
everybody is fluxus then
nobody is fluxus, let’s
forget the internet,

Sunday, January 27, 2013


slave cylinder piston, to distro
or not to distro, pink means nothing,
macon bacon, racketeer influence
and corrupt organizations act,
hot potato routing, skelaxin,
mullerian agenesis, direct
intraperitoneal insemination,
the constant hunger to be exposed,
anarcho-gnosticism, pleather,
zombie satellite, girl in a
hat box, phudi, i don’t feel
anything when i, the land of
no receipts, signing is one thing
initialing is another, about
random, the instrumentalization
of culture, canada in the
world, the end of irony,
cultural instruction,
transnational literacy, super
individualization, an
international counter-public,
one has felt the bite of,
the language of the zodiac
killer, the little muscle
that gives us opposable thumbs,
shit we lived thru, seattle
down, blocks of text off-

Saturday, January 26, 2013


enjoy all the textures, search
the web with this text, stick with
the art, all the shit you were
ignoring comes back to haunt
you, what does it say, preussische,
you like to think your two cents
worth is worth two cents but,
who the hell is harper,
fdlaudxaudsa, peak oil day
came and went, my cupcake
phase is over, actually eat
a large bowl of tapioca
pudding, art in contact, refuse
the designation, reset the
teaser, if you’ve seen one
poem by so-and-so you’ve seen
‘em all, love chains or chains
of love, e-nothing, one gives
tunnel, neuroeconomist, in
cyberspace no one can hear
you scream, the zahle,
sinners unite, one has fierce
brand loyalties, writer’s
corkscrew, corkscrew cluster,
up and over the pain point,
for ross priddle who never
even appreciated it,
metamedia, prising open,
autogestion, mediatization,

Friday, January 25, 2013

"visualisierung von leseprozessen"

a simple demand, i think i recognize
the hand of, the universal tampon,
usm, the individuals in the
network, chan art, a bit of the
nude thigh, the room in-side the
room, visualisierung von
leseprozessen, the flap needs to
be tucked, your ticket is number
thirty-four, a collection of
grass from the ground, digital
skulls, scratch art, i’d like to
see all sixty, communication
positive, still aye one, autodidakt,
one is a symbol, hoag art, gac,
i’m glad i can’t read, amazia,
kwantlen, there’s even a little
something under the flap, never
say mere, nth degree replica,
hammer that angel, subtle
cheese, it says simble, the
hands of time, art and what
happens to it, who counts the
meat, betty boop in your eye,
sol de piedra, wake up your
unlimited potential, pick
a mask any mask, redline
bag, tomorrow eighty-five,
fresnoy, one has an all
problem, a gift for
twenty-ten, face value,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"situational ethics"

dreamwhile, propolis, poogs, the
smile at the foot of the ladder,
eating pennies, habit end of
colonization, beer cup snakes,
heatsinks, the patridiotic act,
situational ethics, chi gung,
experimental ethics, use the art,
forget the artist, what do you
got against slogans, slogans
preclude thinking, ethically
comfortable human, voir dire,
technologies of exclusion,
technologies of subjection,
exclude citizens from human,
interactive soap operas, eyes on
the street, reregulation, the
safe streets act, social
reproduction, south of detroit,
you have left the american
sector, character assassination,
closure to your heart, study
the original, try to envision
the text that will arrive,
ribbon haze, want face,
yammering mit, fluxorcism,
the one of cups, brulee,
the network extends to, the
mighty ray, refluxus,
one has a poem to give,
trax, settle for repro,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


get blank and stay blank, keurig,
hippoetry, never even realized it
was water, set up another stack,
cross all five hundred out one
by one, butter and sand, one more
slogan, the words will be along
any minute now, omo a omo,
experiments hasten the collapse,
q no, guaracha, pretextual,
post-textual, england’s
cultural heritage, odyssee,
lacerated achilles tendon,
pre-eclampsia, liquefy corpses,
ever changes history, this can
go, this is the future, the
extra copy is going to cause
confusion, flug, reading
languages, griot squad, try
to move the mountain,
photopunk, a conscious tendency
towards self-destruction,
meaningless replication,
follow wallet, we are all
gone, seahorse leapfrog,
someone’s been broadcasting
your address, forgot to flip,
staple gouge, let the clock,
ficz, the text takes flight
from its material
circumstances, here’s your
oh, one whunk, are you,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"reality hacking"

all text is gone, nothing owns me,
zynga, lead generation, reality
hacking, love never dies, seabiscuit,
icing the body electric, multiscalar,
cultural engine of heterogeneity,
actually existing neoliberalism,
polycentric, presentism, end of
history that coincides,
classical liberalism, roll-back
versus roll-out neoliberalism,
creative destruction, synovial
fluid, counter-nationalism,
real socialism, dual power,
autogestion, the new spirit
of capitalism, social
capitalism, write indiscernibly,
any idea what this fold is
for, hair and dust, a half-
circle of chairs empty, are
you blank,

Monday, January 21, 2013

"medical intuitives"

fluxriot, babyland, acme alberta,
seawhores, televispo, five-htp,
medical intuitives, betazoid,
all, what are these all natural
ingredients, peroni nastro,
approved liquor, put davidson
saskatchewan on the map,
drink it all away, addicted to
mail, roadside booklet, still
need your pop, i don’t even think
of you, azzurro, annihilated
space, soap slivers for the
great unwashed, dobbers,
dubstep, parapsychology,
indigent, the very bad men,
put up a hue and cry,
vidi vici veni, sex is rape,
might not wanna put it
thru the finisher, am or
pm, i forgot to google you,
zoo herald,

Sunday, January 20, 2013


you think you’re a cygnet, i
think your thinking is beyond me,
heracleum mantegazzianum,
the end of north america,
neighming, hyperliterary
theorist, the revolution starts
on the corner of, dongle,
godblock, shemhamphorasch,
shivadarshana, we’ve still
got to do some work together,
voclm, i check you off my
list, avoiding all real world
interaction, i know what your
name means, all refers to,
ten by twenty-five, lsd
millionaire, we need a
gap, spot the magic clue,
no time left to fill the
blank, thinkership, neo-orange
henna, post-conceptual,
neo-conceptual, noulipian,
the griot squad,

Saturday, January 19, 2013


oy gavalt, toner on toner, aireola,
mailart arts, you can’t dip your
toe in the ocean without, para-
media, why no return address,
don’t step down, is this the same
ross, the system you have develop,
hightstown, the ash lad, racemic,
plagiarhythm, chapel perilous,
moebius transformations,
cymatic, netrail, moss middle,
i dreamed about you, art today,
all today, all all all today,
buck seventy is a tall order,
language to cover a page, the
quality of the receipt, the
book is one thing: the words are
another, keep the book out of
direct sunlight, the book is one
thing: the dustjacket is another,
how does a lawyer get it into
her head, disposable poetics,
vumming, agnomination,
salamander vetch, dogie,
split the difference on the
clock, is that a colon or a
semi-colon, refuse to use
search engines, one is candy,
deal with the blank, if
the paper has the least bit
of damage, fluxus weed,

Friday, January 18, 2013

"radical interactionism"

herhaald verzcek, fluxus breeder,
tamp, i’ve got a few new, pagina one
van one, psychoanalysis art, hit
the cover, who gets the nod, this is
the next one, the mail is going so
fast, birra peroni, chamulas, the
grim sleeper, rabble fish, geoloc,
luckyboarding, add this to your
cart motherfucker, the staining
is from meat, infinite angles,
you and your fucking all,
microknowledge, cauchemars,
notcalgary, deaf jerk son,
anti-neoliberalism, culturalism,
radical interactionism, scale
bending, global hyphen local,
glocalization, an ownership
society, and zen some, nobody
is somebody in particular,
one is earning, scholarship
boy, transnationalized as
in drank, vispassana, just
fill it, are you zoo,

Thursday, January 17, 2013


once fluxus always fluxus,
park slope, australian lady fingers,
post industrial waste, america for
sale, non-deformed avocados,
wentwith, eat art, why no question
marks, i liked it better before
i knew what it was, the way
things were better in nineteen
seventy-two, this ain’t the last
book, mesosphere, project honey
pot, enantiomorphine, precide,
penultimate hop popping,
penny farthing, photograms,
mannamorph, tweedweave, hinds
creamy emollients, reune,
passive resistance, trench art,
subjective correlative, avant
terror, ablative sublime,
zymosis, objectile, renfro,
facing your losses, consider
it marked, selasphorus,
demonsteration, nothing special
about the original, an
imperfect blank, the voices
of idiots ringing in our
ears, weed,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


an elegant little free brochure,
a colour change, hungry ghosts,
the demons must be fed, epically
hate corporate, the prison industrial
complex, hope kills, psychophysics,
tardigrades, the drop, don’t take
the bath tissue into the tub,
all that cluster, meta-awareness,
reality star, hot penny, the
sexual politics of meat,
negative awareness, k’intus,
mujonomiento, clusters of stars,
negative constellations,
sightlines, ukuku, diamond
phallus, the disease of
interpretation, the paper has
a nice body to it, this top part
has already been replicated,
slip the file folder from
one heap of files to another,
keep out of the margins, porn
riot, a collection of blank
things, flopsy trademark,
the very first person to ever
use the word, typing without
a ribbon, it used to signify
something but, leaphorse,
the shape of a cow, i’ve
seen the thing itself online,
every week you fail to act,
picked up a stone,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


add this to the collection,
philosopher gets stabbed in back,
canasnacks, riot tourism, coltan,
this chick with her cunt hanging
out, trop dead, goo is not in
the spellchecker, energon, bis
with a bias, peaceful violence,
bentjune, bentzoon, northeast
wholesale, my favourite venue,
facing events, i commit all
my crimes for you, this is
chapped, give it your alls,
ethnoarchaeology, the falldown
effect, too meaningful,
telebegging, why are we
wrecking this paper, paranoiac
all, rent beauty, orangery,
tactical hand,

Monday, January 14, 2013


riot porn, anarcho-squeegee kids,
rent space, not wet from the rain
but, protein cluster, one writes
as if one were performing a
dance, you have tickets but
you might not want to go, your
printer versus my printer, fsc,
affinity clusters, the strangles,
tojo-maki, caress, seamarks,
chronometer, clusters of
humanity, spondylus, oca,
wavesplitter, concreted the
relation, squinzia, pulzella,
plummeting one tee, you
coulda come up a point,
let’s keep the face out of it,
chajari trademark,

Sunday, January 13, 2013


did this say something, what’s
the pink part, all the people who
are unwanted, rubble of aerosol
cans, glotzkastenglut, swivelhead,
blamf, being there at the
moment of the earthquake,
drop head coupe, hold up to light
to verify, you can object to this
assessment, does this mean
anything, matane, muzzle
blasts, too many cameras not
enuf molotov cocktails,
bedwork, shoot down black
helicopters, shinyism, book
of dollars, note ghost of poem,
i think of you, all this
money is becoming a problem,
the suit takes a tumble,
don’t confuse your self with
your avatar, orange and
blue cluster, landfinding,
the bird man cult, the
expedition crested the
heights, the flying death,
elaboration of high culture,
funereal mosses, barbasco,
swidden, bushmaster,
decided not to stand on
ceremony, eat writing,

Saturday, January 12, 2013


unicursal hexagram, optography,
telemortarismo, skillpissing,
black bloc panties, plastic shaman,
reverse capgras delusion, ssri,
i don’t even think of the artwork
as yours anymore, low rain, anonart,
kishka, can you really just come
like that, eulachon, the human
cultural experience, melaleuca,
it takes a hundred books to
write a book, misoprostol,
unicorn meat, leptoglossus
occidentalis, ego-surfing,
online reputation management,
anomic, twihards, a zine called
holepunch, measure twice cut once,
neighborhood cluster, dream
penny, massive blackout, smell
your armpits left and right,
ventilation repetition, the
technical moment, one quarter
full, forward toner, actually
do nothing, all fade away,
the new machine sucks, the
magic seahorse, you’re getting
break-up on all your lines,
i love ell, you gotta watch
your window here, changing
the density did fuck all,
would you mind working
on white paper, 

Friday, January 11, 2013


chajari, are these marks putten
here, hojo, these look for all the
world like maple leaves, an open
form, bigote, is somebody hijacking
the train, printing with bubble
wrap, the copy suggests an original,
the maple leaf is the default,
underground infrastructure,
armchair anarchist, kraken, the
rentagon, you don’t get the
margin, orange blue cluster,
wayfinder, pandanus, pelagic,
enormous honour to a clan,
ipomoea batatas, nothing
but books, one curse hex writing,
go ribbon free, perianal,
synaloephetically, every word
is a registered trademark,

Thursday, January 10, 2013


under the armpits, ouch not with
the scissors, death life and, the
the, kibosh-o-meter, handwriting
analysis on the longhands,
focus on the nazi regalia, you’re
coming along said the cops, for
instance a word like charnaise,
slewfoot, ching chong, what is
the individual up to today, the
poetry and the coils, if your
name’s fuck, the rate at witch,
groceries transportation bowling,
you got scammed, a cup of the
world, one collects love, run thru
the moss on high heels, beershit
nation, neoconcrete poetry,
blatosphere, yobibytes,
foolloose, lung-on-a-chip,
hate the artist love the art,
what do you intend to do
with it, a thousand identical
grocery lists, uhu tac, the
essential connectedness of
humanity, endowment a
common history, commiphora
africana, extension of human
consciousness, mystical
enthusiasm, fardels, cor
cordium, your no ink
inactive techniques,

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


i like your hand and i like the
things you say, to, everything is
always already online, physical
literature, vulgar fraction,
poemics, the satan particle,
peace rock, killing sounds, the
ink is still glistening, watch it
fall, microsplatter, pained in
full, succeeding in not buying,
all ways are up, ethnosphere,
genographic, third space,
cultural and ethnic hybridity,
paper shuffler, waiting for
the worm, preclude nothing,
techgirl, fanes, one-chord trance
blues, sage poetry, peatbog
faeries, compositions eulogize
humbling, sabermetrics, too
white out,

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"lumpenprole diffeomorphisms"

hypnagogic and or hypnopompic
hallucinations, anus shopping,
books are no longer worth the
space they take up, loving
indifferently, zen eels,
ununderstandable, kultur-
morphologie, electrical hum
of the clock, counterculture
two, monstrum sacrum, homo
totus, longissima via, need-love
versus gift-love, the christian
thinker, inaccessible experiences,
lumpenprole diffeomorphisms,
ten year old pieces of paper,
ventilation blues, repetition
day, penny fool,

Monday, January 07, 2013


a paper boat that floats pennies,
intelligence demoralization, the
crack knack, bubo nipalensis, own a
zen, cloacina, the art of underground
merchandising, hibrayya, sext, yuan,
set the paper free, love came and
went, global sausages, tutv, i
am the one, do you want to hear
about the further adventures
of yourself, promising an extra
ess, paper at the dinnertable,
repetition takes its toll, biloxis,
melton, puta, inspissator, hors
de commerce edition, not exactly
left justified, vov voodoo, malay
prairie, azen, the trace of fun,
penny foam, good zook, run the
projector backward, one ate,
couldn’t you at least visit
the blog, poets it up and about,
this very well not this very,
fathers can zen, inkside, when
you say the text is done, i
do not want to see that name,
amethyst shrooms, your name
does not refer to you anymore,
vulv, fun brew, metastorm,
blank meaning, trace of
nothing, audio fun, art
foam, penny word, you fool,

Sunday, January 06, 2013


blackout time, a fetal position
cage, transmission arts, penny
lodged in airway, social rejection
extraordinaire, eccentric
recluse extraordinaire, hoarders
delight, acid-injecting, turfpo,
twitterstorm, antiphrases,
conkpo, oh i forgot about me,
that telephone call was a bust,
artist’s lingo, special perfs,
presents the poem well, ride
roughshod over the pain, the
substances that sustain, fruit
stickers consolidated, las
golondrinas, petrochelidon
pyrrhonota, volets, loden,
punkgrass, rocksteady, orange
crevices, the golden milestone,
hemlock earthen cacophony,
foskumber, mythography,
mythopoeic, anaphoria,
shaded by his hat, non-
community, canadian artist
novels, demythologization,
the desire for honey, is that
a sign, one single mark art,
massive penny,

Saturday, January 05, 2013


massive aggressive, pennies from
hell, kinky hat, anonymize,
litha, zine dine zidane,
myodesopsia, an entoptic phenomena,
vongole, it’s not about the text,
which ethnicity, i continue to
use you, enhydra lutris,
intaglio, down to the all, it’s
all about velocity, tagging as
in perforations, only caught
the last few seconds but, don’t
say hello, buying information,
salut sulet, extranational,
chachkis, avant-textes,
telluric paradise, terror
novel, one is a specimen, the
day they put barcodes on
fruit-stickers, travertine,
enceinte, umbrella pine,
orange trolley, the real
artists, newsracks cluster,
you bought, distorted
images, reminix, you weren’t
driving because, a trace
of air, hypnogogic penny,

Friday, January 04, 2013


semia, other concrete, looking
at letters in a new light,
little bit of self-referentiality
here, the canadian concrete poetry
community, noise gate, chugalug
literature, art-mindedness, devo
hat, reality lessons, eagles
hotel california, reality
lessens, glyphtych, the mentality
for art, watch you don’t cancel,
your i is deteriorating, you can
take your art and, goat life,
ersatz hats, baldacchino,
intarsia, the scala santa,
religio infidelio, the gargon
of oranges, nothing comes to
hand, some sick visual poetry,
you better stick with the grid,
enuf with the word, foam show,
microfies, magnifera, nowt,
it’s a good year for the
mushrooms, metastorm,
can you handle the blank,

Thursday, January 03, 2013


malayan breweries, the bookmark’s
claim to fame, leffe, winning the
world over, hoegaarden, naturally
cloudy, natural trouble, seit,
bid, órzójegy, duckstein, beechwood
matured, noble rot, puttonyos,
vinum regum rex vinorum, your
bank account balance on february
nineteenth ninety-seven, you can
wear your medal forever, dinant,
delicious leffe blond, zélande,
lobkowicz, partial to pain, dot
sk, valwig, masham, fifteen
thirty-seven, oak comment,
chat-phobia, chatoyant,
metapsychosis, happening trance,
jilling, binah, pancake batfish,
just trying to keep my hands
clean, you can hardly tell you
were getting soaked, a larger
all, medium all, caressing box,
mytheme, unquiet strangeness,
literology, baudelaire’s
albatross, a language trip,
history and every country,
moss-intervalled cobblestones,
orange circle, ora pro nobis,
up-talk, get off your ass,
drop a tiny purple mike,
still having fun,

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


open prairie: storm coming, cunts
temple, fnine, mehura, kaccup,
hands maps, contiguous countries,
your rubberstamp is a finer
thing, pub crawl literature,
beer profundity, that giant
double-you, but this is inscribed,
fourty, mailing glass, human
error at calgary, nomen omen,
love and algorithms, bottom
reader, the chattering classes,
loquats, va jay jay, it slipped
thru my hands and went down
the hole, spiritual atheism,
earth changed history, your
inworld personality, concerned
and highly educated, these
bananas are off, the weather
is not too bad if you dress
for it, the kiss of the rubber-
stamp, the green devil, floué,
sheets of time, when you
finish the book begin the book,
blouson, orange horse droppings,
a socially marginal figure,
estetica hairdresser coiffeur,
we could be getting a lot
more words down, were you in
jail, foam mafia, orange
smog, metacommentary,