Thursday, July 31, 2014


zalop, phyllite, div, moregasm,
the practical pyromaniac,
stackoverflow, pelvic inflammatory
disease, karmageddon, boobmoan,
moonbow, verbally transmitted
diseases, googie withers, cluster
wants you, we do what we cam,
llanllyr, the imposter syndrome,
cowlick, triumphalism, chai,
sonderkommandos, peplums,
sea buckthorn berry, acanthus
hungaricus, mcluhanacy, the
coach house on the eastern,
blaming firetrucks for
creating ghettoes, humans
as essentially communicative,
time giveth and time taketh
away, a million things to
google, let me read this to
you, yokograph, i love alberta
art, the copier misread the
size, endpoint in quotation
marks, payshit, project for
toner, trust your memory,
bibliorum sacrorum, a
halle, compare with previous
branch points, the copier
read the burgundy as,

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"zdenĕk šíma"

onograph, mahlab, the saint lucy
cherry, luther burbank, bleu
de basque, time based discipline
experiment, it’s only cheese,
scblbccw cluster, arthole is
the art mag for you, arthole
in america, to diminish the
artness, zim zim, sinus oysters,
arnyekkotok, art studio est,
cisterna di latina, costrot
di ide, son nos, hessischer
schwimm-verband, flammes
feuilles, nadie aguanta la
podredumbre pero todos esquivan
al muerto, the domino principle,
postscript um, oregon avenue,
dadatrash-fluxlife, lotta
poetica continua, sidac,
mail art mafia, sikkim, xury,
viareggio correspondence asylum,
spraygraphic, arb eit mac htf
rei, zdenĕk šíma, mail art by
email only, art hole, box
thirteen thirteen, digital
training, entire history
of consecutive, breeze to
the top, pointers, samba,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"geleogenic kakistocracy"

the sambas stream toad, poetry
salesman, claritas prizm,
coffee’s for closers, claritas is
quidditas, geo-demographic
clusters, neuro-linguistic
programming swish, moby doll,
geleogenic kakistocracy, death
of a poetry salesman, ansonia
latidisca, rainbow toad, ross
priddle cluster, comc cluster,
dear wet mess, ripple spats,
dunedin, instructables,
qingxuebeer, sad face sew-on
patch, sfsop, fold the tape in,
up-family, how do you open your
mail, that same black mark,
after the battle of prine,
meta-aesthetic, permugenesis,
a textual life form,
textual fossils, ephemeral
history commenting, metapoetic,
paradoxides paradoxissimus,
textual shells, you know what
this means, up that point size,
a para-western, marty panterel,

Monday, July 21, 2014


an anti-western, the broom of
the system, heptaparaparshinokh,
bioregionalism, fetish cheese,
the aitch army, the aitch army,
yc cluster, no cluster, donkey
jacket potato, tampa harness and
wagon, jack grimes, jazz
forever, king rat, a black mark,
tfsa, leon uris, will be
processed, no such unit, gligor
on ginsberg, siting the other,
resublimate, candlelions,
break art, to come, xortex,
you and me on a desert island,
moved and left no forwarding
address, one should have gone,
everybody is jockeying for
position, your loved ones, you
ain’t gone far, gurf bear,
you’re loved once, may is
long gone but, from the drop
in centre to art central,
sunday is long gone but,
june is long gone but, monday
is long gone but, june was
coming, blaze dammit, this
is still coming, i saw you
when you were here, booty,

Sunday, July 20, 2014


allelopathy, allotropy, allopathy,
remplissage, all the honest
pennies accumulated, fulgurites,
zero-docus, hologramatron, just
the one thing, dhibiscus, cb
cluster, donna nuda, delfaco,
westport, the content of this
painting is invisible, mpayshnt,
shryll, rebecca champaign,
greensburg, a tiny little
division, give up your mail
art bull, fuck innocuous,
kaunas, poesia visiva, kaunas,
detournement, photogelatin,
tubby boots, fluxus cherries,
feet of me, a daring nothing,
leafy sea dragon, glory in
tribulations, cinese firenze,
hannah hoch, get away,
black and white and yellow,
peyto blue, tits lace, in your
daily disguise, calypso
bulbosa, peltigera, metal
sprouting, interaction at
the interaction, le sportsa,
one is looking away, snails
mating, code reader,

Thursday, July 17, 2014


derelationship, placobdelloides,
jaegerskioeldi, webspace penny,
china light, twenty-five insects,
sssd cluster, art déco cluster,
the ballad of dingus magee,
david harris, mass market
paperback, where killas get hung,
thirteen thirteen butterflies,
dude there’s a bear, flek,
upcycle the packing material,
turn it into art, tethys,
madden magrath maleb,
multiformalisms, lay down
a chunk, a subtle feralence,
person and place, blackletter,
drive the reader away,

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


penny-a-liner, bonus army,
headache for elections canada,
syndicalists, the happy prisoner,
hobogram, schwab words, the
crumpled press, exteme
challenge habitat, baru,
softly face, cobkgm cluster,
association for noncommercial
culture, artist page, the
third space, gullah, a migrant
sensibility, geographical
experience, three way love,
silton saskatchewan, jaie,
vril, die glocke, lisinopril,
transdimensional wormholes,
a penny found in a turning
lane scratched raw and
unreadable, archaeocyathids,
hydrochlorothiazide, the
world’s most succinct word,
a network of paper,

Monday, July 14, 2014


mamihlapinatapai, protein
kinase c-epsilon, parmacotto,
heart hanging like a plum
bob, don’t yadda yadda me,
bamboozed, shadowpriest,
cervelat, cogclg cluster,
blagging, concrete diagnostic
system, risperdal, tardive
dyskinesia, reverberating
circuit, hoarding disorder,
biederman’s experiment, just
mice eyes, next we go to
zackistan, anal leech, swim
thru paper, trichotillomania,
sluggish cognitive tempo,
abridged somatization
disorder, shuush, geospoof,
special add and pass, back
and forth from paper to
electronica, it’s just
scribbling people, now put
them into a booklet, it says
on the videocassette, wait
wait back up to rich right,
wine-art, i think we
already have a copy of this,
it is easy to love the people
far away, blackcroft,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

"al iksiir of sharbatt"

humanization, more or less
to thousand even, the teutonic
love machine, adhesive over
talent, ermyntrude, no john
rays, orange meat, do you trust
god, cocluster, final gum,
zoolander, elf frequency, the
corner got chawed, tankgirl,
gilmans, hippie mafia, the rnc
defendants, visual word salad,
certain neurotic mechanisms,
etoh, al iksiir of sharbatt,
human communication even,
save harmless, toner concern,
we need to go back and, a
little bit of wpn, dreaming

Friday, July 11, 2014


kefraya, semper ucera, retire
cluster, kiidk’yaas, a lake
pigment, burn after reading,
chords everybody is happy,
pathological giving, machinima,
it’s all gone, two bit wine, la
dame blanc, june thirteen,
leave room for poetry, your
cashier today was other, bcw
cluster, phonics program, the
gang’s all gone here, l’avventura,
farming uncle, big bear lake,
weathergrams, pine street
station, how old are you,
joblin, mani-art, money-

Thursday, July 10, 2014


electromigration, death by
tweakage, bagarius, loa loa
filariasis, statoconium,
the pandrol clip, milking
asdf, point and shoot, coffee
tea or me, miss vickles, liquor
seller, holsten, cob cluster,
prairie waves, other peoples
letters, fort sumter, suthidit,
avenw, three x, one repairs,
sarlat-la-canéda, bamboo
mind, extremely hard to
categorize, the emperor
bamboo, ryoanji, um dot,
glass heart, muybridge’s
response, paranymph,
golden staples, writing
letters to yourself,

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


creative high-energy, halved
crosswise each, sybian, a
sensible amount of money,
risk and trust, paid in fool,
brw gngr, one doesn’t own a
pail, lucky wisdom, show goes
on, can’t be had, take a dry
joke, nobody’s lettin’ go-uh,
seitan, selfish little creeps,
tom selleck’s stand-in,
mete, sarabi, holid, a
continuity from heaven
to earth, atalanta,
terrance this is stupid
stuff, goa or my con,
three master, god sees
you, writing letters to

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


discourse networks, hypertime,
cop a slag, annette full of jello,
pebkac, canada deuterium-
uranium, beer boobs, jojo the
dogfaced boy, hypertrichosis,
jasmine paper, mettretwo, la
chéblisienne, e-eight, csbcc
cluster, you have to trick
yourself into getting it right,
best pig ass, your pin is your
new signature, manotick,
grimscribe, chow chat mui,
huge eye catching, pieris
japonica, ariolimax, osmia
lignaria, lethaletheia,
speaking systems, one two
skip a few, prelube cluster,
independent correspondence,

Monday, July 07, 2014

"tahina pekmes"

the cluster ban coalition,
bile love it, mail oranges,
orange cluster, particle study,
the writing took over, jobowa,
shawville blvd, guipure lace,
do not process, menteur tecumseh,
casting art upon the waters,
the myth of complexity, gar
seventy-four, not stand, big job
of crazy work, self dealing
statement, your webside hadz
food on it, or pad an ass, if
you jump ahead, graphite oxide,
super sand, churrasco, bomzhe,
orange-robed monks, apsaras,
his electric eye compiling,
venus envy, human control
that everybody, burrata,
tasting instrument, obliscence,
ut translatio natura, nomos,
meta-museum, post-plasmatic
visualization, the perverse
solution, weak thought, a
duck’s breath cure,
subtractive stone rooms,
madamas, lebne, tahina
pekmes, capture the moment,
places of existence, ghost of
the medusa,

Sunday, July 06, 2014


buckwheatification, shack
up inn, or whatever your name
is, mailshare, we want you, cm
cluster, i’m having a nervous
breakdown, the effect of high
heels on the cloistered, femme
entretenue, stoned thinking,
when you get to the end,
the relationship between
onanism and gambling, piano
nobile, building as duck, the
hamburger joint-cum-duck,
francis bacon duck, decorated
shed-as-library, poetry of
poverty, il pensiero debole,
dream-solve, typing it is
getting it a little closer,
nobody can read your writing,
people we miss, people’s stench,
your mind has left your body,
the further inquiry, the
worried hulk, revenge of the
triangle, the language of
landscape, the raft is not the
shore, lotion bullwhip giraffe,
save the frescoes that are us,
likeness and language, lawn
of excluded middle,

Saturday, July 05, 2014


the secret aroma, call it a
knob party, get to, bochum,
kiera, blank avenue, purple
pencil, a rent in time, ccb
cluster, cluster of empties,
it’s a little off to the left,
all llama, when you get to
the bottom, flexibility of
the repressions, access to the
unconscious, invention of the
world, must quit oh smudge,
ribbon jam, word ray, the
cultural hors d’oeuvres of
europe, the humanization
dream, radical slapstick,
thynnunculi, onocrotals,
never trust a policeman, i’m
thinking of a number, the
daring young man on a
flying trapeze, vulva love
lovely, and sleep until noon,
david antin definitions,
electric tibet, she instead
had gorgonzola, dialogues
with thirty-three variations,
lost ambitions, the art of
being joyful, clocks and
clouds, worker’s abc,

Friday, July 04, 2014


try and see this as a work of art,
the path of the crazy electron,
overcome the desire to make a mark,
just ignore the seahorse, each
person is a molecule, this is only
trying to say something to the
english reader, i see your name
on every piece of paper, reverse
the deterioration, what do you
have against seahorses, white gel,
the toner goes on in patches, the
way the light reflects off the
toner, seeing shapes in the black,

what can we say this time that
we didn’t say last time, looking
for clues in the noise, where does
this noise come from, you might get
some nice build up if, streaks in
both directions, that will be
where is star, gouging the toner,
the reflection of the light
turns the black to white, free
noise, photostatic art, hero you
say hero, glomming, perhaps these
should be dated, the information
is long gone but, an end is nigh.

Thursday, July 03, 2014


pirate correspondence, messex,
we don’t deface the queen,
money is no joke you know, what
is the service you have to offer,
shorts supply, illinois nineteen-
sixty-eight, the one’s dangling
over the abyss, mint return,
temporarily allow scripted
window, urban caveman, the
paleo movement, scab flick,
uddertek, defacing reality,
fine then fuck you, the funny
thing about regret son, shaky
paper, a professional gunslinger,
holographic pyramids, cluster
of meat, luc dep lev luc dep
lev, montesquieu turn, the
anatomy of nonsense, one is
resisting the temptation to
publish, the dicision, eyegram,
ocelot glade,

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


the single word: softly, behind
the firewall, rain stick, honne
and tatemae, atlas coal mine,
bubble fiction, amae, karōshi,
hikikomori, freeters, passive
object love, parasite singles,
collective hardware, DEC 21 2012,
one hundred tonnes of lsd,
boisea trivittata, first we
eat then we write poetry,
this garbage cost me,
botanically brewed, speedwell,
days we actually did
something, jumbo bee, actual
chicken, discussants, poiesis,
a culture of abuse, the
culture of complaint, the
feminization of psychotherapy,
triumph of the therapeutic,
psychic reality, evidences of
the cunning of history, the
politics of memory, trauma
workers, neuropsychology,
a woman’s field, sequelae,
cathartic abreaction,
secondary traumatization,
it only takes a second or
two to make a determination,
grey concrete highrise,
jackson mac low’s daily
life procedure, editrix,
veridical, coveys,

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


superoxide anion ad, happy hermit,
rank idiocy always wins in the
end, love as thou wilt shall be
the whole of the law, keeping
human contact at a minimum,
cluster of oil droplets, it slipped
out of my hand, maybe get the
globe every day then, don’t try
to open it, making your very last
photocopy ever, your garment is
mighty thin, blue pine, hard
to tell what belongs and what
don’t, this tiny little strip of
paper means the world to me,
it’s a fine line between wanting
and not wanting, i call it
the float, your forty dollar
printer is on the fritz surprise
surprise, one is a neet, yob,
treacher collins, pinky salute,
round picture hats, basins of
attraction, canada death
mouth, maestro madonnari,
business process outsourcing,
crow ducks, crow ducks cluster,
embanished, infinitize, hat
was vagina, botulinum,
citizen journalism, die
wende, ecoholic, lrad,
reversi, buzkashi, wine flu,