Monday, March 31, 2014


are you calling me dead, this
artwork is probably by the kids,
no there’s no confusion here, we
might be outdoors by then anyway,
wetaskiwin, proxxexx, prayerstone,
the woodpiles of northern quebec,
you can tell by the door here,
how are you getting this stuff
done, you had your fun, anti-
marketer, flabberghosted,
vlaskaas, dadaheart, cyc, un
jour mon prince viendra, enslaved
to household cares, garçons
manqués, false enthusiasms,
a felon lanced, capital in
candy, an art flow-thru point,
solon, dream of autumn return,
clusters at the margins,
theromorphic ears, prognathism,
frontal submicrocephaly,
misoneism, vielka, loyal
orange lodge number ninety,
collected two full decks of
random playing cards from
the street, clawhammer,
original pattern generation,
engrainages mystiques,
titsup in a ditch, try to
salvage a little paper,

Sunday, March 30, 2014


wagamama, busta sorpresa, well
it’s faint but we can see,
lebenslänglich, action art,
richard wright, i am doing this
writing with you in mind,
embarcadero, making worlds,
cobalt tallate, linum
usitatissimum, cute lil ass
cleavage, penny stamps, spread
natter, claster, bulk carrots,
a little rubberstamp that
says all, it splotched down
beautifully, concrete doll,
father substitutes, confirm
this hierarchy in the eyes,
ephemerides, idiolalia, yu jen,
new denim hat, tight-lacing,
coutille, tallyrand on doing
nothing, the symbol for
shillings, it was an impossible
translation but, insubstantial
all, calipeach, one is a big
meany, paper razor,

Saturday, March 29, 2014


paper is a weapon, cuntinue, wrap
it up, the same thing just a different
number, it sounds like you have it
down to a science, i am my blog,
xanax xerox, in memoriam to
nineteen-ninety-four, a million
questions answered, the meat
regular meat, we are going to
have to put a lot of stamps on
this, i think i’ve been to this
lighthouse, i just bought stamps
and wound up with, everybody’s
favourite fuckin’ poem, it’s made
to stick to your panties, bread
and poetry, the damnation army,
how do you intend to pay this
bill, twenty cents a minute,
quite the swoop, we are seriously
into the red, rrif, you could do
better dude, liquidate all your
assets, don lad, they are all one
person, airdberlis, the act of
poetry, crazy broadsides,
gonzalez bypass, the feminine
castration complex, involuntary
discharge of urine, the burning
ambition of early diuretics,
earth moss snow, a coffee can
filled with concrete, demo
to ink, sunday surface,
text-sound epic,

Friday, March 28, 2014


spending face, otaku, keep this
coupon for ever and ever, welcome
abroad, rubberstamp moron, ain’t
got no cash, gco, it’s kind of a
sculptural optical illusion,
a cd lyrics booklet, printable
cd-r, this purple elastic is part
of the unit but, fichinery,
she’s a tuff lil bitch, am
i the only person in town with
a paper fetish, word locks,
a collapsible structure,
sly, gaudy, we can tell you
never even touched the book,
verulam, staple thru the text,
it’s the booby prize, in
tempore senectutis, a crazy
womb, lost sex, the in-himself,
the en-soi, orange blue,
concrete penis, paratactics,
carpool tunnel syndrome,
graffiti-thick concrete,
homophonic is the word you
were looking for, maybe instead
of reading the ones, we could
leave them silent, devine
perfektion, i just don’t have
the attention span, the
halfbit, read the book with
grubby fingers,

Thursday, March 27, 2014


a little bit of perfection
never hurt anybody, lackrimony,
a criminal lack, bean it, lazy lake,
shock full, it’s actually fairly
rare to be at the end, maybe you
need to burn off some energy,
hcm g, miroc, thanks for the
footprints, one worships marks, you
always get more than you bargained
for when you bargain with,
perceptions of a concrete, voe
victis, the self-knowing self,
a clear expression of herself,
niqab, environment country
hazards, highschool english in
calgary, sex log, we need to get
rid of all this money,
transverse myelitis, unplanned
downtime, euterpe, slip it in
here, fiction as such, you’re
being employed as the death
of the author, a purple job
of work, a red job of work,
copies occupy, you can just
dump these right back in the,
a blank copy, happytape, um
gar, the original is green
and red, what is up and what
is down, leave it blank,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


background poetry, when is paper
not paper, performed on a loom,
an interesting mix of the too
clever and the not clever enuf,
unmuzzled ox, i’m not u, wreck
flections, everything could
happen, autiodactyl, point a
to being, soundasaurus,
grindhouse, feel free to make
corrections as you go, this blank
is going to cost you, suddent, the
trick is to have the outflow
match the inflow, i wonder if
your perceptual apparatus is
fine enough, the librarians
have their own agenda, i don’t
hate you even if you are a
moron, i’m not sure if i’ll ever
mail anything again, they
are willing to do it for money,
four-peat, mind-reading systems,
smokin indo, a greasy beaver
that can haul in loons, a
hundred lot of acid, select face,
kleenex xerox, you’re supposed
to copy all of this shit, they
want you to give and give,
this paper is giving you
orders, i fear rejection
the most, fuckin hippy,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


you’re grinding too hard honey,
this is supposed to be attached i
think, find a non-art area to
focus on, mis-shapened tender
buttons, this was ice cold a
moment ago, okay you do realize
there’s a bug in here, makin
sausage music, just hit me
with the highlights, is there
a highlight in this text,
artpool, the neighbour of the
beast, a body is a body, the
hand of ray, carrying the
kitchen sink, shrinkwrapped
oil paintings, we are not sure
whether to read you as male
or femail, a book about bricks,
imagine the camera swinging
around, you can almost make
out the ideograms on the
other side of the paper, in
the back room at the gallery,
driving what driving,
tilghman, manta ray high-heel
shoe, piercing heel, we can’t
tell how to read you, where’s
the death, a boom about death,
papar knife, the damage does
not hurt the art, goofin’
on elvis, natty moss bond,

Monday, March 24, 2014

"lassata nondum satiata"

you cut my blog off, bensidon,
absolute offliners, don’t you
think it’s time to retire the
envelope, one is a technicien
forestier, a signature made with
an actual pen, pay tax as you
starve, the reinvention of the
envelope, trampstamp, rin-no-tama,
chillaxin, chax, shovel-ready,
rare canadian penny, spider’s
lord, if you don’t stop, rent
cluster, social trigonometry,
lassata nondum satiata, raik,
wriblis, utz, etz, ences, ortz,
graffitus, decade dance,
orsonia, the blue line makes
all the difference, edaced,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"axing quex"

sassoferrato, black toner on
black paper, zoom moon, axing
quex, whealess, the acid diet,
one leaks in flight, x-max, mandu,
neutral milk thistle, blooming
rind, for new year’s eve we need
file folders, trampstamp,
earliest human civilization,
rin-no-tama, anatomic destiny,
nocturnal pollution, dirty
discharges, a nerve tickler,
articulate energy, trucha,
gnathic index, a zip six
indeterminate, ostriches in
toy hats, the cars are clustered,
jaquez, these long lines, pen is
fine, who kerned this, the blue
coffin, buddhist nothing,

Saturday, March 22, 2014

"batu giling"

bucket list, k, takroot, anti-bacon,
superdependant, momiji, chorus
respond dance, one provides traffic,
pantopicon, chorusbeedance, test
tower, long gone time, locate this,
just the one thing: cream, here
we are paying cash, let paper go,
fatterday, moon cluster,
do, pondidia, trying to determine
the reality level, never forget
about your own rosebud, hilarious
poetry, tucson snowman, a book you
got in the mail twenty years
ago, a radiant node or a cluster,
penny world, hokku, just sit still:
the urge to read will pass,
profession de foi, batu giling,
rempah, pachuco, spool tenders,
zooglers, concrete art deco,
the television police, canadian
cactus, the migration of
oranges, sesterce, denarius,
retrobulvar block, canzone
femonanale, se kapoion pou
axizei, you wish the text,
i think i recognize you here,
how about not filling the
blank, the sign is the means,
if you could go back, bury
in text, this might have been
better, just say it once,

Friday, March 21, 2014

"dee offeer"

nakaku kaigandori, get your name
on a post-it note, whatever will
mail, you ain’t no dame you dame,
you can’t read it because you
don’t really want to read it,
don’t let yourself be fooled by
the surface, whether you actual,
beautiful shrinkwrap, as long
as you are not trying to pass it
off as genuine, reciprocation
guaranteed, can the dead not
speak, pushing the envelope,
cut one out, lead is just as
beautiful as gold, just gimme
the punchline, it looks like
you don’t actually sit at
that keyboard, fideua, magic
printers, biedermann’s
experiment, tip of the pin,
nice to see you doing something
that’s not so low rez,
anybody can have an idea,
sweet resolvements, layers
and layers of time, waiting
for the pop, hitting the chronic
early, harlan ellison
collection, who’s dee offeer,
you can’t just keep eating the
same shit, chat triage,

Thursday, March 20, 2014


the betelnut girls, midnight
death threat from texas, tisses,
memeory, greatest tits, busy
being done, provecho, dollar radar,
strange oranges, facebuck, we
are already down, concrete
behavior, concrete and carnal,
zen ethics, every couple hours,
absquatulation, necrotic sinus,
gades, boutique press, maple-sweet,
racial profiling in the spam
filter, the mail man goes off
the cliff, there are no copy
machines, gaze at the blue line,
this pen is feeling drained, we
used to write with all our might,
one am,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


capsule living, dirt vegetables,
speaking of plastic, break with
paper, global bananas, clothing
that fits life, sleeping rough,
e-memory, wetzsteon, a stocking
stuffed with oakum, a plain
felt hat, reading the other,
viriloid, one is an invert,
a horrifying cornucopia of
emotions, flake off a chunk,
all writing is defecation,
the blank awaits, you never even
bothered to look, face the fact
that you are not an artist, you
have to eat the shit with the
shineola, i heard you weren’t
doing too well, i am ignoring
you with all my might, keep
sending, happy wad, manila
burned green, overix, right
that guy, today is the day
we separate the light from
the dark, oh that guy, thix,
if you play your cards wrong,
hey i heard you were on the
run again, oh yeah that guy,
beauty always comes as a
bit of a shock, that guy,
rings no bell prize, this guy,
for reals gallery, protrude,
art is a headache, štill,

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


the kids kill it, clip joint
points to elbow, in throes of
caffeination, this is the coffee
talking, basho’s corner, charred
underwear, za’atar, wormtongue,
vestibulocochlear nerve, cluster
of pencil lead, a few bruises
actually improve the flavour
of the banana, vierge et martyre,
skep, amygisme, casuarina, gung
knea, esperonto, handcarved on
september third ninety-nine,
below the blue line, puhos, you
need to pay the rent, the day
the book died, gift foist,
profedit, type one bipolar disorder,
i like the way your hand is
evolving, sustainably sourced
paper, your name with an
exclamation point, if you can
print that fine then,
thermal program, cake tee,
smart ball, pu-erh, pu er
cha dao, is this shit legal,

Monday, March 17, 2014


microcapital, hummingbird robot,
folding bee, gum bichromate
photography, text junky, libor
novus, horchata, grow a beard and
dye it orange, book junky, select
face, beaudin, ckbom, décolleté,
femur, the awkward age, gauges
his concrete, nekuia, misoneism,
klactoveedsedsteen, why are you
suddenly speaking german, dumb
height, pex, the art of foley,
kubark, radiata pine, initial
letter in seventy-two point font,
and scream conclusions, one
continues to grind forward,
stack attack, nobody is playing
your silly game, duplicating
the waste, now we are inextricably
wedded, rule number one, the
text in night, that’s a lot of
cutting and folding, you
could figure it out from the
original but, these are days we
are trying to get rid of, all
ought have, temporary holdings,

Sunday, March 16, 2014


okay you are dusting the fruit
stickers, superjuice, reverse
engineer an orange that has
seeds, phonoethics, a cluster of
cells, just say no to the telephone,
astroglobe, lungemeat, pu-erh,
naphthalene, chyle, solitude
à deux, conjugal society,
toner hurts my eyes, explorer-in-
residence, acculturation,
endangered languages, brown
hyena, boob tubal ligation,
bizcochos, etui, zapos, hyper-
cherry, point communication,
biznatch, china’s hyperstimulated
economy is headed for a crash,
examine the movie frame by
frame, overfocused, proroguing,
the results-only work
environment, red lionfish,
if anyone wants to slow this
down and see what the fuck
i am saying, be good here,
the sun is gone man, peony,

Saturday, March 15, 2014


green sex, polyisoprene, the hevea
tree, fml, boot up buddha, fembot,
roxxxy, nothing frozen, meat
cheese cream cluster, somnific
flux, prolonged nocturnal
ingenuities, one has the ability
to remain quietly in one’s room,
you are supposed to know french,
the cutting edge of hip,
intimus shredder, soto zen,
xenophonic, apocalystatic,
a teachable moment, famuli,
an autonomous robot, pinkville,
accolouration, the dissociation
of sensibility, rosy cross, you are
getting a bit of smudge, one
bid, we can’t exactly pinpoint
the sun, times new american,
a hundred dollars is equal
to nothing, the fruit sticker
clock, let’s flush this shit,

Friday, March 14, 2014


it’s the one that got away that
we wonder about the most, corpse
of discovery, thirty million dollar
i’d rather be sailing, likes to
eat salad with his mouth, save
the date, it’s called potlatch,
chocolate wisdom, looks like ben
franklin needs a haircut, a bad
apple a day, land-fat, ends
higher on commodity, penniless
intellectuals, check that guys
hand eh, i’m sorry i can’t tell you
apart, nothing but a poem, all
that wad that, hawkins, this
food is not food, domina, the
changing of the gourd, fuck,
prefers immanence, jongleur,
intellectual gossip, concrete
salmon, ridiculous portraits,
hideous and comical
expressions, greta garbage,
ed’s current house, unit
clauses, a struggling orange,
anticipatory plagiary,
furniture poetry, poetry
for airports, wrist lick kite,
ambient poetry, i don’t think
any of this got thru to
anyone, i had great hopes for
you listener slash reader,

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"abyssys abyssum inocat"

fawny chadow, biedermann’s
experiment, shiranui, underwater
fireworks, the redhead cluster
phenomenon, inanition, the
cupboard was bare, highlight the
time, ale, tums, cluster, the
avery dennison logo, whatever will
take, answerline, pinhole
performance, money is all,
eviction day standoff, chic lit,
bilharzia, looking for a
gyroscope with b, neuralisation,
an intentionality like moss,
pronoun cluster, abyssys
abyssum inocat, the shiz,
katapoul, i don’t think this
crap is worth typing up,
you’ll be tight, we are looking
forward to filling the blank,
the little poetry war of,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


ocaleli zzagłady, noc muz eów,
mint postage stamps are cash,
which way is north, futanari,
the whitewash aesthetic, ginger
dead, inactivity coordinator,
lap band, nocturnal threads,
skeleton penny, only handle it
once, polyphasic sleep, ultradian
rhythm, exile on mail street,
cyberplaydate, thélema, this
says nothing, the year doesn’t
start for a while, all’s fair,
bbc cluster, rather not have
the poem visible, enjoyed a
happy childhood, to compensate
for the emptiness of her heart,
a jailhouse copy, quaquaversal,
secret retributions, meditate
on blank paper, you know
where this text is going,
i mur, dye sublimation
digital print, destination
churches, beautiful
widgets, sparrow “trapped”
in glass bus shelter,
pure gold postage, you can
get rid of the staircasing,
i hope nobody tries to read
this, nondigital process,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


the daffodils are up, a grant of
letters probate, begbie was a
hangin’ judge, cut that bitch
out, all i wanna know is when am
i gonna have the cash in my hand,
eristic anarchy, the cares of
housekeeping equally, automobiling,
concrete illustrations, concrete
self-realization, concrete
application, wobbling pivot,
echoing harsh ceaseless, turnstone,
sequaires, remember to go to
the ten point, just consider it
a bye, writing is not art, we
don’t allow question marks,
bang bang shoot shoot, i made
this replica for you, you could
try to move it, eschaton, anti
keylogger, subvertizing,
chatshrink, the reasonably
nice price, did they phase out
your favourite, colour is
information, add and pass and
that’s an order, it has all
become a gray muddy haze,
i am thinking copies,
seahorse mutating, jet
yourself free, the penny
that broke the bank, once
all the information has
left the page,

Monday, March 10, 2014


poem about the little war,
garagan, if you can read the void-
nul, you are part of the picture
and part of the frame, lêure,
keep this tick, uck luster,
spummer, symmetrical letters,
back ack, mechanically hand-
coloured, i just like to run my
fingers over the engraved text,
too many to lick, current value:
zero, exspousal, ig, the bad apple
of my eye, sarissas, machinima,
anxietainment, cybering,
orange and kinda seventies,
at par plus a coin, saint james
infirmary, embodies in concrete,
obcor, working your way out
of the book, breaking oranges
into slices, elafonisi, però
scendemmo alla destra, it
lives or dies on the apostrophe,
draw the aum, maybe you
should have left it whole,
rehashing, do you intend to
transcend, spring is on its
way, lovely vita,

Sunday, March 09, 2014


first life, spudpost, marx blood,
some of the heads are clogged, salad
cluster, reading the subliminal
messages, in en, concrete grasp,
eternal child, an assemblage
of implements, a bloody
strawberry, radiotherapy, the
first heave, nanmu wood, the
general hat, china ethnic
heritage, en, onesie, maybe you
should try to learn something
new, paper splattered at the
dinner table, at least you
spelled schizophrenia right,
octillion, that’s the word:
iatrogenic, tacqueria,
convexcavations, temenos,
clustered javelins, paper
malingering, skoz noot, actual
owl hoot,

Saturday, March 08, 2014


hibou moyen-duc, a whole book of
these, pass croths, first we replicate
it one way then we replicate it
another, ffm, how can you call a
rubberstamp impression an original,
ingang, laugheine, chat roulette,
bio generator, zoosk, status
clouds, you could instantly win
trips to the disaster zone,
you were buying drugs, cubed
weight, bluk, vocc, erotomania,
cannivets, the contingent
facticity, fancywork, absurd
amusement, symbiogenesis,
vorarephilia, ecumeniopolis,
pobledores, crust punk, code
pink, anarcho-pacifism, the
love for three oranges, there
is nothing fake about this
writing, toonz ots, there is
some brilliant shit, i have
a funny feeling about you,

Friday, March 07, 2014


i was in an instance, fluxwhore,
the interwebs, cuz that’s his grandma
over there, fluxho, meat cluster,
sarah timber, pochette, meat as
material, concrete freedom, the
dangerous age, the change of life,
in propria persona, a hat of
orange light, lugarhoos, zootie,
caccachat, douens, shado beni,
nail hat to wall, glauque,
maquero, information free
moment, the writer obviously
had nothing to say, the paper is
much brighter before the words
get on it, pppata, the arrow
points to the hole, dear writer,
kluge hammer, anacoluthia,
her energy comes, pound’s
dyslexia, this line is supposed
to be upside-down,

Thursday, March 06, 2014


to the speakers, spailes, ozola,
laffin ny, i was just about to
say hello to you, you don’t expect
me to read this whole piece of
paper do you, let’s get this image
made into a rubberstamp,
despertar… para soñar, the shit
ticket that exploded, why do you
need forty blogs, please no
organic material, and good
riddance to her, metamora, well
at least we have nothing in
common, we didn’t make a single
phone call, we have a bit of
time, bundle up, concern troll,
decommodify your life, an
internet troll association,
a false flag pseudonym,
emetophilia, jelaluddin,
ginger pie, penny stamps her
foot, baka washi, multifinder,
rabid eye movement, decoy girls,
taxi dancers, caerulei oculi,
romanzo d’appendice, existing
competition the husband,
white slavery, hetaira,
danse du ventre, black god
blues, underscore as
punctuation, abcholute,

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


the arizona rough riders, you
want me to write on your body,
button sabotage, use lots of gob
when you lick the stamp, one is
a love developer, enlace, penny
extra, being an artist is
destroying yr life, fly
towards the open area, editor
hide compose, paper is not the
solution, highgate cemetery
eastern, thackery, level down,
director of conscience,
hetairism, translatorese,
me happy, delectations,
logopoeic, heavily end-stopped
corresponds, to break the
pentameter, follicle-stimulating
hormone, radiation budget,
write write or die, pouf, ye
who meditate is moss, berea,
punctuate the cluster, hypo
taxis, menagiarists, a hat by
his feet, iziz looming, a
magazine full of ammo,
the easy trigonometry, you’ve
only got a quarter inch of
play, missed a beat, the do
write aces,

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


do write, there’s more information
on the dustjacket than there is
in the book, a book of zero value,
all writing is repletion, stfu,
the orange comes up, champfleuy
vaudreu, the hat is ugly, the
cook the extra help, the en-soi,
the word coquette, ye might let
one remain above with us, brake
mean effective pressure, otoro,
school for drop-outs, atomic
nutation, gravity diversion,
anarcho-liberationists, erratica,
this black mark, everything seems
profound in comic sans ms, new
ribbon already, just stop believing
in reality, i like the feel of
this skull, unconsumable does
not compute, no such, the ink
never really dries, why is this
one outside the envelope, you
just have to see it as beauty,
how hard is it to share, god
that sunlight is horrific, okay
i see how you wanna play,
art is paradise, the envelope
got hacked, blank falls,
babymind, eye forge it, nuck,
you’re gone by, one forgives,
mere ping pong, don’t geddit,

Monday, March 03, 2014


impartial redintegration, undo
automatic bullets, wimeline,
anti-prorogation, metaphantasmia,
texas stranglehold ‘em, the hiss of
the ink, what does the golden mean,
concrete communication, tares,
avoid concrete, pencil-pines,
orange barrow, venusta, the
kitty is empty, the sweat of a
hat, vanc, koalatics, gink,
anti-pleasure, otaku, lek, red
integration, this text is a
workout, one has made oneself
available to the dollar,
what are your intentions
with these texts, bedone,
daily hoot, these are merely
artifacts now, eye coin,
caput castellae, bolderaja,
the carrot and the stick and
the rabbit, nothing but
speakers, breakthru flesh,
every particle suggests, etsy,
beautiful disasters,
phoebeb, they knocked me
out and stole my boots, tore
head, mynthia, why so gen,
we need to stack these up
and chop them down, up,

Sunday, March 02, 2014

"daemonorops or plectomia"

unconsumable texts in
unconsumable formats, identity
is theft of the self, making
fools out of geniuses, last
mango in paris, simulacrumb,
worst cake scenario, e-swarming,
futas, okay we are nowhere near
shawville, poetry placement,
good old bulk carrots, nogs,
i started to write something,
monitor those levels, bored
housewives have a tendency to
remain bored housewives, the
most fragile of hats, zoot-
suitism, when you finish the
book put the dustjacket back
on it, historic effort changes,
calamus, daemonorops or
plectomia, blintze, runrate,
repacketize, les halles, the
atlas joint, the sarcmark,
there is actually some decent
stuff in the text, leave a
little room in the margins
for future annotations,
google may or may not help
you, echoing harsh ceaseless,
shabu, trying on different
kinds of hats, an ivory
fescue, tertium quid,

Saturday, March 01, 2014


the orientation of the blob,
initializing texture cache,
onverse, the european grip, ciut,
the stress of distress, history is
paying the bills, one helps one,
saint anch, milk over bootie,
radio o’clock, now or never o’clock,
the ink take, all in quotation
marks, infinite reality, a grande
passion, consecrate each heartbeat,
wu send wu send, pneumocystis,
cimz, crex crex, pops metamorphosis,
undo border, a clear cut, one
provides dead air, renew the one,
respect the margin, not obvious
cut, we will get to this text,
sepulcher of dante, i am not
a writer, this is the one that
went to albania, shift
happens, sugimoto, the situation
for you at the moment, take
a proper gander goose, beast
art, ty for the yuck, also
known as plastic bucket,
please hold my mail indefinitely,
you may find yourself so far
away from it, lose that feel,
the deterioration font,
galosh, document this, deviant
tart, did you find this in
the street, we got post covered,