Sunday, May 31, 2009

"how to act on this data"

the, i exist, you can’t really
take credit for photographing
somebody else’s art, the dsh
story, we are com, btsomt,
what’s yer technique, scribe
up, all the artist’s apostrophes,
the end run, waterfall with
pipeline, how bright is the
bright, who can you call when
you have nobody to call?
how about a bail bondsman,
non-anti-non, prefer the open
web, pot, you are perfectly
capable of representing
yourself, how is one to love,
sunnyside to anderson,
gignere, natalis, how to act
on this data, mugl, the hours
we wish to discard, the hours
are a lie, the hours we
wish to hang on to, grudge
judge, one needs correction,
nothing is non-billable,
ugliness is in the eye of
the beholder, crime is in
the eye of the beholder,
sometimes you just gotta
let it pass, vigourous
advocate, lava flow,

"laughter signifies communication"

boreal traffic, aaron with
the double a’s, how’d ya know,
speech ache, i think i will
change my name to, nod to be
confused with, variant paper,
the paper is scored, the health
of the bird reflected in the
song, text for future moments,
love it was, the period, we all
go the way of toner, laughter
signifies communication,
please destroy this, put it
down on the bottom and
crush it, two tiny bits of
nothing, shitty little odds
and ends like this, it fell
off anyway, double umlaut
object, what can you say
about chaos, my heart goes
out to gold, back in the
good old days when i was
writing this, this paper
has been manhandled,
strange friends from a
million miles away,
artistic operators, whatever
trevor, we are cramped for
weight, was is, buddaboom!,

Saturday, May 30, 2009


wind up pissing in a cup, rundle
fly, live on the sunny side,
beer gets nothing done,
musical hats, the song of
the white-throated sparrow,
the dance of despond, this
text has been tampered with,
one wants to be written thru,
before it is completely
deteriorated, the outlaster,
your mail is not getting thru
to, when all else fails: write!,
poetry is a guilty pleasure,
it was a simple miscommunication,
cluttertongue, db stands for
dead body, mossfringed, the
relevator, you didn’t send
me book one, start pumping
out real books, poets are
like dunns, sooner or later
they track you down,

"this is a list of more or less interesting phrases andor words"

take possession of the street,
text is okay if you forget what
you were going to say, the
process of reading the text,
this is not the way this text is
meant to be, this is not where
this text is supposed to be, do
we have no machines, if you
make another copy you’ll have
to change the name, local
window, from artist to artist
via, how does one cease hoping,
it’s refreshing to look at the
thing upside-down, oh the house
is still there no doubt, now i
am not being me, give them
one more shot and then retire
them, paper dependant, the
paper with the bluish tinge
versus the paper with the
pinkish tinge, local artist,
oh i didn’t think it was
going to come out this way,
next happens death, knock hips,
this is a list of more or
less interesting phrases andor
words, up pah, love is live is
live is life is love is, stencil:
graffiti removal, from the
herbarium to the librarium,

Friday, May 29, 2009

"refer madness"

reciprocal harem, inconsequential
too, intellectual conversation
twenty-five cents, green cement,
om a momant, thirty-five
fluxus bucks, a representation
of a fan, naked fly, in a world
made up of letters, the fish
are not free from the chains of
the seaway, the rusty staples
department, the tiny throbbing
creature in her hand, riding
the iron, the hat axe, still to
be dug out, you are a stupid
fuck, just an envelope with no
markings on it, everything that
refers to you, this still need,
text replica, what was the
subject again, why this paper
is still blank, typewriter out
on the balcony, can we get any
worse paper, scan it post it
kiss it goodbye, give your head
to a good cause, you are still
you over there aren’t you,
let’s get this text out of
our face shall we, count
all the blank paper, judge
by the density of the
paper, good old stefano,

"meaningless microfragments"

then don’t write, joyless concrete,
oman, customized van, spicer
draft beer, autokinaton, art hat
axis, milyus parasiticus, googler,
symphysis, the phone just rang a
tiny bit, bog-worshipping, namo,
extravasation, if it’s not a
poem then what is it, painitng,
paint the penny black, the
great white hunter, while in a
trance was able to read unopened
letters, fratire, ecopod, dutch
wife, ginger ginger ginger,
grmt cnnm rsn icin, wep, all the
interior is gone, five characters
stuck united, that’s one stink i
wouldn’t mind smelling,
meaningless microfragments,
you made your bed and now
you have to burn in it, bezirk,
burn this please, nere a penny,
the maulstick, have children
except, santa monica
boulevard, burn this please,
nonlinear discontinuous
collage-like an assemblage,
double umlaut object,
nineteen fucking words, a
whole whack of fucking
words, poor ole stefano,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"get this text out of my face"

local positioning system,
tamperered, art gets special
treatment, the new one is worse
than the old one, get this text
out of my face, nevep, who is
in control of this text, this
copy has been tampered with,
it’s the conveyance of the idea
that counts, wind up pissing
into the wind, the date has
nothing to do with the time of
the text, writing poems about
sex is like, at gc, start a new
series, work the text forward,
one is writing thru one, one
is tipping one’s hand, wind
up pissing in the sink, one
has no access to the net, one
was hoping, no matter how long
one hangs on, give up fear,
past an orange, intrication,
kyphosis, hack editor
conspired, editorial committee
having, throw the letter
thru the window,

"keep your poetry to yourself"

every artist that is the case,
ready set contact, the thing itself
is not the self, somebody stole the
crime prevention brochure, rcd,
being downtown edmonton, can
we get the complete picture
please, original replica, hopeful
your eye, note toner splatter,
my poetry comes first, i am uh,
coan, economic psychology,
pour the building into the
valley, a fold is not the end
of the world, too many bells,
never quite actually hits it,
ivrey, missing all the references,
no yes, keep your poetry to
yourself, one loves blank,
this writer is a hack, publish
only for one reason, so bright
it blinds the reader, nsa,
why is beauty considered bad,
a stark beautiful arrange,
it’s not real skin, the sort of
literature we keep going back
to, oh sure it could easily
be replicated, my work, paper
penguin, better trance late
than never, however it gets
there it gets there,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


one is writing thru you, what
does one do with money, you
are agreeing to all the fine
print, pheekuh, it does not come
epistemology!, you want this
to be produced, zing ‘em thru
the zinger, infinite zings,
might eye recommend, can eye
have so-and-so please, this
needs to be black, this could
be a page in a book, okay now
the original is free to go,
the word imola, plenty of rebels
wore hats, alter your
appearance to learn what it
is like to be discriminated
against, how did you ever make
it this far down the page, no
dark no light no light no dark,
the only thing that changes is
the generation, work will help
you see, one no longer exists,
write and see, i want to
connect you to, pink literature,
go pee in a cup, first you
must jump thru this hoop
then that hoop then, station
time, louise riley, the ebb,
errata firma, maybe no go,

"leave the poem and act"

you are tipping your hand,
do you want my custom, the
limits of the family, any way
pay, paperclutter, immortal
breath, don’t worry the day,
dust mites? what dust mites?,
hope is the heart, rudence,
this is what iambic, nevereven,
leave the poem and act, the
dust lies, a live-alogue,
one-ify it or two-ify it, close
clothes, alarmclock shampoo,
mounting the piroghi,
juxtapope, one is extending,
free rubble, one big mint,
think what you see, you
can’t get off the grid
anymore, freedom? fuck
freedom: we just want more
money, rubble: twenty-five
cents, able bridge, there is an
ebb is all, those mad trances
of hers, anonymous stone,
there’s a number of places
like this on the earth,
depends what you consider
luck, note damage music,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"you are always already online"

pink dayglo flagging tape, it
is time to take the plunge, pant
imp torrent, drenches texas,
after broken, memphisto, a
shower of mud, a near miss of
the heart, oh no it’s another
chain letter, caint stand still,
sorry lady, i don’t have a clue
what you’re saying, can we
get this in english, sunfollower
or gyrosol, laps but not leaps,
oh i see it now it’s a, adopt
a neuron, clustah!, go easy ah,
to detach or not to detach,
eye don’t really see what you
are saying, the source of all
the copies, lean pockets, dada
toast, making time pass, ai ta,
disaster socialism, you had
me at hello, the prison-house
of realism, montmorillonite,
declutter nothing, evocative
things, reconstruction money,
objects we think with, all the
reading that goes into the
writing, warblog warbling
warspite, flowstone rimstone
slutlamp, experience discrim-,


work will make you happy,
indicate it with your mind,
this side of the page only,
presumably with the same person,
pinging it right, hot-n-ready,
love turns a blind eye, air in,
eighteen ninety-nine, makes a
nice fluxus buck, chamar,
bauplatten, endless consumption
and the end of history,
burquitlam, confirmed
clusters, penny rainbow,
kayfabe, fill argos with
butterflies, too many sixes,
bath tissue in the bath tub,
it was gone before we saw it,
you pee up i pee down, rou,
at the pot bar, what’s your
schtick, personal marks versus
impersonal marks, go ahead
make the call, esemplastic,
is there a better machine,
the original means so much
more, yer a thinking feller
ain’t ya, is it worth
annotating, remember to flip
the page, french refreshment,
refrenchment, a mouth ink,

Monday, May 25, 2009

"the violation of copyrights"

rafraichissement, the
violation of copyrights, print
so fine it can’t be read,
beautiful idiots, don’t think
of it as defaced, shitting
blue, saint ede, read by eye,
read by mind, the word
vulvocentric, will you sign
this for me, ambient steel,
you and your girls, are these
two people one and the same,
you have been struck from the
rolls, all you need to do is
speak for it, the words that
pushed us over the brink, any
takers, is that a dot, whose
name is mud, concrete post,

"can't quite see how the eye is fooled"

licking the pavement, nothing
needs to be jammed, cash hidden
in envelope, contemporary
versatility, this going around
the world, drop yourself like
bombs, the scratch is only
legible to the scratcher, and
the scratchee, a five year old
kid could do it, can’t you see
the world is burning, baron
who, this bit, limehead, frag
eye dee, thirty years in the mail,
what is happen in this, aaeon,
cruer, sweep the drum, jack
o’ napes, capite operto esse, we
are only a tourist here, blue
love, mraur, still sounding
the death knell, long after
the resurrection, you think
you’re paranormal, destroy
all knuckles, can’t quite see
how the eye is fooled, pixel
neon pixel, grinding forward
and backwards at the same
time, ylad, better use that
ledger wisely, schschschsch-
sch, the power to make people
smart, steak chute, lines
not speaking, sooner or
later the message will get
thru, deep riddle,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"the gelatin of love"

typing is for copying, unit
of sound, before this all
happen, not a colon, if only
we had someone to write to,
keep this under your hat,
eye can’t see you, your
projection is beautiful,
lives on jawbone, the gelatin
of love, fat one day skinny
the next, how did your
philosophy turn out for you,
what do you think of this
text, brocken city, sunnyside
suicide, you can see the text
move thru the paper, the food
that passed thru, aithein,
what if you don’t pass this
test, am or pm, it gets beaten
out of you, take your urine
across town, refurring,
how can you see that in this,
laugh yourself free, you
were trying to eat, roof o’
er, now where are we going,
go the distance and go the
further distance, i used
your machine, transfixed
by the patch of moss below
it, noise poems, tgreen,

Saturday, May 23, 2009


say a mouthful, identify all
the colours, actual paper from
nineteen fifty-six, stars of the
day, the faces are all owned,
don’t see what did they do,
so long gone it hurts, i’m just
writing to let you know, no
vista, invest in black, the
squalid page, author asking
reader, if you correct the
spelling you own the phrase,
sort reality from subreality,
the paper is free it’s the toner
that costs, one hitters, what no
hard copy, approximate address,
why the holes, what was reality
like for you, a complete
description of the universe,
to colon, antitantric, the en
why, short for garbage, deal
with the americans, bread
and, this text in vivid blue,
saint ops, ignore the written
part, thirty-five cents a
minute, wavering from double
to single, the house is still
there, feed it all into a
search engine, srndr dorth e,

Friday, May 22, 2009

"responds to every stimulus"

some special quarters, you keep
misunderstanding me, got enuf
for a retainer, pay what you
brung, the dividing line between
fat and thin, comprezenhend,
schwing!, no nukes is good nukes,
sometimes love is too much to
ask, uncluttered mindfulness,
mini-domestic environments,
public water supply, takenly
and advertently, try and get
the numbers to match, sticky
buns and breasts, space over
time, typed up and ready to
fly, straight speak, clout is
highly overrated, am ought,
time over space, proviso, hear
nothing, responds to every
stimulus, the address still
exists maybe, i am writing
to a letter, some refreshing
scum, trying to become a
clear, take the rest of your
life off, i enjoyed your
presence more after you
left, i am nube, not even
putting in full days,
make a name for yourself
by killing yourself,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"poetry is crime also"

pay by seeing, please try another
connection, art is crime, maybe
there is nothing to be gleaned,
rem as, if it takes you x amount
of time to make a dollar and
y amount of time to spend it,
heirloom grapefruit skins,
eye gesso, exquisite question
mark, put paid to your dues,
cancel the internet, databoy,
consistencify, i made a
terrible mistake and i’m
sorry, that deep place of
silence in your bathtub, down
at the bottom of the moss
hole, fetal alcohol syndrome
gas, the enterprise story,
scrotal infusion, sunslick,
no tips aloud, to fight or
to give up the ghost, bucky
balls or carbon nanotubes,
poetry is crime also, this is
some bad shit, better your
parents, mignonette,
sarafan, a non-concrete
substance, the celebrated
argo, seventy caliber,
still waiting for the ding,
making his sacrum stiff,

"telling the truth is damn nigh suicidal"

one is a family of one, stub
books, get a line back on your
self, protected bee, write down
everything, is the man saying
these words, is ubu a sign,
another one pretends to bite
the dust, a continuous flow
of paper, do you really think
this is news, try writing with
your other hand, the odd bout
of botulism, perform it any
time any where, i can’t even read
word one anymore, the word
that is not yet the word,
careful what you let into
your consciousness,
photomorphogenesis and
psychosynthesis, the story
of o magazine, penny history,
litehouse, the immured,
hemispherical compound
eyes, the good old days have
come again, last one in’s a
rotten egg!, tornado radio,
telling the truth is damn
nigh suicidal, go ahead and
read ahead, a marxist
reading of this text,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"what does your body look like"

where do you locate yourself,
i bought it you bought it back,
malmail, this is your brain on
art, i give my eye to you, words
that hit the spot, you’re not
supposed to see it as that, is it
wise to be intelligent, access to
freedom, watch them crumble,
eye for one, hentai, genuine
replica, false money, cash-on-the-
line, facing the assholes, now
this paper is here but, the dot
in the middle of your, bp
immediate, mister meat, one
for this machine and one for
that, texas canada, efforts we
are willing to make for, type
off the top of your head,
chalk you later, insect we see,
grind it forward, temporary
home, binder dot, books await,
grue, helvetica versus this,
sticky buns, wrecked if eye,
ponder the butter, we need
more quarter, the disappearing
point, leaning toward death,
surrender to the air, the
crisis is long over, nothing
is forthcoming, advice to
the evil, what does your
body look like,

"there may be no need for this text"

the squalid chain, saint ede,
there’s a mark but it means nothing,
the unbespeakable, this has been
exposed to the elements, gar is
short for, there’s a cut but it
means nothing, sociometry, there
may be no need for this text, to
illedgible address, community
clement, consuming twain,
subspecies of insanity, thought
machine, cancel community,
trust yourself, when the machine
breaks down, presume nothing,
here in your death, hurry up and
say hello, time to trim,
throughtle, let the text consume
the whole page, if you give the
image a north, you don’t want
to get involved with poetry, one
deconsolidate two reconsolidate,
copied into the future, locothot,
twain clemen, change the text,
i’m only going to say one thing,
other artists present on the
page, pigna, try looking
further away, the buck stops
here, the colour on the colour-
chart has faded, cleon,
youthless, the sudden
appearance of a jumping
spider on the page,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

what are we going to call this fucker?

twain acquire, anti-alias,
ideoglyphs, some object to type,
what needs to be done with
nothing, the pen is a machine,
mysterious markings unexplained,
grey font, this is not poetry,
make a happy ending, it’s a whole
lot more than an aitch, let the
corner flip out to a box, you
are making it deteriorate, pure
toner, help it fade out, fade to
white, the individual artist,
hardly even finish writing,
the gender of the letters, end
in the bilge, bright blue lingo,
darken it, one has chosen, stuck
unites, rotate the letter, do they
all have the middle full,
these are hardly even different,
could f, cancioneiros,
vielles, pseudo-plagiarism,
slan, stroke zine, telegraph
plants, a cluster of tornadoes,
diaolou, the maillard reaction,
rancho cucamonga, funnel set
go, nobody was too terribly
interested in the globe,
lain flounce, kenosis,
sanhedrin, heroes everwore
coton, rpdrdp, it looks like
you were consuming it,

format this six by nine please

clemenvilla tanger, permanently
non-signifying, a text without
text, meat teath, india liberty,
tactilia, mash down wad of
threads, farkles, mush pattern,
star clip china, threads inkorp,
turning paper back into wood,
a human bomb, mooth, surplus
toner, any non-language, treat
it as a wad, making it to the
bottom nature, the summer of
seventy-two, a statement of
matrix, losmg, just say no
to no tay syun, we should on
ourselves, rename the thing
after yourself, one was alive
in those days, mithra nexus
sc shibumi, the day before you
entered the picture, no shay
ton, on the scene before the
scene, awake to the extent
one is ever awake, the body is
dead, awake to the shit, meat
delight, one that has not been
kicked around to much, angle
of eye, a choice of death,
hierarchy of editor and
contributor, sociopoetic,
a sheet-compilation,
social sculpture, gestalt

Monday, May 18, 2009

"a nice box full of nothing"

locomobile, guangdong, nine
eight six two three, primal cuts,
the shape of the dot, clitoral
enlargement, ookpik returns,
plastic sickle, the use value
of the garbage, you know what
the object is, that was not
exactly me but, any object can
accrue memory value, invent a
new game, literature is mute,
it did stood, jazz dust, hedge
throwing, unsolved royal, a
nice box full of nothing,
fear not emptiness, empty is
better, empty enuf, note the
thickness of the dust, some
people enjoy this stuff, still
more games, hoping for penny,
depends which dollar you are
referring to, dust is one thing
dandruff is another, the
family that, my emissary did
go, if you have time to read
this then, one of your hairs,
no mazzer, because you did
not heed, wipe that smile off
your face, nobody cares
whether you live or die,
embrace reality, slab of
worthless info, collagen,
express nothing, pretend
you are alive, bibo, subsp,

an extrusion more like obsidian than tufa (see also cat's pyroclastic pajamas)

calloo gateaux tin torrid inquid accretion

four vatic upanishad orp-imped mint
stitch lichen or sow your casein
spoon clabber desk
sculpt askew moth in mist
licorice coitus
add sapir yuga kali
ask yellow mah route kulpi wandustry

wince mantra glue tempura xtul
skald chrysolite nary gyro hours
baked homily

Karen Randall: Propolis

Sunday, May 17, 2009


thought radio, jull, jullo,
tempted by blank paper, are you
a no or a yes, your last heard
word, the mach, saint op,
process the text thru the brain,
who is nobody if not us, julol,
ecstasy breathing, the black
hat lama, energy orgasms, hard-
headed cousins economists,
the dismal science, the u-index,
blank margin, tricoteuses,
metamorphosexuals, a trance-
like state of nothingness,
fuck happiness, the lust for
justice, kachina, cooch, chin
dildo, it’s useless to hold a
person to anything he says
while he’s drunk, lois ming,
doubt card, it ain’t bulk if
you only buy one, kinko biloba,
a perpetual periodical machine,
a meta-assembling, earth
theist, speechmobile, blood
consciousness versus educated
consciousness, excessive
individuality, ur theist,
naturacide, the song of the
white-throated sparrow,
impressive at tempt dot,
what is called meaning,
polis is eyes, pejorocracy,
projective speech machine,

Saturday, May 16, 2009

"please sell me something quick"

it’s just an aitch, concrete armour,
einstein was an artist, artistic
operators, now you are one of the
dead, transparent fish trance,
there is still more network over
yonder, we heard you the first
time, that happy place is long gone,
the writing on this is an overlay,
internal tail, legible graffiti,
spot the snail, look all you like
you will never see, fear of living,
toungue, our eye, ess three ess ess,
please sell me something quick,
ten four good buddy, melott,
massive communication, mister
nothing, does this mean we lost
it all, official fluxus
commemorative, the return of
the oppressed, modify letterhead,
money yen om, is that a hack,
ten years or it’s too late now,
shhy, here we are faced with
death again, cherry holes,
anarchyology, it’s because
nothing is being said,
schizoperception, layering in,
aesthetically numb, blot
out your memories, try using
a mirror, nong bit, maybe ebb yam,
if toner works then why,
better sticker, there she is,


telos glib, hijinks walks, the
glance anarchic, love-interval
warfare, saddam hussein,
those slit who, the bug leer,
are we thinking or are we
doing, engraving works, nothing
has faded, this jpg is suitable
for any occasion, permanent
definitives, deal with paper once
and for all, uvex sex, these are
all just poses, waiting at the
gate of the law, where’s my
overtime, saint ampede, centex,
e-so, take to the road for a
little roadwork, are you imp
lying, black and white goggles,
means of trance, art found
lying in the street, magnify
touch, goatse, food in quotation
marks, actual food, basic
red gen cloths, ymmyeg,
cashewboogers, go the extra
mile for love, wait for the
bell to ring, not buying any
fuel, it took a week to hear,
barlow husky, a chunk of
change, two chunks of change,
not so much without the buffer,
don’ forget you are drowning,
the power of postage,

Friday, May 15, 2009

"honouring the nothing spirit"

jungfraujoch, tossa, jumbo aberdeen,
the leaking waterpail, happiness is
verboten, pleasure is forbidden,
tracers accross the water, wanchai,
lung shine dispensary, a clue to the
moment, tracing the movement, a sign
in the sky, beautiful scenery of
repulsion, a sign in the bushes,
kathing, hat hole, it doesn’t look
eight hundred years old, floating
people, high tech architech, too
many tracers, art tram, aberdeen
china, in the eighty-eights, victoria
china, tin hau, jumbo kaitak,
honouring the nothing spirit, sayan,
lombok, tanah lot, spot the
farmer, ubud, honouring the spirit
of repetition, when the tide comes
in the temple is cut off, something
has been faked, gili meno, outrig,
gili air, almost only child, sri
mariamman, k, the reclining
buddha, wat, batik, kuala lumpur,
penang, iow jima, oriental
pearl, putraworld, benjamabophit,
monkette, wat po, honk honk, jenk,
golden buddha,
paddy, abirdeen

"leave words behind"

poetry is not enuf, don’t you
want to play any more, leared,
riot roof, the shape of nothing,
natural kraft, gasm, butcher
your life, you are just another,
welcome y, these communicate
nothing, first eye see then you
see, fond memories of the
explosion, please inform your core,
this also will pass, now this is you
and that is me, how many feet
of shit, keep trying you will,
give the gift of freedom, your
last happy day, myron sank,
amniforms, soft icecream art,
a touch of acid, we make each
other sick, still rip, still rippin’,
inform and reinform, get your
tongue out of my ear, your of,
still losing touch, cost you
seventy bucks if you wanna
talk, did you ever win, one is
not cheating, voucher text,
happy day is here again, did
you mean chuang tsu, texts
we are failing, chima, if i
talk to you will you answer
me, babygate, now your head
is being counted amongst
the, leave words behind,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"excommunication network"

mille six, front us, the art of
mothering, little bit of paper
worth, tooth and nail art, larus
ridibundus, olly olly inishfree,
whodunification, eye poem oh yeah,
what’s a mattah hari, what crox,
excommunication network, touch
is a bad word, move and leave no
forwarding address, zipe, wood
collage, one is a node radiate,
fluxusa, heatre, newbern, you can
call me blank, eye saw the seal,
cereality, an eighth of a breath,
got free copying, forget your
memories, never put a return
address, the toast matrix, seems
to have come out of nowhere, which
end of the text goes up, now you
are in the not enough place,
tonge, make envelopes nine by
nine, communication preferred,
never did get your name right,
remember when this was new,
cow com, image rep, one is not even
tempted, zeal and excess,
where do you situate yourself,
real blonde chinese, bldg blog,
waste art want art, blank law,
stub books, talon stub, move or
perish, buddhist capitalism,
fade to black, dim ret,

"nothing comes out right"

the communication is still getting
thru, the obliteration of moments,
far tumour, like this, there’s something
wrong with the head, a memorandum
of what you were reading, this
text seems to work, defiled by
germs, the text is already well
underway, busy being thinking,
writing on garbage, aspen music,
dadapoets solo erect, mistook the
original for a copy, the person
living at, your death is getting
worse, why is it reading this as
clean and this as dirty, this will
deteriorate quickly, babble as,
aspen erect, making a soul, tham
khwan, nothing comes out right,
khon song trance, busy being copied,
build a tower of garbage, look
for a place to lodge your mind,
oilsands, how the hell did we get
here, one is going down, put
another checkmark on your
list, buy or beware, social
promotion, ecomagination, insert
author intrusion here, visceral
realism, amantes amentes,
houka, ascites, nose and hatbrim,
craniosynostosis, to cool a
heated exchange, goluboy
siniy, environmental psych,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

no boss around

up in the hat, we torrid, we being
blue, a hard we, new comp, non
gag, name war, woose, it’s always
talk talk talk talk, bowling
one two nine, altered moss,
hockey work, trance waste, toxic
god, ego love, parmateer, collect
calories, ninety-eight, nabishle,
omnigraphy, anti-identity, the
concrete barrier, poverama, un
violon d’ingres, trance mood,
matrix number, organonas,
detinitus, landscape visual
clutter, outwith, gray tone,
language crunch, speech-language
pathology, uncle sam hat,

the professional marketting of,
the judge of hands, date for
word, faxy, how’d we get here
together, ray thirteen, are we
still in contact, in the day
of abe link, xtul, skal, wvz,
sumo nam, from the other side
of the cont, pressieur, boxtape,
need a new gig, nice try, you are
the consumer, go audio, read
about the images, fine art,
a particular envelope, leave
the scene, the poet types a
label, advert, published in your
imagination, getting the
word, no more lafter, encl,

fartclouds thewhite hat men
,,no bos around,,concrete talk
,,transparency concrete,,ameri-
canizatione,, navigating the system
,, chrysocratic,, nigh zilch,,
nosnhoj yar 2 ega,, quiet and
unresponsive as moss,, hamlet a
character who escapes,,

ein gleichnis (extruded formations from a series of glasstexts) by Karen Randall

ein gleichnis for the teleprompter juggernaut

quoin operated, my cachet scented Nankeen residue.
eternal awl of the aleatoric
ferric stannic cupric cupola

Karst, Gramsci, Augen Gneiss,
Grimmia decipien not raisins
deciduous underwear
sans almond. call number corporeal.

pellmell pelican retort
noble metallic sheen
lamellar my mica
my crab nebula
my radio-active decay

Karen Randall: Propolis

"calalou gazeux"

waiting for word, beer toy,
relation with the breast, today
sign, lexias, coming soon to a
mailbox near you, complete
enuf address, able to move
molehills, deformalities,
trance for getting there,
advice ticket, unsigned art,
house it done, twenty dollar
bill america, some unravelling
to do, fuck inoffensive,
nude hand, grapefruit scabs,
texts floating around,
degree in chaos studies, acc,
map of parts, a sign in the
sky, the poet’s knees, the
mailings ready, arcanic, text
mania, oversun, toner works,
advance press, thirty of a
thing, gazooks, blue gaz,
calalou gazeux, flying
in the face of copyright
restrictions, an eden, ufo
turtle, not hat, no hats,
human consciousness or the
end, intimidated passersby,
podunks, albamoor, massive
concrete poems, nexusism,
pennysavers, printer lines,
temporary errors, a place
on the shelf ready,
photocopyright, here comes
another wave, backblog,
catablog, weeper blues,
hundred and twenty-six,
textual transmission,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"contemplating a mossy cairn"

cultural capitalism, blank out
text, if you think this is of
kilter, build relationships, ready
to be nothinged, build events,
extreme chore, slur it, comzone,
phil out, proximate face, town
linked to town, border bucks,
slur zone, proxy love, border link,
just need to borrow the image
for a moment, wall to wallah,
do you really want more of this,
manilla gorilla, we will hardly
be able to tell, tilting versus
toppling, sneesynge, designate
a copy, designate an original,
feel the paint, a pale replica,
one might almost be fooled,
nothing is about to be lost,
wane paper, a world of replicas,
the mean price, contemplating
a mossy cairn, post-stroke,
therianthropic, sky crap ears,
enneagraphic, stundists, avec
vex, saccades, paper body,
northern boredoms, ice vacancies,
hexametric chili, a photograph
of a document, blank disciple,
ope hill, go thru a lot of
postage, real and actual art,
gung die, change your handle,
wish this was a painting, one
never dies, explicit imagine,
blank bear, broadcast insane,
of, inch-a-bet, dinosaur sex,
ur-sprinkle, tactile reality,
sacoa, meant to be nothing,

"hannah exhibited a characteristic"

hannah, let’s go to the punk
show, pallas athene, belief
in god is a form of insanity,
are we still one or are we no
longer one, maybe better buy,
a career in driving, pay by
phone, please don’t rip me off,
fuck this,

exhibited a characteristic
he had, you are the only
person with any dirty laundry,
engrave yourself a position,
from some man, specific things,
making representations, bail
liability, the funny thing
abu, pink folds, how did you
celebrate international
we, there is nothing inside
me, the famous horse-falcon,
majorations, copy hate,

Barbara A. Richards

Wisconsin Special Collections

Monday, May 11, 2009

"qoin" & "plus sun time"

gleichen, this will go for
two, yeah but where did the
money come from, cactus
hahhah, to be nothing, for
shaken, do you think you
can tell art from non-art,
got everything, qoin,
babylock escape, grunthog,
did or didn’t, you only get
the sort of justice you pay
for, unspent gifts, letters de
cachet, an ethos of collective
honer, island prison-kingdom,
popping photoflashes,

zsfresh, bring pen and paper,
want what’s best for all,
for one eight, plus sun time,
pester god, strawberry-
flavoured cranberries, no
residue, pre-auth, intend
to spend, removing hat,
the widow’s might, nankeen,
unconscious poetry, a
quick observation of the
truth, are you turning a
profit yet, tattoo face,
wuzzam, the telescopic

Sunday, May 10, 2009

did you pick your titles?

debt river, mono azul, maybe we neet
to enterprize, an important person
versus an unimportant person, taker
out of garbage, assa, maybe the
break will heal, tall orders
filled, plan for, our busy life
together came to a sudden halt,
garbiage, moshie, more than the dog,
hec tic talk, now you are all alone
in the world, here comes the bitter
end, chinese triwizard, ain’t got
no computer, evidence that you
have read, yes we think we have
read this, original trance, doc
you meaning, non-commercial value,

orange god, yesterday’s desire,
someone to throw paper, the system
is on hold, telephone nerve, more
to life than money, what time of
day is it, gwyderian, please
destroy this document, disappoint
everyone, the texts that are messing
with your head, aitch shovel,
there is only one place to work,
sheer volume of food, orange
death, what you need to survive,
we are going to run you thru a
selection, blank god, art comes as
a surprise, i know who this is,

"awkward eternal moment" & "corroboree pelmet judder"

the opportunity to make amends,
you never notice the price of gas
when you don’t have a car, the
side that is rare, how can you
just carry on as if nothing has
happened, you know you are
doomed, there is one thing
missing good, awkward eternal

still no raisins, the ten of spades,
ohukok, schmoogle, life isn’t changed
by dancing, corroboree, logicomix,
mirror-neurons, hyper-radiance,
dalizan, pelmet, maglugg, human
collective excitement, the mumbling
classes, kaing-grass, judder, an
assault of love,

Saturday, May 09, 2009

"you go" & "select one phrase for forwarding"

therapy nation, don’t wish me any more
heat, if i was there you would punch
me out, the energy of lunatics, d, go
down into that dark hole, and bring
up some more gold, pure peru, you
know what this thing is, poke around
inside the universe, blurry and
dusty, repetition allows you to see,
the delicate way the paint runs
together, what book would that be,
the energy of geniuses, the living
fence, leaves ground to dust, you
go, the one and only her, responds to
rubberstamp, never did figure out
where this came from, let’s link,

specific grit, the new way to make
a mark, axe alice, time has run
out on us, the hopeful couple,
we don’t want to see any frag,
we never really got included,
let’s unmake a cake, i can lick
thirty tigers today, subtle
markings, lave, lava flows six
kilometers deep, you never
mention me, which one of you
is which, how did that turn
out, select one phrase for
forwarding, now that they have
taken note of your existence,
some whack shit, image copyright,

Friday, May 08, 2009

"batak" & "the meaning of the microdot"

global warming propaganda,
author number one nine three
eight one seven, ‘s’rubber, yrcbg,
author number one five zero
three two eight, chick brst,
each of us is, tambura, beer
goggles, dtmfa, dehoused,
batak, trobriand island,
hollopchis, snardlumps,
blank notation, blank surface,
escribed, trilithons, comedy
in the history of the electronic,
lafs, no soul gardeners,

this is not the fatal straw, here i
am thinking of you, actual money,
trying to crawl up out of the
ditch, somebody changed the
password on you, the meaning of
the microdot, onthario, monkey
chants, being where we ought not
to be, your first paycheck, now
you can buy the kind of bread
you like, hmmm maybe we need
better coffee, pantymouth,
insta-tuition, no reason to
communicate with anyone,
causewayed enclosure hotels,
finn sleep, trance powder,
every single book ever published,

Thursday, May 07, 2009

"did somebody mention hockey?" & "xzends"

homedestroyer, a sky of glass, a
good hockey bunt, metal cobs,
the panty, glasses like these, copy
for the reason of, sleepers awake,
a good solid legible font,
everything is slipping away, they
dont look gone but, digging thru
box number one hundred and, the
complete actual present, ochred
lichen, the stitches or potatoes,
musical torture, first the give,
drugshine, timing limit, city of
text, hand of text, i am become,
did you miss your chance, palp,
not exactly lost, unread garbage,

you are not going to see much
more, as you work, poached
frogs, xzends, mind door, forced
to cluster, blank pile, clusterize,
who did what, hereditary catacombs
ecto, rioee, dear dead, cgiigc,
ham toupé, no q, peek peet keen,
riding up and crashing down,
esplanade horizon crucial, the
stench inside, nothing is permanent,
let’s get nepal on the line,
randomograph, darker arts,
fool up, keep sawing, thinking
of you, never would arrive,

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"psychedelic textual dream" & "pillion"

print up a million, now for the
letterpress, we never printed too
many, lay your language over,
note bad fold, a happy day in
retrospect, yes supposably, now
the work itself is over yonder,
committed to insanity, we did ew,
the network failed, in up to the
neck, psychedelic textual dream,
the others we othered, your
message hera, temp holding us fast,
the actual beauty is, long slow
demise, six and final, a single
word to capture the universe,
you were always, one fell,

jasmine paper, the process of
documents, preying on the
unemployed, general stamp, just
like honey, luck tax, well then
where’s the reality, allawites,
entasis, clusters of vacancy,
high even in the counties,
permanent rate, paint a blank
picture, cluster insects, rollin’
down the highway smilin’
neuroplasticity, covers every
hillside, mugunghwa, brede,
orange rubber, poilus, pillion,
naafi, commun, lumpy with
oranges, a concrete hat, maquis,

"i am one" & "aprill"

every day is april fool’s day,
does anybody have an e-mail
address for ray johnson,
enslave yourself, i am one, some
people are getting beyond,
say something about this, all the
mail-artists have moved away,
moved to brazil, last month,

see knick, chargex, feuling aroun,
aprill, money over the telephone,
trance accord, you are in seat
number one, one piece of merchandise,
the letter jay, appoint meaning,
changer, now we are at today, you
better phone your boss, the mighty
shoves, all of these little words
add up, are you sure you’re
covered, grande syntagmatique,
the privileged reader, orthopsychic,
the family drama, apparatus
theory, a theory joke,

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"mccormick deering" & "xeroglossia"

umbook, yland, who gets cut out of
the picture, you look crazed, naps
snaps awake, order now on this blank,
your skin thru time, every picture is
mute, crick, moars, spittin’
imagination, time has not been kind,
mccormick deering, pappy, the rake
of yer hat, get that tooth fixed
and hey ho, that ain’t no thong,
typed out one by one, photos of
things you’d rather forget, busy
being drunk, earnest courtship,
jumbook, messem, tel-vision, e-bate,
while combing the news,

naga, the architectural buddha,
a mark left by a loved one, economy
of power, xeroglossia, paperlink,
hate red heart, remember this
sign, the violence was nothing, all
the forces that drove us here, all
the texts in the world, englot,
dumb in the summer, generalized
julia, too late to avoid existence,
eastern equine encephalitis, file
folder recycle, on the beach, obc,
waive or wave off the trance,
missop, vagabondia, looks like
postage, can dry, everything got
blogged, indicates the day, any
more unpleasant,

"anti-cluster" & "ephor"

twenty thousand spam messages,
anti-cluster, whoa! you think you’re
crazy? look at this, yserror, where do
you find ‘em?, red blank red,
please send me more garbage,
we lost our tools, we need more
tools!, only took you to one,
can you handle, real insanity
or, the scratching of backs,
dicks lex, you were right
motherfucker, and then we made
our last wrong move, the
faintest impressions of
bottles, here is work, modified
for replication, art proxim eye,

broccoli theories, hi-fi art,
hypertheorize, the barking
hippies, phonophilia, hindmilk,
a distinctly orange cast,
ephor, harlot-mongers,
maddened to exasperation,

Monday, May 04, 2009

"early computer art" & "gnifies"

the white stripes, slap the pizza on
the scanner, is the grot part of the
art, nomadic artist, if you copy it
you will remember it better, the
way the hand moves, trog thot,
when it was still east germany, what
are you in the business of, still
gumming, jurassic pair, tea real,
called up a comment, the frolic,
rise up out of your box, early
computer art, simple enough
beauty, brain cell art strike,
lay your hands on the art, a sign
of silence, open to interpret, rem
wen, dev uni, art touch, fal, alw,

living plants of the world, it
gnifies something, a minute of
silence for your future death,
you were hoping not to have to die,
who’s this one, get up on stage
spill your blood, can you talk the
code, what’s missing from this
text, kmr, gbble, split yourself
in two, there’s more missing than
that, we only just begun, urine
camels, pick up a five-hundred
box, humanly huge, thanks for
destroying me, now that death
is gone, hey i like your shit,
former rem, happy valve, axept,

"jesus loves you but, satan loves you beddah!"

make a note for your memory, melting
thru time, we’ve had this lost thing
for years, particle influence, the
missing portion tingles the memory,
one side for the top one side for
the bottom, not afraid to lose the
odd word, we once was alive, every-
thing turns to grey, are you still
here, we are performing from the gut,
chromography lab, oh cet echo, what
the frame held, the owner of the
artwork is the artist, a copy is
almost as good no better, nothing
is ever really full, are all
these mailartists still active,
and on it goes, chipback, stillflux,

directing nothing, the thing with
the noses, a sense of aboding, satan
loves you, you got to live in the
nice house one day only, sit before
your eyes, long horn hat rack, we
must have known the end was near,
feel the texture of the moment,
feel your way back to life, being
yourself is not enough, protect
etc rot, one day you style yourself
this the next that, your happyest days,
driving yourself down, five
million loves, d is for dayglo,
somebody else’s nutty idea, act
on this text, fasson, memberize,

Sunday, May 03, 2009

"what if our nows don't coincide" & "enternet"

time travelling thru paper, the being
we were being then, here take a look
at this writing, what if our nows
don’t coincide, get those neurons
firing, cluster fuck bomb, seems
to mean nothing now, the day we
found the teasel, we never lived
on moss street, give it an arbitrary
name, when we were calling ourselves
voodoo chapeau, true love blank,
depending on how it was folded
the first line would be, total
law breaker, render useless self,
too late buddy, yes this is the
one, total love dominates,
arbitrary eye, tiny little bug,

as close as we will ever get to the
original, enternet, no longer ongoing
still, beautiful little things we held
for but a moment, lord only knows
what would become of them,
never not doing art, where it started
out where it ended up and on, and then
nobody wanted to play, still uncanny,
be careful you don’t see something bad,
kneejerkoff, hat of nails, do you
consider yourself a victim or, we
have a run of these, bright
purple, the little names of mailart,
all the beauty fading away, the
original word could be anywhere,
calling all active, at play and in,

"do you want to save the changes to your brain" & "artgang"

now we thot this was lost, albert
hoffman one hundred, the old single-
copy business model, postage self,
do you want to save the changes to
your brain, if you need help please
call, we only move for money, did
we ever send you anything, the old
kickers, i was so thinking of you,
the price of gas has become still,
six six six criminal, pem, who or
what was benjamin myles, what day
did we start, the concrete is still
falling, miz bush, augustus boal,
what were we mailing that day,
the correct method of using,
dipping down close to death,

imagine yourself back in your happy
moment, make a copy of the gold, is
the source still there, is the gusher
still gushing, visual schizophrenia,
which direction is the flow flowing,
peep your eyes closed, art works for
me, artgang, so you can see the fix,
now is the path to joy, hope this is
not too frisky, curious to know the
history of this penny, what’s your
schtick, to gather mushrooms,
trace the chaotic flux, everyone
who is still in the picture, anyflow,
the fate of the mailartist, are you
saying or are you quoting, immortal
addnpass, brain-shaped mushroom cloud,

Saturday, May 02, 2009

"true love prosthesis" & "trace chaos tracks"

the police are guilty, trials
lawyers blues, the history of
your face, imagine more peace,
absorb the particle before it’s
too lake, the provision of happy,
random explosion, true love
prosthesis, we knew it said
artmobite, what was it like to
be happy, this is quite the text,
looks rather innocuous on the
outside, never really been in a
pub, the font you choose in,
got off scot free, little error
led to downfall, giant letters,

oh now we have another black mark
against ourselves, the best we can say
for art, how were we doing the work we
were doing, obscure what needs obscure,
all these letters gone, the art
workers working the art, particles
of this reality, compare with see
slash double you, black luck,
temp error, ten times ten equals
fifty, how are we raying, all the
artists are long gone, reality
match, trace chaos tracks, arts
still present, also gnawn as,
worm in mind, never retain,
fond memory, causes nothing,
ten by, value-less beauty,

"bull pizzle" & "one-a dese daze"

the silicon goes blank, independent
of july, sal bia cor, frags of reality,
one two one, when you were here and i
was there, this one did come back,
cow pizzle, seeing thru to what you
are seeing, you in all your glory,
xljt, work so that you, paralyzed by
reality, you’re writing on it,
build copy tower, marching towards
rest, put me in the box, the same flap
of flesh, this one really did go
for a ride, pass up joy, why the
damage, who would that be, our
drinking days are over, habit
ate, guilt by association, time word,

get unslack, keep my mail away from
me, one-a dese daze, drop everything
inside your self, you would think
to forward, you are tracked,
higher than empty communication,
concrete mail, we thot we were
guilty but, intestinal paralysis,
ripe and ready to copy, it’s fading
every moment, melissa and allan,
it matters to know what day it
is, days of hate, everybody is doing
something productive exept, you
come in the door shooting, now
your function is, when you were
near, are you here, who was there
when, make a copy with the lid open,

Friday, May 01, 2009

"it's all the same text"

let your identity go, this is post-
disaster, now we really are insane,
don’t you even want to see, the one-
hundred-and-twenty-sixth and final,
your last move before you died,
going along insanely, my grinning
death’shead, we fell back into our
old rut, the last thing we did,
who is performing your function
now, each one of these little straws
lead to the collapse, go out and sit
in the sun at minus thirty, your
happy last moment, you can’t
write your own, cheif chief,

a single beer, five copies period,
reality is there for you to change,
triple ex nothingness, it’s all the
same text, this is registration
work, makes for a heavy piece of
paper, one for each of the five
people who like to read my writing,
they want to put their logo on your
work, marching towards march,
why do we go around and around,
publishing bang bang, logo language,
fake fade, double up the amount
of production, let’s go bowling
instead of this, the thickness,

"reality-supply construct" & "when the paint is flying"

i am fly, but fen larks, stow hooking
it, splunkishly, random ident,
electric ant, blank audio input,
blank unpunched tape, acksetron,
the holy bowel, a captain kirk,
reality-supply construct, the
reality tape, snailishly
unwinds, sociologism, zakat
tithe, metics, senecide, minim,
temporal castes, seed-miller ant,
repletes ants, honeypot ants,
metapleural glands,

your claim to fame is that photo
you took, stilling touch, no art is
too bad, van floating, rss riddle,
the tension got to the breaking
point, ain’t got no light to shed,
yes one did break, pass up the op,
how will you weather the coming
storm, constant grinding, use it
before you lose it mister no more
slogans, eye never wore hats,
olympic writing, feel the grit,
neah bay head, art is fool’s gold,
nothing subversive about mail,
walking antique, sep, when the
paint is flying, on the web anyway,