Friday, April 26, 2013


demon dialing, wardriving,
hobbyists for exploration and
crackers, wardialing, hammer
dialing, toneloc, microanalysis,
grtr victo, you are still a
child, application label, bang
club the, fishtore, halibut
fritter, pig bbq, blanshard,
derniere volonte, kwm, brandt,
dwell on dollar, obgblb cluster,
pataphysician and mailartist,
gone to nakusp, quikrete,
god’s envelope, decoupage,
fulguration, pasquinade,
the buzzard cult, luftmensch,
the writing took over, an
explosion in a charnel house,
swinette, turtle-excluder
devices, nothing venture, a
rubberstamp that says:
arbitrary, lust trance,
ultrix system, buch, shizer,
twitter-pated, ten-year run,
great wall of books, what’s a
cracker, work and television,
arf, the priddle men,
leaving tracks across the
bog, burn this text,

Thursday, April 25, 2013


shizen, electra blvd north
saanich, constructive ethos,
the warsaw convention, akal,
hangover to the, yates street,
room six-oh-six, seq pnr dep arr,
it’s all beach, the clock sweats,
he sat, online taxi, audley street,
you might forget what room
you are in, trank action, there
was only two of us, broad street,
each one of these things costs,
kyyj, ballad of a thin poem,
leverage cluster, it looks like
a full tank to me, continuous
stationery, metyrapone, chia
seeds, chalaque, tuque versus
toque, pear of anguish, attach
correspondence, christie, cocb
cluster, zee twang of thangs,
buchy, socialist goblet, the
checkmark means we ate it,
springfield, glamour pussy,
magonca, vercille, the envelope
repetitions, kenzinger, if you
could read the dots, lsd
twenty-five, leg fertilizer,
chickweed, patient counseling,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"zuni icosahedron"

buckyballs, violet chicken, anal
pear, black and tan, carbon sixty,
carbon seventy, was self, one gets
taken by innocence, eight digits,
vm cluster, notstand, fluyus,
whatcut, the accidental mummies
of guanajuato, somebody opened
it, p o’ p, toleware, estatement,
cancel the protection, dest,
shaffiq visram, zuni
icosahedron, treaty port culture,
utilitarianistic familism,
splittist, satellite of love,
seven into even, cellphone star,
floating geodesic dome, leave
a clue on the paper, ultrix,
labour output,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


output signal switching device,
metacomic, desire line, social
trail, unitary urbanism,
wayfinding, vivosaur, underwater
logging, hypergraphy, metagraphics,
psychogeography, olfactory
poetry, jasmine cluster, six digits,
woo kee med co, kokuko cookies,
rcctlc cluster, trance to page,
the united states playing card
company, arla dofino, tatsuya
makatani, excessive replication,
photographic time, snapfish,
glasses and a nose, screaming for
more information, giulia,
homemadeband, hope the tornado
missed you, first of all you
have to ask yourself, do you
see the godhead, what you
want, all you need is a phone,
one day of giving, jasmine
paper, buckram, sandook, mor
dun, huàqiaó, a culture of
translation, early hopes for
citizenship, philoptolists,
show-window of democracy,
inelasticity of labour,

Monday, April 22, 2013


ling rush, polythelia, zergling,
polymastia, klonopin, thimbuh,
mnc ppc, nip slip, grapeseed oil,
svetly lezak, cyc cluster,
cambazola germany, pivo,
kralovske, cacocalo, blewgenes,
antisunglasses, lamellibranchia,
merovingian, eonism, balanoid
hypospadias, the last of the
stains, you had plans for this,
the bullshit hour, the orange
window, pyloric spasm,
earthquake hazard is converted,
infinite copy zine,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

"danseuse de charme"

infinite games, eba, semo, iyan,
esopus, tractor edge, you’re looking
for the source, out of alignment,
mailsat, sbmgb cluster, the
creation of artworks in quotation
marks, we are zeroed out, fcz,
hard chair ear, charge-coupled
device, danseuse de charme,
gamine, charabanc, clean jeans,
joke no joke, number: yesterday,
the shine thru stopper, nike
cigarettes, all this toner,
cardstock, oil refinery lids,
skip the, super-temp, baptism
by wine, this blue smudge,
labia faction, they shimmer,
fcz, fcz, fcz, fcz,

Friday, April 19, 2013


indigo bunting, lambic, sex at,
tainia, grapevine on ship,
litovel, gwc, kouros, eight-thirty-
nine sixth avenue, drop the
rubberstamp, csbw cluster,
little creatures pale ale, lcpa,
rope in the c, ling master, i
wonder about these folds, don’t
think of it as an order,
eighteen chalk street, gabions,
i’m envisioning nothing,
vergana, all of these things
could unfold, lantana flower,
eighteen-ninety-five letter,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


lantana, micropoetries, qiliania
graffini, oh dot dee, otccl,
saturnie cécropia, the markings,
misjudged the opening, ass, it
tore, fluxus clothespin, malden,
therevada, worldcat, xeens,
juan maldonado, minarchism,
libertarianism, hardcore
papernetters, library-sentimentalists,
turandot, neverendum, net
music, one has been shelved,
everything that ever got done
with a stack of paper, labia
coda, vortex yourself,

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


vril, tsotsism, substance d,
rotoscoping, loka, dixie mafia,
dimenhydrinate, inputting,
cookies and milk, mc cluster,
laying in, epson salt, esp on,
rubber break, the top of the
gee, mnc ppc, frankie loves
joann, fender head, thunk
it, five eleven, you felt
it needed emphasis, billy
clenning, dislogic, astro
glide, kyob, tonsin, glick,
stand, karmis, lakshmi,
canary yellow fedora,
aau, abstract coda, chan

Monday, April 15, 2013


nagarjuna, lonerism, e-retro,
the men who stare at goats, blue
octavo, which work of art is more
a work of art, repetition variation,
was self, kay cluster, the side
with the bite, the ink bites the
paper, ant with scissors, kace,
umware, mushmail, two hundred
and fifty-six bit encryption,
kaspersky, black ice, cracks
dot am, harlequin fetus
syndrome, practice shaking
hands, infamous sin, librairie
l’insoumise, macon swastika,
collage for meditation, la
lunk, brain versus brain,
power incense, portal, dex-
troe-am-fet, valdosta,
surrat booth harold, vehicule,
more production, addressed
by lunatics, all your memories,
negative engrams, abpp,
emphasis on canada, lenexa,
concrete expansion, complete
it today – it’s the law,
café le dog, imialiba,
my alibi, mail this out,
teg, info in,

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"darb al mugharririn"

perrinia immortalis, pedipalps
enlarger, numb the wiser,
backflow cluster, f, clustertainment,
winnipeg tyme, cgb cluster, the
bite of the paper, this repetition
is different, this repetition is
the same, reservation english,
sheikha, huqq al-kanadiya,
a, darb al mugharririn,
reconquesta, rahmani, suwar,
dafatir, rai berzins, swastika
holding company, bazoombas,
literature remains, downwind of
the forest fire, el nino geelong,
plan king,  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"psychogeographical amusement"

planking, rondoux, cvbocm cluster,
gaik cheng khoo, ontographic, trance
alphabet, pemmican, plasser mining,
wctu, start equals art plus,
with an eye to any potential
audience, toothbook, yellow core,
anticham, kodada, duchamp is a
jerk, christo merzbau, a chair
with wings, noise scavengers,
document a king’s lynn, think
industrial, camo bird feeder,
bush tucker, no frills art,
terrorist in suit, badajoz, peter
haining, it will become
complicated, chan lee pui ying,
chalk stencil, kunstenko, read
the road, saep tenet, cornelis
vleeskens, jiri tabor novak,
die schwarze kunst, lessness,
squellette, reportaje maya,
frank mclaughlin, denis
mizzi, psychogeographical
amusement, the museum field,
rebecca zapen, you are what
you see, framing each and
every, gartland, sarah guilfoil,
gayle sherlock, uci public art,
to have the apprentice in the
sun, bonnie may,

Friday, April 12, 2013


core dump, neurodiversity,
the path that leads nowhere,
the pali canon, little creatures
pale ale, weekly flyer, ccgb
cluster, twang line cluster, the
process of individuation,
mindmaps, sleep debt, facemash,
truthers, birthers, laughter is
the coin of the realm, art start,
just say the word book, call it
whole, let’s change bindings,
karingal, pizza mail, the no this,
changsha, werribee, tlokweng,
bulimba, yliopistonk, thestabli,
oatdp ntier, kunstenaar, what
have you gone and done, vordruck,
professional fluxus, poetry police,
your one green eye, refuse to
let the art in, spazio thetis,
perfomedia, lineainfinita,
shuck one, el ray de la habana,
stéphane hessel, the vera kunova
art colony club, de nye
rigspolitichefen, red hot poker
flowers, pia hsiao, rite of
wondering, dot fm, digital
breakup, disconnected speech
texts, the aura of the
homeless, bound in yellow,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"calavera atmosferica"

paperlessness, graphical modeling
framework, a census-designated
place, musical instrument digital
interface, hell is other people’s
money, in a homeless relationship,
where there’s a will i am there’s
a way i am, qr code, file letter
sand cluster, weekly flyer, we
still need them but, somehow
the datasheets got mixed up,
sorry i missed, data confusion,
pick a deet, reality impaired,
first class forever, let nature
do the work, genital
intemperance, stretch your
money, pish-posh, technocratic
totality, religious pain, how
to read chakras, brain to
brain, calavera atmosferica,
scott blake, the dolly museum,
foundation garments, read this
one, mazzaro, concrete wheels,
graspus, one is filling the
air, half stormy half blue sky,
rom zipper, i love the paint
you use, short statements
about, zondag, saving our
prints, a creative connection,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"reificative processes"

poetry aversion therapy, erudite
captain hate, orange laces,
daydream nation, arabella,
stirred stars, ycw cluster,
subplot, the bit that caused,
something to hold it all
together, geelong, resisting the
temptation to pop, packagine the
package, jofsi, little malop street,
christian boltanski, dream
villa productions, la violente
esperance, twenty-four oh three,
golden transcript, alca,
reificative processes,

Tuesday, April 09, 2013


ceivers, transverters, pdoink,
cockzilla, milk tiger, american
idle, the crisis in higher education,
anti-torrent act, we need to
deal with all this shit, shea,
sbhobc cluster, enhorabuena,
make this a part of your actual
life, black beast of arrrghhh,
suicide circle, jazz forever,
okanite, falling upward, iddle,
fewer than five pennies, a
sedative politics, hypatia, deke,
nonlit, imp politic, scans pink,
the paper connection, hey wilma,

Monday, April 08, 2013

"salamba sarvagasana"

facestorm, please send me a penny,
cola-brations, identity design,
adyton, milckohya, reactine,
ell cluster, international cluster,
pink owl, money drawing bag, bob
dobbs, the only thigh, fluxus
aurium, but it’s already
obtained, portland concrete, all
the work the bookmark did,
fideua, mastoiditis, cytisus
scoparius, a sailing brick,
pepparkakor, lussekatter,
salamba sarvagasana, isocheim,
i’d like to do a review of your
book review, jane rule, what’s
with all the folds, the poutine
routine, the number one hit
for ceivers, spiritual

Sunday, April 07, 2013


lola voyl, winnipeg karen eliot,
mbgb cluster, forty-year run,
one produces text also, biopolitical
militancy, three oranges in an
elmwood bowl, dunne-za, every
possible penny, harnessing clean
energy, bcbgmaxazria, aliterate,
ritornello, heed the third eye,
can you tell it was shot from
the thing itself, now the two
are welded into one, now the two
are busted into one, fcz for
lola voyl, actually yesterday,
dynamic imput, aspen’s labia,
gold work, herzhaftt, the one
thing split into two, the file
folder is labeled: empty,
yazuka, what’s this red smear,
why are you making such
things, violent lola, mayo seven,

Saturday, April 06, 2013

"psycholinguistic orientalism"

philophobia, irreversibly
engorged, mystic fire dreamachine,
communication sickness,
momentum cluster, brandt,
vylmc b cluster, a whimsical
left hook, the first zoo, sharjah,
poor people have eyes, adderall,
alprazola, warp and weft b,
the amboy dukes, nonliterature,
an affective aesthetic,
psycholinguistic orientalism,
hopes to erase cannot, complete
the census—it’s the law,
branded hotel, she’s gone but
she can be replaced, textual
domestication, foreignization,
dialogic interpreter,
translator’s block, fluency
fetish, palace brothers, when
you regain your composure,
let’s not talk oughts, madri
gal, ryoan-ji, ndp,

Friday, April 05, 2013


narcissistic personality disorder,
fluxible, evolve for all human
conflict, dreamachine, human
cancer environmental, one is
liveblogging, sampan cluster,
twenty-five dollar insects, beebee
vanderview, obc four-ess cluster,
this is art motherfucker, federal
felony lane, the point where i
become too much, peavey liked to
crochet doilies, no man takes
what’s mine, infinity squared,
if you’ve got the eyes to see,
postal discipline, white cube
cluster, sea lichen, timezone
denim, landkäse, institut für
auslands-beziehungen, prof
joan harrison, sarabi,
champaign, albertata, blue
okoye, i think i am gonna
vomit, fascinated by the
various shades of orange,
estrus w judy ad hoc,
einstecktafeln, canadian
history exciting, virtually
there, hardly close enough,
ecstasized, alambiqué,

Thursday, April 04, 2013


melasma, chloasma, fromunder,
the dry tortugas, traveling one
ell, mojito, collapse comments,
kipici, fouetteuse, all the usual
things, mcmcc cluster, the jack
duffy story, practices no exclusion,
ethnopoetics, translingual poetics,
alcheringa, propaedeutics,
chinampas, ethno-shopping, cloud
chamber photographs, acrophobia,
calling everybody honey,
electronic handshake ciccolini,
marching our way back, ought
to have been a double, viper’s
section, noontext,

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

"bubalus quarlesi"

noon oh nine, miss blender bakari
freepong, lurve, bubalus quarlesi,
low-barrier shelter, muthu,
vtdg cluster, x is for exit, bestand,
an improvising machine, tsirkus,
the sweet science, cloud computing,
efforts of humanity to conquer,
executive homes clouds, normo,
fukushima, swimming beauty,
eisden, this one is two,
decantus, name checking, after
the fisting, are you for fun or
against fun, we lost some of the
balls, futanari, ganesh, frips,
it’s gmmmd, turnerstrasse,
this was used as an envelope,
roy watson, retire folder, a
network of birds, writing
outside the box, purple arum,

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"trebbiano d’abruzzo"

textland, outwitting squirrels,
clitcore, fount futon, shropshire
blue, trebbiano d’abruzzo,
miss melitta, ccc four-ess w
cluster or, masciarelli, a
successful drunk, marchio,
how much are you consuming,
the local distribution system,
encompass ink, cynthia holz,
cauterization and dee and
cee, smirly, himalilu, you
interrupted my writing, hce
mixed with alp, radical
affections, jut, weary blues
for waitin’, artificial
mythologies, automatic
message, powers of horror,
man on fire, mchugh bluff,
ai wei wei,

Monday, April 01, 2013


christmas halloween and easter,
amharic immersion, hanson
hollow road, anno seventeen-forty-
seven, winnipeg oranges, bread if,
steenhuffel, øl, winged phallus,
futanari champaign, lelite,
original piece mail art, clean
yellowish mustard, people who
can’t fold accurately, bread
and water the band, carden,
go draw a bug, kazamate,
hurting seasons, who makes
the faces, media junky, no
aliens, columbus versus columbus,
rhonda bighead, fuck the facts,
milk ejection reflexes,
panoptimist, zany text ray,
efmf, great zen, intergender