Tuesday, September 30, 2008

divert the flow of labour,
wring the text thru the machine,
mailing nothing to nobody, ska
deck, fat sunday, just electric,
replace the missing artist, make
the text conform, dear nobody,
this non ray of light, brocken,
apocatastasis, bermoothy,
concrete and grass, chinook’s
bible, house by the coachyard,
the employed class the
homeless class, every half
century, all though it be,
the word mosquito, your
favourite tree, stopded, culex
tarsalis, grasscycle, nonviolent
classwar, the sensation of
meaning, concrete fulness,
idedistic, poly-syndetic,

comic sans ms

frees peach balloon, one
hundred imps, has action
been taken enuf, laughing
comma, windknow, it’s a brid,
pick an indecision, hoping to
feel some texture, action we
have been we, action we refuse
to take, fragment for
posterity, grow leaves grow,
stick around and keep an eye
on things, are ye still there,
it’s never too lake, you have
to check to see if it’s real,
it’s never too late to act,
make yourself infinite,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

century gothic

let’s get this text underway,
a toy gun to take an eye out,
twice baked, the fourth
dementia funhouse, caligraphy,
disliteration, a sugarloaf hat,
comma fish, grey felt crowns,
chester carlson, electric
photography, god moves among
the casseroles, this-here-ness,
species specialissima,
there-it-is-ness, software
justification engines, apotek
megazone, filthy concrete

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Allan Revich culls a haiku out of "arial black"

up the pyramids
what are you hoping to get
money, get moving

("arial black" is way down here: here

Allan Revich finds a haiku in "superbeck,..."

shitstain cluster bombs
the persona is nothing
bag lamp donations
superbeck, shitstain, jourk, a ragbog
of irradiation, more info on
cluster bombs, off-line e-mail,
low-browed vitrine, conscious
encouragement from the high,
serré, the persona is nothing,
entropic-antientropic, postbag,
ephemeralization, a trilby hat,
the cat is leaking out of the
bag, lamp donations, ah hoosh a
ha, adamawa, cryptic rubber-
stamp impression, original trance
action, the total absence of
surveillance, carillon, black
sites, extraordinary-rendition
program, make a typo in the last
line, a fleck of shit on the bar
of soap, spell tamigotchi, memo:
necrophilia, put hockey aside,
there’s no point typing it up again,
we use the typewriter because we
don’t have access to the computer,
john who, earth atomizer let’s go,
for those who love toner, checking
the marks, you have to transfer
the information from the one
to teh other,
beepliophile, consider the blank,
it’s blank but, what kind of a font
is this, less than blank, you like
having your name on garbage, the
easy way to knowledge, ducere,
tetrahedral kites, unio mystica,
chubby bunny, voluptuum, gatto
caldo, equally horrified at the
cold, the nerd caste, hébertism,
he gave me a present of dung!,
atc ivity, nabokov script, postal
hockey, thatabout, sing a thong,
why do we have two of these?,
why do we have fifty?, a jaw
above work, the folding area, do
bazil, begin extreme, the float,
a post-piece, okay now they are
ready to be copied, as a vizpo
peace, if fits in, forward copy,
resume filing, the fun of
smashing things, the anonymous
artist, maybe it was the light,
leave it hole, what’s with the
chunk, dimp, can you feel the
room breathing, make ruddy,
do st, playing bazil, extreme
banking, begin smarati, float
hoge, the penny is dead, a
wedge, postal crackheads,
the dayglo is hard on the eyes,
indicate by folding, worse side
outside, there’s more to it than
meets the eye, a pub’s a bup,


art wherever you like, invisible
attack, coming back to haunt you
twenty years later, once you had
the real thing but now, oh well
you can still sell the copy, better
change the date, psychonomics,
who’s your favourite enemy?,
that’s how i’m reading it, concrete
or stuffed chairs, bektashi,
looking at the place where the
words will arrive, poetrymonger,
it’s nothing without the machine,
a mere empty pocket, like this
only brighter, popular version
of actuality, gnana, chaozhou
hua, sinicized, negarakrtagama,
short for esquimo, norwegian
forest cat, bruisance, under
his hat: “the”, noise intoners,
jabberwockurry, typing up
calligraphy, all that typing
for what, spell tamagotchi,
temporary holding cell for the
text, time to drop the gloves,
why would you want to
deteriorate it, depending on
what’s on the recto, big black
van, we are not our enemy,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ARC works together "Nagging" by JMB & "an expert on..." by DRP!

Re: an expert on Re: Nagging

a piece of shredded fog bound
and drinking vision, are you a thinking dog

or a splitter, lice calm, a clustering of types
bound and trying to be blank, eye, eye, meat

this reality sung and naming penny nails
dish cities gagging hymns, think of it burnt

dirt clock ready to shock, stun nothing
the toner edge aping toner stripe, worth of

books slab bound and designed to be spooling
drum powers counting beyond the paper history

For DRP & JMB,

(with reference to: this

John M. Bennett "Nagging"


fog bound and drinking spit

neck bound and thinking dog

lice bound and calming rice

sink bound and throating ham

clock bound and trying dirt

slab bound and boring hiss

meat bound and naming blood

stun bound and hopping flags

is bound and gagging hymns

drum bound and gorging bowl

burnt bound and plying thit

sung bound and aping suits

haw bound and nagging eggs

Dr. John M. Bennett
Curator, Avant Writing Collection
Rare Books & Manuscripts Library
The Ohio State University Libraries
1858 Neil Av Mall
Columbus, OH 43210 USA



you can allow yourself nothing

jota, art is a luxury we can ill
afford, a disappointing lion,
college of higher education,
passion pills, superconsciousness,
orange streamer, coxa, liquid
flowers, concrete signified, a
gesture toward the emptiness,
edge hill college, dot udu,
fuck space, undisclosed press,
war as a form of communication,
always rewrite, it is not attatched
but it is still a part, chan or
cran, assorted billions, glissy
to the touch, insinuate yourself,
eye write blank, you need a
flowchart to follow the path
of the text, why is it not black
black, invisible errors, entrepôt,
koine dialektos, anglo-islamic,
a mon ur-language, recension,
sangha, tapasaya, not tried to
earn a single penny, consumed
five hundred sheets of paper,
you can allow yourself nothing,
who are we sending to today,

Monday, September 22, 2008

arial black

post-photography, beer belge, ripping
up the pyramids, cough exhaust,
it has our name on it, uista, futsal,
concerted effort to hijack, what
are you hoping to get for your
money, get moving, don’t think
we’ll be spending, pine bedding,
hoping to get nothing, happy
annvers, dents your cluster
dtroubled, esee hc, conflux, flood
trance, module missing, uniform
resource location, a stroke of
synesthesia, dildo launcher,
ceived a higher education,
middle the third footman,
moddle the third footman,
neo-middlebrow, fainnes,
supermannered, loment, clustered
at the sink, from concrete to
grasshopper, save your pixels,
more than a page long, snip,
traditional paper correspondence,
fooling around with rubberstamps,
ritz crackheads,

coach house boutique?

look forward, book holds, kitchen
heteroclites, nat bank, kitchen
wait, up on the angel, this is
not a joke, actual hat, protean
artist, self-representing artists,
high bidder id, since july,
sensory experucation, editor
for coach house, night in art,
the fertile void, caohman, lit
hat, bald hat, dysraphic,
tigiality, reality-boost, glass
fortress, psychicism, the hard
hatted sea, excellerine,
thirteen bids, thundersnowstorm,
dementy, loss of contact
sheet, papperlapap, thirteen
the hat, affectibus, medicine
hat dream machine, vacuum
fluctuations, pink banana,


mazurka!, a vision of, not under,
difference flora, radioweb,
nobit, arizz, anti-systemic, the
artist-worker, wikipedia, imp
e-dance, robocopy, canadian
stone windows, only about
ten left, other mail, what
was the weight, doctor zen,
tot em up, space error, you can
say a lot, noword, neohelix,

nothing that can't be shoehorned

btrc, saint aples, how the body is
constructed, one quarter left to
spend, hat numb one sixteen, do
not use inhouse, tobisgrissla,
portion obscured, total loose
book prevention, nothing that
can't be shoehorned, simulated
mail, deck-jam, this images nada,
this hole in the paper, you yog,
the process of shoehorning, we
have not yet made our mark,
what do you want with this,
whoa thot this was real for
a second, now we are going to
write about this, beer and
skitte, oh yeat, you will never
come within a million miles,
divy, untommorow, your online
versus your offline life, rusty
bottle top, take this one and
run with it, massive chaotic
art object, frieden, if not now
when, shunpike, camera toss pool,
clusterlinked, chapboucqs,
billina's eggs, trance humant,
penny farthing, frij, she
likes hats, schweigen,
frenemy, a rare bottle cap,
a non-rare bottle cap, recluse
sulker, nothing is going to
go astray, online or onpaper,
in french or in english, a
day or two of fading, optnow,


bell key, forget to mail, give
the text a rest, what the code says,
one for this project, asisment,
wall of text, snip pins, these will
have to be severed, made ready,
you can tell by a glance, stop
payment, twenty-three fifty-five,
ping it down to zero, blast it up
to three hundred, lubricated
rubber, take a break from the text,
pasquinade, playing the dozens,
virception, sunsets and moss,
postinternet, submerged sourcing,
katadesmos, a box of concrete,
spirit-duplicating, can house
extremely, quarto, a
detournement of the postal
system, white boys playing

never mail nothing

what? you don't want this?, dark
terricide, mail hoarding is a
crime, blank design, gotcha
rabbit, never mail nothing,
free the usa, mark as sent,
what is it?, compulsive art,
a little time goes by, ah to be
included, go back to the begin,
are ye dumb, so acquisitive,
a simple fold will do it, hat
tart, the postal destruction,
rased by funds, your actual
signature, a million ways to
respond, toner is better,


just say no to gasoline, the art
is gone and the money is gone
too, make an effort towards
art, had it up to here with art,
feel your being, intensity of
eye, koss, insane quilt, touch
the art, holding the ocean, umb
not, a pile of phone books,
drop riddle, ninch, mad as a
hatter, keeping an eye on nada,
noe, sup pus, fake it and
extrapolate, how to document
infinity, naughty not eye,
what do you intend to do,

judging by nothing

memory of actual events,
one thousand haiku, just
another joe, cancel the whole
envelope, generic photos,
judging by nothing, we are
not united with them,
silent emegency, still saying,
void hope, used to get, don't
recognize the hand, internet
figure, shaking off the zines,
who sez hi, so far back, recog,
mail drawer, zen eye, connex,
chance relation, warp, chin,

the violence seems to have replaced the nothing (bring back the nothing)

volzet, signaling something,
actual splatter, brain link to
brain, accer, conceptual ideas,
send a fine thing, puke is
ex-content, photoconceptual
art, machine gun sex, head
entirely concrete, dynasti
death, cloud fixation,
micro-ideas, don't even know
who is reading this, this is
different time, the cheque
comes back to haunt you,
get back to begin, nomail,

an expert on photocopies (or, nothing too distinct)

a piece of shredded paper, you don’t
need x-ray vision, are you a lumper
or a splitter, undersell them, the
heart of current events, nilgai,
a clustering of types, the
company’s entire history, seven
hundred dollar’s worth of books,
expand the background, designed
to be blank, repropaganda, think
of it as abstract art, shee shee
shee, weekend news, nothing too
distinct, ready to shock an eye,
extraordinary powers of
discrimination, an expert on
photocopies, ge-mc, alter nada,
looking thru beyond the paper,
timemaster, sacred trance
spooling, eye eye and eye, not
counting the original, postal
xxx, nothing nobody, fold
bufetti, alter tree, two
prolongation, this reality,
penny nails, dish cities, the
radical loser, welfarism,
valetudo, that was weird,
the toner edge, blank is black,
toner stripe, toner wedge,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


innerness collating too, themes
pry the rising, go unmanned
by pretense, lose a game, tyrant-
free pod, reign forward mad,
true appeal, scenes, king's sign,
mate in fat skins, worsted,
new bronze sick, dust or dime,
at coffee or at mothering,
hipper natty mocha, forest knew
i enjoy a dud, isthmus arteries
adjust a seam, that librarian
takes on crazy, thread seas of
crow, anon we scanned, can it,
a crack, moth gin sham perchance,
no oil freeze, it occurs pro forma,


Tuesday, September 09, 2008


in an escalating tone, the
printer is going, unnamed
hypertext, sole amigo, twenty-
three dot, foreign wisdom,
turophile, seens as, stink knits,
waiting hat stinks, wwsd,
neumonics, clustermind,
take off your hat to nothing,
hypneratomachia, forced to
join the club, is this art or is
this just a mess, totalitarian
technocracy, the disease of
work, an unseen hand, katana,
karaka, nothing has importance,
holophrase, atakererama,

Allan Revich find a haiku in "nothing violent / violent nothing"

Hypothesis is Encouraged

four six one, vanille

on and off the street, nothing
survive, smooth ego

- Allan Revich (after "nothing violent / violent nothing")

nothing violent / violent nothing

on and off the street, nothing
special text, feed it to another
machine, double labour, design
ate, use colour, technopolice,
purposeless mind-wandering,
certificate is void, keep safe
doc, our year is almost gone,
how on earth will the aliens
survive, smooth ego, the fall to
zero, three fives and three ones,
four six one, vanille, cultural
history he explains, tardigrades,
self-determined trance,
artisanal pleasure, complementary
hypothesis is encouraged,