Saturday, June 30, 2012

"cybercitizen" & "dart key bowl"

i wonder where this kid is today,
leaving blanks in your publications,
more cup full, the original is
never too far away, please
don’t ask for a penny,
philophatuous, striate fish,
words cannot reach me,
cybercitizen, where you have
blown up material you must
have, here you can see how
the garbage is transformed,
the rise and fall of the
line, flabbah, name-ch, gm,

this is just photocopied out
of a publication, oh we might
have read it once but, premuse,
who’s got all the originals,
merman, octotitties, whydent,
repita, dart key bowl, people
riding in automobiles, kami,
chromazone, mazda-matic,
spoolmak!, aromaficial,
don’t lick this page, we
puddem, small wonder
we chicken out,

Friday, June 29, 2012

"azozazo" & "vixpo"

oil cluster, upconverting,
decided against working,
skinflutes, nine thousand hours
of shit, pre-amp clipping,
aoxomoxoa, went to jail on
lsd-related charges, the
medicine ball caravan,
solétude, dolma sarma,
kadin budu, azozazo, if
you had that moment today,

are you really impressed by
this computer stuff, wall of
data, this stuff is just detritus,
this is the shit itself,
nothing makes all the difference
in the world, post ink, i thot
you were a lunatic from the
moment i met you, lest it
be lost lets, and then at the
last minute slap in another
text, reap word, vixpo, nif,
a love supreme, better art
without the name, listwork,

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"bokeelia vick" & "dubm"

still in print ten years later,
old line, still swimming in the
same text, what is it about
this piece of paper, the joy of
being booed, not the same,
lawtey holopaw, bokeelia vick,
locomotive manometer, do we
at least have a copy of
binary, copy no original yes,
pleon, sororal polygyny, we
sent in your funny voice,
say it big, aklavik, indy
industry, vala,

piss straight, huffing acid,
cinerama, dubm, sit looking at
it for hours, we in the cult,
hit with hundreds of rubber-
stamp impressions, first we
blaze down the spirals,
holistical akashic monads,
running out of fear,
what do you got poking out
from inside you, spirals of
skulls, the ethical implications,
the button doesn’t do anything,
your collages are perfection,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"sweet foist" & "bacteriolysis"

i wasn’t sure if you wanted me
to copy this, nothing can’t be said,
send me some noise, cyberhistory,
probably just a computer program
created this, sweet foist, you
became part of me, spend pence,
wonder if anything ever got
done with this text, well no
poetry has nothing to do with
linebreaks, foist joy, paper
eclipse, we should have stuck
with the eight-and-a-half by
eleven format, send ‘em in flat,

the single word text,
bacteriolysis, this is not the
first piece of art that ever
got salvaged, well at least
i managed to spell your
name right, is this what you
call a half-tone master,
sorry about the fluch, not
much call for originals,
you blotted out yourself,
salvage that text ouf,
assman’s funeral home,
absorb word clusters,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"eggscon" & "connect the dot"

black is the one and only
colour, seeped through the page,
obliterating everything, this
is where the machine reduced
the image to, if i was writing
this today, slippery paper,
this little fold is the
give-away, eggscon, headbunt,
bentskin, ready for the paper
collector, toner permanency,
may cruddy, what do you
consider difference, black
penny, co-opted typewriting,

rubber popsicle factory, a
well worn five of hearts,
a mere two of diamonds,
live collage, a mere well worn
five of clubs, ploughing the
text, a well worn three of
spades, a mere two of spades,
oh plum, don’t lick this
page, no inventes con lo mio,
this ain’t ralph, connect the
dot, mini lick, c, paperclip
imp, wiki, we got the goo,

Monday, June 25, 2012

"panty christ" & "mcblow"

your writing can’t be found,
kokolorum, pen control, concrete
zen zen zen concrete, foist text,
you do not recognize your own hand-
iwork, megaprogram, moment of
first use, the day you started
to make, by means, no poetry today,
photocopier with lid open running
in darkened room, mo’, zackly,
firch, imp cores, the copy loses,
frifth, panty christ, fragments
of the city conglomerated, now
we are jumping to the mike,
the point is that, neologo,

slough of despond, my daily uhs,
then a zen, confuse matters
further, help yourself to a
letter, tator, drunken literature,
ten year old teethmarks, aok,
bangbelly, kotter, why is this
being scrath, wrying, poem me,
stard, unlike, mcblow, beaver
club, psychomakia, any idiot
can blacken a piece of paper,
indicate hole, the pine box,
thinking in two separate areas
of the brain, missuz henry,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"cyberschizophrenia" & "anti-episteme"

aum, bang words, eye bid, csl, this
text will remain unresolved,
beep’s stapler, zen sea, e-bid,
electronic document manipulation,
pine boxing match, this is a
handwritten document, i think
you’re supposed to write something
in the empty spot, victciv, how
can colour be empty, detatcheé
case, this text is devouring
itself, da, none copy zine, well
one thing we can say, loc eyg,
this paper started out blank,
d ro p, cyberschizophrenia,

sue press, mal lamp sand paper,
these are not particles, copylight,
place the text on the glass, daught,
it’s okay to close your eyes a bit,
piles a pile of rubble on the
scanner bed, if only we could
separate the, jelly sight, weege,
skindapsos, the day’s circle like
sharks, taxonometer, notice of
public, word has it, halfway
between an enn and an arr,
artical cluster, anti-episteme,
nympholeptic, videmon, here’s
a text for you to sign,

Friday, June 22, 2012

"flilfe" & "evola"

micromemory, we don’t really want
to be looking at text, bead dewing,
stigma zed, mike opener, n-gland,
forget all your internet passwords,
i’m the spreadin’ outer, are all
these whys trying to underline
something, writing on the mirror
table, we have always been
deteriorating, flilfe, logo
mantra, get these words into the
air, mada, it’s all the same day,
insert blank here, clamp sand,
karen idiom, meganormal, insert
dead air, zed with diacritical,

particle-ism, hangbelly, directional
dreaming, cleanix, shopworn zine,
pcoet, good luck with a capital
eff, who remembers ack-macks, a
logic bomb, zinespeak, i wanna
go bizzy, what phrase will you
settle on, buy nothing but the
bare necessities, evola, the tallest
and the blondest girl, the new
girl you, lilac syringe, egone,
suddenly rotate the paper,
reprezent, unbundle of joy,
indolent indoles, frob,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"agra" & "justified margin concrete"

trance moss, slimtrim, we had
to make a few errors along the
way, just jump in with a blast
of language, rotating fan,
identical covers but different
contents, identical covers and
identical contents, agra, we
have always been deteriorating,
this is before we had search
engines, moments it is possible to
bring to life, file not found,
one sus, carcharodon cacharias,
ink and descent, been known to
throw a fork or two, har har,

burn the significant moment into,
funny shit, you need to kick the
text apart, one is between bodies,
this text has been going on for
ten years now, the moment you
learned how to read the image,
your hand keeps changing,
justified margin concrete, we
could do something with all
these texts, we wouldn’t inclue,
before we took the phrase, this
still needs to be sorted, is that
where that guy had the alr,
did you know you were going,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"psuedomonas" & "golden cake"

nechako, bentzi, senna, orient
your pen, chicka boom, i’m sorry
for skipping, ninety-five cents
a minute, pommel kanata,
leave the receipt behind,
visionary sees the potential of
blank, rather striking in the
large format, these artworks
should have been signed,
green tissue speckled with orange
juice, afmer, pseudomonas
aeruginosa, tigh ten, paper
towel art, fröjsta, this paper,

this should have been flattened
out, we had some sort of art
project in mind, it’s not too late
to act, press the trash, golden
cake, smooth it out, let’s try
one in the typewriter, something
that is written on, this is the
very card, somebody foisted
this text on us, this text needs
to be kerned, dismissing early,
one canned noel, il est fou,
this is going down on your
permanent record, le carndvat,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"platismatia" & "tiny little bones"

meditation on blank paper, the orange
is gone but the green wrapper remains,
nine-and-a-half with tractor edges,
i love you means i want something
from you, meditate on construction,
green divider, pink divider, camp
no name, right pelt, platismatia,
clear understory, pixie cup,
looks fallen from above, arielle,
hypogymnia, isothecium
stoloniferum, this is not a bad
thing to do, two brains, this
stuff was moldy from the,

i can tell what this is, other-
worldly landscape miniature,
crust of lung, the right lore
or the right trick, at no name:
the bones of little demons, you
recognize the genus but, you
could write a whole book about
peat, umbilicaria, tiny little
bones, savouring the good life,
i don’t think i can look at

Monday, June 18, 2012

"barbilophozia" & "rafflesia"

ellis hollow creek, get a grip on
barbilophozia, as long as the elastic
holds up you can treat them as
a deck, dot db format, hammer
your way back thru the wall of
ignorance, write your name in your
neatest printing, everyone who gets
to know you hates you, the copies
have a way of depleting, bucegia
romanica, grimmia schubartiana,
hand-printed botanical labels,
valleybrook drive, an address
fetish, blank yellow film,
scramble for work, ministry
of chairs, crack off the elastic,

i like to write with my eyes closed,
not sure why these elastics have
lasted ten years, by the time the
love took it was too late, stack-
o-lee, tool to remove spikes,
mussette bag, sloth is the one
you always forget, graduand,
noli-me-tangere, care of daddy,
lophozia sudetica, how to read
these cards, it will be a pile of
rubble by the time you see it
again, temnona, the bizarre
parasitic rafflesia, the
beautiful thing is gone,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

"chowji igi" & "xenix"

graph theory, chowji igi, look
to the north, i went skinny-dippin’
down at the bottom of the cliff,
saxi cola, leave me up on the
mountain with the grizzly bear,
kanada, got that lime disease,
still some loose ends from
nineteen-ninety-five, shankmail,
careful don’t break the elastic,
it’s not as if the school board is
going to disappear, perhaps the
most brilliant man i’ve ever been
in contact with, you just gotta
get your face right in it,
lifebuoy soap ad, reprint this,

ms-dos, xenix, autoexec, gw-basic,
supercalc, lotus one two three, paper
scarf, reepicheep, botanical detritus,
the word moose, gravity of light,
sexual trance, solid, hinges on an
apostrophe, rhig, career confusion,
down-and-out, no ears aloud, viral
recycling, you thot you might,
we are all moving along towards
our ultimate fate, voting for
stability or instability, green
blue belt, ten year old news-
print, if you are not in and of,
entry point to life, vera,

Saturday, June 16, 2012

"zenmax" & "minkx"

bleeding electricity, we could
live for a year on, zenmax,
a person with a hand, you sat
thru how many hours of, spending
your birthday in shackles,
happier loneliness, this is the
day after the art was removed,
die revolution sind wir, trance
pot, you know this is not the
day, five thousand pink tubes,
buddhist mystic, organ-grinder,
drop a coin into the cup, tube
with cap, the dutil-dumas
language, included in brackets,

wild minkx, this gritty dust is
getting ground in to all the art,
examing cross hell, postcunts,
mail arteries, where one entity
ends and the other begins,
hand exchanged cards, envelope
cutting hack, the hand that
did all this writing, the arc
of the artist, artists that
managed to plough thru,
artists that drove other people
crazy, was i supposed to sell
this, it’s an infinite step
process, maybe this is the one,

Friday, June 15, 2012

"nichinan-shi" & "anthelia"

we can’t have these exposed, no extra
digits to dial, an excellent skull,
musical reading, hannah addario-
berry, newsprint reality, gadarade,
if this is the concise i’d hate to
see the non-concise, there’s no point
opening anything, nichinan-shi,
calendar of nothing happening,
lunatic villas, sewage stuff,
sunyata, dress with rips, booth
five oh five, experiment on the
life of rubber bands, portage
la loche, nuphar lake, mount rae,
bazzania ambigua, bucegia,

july eighteen nineteen-fifty-five,
hellerianum, anastrophyllum,
saxicola, aneura, anthelia,
juratzkana, one of those things
that’s not like the other things,
arnellia, asterella, saccata,
athalamia, attenuata, barbata,
binsteadii, floerkei, kunzeana,
quadriloba, blasia,
integristipula, neesiana,
sphagnicola, suecica, kantia,
ambigua, azurea, catenulata,
cephalozia, lunulifolia,
macounii, pleniceps, byssacea,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"chandu" & "laserdruckern"

changes holding energy, chandu,
entering the subliminal, the
lineaments of gratified
desire, infrared oven, handle
emotional crisis, strong moments,
paste and post, elliptic catalytic
hid, the orange morning, nardwuard,
my portion of big mind has
a headache this morning, if
you always get these two
confused then, connect faster,
a google system for actual
objects, eye lamp silicon,

the letter g keeps popping up,
finds himself on the street with
all his historical documents,
dust off each letter, no why
not, public boolean email, what
is your logo, intimate artifacts,
refuse to do any christmas
shopping, laserdruckern, we had
a hard time keeping our place,
did you remember to do your
copying, even though you know,
your favourite joke, did you
happen to get your hands on
this, this should be a beer,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"hommage" & "medoths"

your name was not on the poster,
how did it come about that you
still have the text in your
possession, something you
memorized when you were a kid,
you don’t get it do you, wouldn’t
it be easier to zip down to the
copy shop, tulip honey, let’s set
up a bit of to and fro, canary
english, in and out of sunnyside,
still hommage, not sure why you
felt it necessary to cut, the
good stuff is always already
gone, we only wrestle with giants,

i destroyed the art for a good
cause, your one big moment at
the top, where were you in eighty-
eight, the original that went on
to be copied numerous times,
dayglo on dayglo, now this little
gift is a sore spot, keep the dust
from getting too thick on the
art, yes illegible, let the little
things mean big, medoths, the
name is the same but is the
individual, individual mote
of dust, the original fire,
since when is pain nothing,

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"buffo" & "laressa rud"

eighty-ninth ave, a yellow circle
with nothing in it, rikia novotny,
human ecology, experimental
psychiatry, postmodern pathology,
brackode, how do you see yourself
as member of a network, aren’t
you a little old to be, indicate
location of consumption, buffo,
pale blue time, the message of
this text is: we exist, sweet
little highland lassie, poetry
off the page, the name bentley
will always make me think of,
the tickets are gone, bergamot,

on pulling tog, diploma in mailart,
they got pushed down the street,
the future holds water, une
caravane arabe, amoindrissaient,
the angels of george braque, let
the rats in, free flow dance,
money to die with, error at the
core, half moon facing downward,
wheezie what wheezie, sort of a
club shaped arrow, greek everyone,
chamois plaid, seb, laressa rud,
it’s called bleeding out, date
random, you are in the library,

Monday, June 11, 2012

"julleville" & "wanko bango ranto"

each moment in time has dollar
signs attached, sickeningly happy,
flog yourself, silver bullets,
we are moving back thru time,
a burning candle, a fragment of
joy, errata art, julleville, a
fragment of delight, once upon
a mattress, and the pea, who
were the three of us, bedaux,
the tea talking, you actually
have a book out of the library,
duplicopy, you need some cash
all of a sudden, we just jumped
back two years, can’t get money,

on the corner of burrard and
nelson, suede police, if paper
could speak, zo, don’t cut too
close to the perforations,
büsker dü, you can’t access your
funds, productivity drugs,
wanko bango ranto, the princess
and the pea, this little image
represents the vagina, who can
afford art today, a drawing
done by an infant, art will
work out, there are other ways
to travel, auguries of
experience, throw yourself,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"candyberg" & "ebora"

weat, utter clutter, turning
nothing into something, fuck and
run, emphasize this phrase, chunky
font, pussal, candyberg, half a
backslash, economics hi camp,
pleura, the word crytogam, easy
calm your haste, ainsoph, fleured,
interdada, hats and cosmetics,
civilization on earth our
histories, fomt, façon, los
cachivacheros, pinche, mudra-fuckah,
the bright ink is a trick, we only
read writers we are in love with,
cybertax, t is not the letter i
intended to write, sign here,

campbellville, ebora, blue beech,
hop hornbeam, web page maintenance,
wear a crazy tie, wear a tie at all,
tissue issn, crumpled blank
paper, five eight four zero, blank
bubble wrap, under all the
packing material: nothing, wax
paper kraft, crusty towel club,
j-shape, perhaps a card cut out,

Saturday, June 09, 2012

"vindolanda" & "urra moor"

frullania rocks, french bar, leg
you me, vindolanda, warwick,
fourpenny, wheatsheaf, golden
fleece, surface of concrete,
vallhorna, along hadrian’s
wall, cottage rock fence steel
rigg, langwathby, cross the
cross, kapok, sporophyte, it
looked different to me,
writing from the castle,
jungermannia, solenostoma,
rakestraw, lophocolea, nees
lophozia alpestris, ascendens,

determining nothing, porella,
little cardboard bracelet, spiral
aspire, black poppy, bryum, you
won’t be getting up on the roof
anymore, terraces twisty, vajra,
making the trance, if there
was some way to communicate
with you, urra moor, a
marshman’s home, cassiope,
how hill, out on the broads,
reeth, these two i can’t
remember, johnny’s wood,

Friday, June 08, 2012

"cryptocolea" & "plectocolea"

some kind of strange fungus, love
your lot, you and your precious
little crumbs, with a distinktive
fishy smell, dendroalsia,
calcareous hypnum, lawn week,
we need some yen, nothing left
but a bag of dirt, extremely
rare dirt, gemma, blackened
crappy funaria, tortula ruralis,
rubella, temnona, chiloscyphus,
polyanthos, cladopodiella,
coneheads, cryptocolea,
bourgeau, la coulotte peak,
geocalyx, gymnocolea,

we’re in transition, position of
knife edge, random plant material,
locoweed, groundsel, holodiscus,
didymodon, spirea, menyanthes,
corydalis, honeysuckle, wade
boggs, ochreleucas, nothing
but the stain of something,
cute little buttercup, globe
flower, gymnomitrion,
corallioides, harpanthus,
hygrobiella, herbertus,
jamesoniella, jungermannia,
hyalina, leiantha, plectocolea,

Thursday, June 07, 2012

"nowellia" & "callicladium"

candyflower, salers, pseudo-
leskeella, lophocolea, this ain’t
no campylium, nardia, atrichum,
circumboreal ptilidium, latin
word meaning rice-like, lop ibo,
anomodon viticulosus, geocalyx
graveolens, frullania eborascensis,
the toner gets stuck together,
one boulder, anomodon rostratus,
butternut, blood root, nowellia,
curvifolia, platydictya, cee dot
eff arr, frullania what,
rhodobryum, green turns to
brown, evidence of joy,

lophocolea bidentata, this
information is routinely and
publicly released, adianthoides,
this information is protected
until such time as the project
is approved, thuidium
delicatulum, dicranum montanum,
boulder scrapings, heterophylla,
golden threads of moss, we need
a dissecting scope, white pine,
poolby, callicladium, things
we used to do together,
bill tilt, lindbergia,

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"kakabeka" & "pridele"

midwest is east of central, abee,
josemite, the moment we were on
the map, lamoille, galwey, better
off going backwards, amherstburg,
wanatah, hailey, tobermory,
pretty penny, succession,
kakabeka, neepawa, ua th,
great basin, main frame, the
hotel we broke the bed, free-
roaming, antelope island,
golden spike, frary, goat lick,
bright angel, great basin,
zion, funky fold, keystone,

the gee cee, to arco, an ouzel, you
can only come in for a day,
camping cash, watchperson, you
her, there’s a million things to do
and you’re just sitting there,
you the, shuttle to reduce the
impact, wawona, yesterday’s
home is tomorrow’s, meanwhile
you just sat on your ass,
pridele, labor omnia vincit,
nestor falls, valid this day
only, a flood of oil, what
is all this scribbled area,

Monday, June 04, 2012

"brihadâranyaka" & "synalepha"

the aim of all life is more life,
brihadâranyaka, once the condition
of life has been attained,
pterygoid, glas barb, a long high,
rub out the word, can’t really see
your face in your face, cutie
patootie, the love of your life,
nothing is burning, just find
yourself a position and hang,
glorious moment, all the heat
of that moment, you only get to
live thud, your pictures go your
way, i’m only counting eight,
some crazy expression of love,

what world are you trying to
enter, why is the title hand written,
finding bliss in the abyss, bone om,
chiastolitic, synalepha, good
natured ribbing, a streak of
colour, h street, patholinguistics,
a medam, from the bone on out,
a thousand copies: a thousand
thank yous, pseudozines, milk
flow, there’s strings alright
but they are not attached,

Sunday, June 03, 2012

"cephalollapalooza" & "wouivres"

pellucid nerve, i don’t think you’re
supposed to take that home, yew,
cephalollapalooza, break the bay,
chamaecyparis nootka, white fawn
lilies, include a little delight,
we could have done without
the hair, spending a moment with
the one you love, moss scraps,
let’s pretend we are scientists,
garry oak, aspiromitus, broom
rape, lophozia ink, degree of
mossiness, horth hill and
environs, houston mausoleum,

this is a structural component,
wouivres, letter chaos, worked it
out with a pencil, white experience,
white emptiness, you thot you saw
an opening in the text, what does
it matter who the author is,
now is a mystery, probably by
one of the likely writers, el egg,
a staple and an author’s name,
there are a lot of fun fonts, why
would you want all these logos,
waste matrix, you can’t judge a
text by its writer, waiting for
death, love seeketh not itself,

Saturday, June 02, 2012

"i'm hoping to fly one day said the maggot"

if you think too long and too hard about anything, mud on the
piano, the maggot is an omen, i'm hoping to fly one day said
the maggot, the rubberstamp is so repetetive, actually it was
the day before but close enuf, oh i see you want that pixelled
effect, nothing is an omen, the worms crawling thru the bokonon,
the digital divide, piano dropping, the message blocker, a band
called the other seekers, a particularly eastern view of geography,
loose strings, half of the texts got left behind, slug-like,
neovagina, led zeplica, diybio, open science, hopefully with
an environmental company, ginger sugar ginger, a serious case
of coffee tongue, the tripper-upper, rip charge, people catch
the double-u but get the city wrong, tigh ten your belt, stamp
off on this, ultravox, cave-tubing, imagescraping, mystic or
acidhead, worm grunting, worm fiddling, hideous effectively
conceals, the sound of the wooden top spinning against the quarters,
difference work, the social hand, the social fist, visual politics,
informal housing estates, citizens who were historically excluded,
how to grow food on a balcony or rooftop with just one square
meter of soil, secwepemc, rashtra, mughals, hindutva, emphasized
in colonial historiography, sepoys, the matter of the cartridge
greased with pork and beef fat, the sepoy mutiny, 1857,

Friday, June 01, 2012


manage to cram it all in, all the letters are glomming up together,
good riddance to the day, what's this smear, text is just so much
filler, chunk yourself a job of work to do, is it possible that
we are nothing more than replicas, gar number twenty-seven, errors
have a way of replicating, yes there are hidden layers, five
copies january tenth two thousand and nine, there's a bit of
colour in the smear, why are you using these lousy fonts, jack
up the point size, all these useless fonts, colour is money,
the beheaded self, fake scratch, video pie, flaming penny, we are
hammering today, candyberg, plecto- means, the weat coincidence,
frullania is that crap, how much are you worth at this very moment,
write it out in full or don't write it, big wall of text, time
errors carefully, yes we need a lot of copies, we need you to
sign all of these, the way paper can zip, i love you, seahorse,
that big black thing, good riddance to information, big diff,
holographic exhibited clues,