Sunday, March 29, 2015


media psychology, bleu d’auvergne,
spinal muscular atrophy, our car
crashes through a concrete wall,
war porn, limbu, zune, quick
claim deed, dermestid beetles,
banana tax, bc lust, the poem is
bleeding, giclee chicklets,
clyde post, canon versus xerox,
which is which, protectorate,
portland you, chironomids,
woolastook, blank city, crank
cocaine, catexic, raytheon,
certain hope-type emotions,
potassium thiocyanate,
confiteor, champlain era
hatchet, contraria sunt
complementa, postal crud,
palatino lead, e  n  e,

Saturday, March 28, 2015


orange umbrella, homo homini
lupus, mojo hat, concrete
surfaces with the slurry,
picasso gaglione reflex, harrison
in this caustic exploration,
insert a small poem, cluster of
zeros, cbgcmq cluster, melsh
li, atc sleeve, the flying
saucer mutinies, yodasmurf,
what is this creature, gold’s
gym history, ich und nicht ich,
mount me if you must, mmxi
ce, penedo crescent, tricyclics,
insulin-comas, panatelas,
postmark text, scanlong, nk
perf, iron butter, wicka-wicka-
wave, time coded vinyl, opa-
locka, kalmon dolgin, penny

Friday, March 27, 2015

"meconopsis betonicifolia"

penny candy, tea egg, infinite
jesters, meconopsis betonicifolia,
oclc number, bill of ladling,
diltiazem, it just did,
fccoggc cluster, accucore,
quantic ritual, praying for
noise, little girl smoking this
is not a pipe, deuteragonist,
a health card that’s expired,
caius is mortal, emptiness as
hip and cool, unipolar dysphoria,
involutional depression,
psychotic depression, blk and
concrete, pruntifora, watch
your points, any way to adjust
the spacing, orange intel,
rossmere road, eatroute, the
balancing pool, pluctuation,
seven zero zero four four one
seven, in a word: postal detritus,

Thursday, March 26, 2015


check cookie, stephanie luck,
penny worth, cg cluster, hordes
of commuters emerging, lolcats,
slow-jamming, boffo, telepsychiatry,
nobless voluntaire, no mas, orange
revolution, vpl, reposado, pixel
of ink, in lieu of work, the
light is better over here, saint
bury, regalia electronique,
transitive moments conscious,
metastatic wipers, language
beyond itself, annotate lost
information, the stillness
nothing, transitive vessels of
consciousness, sundered logic
traditions, preparing this box
for you, ome de arte, add
ma non basta, text as chosen,
infinity blazing, particles self,
annotate kitch, gar ninety-two,
the works to be exhibited can
deal with air, repebitchin’,
one copy forward,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"marijuana thinking"

citrus aurantium bergamia,
control theory, sandboarding,
boobism, be drunk all the time!,
twenty-one chairs around a
table, the smell of jasmine,
the hiss of the rubberstamp,
put paid to that, the date is
not an amount, volatile money,
rubberglove cluster, monilial,
peregrinations, walrus code, an
eye full of magenta, acoa,
marijuana thinking, acona,
acog, aspic, sensipur dinero,
pago superba, mayumi penny,
montemora, metadeath,
spanky and our gang,
americans for the arts,
funzine, agência de noticias,
jamrecordings, vanda-phonic,
illbilly, lost in the grooves
scram, jandek on corwood,
who put the bomp?, tv a-go-go
jake austen, the jellybricks,
bubblegum music is the naked
truth, the gene pitney story
retold, the grip weeds,
kingsley abbott on pet sounds,
gary and the masticators,
i like the way you wrote
my name and address,

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"every-minute zen"

a complete history of death,
cage-free pork, highest conception
of emancipation, social cam:
touching a thousand, amos vogel,
thick code, tuesday lobsang,
every-minute zen, demolish
serious culture, instablank,
dhaliwal, letter other, the one
card deactivated the other card,
occc cluster, use of this card
is governed, remove to expose,
iain baxter’s new building,
song han, it will take approx
two years and three months,
abby maryk, compounded monthly,
antigonish burns lake clearwater,
my health reference, alcoholics
anomalous, canadian zero,
only visible under certain
conditions of light,
patapolitics, roa, pataidentity,

Monday, March 23, 2015


microspaces, journal box, extra
copy of harry, mailsat, thud,
personal training sessions,
empanada, dollar weeds, cough
button, striking paper shapes,
fratire, negging, rape culture,
lgbtq, teachable moments,
revacuum, cock blocking, a
non-newtonian fluid, wattpad,
theraflu, voguing, storyverse,
small demons, big data, mpp,
friulano, moga, thread-count,
grand bescherellia, faintest
of faint marks, androstenone
america, gar ninety-one,
continuous data feed, corundum,
grand erg, tombouctou, nowness,
copy so lame, amundsen,
cloaked genus, annotate svp,
relinquish wisdom, tim ellis
at london cavd, the rips are
gone in the copy, perforations
lost, relationship jockey, le
point d’ironie, epicene clusters,
america green stamp, texture
of tears, made for detachin’,
clunky paperclip, weaky leaks,
andrej tišma, arleen schloss,
gar nishee, performance
evening, mailart olympics,

Sunday, March 22, 2015


sapiosexual, americratic,
forlornicate, expanded to
compete with highway, licorice
lollipop, chocolate burmese, iron
highway, irgun, pan chaps,
taleggio, tcb cluster, the
hinge of all, orange bowling
shirt, plaid donegal, wadcutter,
breaks away from the cluster,
spect-op, collops, nanoprocessors,
cosmetic psychology, gregg pen,
dogs won’t go to the bathroom
on inclined terrain, gulab
blur, non-jamin, use the
testosterone, lithopaedion,
cars’ herd’s edges, adtorsion,
orange shirtsleeves,

Saturday, March 21, 2015


majorana fermion, fluxus
corndogs, pulipani, cryoturbation,
fateful beauty, bunny ranch,
writing to transgress, telephone
booth stuffing, let’s change
your phone number, just fruit
and grains, live oak, ennet house
counselor, the bioavailable five,
intaglioed into the concrete,
sol hoopi, dysautonomia, pink
employment, stanley wordsworth,
ritvik house, the citified world,
the staples are already rusty,
orienting-to-dead-things, the
system, kaczynski ship of fools,
arkapeka wire,

Friday, March 20, 2015

"mokele m’bwebwe"

tunicates, moss beach, boutique
all, notevole, archimedean drill,
the thinking machine stories,
rtui, cm cluster, we need a
little chopping block, panmania,
panmag, mokele m’bwebwe, batch
horn grout, behind the past,
envases de comida china,
expensive neo-beatnic toy art,
dragon ourobos, mark pawson’s
signature, achim weigelt,
hence the eastern concavity,
burq’ini, sprawled concrete,
sorex cinereus, personal money,
teach the ocr how to read
this, this is a brick, geometrical
flashback, being wire,

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


geometrical psychology, sociosis,
homosassa, crowdfunding, ballism,
flytilla, euphoria recall, phasece,
ecgonine, crosbulation, spider
angiomas, blepharospecticity,
parnate, rhinophyma, phobophobia,
quinceanera, we await silent
trystero’s empire, ring modulation,
peignot, esselte, i can help you
over here, midnight butter,
clusters of wet cigars, horsemen
enclosure communicational,
traversion, schizogenic,
pathogenic family like systems,
dollar keep, sink mayo, halfbitual,
being face, prolepsis, flashback

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


digital penny, needless splitting,
ripped up concrete, consilience,
heavy circus – his eyes, the orange
trees of baghdad, magersfontein,
hemorrhaging esophageal varices,
cerebral dropouts, cup cheese,
surf log, mlcb cluster, barcode
poetry, bug test, sky and sea
e, entgelt bezahlt beim postamt,
ariel blenkisopp, victorian zombie,
zombie kitty kawaii, thhppt, the
cold-penny tang, diverticulitis,
tar-shot concrete, brisance,
reseau, uroguanylin, zonulin,
roland raven dot matrix font,
mindless doctor, copy story,

Monday, March 16, 2015

"the coatlicue complex"

happy limbo of nonidentity, rayon,
yawnbombing, hdmi, vertically
integrated manufacturing,
relevé, a biased analogy, arters,
fillet, ccogcc cluster, clicking
world, i don’t take drugs: i am
drugs, mmf industries, arcadia
brewing company, marilyn stencil,
yo fike, yenrouj, botano beach,
accumulation of welded
revolvers, midas muffler man,
desiccated carrot tip, tip o’ th’
pin to, me no infischio, blase und
prostata, biohazard contagion,
pink floyd sticker smas, your
existence gives me hope, a
cloudedhed, bristol stool chart,
panpost pittore, sixtyseven tech,
comprehending the universe,
bringing up father, fe-mail
artist, nainsook, thinktopia,
vip on sex, hello my name is,
irish moss, continually
painted a single, which way’s
up is, the coatlicue complex,
drift from cluster to
cluster, comped, dig
psychosis, ocr tnr, postwestern,
figure heart, xtralife,
to the moon and back,

Sunday, March 15, 2015

"pleopeltis polypodioides"

tftby, fragpo, whale barf,
leaves densely clustered, list
tours, pleopeltis polypodioides,
tillandsia recurvata, listpo,
currently on extended hiatus,
bittorrenting, grey poupon, xeons,
opterons, emergency compression of
a heart, you don’t really like
this do you, tonermind, subslime,
red fragments, de quincey on
the pleasure of sliding gold
coins, bergland censored texts,
rosemont wrong numbers, modes
of thought whitehead, nowell-
smith gramsci, a billion wicked
thoughts, jimbo in purgatory,
kupferberg teach yourself
fucking, doctor johnson’s ref
to mustard in a young person’s
mouth, malone wrench wrench,
fisher stane, bromige a cast
of tens, traven the death
ship, kipnis ecstasy unlimited,
the politics of poetic form,
tulse luper suitcases, goldberg
racist culture, monsters are
inoffensive, the panic in
needle park, emmanuel
goldstein, rogue stimulus,
act like nothing’s wrong,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

"koto bolofo"

what would you like me to
write, content distribution
network, saphenous, two tears in
a bucket, heidie’s confirmed and
explained, this car excess height,
when the moss takes over, kitty
galore, app emv, coopers pale ale,
wasn’t that a saturday, ggb
cluster, the new conceptual
poetry, muskie, sunny leone,
neophilia, expeditor, debo ir
me, me like a, can you make out
this text, picasso said he would
take on the german painters,
blue charenton, spirit of wonder,
deleuze l’image-temps, tarrying
with the negative, koto bolofo,
the practise of everyday life,
journal of experimental
social psychology, p, reading
without maps, when tish happens,
the madness of the day,
horseflesh and how to tell
is, bowling alone, apikoros
sleuth, extraordinary engines,
friedman amazing facts,
tripping daisy, metafizz,
street smarts and critical
theory, treatise on slime
and eternity,

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"anadenanthera colubrina"

blue wine, matzo, aizhai
suspension bridge, azawad,
saint elarc c’est moi, cakepops,
anadenanthera colubrina,
hyperbowling, second-level
domain, donec alius diei,
chaumes, cheese cluster,
zmd eight-fifty, to hear the
squeak, ropas, transperçant,
electromesmeric, the year of
the steel penny, vilca art,
can you make that out, ink
breeding, david payne fossils,
paul lawrence dunbar, ngai
made in china, pigs is pigs,
growing up at thirty-seven,
albright art in the bay area,
farrow quiet rumours,
pacifism as pathology,
bernstein the aesthetics of
poetic invention, promoting
polyarchy, harry smith’s
american dreamscape,
crimethinc, gramsci is dead,
shapin never pure, the world
waiting to be made, okada
no-no boy, transcultural
reinventions, fer fio’s
journey, pato charenton,

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"wiipurin kaupungin"

paper bomb, cane rat, berzerker,
textis globbolalicus, harrison
curator of education, stand
your ground state, spam me a
river, intimadatating, bluesky
housecleaning, deliphobia, bl
cluster, sexrex, comunicación
a distancia, fluxus poemas,
agregar y retornar, communica
loca, sol pedrosa, euro exchange
rate, rivadavia, who’s gris,
the cbldf, whatever happened
to sean whatever, facing frontly,
cattail dream, wiipurin
kaupungin, dada siegt, is this
a puzzle, watering time, girl
doing to girl, ausbluten,
kreiden, maxidex, erik satie
by jh, fell swoop one-seventeen,
new orleans, natalie cole jump
start, ennet house chef,
stereotaxy, briggs electrodes,
kenbeck dc circuit, rivers of
reward, mk-ultra, p-terminals,
cluster migraines, alprazolam,
mysticetously, integral
sigma, bushphone, blank
temptation, happymeat,
cabot wheat, situationist

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


neosituationism, google-po,
sliverick, kreegah bundolo,
worksafe, detourned, multiphrenic,
china lily, postal inflation, lay
in a huge supply of the
permanent, light packet, scc cluster,
kafkorisms, herbert armstrong,
still dopesick, picric, fungo,
baconschteam, morendo arc,
ford aventura, sex and love
addicts anonymous, meperidine,
hinked, buddha replication,
happy one, detorne, osteotinnitus,
heirmower, penny amanita, a
virtual penny,

Monday, March 09, 2015


a virtual human, karen tribe,
panchagavya, the miller test,
dendrobium, brodykauff,
neuregulin, dropping poetry
off the balcony, cupcake
chardonnay, the three prong
obscenity test, psychopho, sambal
oelek versus sriracha, hcb cluster,
people we have, a well-used
bookmark, blanche neige,
magenta deer, the penny is dead,
magenta all, magenta cerf,
cirrhotic hemorrhage, long
orange industrial cords,
kaopectate, clustered smoking,
sop, orange shag, bim, how do
you pronounce suddhauccarana,
buddha-shaped hole, image
factory, three years ago, poco
pend, wherry, wood detail,
penny eye,

Sunday, March 08, 2015


amblyopia, wold misshapen,
coeliacs, feelawfuls, vibration
cube, misread super, pop-up
gallery, a convention of
spiritualists, bussières, let’s do
a little math, er stands for
eat right, ccmg cluster, sarin,
tenoned and mortised, comsymp,
penny duty, mandrax, pocket
squares, sisal, kilim, ramps
as in leeks, cotton-top tamarin,
orange prize-winner, seeing in,
dirndle, mainbocher, ocr tnr,
honeytrapper, your last orange,
melting pennies, celia y luego
la dejo libre, anal contractions,
dayglo miniskirt, sandpaper
collage, examine closely the
nature of the world, different
interrupt, the lad who sense of
being tranquility emerson,
fragile repetition art, scare
city, eni ilis, halt
kartoffelkafer, opal
moiety, shaanxi, jonkari alex
nu-jetson, plus andrew topel,
scott thomas lexington,
fake john evans collage,
true love forever,

Saturday, March 07, 2015


orange indexical reference only,
luso-hispanic, ceolfrith, zwerg,
scudder, hushpuppy, my vocabulary
did this to me, alien anxiety,
it looks like it might be writing
but it ain’t, saraziniere macon-
bussiere, paul illsley, all
yel mag cya, stende, ctwk,
creaction, nsus, time’s a mask,
paper flags, pendant la revolution,
paper the end, cut up paper, cut,
synth-matic productions,
faisait monter la pression,
earthlink surprise, online ocr,
removaller, penny rant, mah
histri, microlithic, pruntifora,
why are you down to your

Friday, March 06, 2015


photobomb, resolving proxy, why
cheddar cheese is bright orange,
goatse, performance piece of ass,
wikiality, gut stab, malaware,
seedless orange, om cluster,
lunch at allans the great beyond,
peregrine, sable island, slaves to
the jimson, panatela, a merry
widow, redemisement, catastatic,
a low orange bleacher,
understanding ink, a huge wall
of text, cobble texts, ross
deluge, a hawk circling eyes,
zijn ajna, kitchen patrol, the
eviction of stuart, flywheel,
ironwood, wskeo, the magical
world of, auburn, poetry
lecture, flywheel pages, march
midnight, drunken paw,
calgary poet laureate, arts
vote, wskeo ninety-two,
writer’s circle, goodbye
jessica, wskeo ninety-three,
billy collins, filling station,
motion gallery,

Thursday, March 05, 2015

"scapania post"

zijn of niet zijn, easter egg hunt
cancelled, plook, blue penny
museum, the cinnamon challenge,
lakawannah, brain sand, homo
ekta-chromo, enthusiasm with
enthusiasm hope with hope or
commitment with commitment,
midnight ramble, moonlit rambles,
tcs cluster, money storage,
switch to the capicolli, comcoin,
up to fifty gee, up to fifty-five,
making the trance, inside the
outside, fighter jet in the nave,
john trause, for rest, millstone
around neck, we marathon,
gurutical, lap grindings,
planarian, not this ross, scapania
post, mispelled mislabelled,
commerce chant, lucie, ajanan

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"kauristie scrilla"

ajna, consolace, iran-bound
brazilian sugar ship hijacked
off india, elevates her titfer,
carpenter wordhord, counter
irritant, sorbitol, anosognosic,
the concrete fuck, ten qua,
fix the rug, communications
budget, artisanal retentive,
sgc cluster, c yel mag cya blk
tan, allopatric, room for all,
gritz walrus, papernauts, needed
yesterday, blew stay pull, see you
in edmonton, capital disbursement,
the birkenshaw, the year of the
rabbit is long gone, the new zine,
cunctations, cliff edge hoping,
orthochromatic neorealism,
found drama, aigrette, sallet,
calpac, harquebus, calotte,
escudo, psychosphere, effluvia
choking our highways,
negotiating strange terrain,
david zack and anna banana,
ibrahim ferrer, kauristie
scrilla, hong kong postage paid
permit three seven oh one,

Monday, March 02, 2015

"pontoscolex corethrurus"

activated sludge, pontoscolex
corethrurus, data mining, crataegus
mexicana, pumpwood tree, cecropia
moth, myrmecophytic, spirit orbs,
intenally flawless, spatola
toward total poetry, do the math,
long gone savings, mailsat, obcb
g m cluster, by, city, bogged down
in a game of eschaton, decision
tree, nunhagen, marijuana
thinking, high-calorie cerebral
endeavor, solander box, hard
enough to compose an environment,
paper sensors, vent stack, factor
map, afflicter, alcopop, the
anterior superior temporal gyrus,
hair spots, turning all the ones
into zeros, dtyl dada, sensory
detail, the colophon is a
disaster, gar ninety, pagination
quide, the cover is obvious,
make your errors faster, one of
us made an error, oops, koan,

Sunday, March 01, 2015

"grazars, tsuka"

black robots, elite child-care
helpers, bentspoon books, lisinopril,
edmonton cultural hall, boot up
the mirror, sancerre, ginger root,
cog c cluster, plantation pulp,
write about it and then destroy it,
antigonish clearwater, scotchka,
instead softcup, commuters
hollywood explosions, scattering
functions, hyperbase, vertritt,
grazars, tsuka, how were you
feeling in oh-eight, month long
mural, a zine called dtyl,
poetlandia, abseries, type two
disorder, shit town, jason gale
disorder, your name is hardly
an encumbrance, small fry
will fly, jaap pieters, an
explosive litte book, little,
all about the explosion, oops
we set the house on fire,
conceptual bookwork, satan
claws, infowars, gazeebo-a-go-go,
this is not just a pattern, do
you remember the old cover,
the person i wanted to give
this to won’t have it, bruce
mcclure, eighty-five dollars
for a pile of photocopies,
a pile of shredded