Tuesday, January 31, 2012


cumshots of distinction, faces
we wish would go away, voodoo
university, there’s not really a
lot of fragments, recycled
grocery lists, against use,
against beauty, chat performance,
real facework, my local fish
went belly up, deep in the heart
of the ropey-dope, marshmallow
fries, marginal product, pro tanto,
a rolling readjustment, growth
recession, talltrees, erethism,
neodiabolism, theophanic,
splattering ink all over the place,
plunderpublishing, got your
randomness-shield up, the text
is a completely different
thing in this font, hurrah for
the blank, some days in
february, read can’t you read,
orginal error, banal bomb, five
hundred year rat house, brain
trust, fuck survival, not to
mention the crack, what were
the photographs of, highway is
the name of the horse, sacred
milk, nothing is going to pan
out, just put a little red
dot on it, she lives on pain
avenue, ning – do do da da,

Monday, January 30, 2012


there are consequences to saying
love, my blue valentine, if you
had to choose between love and
fuck, which is more likely to
unfold, good old eap, hyperlabour,
your perfectionism is clashing
with my imperfectionism, tea
more tea already, smell the
jasmine tea paper, you didn’t
get nothing, ungezeifer, punk
bucks, alternative to money,
investment gambling, ctc,
krack, poetry is a waste of
effort, evicted from the affluent
society, truepenny, inguinal,
you’re a moron, no postage
necessary period, at least i
took it out of the bag, hulegu,
tatar, a stuck canuck, concrete
apron stings, i stole some of
these phrases from mm, hey ho
let’s go, eyes half vol, a huge
chance on exchange, mixolydian,
eyes half covered, is this crack
writing, environmental rapist,
nothing personal, what is with
these blurry fonts, the gap is
for writing in, build yourself
a mansion, house on the edge,
weatherbeaten letterpress,
certain standards, pense,

Sunday, January 29, 2012


gwam, pulling out hairs, it all
depends how close you look at it,
if we are not going to press today,
faux perfection, emdash, write
it out twenty times, cyberjunk,
some days in february, things we
have not had the guts to say
yet, hot but not boiling, got he,
homofascist, save paper and
reduce garbage quit writing,
you’ve got until march, maybe
you better read the fine print,
so easy even a fool could play,
a whole store devoted to olives,
reuse your grocery lists,
learning to spell you, i don’t
remember these phone calls,
there’s plenty of information
but it’s all useless, nullpunkt,
yes is the new no, economics of
abundance, affluent society,
conventional wisdom, clarity
eloquence and humor, the wage-
price spiral, this i did not
forsee, communism to engage
with hong, gimme some paint,
gimme some writing, these are
just the trims, nothing needs
to be said, two people at an
art gallery, the words: i love
you must have come as a bit of
a shock, eight page leaflet,

Saturday, January 28, 2012


vajra, manscaping, impasse, leave
the meat where the crows can find
it, rail hydromorphs, the fat
glasseater, kjv anarchist, no one
is available to chat, the block
review, in a position to hear a
little music, inky fucker,
hither eating up closed, stv,
nautch girls, suttee, protest
pens, comprador, blepharospasms,
rhinorhea, hegemonia, eastside
heart of the city, dope simple,
pain enlightening, stand-alone
keywords, a consumer-survivor,
le phrasé, not really seeing
fading, the smell of lsd,
plenty of typewriters,
hypermodern, tenex,

Friday, January 27, 2012

finally months latr

finally months later: love.

finally, months later: love.

some weird goop soaked in urine

there’s sexy disgust and then…

goth schmoth

“constructivist introspection”

“I was sipping Shirley Temples wearing
my Mary Janes.”

"the dirty machine"

ivory soap philosophy, ongoing
ongoing ongone, the zone valve
was jammed, francis bacon’s
studio, we don’t get winnipeg
rye down here, you probably
wouldn’t recognize me in the
street, wilbur snowshoe is aka,
rip up the iou, this is what we
should be doing, this is
happening right now, their ears
are shaped like hearts, a
rubberstamp that changes,
inverted commas, the dirty
machine, you are the only one
that can read this, depending
on the size of the hurdle,
the stump of van gogh,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"ou mallon"

interpellation is when somebody pops open the chat window,
well it’s too late to stop this from being a text now,
nothing is ever dead ever dead, love at a distance, somebody’s
been hammering away, we already ground thru this crap numerous
times, art wrecks lives, why can’t you let text go, swim into
the toner, lickety-split post, keep grinding until there is
nothing left, it all goes back to whence it came, vajra with
a capital vee, yes it did get displayed, i think this capital
bee-like thing is an sh, you need to update your address on
every addnpass you ever added to, maybe chaos is the meaning,
dado, if the razor fits..., twenty-eight twenty-eight, sed fits
or fits sed, hospitality hero, the date is out by a day, colour
in the letters, push the text, use your circle see ranch brand,
la grange, production of productions, the pixels are the message,
i don’t feel dead, ou mallon means, fear at a distance, tenebris
arjva, stop thinking about it and do something, cram text in hole,
still grinding, lsd toy, sloth destroys more lives than, stupid
egg, a one that never got shown yet, memer, info kerplunk,
leapfrog plop, black toner and white paper, black toner and
white paper, keep gazing and you will see, fike op, canada uber
alles, you can tell it’s not real because it has no folds, blodge,
so salty tammy, this afternoon we write, visual sensitivity
information, the skin is full of damp moss, energy harvested
from crops of human, desert of the real, the historic continuity
of culture expressed, dashtard, haux-ex-aught-i’-caw, cyber-
feminism, situated poetics, material poetics,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


this paper is garbage, the hand
of the person who wrote the text,
insert symbol delta, you fucking
zen no-mind, wine of a woman,
you can call it a haiku if you
want, what the hell are you
writing with, sure it looks good
but what the hell does it mean,
everybody likes the idea of it
but the actuality pales in
comparison, pastel vispo, out of
sixty-four pages: one relevant one,
we almost knew you, what
would rain do, a zine called
counternode, a leven, a pink so
bright, are you being manipulated
by your printer, five hundred
sheets in a ream, the papernews,
flucking, golden girls, keep
forgetting to google all this,
look who’s stalking, do a
little postal math, outstanding
remarkables, what do you need
to print, each one is a tiny i
ching hexagram, moo cards, how’s
your anus, there’s some kind of
text underneath the text,
there’s problems with haetten-
schweiler, pre and post ink
cartridge replacement, theory
of duplication, blank theory,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


cyberotic, take a ping, i made this
chunk for you, you might have this
but you don’t have all this,
blank except for the lines, let
us compare hands, meurtrissures,
letteral profile, we never went but
we went, her scat tastes like
cinnamon, write yourself blind,
i’ll spare you the meat, make
a trek to see the old wise one,
waiting at sunnyside station
for you, it’s sick but i like it,
corn and hijack the export,
bodily rearrangement, alarp,
as low as reasonably practicable,
nothing is decomposing, what are
you up to now, a philosophy of
being blank, small indentations
indicate, snice, it looks like
there might be another name there,
zoundpo, read the whole book
without knowing who the author
was, android christ, fur gas,
the lead foreign language text,
another collaborator, arbitrarily
folded and stapled, it’s
funny how your mind works,
real paint is nice, from the
tip to the tail, mailart
never forgets, chunk lock,

Monday, January 23, 2012


add a lemon, gob of gooey,
could not open socket, gold on
gold action, jasmine paper,
frag forward, tyme, honeybreathers,
cozy accomplished, cybermeditation,
gazing into the new blank, nasubi,
cryptomicrobiologists, fremmed,
clubfoot hosannas exfoliate,
kyuri, pecker waters, lebroc,
the printer keeps screaming for
ink, being in something, in search
of flows of honey, honeygirl,
tulip poplar, mallaluca,
titi, skeps, bee space, fused
honey-bears, soreltine,
femaleman copyright, superweeds,
medflies, the research pipeline,
keggle, suicide seeds, medaka,
spider-goats, you get your
canvas from the dollar
store, favourite eyeful
of colour, scorched earth
policy, spray paint it silver,
real vandercook, i know who
this guy is, all the gang that
was the gang still is the
gang, if you want a piece
of the pie you have to
contribute a piece of the
pie, this phrase is suitable
for any occasion, old pics,

Sunday, January 22, 2012


i meant to google this, i have
not seen the commercials,
special tissue, what’s the stain,
nice is not the effect i am
looking for, naropoia, green
bidet, hmmm care to elaborate?,
the snailmail moment is over, irl,
it means: present yourselves,
squeeze a poem in, turning blank
into art, don’t get a swelled
heart, impossible symmetry,
the molecules composing the dog-
shit versus the molecules
composing the gold brick, rien
chaos, hunting explains certain,
you recognize the poets name
but you’ve never seen any of
the poetry, oops! looks like we
lost a star, apple clap, one
colour versus another, neuro-
techniques, dict cid, mount
roraima, at least it got here
in one piece, quartête-à-têters,
khâgne, mutod, it’s not bad
text, if you’re into text, why
bother with paper, again?,
the printer is crying wolf,
save a little blank for the
future, pounding the
pavement into smithereens,
one will always remember,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"fluxus nomad"

pub!, twenty-five bucks worth of
pleasure, devastate to liberate,
it could never be except for the
fact that it is, dear beloved,
dancesport, always leave a little
blank, netlives, every girl that
walks by, error pulling feed,
give you less and charge you
more, can’t you see you are
bleeding to death, boom! right
thru the heart, cabrima
cardinal, the stump of van gogh’s
ear, blank milk, be yourself in
the present moment without
sticking to an old self!, things
would look a lot different if
you were blind, dimedia,
bludgeoning blodgett, the
current poet laureate, i’m
proud of my ugly old face,
behind the scenes art, why is
disgust so appealing, who picked
these fonts, yesilpinar, fluxus
nomad, paper performance,
joe buys, hey there’s blood on
this paper, let the art go into
the flux, distribute your
blood, memorandium, paint
meant to represent, a wheel
and a stool, self-proclaimed
artist, da collaudare,

Friday, January 20, 2012

"reverse referential mania"

paper full of money, it’s called
metalove, good old salt cedar,
the author of the interpreter of
desires, from hat to hut, good
karma from war, begrudges
sending karma, reverse
referential mania: when you
think nothing refers to you,
the sound of a shopping cart
full of bottles going by,
vlasic, a day or two of severe
headache and you’re free,
penny pitching, hypokhâgne,
traumen and worterbuch
specialist, banku and jollof,
blister window, elaborate
lite-brite, i think i will buy
some art, green ink, layername,
pub is short for, freedom for
my brother, oop! missing a dot,
teb, a dab’s a dab, glack,
extra’s nice, i love you you
crazy motherfuckers,
transmissions clustered,
your book marked down to a
dollar, why bet, the crow
swallowed the key, where
drinking is a religion,
doublebook, your angle,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"florian kramer"

machine of effects, word strike,
trance duction, mailman trudging
along, smudging ceremonies,
florian kramer, sentencing
circles, tree man, hot rubber,
adding a poem to it changes
nothing, at least we are free to
communicate, the word all has
a secret significance, iatse,
all of my art has been trench art,
care for a game of ping pong,
time we didn’t write, the network
will not save you, eap, this is
nice paper, a poet rip, but these
are all different, pick apart art,
poet rip job, in memoriam to
poetry, thank goodness for
sameness, using a rather chaotic
process, a valentine puzzle,
you never know for sure how
much people have done for you,
yes! now stop asking!, ain’t got
no teevee so, what are you doing
for your community, unless i’m
mistaken that’s the former
prime minister, this looks good
what you’re doin’ eh?, nahpase,
addnpass valentine, help
that other, bludgeon zero,
people are proud of their dirty,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


underground poets emergency aid
society, there’s only two kinds of
poets, hot cap, open to various,
busta fluxus, nofi, rear, a
question about stickers,
permanent answer, all connotations
of the word all, lick that speck,
we read but we did not write,
homoiothermal, keep me warm,
those who commodify and those
who do not, cybernetic reproduction,
how do you embed fonts, cheat,
microrelationships, wheat penny,
i am offering a piece of me,
ultrathink, what phase of the
timewave are we on, the spoons
spooned, an indication of grace,
cabrima cardinal, tatrl, how
to break the text habit, think
before you drink, the facebook
mailartists, maybe you need an
eye patch, reproduce any image
you like, it’s hard to tell
what the artist is up to, there
seems to be some sort of text
on the reptile, a thin layer has
been stripped off the paper,
vigorously licking envelopes,
up on the wall for all to read,
a genuine ray of light,
she’s dreaming, e means and,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


the night of the bat, telepresence,
being together at a distance,
stifado, seize the moment,
eliminate another night, you need
to recharge your ink, from may
pen to windsor, storing for a
day, the half blank, the loupe
guru, karma-cola, sonoric
cluster, mnematic, textacy,
the interrogation technique
known as the donkey, szczecin,
bhuvaneshwari, lokas, mala,
mahashamshana, coffee genius,
toner works where nothing does,
coffee cluster, the molecules in
the dung versus the molecules
in the gold, no gotea durante
los vuelos, uni-ball, monthur,
i thot we killed that project,
how are you going to pay the
next one, oh that big dust
bunny just landed in my
coffee, embiggened, kali yuga,
a visit to the lighthouse,
leaving the flux, goatfest,
lessons on being alive, not
being an aboriginal myself,
something has been hacking
away at the paper, this is
mere repetition, papermania,

Monday, January 16, 2012

"the delight of telepresence"

a whole pile of stuff you
wouldn’t want, my appetite voice,
lmao poet, lmao tse tung, we
can’t seem to get past this, no
you had it but you couldn’t
give it to me, me litter, money
panic or panic money, your big
show is over, we don’t want any
encrypted data thank you,
a process where a thief erases
the ink, visfic, the phatic blow,
the prosopopeia of noise, le
tiers, quasi-object, horrorporn,
lost critical authority,
intractable material,
serotonergic, socio-cultural
clusters, hat was a cluster,
shockpo, whaikoorero, shorten
the stem of your pipe!,
siccative, ineluctable
modality, do you got any
bill bissett handy, guess
how to spell geuss, the delight
of telepresence, erase all
signatures, organization of
“pataphysical artists, this
bottlecap reminds me of you,
jupiler, is this beer or cheese,
maes, orval, topo sabores,
regal lager, trappistes,
brahma, eagle with keg,

Sunday, January 15, 2012


pounding the pavement into
submission, right shoulders,
in-copyright written works,
cocaigne hellmann eer, the
pronunciation of patina, seven
billion not six, explorer copy
history, zoris, bb gun art, think
of another way to say eye lamp
sand cluster, meat guilt, tove,
gainful is the operative,
conceivably squeezable, i love
blank paper, that’s the guy,
bright heart, eat the mushroom
and see, conscious of the
enveloping heat, cluster of
embers, smoring, sfumato,
irrecusable, sez apples,
companion hairdresser or
editor, a palace of salutary
heuristics, hand coloured
paperclip, do you ever get the
funny feeling you’ve been
sold up the river, your
former spouse, seventy dollars
and eighty-seven cents, trance
to pay, jcqb, they got ya
coming and going, remove
ross’ name, some men, some people
will rob you with a fountain
pen, gussy,

Saturday, January 14, 2012


homely refresher valuable gift,
missing nothing important, the art
gallery is part of the jail,
service fee, first you have to
get out there, the dee aitch,
scotch egg, salt stains, ass wipe
is a privilege not a right, tran,
lube the ham, hi-fi cereal,
pressing our hands, oblong tea,
tea is the sound of days going by,
refrain receipt, edition these,
dear quality, printing replicas,
do you got a card, this bit of
paper is a valuable gift, an
assiduous flyer, how to get
from the bar to your bed,
whose logo is this, profane
classics, one does not an edition
make, cobo, oon, a month that
went, calendar design, you and
your shit, ranting about it
for three days straight,
rafael tickets, document
acumen, and now the returns,
molecular ecology, these are
imaginary copies, honey girl,
home is anywhere i fall asleep,
turning nothing into one,
mystery snack, how thin a
poem can be, microart,

Thursday, January 12, 2012


telephilia, an instance of the
poem, cloth on toner, an easy
tab to rip the art, park a tiger,
emetophobia, vomit on the scanner,
drive the white bus, enjoy
yourself in reverse, some way
to get at that money, head
under water, we laugh at money,
money from underground,
mermaid ho, kolkata, youtubbies,
the klezmer mongrels cover,
milk cream poetry, la sa, the
history of immateriality,
mysophilia, parasympathetic,
where’s the foot, the cardboard
junco symbol, at phog, miracle
pennies, kirlian photographs,
french horn spittle, quiet in
their mossy deserts, the van
vogt method, the gombeen
man, pinch penny, granite
genitals, ideological
analysis, eutectic, popping
open the window, fakebook,
i click on your face,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


ou mallon, time will go by, hock
rock, watching someone walk across
glass from below, the art of
breathing, boded well, mere
colour, cyberdoodle, reading the
puzzle piece by piece, i don’t
feel bent, kit-ahwah-ke-ni,
a nice drawing of a vagina,
inoculated against the innocuous,
eight hundred and one little
bits of paper, fake sushi, la
fée, mimeo gears, the envelope
is nothing, robot smelling
flower, no need to read the
list, axe and you shall receive,
tip to, underwater-inspired,
toner gazing, alien labour,
kundalini yoga, the only word
is the name of the artist, where
do you think all the little
images come from, microcosmic
eye, macerated print, oming,
nurse with question, the fire
in the hole, eleven hundred
years, the pieces must be
somewhere, obergeschoss, no cut
and paste, rezer ectcetera,
dig back twenty-five years,
unterschrift, igwt, exon, bug
eyes in the mousetrap, crabe,

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"language-like structures"

always already dead, the image
you do not understand, happiness
is warm gum, just say no to art,
you’ve got a cover problem, three
million seven hundred and
nineteen thousand two hundred
and forty-two, you can’t judge
a person by their politics, do
we need to bespeak the already
be spoken, it says anonymous but,
just the title, reinvent publish,
three word poems, a cluster of gas,
fake it in there, you’re going to
take credit for that, a cover that
has actually had to work, drink
up text, mimeo roar, narrative
failure, you have to break the
spine to see it, precious presious,
vaughn-jones, it’s the publisher
that is of interest, let’s get
this author to come and read
in this tiny town, we enjoy
language-like structures, paper
trail press, two presses with the
same name, light blue ink on dark
blue stock, there’s a blank that’s
never been filled, post script
osiris, hit the flaps, hinting at
much more dot, slick wrapper
mimeo guts, tot, you thot you
felt but, yes chakra, classic
canadian counter culture,

Monday, January 09, 2012


pixel lexicon, there was nothing
to it in the first place, no matter
if you step away, saccades,
language bursting out, withered
leg, effleurage, are these things
constructed in the real world or
only, the real life thing is much
mo’ bettah, the penny that broke
the bank, is this a bellybutton,
walk back across the room,
the state owns your brain,
out-of-pocket productions
incorporated, we want bigger
files, a cascade of faces,
nothing without the title,
fine art print: fifty-nine
cents, nothing without the
information, we had to select
one, variations in the texture,
the eye knows no nationhood,
spell your own name right,
a screaming comes across the
sky, hir, lotta poetica
continua, crumpled metal
art, retoma el plegado, basta
de caza ilegal, asemia agogo,
you can adjust the resolution
by using optimum viewing
distance, derive nothing,
roch up, and the message is,

Sunday, January 08, 2012


the production of texts must cease,
nothing is for sale, an art question
mark, two ways of looking at love,
hinayana, fluxus dust, concrete
functionalism, ben wasn’t home,
fluxus product, three years ago
you wanted it so bad, coughing
up money for books, jayhawk,
a brain pb, flip the switch,
fibromyalgia and beeswax,
johnsonville sausa, meat pride,
demand higher resolution, dust-
jacket with the sole word: dust-
jacket, a world made out of
cardboard, beauty comes as a
bit of a surprise, fairly fine,
amphibole, using a large envelope
for a cover, painted with real
soot, computer print so fine
there are no pixels, hard to
tell if it’s designed or found,
listen to the turnips, poems
being spoke, all the funny
little thots passing thru your
head, double baggage, splash of
colour where you least expect
it, the silk screen can give you
a bit of pseudo-staircasing,
beebread, couple hundred
seeds, make the okay sign
with a seed between thumb
and forefinger, no song for
kiddies, impressive production,

Saturday, January 07, 2012

"dana prajna paramita"

lagrangian point one, astragalus
propinquus, alludic, fecal bogs,
hard copyin an edition, isocheimed,
can equal happiness, characterized
by bounteous giving, the distance
between you and me, degentrify,
the ongoing collapse, the alphabet
clause, clustered love, albas,
dana prajna paramita, sila, virya,
kshanti, dhyana, to give a penny
or a piece of leaf, shikan taza,
ashamed of your meat, books
are going out of fashion, on the
deadeye, mailart jetset, tea
and cookies, a penny for a girl,
turning two into one, traces of
brazilian toner, it took you more
than ten years to cut the tag
off, the moon’s so bright, the
sign of the human, call it a
copy and have done, let the whole
thing flip, picking up a bit of
toner action here, even upside-
down you can still see it’s a
seahorse, hard to tell which
witch is which, hand light, a
skiff of textual, why would you
want to discourage library
patronage, there’s no such thing
as frullania, there’s no such
thing as all this crap, people
as money, fake pie, colour i,

Friday, January 06, 2012


everything is not an omen, arta
ozola, gone is gone, the reader
is well ahead of the writer,
just put a chech, it was a long
haul but, edition of two, one
cent discount, the publication
needs time to cook, highlight
your failures, the biography
is not the life, the generous
consumer, kaks, xenographia,
technobiopower, thot the trademark
symbol was a footnote, what
are you going to do with all
your writing, blank snake,
cheaper than the bus, time is
wealth, normal starts to have
its attractions, mona lisa in
the woods, we’ve got plenty of
copies: nobody wants them,
riding the rails right into
the drink, text begins with:
oi, if it’s not run by artists
then, buy an actual barrel
of oil, used book with new
barcode, book as advertising
or propaganda device, three
hundred and ten pages of the
word: the, what’s with the
green pages, a light-line
phonography for the million,
eight dollar item, disgusting
little blister, a bed of paper,

Thursday, January 05, 2012

"dispositif matrix"

maggid, it’s called splittin’ the
stream, ajanan, analytic blobmatic,
the tilapia flower, kinkara,
multitask or die, laps but not lips,
snake rock or rock snake, favourite
font, detroit is midwest, the fine
art of the sweet nothing, cheese
gel, cheese cluster, natch,
dispositif matrix, becoming-other,
micropenis, hypospadiac, civil
status unavailability, intersex,
xenografts, overdeveloped clitoris,
earstone, the universe in a
nutshell, being on the top of a
cliff, whatever happens to be on
the collective mind, at a certain
point nothing can be said, coal
cloak, the connection is calgary,
before you made the least
effort to enter the picture,
timecrevasse, beginning paper,
memewarfare, me me me, twenty-
eighty-four, greyly reproduced,
you have to examine every page,
everything you never wanted to
know, a moment of interest, a
lifetime of interest, who will
teach non-teaching, didn’t you
use this book in one of your
books, why don’t you read
this to your kids, you’ve
written a whole book,

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


they are flying pianos, media nomad,
malbec, four twenty-seven hemi,
poetry is poison, life has no desire
to die, start with yourself, maybe
go to a smaller staple, whack
with gavel, concrete functionalism,
ben wasn’t home, fluxus product,
merzification, parareligious,
pro tem, litterpress, detroit is
midwestern, the cass corridor,
cheese film, genetic architectures,
g as in georgia p as in peach,
type on odour, grab another can,
cut back consumption, sore
tongue, feel the pinche, even
helped me carry, rebozo, fresno,
the ditto machine, the concept of
concrete art, a smile machine,
but you never even removed the
shrink wrap, fopderol, think of
this piece of paper as an object,
i will only communicate for
money, uta, handflow, devise
this phrase, mary scorer, ruskin
dam, not published, indicate
the ocean, extremely rare book
and we have two of them, an
art newspaper, aukso, you need
to have the price of the thing
higher than the production
costs, too many pages and you
start to have trouble with
the stapler,

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


digital mud, i did a little
handwriting analysis and…
bad news, methoprene, a click is
not a penny, i don’t feel thrown,
rock point crystal, paper everything,
concretize tuesday, social
software, active individualism,
the end of geography, utopian
horizon, radical inclusivity,
rangoon, blue is the problem,
cheese binge, insignificances
have a way of becoming significant,
destin of the base, mermaid ho,
communication anxiety, keep
smiling – it is way big medicine,
ananias, four pennies american,
linguescape, the author of
nothing, and assumes the role
of nothing, unjuxtaposable,
ekphrastic aesthetics, moss at
the base of dwarf cypress,
snail bait, moyl, vagisil,
reichian macromusic, crows
crack mussels on the concrete,
cultural front, urban subjects,
twenty yards of linen are worth
two pounds, the social brain,
cost of reproduction: zero,
tacit knowledge, atomistic
maximizers, gold in the
workers’ heads, book maggot,
ajanan, detroit is mideast,

Monday, January 02, 2012

"chevalet dales"

too much message, a partial,
think yourself free, unless we
get taken into custody, don’t
ask me to count the pages, the
art almost appears to be part
of the business, zark, type a
letter on the back of a sheet
of one cent stamps, get some
decent desk-top publishing software,
once life has attained the
condition of life it never lets
go, my tongue is killing me,
they are flying nothing, steel
yourself or steal yourself,
all your money just evaporated,
the holes are punched for a
reason, igigigigig, elegant junk
mail, lysis, high red centre,
chevalet dales, the gradual
elimination of fine arts,
change machine dispensing
penny for dime, a comic book
comes as a breath of fresh air,
gateway to freedom, still
purveying the same shit you
were purveying ten years ago,
you can’t veer away from one
thing without veering towards
another, your face is cracked,
your needs are simple, there’s
no way in the world you can
suddenly become, flag footnote,

Sunday, January 01, 2012

green hippo

the splash of colour is strictly
functional, now is the moment for
art, drug-stabbing time, hyper-
lipimia, better font better printer,
ekleksographia, i’m thinking of
giving up on this identity,
identifying particles of dust, mud
ra, knock boots, micro-blogging,
take a little time vacation, tlp,
proglotid jactitation, the
zackenstein mirror, kwik-collage,
lumpenintelligentsia, viejas,
habitations, zap jomo, concrete
tanks, mota, quetzalcoatl
concepts of time, sociological
mail-art project, green hippo,
prairie clay tales, no se no,
just keep on writing the same
thing until you reach the
bottom, what does this black
mess have to do with art, the
only memory you have left is
a bad one, dottles, the human
eye prefers the natural world,
the perceptual flip, there’s
no way to predict the winner
but, let’s sign these together,
use the envelope for mushroom
culture, virtual sex, blank