Sunday, February 28, 2010


translation is repetition
plastic object
game mag
useless machines
imbecile: “without support”
signal analyze

"electrick soul"

all peaces of paper are
created equal, yer grounded,
bulk sorting mechanism,
electrick soul, unpaid labour
, the holy spirit will come
upon you, they look like words
but they are not, in sub scribe,
what is called art, moolahchi,
find print tempts you, eye
am being meaning, artish,
the joy of desiring,
making the cut stop,
mine did, muse-eum of
dead objucts, not saying
it’s not art, super eyes,
global cred, one so under
full, not saying nothing,

Saturday, February 27, 2010

JUL 01 2008 (pm) 3:00

1) find me
1) you don’t have to worry about anything
1) oh lord, please let it fluctuate upwards for a change
1) food
1) which do you prefer: beauty or ugliness?
1) why did you bother ripping it?
1) eat that good liver
1) the place the wind accumulates the paper
1) the latest shout
1) urdu coffee
1) Dwight Macdonald “Masscult and Midcult” (1960)
1) no sorrow
1) just do it, ______!
1) duff
1) a Moxie cap from 1924
1) anachorein
1) the more you search...
1) profligate inheritance
1) seven swans magically appear
1) osculum
1) orgueilleus
1) “The Gilded One”
1) “mange on foxes”
1) poetrymonger
1) erutalcnemon
1) a loud hue
1) antiki
1) Joyce Carol Oates “Visitation Rights” (1988)
1) William Wheeler (1893)
1) the act of weighing
1) quaint knowledge
1) secateurs
1) too real
1) Echeneididae

JUN 30 2008

1) in kenebowe
1) once you start making more than five copies
1) legitimate expenditures
1) philatelic stamp
1) goinga
1) p.o.l.hh
1) bo bow brow
1) legitimate drug
1) trance ink
1) exam the headmaster convoked
1) vox/vocare
1) yes, hydrocortisone
1) but, i’ve only got 3 dollars & 43 cents
1) “putative marriage”
1) trance errors
1) reality is not digital (is it?)
1) zen bandwidth
1) goldbricking
1) jinniy
1) booth, brink, cog, flit, give, kid, meek, scab, seem, skull,
snub, tine, wing, and wreck
1) muchphilosophy
1) CIV/n
1) sequi
1) thru memory
1) a card carryin’ member of the LCP
1) started making copies
1) money in one hand and out the other
1) did you pay it all?
1) three fucking dollars & forty-three fucking cents
1) suddenly nine thousand bucks
1) six copies
1) lord high everything else
1) luftmensch

Friday, February 26, 2010

"cleaning gentleman"

low que, all these minds, can
you do anything with this?,
the sounds of paper, these
workers, low yes gone no, in the
wrong section, watermarked
paper, knowledge is magic,
suboriginal, entered into the
text, on the way to writing,
novelty time, all original ink,
a what?, in the forge(ry of
my soul, the dead giveaway x,
zoo semiotics, you see me,
some actual work going on,
pissed all over myself, z’eyes,
these eyes, invisible writing,
so shall ism, cleaning
gentleman, tertiary real
estate, the desired trench,
info nt found, no room for the
downstream, succinkt, we
don’t really get money,
sealed ink, a partial
vacuum lifts, sudden net,
save place, get your motor
running, a simple ate &
a half by eleven sheet of
pay per view, thoese daze,
and the winner is, eye eggs,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

JUN 30 2008, 8:00 pm

1) atom robbing
1) ain’t got no significant other
1) is that a real signature?
1) rubberstamp? photocopy?
1) did you or didn’t you have a hand in the moss?
1) railway magnet
1) drug art
1) the zen trade
1) the Venerable Bede
1) Superman Action Comics
1) lampkin
1) the only thing you have to worry about (cream)
1) one copy two copy
1) the only thing you have to worry about (rubber gloves)
1) film jam
1) zincofax
1) b as in base
1) a bottle too far
1) one copy two copy three copy four
1) ivy eye vie
1) zero copy
1) station station
1) higway
1) van pan
1) book industrial
1) paying worse
1) nothing ever changes
1) we need another copy
1) if you go back far enough
1) buxcey & whatmougl
1) this is fluctuating
1) did we order it in? / did they ship it up?
1) efree
1) she got away with murder

JUL 01 2008 (am) #1

1) wideawakeness
1) chain letter breaker
1) it’s definitely a copy, but is it the copy?
1) you could start dating
1) seahorse & kingfisher
1) helloma
1) aren’t we getting a little old for this?
1) is this not a good thing?
1) the text is available for multiple use
1) the original dinosaur
1) one cent to the moon
1) dot tod
1) montago
1) tell the tale
1) every day is a red letter day
1) bang the paper
1) level of drunk
1) forgot to do a makeready (a readymade)
1) erased as if it never existed
1) worldweariness
1) in contact with more than half
1) what are you charging me?
1) rounding the horn
1) Makeready, AB
1) ampersand (I lampersand cLuster)
1) i don’t mean to suggest that this text is special
1) the eye fall tower
1) what is the point of promulgating illegible
1) tonah!
1) poemisti
1) a penny for your bones
1) load is
1) dead letter day
1) from here to intoxication

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"in a k-hole"

let’s see if we can get started
here, nothing spatial about it,
it was imp possible, rush e-mail
, mash e-mail, in a k-hole,
suckadelic, be a saint (beast,
advice grip, spoken word? you
mean like a phone call?,
what time!?, domination name,
& bend some, efficaciously
conquered my hecitations,
a concrete figure, ears
burning? (in some near,
distroer, installation plan,
any new direction, cured
himself (to a certain extent,
hope (of confidence in the
eventual, phonic tactics.
surrogatory comments,
follow those footnotes,
artificial words, mono me,
e-sent, on the randy pile,
she puts honey on it & the
bear, don’t surf, gory
daze, can afford to be
different, try again to
essay, om oh moloco, there!,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

APR 17 2008, 9:00 pm

1) a tooth that matches
1) a dream we never knew we had
1) it’s probably a good thing you can’t see
1) that’s a warp
1) insomniscience
1) all the fun you had before they hauled you away
1) don’t you see what you’re seeing?
1) anon anon we go
1) how many dpi?
1) the thing about paper
1) imagnify
1) collashes
1) tzena
1) mangler
1) documenical
1) we produced until
1) nine de
1) amid ya
1) how did it all
1) four hundred missing lines

APR 16 2008, 9:00 pm

1) snoot first
1) follow up a pawn
1) unanno
1) artisticki
1) never got tog even
1) four years of impressions
1) remember good enuf
1) the day it did
1) sometimes we feel like unfolding
1) here, here’s what we really think about you
1) you have to unfold to see
1) stilling the to and fro
1) collage detritus
1) why do you consider this an affront?
1) yes we did communicated to & fro
1) a block or two to the left or right
1) things we never did nothing with
1) is this available on the net?
1) and now still most recently
1) yes, we know generally what is inside envelopes
1) reading still reading
1) & you are still coming thru too
1) before it all fell thru
1) did you read every word?
1) yes, we did, as you may have forgotten, humm
1) couvert
1) some sort of plan
1) the dead end stops here
1) these things keep cropping up

Monday, February 22, 2010


not a copy, who are these presses,
worth layin’ yer eye on, thot
we might think, unmarked mark,
who yer talkin’ at, acosmic
singularity, a genius & a
vegetable, metanoia, doing
without a clue, the poemless,
stay moving, file swapper,
paper memory, a skipped
opportunity, kind of thinking
gets supported, not too crazy,
write off the map, selling
to sell, soul stitching,
never signed up for this,
taking liberties with
our names, signing the
wrong one, or, mindable,
lost in lots, this is not
a message, fly no more,
fluctuating around zero,
authority to alter, trance
& highways, dreadknot,
pop heart, somniforum,
the rest of the puzdle,
draining in, city sense,
the flood was a god’send,
ten puns, lick’er outlet,
be illg, water, admit none,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"exponential harmonic convergence"

four hundred percent, pyxel,
you beyond the margin, love tap!,
burnt water indeed, the mail boat,
a bottle of jam, senthome,
concrete laws, idea is number one,
an imitation of an imitation,
the guilting point, inhibitation,
you call that reading?!, not
possible together?, this visions,
poetry writing tragedies,
you cannot walk & drive thru
the same city, gangway!,
the floating pre-things,
halfway to seventy, e-main,
dead centre of the blast,
why they can’t put the name
on it, what exactly is shake?,
exponential harmonic
convergence, external
hardware like catscans,
ideology-free, good poetry
driven out by bad, on the
body poetic, not getting the
push at all, getting it side-
wise, before they could spell,
musta gone under, tbaaaa!!,
the big grid of dayz, you
forgot the umm lot,
copyright remains, light’s
dreams, rather remain in da,

APR 14 2008 9:00 & JUL 1 2008 (am) #2

1) entry points to the artworld underground
1) do you people need some help here?
1) a one ounce bottle of blue ink
1) no need to worry about the 1200 dpi line-art TIFF
1) the hand that was destroyed
1) you have to change the way you form your letters
1) the sun blasting on the mossy tiles
1) the money hotel
1) print your printer to death ←
1) not the collage itself but the detritus left over after
1) i wasn’t there but i have the work you did then
1) we should have quit at 247
1) something broke inside
1) the ufo shaped smudge on the floor of the gym lap by lap
1) i’m as free as a peach now
1) bu(r)y

1) going atomic
1) what are you going to do with this one?
1) this writing is perfectly legible (enuf)
1) Kenebowe
1) a paper penny
1) typing in the rain
1) you woke up the baby!
1) let the weapons collect dust
1) moss like dappled baize

Saturday, February 20, 2010

circa APR 14 2008?

1) postage work
1) somebody’s been “censure”
1) grasfroschpaar
1) vecta
1) art temple
1) pass
1) these seemingly handwritten marks
1) full crap poems
1) gropius gropius
1) document-artist
1) illegal art traffic
1) world culture burg
1) grus dada
1) we remain in the game
1) fake communication
1) marcelled
1) raise not the end all and be all
1) this could be part of this series
1) i feel like i’m dematerializing
1) a go & b go
1) how did you get it to trance?
1) animal eye
1) writing like footprints in the sand
1) figure in the carpet?
1) atomic junk
1) is it a reproduction at which we look?
1) krimpen de paper
1) blossom pussy
1) network mucas
1) cartoon jugs
1) the way the ink crimps the paper
1) check for bleed-thru
1) dayglo prison
1) McJail


self-erasing, may cause drowsiness
or dizziness, had a run, do a run,
cowers & hours, sesqui-pedestrian,
no fee, build upon the connections,
germane book, they know we
know, have to be sorted somehow,
not judge before hand, avant
guardian angel, en)during the
depression, negentropy!, our
holographic brain, trance morph,
postage art, close or close?,
what does a book let?,
cucumber tree?, trance fig,
supposed to get this? a not
neg, actual finger print,
number ate letter, at the
exact same moment, sometimes
about is better than, a huge
space (eight & a half by eleven,
microjuxtaposition, a book is
not exactly fragile, even the
evenlope, involving letters,
seein’, documental, make
the freights to catch the
plane, the concrete system,
a non-statistic, the concrete
proof, paradigm-shaking,
gridlock-plagued thoughtfares,
thinkin’ like crazy, supercon,

Friday, February 19, 2010

spring of 2008 sometime

1) pain attention
1) why would you do this to the ones you love?
1) my prediction is you
1) this has been determined
1) fold it & see
1) all these lines confining us / setting us free
1) nine billion words can’t fill the gap
1) the two sides of this page are actually connected
1) only the author knows (nothing)
1) try search engining
1) the city that held me hostage
1) spend a few hours jacked into the net
1) this could be used to roll up pennies
1) okay, roll up $1 worth of pennies with a sheet of poetry
1) what was wrong with the american penny? (a penny’s a penny)
1) 5 dollars for one scan?!
1) you can’t afford to be a lunatic any more
1) my adopted family
1) maybe you were meant to be a slave
1) this paper is a nuisance
1) we have a file for everything
1) “misc.” has a very specific meaning
1) memorize the fish before you let it go
1) paper penny
1) pushing towards sales
1) maybe if they were folded down to size
1) gar ner
1) we let the originals go .•.


you want me to shut up?, non-
motian, precious titles, see what’s
in, interior differences, the
whole switch, letter finger,
original separation, actual
time none, has this always been
here? & overlooked, concrete
trance, we cannot go further,
i can no longer shop happily,
pacific western airlines?,
actualism, ego-centered
cartesian humanist, personology,
dicktator, just say the word,
time of reading, your designature
, eh?, exhaustive listing,
poetry sung here, inside
mark, chalk full of dust,
boop good, interiorating,
hacket job, pull the ‘ole
spinarama rama, stop for
you, we are perished,
instant resurrection,
sorting space from time,
as it is shaking out, saw
off text, self for sale,
shoving them down our
throats, how many vehicles
are necessary to transport
one non-message?, near one,
writing on glass, detatcheé,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

APR 19 2008 (?)

1) the envelope says
1) mixed sources / controlled sources
1) don’t ask me to apply
1) this ain’t no hologram
1) portion of interest
1) plenty of hand
1) dna tooth
1) snoot first ask questions later
1) flying death
1) fold for distro
1) the paper superceded the voice
1) played its role
1) today, we have no machine
1) hay kid
1) toner blobby
1) growth scars
1) if it’s gone, let it go
1) this moment is still here, at the moment
1) the long gone & the still here together
1) we pay attention to pain
1) long past the point of no return
1) on a copy by copy basis
1) total lotto

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

APR 13 2008 (am) #1

1) beyond the bitter end
1) these are the best days
1) why all the emphasis on nothing?
1) what do these trees have to do with language?
1) develop a system to tell the difference
1) the deteriorator also gets deteriorated
1) this would go nice into a duotang
1) let’s trade containers
1) start a list of needful things
1) you’re going to have to watch out for these
1) this photocopy contains no errors
1) i think i’m in love
1) kill all hearts
1) slip it in (back to back)
1) pretend you can still write
1) i don’t think this is going anywhere
1) dada gar
1) angel mgmt.
1) these are not even absolute degree
1) why not just let the damn things go?
1) vomit on audience
1) care to predict who will survive?
1) a clear “winner” has emerged
1) did you say you wanted the original?
1) begins with cheese
1) the answer to the question is “you”
1) actually shell out for poetry
1) zoodable
1) fubar your life
1) crude culture
1) halleluia copy
1) headin’ on forward
1) wouldn’t ask an other to try and read this
1) this is greenish-gray


empty colour, what is writing,
sizing reality, odd sighs,
waste spaces, identical
objects, thank you auth, do you
want one?, not exactly cash,
actual verbalization, heavy
footnotes, delivery systems,
public domination, delire,
flextext, inksome developments
, the concrete situations,
underdogyears, text builder,
other mediums, to is is to
have (a hold of the moon,
almost live, something red,
t, erudite luddite, something
that can’t be bought (lost my
train of thot, take the biggest
one, i’m not in this one, auto
graph, the magnifying glass
won’t helf help, generously
marred, light mail, this
here colour, kind of money,
make ‘em go bug-eyed,
unshakeable illusions,
word colour, how all these
daze get mixed together,
whan is a good old daze,
what it previously meant,
unfolding colour, b o o k?, is,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

APR 19 2008 (pm) 4:00

1) black construction
1) time kills us all
1) you can’t say the word “towers” anymore
1) absolute paint
1) you’re making mud
1) taking off from this bit of noise
1) these are not just any letters
1) we started out strong
1) opex arb why tree
1) uyre waz hop purr
1) qolk pykp
1) sinkut
1) the particular reason being: darvon
1) no who from
1) pickiping
1) any influence on your daughter
1) xsx eyed
1) fruit’s ticker
1) it was a snooze until it became invisible
1) the residue of happy times
1) yehed
1) wall of blue crayon
1) wall of fours
1) thank you for recording this moment in time
1) rdy
1) you are making your very first marks
1) are you trying to communicate
1) e

APR 19 2008 (pm) 8:00

[Edgardo A. Vigo]
Julien Blaine

1) bascule
1) social territory
1) agraffiti
1) the incarnation of nothing
1) morz
1) one has heard tell of pessoa
1) cores sorbon
1) personal disaster
1) oh, come now, you can understand what it says
1) an “accidental” publication
1) a conceptual labyrinth
1) poetry generation machine 0000000000
1) dada vida
1) n.e.w.s.
1) floating around for years / suddenly cropping up
1) the stuff that was bouncing around in those days
1) quipu
1) Cetrería
1) commentaryistas
1) TV Boom!
1) celibate machine
1) what sort of a room do you want to live in?
1) mathematical representation
1) relative girl
1) autodetermination
1) Usonia
1) multidimensional art
1) throw a dart & see
1) Black & White (a film)
1) adversizing
1) process poetry
1) signalization
1) digidada
1) an art of signalling

Monday, February 15, 2010

"thru point"

before we real eyes, the original
is in the mind, black & blue
ink, all ready all wrong,
flyable?, thot that was your
name, the event of enter, who
are ya callin’ a reader?,
error zen, look who’s talkin’
(slick, it’s fun to thing, the
letters start to float off
the page, computer waste,
it’s got my name on it, it’s a
god eat god world, perceive
all, ground speech, in an
institution (u, an explanation
of the word, paper with a
thru point, limit: ate
sideways, after that, thanks
for your energy, interrupture,
nerve talk, somebody rented
it to them (your name &, the
point at which we (should
have) bailed out, car tomb
lit, gest(etn)ure, a sunden
word bug, undetermination?,
undifferentiation?, contra
verse, memomimeo, the
person versus the text,
nay bore, the other vict,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"slick quotidian thievery" & "the internet in general"

illa am style head, dry spell,
cardboard construct, you only
have a few seconds, artboard,
garbage lottery, how did it
akshul, beautiful art object
zine, playback debbie, hmmm
now we forge the connection,
the book before the book,
the needle in the haystack
is you, i think it fell down
in behind the bookshelf,
slick quotidian thievery,
oh rest your weary soul, lil
rocket that shot, what all that
was about, overkill museum,
boxob, we know exactly what
is in each envelope before it
arrives, force nothing,

1. leave them scattered about the room
1. sincerely enclosed
1. you’ve got all the time in the world today
1. the whole thing is only 1.5 cm wide
1. there’s no reason it can’t still be used as a bookmark
1. when it would be convenient for us to meet in an
1. coin ring
1. is the haze still there
1. oh, aha!
1. the difficulties of maintaining contact
1. the internet in general
1. the universe in general

"join farces"

corked, the millennium fuckin’,
torn again, rejoined (trus joist,
money rows, bulldozing off,
join farces, not just a copy
anymore: , inkhouse,
current addressee, some
kind of drug, can’t say the
name, chaotic eating habits,
with this word i refer to
a whole universe, i refer
not to, never even cracked
the text, hot eye, it’s just
paper, pile of paper, fan of
flames, prop a gander, logoff,
lifing cabinet of, what?
is it possible? to do?, this
is the thing itself, you can
swat flies with it, first
eye, still minding, before
we became aware we are,
so many words, it is a fine
line, concentrate on the
letter eh?, real ties,
never read a word,
ignore this!, honey lasts,
discarder, the size of things
over there, isnt number,
powetry, what do you
wreck? (eye mend, unmail,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

JUN 29 2008 (pm) 7:00

1) how can you remember? you were drunk
1) the wild north west
1) jail movies
1) make a mash out of literature
1) great canadian cone
1) the stamp is gone
1) crackocracy
1) one refuses to buy any more books
1) it looks like it was trimmed with a certain amount of care
1) trace the shape of the paper
1) why?
1) fourteen is the age
1) i wonder if these would still work
1) how is your credit rating?
1) penny reversal
1) anneal
1) there was three of us (at least)
1) Argusy
1) computernik
1) heroin
1) prodigal, essay, navigate, ambiguous
1) mortmain
1) Mary Elizabeth Braddon – Run to Earth
1) jabber jabber
1) lasp
1) The Ideoloogies of Theory: Essays 1971-1…
1) the moment you started buying postage
1) translation sees methods
1) microprinting by the baby
1) a big word for a little thing: hemidemisemiquaver
1) two copies: what’s the problem?
1) sixty-two tweet tweet
1) on that note: phone
1) laval level

Friday, February 12, 2010

JUN 29 2008 (pm) 1:00

1) from here to there
1) zamindar
1) i was happier when i was broke
1) pretty soon you will be a quinquagenarian
1) capere
1) Douglass North and Robert Fogel (1993)
1) i come to your store
1) mend a city
1) how much does 2 litres of milk weigh?
1) consum consum
1) oper: a
1) the wild west today
1) saltation
1) five is hardly a number
1) technopathy
1) you got the wrong henry
1) the whole sheebang
1) let’s try having our tea out in the garden
1) tergiversari
1) we have no time for words!
1) we are moving to and fro thru time
1) hydrocortisone?
1) Tom Dalzell - Flappers 2 Rappers
1) art if ice
1) you used my credit card?
1) i collected points at your store
1) what could be done with a bit of paper this small?
1) Thomas Hoccleve, 1420
1) “wet muck for the lost panties”?
1) how’s yr finances?
1) account balance: $4.82
1) i’d like to withdraw 5 bucks
1) vagaries of face to face
1) paper shape

"buddha fish"

did you make this yourself?, red
earns, the one who lives, buddha
fish, braile it, hollow rime,
of course it’s translatable,
imp on the air, the jotted line,
message at the threshold,
while we were out, still long
enough, advertising doesn’t
work on us, no such word,
certain historical epoch,
now what the deffil can that
mean!, all these annoying
images, contests are for
losers (mostly, thesis pieces,
the eff degree, temporary
top of the heap, nineteen
seventy-two: quits smoking,
dont forget the apostrophe,
against growth, lovely
enuf, eye wants some, can
you read the fine print?,
designify, i heard your
book on the radio, show
do, reconfigurin’ it out,
just today, what wings,
where was eye?, all over,
if we had enuf space and or time,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

JUN 28 2008 (pm) 2:00

1) Jean Martinet
1) L’Amphigouri
1) info jetsam
1) manglese
1) a scribble by the hand of one you love
1) textual property
1) there is fun being had / being had
1) zen-percipient
1) can you peel this crayon down for me?
1) three copies
1) The Outlaws & Scarface
1) Horace Walpole (1793)
1) I am Webster 365 days a year
1) for zen time
1) three copies
1) mute paper
1) lidar lisar
1) ambient existence
1) Catawumpus
1) an infoplum
1) taking directions over the telephone
1) would you forward my mail?
1) when were you in Utah?
1) in being had?
1) Anne Brontë - Agnes Grey
1) Datamation (July 1, 1984)
1) Emily Jackson
1) Derick & the Earl of Essex, Robert Devereux
1) (1724-1804)
1) no, we are not going to any parties
1) have not been in a library since
1) time just keeps getting worse & worse
1) chasing after nothing

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JUN 29 2008 (am) #2

1) this would of worked quite well (sic) [sic]
1) never presume
1) cheating the constraint
1) Papa Bubble
1) even Byron the Bulb burnt out
1) good riddance my love
1) she means nothing to you
1) how does nothing spawn something?
1) allergic to art
1) my “plastic bucket” runneth over
1) repeat until you reach the edge
1) the netherauthor
1) they look identical, but, they ain’t
1) that was two weeks ago
1) copy it once & have done
1) Argosy & Argonaut are not etymologically related?
1) netherzen
1) this original was actually in the hands of
1) repetition with variation
1) one is closer to the edge
1) cyberinterpretation
1) i am allergic to you
1) the nothing difference
1) we lost the reducer
1) this is not an effect
1) maybe you don’t like where this is going
1) dear pasquini
1) toner sea horse
1) you know this one
1) you are in touch with
1) wrote “Temporary” permanently
1) not exactly rejected
1) excessive defecation

"no poetry today" (pb)

on the rocks
this is the texture reading
driftwood text you’re

“EVERgreen” container ship


writing on stone

No Poetry


mews paper
heavy weariness
pathetic message
functionally illiterate
picknit basket case _
globallistic on ya
plums in their most
incandescent bloom
finding it easy (t.r.o.u.b.l.e.)
peas & carrots (p.’s + q.’s)
7:32! 1923!
kudos chop
concentrate upon
this tractor
free for kidz
hanging head sunflower

this is just filler _
singularity complex
reading brochures _
the ‘already-written’

prunes →
all this potentiality
bang the lid down on
our head (pine box)
nail it shut
food dufus
taste is something invented
by rich people to exclude
poor people
electronic blanking
sample sunday!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

JUN 29 2008 6:48 (am) #1

1) the opposite of dinosaur bones
1) gmalnee
1) eepuotd
1) i lost the key
1) i want to see the world thru your eyes
1) this is london
1) it’s one thing
1) but it’s cut in half
1) what all did you do?
1) HOW
1) what kind of butterfly is this?
1) this is just the label
1) what did you do though?
1) i’m perfectly capable of shooting myself, thank you
1) so, who’s this mysterious beauty?
1) salute with book in arm
1) postcard pos-atc-rd
1) h- rien
1) sustainable bleeding
1) the paper is so beautiful it needs no embellishment
1) where’s the storm?
1) the kitten says “die.”
1) nothing that couldn’t be typed up
1) old friends, new friends
1) what’s a “Mike Evans”?
1) is there any relation between this theo and that theo?
1) what can you say about blank paper?
1) no matter which way the postman goes
1) this is just blotter
1) you said there was only one copy, but…
1) nothing is too small for fluxus
1) ripped unpredictably
1) too dark to be of much use to anyone
1) original’s gone!

JUN 30 2008 (am) #1

1) 1 cent 2008 CANADA
1) maybe you would like it better if there
was some money involved
1) am i on fire?
1) we have a lot of information on you
1) sine die
1) pay to the order of sans serif
1) you were so beautiful (in 1956)
1) who spent the other 2 dollars?
1) it’s a little more succinct in French
1) kensington, canada
1) art canada art canada
1) save on postage!
1) incorrigible paper
1) unworkable paper
1) we thot we were going to
1) non-thermal
1) what are you going to do with that money?
1) working to feed your
1) paid in full
1) ex-thots
1) when you are in the same state of consciousness
1) out of one file into another
1) typed up for you to read
1) point A to point B – ism
1) what was so “red letter” about it?
1) fistula fistula
1) bureau
1) aname
1) if i had a computer before me
1) treat every day as if it were a saturday
1) how to slow down the explosion
1) vista of office towers
1) maybe if you checked my website

Monday, February 08, 2010

have ing got that off of our jest. the uh nest of thiE (2)
I † ┼ them little blonde hairs losing & losing & losing &
wart on nose Ґ have you even thot of goin back maybe it
was premature ejaculation… elimination of self? Has burning
tale to be told. everybody loves a moron. So what do you want from me?
a likely sucker… head to head (thread.) dr heckle & mr. hide.
our ten. a vehicle for gall. letter type signs. collapsarian
within your power. going back & forth. stoopid pressure… …
that look. only looking for yourself. it’s the pills. wih… c…
stot this!... one drink drunk what do you want me to do with it?.
when the muse hits. fiona was iona eye own a…. whateverest…&.
nd share den a zen f blemish free * T see previous regulation…
give it op! this is not a novel. one is not saying. plain ole words….
Hot thots is. out in the sun to save your soul. not even pretend…
moved to siolence. re tell. only existence. automatistes.
Its over Its over Its over….. existence. automatisse
………………………………………….. writing for the closet
is so much masturbation isn’t it? there are people on this….

[an "interpretation" of this: on longhands]

"the detournement" (pb)

She was flossing her teeth. ↑12:03 am. Sat. Sept.4/99
“I’d call them daily” “uhs” she shared.
If i was inside my pine box. the smell of the pine box.
do not dis me. dis is me. she buys his book & then begins
to write in it, but brackets around his words & that &
he he objects cuz he’s still sitting right her the & that is
the economics of texts if you buy a text it is your
privilege prerogative to write in it. plastic paper _ indestructible
get the ole ink flowin, blockages must be removed
one little squirt, versus flux (then big names. ! good for it.
which is the absolute now begginging, Why blue?, lettem down.
sa mooon. No knots. I hate this. table untable. supposed
supost to be able to work mire acres acles. cuz you luv
a. is the winner amonst su? uz? us.? easy enuf to fou
a pa with a blawamash… some leeway. this is real (enuf).
that whole real thing was happening. where’d it went? . Sand-
paper soul. sole. soleskin.…. any old lettrific
motion of the pen.fen. what a novel is… the rising action _
riesling action. ang better. * anger bed * saint orry
orris horace . fillin the gaps. necks time font air eee ok
the falling action the detournement. the …..
the as yet unwird potion of the page
the idiot voice the one too many ….
the the the the …..

[an "interpretation" of this: She was flossing her teeth. ]

Sunday, February 07, 2010

JUN 15 2008 (am) #1

1) this copy was actually in the hands of
1) know, we have know way of knowing
1) i’m still waiting to hear back (2 years)
1) scars on the seahorse (toner)
1) christian all
1) this question refers to this
1) south carolina fox baiting
1) one stands on ice floes
1) the sun does not come up
1) plastic sausages
1) would you like me to itemize the books?
1) money flowing in / money flowing out
1) deposit whopper / withdraw whopper
1) where we’re at dot
1) do i need to double specify?
1) face the fact that you are an
1) you can’t get yourself into too much trouble with $187.79
1) cumul annuel
1) a rubberstamp never lies (does it?)
1) a rubberstamp that says “paid in full”
1) perhaps you are in breach
1) ceridian blue
1) need new book
1) make absolute
1) it doesn’t actually rise
1) from the word to the zed
1) one stands on a slippery slope
1) fatterday, funday
1) society collectors friendship books
1) the dead rule
1) maybe we ought to cut this text short
1) saussurages
1) stand on the corner with your poetry
1) against legibility

JUN 17 2008 (am) 9:30

1) neitherworld
1) ommissioner
1) no indication of what was bought
1) no ‘h’
1) why can’t i seem to get this changed?
1) we won’t be needing any food
1) capital trance
1) no need to embellish bellum
1) freshly minted problems
1) marginal lanigram
1) let us compare realities
1) thirty-three @
1) sat your dar
1) you are empty
1) still in debt
1) make a loop around the mandalam
1) mandalum
1) as far as yesterday went, yesterday went
1) ragwort season
1) might be worth not checking out
1) one is thinking by hand
1) indefinite repetition
1) shapefile
1) speed it my way
1) eh, pasquini!
1) the actual seahorse
1) what happend to legibility?
1) don’t you recognize your own hand?
1) flips
1) alameda
1) hello, voodoo!
1) how do you reposition yourself?
1) erbacce
1) not zen

Saturday, February 06, 2010

"suddenly a bit of grit blew into my eye" (pb)

thinking the w(hole _
a meaning question
two down one to go
cunning stunt
can cun
aboriginal affairs
flesh has a tendency
& motion too _
out of the hood _
bee lining
“a tattoo belongs to everyone”
id quote id
put a watch on
pagination _

graff graph
razor wire church
$100 worth of culture
that’s givin’ it a way →
vs. 50 versus
real street vs. pseudo street
what is put the touch
incightive desightive
put under the guns
grey gray blank gray
the tagged up corners
weak end of labour
& may day too –
how much yer willin to
pour into it

slomo explo(sion
just patches
still wreck
warp lanes
scatter pump –
traffic in signals
booklet left lying
around for someone
to find
fall for words
one mediator
temporary richness
blowout issue!
suddenly a bit of grit
blew into my eye

this traction _
flaccid balloons
is that a pair of
panties there?
under that shrub?
peaceful paralilitary
parla i military
limb broke off in wind
dream scary
cut a new swath
living out of city
crocus pushing up
using the wrong

wind blowing all the
blackberry leaves upside
down to white
don’t gimme that on on
on bullshit _
think we are on
track _
worm written
remember the storm
that brought this
big log here? that
was some fuckin storm _
just about every day
we come down here +
throw in three rocks

the true
meaning of
slime bucket
ink + essence
doity job but …
perfect peas
producers excellent
too cool for wasps
shuckin’ pods
chuckin pods compost
unmotivated to move _
standard schaefer
blue wheeled tote _
mixed paper _

"pick plums BEFORE they fall" (pb)

setting: 4th
feeled noted
dryink out
paper in one hand
pen in the other
notes to ward off
heading for the ditch
all ripped up
work in progress
namesake nemesis
simoolate $
in visible ink

a word is worth
1,000 pictures
i.e. chair
crooked eight
trus joist
neg. space
dropkicking the bucket
giant monkey puzzle
who controls our...
no squeegee here

constitutes a page?
i feel like a gringo _
no seperater necessary
all the images are inside
allow no images to appear
on the outside _
very so or exactly so _
poster function
a positon weak
safe trance
no problem with metal
no such thing as a
complete thot

can’t get thru when
the tide’s up
look into a box
pen + ink in hand
horsetail pushing thru
asphalt _
plum time wasp
plum splats
pick plums
they fall

enticing entire
frag meant
1967 – acorn
big mask
phychotic bravings
it’s not how much
space you got it’s
what you do with it
dark secret entry
bad directions
crows quite enjoying
them apples _

littler velocitize
check on the status of
one’s elf
it’s always rush rush rush
taggin wall got
blind factory
yoyce treat _
goin backwerde day
the dyn (day)

Friday, February 05, 2010

JUN 18 2009 (am)

on going, rabbit chasing rabbit,
yes i will answer to karen eliot,
poon bomb, limited reproduction,
cyber-sympathizers, catch that
ole cannonball, inscape moss,
kobel, self-portrait by detritus,
astir yo, one unagi, izakaya,
overcheese, quatchi, actually
coughing up money for aitch,
never go swimmin with bowlegged
women, the age of concrete, the
concrete bunker, toxic paper,
contango, wamp, lakh, tael,
spectacular trance, cymbals
his hunger embarrasses, mujlas,
it was the hat, punchcutter,
boomer-generation poetics,
the long march through the
english department, textual
sedimentation, the concrete
moment, mackin, moss in anus,
these texts are too much for
the page, the future remains,
shoehorn the text into the,
potato tat op, as long as the

Thursday, February 04, 2010

JUN 15 2008 (am) #2

1) whichever one is closer to the edge
1) that time it came out large
1) international hopscotch
1) blobspot
1) the temporary thing
1) what were you feeling on june fifteen oh eight?
1) carceral cancer
1) what makes you think the handwritten?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

JUN 14 2008, 3:32 (pm)

1) infinite repetition
1) oh no, don’t start mailing stuff again!
1) waiting for the light to become changed
1) the destructive forces of nature are nothing personal
1) sour milk mixed with beer
1) a magician club continuum
1) no such network
1) the sort of identity they can haul off to jail
1) word, yo, represent!
1) silenced by society
1) how to buy socks
1) modem knock
1) frag line
1) dez­-f
1) what was money like for you?
1) taraxicum
1) G. Bronson-Howard - God’s Man (1915)
1) random modem
1) spamnesia
1) i’ll pass on the free book, thanks
1) Robert Burns “The Twa Dogs”
1) ‘pataphysical graffiti
1) let’s try and have a textless moment
1) is this the one that ended badly?
1) data cleanup
1) from philip drunk to philip sober
1) duck, duck, goose
1) bloviation
1) a little handle for the scrap of paper
1) you think you are suffering?
1) what were you feeling on August 2, 2000?
1) September 30, 2000?
1) e-mailese
1) shapewise

"velocitize yourself" (pb)

write table places the shape of the block of text we wish to have our eye
fall on. near ink or no where near ink . it’s not as if if is if it is going anywhere
trademark on the word zen espresso cup as tea pot lid nicoteen animation
is that the real one? the way his brother wrote his novels. strictly high growing
how many car pile up on the four oh one. make to shake. boiling hot substance
watching the winner. in his other life. nother mode _ ambiguous punctuation _
must not let ourselves get dist racted interesting chapter headings where it folds
a mole golden gray would you want to read one that was slapped together in
three days? turn the other eye _ am big _ barely contained _ continuous word _
every now + then a word _ physical text book _ fill in the blanks _ mobility of
feature _ stone faced _ feeling it together for longer than two seconds at a stretch.
keeping keeping it to get her... human re cage. wasn’t my idea trying am trying to try
everyday everyday I write the book. buckets of silicon ships _ come between you
& whatever your attention is focused on.. more like watching a movie than reading
anything _ crawl under a rock till the whole thing blows over its not
about attention spans anymore . _ interpretation of markings shorthand
one yellow eye her stuff u can’t stop! street life meeting
“some are born to sweep the light”? ant with fly by the hind leg
nice try! be curious to know what your reading . molten opportunity _
pinworms + pinwheels ._ experimental reef(er big map plans words per
minute consumatta human kite people absent getting some pages to get
her.. is that flesh there? too disturbing starin. at amarica .
the ice queen cometh _ professional navigation _ changes the way
you write _ refuse to serve the sentence _ what do you think of
this? other flesh _ too bitter _ wander on down & take a gander _
goosey _ labile to get cold _ er a liable _ whatevah!

prepaid airtime vouchers airtime
splendid open eye cam velocitize yourself
observation monitering well killed my father
1964 Bookstore Problems with the other guys
J Christ the same yesterday today + forever HEB 13:8
your mind will follow attention difficulties
independent writing artists ink wire within the chelsea smile
AOK Payday loans the the local schene
word heady

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

JUN 15 2008 (pm) 8:30

1) ragwort: “lass end drip old rod”
1) Sir Matthew Hale - The Mystery of Marie Roget
1) to let go the hand
1) derridada -
1) sperms of the moment
1) lost its smell, but retained its mark
1) What Alice Found There
1) designated all
1) hydrargyrum
1) voluntarily incommunicado
1) PVC pellets
1) thanks for making a note of that
1) now that’s what i call quite well written
1) i sent you a funny little cheque
1) in the presence of
1) an awkward cluster of consonants
1) jexifer
1) no envelopes please
1) how do you like your future?
1) a complete collection of Jones Soda labels
1) if you make one more copy i’m going to explode!
1) all of ninety-two dollars
1) swift on the mike
1) free bookmark
1) i don’t feel rustic
1) Dunkerque Donuts
1) George Pellew - Life of Lord Sidmouth (1847)
1) John Keats “Lamia”
1) Brontë crucibulum
1) thixotropy
1) egg with surprise
1) basic blck m tee ss
1) P.G. Wodehouse vs. Eddie Bauer
1) the Defenestration of Prague (May 23, 1618)

JUN 15 2008, 2:00 (pm)

1) Bruce Bethke “Cyberpunk” (1982)
1) Felice Schwartz in Harvard Business Review (1989)
1) dissimulare
1) “The Fall of Robespierre”
1) saisir
1) chautauqua
1) rumpere
1) higian
1) :•:
1) Tetsuya Theodore Fujita – “microburst”
1) fulgere
1) anthropomorphus
1) trogle
1) the politics of economics
1) pugnus
1) atoneword
1) she’s a bigshot
1) modified & unmodified
1) you’re soaking in it / it’s lost it’s smell
1) pinder, goober
1) copia
1) don’t talk to me about skin
1) everybody’s got their own agender
1) fragwise
1) “I can’t know!”
1) well, reading
1) abcde
1) fulk auto tun sys
1) Tom Taylor - Our American Cousin
1) Fanny Burney - Evelina (1778)
1) what was you bank account balance on Sept. 26/00?
1) $26.20
1) cacography
1) interpret this

Monday, February 01, 2010

"the last tower" (pb)

the last tower _ the home’s stench _ drinking in
done ease ya _ as if there were some sort of
word that could help us know or now _ reward yer
self _ reword your self _ foreign ace nowhere _
text in processpool _ prowessence _ canadiain _ time
will run out long before _ the second’s ex _ dog advices _
waterhole ruckus _ goodbye our clock _ bay open _
ink spectre _ dragging it out or grudging er drugging? _
will cocks fight? _ time honoured tradition of repetition _
down to the wire(less) _ a tension span _ taunt
wire _ raining bottles _ still hating _ vilence _
could dos _ wooden moon _ sue’pped up _ gives us paws _
little light _ lit _ joyce tick _ are you positive? _ rather
be negative? _ bitter retribution _ overwhelming lack of
response _ lake of despond _ last quarter _ labour
writing _ fly’s open _ to throw at you _ you _ ‘s’gotta
end soon _ it has _ gotta _ how would you like a vacation? _
count down _ coming to a close (timewise) _ coming
close to time _ closing time _ couldn’t get out of there
fast enough _ you can have it _ reban _ the
brain is a liquid (sloshing back & forth) _ plus the
typing up _ not a winner but _ what an amazing
loser! _ next time _ next time _ emit text _
the winner cheated _ bet _ debt each _ deteach _
detach _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

"up it puppet"

how far it has fallen, this is
only kung fu, don’t count on the
post office, check-worthy,
power at cost, just the cover,
colour variant, don’t let you
be fooled, reality points, up it
puppet, critter killer, out come
the knives, zuk, zuk, dot exe,
xexox, option a, looking fam,
it’s always what we have not
consumed that we must consume,
gar rag, connection to death,
lov, two thousand obliterated,
all the copies are gone, speak