Wednesday, August 31, 2011


käserei, shawville blvd, at limit,
five hundred coffee filters, la
hitraot, tamam, xenial, glabello,
the emos couldn’t be happier,
baktun, discipline tours, flux
logic, fluoxetine, humanity
coming to an end, meaning is use,
duramorph, election hinges on
christian, an infinitely small
singularity, united penny,
ictus, error orange, noema,
isolexism, polyptoton, the poetic
booby trap, ficto-criticism,
parabasis, hypallage, isotopy,
preterition, exophoric, coniglio,
paralipsis, epiphonema, fuckbook,
italics and double colon,
paper is such delicate stuff
really, this chunk will be
junked, artivist scholar, a
zine is a machine, fifty
identical objects, not exactly
a signature but, five identical
objects, signs in the text
that only the author can
see, why doesn’t this text fill
the page, fuckoffable, lose-ah-
paloozah, raw sewage, the
nechack, microtrance, writing
aum over and over, you are
three millimeters from gutter,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


cosmic checkmate, this moment
lasts forever, seldom a drop,
that’s a lot of handwriting,
lomita, drinking fish, anarchy
cluster, copy chore, data skull,
ray johnson cargo cult, the
evolution of thot, majack,
chackrajack, are we supposed to
try and read this, permanent
mail, online tariffs, network
fee, go electricity free,
virgule dot, the apotheosis of
concrete, obligatory passage
point, thanatosis, concrete
heart, aphotic, the reign of
concrete, clinker, worldwide
concrete maw, concrete is a
kind of dream substance,
mute concrete testaments,
scuppernong, moist orange
streetlamp, handinglove, my
canon, skol, ad-sense can pick
a needle out of a haystack,
because the ribbon was fading,
pitched a no-hitter on lsd,
knitting hats for bumblebees,
abzu, hyperglossia, sweatheat,
ink water trance, wet your
pants on the airplane,
another ream of paper,
salted cinnamon, ink,

Monday, August 29, 2011


adderall, peeing in the playground,
the what are you reading project,
found a little patch of sage,
yestersay, such a bold little
poem, millions of individual
readers, human constant the
engine, sewing up girls for their
wedding nights, a reader in
english, ye ole waning of
affect, superdiversity,
re-evaluation co-counseling,
raw feels, a rage against the
other, the not-i, response to the
concrete, the mind-belly
problem, squames, eatage,
l’autrui, supermodernisms,
the art of suicide, bites of the
cherry, idiopathic, nil by
mouth, the oem corollary,
this is thick text, echo-text,
orange girl, palingenesis,
extubation, cenophobia,
xenomania, blue moon is
available, author asks reader
to stop reading and get to
work, who owns the four
letters of the word

Sunday, August 28, 2011


p o em, peeing in the playground,
on the front porch in a trance,
pokmon, baviere, a philosophy of
luck, one is on the warpath of
least resistance, mandragoras,
flemish giants, rhodeola rosea,
highlight sparingly, hot bananas,
the book throws nice, paravans,
scientific beating, sati, essays
in colonial history, develop
concrete, bantustan, forced
to erase their own footprints
while crawling backwards,
mundu, sex that is female-
initiated, veshya, omologeo,
metadiscourse, the love laws,
soppyhat, monetary
transcendence, a bonfire of
hats, citizenship concrete,
deindustrialization, haze
enveloped a city, you can get
a lot of mileage out of a
piece of paper, text that has not
been marked up yet, do your
wounded, mere blue,
referential concrete, a
thicket of typographic signs,
period comma,

Saturday, August 27, 2011


this is like touching your hand,
this is like being your hand,
you can’t really write about each
individual speck, packing material
reality, i know just the place
for this graffiti, subtle
beyond, tissue is not an issue,
pornographic confetti, you have
a difficult hand, genuine
fourteen year old photocopy
art, documentation to all
participants hahaha, but is
it handmade, ray bucks, becz,
conz, i think this might be
my best work ever, this might
be profound, ray cage, script
tease, iso t-storms, consume
stored electricity, the money
you spent has nothing to do
with you any more, roadside
bomb hits armored money truck,
dehighlight, sausaphone,
indoor weather, pudding water,
honefully, he had lived badly,
contact improvisation, jelly
wobblies, prolepsis, penny
van, counting hotties,
diremption, a poetics of
consumption, metapoetics,
a poetics of anti-production,

Friday, August 26, 2011

"okada scat"

karingal, no poor quality
photocopies, experiencing disadvantage,
okay let’s jump to the meat, who’s
responsible for the art, alphabet
is fate, and the emphasis goes
to, this letter y is made of guns,
still doing obscure things, sike!,
wallball, the action has already
taken place, it could be a
language problem, reach out and
grab the pretty lure, the action
already seems done, paper sews
just fine, the microscopic bit
is invisible, paper art that
recognizes the fact it is double-
sided, once you know what it
says it is easy to read, i was
being ironic, calidad, hmmm
there’s even money in it,
divulge nothing, the necessary
salt, miniaturformat, trencito,
is this postage stamp for real,
okada scat, who knows the
passing of time, musician
playing for no ear, desperate
writer begging to be read,
keep it simple so we can
tell, insanitary products,
do you care if the paper gets
a little bunged, handswork,

Monday, August 22, 2011


a very strong male, okay tell me
about gold, i wonder if you could
indicate your presence somehow,
they ripped the art down, famous
book mark, the bookmark has been
saving your place for twenty years,
grave wax, margin art, the fixed
text seems to fluctuate, negative
concrete, negative production,
sic transit gloria mundi, why
is the page not turned, concrete
logic, asphalt studies, concrete
atlantis, about one ton of
concrete per human is consumed
annually, live-work spaces,
still beep, undefeat, unregret,
trance recalci, hands exploring
your clothes, thisng, hit the
font, what’s wrong with language,

Thursday, August 18, 2011


prake, serviette, a famous gar,
derksen, it no longer indicates what
it used to indicate, bee three three
seven six is, okemah, adipocere,
cold and humid environment,
lixivious liquor of the body,
realxin, simple transaction,
mental highlight, hyer, praking,
the ribbon typescript setting
copy, hyperdistilled, notlanguage,
condottiere, money for
contemplation only, pseudo-use,
we need the rest of this text,
where the masses shop, concrete
technology, a vehicular flâneur,
an ecology of concrete, helpful
comments especially, chinese
hawaiians and europeans, the
leisure industry, social
polarization, socialtechnical,
chapter three red, peristome,
we need to go to press, the
future is yours to write,
sensorium, auxin, the creation
of text, time and money at
a standstill, let your hand
trace the letters,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"avatar love" & "slop art"

on the erotic nature of
collaboration, we need to do
something real for a change,
toner crystals, little chunk of
nothing, coffee coffin, saint
rep, the orange juice and the
blue ink go nice together,
avatar love, whenever you need
to blast some text down quick,
triple x wedding,

saint repetition, it seems as if
these inanimate shapes have swung
into motion, is this are a bic pen,
moobie comeex, erotic green, i
find unemployment to be very
productive, the arrival changes
the ugly into the beautiful,
my other other other, i like
the feel of solid toner, slop art,
take empty for your mantra,
google a googleplex,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"hdpe" & "drop hit"

evidence of yesterday, the dust
is the evidence, grubby swizzle,
not every acorn becomes an oak, do
not shake the net, gold spilling
forth, one good lumber crayon,
one jay, bite the gold, gold log,
gold-plated styrofoam, thumb-
nail check, gold pin prick, torn
corner art, antique thumbtacks,
big white nothing, diaper-pin
thru ear, small plastic sleeve,
hdpe stands for, chilec, c and
y, cork art, heart and sickle,
benchmark pencil, one went nuts,

a tiny piece dropped into water
instantly releases a flood
of colour, amplify the sound of
the fingers on the metal lid,
first outline in your mind the
colour effects desired, lack
of decision usually ends in
failure, run the brush against
your lips, perfectly transparent
color, one side is the colour the
other side is the colour, in the
paint factory, chemical ink,
japonica scarlet, drop hit,

Monday, August 15, 2011


in plays of light, copy ride down,
losing the last line, inner resting,
inword progress, waxing & waning
of the full page, tabloid void,
could it be you?, here’s a tip, the
prepressed, kind of other, imp
alight!, shows the remains, roll
up them pennies!, cut out work,
hire an explainer, scissors &
glue, the window of time, be at,
dispense with map buys, call it
an aitch, roaring time, em carr
karma, jungle flower, and you
all report of a gun, howling
bat, bought some runny,
misnummer, a real mountain,
don’t give us that fancy talk,
nearly real, really near,
organize a reading tour,
get this goop outta here!,
comp!, prison selling, edge-its,
we are so provincial, die earn
all, she & a, inlets & outlets,
what we’ve bin reading,
a torrent page, hardly a
pun, inside the important
box, universal design?, softcopy,

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"manada" & "billablog"

catorum, the heart pavillion,
rp three four two, blue plastic
corkstuff, fleshtone cracker,
a bottle of paradise, yellow
plastic corkstuff, house of pine,
vinprom, cba, blackwax, gü, blue
flesh, an, green plastic corkstuff,
the masi, eight nine nine, supreme
cork, coro, manada, mere reflections,
pe-ld, something to do with the
phone, dominion tape, we could
probably do with a new one,

moving comix, wallpaper for
art galleries, a reliable
word spreader, directions
for filling gallery, doing
mental backflips, billablog,
art is screeching to a halt,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

"cluster" & "cluster"

palacio de arganza, mh, pasqua,
a cour pavillon, cluster and leaf,
koblenz, mis on bouteille dans nos
caves, vine and cluster, domaine
de chaberton, in vino veritas,
saint cluster, rp nine oh seven,
bolla, csa, jne, vine fireworks,
saint two, masi, gehringer,
sunrise, axaia, calona, tyrrells,
lindemans, casal branco, c and f,
nil magnum nisi gonum, this
symbol is, k, z, jwavvns,
marchesi de frescobaldi,

c and s, t-cluster, camus egdir,
bls, twine cluster, dck, blank
wood, botryoidal cluster, rp
three four two, vine cluster
leaf, radec keerc, down in the
caves, saint cluster, dros dy-hor,
rp nine oh seven, barrel select,
c-nine-oh three, vinprom rousse,
gü, l’epayrié, c and f, horn of
plenty tinal wave, d-rp three
four two, peller, dance in the
caves, rp nine oh seven oh two one,
pebble hill industries, fortant,

Friday, August 12, 2011


thinking on the other side, one
hundred percent time, enormous text,
more gumption!, en extension, we
conduit, solder time, more
directions than one can imagine,
hip members, gathering content,
sex-positive, size of alphabet,
whow are you getting your po’
stage?, both ways, having similar
difficulties with ink, sucka!,
colour blind, froze up inside,
intuitival ink, umteenagers,
unified in voice, impcorporation,
a cup of strong coffee at the
proper moment, time find,
what range!, all quiet at the,
ship member, jump into the
blender, e-mail signature,
number for someone, go thru a
lotta this, win thru against a
million others?, any old text,
emagination, can’t hear ya!,
a zone one intends to revisit,
big i, short intention span,
not to be given away, fine
things in the male, leaving it
to-get-her, eye detect eye, eye, i,

Thursday, August 11, 2011


maybe better to leave no trace, there’s nothing random about
love, trying to write the most boringest writing possible,
if it leaves a trace it ain’t true love, names muscle their
way into your consciousness, one-thirteen, these two divergent
objects are approachine each other and becoming one, first
we write then we sort, nothing but betty stork, image loss no
problem, substenance, do you want to try to slip these past the
censor, we never asked the machine for much, evif, lithography
work, let dot doc, bazil amp baxil, this upper portion is not
part of the text, something is nothing, b dot s dot, copies
nice and black, bubble lines, are you writing, the first of the
green, a small green bit of life, eat green leaves, today’s the
day all the writing moves, edit the tide, cat my dogs, how’s
yer eyes, slighly less black, empty understanding, eros search,
modnar evol, how can you write about something so blank, the
self we project out into the world, is it a typo or an, these
seem to be advertising themselves as originals, what are the
neighbors going to think when they hear this racket, now a
new name has come into our field of awareness, other and others,
skittering words, posed to, laughs but not leaves,

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


glassface, glassface, glassface, glassface, glassface, glassface,
glassface, glassface, glassface, glassface, glassface, glassface,
glassface, glassface, glassface, hand-colored edition of, there’s
no getting way from opposition, green street in what town, we like
to ignore the fact that we actually had to mail the thing, how can
you speak of the future in the past tense, one was using a lot
less electricity last year, you go to the e-bill and you still
get paper, i was hoping to get rid of someof this paper, what’s
with the the backwards n’s, cutting corners to survive, we prefer the
lighter more humourous variety of art, get your face out of my
face, electronic touch, origasmie, could i get the exact time
and location of your birth, this ginger-ale tastes like soap, we
are expecting a five minute outage in a couple days, i live
in a cave with a good door, are we talking tropical or sidereal,
oem, this all happened on rene magritte’s one hundred and tenth
birthday, a normal person is one you don’t know very well,
a fine layer of grit,

Monday, August 08, 2011

"bentspoonfed" & "dayglo deathhead"

a map to the art exit, mailart
project remix, on thru the night,
bang-bill, do you recognize the
face of the dead, why stop at
the neck, schuld, get thee to a
barstool, permanent wax drips,
bentspoonfed, abbeville, postal
instrument, art’s reich, engager,
social regression, knows ack,
errose, lobal domination, oto-
rhinorose, search this text for
sense, we miss our shadow,
cavellini, dirty pinky, expect
to be inspected,

audiomail, soccerball flower,
this reminds me of a piece of music,
beautiful little bits, ugly bit,
zip the message out thru the
channels, a little bit of pudding,
mailart goldmine, stockcar
butterfly, dayglo deathhead,
before you went too conceptual,
merr chrisma, better trance
late than never, six hundred
years old and still beautiful,
love at twelve point five percent,
expl, rubberstamp porn, indigo
love, kernkraftwerke, too public,

Sunday, August 07, 2011

"eternal notwork"

all gray area, all grey area,
always lookin’ for another, wolves-in-
leftist clothing, other thinks going
on, poorly expressed visions,
charred dollars, pantopicon,
politically correct banking,
reading worth, the writing habit,
an imitation of time, textual
blur, hand doing, not ticking,
pay tree, new hole, opening of
the body to female, more jumbo,
trance mogumbo, eye surround,
find the door, pile folder,
back trance, previous perfect,
not illegable, this is still now,
start telling the story then,
writing sucks, take us on a
journey, peel back the layers,
art for artists’ sake, stilled,
doesn’t look like one, there’s
worse & then there is worse,
casting a wide net, zed at
home, eternal notwork,
shoddy or shoddn’ty?, eye
orderly, oup are oy, excluding
me, protect to rate, rebound
on once elf, still something,
blu ink, in direction, be we
existe? oui!, error correct,
what’s real ? going on, a hard
copy of our written work,

Saturday, August 06, 2011

"setates" & "axaia"

yrr, ekrt, eniw, plalg, rellep, let’s
go down into the caves, indeman,
the cave mind, lap pal alp, en
alsace, this text is the property
of the producer, rp does not refer
to the author, setates, rell, mh,
the cave of the mind, bls, ehring,
rp does not refer to the fact
that he is the author, jbl, home
emoh, carmel lem, grabe, hw,
this book is the property of the
producer, we already have this
text memorized, rp o, o g g o,

aveleda, blank cork, seems to be
some sort of symbol, sogrape, how
many dots make a cluster, nisk, six,
barrel select, oh nine two thousand
k, six thousand and five pn,
pasqua verona, appears to be some
sort of markings, drostdy, leaf
and cluster, eller, rp no, rp nine
oh seven oh two one, hungarovin,
crystal stain, yrr, cousino-macul,
chateau bonnet, indeman, -ho,
axaia, rp three four two eight
nine nine, par son, italia, iski,

Friday, August 05, 2011

"this" & "that"

yios, anolac, oh four two thousand
k, mpoutahhs, down in the caves of
the soul, fortant, c and s, dionysus
chaos, deinhard, is this a face i
see here before me, palacio de la
vega, cambium oak, hmv, rioia,
seventeen ninety-four, is that a
buddha or a frog, csa, my
heart is a pavillion, oh one thirty-
seven, in others, le compte, a with
a circle around it, olympian
drinking sessions, rp a mil,
aust alia, mise aux domaines,
calo, qualis, mystery symbol,

cannon typewriter, you could
strike a match and read the flame,
it looks as if the ten year old
paint is still wet, simon says:
cough, dancing with a cow,
five hundred impressions, of
course the thing itself is a
bit more of a delight, dancing
with the golden calf, uzad rebe,
art kite, blackshaw blip, loop-
de-loop garou, la van guardia,
everybody has an eye forth,
touch heart, elke, cello body,
the end of art, fruitboiler,

Thursday, August 04, 2011

"bong hour" & "glass floats"

he calls it wrying, a portion of text,
name them, a photocopy of a woodcut,
in the shadow of the pen, hole elastic,
as if it was empty, living in the sea,
the feel of the cover, fathoming the
soundings, thru there?!, blow hole,
trance maintain, bong hour, nothing
to work, everyone is speaking another
language, be all you can be: awry,
twist zine, just the soundtrack, tant
on a rank age, running up thru all the
channels, spell me, unfoldin’ golden,
continuously notify, bang our,

a word to show for it, might scare ya,
cheezies christ, big dipper fill ‘em,
play earth close to the sign, the word realm,
a duct or must sell, a vision, endorse
beginnings, merging see?, satellite
dish no phone, amen nites, things
washed over from japan, (glass
floats, i’ll ask a view, greyed out
spaces, or grade out, demobilize
it, the howling winding highway,
road subject, egological reserve,
is this your hubcap?, roust ‘em

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"légiposta" & "faia"

year of the banana, sometimes your
in the mood for words, are you a
writer or an author, satori i rot
as, the rap, using a completely
different hand, yes we are already
well aware of the shit, edition
of one, the lime twig, nothing but
solid paint, the truth about
capricorns, practicing your name,
erotic humour of cunning,
légiposta, moving you forward
thru time, and to hand hand
letter to letter, sprung music,
gaznato, ry, making your way,

labia bit, acrobatic sexual
activity, iconic toner monument,
oh the g is definitely finished,
faia, charles bernstein says
boo, actual information,

i speak
light, pornography as information,
run it thru a translater, after
the artist dies he/she wants you
to carry on the tradition,

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"pastirol salmiak" & "damdochax"

i don’t know how the addresses
get on the envelopes, you want
to be inside the envelope, sixty-
five thanks, intentional tear
drops, pastirol salmiak, busy
being buddha, pirrachio
pietra, get in at the small begin
of the wave, it was coming pretty
cheap, these marks made twenty
years ago by my first child,
when i was throwing things out
and you were saving them, bus
o, what is missing is what got

falanga, lissims arcadia,
damdochax, perhaps these documents
should be suppressed, typewriter
patina, your orgasms are improving,
it’s time to get back into real
time, this moment right now will
become part of the happy days,
the spaces are to help you find
a path thru the text, this text
is going to need an extension,
foist this art on you, a trunk
full of old photocopies,

Monday, August 01, 2011

"begin primal scream"

still undone, the proper name for,
this here [ ], coming out of the whole,
this formless, feeding up, nothing we
can do to make it stay, gool ‘ole honey,
king dirt, call them flags (pass him,
introduce a foot, propagandating,
i can’t concluce, conk loose, fuck!,
meish, butt with the mind, in light
of the dark, here we are at none
too soon, dilating sphinx, the
holiness of holes, between this
phrase & the last, i don’t want to
play the game, contributing to
the general collapse, imp you
esto, another shard eh?, causing
cash to come out of pockets,
all noises, zen yattering world,
all it oration, still the mighty,
just normal people with bad
habits, sound bursting in, no
ends no, atomization, what water
lily load us, gloss & non-gloss,
the next you, fuss art of high,
the power of difference, or
viva la differance!, continuous
collapse air ian, feels like an
opening, think of oneself as some
sort of artist, get to keep the
booklet, as advertised on radio
& tee-vee, begin primal scream,