Thursday, March 31, 2011

sausage link exchange

stimulating freedone, we are never going to find ink, this
cheese smells like sex, the vacuum cleaner is collecting dust,
aspiritage, for betty you get elizabeth, reproduction in one
colour: black, my bad history, sausage link exchange, often
get popped, degeneration feedback degeneration, feedback freedom,
are you writing a copy or writing an original, the last of the
blue, we have the originary stages on this one, toner crime,
thank god you can’t see it anymore, waiting two years for you
to phone, eat art still, maplemoose, empty paint, you are never
going to be free of the word, cyberotic, booky topsit, random
infatuation, catorum dog, but comma but, penny float,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


favourite machine out of order, imp
out, a note on the font, feasible
world, we are tired of upgrading
all the time: what say we downgrade
for a change?!, time to write it,
a two six, beyond seeing, sesk
mern viex, some of the worst
writing we have scene, some-
body told us it was good, jade
for the jaded, all that black,
why are we eating apples from
half way around the world when
we have perfectly good apples in
our own backyard?, he builded
better than he knew, is that good
english?, let this be the last,
post-last, the thing in, strange
objectification, how am i suppose
to read this? it’s not in my
language, net art, in ability to
sort of, dis sort, being whom?,
unprotected whistle ears, get
concern, abducted by my
father, you will be reading
whether you want to or not,
why the burn the whole heap,
emphasis on the reader, we
together, inkinherater, all
the garbages are full, xim,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

kilims & imp reasons

kilims, cypher-zeitgest, the exalted company of the hip, tawdry orange, orange rope, a cluster of international supercomputers, rivest shamir adleman, public-key cryptosystem, sistrum, dihydrotestosterone, snuggle bunnies, blood concrete, blank structure, low-res media, estridentistas, humorous engagement characterized, network mentality, theatocracy, rejet, limens, sociopoetic,

imp reasons, a small photocopy of
a painting, whincing pommes, this
jpeg is suitable for any occasion,
column business, keep going until
you find love and then keep
going, wrote beat, how does this
look to a russian eye, i love my
friend, pitter patter still at ‘er,
is this meant to represent
something, dada is all over the
place, surrealist-autodidakt,
the day cheney got indicted,
yells: move it a centimeter to
the right, three white stripes,

Monday, March 28, 2011


popposites, a happening of truth, uncanny general essences, counter-common sense, higher education curricula, text established by, bundling, bed-courtship, a bundling board, amish software, big black hats, because that’s just the way it is, sprezzatura & mediocrita, enamored with the heroic connotation, wunderkammer, the cornerstones of cultural invention, fake thinking, cornerstones of humanism creativity, joke grenade, changes confronting higher education, an avant-garde sociologist, moules maliques, perception analysis, paranormal mailboxing, open-gym volleyball, waiting for bird, nothing’s lost that can’t be found, coming at me with a mirror, cognitive distortions versus cognitive dissonance, power garb, cell phone off, oilsands head count, bp laydown entrance, kiss & drop, as long as you think you’re happy, voicebird birdvoice, driver’s union, courier’s union, unrealty, unrealtor,

Sunday, March 27, 2011


go for the salmon colour, the machine has come between you and
your art, belone belone, allow caps, scratch notes from love
letters, odds are you will never see this bit again, let all
the light enter your, the ink refill costs twice as much as
the printer itself, enelores, ink resistant, room enough for
all, all all all, not sure if it’s the ink or the printer but,
crows of one kind or another, your printer is off line, the
chocolate enema, opposition is true friendship, a peanut thrasher,
potlikker, cakecutter, signalism, no big thing, the von neumann
bottleneck, it looks as if the letters were cut out of cardboard
and are casting a shadow, fix it now, fix it, fix it, fix it,
trying to find your way out of the art world, is this north
atlantic right whale for real, rainette grillon, tortue luth,
we are the new revolutuon, we need a spinning pit, all the time
the top was spinning, port land or gone, chug the soya sauce,
does this seem like archaic text to you, now where the hell are
we going, keep your eye out for the finish pencil line, nothing
doesn’t exactly grow on trees you know, everything in la,
oinopticon, learning the code would do you no good, why i owe
ess, black blockages, black two-thousand-and-one, this was
information, yes everything is all good, require digging, the
non-typographic area is getting more interesting, love takes
us over the line,

Saturday, March 26, 2011


my imput, or imp heeding the flow,
not advertizing for giant, unwater-
marked, no gumbo coughing, think
itself into existence, some kind
of riddle, different sort method,
more than words, gravix, eminent
useability, a trace of the trace,
booklet found blowing around in
the street, this tractor, these
tracters, this doesn’t have staples
in it either, it glitters around,
only a few people can read &
books are precious, tome four,
goldenmouth, sea is for con-
fusion, dee is for dichotomy,
dee is for disentangle, rescue
from the recycle, these people
will be disappearing, finding
out how the word works, people
who place value in the writ,
ink colour, blankity blank blank!,
the written word as a weapon,
somebody needs to figure out
reed me, very charming years
from now in quotation marks,
thot the sun, containing
supernovas, contents under
pressure, didn’t we all ready
dispose of this?, falling out,

Friday, March 25, 2011


a foundation of garbage, chinook
regular, say it regular, morph yourself,
no we are flying, time pen, location
solo, money is not contact, the
substitute crown, dna barcodes, the
hum of characters and events,
hippie turned corporate executive,
to catch the human element, trance
for data, this is not me but this is
us, seven come eleven, blog as power
tool, big picture money, money for
nothing, you are standing there
drunk, all this food will go to
waste, do you know where you are,
if we could only convince the
silicon, remitter order name, know
your wrongs, fuck the postal code,
chipson, this little bit o’paper, pen
testing area, pretty damned fucked,
unitude, loligoth, aramidopsis
plateni, metanoia, enantiodromia,
fakellaki, shabka, tempeh, one
felt fat, sandarac, virtually a
virtuoso, dot snell dot, bring your
rubberstamps, mows her home,
whole choke, motherhome, it ain’t
the ink, you are a hundred, the
day you turned forty, this is
where we are being now, crappy
copy, clicking into obscurity,
do you prefer legible or
illegible writing,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

20/20 Mind's Eye

where was eye will be, is it not obvious?,
the lasting i said, the temp is getting
laid, bare thee mind, see it again
i’ll swear, the beist & the wereist
are yet to come, words don’t seem to
have much effect on me, inspiral
carports, unit of four, imp less cities,
almost one mined, damn i was hoping
to get laid this summer, for last
night?, twenty twenty mind’s eye,
this cold frame, this pseudo-green-
house, let them stay!, have you tried
going under?, them king of view,
scrypts it, we are going to press
here, out war, the effort that
would be involved, mail poser,
on their way out, can’t you read
this to yourself?, are you going
to inter the contest?, practically
intelligent, time of being real,
keep these things together,
filed away at life’s prison bars,
geeist, a unik, refunct(ion, will
be doing, trade you something
back, this we are in, bulking
out, booking off to write,
redpeace, ate the floor, just
in breath, how about all this ink?
rust of trust, go to the very heart,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

golden dirt

aspen egger, skin deep skin deep,
copy for none, you wasted a whole
piece of paper to say nothing, the
wise and the wherefores, somehow
maintaining integrity, the only
one left is long gone, the ghost of
the dragonfly, golden dirt, at least
this might copy well, the worst
quality availible, able ible able,
this text has already been processed,
sport work, june enuf, unintent,
actually hand over a bit of
paper, shakespeare are you still
there, note folds, suitable ible
for auctioning, did you feel
that, now it has become one again,
ignore the illedgable, tell me we
are still in touch, tell me we
still have something going, puppets
moved by no strings attached,
the original resides in cyber-
space, a cleaner textprint, what
will ever come of nothing,
glamourpussy, scratch!, indix,
skip to the bitter end, a
rubberstamp that says a
rubberstamp that says, saint
rage, jesus got his come-uppance,
sink to, the genius of hell,
our bite, gold hap, nothing

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


erect poets, paper specifications, if
you move this bit of paper from
here to there you go to jail, qnt,
feeling fat, it’s a fine line
between east and west, drunken
emissary, one is merely a cardholder,
the cream of the scum, ansi, rather
write about nothing, bankers haul,
flowing brick, what do you want
with this garbage, artistic detrivore,
blue cancel, this was right now
yesterday, textile stadium, mass
ornament, handicraft and camp
exaggeration, the cream of the
coming-a-croppers, my neuroarm,
postage coming out the nose, live
like a pigeon, how can you not love
this shit, permanently lost in the
text, might be worse a revisit, pen
time, gestures with hand, actually
writing the flood, sunnyside
up, soo five hundred, what does
the purple comb sidereality, the
tape seems to have obliterated
the ink, you can read the rest
of this later, use your money
crowbar, didn’t we already
write this, poetry begging bowl,
chawls, popular settlements,
squatters’ networks, autonomous
do-it-yourself politics, a
life of reinvention, master’s
tools, sankofa, soledada,

Monday, March 21, 2011


infinicity, down for a change, trust go,
having a bit of trouble figuring
out what is going on, the music of
the phrase, chch?, we are entering
a frames environment, a lifetime
supply of heroin, anarchistic plots
to ruin the world, need a magnifying
glass to read the union label, make
it more personal, green greed,
red bled, no punchline, as if we
had no history, last week already,
still walking, sit up and take
note, mo’ gumbo, bush party!,
dog the sents, i want half!, if
you have a bin, everybody seems
to have one, its all taking place
across the water, there is your
where, mostly disturbing, seek
out incorporate funding, not
hinge charm, the cleanest
streets in the nation, payn,
fuck the iambic pentameter,
borin’ into the world, here’s
today!, nothing ever happens
today, lost touch found, wants
eleven dollar bills and you
only got ten, enter warp
& weft speed, not calling
you doctor any more, infinito,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

international behaviour

megantic, we only really got thru
chapter one, maybe this explains why
that other book is trimmed down,
only the lonely are free, like
this only real, nobody’s father,
the word ross, international
behaviour, at tour, the only survive,
the dog that lives in your brain,
how long has this been going on for,
these are us, retiretire, winter
dirge, farang wai, phi gaseu,
this country versus that country,
milking the snake, potless topples,
art medicine, really being there,
never saw the hum, only ever read
in the bathroom, ancient germs,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

word swords

number three hundred and twenty-
three, golden toilet, poor stupid,
this is how you make a make a, play
the here and now card, clusters
for height, shims press, one pennep,
don’t you point that thing at me,
armed with muscles, pre furred
taste, word swords, no available,
oxidental, you get time for a tail,
pornography is in the eye of the
beholden, lander-on-feet, blocked
by blocks of stone, etz, all the
dreams we ever forgot, now we know,
why do you want to see what we can
easily imagine, now we are living
in the third level, apuba,

Friday, March 18, 2011

"spend days chanting"

at least it is recyclabile, cut
yourself short, ear room ate,
air is still, a book? made of plastic?
, dinner dues, the empty cave,
thrower outer, the person who
invented the names, afore ya
know, turns within, you dent
that will make, pay yap, spend
days chanting, make them yer
own, ex-boss, saving saying,
a full solid, the original better
thing, reading bawdily language,
no spicier poem pome was ever
copyright, years from now in
special collections, who’s ahhhh?,
the production way, still wrong,
actual tire prints, the part
where the words get all jumbled
together, one word or three?,
start at zed and work backwordz,
suitable for framing frame,
space not filled, try & set her
universe in order, daze roar,
exposing it changes it, s lightly,
down loading, sort of sixty
intentions, some sort of records,
better use faster, youse, only
so many thousand, graffic
traffic in images, sane as i
am, never even bothered to read
them, want to be finging, hey
that’s me!, it’s not the hole thing,

Thursday, March 17, 2011


any colour eliminated,
nine nine three one zero, a
few simple elements, back it
off a day, all the beauty
blue lost, i can’t believe
i publisht this crap, read a
wad, might be eligible for a
crumb, communities of
dialogue, event-based culture,
ideate, parkour free-running,
congenital amusia, moon snail
radula, moss piglets,
dropping the writ,
instrumentalization of
culture, aka tardigrades,
holons, entelechy, the die
says one,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

dated material reality

vacuum up bag, the attention
shifts, you can’t resist defacing,
they know everything you buy,
kick a min, you don’t expect me
to repeat that do you, leed,
ufafabrik, each human cranium,
infills, a historic event or
condition, a fuckery,
meganarrative, tat twam asi,
sigmoidoscopy, ask and you shall
receive more than you asked for,
join this text to that text and
high-dee-ho, the balkonry, re:
vich, what does your face want
from us, i am separated, zept
ember, you am, poeted, toner
overflow, inpersonal, the end is
well under way, the text is
starting to break up, dated
material reality, the actual
concrete, balkic, i thot we
decided, we weren’t going to
write like this anymore,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

we're gonna lose all our spacing again

let’s clean up,

now’s yer fat
never gonna
get here,
we were hopin’
for so much more
paper thin text
paper science
ink science
gee gee
drew a
more or less
the ink
turns upside
wood too soft
between the
ink & the

Monday, March 14, 2011


nothing ever changes, cleaning magenta,
ham lid, smooth it over, antioxydance,
cal, sic trance, explicit horror
contained, no coat no hat no belt,
free dingbats, zemblanity, a
splodge of wonga, clusters of
immune-system disorders, zeuxis,
tukul, intraosseus cannula,
zoonoses, crackberry, same
mass different density,
grocodile, some sort of spamvirus,
nobody else wanted to play, i
am at ross’, at ross dot, techno-
art, para-documents, amerizen,
information art, semi-overground,
addressograph, xerox-music,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

blank imagery

gold gilt, the letters will temporarity,
jack up the prices just in time for the
may long, riotisseries, shikiji, don,
nothing sour about it, nothing is
changing into something, groundhog
is on strike, demand a response,
precursor to the cursor, i want to
talk to your supervisor, motor
spirit, cheese select, it is unlawful
to reproduce it, except in the free-
zone, we gotta logo, no solicitors
or barristers, chainbridge lease-
holds, put on your chinos, it’s
nineteen eighty-three, might never
make it back, the denials team,
consider yourself a resource, copy
first then mail, a year-round
playboy, smiling vendetta,
desperation works, pulse code
modulation, quantizing, the
negation of space, negated space,
impassioned dropout, blank
imagery, echidna, lodgers,
anthelminthic, capias executions,
lodgers, questionary,
defecation-art, para-institutions,
lifestyle artist, anartistic,
a banana artist, popporn, in effect
a continuous happening,

Saturday, March 12, 2011


the wrong paper anyway, this
trance the text, more potlatch
than potluck, reeferential,
not circular: spiral!, disabuse
you, disguise teet, becoming
a monk saint, spandtext,
dreampussy, fastforwarding,
paper on the brain, produced
only as needed, temptorary
situationism, what does this
have to do with u$?, trance by?
, let’s try another channel,
larding the text with
echos, self-trance parent,
trance zen the rung, art
city zen, aesthetic non-
differentiation, the author’s
mind mail, reproduction is
interpretation, insubmissive
, can ban text, nonsense,
unlistenable, copt-out,
mutter clutter, nietzsche-
marketing, counter-
communication, cacograffiti,
no metameaning, only
rereading, the same &
new, don’t let it mean that,

Friday, March 11, 2011


sport futility vehicle, crossmorph,
subminimality, obxectual, puppets
moved by no strings, brunge, food
for literature, aie, ecomog,
macromania, miracidium, paraprax,
semirotic, delete contact, rossing,
building up a body of text, may
die, the process of changing the
process, guid gift, qiuk, apogeum,
representational looking, tried
to fuck the xerox machine,
lowered imagistic standards,
quik-kopy krap, collation
pup, lifestyle-as-art, marginal
media, the rectal eye, thirty-six
-six –six pages, baby blue van,
ascites, colour copier collages,
are these considered boards,
horse commerce, phish bawls,
cease and desist art, rubble
creature, this text is just
an act, exida, cough up for
ephemera, sylvo, what year is
this, if it’s folded different
it’s a variant, government
supported poetry zine, it’s
not dirt it’s soil, panarchy,
keep it in your mouth, you
wanted some, but it took
ten years to get it, persent,
this is where you wanna be,

Thursday, March 10, 2011

lucida bright

work is truth, photocopier lazy,
peek at the eye, elfenbein, nothing
pong, art with gun, rollball, art
will make you free, dadaer,
d├ęserteurs, acid has been dropped,
above evoba because, trees
exploding up from the earth,
elimen, tonermere, warhammer,
trance quill, zweikanalpumpe,
total liquidation, doodle me a
noodle, neverywhere, painting
repetitions, paper bag boom,
pin the art on the artist, oh clear,
right-about-face, concrete nous,
tal, return flag, collection of
dustjackets, detach here, re
cursor, pronounce schedule,
poor leonard, pesky hymen,
cluster flies, no-till, high
wasted genes, churrasqueira,
kiwa hirsuta, kha-nyou, poppy
coin spy device, personality
genes, curiosity gene, decology,
group pisser, soundie, suicide
food, endocolonization,
dissonance theory, buttonhole
surfers, hey come on eating,
maypoem, wordpad, holism,
telepistemology, fossick,

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"the system is down"

abandoned text, the system is
down, not word, the ancien
machine, encompassing the
encompassing, no electronics
involved, this still has potential,
taxes sex at, can’t be many
originals, we all kowtow to the
eye’s desire, the hard cell we’re
in, a little rough around the
edge but, ain’t nothin’ free,
not sticking around for the,
the joy of yes, free are refer,
everything we try to say goes
astray, potlatcher, polartics,
this imp press ion, lucent
trance sheets, cloth paper,
the current what?!, hipper
text, applex sider, without
nothing, nonpublication,
listen up! i’m only gonna
say this once!, shard texts,
the machine wasn’t working,
this ink orp, make eye contact
with your audience (poke!),
why toque eh? (cuz it’s cold!),
we’re not feeling very
communicative, ping!, how
we read something depends
so much on our state of mind,

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

eye before e- except after see

sinking in may, buying actuality,
the ditto forward, war caused by
peace, drifting out of reality,
present day writing, do we still
surf, making contact with all
the makers, mind falcon, this is
not even written yet, copies to
become originals, writing twenty-
four hours a day, toontits, you
can’t get to there from here, a
rubberstamp that says omgcb, in
the copy trance, no scare quotes
allowed, acid memory, clear
eye tax versus organized chaos,
peace has to be fought for, are
you one of my people, this blank
is actually a copy, missed a
couple corners altogether, five
copes, cieling kost, now ray, give
this away, service as in knowledge,
eternally copying, in a nothing
trance, oh be deci, oh my god
can’t boo, if this is happiness,
actual information, the spring
of things, it means you have
paid, the twenty years war, i’m
a time idiot, shitting on
company time, itch your pussy,
nirvana report, dominant freak,
you can feel the genuine, fold
it to get it thru the slot,
drop it by the wayside, to,

Monday, March 07, 2011

snailmail net

give up hope all ye who enter here,
flexible paint, pagina van, don’t
remember, five oh four oh eight,
never say every, whatevery,
repubberic, we don’t have time to
read any free brochures, citation
needed, snailmail net, penny front,
there’s no money in peace, peacework,
what do we have to do with you,
riverspine, jazz ufu, busy being
a duck, you don’t need and,
bitewing, array of random
numbers, real name chinese,
from gina to gino and back,
tip pit, vee eye oh dee, maniac
dentist, return of nature,
willing to sign anything, we are
running out of credibility,
they take away your cell, the
wonderful thing moment, on
a vacation without kids,
cornerstone oranges, som,
get your brain in the place
of forgetting everything,
poutinize, noforn, enjoy the
disaster, just about the time
we start to arrive, collage
yourself a winner, theory
solves nothing, leaze,
filiers, the genius of,

Thursday, March 03, 2011

SEP 14 2008, 10 pm, o.t.

1) maintain contact with those
1) how we might have avoided disaster
1) yes, of course, there was a begin
1) yesterday’s local
1) you were here & i was there
1) paintain
1) never fly off the handle
1) we were busy writing
1) you were too busy writing
1) how can they take all your joy away?
1) the meme police
1) empty bucket
1) we used to get excited when we heard you were coming
1) the goalie?
1) before we fell out
1) someone had to be there, didn’t they?
1) concede defeat
1) lead
1) red rain
1) why are you writhing

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


the fibres of the paper, op,
the so & so combine, ice dildo,
welcome to book lank, deem again,
cyberia, trance for the information,
manweb, sing finger ink, high
imp act, taking the lid off,
the grapeline, two zero zero
zero, eye fail to see the
difference, she erased it,
pod doppler, comp art mental
eyes, for specialists only?, p or
n?, imp ed eye meant, labial
derivatives, potent shall,
the part we couldn’t read,
utter print, actual human
effort, stand out later,
coomie, just play until,
real times, strange reasons,
foist things foist, finally
find what we bin looking
for, here’s some gilt, marr
kit ears, burst up on the
seen, inch eeny us, liquor
representative, slab of
newsprint, how far in
is it necessary to go?, just
another outlet, done before
we were born, turn the
page back, blowointment,

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


forgot which end of the spectrum
was which, time slowed, yo’ nee,
penhandlung, a warmer tone, basic
doodle, latitude fall, employs
cool hunters, microtrends and
viral innovations, gustav gunk,
elaborate high-concept comedy,
human biosolids, biogas,
to geo-engineer the planet,
silversword, tripology, meat
market adventures, on the
corner of clatter and commerce,
be sure to correct your errors
no matter how insignificant,
paper is good for nothing, the
mail sat, nobody wants any
fuckin’ poetry, the needs of
the day, some blanks still
have use value, the shape of
the paper it’s on, can’t call
to mind one single poem,
can you help me do some copy
wizardry, zep eye rate, it
was illegible to begin with,
put the damn thing up, black
blob, you are only imagining
that you can read this,
clickingground, take the
image out of context, you
can almost feel the bristles,
we don’t need it all but,