Sunday, January 31, 2010

"can i get the yoni without the"

free pussy
aim the gun at me & pull the trigger
jelly sammich
an opening for your lips
polar april
extra largess
collage it solid
unfold it mentally
cease persisting
almost forgot almgot forost
dirty rotten prick
potato fang
super modal rat
still giggling
courier the art
you can’t tell wood from stone
was it inside the little box
worth open eye for
am i not other enuf for you
how could you forget so tiny
ed are you still there
who’s in sunnyside now
whatever noise
can i get the yoni without the
these were the goldenest
it never went
our cup was running over
aitch clock
free blower
rayish ,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"you ever hear of byron the bulb?" (pb)

in the fall we fall all outfall when the stench hits ya
who builds these little driftwood houses & do people sleep in them or what?
move, rest, move again. dumping this area beauty in motion
fairly blazing write out in the light . write on sail _ Dispose All
pass tense the beach is empty the last girl of summer
the beach blaze in all its glory smells bad too _ _ lifez 2 short _
the hash was thru this way no view of mount so & so
no access spun beton ‘loops best little acre gone _
I, Africa... nice little appletree in there & blackberries
galore “will you throw this stick for me?” so distractable
not too good at verbal (spoken) communication _ _ burner
giant purple placenta jellyfish _ lover’s wreck _
64 “i’m dying!” a thousand dollars worth of wood _
prohibit horseplay _ don’t do it! too late! did one in
twenty four hours _ poem me! _ entrap _ meant looks like
one of them purple jellyfish on yer head eeww!! with stingles
dying it _ yecch! . its yer head _ some kind of operation _
it is forming _ at least we know what month it is _
_ sun dim _ labour day _ boddies _ real die _ it’s
fake _ lot’s of people in the running _ thot bubble _
are you looking for a male or a female? _ urht rorrim
three prong plug _ download a nice little novel _ canada
on line _ not secure _ i need to replicate _
native aces _ create a dialog _ come over here into
the light _ bug show on! _ open your eyes
before you die _ these matches are not only waterproof
they seem to be fireproof too! the lighting of the barbeque
shuck is the word yer lookin fer _ box ride! _
one hundred & eighteen to go _ mo dump whah! _ you
ever hear of byron the bulb? _ what ching it
burn _ 64 _ more paper is required _ a life in the day _

Friday, January 29, 2010

APR 25 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) here we are together
1) you ain’t no troubadour!
1) on beyond the end
1) hey, corndog!
1) these staples also will rust
1) google it word by word
1) how do we get in touch / lose touch / ...?
1) we never even read every single word
1) now is your chance to read every single word
1) hopefully this is not marking your place
1) getting yourself in books
1) jesus cruise
1) the publications that move publications
1) here is your ticket in
1) it’s a lot flatter than it was
1) amorpha
1) still in print after all these years
1) i thot of you when i was in paradise
1) great wads of text
1) that’s the way the shit shuffles

Thursday, January 28, 2010

APR 26 2008 (am) #1

1) Râle des genêts - kwartelkoning
1) bump my crust
1) rice in your coffee
1) ◓
1) always already a tad tonerized
1) this looks like a “stump”
1) delicate mailart
1) if it sez “add & pass” do so
1) capsule de Bowmann
1) “love”? did you say “love”?
1) one of those little paper doodads that kids like to make
1) don’t think of it as an ending, think of it as a beginning
1) redigitation
1) turnipo
1) i can’t understand the fold
1) a million books
1) the thing itself (sex)
1) don’t mind being lost (like to know where we’re lost tho)
1) what makes you think i’d want a “biker’s danna”?
1) Home Remedies “The Metamorphosis of Shit”
1) freedom and discipline
1) who also gets mail from
1) “i’m not listening to you” sung high & overtop of
1) we might not pass this way for a good long time
1) On the plank frame, forming the coffin, into which the form
of type is laid.
1) mediacity
1) perfect-bound with bleeds
1) no matter which way you turn it, it makes no sense
1) we never stay still long enuf to get any mail
1) The Impossibles
1) dead duck (magpie food)
1) why do quiet little men suddenly go berserk?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

APR 24 2008 (pm) 9:00 [continued]

1) do you have enuf food to eat?
1) nothing moves
1) we went thru a lot of paper
1) imagine how many pears
1) we went thru a lot of paper
1) mareke
1) we went thru a lot of tea
1) beware of counterfeit
1) the snow of happiness
1) this is all pre-insanity
1) mss not moss
1) it used to rain a lot
1) we went thru a lot of paper
1) Jane Abbo
1) this has:


l amp
san d
: : :


written all over it
1) this is from before our brain imploded
1) a vere
1) allm
1) milky violet
1) planning to go berserk
1) we went thru a lot of paper
1) are you sure it’s not Bartramia halleri?
1) just another sausage from the sausage factory
1) maxima randomness

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

APR 24 2008 (pm) 9:00

1) press on the paper / see what happens
1) all of the bubbles are popped
1) drink twelve cups of coffee
1) what does it take to get a book
1) holds up well under close examination
1) words are a pain
1) how long have you been insane?
1) nice collection of consumer package press targets
1) did you love much?
1) queen dom
1) music for the eye
1) continue buying
1) logicky koff mock doc mc cm mc ceib
1) your actual hand print
1) this page can be removed
1) the one word
1) golks
1) are we collaborating? or are you obliterating me?
1) wed wed red
1) now you are only making holes in the paper
1) zuug n
1) here where the asterisks got tangled
1) heh bebb
1) get the pen going and keep it going
1) striking in its simplicity
1) computerbuons
1) psychotic literature
1) time capsule to your future self
1) transition (trance-situation)
1) halg
1) you could have been producing twice as much (garbage)
1) we went thru a lot of fruit

"the warpath of least resistance" (pb)

typewriter for sale _ are you powering down? _
i hate this shit _ musical beds _ the better part of the
text, the snug _ nothing to write about nothing _ type of
typer _ i don’t have time for this! _ nothing thru _ passing
true _ passing strange _ selling yer stuff? leaving town?
must of managed _ hmm her majesties marines _ marines _
writing as we speak _ speaking as we write _ are you jacked
into the web? _ it’s about this guy who’s trying to write a
novel in three days _ write your life _ encrypt? _ i’m losing i’m
losing! _ one nice thing about you you lousy novel yer shure getting’
me out of a lot of chores _ are you writing? _ oh yeah I just
down loaded a couple article ye states how we learn _ has
changed almost as much as what we learn _ i always hated the
four oh one _ a simple pine box _ pine mail system _ we are not _
a coherent picture of the universe _ negative gumption _ the war path of least
resistance _ are you mocking me? _ re energizer _ candy apple grave _
the carmel one? _ maybe if i was using the machine _ the flexibility
of paper _ what’s guns spelled backwords _ i got my shield up _ doubledipper _
there was a heart that faded out _ i hate people who can
focus _ amphibious assault ships welcome here! _ that poetry thing _
I heard the word zine _ part of a ship _ good on ya! _ talk minus action _
good focuser forecastle? _ forecaster? _ them fingers zipping across them
keeys _ co(s)mic shorthand _ (stop) _ interspecific communication _
unfold beauty \ untold? _ lazy miserable _ fingered the bowl _ technique #
one quit talking + start writing _ writing is an effort _
even neanderthal man had a spellcheck! _ underbar! _ i got
this idea for a novel _ orate it _ overrated _ gigabitten _
inspirational message _ fingertip access _ glogging up the
phone lines _ local area network _ metadata _ very fastness _ what? _
baloney _ man _ don’t make me start another page _ _ _ _

Monday, January 25, 2010

"I tried to do my best but I could not" (pb)

Just leaving them burn _ burn in the wrong generation _
don’t ask me to do _ time of burning burn him _ exspendative _
checking it _ i tried to do my best but i could not _ your
confidence may be shattered it doesn’t matter _ supposeably
writing a novel _ local fruit _ tandoori chicken & a great big
bottle of wine _ a fresh carrot right out of the little tiny
garden _ still with the top on _ you’re not forgetting
what you’re doing are you? countest the steps of the sun
still kicking _ _ wrying _ trying to write _ obvious ink marks
on paper _ underscore understroke undersign _ ski area
boundary do not cross _ calculator alligator _ it’s not as if
you can be ignored _ crackpot schemes _ do you know how many
people die of asthma every year? _ the second most radioactive
object in the solar system (after the sun): chernoble meltdown _
i can’t beleeve her mother let her do that. _ i have to
replicate every other day _ everything is under control _

come up come up come up! _ see! see! see!
unexcuse for not doing yer chores _ hey you kids get outta that
plum tree _ good contractions _ brazilia seventy three wordcount
five thousand seven hundred & sixty years since in the beginning _
just before independence day (brazil) _ (+ mexico) find the mind _ stayin
sane stayne _ wind chimes mind chimes _ novel writing program _ emptying
long time _ _ normal doing at this time _ karma? karma?
got it? ye old overcomer _ can not get his attention across the
street _ chucking in the towel _ what round are we in? _ _
shoulda maybe on yerself _ full quiz dome _ gone bye bye _ if
it was a no fools _ are you for getting? or are you against getting? _
might be labour writing _ working it off _ working it out _ must
be a plays _ why this bothers you so much _ eedee _ not W D _
rice on the bottom of your sock limp _ it’s automatic scroll! _
girly stuff _ talking about yourself in the third person _
rotting concrete _ letting in the cold black night _ wandering
around the house looking for a quiet place to write _
you don’t expect me to squeeze another line in down here do you?

JUN 27 2008 (am) #2

1) spawning texts
1) you are paying thirty dollars a month for nothing
1) three hundred and fifty five
1) sourthough
1) one needs
1) there had to be a final
1) an airplane ride
1) per diem
1) carpe diem
1) the ink doesn’t look loose
1) drowning in grease
1) four thousand nine hundred & thirty-six B
1) whatever gets you thru the day
1) not as bad as the napoli
1) bigger tipper
1) environs environes
1) it was food
1) exchange value for
1) bitten by a chunk of
1) swan dive palace
1) race trac gas
1) divine drive
1) taras no apostrophe
1) don’t you have a work
1) swan news
1) what does one do with money?
1) the bottom of the barrel
1) brak
1) taking control of your mind
1) becoming one with
1) not much different than
1) it’s called a reducer

Sunday, January 24, 2010

JUN 27 2008 (am) #1

1) nothing has been withdrawn
1) this line is not part of the text
1) random modem
1) trance sheath
1) hypergraphia
1) delightful interactions with others
1) yr brite ideas
1) who all’s getting married?
1) let’s go for the minimum
1) in what way does this say “FUCK!”?
1) neither, neither, nor
1) what you are not seeing about what there is to see
1) today we know what this refers to, but tomorrow?
1) is it going anywhere?
1) natural object
1) you’re not really going to make me wait ten years, r u?
1) hurry up, it’s fading fast
1) and now for something complete
1) whichever one is closer to the eye
1) where are these references coming from?
1) ragword
1) thoner
1) keep this for your records
1) why was your consumption thru the roof?
1) what? you don’t trust your other?
1) don’t tap your purchase
1) express your individuality
1) chlorine, chlorophyll
1) is this a misleading representation?
1) do we really need to act?
1) universal flow
1) what happened here?
1) one is not actually spending anything
1) budget difference

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"impartial redintegration" (pb)

not starting the next page _ bound for banned _
some sort of way hey _ making pro guess _ the sleeping word _
heartwrench sixteen _ how can you even be thinking? _
the one & the same _ expressing control over one’s own body _
mindless shit _ moltonification _
the sunday: & the word for the day is bangbelly _
bang bellies? _ dreams along lines of ferret attacks me _ young girls who
knew me when _ ferret’s rights to bite _ sit down & curl up without a
good book? _ interrupting our progress _ having one hand _
ideo-motor action _ it’s not about will or won’t _ will or wont _
an unmodified brain _ the same current _ an incoming current _
as mythological an entity as the Jack of Spades _ the mind
always has a ‘Fringe’ _ time-gaps _ substantive parts &
transitive parts _ a ‘psychosis’ means simply a ‘state of mind’ _
to-say-so-and-so _ intention of saying a thing _
‘psychic overtone’ _ impartial redintegration (or
total recall) _ brain-paths _ principles of connection _
the mind-stuff theory _ insightful cognition _ action in the
line of the greatest resistance _ interested attention _ the
amount of activity at any given point in the brain-cortex _
equal to twenty chicken eggs _ trance-utterances _ white what
you no _ know what you write _ little men _ auto-intoxication _
exalted soul-flights _ those who notice the bond & them
that merely obey it _ no noox bay _ many glad than
infinitely grace _ ‘Resist not evil’? _ actually sewn together _
noetic poetic _ nitrous oxide intoxication _ the veriest
nonsense _ there are no differences but differences of degree
between degrees of difference and no difference _ single words &
conjunctions of words _ the back water _ are you
guys doing chocolate again?

"done! begun." (pb)

done! begun. _ just typing _ that’s not
writing that’s typewriting , freetuna _ free unpub
novel _ i always wanted to write for the cosmos _ tv makes
a nice altar _ salivating like pablos dog _ silent but
deadly language _ task it _ maybe we need some stim _
hummina hummina _ ba boomba! _ south of fortynine _
staid too long _ not finding this very stimulating _ & the next
& the next, _ indigestible _ starting to hallucinate _
kotterin pin _ bring to boil _ hyperwriter _ negativity _
harder part _ know the me _ i’ll bet the winner is cranked up
on bennies or something better _ all the books in the world won’t
help you now _ more than enough books in the world already _
price on this in the future _ came a mile _ collage novel _
— this is not real(ly happening _ heartbeaten _ still free _
one can’t just go ahead & hog all that _ change
directions _ at most fear (on!) _ making any
movements _ what•are•the•little•dots•between•the•words•for•?•,
do you hear? here? _ write with eye _ this was stolen _
picking up a novel on the antenna _ e _ airholes _ the
/ imago nation _ we should exchange _ suffering for it _ say it
immolation _ stone! _ recursor _ written here & now _
pops into yer head to say _ all hot all over _ clone! _
my eye is killing me _ the arrangements _ asleep _ sure it can be
done _ trip you out or anything _ mindyarn _ get that symbol _
can’t actually type it _ cleanslateism _ cleansleepism _
how does it make you feel to be in the past tense _
south of intense _ lectern? _ hundred billion tons of _
what was that all about _ falter top _ nothing in it _
time out _ lots weekend _ belabour labour _
not falling as leap _ all this i’ve hated so far _ nothing

Friday, January 22, 2010

JUN 27 2008 2:00 (pm)

1) size: extra large. all new materials
1) what was erroneous in zero zero is true today
1) building bridges to replace the burned bridges
1) this is in the hand of a famous poet
1) this is in the hand of a poetry minion
1) wireless angus beef
1) add a little nineteen
1) looking at things under a microscope
1) where did you get a thousand dollars?
1) unspecified “mag”
1) in point of fact: bananas
1) whacked perspective
1) “quyche”
1) Raphael Holinshed 1577
1) your name just got pulled out of the hat
1) you can’t buy the citizen
1) we’re getting ready for a party (& you ain’t invited)
1) Dubrovnik, Arragosa, Ragusa

"stuck in a room of one's own" (pb)

fact sheet _ not being |toonz oks?/
put down _ toonz oks? _ memory brains _
malicious militias _ university books _ they
keep it hid _ all _ section repeats _ feel asleep _
peels a leaf _ let her press _ take up a collection
& by gum _ better off sleeping _ had some advantages _
the only difference between you & me _ no messes _
perfectly writeable moments _ physicals (it’s the) _ talking beauty
into anything _ the author’s psychle _ your author just got
laid _ ska is big _ a joke to be reckoned with _ was around in
those days _ best if you don’t start to scratch _ throwing bottles
yet _ a modicum of existence _ well maybe it ain’t a novel novel _ but _
not too ken _ psych! _ how have eye offended thee? _ wanna
see my new tattoo? _ why do they call you greenie? you know web _
ever sense then _ this is laminated _ we are existing _
unban _ a fun thing to do with your insomnia _ the whole written
word thing has never really worked for me _ junkie love _
a strong ego _ it’s story that’s killing you _ still exists for
you _ how about now? _


mormorning _ the word for the day is “poker run”? (poker derby)? _
turn it upside down _ wreck the book _ keep it started _
waiting for expiration to hit _ from her point of view _
dandelion pollen (close-up) _ a word of explanation _ flat _
not going to be reading anything _ what informs you? _ didn’t you
learn nothing? _ the characters of reality _ train of thot for _
easy for her to say _ a noose letter _ still the ones _
“i wanted to change the world but couldn’t find a babysitter” _
mountie puppet _ bust their chops! _ proletics _
sexion _ go joust books _ stuck in a room of one’s own _
it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an I _
isisss oh isisss _ why the hair grows into my mouth _
prole lit cult _ there’s a big difference between a lesbian and
a feminist _ in yer eye! __ the writing itself is secondary _

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"fake sheet" (pb)

fake sheet _ 808 statements _
nope unintended _ what springs to mine _ might as well
not show up on the street _ talking automatic _ stuck
with it _ imagination meant _ owe my soul to the
company store _ récluse _ suddenly write different _
a print out _ before we were so rudely interrupted _ a meaning
glance _ a glance at meaning _ methods of construction _
tablet of law _ clear definition between audience &
non-audience _ “panty christ” _ after language _
what are you tagging? _ sign changes the way we interpret _
discrete entities _ hold the masters _ nuke id _
some of it is actually thought _ up _ the man in the
mackintosh _ art lingering _ auto ink _ interlinking _
advance trance mission _ colour collage text _ this
winch i’m zipping _ paper relationship _ anything real
ever happens _ go person go! _ copyfree violins _
mogumbo _ chi pig throwing a pizza into the mosh pit
at spartans _ merdre! _ what’s going to happen
next? _ tattoo novel on skin _ pair insider _ down to the
canadian _ conspicuous cons production _ the already scene _
arised desire _ erased desire _ a person’s paper profile _
were you hoping for a little action? _ zens _ might as
well be asleep _ might make too much noise _ stress fracture _
got me started _ gave me my start _ a slow study _
gumptioning _ thought we understood one another _ english as a
second language _ making a mockery of me _ she’s busy _
don’t you know you’ll stain the carpet _ smell my finger _
action! _ the act _ fingerwork _ finger fuck _
part of one’s body inside another’s body _ he’ s got
challenges _ writing in public _ promote dust _
things that change & do not stay the same _ besides sleep _
a working person _ put up with each other _ absolutely
going nowhere _ already there _ not trying to get anywheres

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

APR 20 2008 3:00 (pm) (& APR 20 2008 (am) #3)

1) Aram, Bill Saroyan, Charles Laughton, Cicco
1) .gift save as .jpg
1) uptake lucres
1) cult mail
1) waiting for days to get back on the computer
1) actual architect
1) neutrino path
1) digging down in the paper mine
1) renew your subscription to life
1) reconnect / recontact
1) a moment during the disaster
1) the heft
1) yes, no, we are still...
1) write on top of each other
1) what sort of whacked
1) being our what
1) bizmont
1) why not inclue
1) my eye ick
1) yes, we already have all this
1) jappaj
1) if it was under you’d know it
1) appattern
1) continually tick-tick-ticking
1) variation fold
1) nothing better to do
1) two riven
1) hate om
1) time to renew
1) was it two a mistake or
1) remain
1) there’s more
1) memory might have
1) last we heard

1) we are merely defacing paper
1) shoppers drop mart
1) plastic pickles
1) who we are depends on the reproduction
1) dreamwork

1) the poor man is
1) hello
1) we never
1) any
1) xtul
1) •

"so it has come to this" (pb)

so it has come to this _ comes off as a bit
of a dullard _ closer to being _ suddenly become
invisible _ dark tickle! _ the annotated version _
how to use this text _ dissertatters _ [the point
is that] _ fiction for print (infinite) _ the word
buildersTM _ study this text _ one in a series of
fifty or more _ hearse tory _ set the dinger _
now an exciting TV series _ the fast a nation
with the other _ bogus title _ black drink _
a bulb under the second _ print the whole in
red ink _ with all this in mind _ lap top dancer _
eyes? _ brainfade _ brainfodder _ about with your
eyes closed _ inkubator _ eye rest my case _ iris _
tune in to the zoot ghoost _ you you? _ what do i detect? _
spoil it for everyone else _ grank thru id _ mo’ be us trip _
why be other? _ climb bottle _ pulling it in out of
the air _ detext _ what’s on the wire _ less _ a nice big
fat novel _ eye sez it is a novel _ soundlence _ are
you bored? _ whisked away into another realm _
exspensible _ whitenightcap _ the magic word that’ll break the
bank _ pacific coast lit _ see more what? _ how about
a contestant chat room _ contrarywise _ contrary wisdom _
coke all the way _ if yer sock got too many holes you can
turn em upside down _ back to the old grinder _ playroom _
pile a money _ a wave of darkness crosses over the eyes _ imputer _
data spare _ textual mutilation _ get my shorts tories _
rock hour _ guise tonic projections _ yab _ and gust stirs
a bitters _ mass text to me _ mildly schizophrenic _
the ticking down _ knock the ticking out of the
clock _ interr resting texts _ killing insides _ hole _ ↗

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"black god blues" (pb)

hole is for _ déchiffrez the secret code _
as sorted _ any non-thought _ particle eyes _
general distribution _ comes off as a moron _
too bright for one’s own good _ get jacked up on some-
thing _ tip of pen hesitating over page _ corn cob eyes _
text destroyed _ study “pataphysical science in the home
vouch for one _ spoiler _ non dominational _
business card poetry _ the big pusher _ sign-naps-ification _
get juiced up _ night holes _ git cranked _ what’s
the story? _ a product of the author’s imagination _ a
little pep _ all fired up for the dance _ if it had a
point _ a debittered extract _ insertion of “sex” _
scribble your name off it _ black god blues _
cancelled & disposed of by the so & so library _
stories we tell ourselves _ minimizing withdrawal symptoms _
yellowing time _ going under press _ person is experiencing a
psychotic state _ this font is too small _ typefacing _ ‘m’ is for motif! _
femora and coxae _ maintain order _ sharing toothbrushes with
an HIV positive person _ who cares what the Edmonton Journal
thinks? _ dark tickle shop _ half the text is upsidedown _
zwerge _ forced from the ship by disaster _
she no longer lives _ not for sale in the USA _
continually raging within _ I have never started a novel _
studyable _ cunning life _ after twenty years in
London _ information storage and retrieval system _
books plummeting _ prezen writings _ blind & seeing
in the dark _ that was the dangnabbedest
dream i ever did have _ dedicated to the vulva _
all new material _ void itsold _ reaching thru to _
includes every word _ wait for the movie _

APR 20 2008 (am) #2

1) destitute prostitute
1) death is the only thing that flies
1) nothing keeps cropping up
1) the line is missing in every copy
1) these three dots mean “therefore”
1) penny active
1) would you like this better if it was on the net?
1) rip charge
1) 800,000 pennies glued on the outside of the house
1) sugary beard
1) the things themselves & the substitutes
1) rubberstamped garbage
1) ell is for loss
1) the molecular structure of the paper

1) tart chopper
1) paralysystem
1) fuck the real thing!
1) A Modest Repast
1) a rubberstamp that says “Collect Them All!”
1) nature is good to eat!
1) eggs change
1) my diff-friends

1) rethink your desires
1) which side are you on?
1) plastered on toner
1) we are approaching the bottom
1) the “I” is deteriorating
1) rubber is always round
1) micronofy
1) staple the post-it note on, just to be sure
1) thou shalt not stay as you are
1) an inviting blank

Monday, January 18, 2010

APR 20 2008 (am) #1

1) is this a mouth with teeth?
1) eav
1) e-free
1) the backward going?
1) censure censor
1) char-broiled bananas
1) aliano
1) you can only “read” it because you already know what it says
1) i seem to be drawing a blank from you
1) we need to have continual access
1) network mucus
1) a word worth saving
1) it’s a problem of loss
1) oh, it will “go” , no doubt
1) help me understand this wound
1) get out your glasses
1) colour copy of fruit stickers
1) how did this one get separated from the others
1) helluva copy
1) done like dinner
1) we don’t have access to the internet
1) if you are going to charge me that much it better be good
1) create file folder
1) treat yourself to a makeready
1) Makeready
1) wasn’t there something the paper wanted to say?
1) total blotto
1) this is green that will be grey
1) what is the use of this mess?
1) the backwards falling
1) memory of love, memory of desire
1) clicking forward or clicking backward?
1) the toner is starting to speak
1) what the hell’s all over the paper?

"SPAN VAN 99? 98?"

Module n° , next step: powder, not proud of, economy of
gesture, by all means, actuarial, gemmae, fatty
guy, misfeed, table bullet bagatelle, tableland,
dendroid axillary serrate areolation, I knew
nothing about you, you seemed so unsure, I had
to make enquiries, learnt, I was worried about
your ability, revision, revision, zine convene,
your call, who wants to know?, hotbeds of indie-
culture, languishes, malcontents, sunshine,
lollipops & photocopiers everywhere, kicking it,
the sugar refinery, guard it carefully, things
ziney, if you’d like to spew, everything to eleven,
hype it for you, unveiling, the electronic
variety ($), ¥ ¥, Post-No-Bills, Moss: enjoys
long walks on the beach & homedadaism &
transmogrifying & illuminated (ilLUSTrated)
calligraffitti & bryomania (moss crazyness)
& cunning lingos & po! & c. & b. & a. & z.,
that hasn’t been dumbed down, contact, & p.jump
contagion, ichthyoelectroanalgesia, consumtion sump
weirdness, one hundred & twenty seven pump
wiredness, days to live
greater than random, purple exclusion, cuts
indeed, per, 291 end angered beluga whites,
lazy dick, a superior authority, seek, demand,
private business, corrosive material, dang,
dang good! bar codes X ∞, logomania, self-
multiplication, do yourself outta, the written
becomes the spoken,

Sunday, January 17, 2010

JUN 28 2008 (am) #1

1) ljod
1) plastic pickles
1) with a passion for cheese
1) bears a resemblance to a bear
1) zen insanity
1) what is the little black mark represent? —
1) anything is good enuf
1) now we have no existence
1) you can plainly see when this was written JUN 28 2005
1) we are getting close to fitting inside the box
1) the way texts lead to more texts
1) fell in love with nothing
1) on beyond the point of no return
1) all
1) quincunx
1) this is getting close
1) all writing is repetition
1) vaporismo
1) ain’t got no window
1) see horse
1) this is not yours to reduce
1) the day(s) i ran into
1) maybe the light will shine on you
1) how do you get this effect?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"chove-a" (pb)

use your imagination _ non-entry _ sayable we
suppose _ is this for real? _ reader sea ponds _
how about a little metacommentary? _ wreading & riding _
textercize _ preference check _ off course there is
a message _ this is not writing _ the time it takes
to run thru a good book _ let go block _ the blue
tube _ no memoiry _ blurbances _ do you see
what we are saying? _ jumping the gap page _
this text is all access _ waste of & saw _ regear
rage _ the hole book _ how did you getcher self in
such a frame? _ consumomania! _ mead our
pressure on _ desponding to _ pricetag on it _
alphabetaculture _ olde englitch _ druther
dark _ props or perps? _ better than what’s not
there _ tagging up the place _ dental dam indeed _
hey that’s our logo! _ anybody call? _ talk oh
hell _ there’s no such thing as false advertizing _
change as in diaper? _ i might get shit on
my hands _ it’ll wash _ dream up something
consume-able _ climb axe & unknotting off _
formula for text _ what is called fiction? _ is
there a mc in the house? _ bagels with ham !? _
that bing bing bong as you get on the net _ chove-a _
kneel o’ gyzm _ roar shats ink blotto! _ is it midnite yet? _
text generator _ pay sing _ i got blisters on my fingers! _
sunsetter _ what is with these words? _ unsurrounder _
tiredless _ one suggest _ dreaming off into an elsewhere _
thirteenth thirteenth type story _ talking thousands _
prosyletizer _ gibber yellin’, crake _ snews _
brokenning _ glider man _ eliderman down _

"dadawareness" (from The Pine Box)

stool!, loots!, words not making it to the page,
words mating _ black cloud direction _ thunder oak bay _
for storing building _ denim burn _ done what we
good eh? _ blocked by lilac _ striate detail _ out +
alive & on the street _ a beautiful fall _ burn yer eye out
in the sun _ i’m taking some kind of survey _ times three _
(violation) _ stop s)truckin’ _ loomis armoured car oak bay
ave labour day _ commerce in money _ are you folks
unionized? _ publishers & distributers of tourist literature _
gotta get some t-shirts printed up (propaghandi” _ we are sun
burning _ check yer local poster board _ let’s go down
town & _ flesh without brain _ feel like loitering _
unowned _ harnessed _ tag this! _ buffing is a crime _
with yer back to the black _ ego fuse _ swirl marble
deluxe wittgenstein _ will against stone _ giganto container
ships _ prohibited _ plum flesh _ heading for van _
fat & sexy _ free door _ john practical _ chinese
migraine disappears _ without true being _ surf up a
little stim _ 808 stasis _ dig out insfirmation _ ripping
idea _ favourite cup after the one that got broken _ as
fer using _ a jack in killya _ up the hillya _ passed
her a note (blank) _ all those years we spent raddling
off moons _ big mailouts _ minor kink _ nothing more
ephemeral then _ against picking _ it’s amazing what
death can do for your career _ thru the eye _ hand in
ink _ connives co-knives _ a hand job _ dadawareness _
perpetuate joy _ never gotta shotta _ two skeletons
fucking _ x-ray sex _ boist foist _ horror-scope _
hyperkinetic or –frenetic? _ what is this text called
again? _ surviolence cam _ sweet deadline sweat _
sub routine bus _ tai ping _ what kind of novel were y’all
looking for? _ in with _ out with _ @ 25¢ each _

Friday, January 15, 2010

APR 26 2008 4:00 (pm)

1) embalagens
1) had we kept a record of every record
1) i was just thinking about this fragment of paper
1) not just any penny
1) money makes anything happen
1) a brighter future in art
1) the places that represent the distance between us
1) transitioning out
1) black ether
1) fwd esp
1) xerox the spot
1) but, we were having so much fun!
1) an open & shut letter
1) your art inspired me to expire
1) we prefer the review to the book
1) is this as far as we got?
1) the postmark may be deceptive
1) everything you ever published
1) what do you do on father’s day when your dad is gone?
1) art for all time
1) we forget what it took to
1) ain’t got no family
1) maybe this is an omen

Thursday, January 14, 2010

APR 27 2008 (am) #1

1) idyllic idle
1) lay lines
1) layers of paint
1) we all have different brains
1) inhalants
1) let language be
1) you’re kidding me, right?
1) modified linoleum
1) any child could do this
1) proximate texture
1) it might say “longevity” (in which case, give it back!)
1) i shot myself (in the foot)
1) the mentality of a five-year-old
1) gum on the gold
1) i am an anarchist
1) enhanced death
1) “grass”
1) magic carport
1) kill everyone
1) a simple matter of resizing
1) red hammer
1) embolisms
1) picocopy
1) date them as they roll off the machine
1) here’s the scene: you are standing in an art gallery
1) we need to compare this with the copy
1) what do you do with your stump?
1) sao
1) it seems to be maintaining its integrity
1) how can you find this beauty
1) we are all already gone
1) we are only connected when
1) there will always be new
1) signalysis

"format format format" (pb)

the turning of the page if m, in the
present the pine box incident
the activity in Z selec-books mind at the
end of the teeter toter a running commentary
focalization (vocal-eyes ation). but i saw you
writing it it is not dying it is not dying
getting a lot of words on the page a breather at
the beginning supposedly writing a novel loven
conflict of different mes. went missing a hole
box this is the bark of me that is being
buried this weekend. being laid to rest getting
laid to rest might get run over
finger squirting sample saturday
prefer to sit with my back to it
jumping around by the time one gets started
wouldn’t like to be being observed
a few things I wanted to work in
place to place postponing beginning
mail post pone a sequal as equal


ah sunflower weary of time becoming aware of
all the foolish little rituals of existance

howling up
go out of your way
ghostly plastic repetition
on the road to damascus
serving the sentence
is there a mcdonalds around here?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"phraser on stun" (pb)

not even making a beginning inside the pine box
hot ever mating a begging expecting to write quite soon
better get writing one can’t remember the symbols the
letters of the alphabet that arrequired to form words warts
& send tenses & phases me & pair o’ graphs [……………]
b e or aitch? total nonsense just waiting for an opening
praser phraser on stun confrontational an eggs cuse
to hole up to whole up thot we could count on each other
the creative wordfinder . don’t start in with that puncture
nothing phrases me , your confidence may be shattered
it doesn’t matter your confidences may be shattered
it is not matter should you be shattered one of
these my fingers are paralysed ain for twenty
pages did you get a grant to do this? indulginence
love liner to expose shower must
i want to be a paperback writer paperback writer
the guy who invented the phrase “stream of consciousness”
ductory essay linged to get her drink with
the same hand you write with? “sky is big” she
said a lucid & connected account compiled
from the band’s absence logy of telepathy’s
tator “i hate this” he said as he left by
the side sophy spare-time activity
pick it up a little bit now be not brittle
mark get said a photo graph of the writer
statements of consciousness (conciseness?)
cog & cognition & ignition inanition
he’s just like his brother only he is much worse
cerebral action essential attribute M
extra mentem one is consuming paper
still + seven one for putting the (c)art before the
horse (whores?) one cannot step into the same
river of consciousness twice total flow
logomachia phu pschyco psychomakia. . .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"elator" (pb)

the aum, mile of flowers, reshuffle,
in fusion, that which is already spent,
corpse or shed skin?, stewed, we could
all see her panties, it looks like real
writing, no noose!, hey that’s an elator!,
miles of life, in the hour immediately
before us, which is bigger: ireland or
vancouver island?, a whole page
worth of thot, with doodles,
conciseness consciousness con
science, unsponsored, foray into the
unconscious, resembles a starfish,
especially like this non-verbal part,
reality to confuse things,
conclusions!, pair sider, began
at the bottom, sup press, the
whole page turned upside down,
the hole came thru, bled white,
patges & patchges, wordcunt, so
many daze, keep pummelling!,
big you, full ability, zee zee,
works kinda nice for margining,
can’t tell real words from
replicas, green answer, all &
then some, serb press, producing
your own public ation, used to
belong to bp, differences we
might have made, former paradigm,
using whatever method you
choose, open mickey, in with whom?
who’s in charge?, forget your dress,

APR 26 2008 9:00 (pm)

) picoproductions
1) howthing
1) the middle term
1) adm
1) never moved on
1) do you want that moment back?
1) now we are here now
1) i don’t think this is the thing itself
1) now we wish we never cut
1) you won’t be getting any more gifts from
1) corresponded to death
1) revroduct
1) i’m aware of you still
1) thank you for putting me up to this
1) you thot wrong
1) don’t your eye need no more?

Monday, January 11, 2010

MAY 03 2008 (am) #1

1) a little too much refreshment
1) blurrr
1) busy being Karen Eliot
1) the language barrier (break thru)
1) painting with a hammer
1) mall art
1) how it might be employed
1) didn’t we already make this
1) before i realized you were you
1) a thousand karen eliots
1) coffee makes me smile
1) lot’s of new trees!
1) the image seems to be floating above the paper
1) upper K
1) NGN
1) have you really been doing this since 1967?
1) let’s build something together (trademark)
1) use also
1) the flower of the lily
1) everybody’s got their shoulder to the bandwagon
1) tons & tons of junkmail
1) let this dot represent
1) the grinding forward of art
1) wash your hands of time
1) the vispo army
1) diminishing returns
1) sh
1) ch
1) try to stay still for a year or two
1) maybe better to let it fade into obscurity
1) let beauty pass thru your hands
1) keep an eye out for omens
1) pica pica
1) eye clamp

"don't bother looking for meaning here, folks"

bang! bang!, sin indicated,
unpick, flock of folk, bust all high
light, subtile use of highlighter,
subtle!, whats amatter auntie?,
don’t bother looking for meaning
here folks, never really did figure
out what was being said,
temporary text, no wonder people
would rather steal it, joy on the
bottom: joy on the top, f city
water, zen ocean, dee formation,
deceased or diseased?, fair
traitor, passing mention,
subimp, missing moments,
moniter the monikers, who’s got
time for magic?, anything to do
with the dragonfly?, existence
in trance is sun, human beings?
in there? on a day like this?
save them long enuf, broken jour
nal, shalt, mark it, my other
handwriting, in the foulness of
time, imaginary hand, how value
valve, i forgot what i was gonna
say, modern housewares imp,
trying to understand the other,
work thru backwards words,
unables, what use poetry?,
show us your barcode, tiny
red book louse lost on the
face of the page, heaps of words,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"words are not enuf: action is required, said the writer"

i bid, posed hard q, jack in to the
cyberzen, put a year on this,
dig for joy, mud slang, bear
another, microdot orgasm,
blast of images, every dogday
afternoon, now for the first
time you can see, not heat,
paper strippers, no brainer
but brain, hey this is just
blank paper, exclaim marks,
a whole envelope full, no
ends, ginormous!, this is a
free text, homedad union,
not for sale this word, words
are not enuf: action is required,
said the writer, use colour,
left behind write?, blazin’
glory, plays in light, digging
in the wrong spot, julie’s
wolf pack, generating large
amounts of text, oralse!,
the whole back in, for the
sixth sense postage, colour!,
labour!, just a just colour,
saint louis reds, blockism,
metal floating in air,
colour me gone, end of
message, ultimate swerve,
gordian knot splitter, mends,

JUN 13 2008 9:00 (pm)

1) literery pressure gruppa
1) the poet Laurie ate.
1) i wasn’t even keeping track back then
1) it’s an ill wind blowdown
1) bonus: australia
1) we had to trim it to fit the envelope
1) gesterday
1) find a use for absolute garbage
1) firecracker paper
1) the fringe of paper
1) querty
1) arithmia & high times
1) thinking in terms of readymade
1) we don’t eat curry
1) plaster cramp not paper brain
1) annoy yourself eight years in the future
1) the writer has been smoking crack
1) your bank account fluctuating around $100
1) what’s this fourteen cents all about?
1) $100 = 0
1) Ø
1) beat the bandwidth
1) judging by the curve
1) catch shit
1) psychophant
1) shitty-shatty
1) fabrica
1) poetry mouth / pottery mouth
1) maieutikos
1) open mike injury
1) text on trip / text on trim
1) zedilla

Saturday, January 09, 2010

JUN 14 2008 (am) #2

1) sausoranges
1) glonous history
1) cultual
1) let the money slip thru your fingers
1) tip not registered
1) all this smear means: time to change the roll
1) this is a chunk of fuel
1) promulgating misinformation
1) sparadigm?
1) shittystick
1) bog dope
1) how is that much glue supposed to hold that flap?
1) fooled by the texture
1) hollywood is burning!
1) madada
1) wicking away
1) going off deep in the woods
1) impertech
1) my little filters
1) blanker than blank
1) go GO go stop
1) upsilon
1) goodbye vietname
1) fluctuating around 5 grand
1) fluck you
1) plastic tag tie

JUN 14 2008 (am) #1

1) and also rises the sun
1) floating over the cacti
1) world soul
1) saturday am scrawl
1) evaginate
1) individual linked
1) linked with monsters
1) sheaths three
1) hey, there’s me
1) the peony is still mint
1) is it a wedding or a funeral?
1) will attend death
1) just give us the cash
1) no need to write
1) who comes first
1) yourself you will take
1) indicia
1) build your own fire
1) de ratify
1) home or cell?
1) my heel was sore
1) cataphiles
1) cataflics
1) band name: productive members of society
1) aka: the productive members
1) put the money in the window
1) only a little neck of paper holding it together
1) goodbye inglewood!
1) keep the receipt somewhere in the mountain of paper
1) what it costs to get from point a to point b
1) go go girls / go go stop girls
1) oathis
1) not beyond a dime
1) a penny’s worth of bananas

Friday, January 08, 2010

JUN 08 2008 (cont.)

1) saint ill remains
1) tradere
1) the word “herstory” has made it into the history books
1) you knew it way back in 2000!
1) hunterhaven
1) let’s get back to work on our project
1) contumelia
1) textual economy
1) unsuncere? unsuncery?
1) an aesthetically pleasing scribble
1) whistle stop?
1) things really go missing
1) absolute loss
1) engager
1) i refute algia

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

JUN 08 2008

1) no, but seriously, where do we stand?
1) nova calling!
1) just blue it!
1) ensure maximum daily performance
1) could definitely do with a little kerning (?)
1) i remember grog
1) city of peons
1) a piece of toast soaked in milk
1) idea for light bulb
1) from the cinnamon tuba to the fimming cool
1) barmaid honey
1) proximus
1) re-eat the feast
1) saint umbler ridge
1) are are are are are are are
1) is that “red to death” or “reed to death”?
1) only ever had a hundred dollars at a time
1) phuk!
1) on any given day
1) i remember using this for a bookmark
1) in a northern trance
1) traumaturgy
1) i sediment
1) rhyming dictionary with
1) don’t even know what size clothes you wear
1) hello? hello? are you still there?
1) even on your special day
1) Thomas Hughes Tom Brown’s School Days (1857)
1) argent the band
1) quick oats
1) i don’t even recognize your hand anymore
1) punch the mirror
1) nothing to do with crows?
1) shitcity

"purple microdot calm"

guzzle coffee, pass ages, the
agony of communication, play
the moron, resoul loser, idea
of electronic mail is making a
photocopy, an exploy, fytwok,
not open today, taking in nothing,
the poetry of booze, total
world validity, same the place,
wanna being here, bringing stuff
down from cyberorbit, chrome
face, makes me a kid, art stuff
ten things, capital culture,
bulb male, raws you age, rent
their mailing list like crazy,
maddest sun, one hundred
percent previously used,
reresurrection man, encode
level, gig, dot calm, microdot com,
purple microdot calm,
birder bloor, how many years
ago was this?, a page age,
if you must get something,
go on for a while, keep
missing these events, strong
wrist, there is no demand
for this, shickening out,
two cents worth of poor
stage, saint francìs & the
birds by alfred hitchcock,
not that illegal, see ess ell,

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

MAY 30 2008 8:00 (pm) [continued]

“A MISSED OP” (cont.)

1) limits of inclusion
1) interacting with libraries
1) hubris always comes before a fall
1) the only way we could have any memory
1) reap air
1) comic universe
1) who’s the who?
1) poetry, like it or not
1) teresa
1) lovely shape
1) slick screen
1) were we able to read this in the past?
1) the ones who were the ones
1) the epitome of simplicity
1) the interior of the envelope explains
1) technotender
1) running with wolves
1) fuck empire!
1) did all his art in disappearing ink
1) fortunately we made copies
1) teach me
1) it stick

Monday, January 04, 2010

MAY 30 2008 8:00 (pm)


1) back when the dollars used to double
1) now has become obsolete
1) the thing that caused the thing
1) how much shakespeare got paid
1) armour
1) babywelpenfell
1) how did you wind up with more than one of this rarity?
1) something with the hair
1) you respond to everything the same way
1) nothing is not what it appears to be
1) mitchell, SD
1) picture perfect world (before the disaster)
1) one size fits all in all
1) straw braid made by hand
1) actually the whole train went off the rails
1) ain’t got no vacuum cleaner
1) you were given two
1) let us explore a million avenues
1) thanks for the hair said the dna expert
1) choose a book quick
1) oh, yes, we are tuning you in over here!
1) maybe your poetry would have won!
1) i sort of feel as though i have failed you
1) shuffle flow
1) remember that time you fell down?
1) this ain’t no lithograph
1) all the dirt that got dished
1) cut a hole to breathe thru
1) draw me a funny picture
1) fin by fin
1) resisted trademark
1) the staple was a brilliant invention
1) back when these were all over the place
1) license to operate

"crystal ball bearings" (pb)

can you make this out?,
scatter graff, this text is not
finished, crystal ball bearings,
friends & friendettes, please
do not trade my name, faux
personal, issue of sulphur,
not as cleverage, pressure
sensitive, different duplication,
bonus singing, went by, due day,
shan’t be?, particular concrete,
my concrete being
my concrete experience
the concrete appearances,
can’t could, imp portents,
un-self-standing, be find lick
kite understand?, midsign,
worm villian, design is de means,
however eclectic its cultural,
brain-machine, ultrasonic
spoken word, trance cut
(electric nerve stim, amplified
brainwaves, the sink run is
city, we don’t use the telephone,
vanity pressing,

Sunday, January 03, 2010

"four false illusions"

no more slogans, don’t let it
happen again, the text in contention,
write it like you mean it, something
needed to be blotted out, four
false illusions, golden orange,
looking clout, explain casket,
not seeking, explain nothing,
ready for next time, all the
colour faded from your eye,
nothing missing here, things
that were hardly visible on the
original, still more to be
gleaned, prole capitalism,
code orange o’clock, why would
anyone need a hundred hats,
the essential red, glued in
from elsewhere, totally lame
blather, come on people make
ready, clouter lawns, look
slap, blank casket, explain
your locale, all chin, your
being, nothing poet, the marks
were already there, leave the
money sit, lasko, call it
a hundred, gooderham, draw
winners out of a hat, crippling
headaches and eyestrain,
uninted, kachina, ibu ibu,
capsaicin, oestric, moss and
blaster, prying open the
cultural gates, writers at
a distance, verbivocovisual,

"no comma" (pb)

sending forth & fifth, litter
eye see, “exactly” the same, imp
loader, trance for moss,
endorphin the moon, read urns,
we’re all learning here, not so
evident at normal but enlarge
& see, vehicular eyes, just
because you have a ticket you
need not go, getting there?,
imp media a parent, eye ex
salt lover, all let out, very
precise determination of
the stone, in saint all, talking
to a hundred thousand people
at once, saint rife, rift-design,
the primal leap, unmedia,
here & elsewhere we conceive,
no start or finish, hitherto,
no comma existing entities
by causal connections, the
dangling appendage, it would
have to be figured out, waist
of money, look for our new
sight, lapsarian, begun as a
mimeograph, let us get back
together, revelocities, give
it another pump, personal
take, how many units did
you move?, unwilling to
spend our disbelief, this,

Saturday, January 02, 2010

APR 28 2008, 8:00 pm

1) why are you saving junk mail?
1) particular desire
1) acting as yourself for a change
1) you could spend hours or seconds
1) hello hello across the universe
1) last we heard: last
1) why do you want this old junk?
1) fwd esp
1) the things that did regularly
1) viva la papernet!
1) the constructor of the meme
1) yes, we know someone
1) Ned Hanlon
1) all, all, we destroy all
1) still pipping?
1) our shall
1) attack nothing
1) global refuser darling
1) desist nothing
1) cancel howsoever
1) petroleum 1858
1) is that a real
1) clung
1) real hollow gram

Friday, January 01, 2010

APR 27 2008, 3 pm

1) art antics
1) you never even askt for any help
1) imagine if you went to the fridge &
1) vbx
1) mantic
1) lunatic art project
1) the lunatic’s “to do” list
1) and you never even responded?
1) it never really felt like we were communicating
1) you are looking but you are not seeing
1) did you ever really see?
1) we never really succeeded in being
1) still burrowing?
1) what do you feel when you look at this picture?
1) is this destined for
1) huffuh
1) thou shalt not say
1) there’s gotta be more to it, no?
1) it’s too bad it didn’t fit
1) how is the post to know
1) there’s that thing you were thinking of
1) too many too late
1) what does history re
1) shock
1) –
1) –
1) –
1) –
1) –
1) –
1) –
1) –
1) –
1) –

"a universal specific" (pb)

imitation of writing, depending
on the number of folds,
rematerialized, the fragility
of the single sheet of paper,
big space, your number comes
up, fifteen tragedies
trajectories, when called,
search hard, trust the machine,
a weekend condition, handwrite
four thousand, accidents are
good for the economy, the
adjuster!, the rejected other
returns, a concrete psychic
operation, intermound,
wirehead, brain machine,
psychotech, beautiful honey,
a universal specific,
the leveling sects, take
the [feeling drained?] red bait,
kay prune nectar, leadership
by women, mirror difference,
only one think really, hey!
i’ve seen that before
somewheres, russ?, i think
i’ll send for that, mere i
can nationalism, develocitize,
let other in, get curiouser
& curiouser, last years