Saturday, April 30, 2011

"anoa" & "paska"

a network of trails, dyed in
the pure wool, pawky, laurie’s
button, abeh imp, mild hinter,
wring enclosed bloomers,
resembling snow, entering the
year of glory, anoa, be ant,
wasy, emoting creamed bounded,
advanced green, efhiort, nip
is a hamburger, anionic hatbox,
bay ice, three-sixty-nine sunset,
storm-stayed, whisky and rye,
never knew the words were
specifically canadian, the
geist of a chance,

finical, salt lake white, somebody
had money, is this real ink or
photocopy ink, the scissors arrived,
deehilm, pawtucket, abeiint,
a rouge, moose milk, blank
determination, doppelzimmer, it’s
a trip, reduktion fur abfluge,
girls of the king, paska, the
world’s largest pysanka, mon
eyed, yoy, naeui, pungle, flora
of canada, marmari, do not dare
us, balair, smither, lujo, who’s
emma, fashion foil puff ink,
in a locked room, bird course,

Thursday, April 28, 2011




the meter runs
the sludge
suddenly flew
the other direction
blasé fair
a trance acted
buy hers

let’s go off grid?

collect all
count the lights
cover the light sensor
thanks to ralph

first stage 3 left side

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

gaze deeper into the text

some things ought not to be copied,
the copy will do just as well as the
original, we need the copy here
because the original could be
anywhere, we had to reduce, this
is before we got the new ribbon,
sci rag, you don’t often see the
penny, i don’t feel you deserve
any credit, colon humour, ei
rag, you could take all these
to the library, a more enticing
number, nobody does anything
fun with text anymore, garface,
gaze deeper into the text,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i d c y u d c y

i don’t see why you don’t see why,
john the revelator, feeling a
little weak or what, gareat,
your first trip to the copy machine,
why were you making so many errors,
are we still on the same planet,
she uses her hand, six rag, what
do you do with the originals, i am
not i, ol rag, exposed glue art,
thanks for using the typewriter,
llrag, we were going to try to
sell this on e-bay, marbled meat,
is this copy being taken for an
original, the question remains
open, faceache, file copies,

Monday, April 25, 2011


unrealm, raised an army out of the long
grass, scratchin’ the outside, watch watching,
seeming blank, zany text rays?, unreal-
mabble, made up of letters, uncommon to us all,
the stop and the ggo!, being everywhere at
ones, okay poetry, giving or giving up,
seeing music, blowing open, will get
hungry, sitting at the apex, machine for
making sound, blaze into transition,
the blind ear, hear to see, see hear!,
she can say but he cannot, time out
for the eye, no earlid is there?,
like now!, worrying the saint art,
sud then changes to nort, let’ex odd
us, some timing!, all the timing, i am
not here, gettin’ on up, the key: it is
in, dance with ink, nothing is
incompatible, be flat, & rise on up,
the nondivision between performer
& audience, permanent echoes, said
get on up!, this is a recording, not
getting thru yet, liai son, hatband
headcheeze, art that stays art,
receptacling, all lines meant
something, dusty coffee,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"the network-grid machine"

salvage something out of this text, lady gorb, iceblock bag
cryogenics, ganged men rip up lone man, saint insanity saint,
the being of paul, why would you want to repeat insanity, an
impeccable trance, uversia, now-is-the-hour, sarcoptic mange,
giant fleas, the state centre for social readaptation, he got
tired of his past, all to join gets a gift, his prose in blaring
orange, wanted one cent reward, reading pieces of paper, albanil
milpas ejidos, the correspondenser, the network-grid machine,
comparisons to herbal elixirs, the commonpress idea, to find
happiness in this world give all the love one have, tepozteco,
felark, humanwine, dot ai file, misfitism, smoke or someone
else will smoke in your place, a zine called ain’t, hivemindism,
back to batang, the us army pouring thru the arc de triumphe,
every job is a jail, we need to see bozo texino, immortality
was a hoax, papercide, hoxie, ein geschenk, canada beaver pinque,

Saturday, April 23, 2011


unch art, uncanadian activities, roach
eating shit, exclude exclusion, ugh!,
semi-read, imp partially seen, not
aloud looking, there is no eye, boo!
grrr!, not to be taken away, this is
a flawer, at number dollars percent!!,
shit on news, show enuf is a text,
the word ladies, free & instant,
let us drink now, peaked all over
the map, get it out of exile!, what
on oith is a narpet?, what is it you
want exactly?, the ritz cracked,
favourite scratch, got to loookin’
like that, back for cosine, the first
one is always free, come outta,
had but the mind to see,
head butt the mind to see, just
open your mouth and say…,
with the chair, selling selling
selling, not everything happens,
embossed around, thot she was
real there for a second, all & all,
talkin’ geodesic, shatter pattern,
pass it on, super sonic trance
port, drink to me drink to my
health you know i can’t drink
anymore, in the back of a chevy
in the trunk of an old car, didn’t i
just light that candle?, toro
toro taxi, wouldn’t be that way,
good old new buildings imp loading,

Friday, April 22, 2011


typing about photocopying, ribbon versus toner, you have to
look close to tell if it’s real or not, if i tell you who it’s
by you won’t like it, it’s a little blurry photographic, the
blue’s not going to help you, gar twenty-three, nothing real
comes thru the computer, what the hell is this F doing over
here, crank time back, the numbers are only there so you don’t
get confused, have not seen the as built, this is all writing
i did, has to be the centrefold because it flows over from one
side to another, a big bowl of acai berries pureed, the lunatic
grind, no big deal today, i mailed my heart to california, there’s
no point dwelling on the rainbow, boredom is as boredom does,
reduce 231 pages to seven, sighting sausages, fuck seize the day:
seize the fucking crown, forget what the acronym stands for,
gun in one hand: lollipop in the other, chipping away at your
face, dead blank teckneek, i can’t take any credit for the sun,
i plead unguilty, truth in confusion, black block swinging,
six billion artists, why would you want to purvey such oblit,
let’s jump to the meat, arabic christmas, gaze at the blank for
as long as you can,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"singing only for god"

puke gauze sphagnum, polyps in colon, a little conversation to
put in the micro-slushpile, no this is not a fortune, quality
control is mind control, make sure the detritus is perfect, khayal,
gharana, vina, drupad, alap, vadi / samvadi, shruti, microtonal
shadings, gamaks, rishis, naga, guru dukshana, singing only for
god, then for about five years, whenever he was not serving his
guru, he remained in a remote shaivite cave-temple in tapkeshwar,
his body covered with ash, singing only for god, losing money is
almost like making it, club tlash, hablando de esas cosas,
cuando ellos hablan, loglaau, nug-sug, constantly testing the
artline, transparency projectors, opaque projectors, duelism,
monist, djanitorz,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


anything does not go, read into the
mist, live reading, red live, was
a response too, read too drew,
the crooked page, unthingification,
the study of id all, letters you
can feel, imp ‘er cipient, while
we were writing, was it a day,
if this paper could speak,
still getting still, a trinary
system, all the features are
there, the way things are flowing,
quotes scrotum-tigtening h!,
still going saint wrong, the
name building, going back for
word, one one won, already
written in, how far in is out,
what else was (is) going on at the
same time?, down & up, graph
fix, promod, before we were
who, it is the contrast that
matters, time not being kept,
serving the mark, prebarcode,
intentionally broken record,
a find!, feels that way or,
merchandizing information,
where did this come from?,
short tears, while this is
going on, phasing phrases
on stun, race cars, personal
managemet, arepresentational,
re order, materialism studies,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


shipment-art, logoleptic, gliss, crystal healing energy, the
problem with pleasure is, workin’ the groups, flooxleest, a warm
ho on a freight train, one is edging, drinking the good kind
of ginger ale, building nothing for nobody, there seems to be
some sort of words there, but who knows what the hell they are,
pyrapeds, social dancing, ejide, jackalope, the hammerstance,
entityism, hub stamping, rear-view mirrorism, extraordinary dna,
yurt, transmute and return, correspondence changes my life,
mbebwe, bread belongs to everybody, don’t enforce my thoughts,

Monday, April 18, 2011


now we are coming to understand
the art situation, i would like to
give this to someone i love but i
can’t, i forget the reasoning behind
motor vehicles, how did this get so
crumpled, downtown eastside of
what city, you must build yourself
back up, postal code breaker, we
did together before bust, now we
are approaching the end of our
time here, we rode, performance-
défilé, a thousand dollars an
hour, we are coming back around,
wacom, pigmeat is what i grave,

Sunday, April 17, 2011

erotomaniacal thanatopraxy

words like erotomaniacal thanatopraxy,
peace of electricity, crackler
spoons, buys an teen tassle-ations,
miss prison?, is won t, black & grey,
pie penning, commodities: you
mean like pork-bellies?, trance
ponder, is education just another
product to sell to suckers?, when
you say you write texts do you
mean like textbooks?, who’s diagnosis?
, ex-isle, street credit, hit poems,
find thot, which one’s pink?, boss
s o b, any non-image, skyscraper
rocket launch, between the
grooves at the end of the vinyl,
train thru the heart, a full
magazine, bod it, fell to us,
crime me a river, shard eh?,
german record player, getting
real, commented again, spread
the room, link link link, hear
these here, still now, fidelity
to the causetration, weren’t
we living in the dark?, actually
read books, too political,
trance love energy, rerecording
, how many years is thi?, begin
to begin, a version, between
the years, step out of the
picture, still more dd, jap liner notes,

Saturday, April 16, 2011


if you’re going to put my name on the internet please spell it
right so i can find it, the computer ran out of file folders,
someday somebody might be able to excavate yip, you might be a
little surprised to learn that you are up for auction, midway
between a file folder and an envelope, a huge identity change,
referring to yourself as what’shisname, the god of chaos presides
over your union, one is living the touch, do you understand how
art works, i already forget what these things refer to, whirling
dervish in shackles, union of fish, sister can you spare a dime,
golden flux, top clock, beer show, one thinks one can see, did
it ding, hinternet, winternet, pr art, all you thinking has been wrong
these long years, hey c’mon up, absolute toner boredom, harsh words
from someone you admire, asisment, there is nothing wrong with the
idea, how is it you with your cold calculating mind, defective
poetry, poetry out-take, you are only adding to the confusion,

Friday, April 15, 2011


where art and truth collide, each and every blank, to post land,
it’s the blank parts that make the nonblank parts, upon arrive,
blank lanky, first the blank and then the, the power of sug jest,
really we prefer the blank, if it wasn’t worth looking after
from the start then, metalinguistic literature, certified nut,
stare at the blank, are you building up or building down, ink-
stained blank, portrait of the artist as a lunatic, blank insanity,
zia and san ildefonso, if you deface the stamps they are no longer
valid, blank alter-ego, expansion fold, concrete victories,
federal socialism, removal of concrete, conceptual correspondence,
confrontation events, univac, orgone rods, concrete books,
fuck survival, spouge, huizaar, lamoulka, human or computer
error, metapsychiatrists, orthonia to metanoia, my money name,
take the garbage out and bring some more back in, gar drome or
drone, you’re wise to cut ties, flashpo, franklin furnace medium,
huge catastrophic events, neoist recruitment drive, writing a
penny, ham en trance, cha-ala skundi nukim, shantih shantih
shantih, farruca,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

porcelain no e

no use for a title, let’s flow, the
word gold, a bad word about the
loser, registering things, makes
gray, came thru a little hole,
all evidence, which realm, good
habitual, apital, in grape ink,
one can feel paper, it in the,
the paper, does not mind, bus
reading, get the word out of,
the phrase strictly from
hunger, what progress have
we made on this file?, the
right to fell (limit, asking one,
civic palindrome, off the
calendar, weather or not, what
you were doing, resemblance
to actual persons living or dead,
coming as a bit of a surprise,
eew! cooties! [whack!], the
wrong kind of glasses,
kiddy lit, with decorations?,
book with bullet-hole in it,
completely new format,
the etymology of porcelaine,
get the cliff? (get the cole’s
notes for this, the letters
themselves, stories we read
to get her, too many words,
no such thing as a duplication,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


photogram, i hate writing poetry,
zo, artists that went down in the
flood, the deadline was ten years
ago, the national information
structure, lichthof, polimaterica
su tela, profession: human, if
you can manage to find love:
take it, the middle finger is
already a, the refusal to
communicate, you might want
to try to contact some of
these geniuses, to continue
our trashtalk, bit fur, still
choppin’, conflict art, i speak

wolf flower

dynamic precision, passing sad,
bin gone empty, the way it comes
off the machine, the opposite of
reading, under the bottom of the
barrel, bright colour reality, free
broacher, back to unreality,
cave arts, left side of stage left,
wright spot barrow, joy point,
escaping the cell of himself,
cell-f, the evolution of human
consciousness, metallic fun, will
not say the name, click at
level, do ya wanna join?,
still listening?, how many
meanings can we pack in to
one phrase?, wolf flower,
the process of going, hand us
down, membrane porosity,
never mine, already too
relate, coming to easy, & on,
the kick thru, perfectly
defective, erasure for sure,
simplicity: it’s self, keep
clear, getting closer to
a way, first mohican, an
answer too, that we
memorized, got in our ear,
depends on your pont of vue,
what was ment, dog corn, wright it!,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"the n-tity"

fot, got the feed tray ready, we could bleed out a line of these,
the day it broke, it’s a grit pit, i say open you say close, you
must see may, L, gar numb twen, never really noticed this streak
of colour, garazy, you must see me as some sort of shark, you could
have loaded this blank with, twnety-three, you could learn not
to want to understand, this is a long ways from the computer at
the moment, resident imp, a book a week, we don’t use a lot of
quotation marks in our writing, make a virtue of your lack of
understanding, the n-tity, why not write in blue ink, how are
the mechanics of this machine doing, is this orange dot on the
page or on my eye, genuine jpeg, please don’t corrupt my, why
owes eye-ohs, let your heart come to life, yr risky, public art
private art, this is not, love will carry you thru and down,
maybe try extending the bottom down, would you call this writing
please, pile of blank paper – writing machines – pile of written
on paper, i am destroying your beauty, the flap flap flap of
empty text production, we can’t read it because it is illegible,
the postal delivery people can’t read the address, addressex,
addressexcess, a big black toner blot,

Saturday, April 09, 2011

"lability of mood"

now we are in our happy period, en double a eff eye, spring
forth today, apostrophe gap fonts, inoy, extend with blank,
the spectrum of vegetarianism, i’d be curious to know what this
looks like to your foreign eye, stops to sniff glue, what is the
use of obliteration, no one else in the world can read it,
did you hear the bell ring on that last line, lability of mood,
tell me what would fill your heart with joy, the scream of the
copier, G, dear mike, fancy name for a janitor, one is simply
not the kind of person to change, information about bananas,
is rdy, nothing toxic,

Friday, April 08, 2011


ball point pinhead, acredita todos os dias oference possibilidades
sem limites, nothing makes me happy, the yoni is keeping the
sun out of my eyes, a microhit of cybertime, it’s just a game
war, here have a flower it means nothing, we need to start an
online hours log, tscml means nothing, an important face,
year of the rutabaga, valuable information, oh my god says boo,
if you got it give it, let’s be clear about what is good and
what is doog, gazing at blank toner, hammering word post, labit
blue, each and every gone friend, speed this to, the photocopier
is going crazy, to do for love, photogrammatology, can i get a fot,
let apostrophe space, limit your typewriter time, careful you
don’t get checked off,

Thursday, April 07, 2011


etherializing letters, human meddle,
if we weren’t doing this now, round
blanks, xis here, all you need (trade-
mark, when they say kindly, missing
for whom, just made slip number,
how about a little participaction
here?, cut the center of the heat out,
where the colours all smear toget-
her, i lernt how to do this on
mister dress-up, the art is at work,
late alphabet time, one sharp
little tooth, sunprinting, love with
a crooked oh, descending into pure
pattern, insulight, or a game me,
back then to the past, crosstitch,
box object, see fee, wanted to begin
with, mi birthdog, potlatch!, a
lesson in manuscript presentation,
write the title wave, font
fountaining, oh so that’s what you
meant by epistemology!, witch
sway we goin’ next?, actually
gave money to these people?,
getting this over with, an
involun-, when you have, apparent,
all shapes and sizes, mix ‘em up
in there!, ink lude, just tick the
little clocks, pause it if message,
exit tix, affordance, sighin’ here___________,

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"continuity text"

bach’s first note, slipped into the
gutter, no need to take your eye off
the text, waiting the full two years,
maybe she won’t love you anymore, maybe
she won’t love you anymore, maybe she
won’t love you anymore, maybe he won’t
love you anymore, continuity text,
the friendship show, it’s not about
moving product,

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

if you think you're getting the last word in, you got another think comin'

beauty is a call to action, copy original can’t tell the difference,
i like the delicate shoulders, trying to catch your face, self-portrait
as a beautiful woman, hmmm easy enough to do a book, it is gone
but you still remember what it was, hmmm leave it unfolded or, lap
priority, fat handwriting, sign away a hundred grand, the computer
programs of yesteryear, priority: life, text not on paper, ghawar
alberta, drawing snails, take a good hard look at the copy, it
looks enough like writing to make you want to try to read it, you
are losing all your favourite friends, toner wise and toner foolish,
the biggest name on the planet,

Monday, April 04, 2011


erhc, neurotropic, fluxus house, much nothing about a do, kalpa,
ditmars, memer, with the addition of a red dot, glad to be in the
net with you said the shark to the seal, text tax, the neighbors
complaining about the typing, nothing is a call to action, put
it up on the wall, one has nothing to show, thunderbugs, clicking
into silence, feel the toner, are you still there buddy, toner
in the gutter, back and forth from the copy to the original, drill
bits and drill bites, fluctuating shame, art is being annoying,
the file is getting soaked, mixmox, writing box garbage box, one
passes a word over to another one, still flow,

Sunday, April 03, 2011

"ain sof" & "in a fugue state"

saint rath more or less, saint ridge,
driving and writing at the same
time, the sell and the bite, a
rubberstamp that says oil, be
careful where you stick your
nose, aim a little higher now
and then, oh it’s a gender thing
is it, the fuckin rage, loose coal,
the lonely art of, cut down on
your repro-expenditure, pick a
random phone number, ain sof,
mcimp, the phrase wants to be
replicated, still plopping,

sitcom poetry, material music, nobody wants anything material,
thanks for friending me, thanks for adding me, twenty-four hour
free peelers, this person is a good disseminator, send something
material, we lost all our contacts, the text is trying to get
you to do something, if nothing material then, i don’t suppose
you’d want any, the toner stick, a copy of the fugue, overlook

Saturday, April 02, 2011

"being for a living" & "erotic greenbacks"

being for a living, synchronicity
sold it to you, writing on metal,
this is just a chit, this is not
my trip, sharing items, reitter,
just skim the text and click
the little box, this is not even
where we are, anyone else, how
can we be of any help, a person
named elaine, people woe, let us
slide up or down, somebody else’s
mess, glass ick, personality diff,
celeb cereb, look at yourself
and what do you think,

erotic greenbacks, the movie-copier, maybe as a degeneration flip-book, you only need ten or twenty pieces to mount a show, i want to see this posted as a poster, literature that is good to eat, tree bucket refers to maple syrup, pre-empted text, bufetti is, erotic avatars, the binary banal, you can feel the connection,

Friday, April 01, 2011

the word "grotty"

art is a substance, lurid poing, this type-writer operates at
how many decibels, hearing protection is needed, the little
phrase that got obfuscated, nothing ventured, you can tell if
you look close and with a bit of foreknowledge, crumple this
up and throw it away, ideas at war, ideas making love, grotty
troglodyte, poetry written by people who watch a lot of sitcoms,
it’s no longer a book: more of a parody of a book, how on earth
can this blot of toner mean anything to you, maybe try standing
it all on its head for a while, now you wouldn’t want to be
causing a disturbance now would you, the natural world finds
a way to continue to signify, i am staring at the image and
seeing nothing, tack it all into a little booklet, no need
to sweat the page order, these are called paste-ups, pay-stubs,
going along with text, nothing always changes, gamboges, miss
unemployment insurance gothic, hey i mentioned your name on my
blog i hope you don’t mind, eye vill, economic crisis head-on,
keelson, the original has orange juice splattered on it, add
a little colour to your text, cides to establish himself as
creatrix, histrionic historionics,