Friday, September 30, 2011


penny glare, microtextual moments, fractal subjectivity, running
meat, a single formal gesture to his hat, mudcouched, beaver hat,
the schottische, swaggering gesture to the hat, newspaper cornucopia,
anticipatory plagiary, listpoetry, automated attack, summong,
ala, text to shuck, borderburst, the mamachine, number of replicas
required, hash feet,

Thursday, September 29, 2011


are you getting bored, three oh
eight fluxus, of course you
understand that this is only a
copy, fluxus deluxe, intend to
free art, still trek, gutted
trout, when your mind is gone:
repeat, canopic, true slash
slant, another damned unit,
iconic comic face, before you
turn the one thing into, hold
up to light to verify, lump
sump, civic pride in his home
team’s stanley cup win, only
dead fish go with the flow,
pas built light, let’s bring
this text to a halt, the
labyrinth of dependency,
it all depends on who said
it, nobody has a free hand,
soap bubble cluster, an author
is a check out clerk, say big,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"bathroom tennis"

do you really have a free hand,
this writing is about your
absence, when you get desperate
pick up some paper, you may need
to shift position in the real
world, tore head, if the self
is illusory then, how do you
feel about food, receipt for
free transactions, the cracked
eggshell logo, styling,
conciliabule, lat thot, rabid
rabbit, the big maybe, mynthia,
how printed, if i buy the
original can i copy it, certain
on my lips, one had a hand
in, i’m trying to get ahead of
my head, die old man die,
save all of, a usual cluster,
sixty-nine cookie, the regular
cluster, dat caw, banlieue,
quantish, my two favourite
colours, alikily, fragging,
street meat, bathroom tennis,
pseudoanorexia, concrete trees,
e-rights, microfarming,
vernacular typography,
rope-twirling monologist,
slow mosses, viperfish tokers,
fsc, a press operator,
heater string, happy rails,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"period piece number one"

spouge piece number one,
pass the sluj, where do you love
to be, slinging mud at the
mirror, the refraction is
distorting your naked body,
this is how we present, your
naked body at the age of
twenty-one, sundial magazine,
pretty naked girls, waddybead,
are these your barbie dolls,
dead school, off the gold
standard, floating breasts,
here it is gone for good,
red lodge cap, just sit for
a moment, a spectacle of
orange, ain’t she sweet,
porcine pulmonic, antricans,
a white unviolated border,
shooting each other, venus
slipper, not having a job to
go to, indifference is the
key, you will get to this
text later, the debraining
of the president, i’d rather
not see but i see, folded
up in a bit of paper, the
open contact system, page
cost, more naked ladies,
belladontist, wasn’t
actually there, wind up,

Monday, September 26, 2011


tawakani, getting drunk with
guns, the kiss of the rubberstamp,
digital learning, bananas
cluster, beer cans and body
odor, bora bora, the llaannoo,
if you leave it sealed, thirty
bucks worth of electricity,
push the button, envelope as
environment, a police riot,
dangerous and intelligent
young men, hip businessman,
a picture is not worth a
thousand words, machinery
of destruction, a report on
the banality of evil, the
need to defend individual
conscience over conformity
to administered systems,
tamper with your body, bodily
paranoia, aum period, time
is the one thing nobody has
to offer, hydro electric
columbia, a mail-order art
course, the word art with a
capital a, dirt sheet, ray
prints, characteristic
elongated hafting, prism
slippage, tuungaq, you
can see the error from a
mile away,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"memory wars"

mācies peldēt!, akmeņraga
bāka, did you use both pinkies or
only one, you don’t let a lot of
people into your heart do you,
twine around each other, just
put a little drip of perfume
in your mailing, sometimes you
just gotta make a splash,
that’s love!, overwhelmitude,
the cognitive and experiential
home, memory wars, the
aesthetic community, social
death, social capital, you
can’t just give, fresh up, if
this is goofy then, note
elevators, who’s yer pal,
regular barber, i seem to
remember reading this at mo,
thirty you say at the end
not the begin, blank glorious
blank, heliochrom, urochrome,
orange with long black
tentacles, i am what i am
and i pm what i pm, kajira,
cymbalta, kerosense, g and
t, luc dep lev luc dep lev,
the only thing not generic,
make an effort to drop as
much paper as you pick up,
why can’t you get this thru,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"the irrational community"

you can’t seem to see can you,
and so are you two one or no,
bird’s eye view of literature,
sudden spring snowstorm, this is
the tree, auto burial, bright and
gloomy, glooming, her cute little
box, moment with active typewriter,
fifty-one paperclips, the day the
city was gone, one is a bit of a
blur, rainbow city, plaster and
tissue, not a bad representation
of the object, what exactly is
inside, a corner worth painting,
eanin, no graffiti, the yoga
bridge, broken information,
deth, art involved, select a
few for broadcast, black
photograph, i think the negatives
give a clearer picture, would
you settle for this image
quality, death and roses, okay
now for a touch of reality,
black paper cluster, chips
galore, the irrational
community, the advance
mattress, happened to be
entering canada, operation
dustpan, okie doke, social
cash, nickeleye luckless,
ful nuf, finding yourself
at the left edge of the,

Friday, September 23, 2011

"incoherent scatter"

defecating onto a mirror,
deepworker, microyachting,
pennies galore, paper is for
losers, one single copy, i love
it when the meat is on sale,
wad of semen on paper,
three different blues, art
tan, your art and poetry is only
making your life more difficult,
an impression of the famous
rubberstamp, the late great
christian bök, concrete in
its swerve, to end history in
the city, expanded is
circumferences or haussmann,
the americanization of the
globe, edge cities, enclave
cities, delocalized cities,
immigrant cities, erotic
refuge, the disemployed,
lensed, sasha grey, a screener,
small orange claw hammer,
rodong sinmun, vending
machines that dispense
small chunks of gold,
methoxypyrazines, space
storms, incoherent scatter,
quantum information,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"social capital"

paper is for losers, haywire
pyramid cap, pennies galore,
atomic bedrooms, liststyle,
fifteen cents on the bottle,
the proof is in the print, ginger
cluster, on a paper trip, nary a
penny, electrons cluster,
sumbebekota, occult potential,
on-the-street rolling
blackboards, the hard edges of
the city, history was embedded
in class, social capital,
self-formation, an anti-
commodity, fiesta culture,
nomadic unemployment,
the stage where significant
work is eliminated from
the life-history of an
individual, a map-in-the-
making, leave a hole in the
text for the future, the
poet needs absolute control
of the page, poetry as an
obstruction, an eighth of
an inch of wiggle room, you
might as well treat yourself
to the lip, when found make
a note of,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"suspyre" & "trance divid"

these five ideograms seem to
mean more, you may never know
what you meant, the shrinkwrap
was a joke, here we are ruining
more paper, circle cap r-evolution,
not really sure which phrase to
settle on, the bead of attention,
horse semen, the phrase still
makes you laugh twenty-five
years later, suspyre, this text
is heavily written, busy being
chatting, poetry with stage
directions, this is a trance,

i wrote you a blank letter,
please have fun on this page,
is this done by hand or by a little
machine, first comes the happy
moment and then, a voice of fire
flag, wounded swallowtail on
fourteenth street, three white
chairs, fractal heart, how does
it go from joy to, let’s be each
other’s object of desire, the
power to bend spoons, pounds
shillings pence, this last name
is illegible, trance divid,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"hypermnesia" & "antibotany"

the fold is always already there,
refusing to buy any more paper,
the one symbol acts as a bee and
a pee, piquage de courtepointe,
cyberspace flotsam, a zero model,
the difficulties of exchange,
network building, you don’t know
the meaning of the point of no
return, recognize the source of
the fragment, desubjectify,
ataraxia, this is the original
of the copy we saw, hypermnesia,
you can’t divide letters, you
thot to put a date on one,

stop trying to interpret, enantio,
hamno hobby, airholes, the original
includes meaningful folds,
teletopology, take our test,
zenyatta pussy, antibotany,
suddenly switch from black
to blue, anala, you might want
to compare the copy with the
original, we need to go thru
these texts with a finetoothed
comb, do not alter original,
aka chock, margin too small,
this shift is not apparent,

Monday, September 19, 2011

"making life difficult for librarians"

invasional meltdown, how a european cargo, echinogammarus ischnus,
democratic bomb, katsu-curry, seed grenades, relationship bombs,
z-bomb, totemo oishii desu, flirtexting, fluid entity, the date
on the issue is actually a lie, replication of misinformation,
you might have to read a lot of baby books, this is not a status
update, you just got red ink on the pristine copy, mailart destroys
lives, first things last, mining the library, schizophrenic guppy,
what might this phrase mean, it’s not a fold: it’s a cut, a single
moment of inattention, well it was one hell of a ginger ale, all
supplement no primary, i see beauty where nobody else seems to,
the one thing that remains thru time, oh for the price of a dollar,
it says nothing now, fripuccino, oh no here we go again, there’s
a lot that’s only visible on the original and not on the copy,
some of these got put out of order, the more blank space the better
when it comes to text, shoehorn this text in, you need to practice
your percentages, we are wasting a lot of paper here, you note
the drop in format from handwritten to typeset, you need a template,
this font is going to be illegible, we like to limit ourselves,
here we go again department, the people at the photocopy place
are your prime audience, we just want some kind of record,
a little too minimal, nothing special features, we like to include
a little detritus, it’s not glued it’s just tacked down, gender
language, chatbook, ioho, my fondest memory of this text, there
was no pen, making life difficult for librarians, ioi, each page
is eight pages, i cause nothing, reality is deteriorating, make
other people look at the art, i have the art in my mind, mailart
is a money hole, delicate hands black heart, kind eyes evil heart,
first things out the window, neologism in psychiatry, what do
you expect, shjizofreak, guppy mentality, get on out in the street,
network exploitation, thou shalt not criticize, you can plainly
see it’s not a fold, include random ideograms, shopping for pussy,
what are you a friggin millionaire, what comes before the supplement,
what’s going to happen to all this paper during the disaster, you
can never just leave blank blank can you, what is this hole for,
do we need to annotate this garbage, what the hell these odd
little symbols mean, maybe submit, texta, texts for the textless,
the reduction did it in, changecharge, this is the ripest of the
ripe, seahorse,dollar ribbon, watching the wheels go round and
round thru binoculars, done, and done, info salvage, gettin trashy,
go for what you know or, the intractable material has been taken
care of,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"dharma mom"

all i wanna do, mananas, creamy
clusters, fursona, furrymuck,
nanoscope, villebois, the cambridge
comma, noranda one, plaasroman,
authomatisms, a synthetic
interlanguage, micro-cultural,
micro-political, double
consciousness regarding, the core
of emancipatory hopes, orange
moon mhia, blank usage, the
critical heritage of this text,
a blank problem, particular
network, crisis orientation,
orange lollipop, diluants odeur
pre-test, please stop erasing
everything, daramn mmn,
dharma mom, why you why,
the meaning of this text is
still developing,

Saturday, September 17, 2011


eighteen ninety-nine, a clean cool
dry and odorless place, oming her,
flesh unseen, the oxford comma,
lodged in the rectum, soggy
cluster, one day you’re eating
an orange from australia the
next from south africa, thirty
salads thirty days, number
sixty black ink, screaming:
no more slogans!, soteriology,
encode colonial history, changes
in higher education, exposes
the habitual colonial, topi,
ekleksographia, anata kurosu,
yiff, a search engine for the
paper heap, internet research,
a serious change of shape, if
you compound a few of those
words, orange heat rash, tekcorps,
graphic aitch, that eldritch
glow, miei numi, schipperke,
pink-painted concrete, vanus,
polytropicism, the highlighted
individual, hopefully the
gap won’t make it topple,
you are only making the
meaning worse,

Friday, September 16, 2011

"nugatory big ben"

the meaning was bad enuf to begin
with, going thru a lot of file
folders, beemster capacalla,
do you enjoy getting gouged, six
hundred miles north of montreal,
hellagood, anti-confession,
incommunicado space, unpersons,
i facing i, this is not a
narrative, albino terrorist,
boere, eyego, struck the hat from
his head, hoodis, glial, orange
seams, webs of moss, rooves cluster,
pedestrianism, ivie todde, the
rage over the lost penny,
gonangia, there is no need to
say all of this stuff, needs
to come down a tick, paper
structure, nugatory big ben,
what is the point of building
if you are going to destroy,
this text needs a certain
amount of blank space beneath
it, nothing happens,

Thursday, September 15, 2011


everything happens, tranzit poste
tirane, the letter reading society,
you want me to be a fan of you,
is this person retarded, hasler,
fluctuation in your favour,
annuitant, connected issuer, ig
ig ig ig, social media marketing,
sophistic, tribade, blank except
for the x, dado joints, volte
faces, what do we do with the
text when we are done with the
text, hard gossip, sugar-coated
lips, mobile artist-run centre,
chinese embassy in hong, is sex
necessary, anguage, midrash,
fractal trees, pau de arara,
and moss cushion her soar,
highrise paper population,
pictostone, speakerphone seance,
shag ceilings, kepi, microdope,
does this little gap mean it
is two things not one, forget
the source of your, sipe, a
decision will have to be made
about blank, google interpellation,
the dust is part of the artwork,
who wants text,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


interpellates concrete,
torticollis, ossified massifications,
eternity decays, arrhe est… art ce
que merdre est… merde, enuf
with the orange, harsh crackle
of electric current, salafist,
wake turbulence, there’s no
such thing as complete presence,
the calgary school of disembodied
poetics, tribadism, scissorfight,
you can’t dance with all the
pretty girls, under the sign of
the aitch, the spouge olympics,
now we are deciding different,
salvage now, the telephone
always carries dead voices,
toilet cluster, edible
crocodile, rife file,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


spouge, what is the point of
building all this text, do i
look like i have a penny, luck
deep levy luck deep levy,
cluster of chips, facebusted,
bookmark that porn, there’s candy
in there, independent curator,
the bondage of language,
dusty hats vanish, nido,
acontecimientos, we just like
to toss books around, baud rate,
principles of lofting, stepper
motors, subpixel interpolation,
videk shutter, range-cameras,
places on the boundary of the
canadian bush, edge city,
free indirect subjectivity,
city as suburb, absence of
belonging, the thirty degree
rule, ye ole garrison
mentality, freemium,
comatose locusts, plinther,
anchoveta, body babbling,
hakawati, tribbing, ignore
the fireworks, dayhat, nuppin
bu, locovore, quarter texts,

Monday, September 12, 2011


i cause train wrecks, a divine
little message, onitsuka, now
the message, llano, vachti, mix
may, the rest is trance, here
there and over there, miga,
dying and undying, looking at
text thru a microscope, paid is
not an amount, save the world
on your own time, poetry is the
art of putting words in the
wrong places, mizua, not stacking
in improv, vlasic, cluster of
pickles, serrapeptase, addy
lappy celly, strange scene,
ideologies of settlement,
caedmon’s hymn english, no
tation, seeing if i can see,
typographic control,
television signature, the
sheet of paper as a sound
prop, pagespeak, we can guess
wrong, tee or jay or ampersand,
and don’t you forget it,
cluster flies, just keep
saying the word now, there’s
good fish to be shot in this
barrel, home occupation
permit, kok, bojuka, posh
trance, google bomb,

Sunday, September 11, 2011


reality is what you want it to be,
how 7, milk globe cluster, maco,
only the photocopier can give you
a patina like this, nollywood,
environmental missionary,
glaucomys volans, sandoz,
divorced men who are sick of
high-maintenance north american
women, sazerac, herons eyes and
crocodiles, how explain contours,
skytrain, loudhailer, the voices
of the pages, the chance
collisions of word particles,
at the limit of breath, an
exercise in tonal breath
control, hat complex, paper
salvage, one person’s thrills is
another person’s boredom, you
spelled schizophrenia wrong,
an eighth of an inch over
the line, barbed lines of
text, speaking in thongs,
basij, nothing seems to be able
to get thru, inksane, number
seven is free to go, a river
of toner, when we first
started out on this text,
the blot will still signify,
the meaning behind the
blob, undeteriorate,

Saturday, September 10, 2011


cluster of bubbles in your
coffee, your gender explains a
lot about you, insert your self
into the pantheon, eviction day
comes, which side is the
photographer on, is this ink above
board, meat repetitions, a piece
of paper that has been in
somebody’s pocket for a while,
flaming bra steals show,
woozy, i love that pink
microdot, a date rubberstamp
that automatically changes,
adaptation theory, internet
poetries, recension, playtest,
clusters fuse, brindlestiff,
spinrut, a history of insanity,
i can only think of one
person who might remember,
some people kinda outgrow
this, maintains the guppy,
pyrography, tampax, get this
art out of my face,

Friday, September 09, 2011


this art is blocking my light,
hyperinsomnia, khephera, your
favourite food day in and day
out, orange fluctuations,
oyama, becoming animal, collective
identity, protosemantic, emitting
silence, actual polyphonic poetry,
neoluddite, lexical clusters,
saliva flying, semantic occlusion,
cluster of freaks, nothing that
can be thought of as a
conventional paraphraseable
theme, illusively solid-looking
concrete swamp, hear the
continuous ear, syllogistic
dung, trashcan punch, this text
is a mine field, what did you
mean when you said, rubber
duck chemicals, conducted
energy weapon, inuas, col,
liglagging, loss of intimacy
syndrome, unitedstatesness,
epicureanism the corpuscularian
hypothesis, skiz, how seven,

Thursday, September 08, 2011

thou shalt not command

fuck first things, richness in poverty, kotzwarrism, okay we
got some defective paper here, it’s only days later but you
have no recollection, that’s not just any rendition of the word
poem, she’s a carin’ gal, praking for butterflies, we don’t
usually do this, the person who is typing this up, if you could
fucus on the text at hand please, fuck us focus, thou shalt not
command, potato gun, this is gallery quality photocopy, no chaos
please, ruthless when it comes to the dollar, infinite interlocking
networks, the text is leaving the page, can’t quite see how they
are fucking, simple directions you cannot seem to follow, it takes
a modicum of concentration, you want to get the ripple going,
you should receive thirty-six books, nobody will be getting any
fucking books, just keep copying this, toner ghost, feel the no
folds, somewhere along the line: it broke, you need to decide:
original or copy, fetishization of the original, you think of
a rubberstamp impression as an original?, nobody loves that do
they?, doing the swan, okay well this is not ecactly a paperback
book but, e-cack!, do what your told to do and then some, fcz
june solstice, refer to refer, you might wish you never said,
they way the sky develops over the course of the day, we really
need to find the last line of “simultaneously now”, ioi, you
might want to indicate the order before, it’s just a pile of
words, it’s just a pile of words, it’s just a pile of words,
cosmic ink, kaserei gutter, nibiru originals, speaking period,
poem comma, adderall poem, karingal handswork, this anti-
production, prake letters, a very language, on texo, person
restwork, echo-mike joke, people documents, embossed photocopy,
refer her, language might get you thru to, twice-eaten spud,
hmmrian voynich, check check check check check,

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


we’ll get another chance, how
your mother perceives you, the
rubberstamp keeps on giving and
giving, rye tax, poetry versus
money, soft times, general trance,
halfacre gunroom, a sustaining
body of enlightened collectors,
nothing becomes automatic, the
concrete long poem, those wo,
pretty quc, most of these texts
fill the full page, all
supplement no, kinderwhore,
labioplasty, strippercize,
orange traced, mousseline,
the cure for girls is more
girls, free but delicate,

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"manju" & "panspermatic"

nibiru, manju, teat grease,
yamete, the creation of wants,
poetrygeist, herbivore men,
eleven crumby cents, when you
can’t afford to buy a toothbrush,
every miracle has an explanation,
extraordinary events – horrendous
crimes, infra-ordinary, ubi sunt,
autonomasia, duckling with orange,
embodied postmodernism, tactile
aesthetics, narrative hunger,
nothing violent, cause / effect
hammering, give good page,
myth rill, mahamudra, pork fit,
maybe we need to start working
from the originals,

speaking of meat, lexapro, mint
real, mooti, impecuniary seduction,
she appears to be offline, the
funemployed, tired of being
seduced, dot fwy, we need seven
groceries, want creation,
succession jack, bit problem,
agoraphilia, your identity keeps
flowing, banana jam, abjection
theory, panspermatic, the dancing
sorcerer, long-threaded moss,
kachkaniraqmi, this to say
should be emphasized,
canadara, you can tell by the
handwriting, softshards, we
are not getting full pages
anymore, twenty-six letters and
the comma period,

Monday, September 05, 2011


mail art it’s free, what a hand,
great here we go again, this needs
more work, a few deft lines,
the face blown off, i can see
the pores on your nose, corrupting
corrupting, morbid fascination,
got death, fashion model with
smear of mud, social communication,
fuck the big time, you’re gettin’
weak, create a human and humane
environment, the mickey mouse
effect, overwhelmitude, trial
by space, ontological emergencies,
we-value, nashi font, golden
palatino, lauben, i do like your
packaging, migneron, what use
is this bit of paper, how’s yer
math, purge money, catchin
heat cant escape, oh-arred,
the yes is emphasized by beind
struch thru, going erroneous,
tularemia, cranium line,
dudula, keliot, only love,

Thursday, September 01, 2011


delicate envelope, is there an
image in this image, gagged
man, the mailart underground,
i have fond memories of
interacting with you, can you
identify this paper, snaildoc
webdoc, collect meat, the
head exploded, deathdream
sanctuary, robbing fields,
chat vortex, izakak, youthvision,
akbar, soap navel, confronted
with cleavage, ivory soap
philosophy, can’t you see i’m
drowning too, all the contact
in the world, hamman, dangling
concrete, brik, mechouia, the
test of poetry, a close-up
magician, pieza, integral
reality, people in north
america, neki hokey, look
policy, chumscrubber, to
particularize or not,
next, give credit to all
the graffiti artists in the
picture, three three three,
nothing is free,