Monday, October 31, 2011


this is the very first line this
pen ever wrote, i suppose you could
look at this scribble as a bit
of art, region handshake, this
text is keeping you company,
heating ventilating air
conditioning, one is a member
of the dangerous classes, godaddy,
keeping scientology working,
emphasis on the lux, even have
a couch, shashlik, let’s play
the trance tape, tape cluster,
hit it with art, stylo-bille, care
to explain why you are refusing
to read the text, empty words
sold as, orange squash, pari
passu, reception anxiety, tru
dat, female affiliation
complex, can’t bring myself to
watch any video anymore,
green ribbon for typewriter,
felch, pinpoint vomiting, bon
bouche, fendue, paper always
comes as a bit of a surprise,
phantom heart, do you really
think this is good art, we
need to revise this stone
inscription, a hemi with
a blower, the postage stamp
is obsolete, that capital kay,
the best thing you can do,

Saturday, October 29, 2011


midnight meditation, a lot of jaw
exercise, anfarem, anything less
than a quarter is a worthless
burden, scotch that, rice cluster,
bacino, lux pop, wears a little hat
in case of rain, actually selling
impressions from the rubberstamp,
double-space to fill faster, fccb,
ioho, vpao, eypk, xav cho minj, the
dangerous classes, free submission,
apocopated, rotwelsch, membrum
virile, green language, salt
water spoon, poof positive, puzzle
your head on money, creative
professional, the perpetually
rising sun, dance literature,
roadsworth, concrete and honesty,
eat a big meal, lay down four
extra dreadnoughts, the end
of globalization, ashtanga,
veldfire, hadeda, point d’appui,
super-recognizers, mouth a
mouthful, we have this text
for the future, giger penises,
george rogers clark, clark rogers
george, the porn doesn’t register,
try not to read it as language,
i can’t remember which one of
these beauties is you, now the
toner is going to cover the
entire page, loss of blank,

Friday, October 28, 2011


the most beautiful piece of
paper, fish head delight,
tassajara, dragonwagon, leucosolenia
primordialis, so beautiful so
delicate, kitzingen, converted
photo-chemically, hibit, moer,
new visual effects with powder
and electricity, batelle,
xeroplate, the selenium coating,
pava, moss with waterfall,
phone lux, paper is a fucking
crime, macrophilia,
catoptrophilia, pogonophilia,
do not attach correspondence,
the rate at which you are dying,
sexting, amok coma, hatfever,
do the mathem, bcb, all for all,
not all at all, rather fetching
mugs, the general reader,
current happy climate for
women, gender-free, animal
poetry, the consumer end of
poetry production, exclude
high culture, commodification
of personality, we are always
already online, pexie, pink
discrim, you don’t expect me
to write on this do you, the
original marshmallow, lai
tak chune, urban camping,

Thursday, October 27, 2011


this is a bum steer, puster, musth,
the facebook grays, this is a
cutline, good mouth, the norms,
koi, you have to pay a penny,
metaless staple, you have photocopies
in the bank, mister pee arr idle,
twenty-four karat resume, you
know you’re dealing with something
genuine here, pick and choose
pick and choose, metallic film
noir, these are status updates,
fooled into caring, not even
semi-formal, spot the merit,
yes i am still here, this could
be you, surely we can get all
the information you need
onto one piece of paper, sort
poets, microgallery, coracle,
canonical parity, artist-
researchers, equality-versus-
difference, mechanical boxing
machines, astrobiology, the
great silence problem, contact
pessimism, extragalactic
intelligence, low-complexity
life, pyrosynthetic, oil comes
from marine algae, polywater,
microsoft gothic graves,
concrete refreshment, bend
eh, spanish yarn, flesh pic,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


you are living in another dimension,
crunchies, orange cluster, ivory
philosophy, a chocolate soldier
cap, a yoohoo cap, madras, evet,
english high cultural, paper
gold, this is the object you
wanted, the object before the
object, anthropological place,
identities inscribed in the
soil, supermodernity, mythic
place of desire, an art of
being in between, culture
of sensuality, qualitative
sex, cold war puritanism,
dollar liners, we don’t
really have time to flip
thru journals, we need to
know what the first phrase
was, copy this, xombie, the
font is gone now, everything
i do i do for you, swallow

Monday, October 24, 2011


curse hex recitation, i suspect
you’re withholding the originals,
may six in the matrix, is there
anywhere this text has not gone,
handwriting analysis, didn’t
you used to hand write these,
you’re getting lazy, sixty-nine
saved us, cluster of oranges,
feculentastical, tetraglossic,
rhetoric of degeneration, white
industry, the relativity of art,
crossfade, maquettes,
academic elites hahaha, teabag
verb, over-coded, fluttering
presence, colportage, literatures
of lesser diffusion, excerpts
from cars clothes houses,
delifed, catachresis, a slave
language, a naming out of
difference, sugata, dior
j’adore, onego, a hint of text,
ballzone, it’s beautiful: we
can’t read it but it’s beautiful,
sudden blaze into italics,
th hats uv th witnesses, get
intimate with the paper,
homeless person with letterpress
collection, this is a paper
performance, why are you
trying to hinder me, abell,
cypripedium plus fourteen,

Sunday, October 23, 2011


the most beautiful no, prieteni
pe veci, associate for details,
succession jack, ox-buffle,
art canada cluster, striped aitch,
artist at work alone, painted the
year you were born, postal error
in your favour, longing for the
pre-digital, you could be flying
and flying, butter cluster,
chat toy ant, this keels man,
lollypop loser, estrogen skike,
next!, you are spilling a lot of
ink, electracy, a historical
consequence an effect, a tutor
text, synchromesh, secondary
orality, html res anchor,
macrobutton, loves being detained,
shup, local window, neelies,
art in motion, hecs, mounded
moss, the juices of organic
dissolution, bezier, the merry
scorer, oogles, trainsploitation,
flat-wheeler, repo this text,
use your home as an art gallery,
let’s hack this together,
aspiritage is, you need to hold
it a ways away from the eye,
you might think you’re
seeing texture, forkbomb,
all of the brain is virtual,

Saturday, October 22, 2011


just swallow it, coin-tainer, x,
twenty-four hours of fighting,
fifty-six hundred sit ups,
looking for something a little
lighter, spouge wad number,
these green stripes signify,
eleven or fourteen, my little
filter, ginger cluster, the
history of this text is complex,
the history of this text is lost,
the dependence effect, mmorpg,
the canadian ross rifle,
nuragus, guignon, orange ice,
californication, nephilism,
coketown, mouse ion, preblog,
quit with the paper, black
leg, everything went black,
blackletter, inform the
singer, already set in a
particular font, working
in silence, the rest of the
page is meant to be left
blank, blank intentions,
you don’t often see these
dead, there’s no point going
thru these one-by-one, just
call it a job of work and
have done, miss nomer, hire
a mind, all i really
wanna do, alter meaning,

Friday, October 21, 2011


the decision to include the u
in colour, when your favourite
products are on sale, colour
cluster, an erotic or religious
drubbing, the painting is more
than four meters long, these
bits remain silent, choose none,
nothing worth fishing,
psychizophrenia, concrete cistern,
goon yum, mother cluster,
penny-bright, spoiled identity,
environmental psychology,
public co-presence, episodic
continuity, pchum pchum pchum
pchum pchum, dunt, mixed
reality events, well you
obviously do have a computer,
gone trance, this thing,

Thursday, October 20, 2011


raw synapses, bean house,
extraffic, bolster your pistol,
still after all these years,
i remember when you were the
most promising, jdi, even after
i razzed you, the settler
communities, festies, canada
helped enrich, non-impositional,
hat-and-guitar check, and it
goes on from there, organic
intellectual, decolonized
thought, walk over and watch
the train, banana time, afraid
you might get thirsty, kara
candito, farcebot, too much
margin, being sure not to include
a single word, you’re saying all
kinds of things but, how much
mileage can you get out of a
single piece of paper, still
zenos, the text is a prison,
put the writing somewhere it
will be found, critical
habitat for the endangered,
halt city election, cymling,
help earth the crucified,
amber lemons, you have to
get the text into your soul,
tension identity,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


fuck context, the stuff you are
addicted to, accumulation ends,
missing nothing, cluster of teeth,
ozu, white bush-trash, constructing
document trails, autoethnography,
artivism, an emerging term,
clusters of writers, explores how
creative, art worlds, ten years no
change, oh there has been change,
borf, one more palooza, quixotry,
let’s take this offline, motion
camouflage, text lays dead, is
this even the same hand, zoot
glass, your writing suddenly
grabbed and crumpled, the
moment of the seahorse, we
value nothing, air book, bic
pen blue, this only makes sense
on the original, breath tent,
memorable moments involving
feces, returnal, the weight
of the fold, lunatexts,
encroachtainment, is deleted,
aslo, blaze ink, what makes
you shut up, info-error,
sabotage the copier, the
ampersand is always
capitalized, miss moss,
a come on moment, unperiod,
badgood, max tension,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


appaloosa-palooza, twenty-five
cent deposit on a milk carton,
the printer uses the colour ink
even tho, if you’ve been to one
website you’ve been to them all,
glass prisons, ut pictura poesis,
concrete ambitions, the
underground theatre, war amp
sand cluster, methodicee,
meta-operational, extra nooky,
megalyths, front region versus
back region behaviour, mere
description, the interaction
order, small behaviours,
anita mail, now you have a
chance to speak, meditation
on others, what are we going
to do with this goop, little
elefant, the day we went
digital, nothing but dots,
curious enuf to lick, think
it might be a step-ladder,
red neoism, sodrac, l’heureux,
subliminal information, mere
perforations, mister leave-it-blank,
blank microparticles, let’s do
some networking, a particular
mere fragment, twisted
pair, thinking forward but,
blank art, kip it, s-marque,
drawing class, insanity bubble,

Monday, October 17, 2011

"hey, it's time for Roy!"

fuckoffee, you’re giving me the
criminal price, nothing is too
insignificant, not in the market
for a lube job, a bit of the
other, gillion, global cluster,
fcc, fcc, fcc, fcc, fcc, be-that-as-
it-may, labrys, godgame,
cunctipotent, multilabial,
labus, cyburbia, arahants, right
gnosis, once-returners, stream-
winners, noncessence, windtracks,
nechako carnival, street library,
gaffe prone, the informal economy,
one self-orients, caninism,
tuumba, moss-covered pines,
purloined pearls, chanaca,
emptying my childhood home,
goniff, facestrated, be my
other entity, the chuck, the
cb radio: c’mon back, cadence
weapon, canadian cheesecake,
sessy, digital meditation,
steering the paper, thou shalt
not italicize, don’t you think
you should do your research
be-fore you start writing,
the taste of the thing itself,
tiger penis, fire these direct
into the temp, you have
obliterated all of the
meaning, oh send the dollar,

Sunday, October 16, 2011


the little things are growing,
gar dener bird, the names of
beautiful women, zawn choaster,
felix osculum, not that ray,
calil, horsepower cluster,
alozabmac, mathesis singularis,
naked life, furusato, mura,
electrical currents in hard
drive, a cluster of thatch,
soboku, radioactive fossil,
book throwing competition, the
i exist, i don’t think you should
have gone on for so long, boom
boreal, pick a font and stick
with it, fuckoffable, if you
are so virtual, we need this
explained in english, visual
experimental concrete, high-
light yourself, poetry needs
repair, noi, aardverx, what
did you think that big nose was
for, dag van, cynthia sputnik,
the deadline was yesterday,
ass cult, bridge to another
reality, lugllo, your fave
bridge, bomb bridge, cutting
like a retard, thirty years
since you began, corpus one,
zerotre, burn attack, alvi,
the genuine elefant,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"keep reading those books smart boy"

xenomorphia, this is made by
fingers, destroy the beauty
you make, the marketing of
insanity, too slow to burn,
rabbit bones, hn, alcohol event,
the letter is never dead,
everybody has a body, cosmos
and demos, fountain of filth,
buttered beauties, the sweet
brown knowe, an introduction
to suffering, inner female,
patches, stench vehicle, oh
well there’s plenty of these
in the world, the dead open
no letters, cue and review
function, darkel, eat the
cherry, sex and death,
without antenna connections,
who did she become again,
i’ve been slimed, beyond
winnipeg, as you can see
there is no message here,
keep reading those books
smart boy, this is not a
whodunit, axe shampoo,
resenting the penny, can’t
you see you’re slipping
under, you might lose all
of your shit, shampoo
cluster, do as you,

Friday, October 14, 2011


calavera, burntspoon, it’s still
got cheese on it, rejected gifts,
hung some hats on nails,
spoongristle, reconciliation
workers, kicks his hat off his
foot and catches it, liberation-
theology, passed by this hat in
the window, harvested under
conditions of exploitation,
moullie, poetry-at-large,
magnesis, ekinist, the grand
nothing, this is what you are
currently saying, corporate
surprise attack, it was funny
once but now it’s just sad,
okay you are spelling
acheiver wrong,

Thursday, October 13, 2011


this is where we started down
here in the corner, ascend
mailing products, a penny shy,
cluster of dollars, yobc, you
still have a lot more to pay,
done but with errors, a cake
that talks, born a penny,
anti-detective, metaphysical
detective, foetus in foetu,
chetypal examples of
human, calcimine, kick the
penny, hopkins cood of
endorsed, emoing, zeroeth,
farkle twist, to waste or
not to waste, blank ink,
smecking, oranges are not
the only fruit, pondus
meum amor meus, pateras,
telepathine, hand-stamping
by a five-year-old,
encephalography, pissed
jeans, the toes and the froze,
the printer insists on
bleeding ink, why do you
insist on perpetuating errors,
i am you are, that’s the
way the letters skitter
down the page,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"hello aphasia"

twenty-five in one, you wouldn’t
know it but, you put these
scratches on the text, thot
nog, conchbelt, the one and
only poem, epistemophilia,
ur-chronotope, poetry bimbo,
comedy evolution of the
he-com, bromance, online law,
the anti-microsoft, delta
smelt, induced pluripotent
cells, boar taint, skatole,
androstenone, jimmy pennies,
torture poetry, medicine
square gardens, a dick head
hat, shift happens, social
error, sold at market,
some people just cannot
perceive, disunion of soul,
zong, alevi, grew some, leaps
out and grabs the eye, my
bio is none of your damn
business, hello aphasia,
i wrote this text from
the bottom up, google
and see,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


break the dull steak habit,
the incarnation of chili, these
little pink dots and bubbles,
a cluster ale cap, you were
at your post but, my bio is none
of your damn business, glue it
all back together, datascape,
biobots, the psychology of
writing, tapedance, fictional
translation, the triple
prominence theory, affective
stylistics, what is of interest
to you in this text, you
bought the map because you
thought you were lost, rasa,
the information is slopping
thru, nude movies, this
afternoon we are going to,
all words are bad words,
the german word for art,
make sure these little letters
line up straight,

Monday, October 10, 2011

tineola bisselliella

cheap meat, sbcbmb m, cullen
stink, falling concrete strikes,
all fixed, all better, all the
precise mental operations
involved in reading, purged
from the scene, se, kong, being
literature, positive romanticism
versus negative romanticism,
one is the other man, discourse
right, songbagnorus, an ecstatic
breathless jutting geyser of
scrambled words, lampellism,
boomchasers, are you the bee,
people love repetition, timor
limit, fuhgeddaboudit,
botero, tineola bisselliella,
dirempted, afraid to say a
word in public, rump, ten
years from now this will
be the same, there will be
no grace, belleau wood,
baby dragonflies, pressed
penny, more to jib, more to

Sunday, October 09, 2011

"dayglo buddha"

i got noose for you, pause?
you’re kidding me right?, let
go? how’s about let fly?, be
here now?, nothing is actually
happening, you have a long
history of violence, move
backward, let’s let hope slide,
these postcards are fake, the
structure of the mountain,
von ilva, dayglo buddha,
medola bravery, typographically
insane, doubles trike, that
toner is atrocious, gårland,
remember to maintain your
position in the network,
yuko otomo, one does not
appreciate feeling duped,
cocc cluster, consuming
electricity with the
computer, you can’t speak
of the future in the past
tense, please disconnect my
electricity, counterpoetics,
nonoral, frame theory,
idiocracy, speech act
therapy, ready to search
engine, this is not the sort
of thing, the nondual,
trance utopia, researches
cluster, lap band, two,

Saturday, October 08, 2011


sticky buns as in cinnamon,
milk cluster, pushing pussy,
quasi-legal, ioi, sets, kino,
spontaneous conversation,
terroir, encoffiner, basins
of attraction, babeliest,
stadium of tall hats, the
fizzle line, extraliterary,
even cultural historians,
capoeirista, the legion of
falkenstein, your merest
doodle, panchatantra, ameto,
catch-poem, clerihew, iq
test for voters, huge crayon
envelope, huge crazy economy,
oh oh the printer is chewing
the paper here, taking advice
from lunatics, twitgoo, this
is not really recognizable
as you, red two,

Friday, October 07, 2011

"finger lakes" & "hybridity"

natureza morta, are you speaking
or only murmuring, this is you
before we got to know you,
finger lakes, nothing but an
errata slip, he must be in
touch with his widow, how close
to the day of your death,
nice little stash of micro-
press goodies, the very first
thing you ever got on the
web, it says something but
you can’t read it, mofette,
cam, under the sign of the,

ne fuit pas dans les avions, project-based hybrid-media,
clusters of buildings, chinese diaspora, performative identity,
hybridity code-switching even, multiracialism, domiciled
communities, queer diasporas, what have you gotten all over the
paper, we will be using the default,

"outside the boundaries" & "pvr"

the crossed out thing, suddenly
in the middle of the text, you
can’t just suddenly operate
outside the boundaries, love
off, still trying to mersh, your
amness, your eye really stands
out, sound of pen scratching
on paper, scored a hundredlot,
one phrase on the page crying
out for attention, this is why
we went to the twenty-six,
it’s a good line if you got
the guts, framebusting,

now you have destroyed all, one is off
the road, the bent mind, how do you
intend to mark, post-disciplinary,
except habit could, poetry pond, the
mind’s ear, the history of consciousness,
vula, the to’s and the froze, the half-bit
habit, break a ten-year-old habit, on
beyawn, pvr, rom-com, a cluster of paths,
erbacce, water weight, byzantine erotica,
a sierpinski gasket, the chaos game, rumi,

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

"big boredom"

the ink flakes off along the fold, we can’t even move the front
issues never mind the back issues, ioy, micropoint font, one
word is fun: thousands of words… not so much!, these are all
shoehorned, giving yourself a bad big name, we are machining this
text, we need to dig out the word that was under the black blot,
you can watch yourself poo, the moment i touched your arm, it says
“learn to swim” in latvian, which edge of the page do you prefer,
a lake in texas or an island in the south seas, the word spouge,
one has a free hand yes, big boredom, one has never had the chance
to hear the name pronounced, axe speckles, typewriter performance,
did you mean fiancé, need we hammer, fluid text, emit an inarticulate
sound, one is avoiding binary situations, post-art, fun with anus,
each one of these letters is getting the nod, nobody owns the earth
do they?, shit is one thing: writing is another, everyplace your
mind is blocked, adventure haha, all this writing is merely
writing about itself, penny weapon, give some sort of indication,
strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, one is the crazy
link, gone, keep your binocs handy, biggest blackest blot, fake
penis full of icing, clunk chunk, oh sooner or later all of this
stuff is going to move, zap’n’pa, this is going forward to next
week, you are just going to have to tyoq, gone to a thinner paper,
seahorse zilch, blablaw, non-fluxus, gone let it go, novel prize,
ponzi art, check,

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

"social polarisation"

chimney pot performance event,
going thru a lot of markers,
quando la luna means, chi li
ha visti, arian, you got ninety-
nine free stamps, chocolate
zero, cluster of cookies, the
enigma of the visible, railhead,
social polarisation, devolve
power, employees at city hall,
if you care: put it forward,
voluntary automaton, lies
between the butt cheeks,
béchamel, does this gray
smudge indicate anything,
take the long view, it all
depends on the terrain,
nothing trademark, sliding
subjectivity, you ack like,

Monday, October 03, 2011


faience, the original karen
eliot, cluster of oranges, vlog,
locavore, staycation, reggaeton,
neuroprotection, a flash mob,
sock puppet, this orange came
all the way from australia,
corbin, diertgens, the plenum
of reality, a literature of
images, masterwork photographs,
objectification of consciousness,
understanding concrete, theory
of limits, papier collés,
side-tracking, the deliberate
poor, photographic cruising,
aesthetically claimed thing,
poethinoesis, basinji,
fourteen point might do, frick,
first we blew it up, nothing
is going on in the picture,

Sunday, October 02, 2011


axe specks, how much of this shit
do you need to consume, social
media artist, i am not a role
model, the artist as collective,
clusters of commitments, an
insanely active impresario,
moral rights, the main intention
of live performances was to
make the audience go home,
hats of convenience, concrete
and positive, humankind emerged
from the cold, who sawed
courtney’s boat, palaeofans,
calm and honest except,
winterblain, eyes half cocked,
a green pepper full of milk,
when storming, black film
cluster, please don’t ask me
to visit your website, zeize,
cropsuccess, pink defect, zum,
the terrain we are doomed to
traverse, we get a kick out of
the adsense, i can’t pronounce

Saturday, October 01, 2011


fake picabia, we’ve already read
word one a thousand times,
art bag, pinawa, road dread,
all this postage adds up,
roadside curiosities, you’re
actually inhaling the stuff,
kokuho rose logo, don’t they
know you have fallen to zero,
a crazy story you are over-
hearing, rice eventually,
replicate your stench, do you
want me to take my dress off
now, seitan, odontecete, otelo,
quarter moon paper, quatchi,
these artists could go to jail
for owning rubber stamps,
cowboy boot boxes, image trouble,
ethics and aesthetics are one
and the same, dada track and
field, pure heroine, bring
back the sixties, dedicated
communicators, the classical
white cube, art gallery
inside a hat, pig heart,
alliinases, lachrymator
sulpher gas, tsubasa, hair
eyes clothing, stay gold,
what do you intend to do
with this text, self-analysis,
one off book, that old saw,