Saturday, October 31, 2009

incompatible cartridge?

expearances, milk ode, sugarfreak,
overwell, disconnect the dots,
while you were out (wore out,
!, part straight, the pit, aslow
wit, not number, beware of
counterfit, join the club:
membership is free & instant,
identifying, not complicit,
time theft, longcomings,
creditwor)thiness, data-
scavenging, no keystrokes
involved, practice counter-
surveillance, trade info,
historical explanation of the
conditions, busy’s birthday,
thot-variant, persued,
technoskepticism, ack-mack
pain-bisquit (we remember
the armenians, operations
at crash, you inhibit me,
accrumulating valve, nume
in us directions, an open
reduction, our brother, the
better reality, a reproduct,
what giant?, make it again,
versity, remembership,
member you, redistro,
raise cane, refind, fine
meaning, web’s pace, zoo ooze,

MAY 24 2008 (am) #2

1) this is within a kilometre
1) go, go, go, stop
1) go, go, go, stop
1) never say no to money
1) i did not mean to make this mark
1) five grand retainer
1) how’s your retention?
1) case for sin
1) wheatland, riceland
1) gas yourself (with laughing gas)
1) chronic multimedia exposure
1) we’ve been given the “down pens” order
1) your name: ____________
1) the more you repeat the number
1) masturbating to the obituaries
1) still a microbit of stickiness
1) rocky, yes… fulfilling? we shall see
1) oh well, “today” was only a sliver
1) as i said “today” was already gone
1) there will be a last
1) time debt
1) all of these points need to be accounted for
1) ibl
1) some sort of trance
1) info exfo
1) go, go, go, GO, STOP
1) nothing is plugged in
1) leave it blank, please, leave it blank
1) what’s that little thing?
1) we want a copy so we can preserve (or destroy)
the original
1) a drop at a time
1) erazer
1) the shirt

Friday, October 30, 2009

MAY 19 2008 (am) #1

1) it’s all hole
1) permanent mail
1) the famous bookmark
1) no need to explain (i’ve got the foreknowledge)
1) you want us to love
1) knock over the stack (of money)
1) copy for destruction
1) every moment is an opportunity
1) just keep moving
1) the house was ricketty
1) hearing back and forth
1) letters like soldiers
1) it’s fun to date
1) lunge roof
1) life and doubt
1) it’s unfun to date
1) how could our time be better spent
1) desire is the mindkiller
1) we don’t have time to read letters
1) dust off the pen
1) dust off the penny

1) ‘pataphysics: lost in transit
1) giant money blow-out
1) long after the show is over (the transcript remains)
1) electrofishing
1) yultwac
1) the bottom line is nil
1) dying to vote?
1) something for everyone (nothing for no-one)
1) four hundred dollars worth of rubber
1) which german
1) back in the day when a dollar (us) was…


luck you!, just a replica,
play to ideas, consumateurs,
is that a real person?, art
i choke hearts, give ‘em enuf
tropes, volt face, habitually
combined events, listening
to bar talk, no drama, pass
over in silence, daze ego,
what is the dynamic here?,
bulk art, oft hearts, new
formulaicism (cring!), breathe
language, pre-verbal ooomph!,
future concrete developments,
concrete perimeters,
a hundred copies of this,
dwarf wedge mussel, take a
moment right now, helping
canada’s endangered,
most people can’t tell the
differance, how can this
be possible? disposable,
the bigind, pushing poison,
never got too far, kosher
zen (sure at sweet, ignort,
perpetually broken, eleb,
on the way to being, saints
, again silence, succor!,
days in ab-sense, bum how,
ink orridge able, by attension,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"throbbing gristle for the millions"

photocopier antics, text in motion,
how much?!, reality blots, e-rent,
we aren’t that many, system shift,
buff or erase your own self, game
based, poetic illiteracy, throbbing
gristle for the millions, an enemy
of poetry, winner, the word selection,
it’s hard to hold yer head high
when yer reading, start small &
downsize!, the science of imaginary
resolutions, in & thru, at the age
of two: cleanix capital kay, de-
mentian, error riff, ain’t yet
already, afford achevy, order
ing around, anarchy does not
equal chaos!, play sing, marginal
eyes, all around you spirit toget-
her, this is not part of this,
temporary trashcan gooey,
not getting sordid out, the
gas petal got stuck, to save
or to spend, some other criterion,
twice as many as you think,
we are already in the universe,
tiny joy, only thing we can
write is checks, flatin
thing, too real, where this
belongs, reading work, big
name poets, out from under umbrella,


1. wallpaper envelope
1. somewhere between the original & the copy
1. i think i might hang on to this ‘original’
1. you have to stop entropy
1. this blotch has a deal of meaning to the…
1. how do you like the feel of this paper?
1. you want the dirt?
1. we need a little variation
1. you can see from one copy to the next
things are developing
1. an unfolded one
in a world of folded ones
1. these dots are wreaking havoc with my eyes!
reeking havoc
1. paperchannel
1. that’ll take care of yr so-called “sweetspot”
1. why would you make all this (extra?) work for yrself?
1. one side of the paper wants to go thataway
the other side wants to go thisaway
1. it did copy after all! (ye of little faith…)
1. no point emphasizing the stain
1. there’s no such thing anyway
1. there is nothing
1. why not just copy…
1. do you remember what ‘pigeon wheat’ refers to?
1. sign here, you idiot!
1. this is not fine print, man!
this is important!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

meditation on the copy

1. transfer this to the blog
1. we are willing to tolerate zero
1. ondine
1. excessex
1. is this the copy? or is this the original?
1. is ‘Srank Feest Heelp’ one thing? or three?
1. yes, we care about the sluff
1. the difference between a file folder & an envelope
1. international number serial society
1. it’s rank!
1. any little prison
1. let’s apply for a variation
1. typical defects
1. defective copy
2. defective issue
1. help! it’s a rank feast!
1. a rubberstamp that says ‘copied’
1. a handwritten version of the word ‘copied’
1. copiel
1. copied
1. copied mar. 8/08
1. it don’t matter if it shows through
1. theres no way in the world to copy this (is there?)
1. it’s never too late to copy
1. wobbling on the rubber
1. we use the terms ‘copy’ and ‘original’ very loosely
1. would you rather have a copy of something brilliant or an original of something dull?
1. how in the hell this Stefano Pasquini remains legible when everyone else is blasted into the void I do not know

"particle by particle: a mountain!"

miles where now?, will remember
the apex, international executives,
these ephemeral publications, your
one form, nothing trance, from
name to name, a mouthfull of saying,
practically inert, certainly not
eye, bottomed well, mania name,
want to have done with, god is in the
machine, the very presence, a
collection of failures, a slave
to salve, micropoetry, filling
system, by eaton, elf theatre,
now she really is gone, temp
or airy beauty, hole factory
sense, rip the cable out of the
wall!, was it good for you?,
pursary, fridonnay, the prod
duct, all out of order, not even
a wake, put one and one together,
directional dreaming, in all
directions, ore, will all be
disposed of unless, wide reader,
the feature creatore, match
the picture with the words,
housecock!, think small thots,
particle by particle: a mountain!,
how it will reduce, lazer us,
thru-able, try a gain, tarabish,
there is no original, crackee!,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"repetitive task force"

sues rapture, all bite, type of
machine, said we did, a fair number
of words, me more, beware of
counterfeit, time taken, paper
craft, saint ore, light table full,
span naps (sigh, might have made
a minute, hangbelly, cancel ok, oz
at, south of forty-eight, what sort
of sorting?, the female gaze, me
a pest, know so much more, onion
do’s, plant knot, total space,
writing in it’s essence, say
such dirty things, will say it
has meaning, tacked together
to make apage agape, & apart
a part, fake shite, colon eyes,
semi-colonize wink, nothing to
do with what is being referred
to, oh pair, repetitive task force,
no more mesmerization, mmm,
bind it all together, slim thing,
the first thirty-one, colour gotcha,
mere p inp ink, subwrite, peri-
meter drains, why final?,
wrong choices, rate mention,
as we roar so we roar, join
in!, blurting it out!, and
the machine, failed to do,
no time for joy, erase this!,

1) one & one to put you over the edge

1) desire & the individual
1) that box
1) that’s us in the bushes
1) what’s with the wrist?
1) lo
1) started off on a foot
1) one & one to put you over the edge
1) arabis
1) a small delight we forget we had
1) the least thot
1) a pub’s a pub
1) of course, if you’re going to write such things as…
1) do you recognize this canadian?
1) buy my book

where the love came from/went
where did the love go wrong?
what if the letter would have…
the nexus
all letters are S.A.S.E.
all things lost
you & your

Monday, October 26, 2009

AUG 02 2008 (am) #1

1) Elizabeth thru the years.
1) a typewriter is a sort of computer
1) velvetized
1) mechanically made by hand
1) infrared? infragreen
1) hot off the mimeo
1) an us
1) you need the wall
1) wolfpack hunts lone wolf
1) make stones
1) looks more like an “E” than an “A”
1) nothing! it was all nothing!
1) monsoon? sun & moon
1) afraid somebody might copy your work?
1) yes is where i am
1) would you please change my address
1) do you have this pattern in your collection?
1) cumul
1) hours need to be entered
1) these envelope edges
1) a rubberstamp that says “theory will set you free”
1) a rubberstamp that says “REPETITION”
1) this lube is defective
1) it says ‘BLOCKS’ but
1) permanent graffiti
1) a scrap of paper large enough for a poem
1) “Errata Opera”
1) the law says you must clean
1) ross p. desperate
1) eating in our favourite restaurant without you
1) writing like you mean it
1) meam
1) agitate for a tip option
1) went to the pub & had tea

"spell cheque"

subrapture, special zed, thot
you weren’t going to buy into it
anymore, desire resides, the body
poetic, midnight wordlight,
hammer blows of the apocalypso,
word vent, spell cheque, pen is
spine, particle-ism, trance codes,
no mall, freebasing television,
underdetermination, cold yous,
the mail showed, dee as in
drop, the whole wrong name,
shuffle down the halls,
conduct of codes, beautyocrats,
no talent bum, singkist, ludes
me, a number of these, a part
of the hole, apart of the whole,
silver sewage, last ear listen,
nothing of value, spell mistress,
hope they are paying you,
small letter name, pry sing,
value to some, no net circus,
out of the current current,
still coming, new venew,
all one word, blown into
a thousand bits, big winter,
no later, can not even near,
mentdown, everything you
touch turns, postering in,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

an ad rev

1) are you still here?
1) sh, i want to here what the world is saying
1) i don’t even want to hear your voice anymore
1) perham
1) no need to insult the young writer
1) there’s no getting at the meaning of the phrase
1) stick to the plants
1) wrote letters before dying
1) but will you have time to read them before you die?
1) damn, the actual letter is missing


the last one standing, flying still,
taken for a rider, editor inch,
that previous deal, the day we are
feeling, zed in e, her concerns,
this is rich, what patriarchy?,
typing down: writing up, a
combination of time, e-mailing
your intention, arbitrary
freedom, there is still time,
i don’t know my number!, toonie
with a double you, oh yeah the
reader, point to gunpoint,
know-nothingist, remarx, zed
as in zine, ž ž, there’s telling,
against foundations, counting
by ones, computer blurry, to
continue, this damage, the
potent recall, where the
window went, or, no, who has
seen the window?, am i owe,
inspiry date, eye got them
saint, saint ook, never changed
our life, inspiration date,
email no hyphen (chainlink,
missed the hole thing, under
constructed, brings on the
trance action, mist opertune,
won’t know later, see oh dee eee,
be silent for a while, said dead,

Saturday, October 24, 2009

AUG 02 2008 (am) #3, AUG 03 2008 (am) #3, JUL 26 2008 (pm) 9:30 #3

1) spedisci
1) obfuscated beauty
1) seahorse, kingfisher, leapfrog
1) you could google it
1) why this phrase?


1) elizabeth who?
1) i hate writing
1) typing is not enuf.
1) has the power situation stabilized?


1) thread with markings
1) w is for word
1) the simple word “Egg”
1) back when we were one
1) why? is a stamp broken?
1) prism gang
1) eft consolenitsyn
1) burly grey
1) point on target
1) aluminati
1) not to mention the


backlogism, saltflat racing, the
drug of choice, time is still ticking,
last miniture, two senses involved,
with a signature in the margin,
what paper might say, poetry on
plastic, letheriver of memory,
toys & books, insection, leave it on,
not other wise, paper hand, where
we are in, utter trance, resent
the effort, a two hundred and
fifty dollar inkling, boulevard
disruption, the hole is the farce,
wreckreational drugs: now you’re
talking!, incorrect styles?, gun
envy?, frank phrase, ground
figures, who wasn’t?, the thrifty
mike, condensed reality, block
out the other voices, can(f)uck,
dirty blood, ripped paper, stoned:
bananas, stone: balami, life
encroaches, coffree, take the
fridge!, not concerned with the
return, open war, think close,
all quiet on the obvious front,
enter the rent, sapper, saint
technica, blah blah blah blah,
what are you going to say?,
language as said, snip here,
fall weakened, a thousand
speechies, asterix this, !, do can,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

no autocap on god

electronic edmonton, ink roy,
set the work aside, withdrawal
of pen, deposit of seed, mental
landscape, bacon and rice,
european high cultural
imperialism, subaddendum,
dirty saints, dangler lamp,
clustered meant, paper trial,
your x cluster, don’t bring it
to the hat, the cloud of
contention, scurra, the mad
hatter on trial, billard
pillard, pink street, it needs
to be played with, fruitcases,
child of ghosts, be entangled,
similar style similar, blur
splotch, this is the work of god,
basement paintings, why is it
signed so-and-so, find an
angle, hollow containers
encased, a fake cunt, filled
by a cluster of sixteen cubes,


any idiom will do, becoming dated
sept, now you are two, you used to be
one, hundred point type, see in,
mere words, into the universe,
nine but double, you are pre-
approved, you body without organs,
wasn’t expecting to see, burst star,
charred on a beach, dese tings,
know where to find, not exactly a
failure, a real sign, thread in
the carpet, backlog, theze, colour
uncoded or decoded, superbase
& substructure, dating fast,
in stores now!, writing on speed,
form par excellence, defending
the noox, making it is another
thing, me for myself, eatin’ spree,
box is for, thing king thru up, get
your name right, disgorgeous,
wildew, junk shum, huhn?,
already written, still trying
to get, desirections, since the
s(t)artre on speed, a load down,
being and roses, nonconservative,
buddha bullets, chicken! bawk
bawk bawk! chicken!, got me out
of a lot of chores, the last thing
we want is to be wanted, seems
rather excessive, return path,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"the fragment"

saint euben, ninety-seven, you can
read the code (to a degree),
unpopped bubbles, the fragment
of paper has a rather unique
shape, clear water text,
eugen, koh nine zed oh, mit e,
vee eight zed four bee oh,
down to the smithereens,
codicide, the missing master-
peace, ess seven kay two ell
four, xiffa, papertraces,
kagoshima arata one, over-
strike, lung a p ressure,
carbon-copy-dale, oxbride,

"shifting a pair o’ dimes"

clamp see lamp, what is being
said, now this is something
we can understand, the relevant
portion, the turnaround, saint
roller, next thing you know,
micropublishing, where’s the two
dots?, file forward, just a
prop, on the other side, not
appearing, getting down to
speed, folding back for the
first time, the sound of our
voices, evidence yellowing,
who will be whinning, coat of
conduct, have to be full,
two these, name overwritten,
all threw the system, still
valid, shifting a pair o’ dimes
around in yer pocket, where
can we find, what a sassy
thing to say to yourself,
plain word, where is so & so,
be really informed, i am
looking at a blank peace of
paper, attracts insects, tag
up the place, too open, one
verse city, rant rant chant,
wye double kay zip!, shutting
up now, next us, burry me,
beringing, door to door poetry
, worked once, cut here, become
reaware, this is blank, who’s ya?,9,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JUL 26 2008 (pm) 9:00 #2

1) join so-and-so in the grave
1) are you still there, dear?
1) syn tag
1) international correspondence art school
1) Wendy Bone
1) you will not find out more by going blind
1) up pericope
1) end eavours devours
1) t-shirt: squeeze my tummy to play music
1) twenty dollars & eight cents
1) go be
1) the Consonant Sea
1) there’s no concealing the self from the self
1) gesture lit
1) gmellii
1) attention tea
1) somebody’s scribble
1) Jim Andrews in IMAX
1) gimcrackhead
1) the falldown effect
1) the years keep piling up
1) admit nothing
1) capital iron
1) use a postal money order (& that’s an order!)
1) veco
1) logo wing
1) drop in or mail to
1) 100% recycled self
1) illegible logos
1) suka
1) i like the way Hattori
1) ecologist

there's about a 9 space blank between "effect," & "u can't stop!"

amp war, mission hit, enhandced
writing, apply within yourself,
buffer zone!, meganormal, get
to the bottom & relax!, can’t find
a machine!, use the snake, big
calm a, repel leper to isle,
time to here, trance lucid, eye
mind! eye mind!, reserved for
effect, u can’t stop!
spin around now, tag up!, that’s
really givin it a way, stopt, a
sense a who, code shift, sex is...
gooey, thinks that must be thunk,
the real side of desire, hold on
to free, paper pusher, a pair
of sight, bull those who are,
make mention, mismention, down
by-law, is that an opening?,
voice but no vote, the eternal
round of daily existence, we are
by lingual, continual reawaken,
he is illin’, chick lit?, paging
up, shopworn lit, envelope
needing stuffing, back ish
roar, that would go a long ways
in the commune-ications world,
incommensurable formats,
we the both of us, seriality, next!,

Monday, October 19, 2009

JUL 26 2008 (pm) 8:00

1) KF856879
1) you bought 3 books, no
1) perpetual blanks
1) riel’s real
1) over: recycle
1) brook trout sheid
1) ten years blank
1) recieve a free book?
1) it can get quite
1) ddes olden bull
1) the logo speaks the word
1) hands-on the bales
1) the letter g
1) the chrysler pentagon
1) southern cross with other mark
1) the C.O.D.
1) ingenius patvit campus
1) mancini laughter
1) children gardening
1) go!!! write
1) typefaeces
1) i’m wasting my breath her
1) ios
1) one flasche edition (10% Raba)
1) manipulated porn images
1) prisn
1) use the barcode as a ladder
1) W.ill! “Dangle”
1) ten year total
1) lication
1) teledot
1) Made of the Missed
1) Robata
1) she was the one with the gun

"more so"

new & imp proved!, area of non-text,
better than the original, get the
machine pumpin’, up over, back under,
a result of exposure to light,
listenerism, visiting the second world,
ends in the self, this trust, enquires
what?, linksaw, that might sound,
closed peace, ready to enfold,
no not ho, ex-functions, lost for
the same reason, exclosures,
can you do?, litserve, barcode
culture, britbritbrit, downsighs
altogether, ego tweak, all in
one or all alone, being done
diffrint, coming still, it’s
finally next week already,
slipping the news, is there a
moreso involved here?, on the
shelves at your local, slip right
by, this is a direction we are
thinking in, sub-bottom,
doughty boy, archaic for valiant,
a little object or blot, what
about intellectual discrimination?
, and this concept of poaching?,
threat list anarchist, toad
all moment, spatial instant,
pile folding, all the same day!,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

JUL 26 2008 (am) #2

1) r.d. gras
1) develop a new signature (/identity?)
1) slightly more real
1) number it & sign it & call it art
1) june gone july
1) all paths lead
1) fob
1) my new zee / a mu zee
1) the series of ones & zeroes that indicate you
1) blobby you
1) blick or buch
1) aren’t you a little ashamed to call this art?
1) julo
1) you still have not worked a day in your life
1) repeat text
1) i’m a began
1) is there a photocopier onsite?
1) one is damaging paper
1) randomly calling out names in a crowd
1) blisst out
1) make love to the world
1) you know what it means but it won’t come to you
1) brown dayglo
1) there is no ripzone
1) arrata
1) emerge as convincing human
1) reality crack
1) the penny will drop
1) musth
1) duct tape goo
1) rivine
1) a decent penny
1) do you need a bit of paper?
1) why the apple?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"what needs saying?"

digressing towards, slightly reduced,
off the new machine, actual sighs,
nothing lost, what needs to be involved?
, sighin’ in the presence of teller, the
evolution of the hand, we have put
you on our mailing list, real time
projection, better left enclosed,
megapilgrimage, these mikes,
these dots, frienzy, eye will do!,
mike to mike, live file, think
factery, we’re just done flying,
clique of losers, hegemonic elite
culture, a little a, less gorm,
the unconsciousness industry,
nothing occurs, signal compression,
human essence: the concrete,
there’s that word again, an
earlier self,

what needs saying?, mochumbo tree,
grey market, membrain us, i would
like to take exception to,
superhighwayification, offshore
data processing, telepromoter,
towards fire, fat thots, academic
merit, up dere, meaning poverty,
anti-thing, mada, about non-com-
munication, more than a hundred
books, pushing nothing, the defence
of north america, where do they
all come from?, absolutely
nothing!, don’t get it,

JUL 17 2008 (pm) 2:00

1) even the dead are singing the praises of
1) point of view: poverty
1) little bits of paper out in the wind
1) a so-called “active” project (ten years on hold)
1) eye sci
1) how can a speck of paper cause you pain?
1) don’t intend to fly anywheres
1) why on earth?®
1) under wood and over _______
1) did you hear the postal horn?
1) logo by escher
1) the science of the eye
1) graphic communications international union
1) pwot
1) carry that weight of paper
1) everybody’s drummin’
1) no helpful annotations
1) dusty kleenex
1) you entered the “contest”, (you sucker)
1) he now occupies the chair
1) we lingered here for a long moment
1) aren’t your feet getting cold?
1) everything you ever wanted to know about coffee
1) trying to find a fucking job
1) you actually faxed it?!
1) i wanna be sedated
1) ten thousand keystrokes an hour
1) a channel of communication for all peoples
1) it must be embarrassing for you
1) raw honey
1) classic documents
1) nunquam paratus

Friday, October 16, 2009

"let them eat words!"

new line, eye loves paper, what
was i saying?, tiny edition, the
kind of stuff you see graffed up,
do course thru, timy, speed chart,
trance political, engrungefy, do
i have to paint you a picture,
'splain it, note little arrow,
baseball & superstructureball,
what do you mean by this word?
moisten & seal, editor of it all,
nameless eye, leapages glue,
on the way to silence, stepwise,
time you want?, double-sided
nothing, having & consuming too,
beyond full, was that it?,
error exploding, inglitch,
new logo mania, the jutch, am
i elidgable?, trance house,
am i a ledgible?, pay the
poets!, too free, against
slick, foe non-slick, let them
eat words!, risk kiss, is is cont?,
how do we manage?, chinchillah!
, a languag ista, you can’t say
no to the government can you?,
one’s face, real simulation,
yesterday’s tomorrow,
night imp ossible, goes on in,
yet again, again yet?, point
of no point, flying machine, one,

pm (9:00) JUL 17 2008

1) this meant a lot at the time
1) this was the model
1) quaich
1) advocating drinking & driving?
1) do the math
1) saprobiosis
1) Lahaul-Spiti
1) the institute one belongs to
1) even though it says “no obligation”
1) would have been better if you weren’t so selfish
1) ink? fuck ink!
1) you never bought it (regret)
1) excellent art is still valid
1) aggressive penpals
1) it was never fully explained to me (Ŵ)
1) rare envelope interior pattern
1) is the printing press a desiring machine?
1) mofo tongue
1) we should never have let it go, but we did!
1) whatever became of that alcoholic?
1) satis
1) actual penpalism
1) vague memory, actually: no memory at all
1) even rejection in the penpal world
1) solo writing
1) i wish i was still “yb396”
1) suddenly it donned a
1) we are saving this pile of books for you
1) what would it be like to be you?
1) seriously disconnected
1) Ophioglossum polyphyllum
1) paper surfing
1) that guy’s deader than a doornail
1) “F.T.W.”

Thursday, October 15, 2009

JUL 18 2008 4:00 (pm)

1) prize winning sex
1) enjoy your disorientation
1) pick a seat, any seat
1) is the stone happy?
1) we accept any form of communication
1) dip the book in glue & paint it yellow
1) can we fax in our money?
1) sent automatically at short intervalls by e-mail
1) Musgos de Cuba
1) one does not cross borders
1) yokono
1) you can actually read it if you use enuf magnification
1) my carma
1) easy enough to say no to a book
1) odour form
1) why? why are we missing all the fun?
1) somebody is imitating you
1) giant iron “@” symbol
1) bill bissett in the early years
1) one can’t maintain contact for ever
1) elk groove
1) ₩
1) book—post?! i’d hardly call this a book!
1) verkerke
1) no i don’t want to see any pictures of you
1) cutting it reduces the value
1) moka, port louis, flacq
1) a look at ourselves from the other side of the world
1) divo
1) the sample would have to be larger
1) nobody wins in a divorce
1) please cancel my subscription
1) memory evokation
1) the insatiable eye

"just crumple it up and throw it away"

imp unity!, you’re your own person,
detain of the mirror, rubric’s cubed,
underproduction, are you listinging
to me, ex pun gee, knew it couldn’t
be that easy, it’s like direction,
this defective copies, synapsis,
sighs do matter, study of poison,
er crect, just crumple it up and
throw it away, familiarity breeds
certainty, out of the window?,
just purely glanced, open a new
flilfe, emptying cell, is that all
there is to, means more if they
don’t think you’re listening,
buy knowledge?, a bird that flu,
we are standing still, still
standing, eeks stray eeks stray,
importation of elsewhere, or
become the other, there is no
code, just hear, in body, not
shine all, still here & still
there too, you neek, short for(m
magazine, already a where
we wanna be, can’t you just
tinglish?, call me loss,
tune in on the gnet, the first
time we saw eternal, out of
chuck, errata tipped in,
already gone by the time we
got there, fancy letter head,
just as representable, no division,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

JUL 18 2008 (pm) 9:00

1) aggressive dentistry
1) no boxcutters
1) a truly moving piece of theatre
1) get something printed up
1) do you think you have what it takes to be a writer?
1) if you had a bionic eye
1) yes! why is it so hard to say yes?
1) isn’t that the one that pulled the writing out of...
1) mail it across the border
1) hey-la carmela
1) the fireweed has gone to seed
1) i think we must have offended everyone
1) people, beautiful people
1) jenyfer
1) beck – modern guilt
1) we disagreed about the value of a human life
1) hell and gone ago
1) me? who the hell is me?
1) don’t offend your friends
1) perceptions or nothing
1) noneedo
1) one thing i do remember: pulse
1) your last happy summer
1) find you
1) ndungo
1) it all meant nothing
1) i was busy being born
1) G-d
1) trowbridge
1) lolling stone
1) what does Sorrentino have to do with anything?
1) i want the real thing, not the...
1) no longer on the brink (said the falling man)
1) that ha

thisthis isis notnot anan errorerror

many machines to choose from, filth
file, please check your references
& your knives, this is just a rriff,
english-language period, what’s
the speech limit around here?,
the eye always wants more, bland
slip, auntie christy, sample her,
meta-information, my crazy
quilt er guilt?, forced attention,
this is not an error, the thru the
broken broken window, decrease
the rate of accumulation, that
zone, back hearing, range of
reference, the word for your
day was skunky, monitary, tfel,
monitory, ridden of, put aye to
all that, put anything you like
in the cargo hold, an endless
open microphone in hell, the
book’s lack of depth, skimming
of the surface, can’t quite peg,
value & effort commensurable,
gone diddy gone gone, gone i said!
all gone!, giganto minute, go
into bottle, dededeteriorating,
waste paper doll, new noose,
bayp, unconfirmation, max
a zine, how many tons?, toogue,
close enuf, it all went to, splash!, prod day,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

JUL 26 2008 (am) #1

1) you’re not as young and beautiful as you used to be,
but you’re not as old and ugly as you will be
1) question for you, ...
1) got plans?
1) lgbt
1) wearwords
1) we don’t need no free brochures
1) a 200 page ‘zine
1) glad when all the green is gone
1) “
1) you can clearly see the moment it died
1) section symbol
1) can you print your name beside your signature, please
1) mail art to your lawyer
1) good ‘n’ gone
1) don’t worry, that painful memory will fade
1) my OCD is acting up
1) i wonder: can you even recognize yourself?
1) i personally am not present
1) how do you like the direction this has taken?
1) toner skidmarks
1) what can you say about gray?
1) keep the machine working
1) beehive-hairdoo be haviour
1) field of vision clear of logos
1) Ross Priddle Day
1) one remembers green
1) delete point
1) ;
1) izoz
1) manzanita check
1) one wants to know
1) Mr. Au

"who write's this shit?"

immediate eye, mirror topped
writing table, third eye shutters,
our convictions we hold dear,
islands of canada, just let me
finish this letter, can’t just turn,
have we entered the text?,
a little imp prov never hurt,
hidden essence common, fun with
windows, heart bit, trance
valuation of value, time &
system incommensurable?, eye
am eye ain’t eye?, concrete human
existence, tell yourself to say,
doctor heckle & mister jibe,
inward eyes is, de fecto,
depending on the machine, won
nothing, take us forever, who
writes this shit?, fuck the
writer!, says what you expect
it to say, el is a bull, not
competition oriented poetry,
you’s a shifter!, opening for
any yahoo, pro irrational,
taking sigh naps, pome stone,
sense when?, the merest
little slip, eye full & eye empty,
in english in, riff fire,
thinking post-capitalism,
to be annunciated, out in
about on a day like this?,
forgot um lot, deattitude, ex-zine,

[note: the phrase "can't just turn" should angle down and thru some of the text below it... like this: can't just turn

Monday, October 12, 2009

AUG 02 2008 (am) #2

1) no quiz
1) bottle drink
1) me again
1) western marks
1) a billable nap
1) actually sunday is the sadder day
1) “glock”
1) if, and, but
1) n.s. pop
1) the one who holds the card
1) siobhan
1) shove on
1) pin quick square
1) blow your nose
1) the best marks one can make on the paper
1) it only takes a couple days to become a regular
1) not the nat
1) so-and-so being
1) thread (verb) with markings
1) logo labour
1) a buplishing op
1) desire and the individual whore
1) this text is riding on the back of that text
1) my fat self
1) dead can sing
1) this means a lot at the moment
1) is there any desire left in the universe?
1) speaking of teeth
1) are we not still here?
1) nopa
1) stuck on the page
1) crack a block
1) certainly no need for more
1) okay with the author

Sunday, October 11, 2009

JUL 27 2008 (am) #1

1) why this scratch?
1) environmental technician
1) this would be a hell of a lot better if you used the actual
1) it all depends on what you intend to do with your day
1) a man writing about a
1) two words, that’s as far as we can get these days
1) blue letter day
1) what is riding on the text
1) imagine yourself fat
1) ain’t got no apparatus
1) this means nothing now
1) the best sex you ever had
1) death dentist
1) tack text A to text B
1) please do not pass this point.
1) the sort of writing you might get paid to do
1) nanodada
1) zing it thru another machine
1) question for you
1) in the world JUL 27 2009
1) others who hurt you
1) it’s the gaps that are becoming visible
1) gazing at a solid wall of toner
1) people we desperately want to lose touch with
1) holy-stone
1) it just ain’t fair
1) a hundred dollars worth of fun
1) bedroom tissue
1) how do i get one of these?
1) this project has been deactivated
1) and then they suddenly lost interest
1) reading is expending energy
1) lepisosteus platos
1) different ways of passing thru time

"the text must go on"

no punch intended, break the ice by
the light of the moon & watch the blue
sparks fly, sensitive sole with
thick skin, running out of instruments,
inter fear, five lines down, we
understand your starting point
but, making allowances for deflation,
, the phenomonology of mis-spelling,
po’ phonemenology, enjoying it
because it is narrative, trance
later a smock, literature or food?,
not the river of forgetfulness,
think the unthot, trance mundane,
the text must go on, workpersonship,
latch roses, on to rot, for oh
for state, let’s go see a movie
instead, the body not the parasite,
the imp pack, woke backwords
work, spine snipe hunt, an
evasive move, what is building,
thass hole, change the name,
if we had the machine handy,
the dizzy ire, how can you defend
defence spending?, a language
is a dialect with an an army
and navy (norm chumski, let
it come west, really do, you
can hardy, preseparated,
infinite layers, pissin’ lit?!,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Garamond 10 pt.

1) australian interior
1) V6B 3A0
1) V8Z 4B0
1) : ‘ .
1) V8Z 4B0
1) V8W 3S1
1) M4L 3T0
1) T3? ?T6
1) the ghost of a trace of a
1) make four lunches
1) K0A J0X
1) M4L
1) K0H
1) V8Z 4B0
1) Dulles, GA
1) H3C 1S0
1) the ghost traces
1) V8Z 4B0
1) Canaan, ME
1) Literacy/Alphabetisation
1) K0A J0X (Literacy/Alphabétisation)

1) \@^Uœ□μ
1) here’s an arrow, but which way is it pointing?
1) Rd.
1) you owe eleven thousand
1) a couple years later
1) ain’t got no memo
1) it doesn’t matter how much you emphasize it
1) “now out of prison & back on the road”

Friday, October 09, 2009

gray area grey

down to the blank, text in motion,
upsidedown bank, optic topic, i
remember who taught us that
word, between equals, is it a or
the?, readership down, a whole
page with one word on it,
y’ole spreadin’ outer!,
this is just a bad habit,
don’t try and change, system
imp possible in time, what
paper can take, underbear,
i can’t philosopher, deborder,
thot lost, imagine the world
one, matriotism, timing
itself, newd, this is advertizing,
marxeting, at last gasp or,
yesterday already, apt lie,
poet bliss, & not for, curious
to know, get it strayed, land
of them, line shew thru,
yet more errors, trance
mission error, beyond all
proportion, he was in here
too, still thinking, what the
word means, actually spend
money on it, not clicking
anymore, mind no colour,
all saying the same thing,
using the mind is tediou,
mine eye, confinedence,

1) vow to begin writing in earnest

flang, hemere,
1) you wouldn’t wanna subject your consciousness to
1) writing can make you laugh
1) OMG! are these post-it notes?
1) the contentment sea
1) shuck
1) rezba

you can do it,
1) are you seeing the possibles?
1) it must be a copy: it’s in the copy folder
1) is this not a hand making these marks?
1) underground art
1) tooth snoot
1) therefor pain?

1) life beyond the point of no return
1) writing mixed with non-writing
1) what would anyone want with all this writing?
1) leave them scattered about the city
1) which pussy would you prefer?
1) vow to begin writing in earnest

six line one liners,
1) we are all of us in the same
1) you are sweating all over the page
1) dot
1) is this a vagina with teeth?
1) word you need to google
1) refresh yourself to death

1) the law says tidy up, so tidy up!
1) i think we can safely delete time
1) do you feel like you have been demonized?
1) the worst weather you can imagine

Thursday, October 08, 2009


thought we were on the other side,
lost karma, regaining our balance, a
little carryin’ around, forgot to
lick, phoneletter, trios of people
alternate, class education, the
release of raw sewage, heavy
start thinking, sea owed, what
are you advocating?, an official
mark, co-eventee, bad revs, every
kind of otherness, triangulation
point, consumed an enormous,
velocitization, the text ages,
what ever happened to that hilly
people?, pro-active internetworking,
allow for wastage, survey says!:,
faster confirmed, posturing
up, the sea outside, all you got
to show, no magpies here,
iceberging, don’t even know
your own e-mail address, hemi
schoolbus, wreck all, proof
negative, magazine battery,
don’t listen!, trance plants,
road rap, to no rot, save from
the ravages of time, no new
deal, nude eel, colour fast,
predictator, receive nothing,
rubber eye, at the front,

"chief" [sic]

1) speaking is a substitute for writing
1) steve door
1) what does the “B” stand for?
1) cheif cook & bottle washer
1) the g.m.
1) a decent paper-cutter
1) fact-space
1) there was one hiccup (earwax hic- cups)
1) finetoothing
1) oh, this is copy
1) optical character recognition A extended
1) check & see ( how it will take the ink)
1) this is copy R
1) aren’t we already beyond? beyond the alphabet?
1) you started with “&”?
1) we need to know: how many copies?, date?
1) page-by-page & blow-by-blow
1) synergy bond
1) 1941
1) grace is in the eye of the beholder
1) 2005!
1) this is not what i thot it was
1) who’s cubicle?
1) glad to have
1) dode
1) i’m perfectly capable of flogging my own dead horse, thx
1) everything you ever wanted to know about ‘zines
1) bizniz card
1) maybe better do the actual?
1) should eye be starting here?
1) the catch of the day
1) assettcetera
1) you can’t name a species after yourself
1) nothing but a barcode

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

"the telephone always rings suddenly"

this is perfect time, badges?! we
don’t need no stinking badges!, one
page only, hey! this is here!, saint
isle, won’t be making, been else
where, if you move the original
white, the ivory boat, a line messc,
loosing time, not getting paid for
this, free graffiti, portable
graffiti, develop a mailing list,
the real think, outside the calendar,
now is perfect time, hand at
work for the mouth, archetypewriter
& ectypewriter, the phone always
rings suddenly, in a bookstore of
all places, machine sort, lose yer
place, venture failure, where
the machine is pressing, the same
words keep popping up,
defamiliarize yourself with
this material, daze unremember,
think arose, falcano, a missing
comma, slashforward, harder
daze, just another daze, a copy
suddenly becomes an original,
as if the paper did not matter,
heard (readh) it all before, an-
event, how many dayz are we
talking about here?, really
keeping track of reality, as
produced, bound & lept,
patient location, something
coming out, get the job done right,

AUG 03 2008 (am) #2

1) Tim Horton the hockey player
1) a number that passed thru our
1) “The Errata Opera”
1) sunny trance
1) “skim milk” (Shakespeare)
1) i am the mail man
1) do you remember what this trim came off?
1) tussock moths
1) prolactin
1) the lombard reflex
1) send this on
1) chickenscratch
1) things that came & went on the internet
1) you’ll have to wait two years for a response
1) was that a look of disgust that crossed your face?
1) meditate on someone
1) mailart chainletter
1) is this text okay with the author
1) good enuf for Christian Bök,...
1) you can almost hear the photocopier screeching to a halt
1) beauty fluctuates
1) stuck in the bush
1) add nothing
1) i’m here for you
1) that hat
1) black out moss
1) this meant absolute nothing
1) blurbs by dead authors
1) mardi thin
1) oh my, here we go again
1) you can’t just cross the line
1) still sucking at the textual teat
1) it would have been better if you used the actual
1) primitive communication device

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

kata ton

trance mogumbo, number hive,
miss fold, unfolding matter,
in crease matter, decrease
matter, the rare & the cooked,
exactly n)one, mosh lit, the actxs,
no time to do battle, gigantic
antics, inovitiate, some big name,
rag paper economy, writing as
a substitute for speech, sign
saving, thing with wing, face
up to the window, who knows
what is?, still thing king,
red allowed, in the few it’s yer,
the room ours of our demise
are great lee exadgertated,
one of the months of the
revolution, file fuller,
write it any different, poem
stamp, thanks to the alphabet,
bringing this to your attention,
what do i care?, hear forward,
anon anon, sell yer brain, it’s
just a machine, correct errors,
sigma zed, a problem withink,
the big runout, ink you’ra bull,
these hour hour people, semi-
ephemera, as it came in, the
differ rents, who are these
people we call ours?, long
player, favourite part is the
errors, the link, reeling time,

JUL 26 2008 (am) #3

1) Swan Dive, AB
1) you liked it better before you knew what was in it
1) now you know my number
1) you have to eat something
1) a feast of leftovers
1) repetitive phrase
1) the heart means nothing
1) the charge of the “lite” brigade
1) shut down merch
1) how’s about something different for a change
1) ta chuang
1) can tea coffee
1) 2272
1) a slice of toast
1) enjoy the smell while it lingers
1) a decent envelope
1) fat moment
1) cut down on your consumption
1) expecting headaches?
1) waiting for the ribbon
1) the individual could not be more blank
1) seven dollars and sixty-eight cents
1) we could use the sticky-part
1) go to
1) one’s id e or another
1) the last frag
1) can’t seem to change
1) let’s get the internet disconnected
1) it only cost 20 cents to phone Moscow
1) say ‘move’
1) olympic shopping
1) euchuk
1) bugjet
1) how can you accuse me of
1) just sit there & drink yr coffee

Monday, October 05, 2009


one third of the way, more than
just writing, extra paper, on cover,
the static us has changed, colour
deseparations, not read yet,
mumbo chancings, is that one or
two?, mouse sing off, they blew
up the hospital i was born in,
something i have been meaning,
classialist, making the rounds
square, the n-gland, smooth
draft, stop for, come out imp
perfect, a double day, afraid
of the book, rapid eye movement
ark, doing lines of text, public
eyes, state propaganda outlet,
see for thee for, scratch &
sniff poetry, bead dewing
this again, baloon door, source
text flown, reservations about
reservations, my crow phone
open, better late period,
decline ralphing, gives you
seventeen, the oh bored guy,
skanky!, make the call, on
the incline the ink line, there
is nothing beneath the earth,
a history of heart trouble,
knowing & going, into the folding,
a dressing situation, don’t
entourage ‘em, owing plums,

SEP 07 2008 (pm) 4:00

1) do you know where you are?
1) better not send nothing to ……..
1) internet paralysis
1) e-rolls bavin
1) i don’t remember dick
1) that’s loaded!
1) the website is standing still
1) do you do ink?
1) nothing is political
1) buying helium
1) how do you get “clour” out of this?
1) his edge of consciousness
1) there is nothing to feel here
1) you were watching a lot of teletubbies back then
1) almost seems to have some sort of anthropomorphic quality
1) ∂∂∂
1) how can you consider this “the thing itself”?
1) psychotrip
1) blach
1) back when you were a member of the “lunch bunch”
1) negative energy
1) every bottle brought you closer to disaster
1) six elle
1) thankfully blank
1) i shampooed her rug
1) in and out of the matrix
1) mit mer mie
1) all’s you need is some wires
1) toothyellow
1) start tagging: “reck”
1) is that a drawing of a cat? or a writing of a cat?
1) whattya got against green integer?
1) eche
1) rooss

Sunday, October 04, 2009

SEP 07 2008 (am) #1 NOW

1) who is ever going to want to read this (ten years from NOW
1) what are you going to say about it?
1) you had your fun, now you are going to pay the price
1) this text is a collector’s item
1) sixteen square feet of pixels
1) make a photo of your step
1) the sun & its effect on the mind
1) think of the trash as memento mori
1) toner addiction
1) would you even recognize yourself?
1) psychbot
1) steve pasquini
1) you don’t get rewarded for sabotage
1) iconic section
1) text breaks off (author goes out to have fun)
1) one has a serious money addiction
1) is this a knife i see in my back?
1) you can’t get out of the winter
1) insanity purveyor
1) shoulda stuck with oh one, eh?
1) it’s a bogus penny
1) a zine called: Job of Work (maybe Piece of Work ?)
1) a typewriter that really lays down some blackness
1) nothing dirty
1) diktat
1) hammer a staple into it
1) that’s not funny, it’s sick!
1) gar stands for
1) no thanks to
1) later dater
1) no one else is going to be confused by this insanity
1) it looks more real in “colour”
1) leo ten
1) push the darken button


e-yes, more bold, better in black,
aside champ & b-side channels, the
frayed of a book, heteroclit, etched
caprice of human, homoclit, any
thing remaining, robber stamp
mechanism, something suddenly
gives way, a dose of text, ear
mirror, work it down, re-arrow,
the machine is elsewhere, a big
fat text called coiler, o-mission,
part of the circuit stances, is that
their real?, co-mission, forefoot
forward, refind all eyes, balancer
not bouncer, business tripper,
what it says beneath this text,
big enuf to be small, knowledge
for sale, if nobody big, still
activity, internates, trancemo’
gumbo, already sub alt, a stroke
again’t, still flag, fold moisten
seal, vie aggro, the wont to
power, because these kids are
still unjaded, how did your
organization get my address?,
pare 'em down, extra mailings,
inovate spell, skim a little off
the top of every trance action,
simply beyond, my name wrong,
missed the whole, every word
eventually, see how this, glost,

Saturday, October 03, 2009

"microsoft word up" or "bobbles it!"

1) girls!, girls!, girls!
1) actual reality of one individual woman
1) when you were down & out
1) voyage out
1) enter them all into the phone
1) drip bol
1) the voyage in
1) it flows both ways
1) fuel flow
1) do you expense the tip?
1) leuf wolf
1) airway strucks
1) will you marry a monster
1) I clamp
1) dated trash
1) eye clamp
1) cepillo de fregar, chico
1) wet jest
1) shumpup
1) smear it (permanently)
1) oka is synonymous with: a) cheese b)
1) writti
1) catofed
1) letter cost you five hun
1) synchronicity or paranoia?
1) frag sez:

Friday, October 02, 2009

almost forgot this one

para agone, give yourself
over to art, nephelokokkygia,
tupperware sandpaper, you’re
down to your last five bucks,
lamp you dance, flutter
the dovecotes, heckle the
governor general’s poetry
winners, to make infrathin,
you’re up to a hundred bucks,
know our eyes yes no, the
sole remedy, a rush of
memories, now you’re down
to seventy-eight, back when
we were writing together,

Thursday, October 01, 2009

"entitled blowhole"

tide you under, certainly writing,
at the limit editions, voliterature,
contagious voices, folder all,
decade dents, entitled blowhole,
you don’t know what it is, we live
on concrete, incessant touring,
numbering the paragraphs, a
scrap of paper, use the big pen,
do you think you have understood,
past trapped, the flux you ate,
her heinous, firm boundaries
around this naysaying, put us
on the map, small thinkers
society, chin up uppercut, dollar
count, bish not fish, noncompoop,
give ‘em the business (end, this
can be found, it’s too late for
nobody, yes there are seahorse
here (with scars, yellowing
around, declare yerself,
vacant will be filled, digging
the wrong hole?, with a name
like that, this could easily be
bound, that’s in another city,
it’s the paper slip, which is
hungrier: the eye or the
mind?, zed eye & e, getting
tyred again, dee-reams,
the information you need,
cross classing, class crossness,
siml, roarrer, looks school, in it al,

AUG 16 2008 (am) #1

1) heggemus
1) pretty amazing rubberstamp
1) philosophy & phenomenology of the body
1) a representation of the body
1) representation of the bodies
1) duvel
1) letter with feather
1) evolution to armaggedon
1) i’m staring at you with my glass eye
1) prinses wo
1) exceptionally fine doodle
1) bent ova
1) there may or may not be any connection
1) not really in the market for any dumb tales
1) all this paper, all this toner
1) still got that stone
1) does this mean my mail is not getting thru?
1) is all else fails: e-mail
1) four copies is a one off
1) edm up
1) 161 channels of shit
1) smart car not so smart
1) easy with that ax
1) the premises are to be kept clean and tidy
1) conp
1) you were writing for the first time in months
1) desperat
1) how could you “forget” something as important as that?
1) top secret / bottom secret
1) yandex
1) a zine called Enclosed Please Find
1) reality test
1) dependent origination