Thursday, February 28, 2013


jerk ethics, pistol whipping drunk,
hst, a rubberstamp is one thing: a
stencil is another, nbc, fly a sign,
nagaphani, squatting alone,
kaoss legion, ousosuki, house
ethics committee, do you want
the artist or the art, occlc,
all perforated, booze for thot,
coffee in the think tank,
hipalogue, prankster music,
two semicircles touching,
upon closer examination: delight,
a representation of the lost,
walworth wisconsin, nothing
overwhelming, valves not

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"joie de la souffrance"

the fist of love, sextortion,
juggalos, crystal mess, plavix,
social bookmarking, hermetism,
a meaningful moment in the
grocery store, give her time to
flourish, hypersexuality,
rape shield law, pushmipullyu,
victim culture, roving wiretap,
joie de la souffrance, bottom
bitch, nannyism, prostitute
book, gorilla pimps, flooding
the market with knock-offs,
speed dial two words, language
we pick up, you could get hit
by a truck, expropriate to
the case head, sorry hard,
clusters of dark trees,
drop it out, full nelson,

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"ambient electronic space"

candy pizza, veterans canteen
service, the time bean, art pool
rules, typhus is a disease,
gooey collage, silver rubberstamp
ink, iou nothing ma, deepwater
horizon, post carbon, wayne hom,
ambient electronic space, clam
girls, interhermetism, one is not
an interdict, knick knack paddywhack,
involving meat, involving milk,
not exactly income, energel blk,
international timber, all is
dead, lock hospital, hitherto
enjoyed in common, white
slavery, domination theory,
punishment row, battered
wife syndrome, rape trauma
syndrome, pimp chic, pretty
horse-breakers, dollymop,
nostalgie de la boue, no
obtrusive marks, we forgot
to do our best, one has
nothing left to disclose,
the half nelson of love,
all the words that will
get written by these
new pens,

Monday, February 25, 2013


nelson, homenagem, metamodeling,
the pussy app, azoth, horrifying
christmas eve, triskaidekaphobia,
market anarchy, linode lamp,
humanification, salmonella
oranienberg, coup d’amore fou,
infinite gift, gah, sixty-two
cents per copy, you’ll be sorry
when you wake up and there
is nothing, must be doing
something right, reading drunk,
dialectical engagements, tom
thumb, chasse-gallery, not
writing the landscape, the
business of quality, pho,
jeggings, webago, sfortilla,
a genuine kobar hat,
lalaliere, jicarama, it looks
like good text, was this my
mind, this blank here, you
will learn the meaning of
rickrolling, spend interest,
eat yourself, i stole these
phrases, concrete folds,
maybe someday the meaning
of the word will hit you,
time-sensitive documents
mailart, how do you like
this machine, already gone,

Sunday, February 24, 2013


how it is, enter the little text,
thru paper, yellow wrapper, boix,
is that the best you can do, hat
press, anarchy arquette,
ampersanity, is this your swan
song, orchid whisper, debt
write us, a shape suggestive of
a letter, a localized discussion,
tissue text, aynil, local porn,
rings an eye bell, lines of pills,
a little on the pixilated side,
who did which, eye bones,
eliminating alphabet,
flesh is nice, your aesthetic,
judging the art by the artist,
notice nothing, xygen, opel tot,
rimseal, snowmass, artkick,
vallotton, face written on,
radush, van guh, one’s laws,
nobody is just perfect for me,
why does this remind me of
you, hand stamped, why am
i so happy, aoquith, cupcake
culture, metapussy, meta
hari, hundreds of canadian
employment, chatdog,
death do us partner, the
wasteland of the free,
free woman milk,

Saturday, February 23, 2013


these seem to be some kind of valves,
what is a paddy whack, leppar, neoist
romance, surfing on molasses,
wellbutrin, nota roja, double
barrel shotgun by nerf,
romancing the stoners, gateway
to her guts, why unblock,
cluster of beers, european court
of human, civil totalitarians,
theta factors, organic
intellectual, unnecessary
bridges, pork-chopper, lexis,
auto-interpellation, smeared
with the sign of high culture,
skinhead formalism, arrested
and made concrete, negative
homologies, what appears is
good: what is good appears,
the study of affect, a light
that shines thru concrete,
the crumbling community,
up-sell, guaguanco, these
letters’re marked, you’re
marking up the originals,
the word psychotic,
semicomma, nothing is
going to arrive,

Friday, February 22, 2013


eat yourself into a semicoma,
mostly to protect the chapbook,
protevangelium, i am a mean
man a sick man, ipod, the toxic
things, morels, graham foust,
crow island, ice-box, pumice,
tin soldiers, pitcairn, lorca,
you were out by two, canadian
cultural overture manifestations,
the word chapbook, note swastikas,
reacties, hypocnemis, limaceous,
teragotravago, stuckhousing,
she has eyeballs in her armpits,
hypocorism, moerdyk,
champfleury vaudreu, what
would you do if you had
twenty grand, cheese cookies,
bit of paper so small that
it sticks to the rubberstamp,
resign or wait til you are
given the boot, psychic
howellism, engrams, grey
economy activity, free
university, rentalsman,
structure of necessity,
the gdogd, correct the
italics, oh be quiet,
slavoj, not even hoping,

Thursday, February 21, 2013


we can’t let lack of interest
slow us down, sub-real alchemy,
wheatboyz, lancaster philly,
baby breasts, smart assets,
majapaja, kaossphere, invisible
oranges, they used to put the
latin name on, a one hundred
dollar postage stamp, la vie
marine, replace fragment,
how love a ghost, micro-experiment,
education or health care,
cocktails of solutions, semba-
zuru, divisive identitarianism,
national voice, the tone leading
of vowels, holistic matrix of
social relations, obstructed
agency, a reserve labour pool,
high hyphen teck, you might
get a hit, i’m gonna let
you pass, mauricio googleman,
enjoy your symptom,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


spend it, walvisvaarder, rappel,
men no not men amen, woman with
dozens of boobs, determine process,
computer replicated hand-carved,
i thot you were looking at a
cat, a mess worth making, sirok,
do these vary greenfield, you
can’t tell can you, note angel,
cute tape, upable, dysmorphia,
cazz, coinstar, sludgem, brst,
meat salad, tightening oversight,
stoae, truth lies only in
language, mammer jammers,
a global moment, nation-
scale politics, the age of
access, the end of struggle,
art as research, global-
urban nexus, starve the
beast, mobile subjectivity,
hell to exist coming,
balked at the last one,
put the underlining back
in, seventieth street,
hoping for or dreading
a load, zizek,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


rick roll, combine threads, fluxus
is a virus, reality reconstruction,
kava, münchausen syndrome,
you’re actually doing things,
somebody is fucking with the
numbers, amie carson’s greatest
hit, bcl, pintspew, ergs millies
riffs, loco paresis, rom-com, bap,
shubunkin, quick response codes,
subgum, el processo, overly
global, cross-culturalism,
particularist cultural
relativism, ethnoscape,
finanscape, ideoscape, mediascape,
technoscape, cosmo-theory,
what’s the second best search
engine, snatch engine, the
tiniest little particle of
the self, bad math, zero copy
zine, feral girl, ecstatism,
never-went-with, happipest,
spiritual amnesia, lettuce
arise, out of prison penpal,
degree of copyness, indifferent
to results, keeping pushing
the long gone, these copy suck,
the one on the cow, jump on
a head, copy army, the dada
is correct, you don’t even
have one let alone five,

Thursday, February 14, 2013


happicap, to micromanage is to,
nokotsudo, penile plethysmograph,
peter-meter, traceroute,
heteroplexus arboricans,
submishmash, sweet loretta modern,
get your ripples, turning all
this garbage into art, cluster
oil, nothing is coming to me,
social software, active autonomy,
a utopian horizon, policy wonks,
the end of geography, the
transnational-popular, cultural
front, transversal activism,
alternative scholarship, n,
anti-neoliberal social movements,
hic rhodus hic salta,
historical economic and
cultural, the reification
of language, become alive
to nothing, the passage of
years on the paper, fold the
meat, zafu, killfile, it
would take a whopper, rick
and roll,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


is it go-able-with, do you want
some company, cols, trumanism,
mifflinville, your writing makes
me queasy, macon, i don’t have
any toner so, a hoppy aroma,
telemundo, personism, daisy
chainsaw, gintensity, harry
smith, bulldog amber, sunny
side up, the significance of
the date, you made it ninety-
nine percent of the way,
audience concrete, agnosia,
pre-anagogic, east coast hippie,
time is momentary, he searches
the aisle for the penny he
dropped, micro-branding,
vehmegericht, harmalite,
nobody wants more text,
grind out more text, you
can’t just leave it blank,
choose text,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


choose yr own what, you don’t
seem to appreciate, as long as you
get some sort of mileage out of
it, one is a full-time social
media manager, lullaby siege,
honeyplane, mailart as social
media, is this your face or
my face, highlight the cut,
that’s the end of the usa,
prairie sizzle, solidified
alcohol, correctional
corporation of america,
prison-industrial complex,
the course of human events,
bonaroos, texas prison bidness,
the impercipient, statism,
clusters of costumed
marchers, awu, red boot
ethnicity, did we exchange
grains, enuf with the
cluster, salt signature,
detritus interruptus,
ecstatism, the audience
for visual, the concrete
a, gouge your texts,

Monday, February 11, 2013


with a mouth full of concrete,
ranga, nosh, honeyboom, static
kill, orange shopping cart,
glagolitic, cosmic concrete,
zadarama, mind your way,
sunnyside station, just think of
it as a job, the deposit
industry, temptation points,
produce and that’s an order,
the five, you can go to jail
for googling that shit, white
culture, each hand clenched,
what will happen to the text
tomorrow, sydnie as in, vu,
thinking out loud on live radio,
nothing has been done with
the text yet,

Sunday, February 10, 2013


ecstatic static, is the green
relevant, found your way to a
photocopier, concrete water,
spooky toner, let text letter,
how are you making this mess,
you’d have to be there at the
copier, reprint printer, surely
you know the difference between
blue and green, lost the
swastikas, the zed lens, gorilla
glass, facehook, fml, a cart
to haul excrement, exercising
your demons, advaita,
mortarism, tall poppy syndrome,
keep the bookmark in circulation,
love robot, one is a demanding
user of the sole, t-max,
hydrophobic membrane, vibram,
plucks the usual, not unaware
of the microdots, don’t give me
that all bullshit, all
marginal, international
class differentiation,
clean diamonds, antisystemic
writing, intellectual
playboy, convict leasing,
each hand clenched,
instauration, full-time
social media manager,
fan number ego,

Saturday, February 09, 2013

"pork blossom"

co-shark, the rogue in each of
us, there’s a few marks on it but
it’s essentially blank, ex marks,
lamia, no pub intended, exotic
call house, heliotherapy, crust
punk, peace punk, cgooc, trim the
rubberstamps, pork blossom,
polysubstance, concrete gully,
two-eleven steel reserve beer
cap, actus reus, mens rea,
productive consumption, open
management language,
locational identity,
discursive vectors, heimatbuch,
boontling, glass epistle,
glanzing, rich media, push
marketing, when i ran to
the store with a penny,
the text looks intelligent,
the first day you climbed
out of your crib, did you
think future or did you
think past, we need new
blue, fuck the cushy life,

Friday, February 08, 2013


ditch the cushy life, sexually
independent, xojax, metapunk,
buddha bing, masseuse sex,
supercute and superdead, we
don’t have a crime problem we
have an inequality problem,
all that ink just bleeds
right thru, splatterpunk,
the numbers are not supposed to
go up, rhizomorphous capacity,
urban spontaneity, economic
cultural hierarchies, air hap,
no, air hab, the sublimated
political asymmetries,
hejinian’s central essay,
boozeria, dial-a-porn, bike
share system, cholo, orange
chanterelles, one was on tea,
the damage to the paper,
keep it black, what does
it refer to in this sentence,
my hand is doing the
talking, don’t make fun
of the artist, dayglo penny,
eroxy, ungoogleable, the
sort of people who are not
a sort, one would throw
it all away, rubbernates,
bang with abandon,

Thursday, February 07, 2013


horriblesweet, chatfuck, ding
dong ditch, well kill, pompatus,
pizmotality, microhoarding,
thylacine, epismetology, poetry
buck the system, psychological
warfare, unlimited talk, chat
workers, electrical soil, longha,
forgot you supercharged the
system, carved with love, bananas
bread cookies radio, spreeblick,
voluptuous panic, the eroticist,
desert solitaire, pop! , aquabee,
chocolate envelope, google this
mofo, the very sharp eye of the
hawk, the provincial power
grid, trance access, enpullopes,
antimaterialism, conventicle,
mela, dharanis, an orange
with the word love carved
in it, kitchen yoga,
egodectomy, hosprisoners,
hosprison, chemical castration,
prosocial, pruno, cell-stills,
intimacy deficits, phaser,
deep house, comedogenic,
big box babycare, noma

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


hellas, försiktigt, do you know
the plant, the card in contrast
to, ghikas, a dried flower from
leonard cohen’s garden, yellow
band, not exactly a band,
the bottles made an impression,
no such thing as too much
information, varimint, vindicott,
lithochrome trash means, note
swastika pap, urbanspoon, young
moss tongue, chatism, tierdrops,
ecchi, the hawthorne effect,
motorfucker, spacequakes,
moodscope, katjacintja, enuf
to get you thru, go on a
cheese mission, borgonzola,
fuck mail, structures of
feeling, brise-soleil, the
spatial turn, datascapes,
a giant bookcase of reinforced
concrete, pre-fab concrete
housing, a monumental use
of concrete, float on
concrete islands, megadesign,
the inflatable moment,
megaform, mega-urbanism,
calgary as opposed to
lethbridge, up dat,
multipurpose the paper,

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"creative destruction"

eroski, gst cheques are here!,
if the number of children
under your care changes, one
is more than separated, enatam,
dick’s ease, halfspace, little
girl syndrome, mofungo, baby
bump, the smelf, nekomimi,
eating on plastic, your enter
tain, toy small business, float
thru life, shopping for banking,
nothing else press, distribrute,
spoiled identity, source text use,
the meta-news, nuclear trucking,
narrowcasting, ideology as such,
the mediascape as a repressive
state apparatus, the whole is
false, creative destruction,
cultural aggression, time
off for good behavior,
parapsychology, hospital
police, paraphilia, zoophilia,
symptomatologies that
cluster, antisocial
personality disorder, you
could up the point size
to eighteen even, the
original has a certain
feel, satan’s nates,
camouflage for concrete,

Monday, February 04, 2013

"kami tora"

grubby glow in the dark, vb
southbank, no more shoguns,
kami tora, some people, see sixpack,
approved i, cap the number of
prints, merry isthmus, manualist,
juggalos, dead squirrel bear,
cryptococcus gattii, crossing
the event horizon, polar microbes,
one is hanging in space,
melaninatonin, fiberskyn,
make the prints and then
destroy the, handcream cluster,
the poet of defiant purity,
pencil hook, complicit resistance,
the neo-avant-garde, academic
colonization, hyper-referentiality,
ocular centrism, infinitude
of the social, polysemeity,
the textual turn, the
descent into discourse,
cultural ideological
apparatus, hailing of an
always already subject,
a productive reader,
utterance structure,
i hate speech, catch the
overflow, and refresh,
you can’t insure, smersh,
m, narcostate, love bites,

Sunday, February 03, 2013


penny trap, make time for art,
if everybody is fluxus then
nobody is fluxus, six oh two one
three to six oh two one six,
tamned, how much do you spend
a month on drugs, i don’t
need any protection, yak dot,
a head code, xenochronous,
carpe diem manana, noetic
thymus, tin eye, bogan, hori
hori, digital drugs, binaural,
i-dosing, omphaloskepsis,
bazaanr, jenkem, dianoetic,
we need to know the species,
surprise meat cluster,
chat for sale, doris, butter
salted, orange shirts, les
degats, countertransference,
menshyaya, cognitive surplus,
interruption technologies,
macrowikinomics, the crisis
of meaning, a higgs field,
semantic uselessness,
blank commodities, concrete
freedoms, meta-sign,
heteroglot, parallelepiped,
pencits, this is your brain
on google, textual laze,

Saturday, February 02, 2013


don’t you love the way things
unfold sometimes, the carefully
placed sign, i didn’t realize
what i was contributing to,
feaszhures, tracing paper,
tabs is tabs, apprehend a leer,
immaterial nonprinted,
strontium bromide, i remember
this from back in the day, day
de dada, pustefix, the great
fun during breaks, ting ting
jahe, don’t give me no candy,
dayde, public illumination,
not minding being left out,
zosteraceae, instructions
to create, fluxus laboratories,
z, gaze deeper, oh i see you
were quoting, zada, yada,
rooz, i’ll tell you who has
been dropped, there’s no
accounting for boredom,
make it not suck, wear a
paper bag over your head,
how do people become so
bitter, how long has this
been sitting on the shelf,
all the money you blew,
dustamp, concerned with

Friday, February 01, 2013

"amicus curiae"

menthane, psyclops, mephedrone,
eighteen-ninety-nine penny,
futsches reich, scriptures on
concrete, gravatar, hypersexualist,
brostitute, paperside, asexual
pride, racebending, simplified
network, build build build,
seven figure bank account,
sixty cents to texas, or maybe
fish, obviously the work of
a retard, the all modification,
anything of any value is gone,
probability of exclusion,
european court of human,
cofiler, variable-number
tandem repeats, lexus ex
machina, amicus curiae,
double jeopardy, production
of the local, spatial justice,
localities of dominance,
d’sonoqua, hidden spatiality,
localities of liberation,
micro-aesthetics, nothing is
absolutely dead, a poetics
of accommodation, the so-called
language poets, benjaminian
urbanism, productive
consumption, the bayesian
inference, likelihood
ratio, the day after,