Friday, April 30, 2010

"anarchy rain"

read it as if it were
in pitman’s shorthand, play
random, why am i having
trouble finding the cenotaph?
aha!, don’t let the live language
die, turn the radio from noise
to, art is not gold, happiness is
birthday in the back of dad’s car,
caps van, visual voodoo buddha
node, i enjoyed it to the teeth,
and the empty too, i wrote you
in prison, i feel like a space
liner, my hand and your breast
touching, crap back, crap forth,

bit by bits, rifle file, we
are getting our mental map
worked out, cane association,
when the paper is blank it
seems there is something
missing, sunlight the thing
itself, anachōrein, ain’t got
no face, the merest tich,
even the ugliest piece of
shit canned be turned into

Thursday, April 29, 2010


no fly, is, are you going to sign?,
detach here & now, rematerialize,
depleted uranium, papertiger,
booze can work for a while,
the writing itself, mibbled,
a text producer, all the estates,
less agreesive, a popular case,
the other side of a, 6, attacks
on shelter, o memory, no library
big enuf, be honey, protractor
isolater from the bush, change!
, sugar shackin’ up, english
immersion, they’re all the same
aren’t they?, chick’n out, unread
something (debrief?), falling
a part away, cam-shafted,
whisky rub adub, do you think
that you are real?, get the
bulk price, tear & us, one
instead of two, mister to
you docter, look at together,
leper dozing, shall we say,
delete as appropriate, post-
date, changing lifestyle?,
see de en’, bound & unbound,
notes away from, ticked &
unticked seconds, machine
written, caught on video mon,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

strikethru deferred

reterioration, co-ordinary,
sign it!, write legibly in
block capitals, trance scribe,
paper article, no right, blow
gob, vaticandnympholeptic, gee!
gee!, fractional works, at the
risk of offending you, with
egress, severe hangnail problem,
what grade are you in?, bad
subjects, concrete individuals,
form arcs, heat ticks, the
other news, self-determined
& free to participate in the
marketplace, no voice over,
inter-agential process, what
letterhead! what a signature!,
the computer can’t do that,
samplah!, sight gags,
express an interest, tackle
the letter a, know what that
spans for, deferred, just
a photocopy, void where legal,
net her over, bpra, good skunk!,
the setting copy, trance
linguistic, wall of words,
unnam’d forms, composition
by opening, for copyright
purposes, propaganda organ,

MAR 02 2008, 10:26 (am)

1) a little sign to mark the fact.
1) oh, you want the actual penny!
1) @ one meaning . com or . ca
1) zero tolerance destroys lives
1) i hate to modify these things but
1) does anybody still develop film?
1) percentage original
1) originality indicator
1) it’s actually rather difficult to get to the copy realm
1) it’s still there, it’s just not real anymore
1) transformed into glass
1) this chaotic mixing must stop
1) don’t get a swell head
1) you can only zoom in so far (on the computer)
1) couldn’t we drop the “Ph.D.”?
1) with apologies, i do not like “clusters” …
1) if you know something, indicate it (or not)
1) fr instance: “voi vittu” means … ?
1) you know you are dealing with a copy because the
original is gone
1) move along, move along
1) this is likely a forward going copy
1) the original still exists somewhere (doesn’t it?)
1) are you looking for a new pal?
1) how do some manage to stay in the light?
1) we need to know: copied?
1) bright moments
1) looking for some junk to collage with?
1) celebrating your birthday alone in the back of a caps van
1) do you love or hate people with money?
1) this is how we are forced to write now
1) why do people hate poetry so much?
1) moss is important (but poetry isn’t)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FEB 23 2008 (5:30 pm)


1) the “Glenmar Shimmy” before they painted it
2) six kumquats in a silver colander
3) i don’t even recognize your face anymore
4) little boy up on an army tank
5) what else did we learn about Kipling recently?
(David Markson – This is Not a Novel )
6) the “Glenmar Shimmy” in blueish grey & in
reddish gray
7) who wants a picture of the “Glenmar Shimmy”?
8) tryal one
9) tryal two
10) tryal three
11) tryal four
12) kumquats like easter eggs
13) we had someone in mind when we took two photos
14) it’s a war town
15) behind the mural: booze
16) anyone else want a photo of the “Glenmar Shimmy”?
17) i thot you were perceptive
18) back when the sun was blazing on the keys (typer)
19) didn’t you realize your pants were open?
20) trust Barlow to spot the demon
21) before they even built it
22) before your teeth even came in
23) the graffiti is speaking to you
24) is that a Sherman tank?
25) think of the tank as a work of art
26) just try to get your sanity back, okay?
28) you look sooo goofy! oh, i love you!
29) what are you propping? that’s what i don’t see
30) a better picture of the kumquats! (print 10A)
31) self-portrait of me by my son (12A
32) [or 24 AA? …illegible… ]

Monday, April 26, 2010


not starting, which way it goes,
blers below, take another shot of,
profit is enjoy, leave it stuck,
double oh vee 99, she’s dead: you
can tell she’s dead, manage to
circulate, saint ultra fidelity
frequency, there is only one of us,
fill it & fly it, as far as font
flows, alka or ali, not having
access to the code, please print
clearly, you know what to put
in the box, you wanna letter!?,
the books we will be buying (if,
trance human, □, taken into
the record, trance peirce,
marks book, finding the new
rhythm, underdetermination,
not sent, plowing thru lang=
uage, guardin’ the garden,
imp arts, meta-symbolic plane,
already shut out, into the
garberator!, trade editions,
anti-epistemology, on the clip,
chronic logic, the ungotten to,
om, not arrived at yet, diff-
erence is difficult, faintest
impression, all that invite
white, he comes a cropper, unclue,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

circa MAR 01 2008

1. some sort of anatomy thing
2. “six” (defn.
3. goes in to (goesinta) (guzinta)
4. not exactly the nicest manuscript, but…
5. copy goes forward
6. this information will deteriorate.
7. good old pasquini, still kickin’
8. the xerographic sweetspot
9. on beyond the sweetspot
10. it need not be completely original
11. the companion piece is going to get lost
12. we are using the term “original” very loosely
13. this is becoming illedgible (sp.?)
14. even tho it is totally illegible we can still read it.
15. here’s the original original.
16. how can you use the word “all” anymore?
17. the crap I photocopy is better than the crap you photocopy
18. you died before I had a chance to say “thank you”
19. coffee filters & red rubberstamp ink.
20. writing on the paper is not an improvement
21. move the money while it is still hot
22. seven cents a side, that’s 14 cents (production cost)
23. julius caesar was stabbed 23 times
24. thank you for letting us use your money
25. razorblades in his soul
26. how come this rubberband died & them ones survived?
27. One Candida Three
28. you are not likely to forget your first phone #
29. could conceivably come in handy at some point in the future
30. one needs a little (big?) phone book
31. he was an asshole, but he treated me fairly
32. enmax stage
33. mike, buddy mike, you know

Saturday, April 24, 2010


artical, keeping horse, incorrect
bird usage, all rendered, not
clicking anymore, just sign the
fucking thing!, the old printers,
bounce back, tear sheets, by?,
a kind of pig, about nothing
beyond the frame, free void,
eternal structure, on the old,
at the beginning of the twenty-
first century, span for, eggs
at yer gate, collect them all,
air candy, seeing a for the
first time, too much slugger,
it’s huard to be a loon,
exc ess express, unlicensed
dealer, idling inertia,
push further & further
west, fist logo, he likes the
fractals, manned all brought
set, let, the corner of main
& hastings, a making, chaos
comics (printzine, a return
map, micronetwork, a big
many-body problem, not at
escape velocity, infinite
egress, exnew, why new?,
hot heavy collapse, limit
cycles to, globular cluster,

Friday, April 23, 2010

"chainy" & "tumbth"

i’m thru with trying to sort
shit out, you put other people’s
money where your mouth is,
my eyes can’t focus on text
anymore, this is the end,
chainy, let’s go with this one frag-
ment, i hope i’m not disturbing your
meditation, i vote for insanity!, midrash,
I’ve, didn’t, i have, i hate
concrete, idaho is practically canada!, i think
i know that guy, this poetry’s gonna make me
barf, do we have what it takes to publish
this shit?

lu, now i love you now i don’t, toner
pure toner, separated head, sonn you
will be living in a, why didn’t i complete
that thot, maybe you are the cap, only
the therapist benefits from the therapy,
perfect shortcomings, erudition cop hhhhh-
herringbone, eager for human contact, slit
your aorta, death penalty? death reward,
psychopathological art seventy-nine
dollars and ninety-nine cents, christian
fascism, snail and iris, clubmoss is
not in the moss club, microfossils,
magnificent butterfly hat, tumbth,
a bumper sticker stuck on the back of
his hat, sudden gust whips black hat back
on, can i get a breakdown on that,

Thursday, April 22, 2010


folding back the other way along
the crease, locked in, successpool,
boxed in, after the war, a
bounded infinity (co-curve, a
building housing, wild lines,
inside, missing fishbowl, i’m an
us too, do you like this garden,
total eclipse of the blue moon,
escapement mechanism, in
trance it if, boundary
condition, preprint, tell us,
renormalization group,
perturbulence, nobody mentions,
rarification?, the end of the game,
the end of the language game,
superstring of words,
p)article by p)article, kind of big
but perfectly good, gooey,
still nobody, your epitaph,
a fistfull of dollars, not an
error, icing ∴ i yam, nutmeg
trips, infernal forces, a
name to hide behind, about
the same time, anti-particles,
beyond my newt, the honey truck,
overdoing it, cost analysis,
out that way, ze(r/n)o, bank nab,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FEB 21 2008

1) a sheet of notes
2) gum?
3) the wall we had to stare at for 4 months
4) i’d be curious to see you at work
5) you are not going to be able to budge it
6) you have the thing itself, but so do i.
7) sexy cigarette butts
8) krazy kat “zip!” (it must be love)
9) make your determination
10) i’m glad to see them go
11) you knever know
12) you can actually see the modifications here
13) copy when ready
14) let’s see where this goes.
15) we lost our place
16) this is not a poster
17) here’s the bookmark! (now we’ve lost the book)
18) the art is bad enough, the apparatus is worse

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MAR 02 2008 (pm) 9:30

delicious thought crime


1) life before insanity | Gariwerd -
1) life during insanity | Grampians,
1) a rubberstamp that says: “Sabotage”
1) a dog only it’s owner (master?) could love
1) we trust you to drop your coins in (& not take any out!)
1) how’s about you eat yourself?
1) desperately seeking haddock
1) maim mi’ amor
1) this photograph is obscene
1) self-portrait (in the photocopier window)
1) what does that do to your eyes though, eh?
1) synthetic address
1) you don’t know nothing about bears
1) family violence insurance
1) Burushaski | insufficient dada
1) Pfaqir Ali | (A1)
1) we’re just chipping
1) Kefi | rare beyond rarity
1) interational|
1) Jindra Schmidt 1897-1984 (Chekoslovakia?)
1) writing with magnifying glass in hand?
1) clouds in the corner
1) the ‘fuck yourself’ roundabout
1) papir svorka
1) ephectic
1) ecomorph


1) you can zoom in a little
1) goodstrack , goodstrace
1) sudden plutonium blast
1) a bear head
1) toner music

1) from the dog’s point of view

1) a tear of glue
1) heart w/ vagina
1) porno trance

1) mail your garbage away!
1) popeye rendition
1) still fun?

Monday, April 19, 2010

"skeltonic verse"

an actual miracle, &, machine id,
a mere paradox, now’s your big
last chance, a mere miracle,
reconstituting, a done trance
formation, inside the ccoon,
revealing a little, guppy read,
sharing a father, new men on
earth, skeletonic verse, just
your self, gysm on the sill of
her window, [grunt], my us,
scratch , still available, ring
what you bring, stay away
from my head, non-meeters,
dirt-eater, not quite making
chaos, arse poetica, attention
to lurid detail, can still catch
the late show, bluemoonface,
eye spy with my little i, put
counting in poem, repeat
mistakes?, a vulnerable grisly
bear, not a mistake but i
allude, what sort of machine
to open letter?, predetacht,
a bigger window, the wilt
to power, what we have to do
we can do, what we want to do
we do, e2 , cybird’s eye view,
had it won, it wood halve, hope,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

FEB 24 2008 (pm)

“On the Way to Oysterville, WA”

1) spot the magic
1) coming in from the ocean
1) are you sure you wanna scratch that itch?
1) it ain’t easy getting to a place like this
1) come back! come back, my son!
1) people love to see explosions!
1) moment not really captured
1) little bird, who made thee?
1) how come no one appreciates me?
1) little boy, who made thee?
1) a repeat of a dull moment
1) close to 100 birds flying in unison
1) seeming unison
1) flying over the surface of another planet
1) the birds are flying & you are flying too!
1) it’s their job
1) the feet you used to kick me
1) the last time you smiled at me
1) there’s a pattern in the rubble
1) it’s too bad she didn’t use it
1) what wizardry drew us?
1) is that a real hand or is that a rubber hand?
1) send it to: everyone
1) you failed to watch your step
1) not exactly smiling there
1) what you are missing might be returned
1) a big piece of seaweed
1) swing it around like a bolo (?)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

circa FEB 24 2008

1. you don’t know the meaning of red handed
1. the same city from a different angle
1. but i don’t even have a tv!
1. I think we missed the show
1. missed being duped
1. sorry I was tied up (literally)
1. downtown: everything all jammed together
1. zero tolerance policy for violence (global)
1. this is the downflux
1. why is it fluctuating at all?
1. Ø tol.
1. hold
1. What makes you think I have any equity?
1. really? 35 hundred bucks? just like that?
1. raster dots
1. why is my money failing me here?
1. you could just try the number
1. that’s the guy!
1. mobile to mobile
1. not a very good brother
1. five bucks is five bucks
1. purty as a picture
1. drawn & quarterly rewards
1. got problems?
1. my end-of-life care
1. hospice, hospice, hospice
1. report it as stolen
1. nobody wants my identity
1. watch your back!
1. maybe you can do it online

Friday, April 16, 2010

"during the flood"

the daze circle, wear its quiet,
we edge, no base meant no flood,
small see canada, world water
works, the moment of decision,
poetry tax, deduce, is it worth
printing?, peot, centre: the
envisionary heart, about
of fever, never made much
of an impression on the book,
to further reading, the
machine seems to be working
again, pleonasty, concrete
meaning, corporate logorrhea,
check her bored techs,
collective eyes, concrete
sound, taking water,
really coming in, still coming
down, we are under, it’s

Thursday, April 15, 2010

March 2008?

1. only read the fine print
ignore the large print
1. Priddle vs. Priddle
1. that pillar looks defective
1. can i get a witness?
1. sign here, you donkey!
1. quantum meruit
1. I’m in favour of disclosure.
1. why this way?


1. sharp as attack!
1. we’re going to become a tax-deductible charity
1. it’s expensive to recycle!
1. they still send you a wad of paper every month.
1. it’s the pennies that kill ya
1. useful collage material
1. toilet truckload
1. careful you don’t fall in
1. high-tech squeegee

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

undated but, March 2008?

1) it would be a remarkable coincidence
1) there’s nothing lyrical about this (is there?)
1) a wheat penny
1) ophir (land of?)
1) you can see the gouge of the pen
1) feel free to be as cheesy as you wanna be
1) postally speaking
1) silly-type vispo
1) you gotta actually do it though (for full effect)
1) this is laser print? maybe?
1) just checkin’ to see if you’re still there
are you still there?
1) electronic contact
1) do you have elm trees there?
1) maianthemum?
1) prunus?
1) hand-made paper / home-made paper
1) give me an inch
1) evidence of climate change: pine beetle epidemic
1) Julyville
1) I want to get back in touch with you.
1) how’s it done? that’s all we wanna know.
1) reconnecting is possible

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


to make public aware, the
vibrating head, bottom status,
can you draw me a map?,
steamie: a shit in the snow,
tele-bravery, the blazing word,
a stack of a thing, colour on
it, the closest thing, take the
o-ridge, write over the line,
cringinal, the sum of things,
too fine, how many are we
talking?, still atter, we
plenish, share name,
deposit in the word bank,
one at a time, holy mofo,
sense deprivation, as
yet unwritten, how? where?
are you, unspeak, words a
lad, metal linguistic,
flow back, double guh!,
what does this say?!,
blood letter, wallpaper
cover, stencilled
occasional paper,
pacificist, contest losers,
what do you do with the
holy words now?, guage
language, change this sign,
memor eyes this, unwrite,

Monday, April 12, 2010

MAR 06 2008

1) put the river in for reference
1) project for future (insane moment(s))
1) timesheet challenge
1) does your tag say “hero!” or “nerd!”?
1) not case sensitive
1) Matteuccia struthiopteris
1) Melampyrum lineare
1) Melilotus alba
1) unentered vs. “doable”
1) Saint Ride Gallery ( 1004...
1) i am a quadragenarian
1) you mean all those pleasant conversations we were
having were costing me $200/hr.?!
1) check this off your list of phrases to write
1) is there a problem with my card?
1) the fuckin’ rent check didn’t go thru yet!
1) memorize all these Latin names (?)
1) Odeon Redon
1) oh, the poetry goes alright!
1) your name in my hand
1) no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to
get blank.
1) slightly different terms & conditions
1) one is afraid of the other
1) seven grains
1) your photocopier needs to be, uh, tuned up a little!
1) mainesthai
1) better put that exclamation mark in brackets (!)
1) we still intend to follow up on some of these
1) the ‘I’ is missing

Sunday, April 11, 2010

feb. 2008?

1) a clove-studded orange
1) is it gauche to mention money to your lawyer?
(they don’t seem to have any qualms about it)
1) there’s no doubt about the copyness of this text
1) no matter how much you concentrate
chaos will still be there
1) slightly better copy of some writing about some
photographs of the gone world
1) somebody else’s happy memories (no date given)
1) i don’t even think this shit will copy
1) this ought to copy well
1) this should copy just fine
1) we wish this wouldn’t copy but…
1) this has been copied to death
1) all the millions of people we might have said hello to
1) the photocopier has a sweet spot
1) depending on the machine (lower left corner)
1) there’s no reason this won’t copy
1) trying to teach myself how to write again
1) the “title” might get lost
1) follow up on excellence
1) if you want a bunch of text to throw up on the
web… (url : // )
1) photo of that “ubusoftware” sign on Stephen Ave.
1) the least you could do is write it in black ink
1) that’ll never copy
1) like, a copy of a post-it note? gimme a break!
1) “miscellaneous” has a specific meaning here

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"taximeter cabriolet"

paper skin, poebit, thing s start
floating around, texts as lumber,
history: the establishment of causal,
nowhere for it to go, radiation
bathing, evoked harness in
clarity, handpressed, what’s
wrong with metaphor, bop!,
during the flood, logo echo,
the metaphysics of concrete,
tasking for it, daunt taste,
look no w here, sort of
language are we talkin’?,
dire erections, the dish king,
taxometer, the big car, yer
not suppost to look in here,
ink possibilities, each atom
exploding, explodations, out
of know where?, lover cover,
interdictionary, disengagé,
good new daze, cartoon
realism, lack king, books
plural, paper’s kin,
deluge-ed, getting yer feet
wet, w, lick king, versus
getting trench foot, still
hoping, dig money with
s hovel, eh eye are, turn
a phrase, into deep, out,

Friday, April 09, 2010

FEB 24 2008, (2)

1) table of contentment
1) i plead not guilty! (re: the poetry collective)
1) i only want to hear the voices of my loved ones .
1) jack these up for copying!
1) call in the goons!
1) return to the use pile
1) “file” over yonder
1) i am determined to determine
1) it’s gone! can’t you see it’s gone?
1) the mind can still read long after the eye goes dark
1) you are in the excellent books
1) is it text or teat?
1) ekphrastic hat
1) we don’t need to review the review
1) you think you’re too good for me, don’t ya?
1) NOTHING can wait!
1) it might will come out darker next time
1) there’s nothing here that can’t be read (is there?)
1) put it back in the tube (?)
1) determine: copy or original?
1) it has been determined: copy
1) good riddance to the text
1) just guess (geuss?)
1) is it painful?
1) back to the copier
1) 131.839 is an Icelandic poetry anthology? (not exactly…)
1) there was a time before the disaster(s)
1) insert a title (& have done)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

MAR 06 2008, (pm) #2, 10:30

1) nobody hates flowers (do they?)
1) nobody wants to see your fucking poetry!
1) that’s jail talk!
1) being in a position to hear an actual loon
1) you’re not that vain, are you?
1) monotropa vilosa
1) nobody hates butterflies, do they?
1) why do I have to remember all of these names?
1) how can you misread “hero!” as “nerd!”?
1) how can you misread “nerd!” as “hero!”?
1) the challenge is to fill out your timesheet
1) “unentered” is not a word, but “doable” is!
1) sweet wheat
1) finally, the mail is coming thru!
1) for a while (we loved each other)
1) ‘we’ does not include ‘me’
1) poor Michelle Semenok
1) only in Calgary are they called “sticky buns”!
1) pobrecito
1) memorize all your numbers
1) poetry is where you put it
1) paradise is a state of mind
1) when is a kiss not a kiss?
1) becoming comfortable in the world
1) printing is so much spoiling of paper
1) we just love to see the poem magically appear
1) put “rayed” to it!
1) that 5 grand went thru, no problem!
1) & the 3 too!
1) i just got a phone call from Islamabad
1) shillaber
1) yes, I approve of this text!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"blituri & skindapsos"

not what i wanted to say, more
of this, real leary, within eye,
tragedic splanning, total
eclipse of the world, won’t be
here?, brake cane, actually
want paper, crumple!, blituri
& skindapsos, measured in
number of hits, improper
names, no plays, hands alive,
dust covers, you have paper,
on the way to the recycle,
by the mile, saint ring,
refused by addressee, the
flood waters the plain, the
windows (note well, good
stuffing, still oh!, high
ground coffee, blaze noh,
still in there!, good
reason, took a lotta water,
the write process,
trapparatus, at where,
frist, an underview, unid,
play politics, on the red
path, forgot something,
lines: as punishment, free
up some space, money
magazine cartridge,
flashbackhoe, users inhouse,

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

JUL 16 2008, 8:30 pm

1) write your name vs. sign here
1) devoted to nothing
1) veco
1) why do you need to know all this?
1) toque torque
1) caputt
1) kingdom of barcodes
1) nice of you to annotate this crumb
1) live art of live art?
1) from back when the writer was still alive
1) actually mailing it
1) puss n’ boots
1) surcharge the system
1) oak boy
1) allow this cookie to what?
1) judging by the gold
1) why would you want to bury language?
1) here’s how to get from point A to point B:
1) i’m a process improver
1) a continual flow of books
1) she only reads lips
1) sweet for rent
1) other people are finding pleasure
1) that’s not just any clock
1) at least i got rid of the comma
1) do or die need
1) our third (semi-)official language:
1) your last trip to…
1) free fam damn
1) a continuous flow of books
1) why does it say “shit” here?
1) ebils wobble
1) the sort of need you can’t deny (for long)
1) you don’t know the meaning of drastic, buddy

Monday, April 05, 2010

JUL 17 2008, (am) #1

1) orbilicious
1) an odd habit of leaving out the province
1) too much message
1) i need four voices
1) no way to know what future marks the paper will take
1) how is this given to you?
1) letters like iron filings to a magnet
1) what matter what machine?
1) google merkabah
1) that ain’t funny, that’s sick
1) those tell-tale e’s
1) how’s about just the first panel?
1) inflate the orb
1) i am asking for an explanation of this
1) interlocking randomage
1) chuck chick
1) mamaroneck
1) hocketting
1) you can see the silk
1) are you good or bad?
1) in the moment of performance
1) things being realized
1) if the thing is a u n i t
1) yipes indeed
1) the gaping maw The Gaping Maw
1) hurry up and die young
1) zenaida
1) ubu dada voodoo
1) it takes a village to make an idiot
1) paper has a way of malingering
1) do you mean to say it’s ten times bigger?
1) zine wild
1) i’m bleeding out all over the place

Saturday, April 03, 2010

"you are the meaning-producer"

we ege, premium prise loose,
buy you, text blank, rut earned
truth, might bein’, outer time
circuit, hornswoggled?, loook
one thousand kay, no order, no
titles, brown paper, center
fade, new minus, they do it
every time, suspiration, the
reword of loss, easy enuf to
ignore, pliers & repliers,
just keep thinkin’ zero zero
zero, the konkreet system,
shelfwork, virtual realists,
get in on?, car cash, a door
is a jar, is that an okay thing
to be?, started out as the
alphabet, calibrating
together, now it’s different
whala!, timerity, deposit
in the language bank, not
everybody wants, on the e,
unselected, you are the
meaning-producer, energy
and carrier of healing,
also too, the push, & the slip,
every tick it explose,
parallel systems, reside
genre-ally, there’s yer art,
renew winter, feed the
machine, brrr real, till soil,

Friday, April 02, 2010

JUL 06 2008, (am) #2

1) why is this interspersed
1) don’t like the way things are replicating
1) can’t seem to hold all the knowledge
1) you can hang onto the original (& the copy for that matter)
1) just quit it
1) a real penny
1) did a pretty good job of excavating, but...
1) you can’t bend reality, can you?
1) remains to be typed
1) no such person as
1) a little scrap of paper to transfer the data
1) cash on the barrelhead
1) the jenn fire needs dousing
1) are you ever going to actually do this project?
1) sort of a rotating checklist
1) √
1) √
1) √

Thursday, April 01, 2010

JUL 05 2008, (afternoon)

1) R. D. Priddle
1) at all, at all
1) platen turner or platter turner?
1) penny no more
1) wreckanism
1) who are you calling an animal?
1) where’s the pipers’ hall?
1) John Evelyn to Sir Peter Wyche (1665)
1) ‘clinquant’
1) bipostal
1) Pincam & Macnip
1) fatum dicere
1) a photocopy for all time
1) nescience
1) what?! you mowed another cord?!
1) Horace Walpole “The Three Princes of Serendip”
1) this line was still blank until JUL 05 2008 @ 4:21 pm
1) can abyss?
1) international telecommunications
1) suet & desuetude
1) the vispolice
1) maybe it’s time for a paper transfer?
1) you made another pile of copies?
1) why is that thing flashing?
1) Samuel A. Maverick
1) sanctimoney
1) weiss rice
1) hyperopia
1) i wanna go busy
1) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – Hyperion (1839)
1) when you have to choose between food and art
1) John Tolson – Airmobility in Vietnam
1) egg nite
1) mecha conjoint read