Tuesday, October 17, 2006

too late to stop, grimalkin, an
infinite landscape of universes,
loop quantum gravity theory,
doubly special relativity,
superconducting supercollider,
electronic dirt, self-determined
transactions, division avenue one
stop, cluster security officer,
ambit, immortality that is
achieved by drinking this substance,
the very poor saved up their pennies
for him, thirty-one million identities,
social disconnectivity, free hugs,
eternity high the cost, feel the oats,
one oat at a time, block the concrete,
the mistress of hams, blinks you
blank, anti-biopic, the medicine show,
compre- hensive exhibition, keep
your writing to yourself, bolder
underlining, get rid of your life,
textual poetics, too much screen
time, the science of nothing,
retire toner, this also will
deteriorate, blank toner, non-self-
excluding, the critical industry,
canonizable, along-the-wall
thinking, humanity but characters
and emotions, open your bottom,
concrete political action, complete
total pleasure, white identity,
madman theory, nishtagea,
shock therapy, radical
nationalism, archterrorist,
irrational and vindictive if
its vital interests are attacked,

Monday, October 16, 2006

nothing is free, orange abulia,
withdraw a slip, withdraw another,
we were supposed to act, another
day another copy, another day
another paper, nothing creamer,
woodstock electrite, destroy all
artists, hat wife, never did say
thanks, a little glory before
we die, you will be enslaved,
rises and falls like the price
of gas, mx, let the wind take
you, ringing zero bells, noneye,
why don't you answer me,
half baked goods, read-sci,

Sunday, October 15, 2006

put a nickle down, ten at twenty-five,
bluke, zero cents a litre, artists
there were, miroscope, add a poem to
the list, charge the rubber, nothing
heals, haptic versus nonhaptic
personalities, no it already is art,
cyablk, vino excentric, the zen of
alcoholism, poison for the brain,
the days rotating around again,
back in the glory days, nothing
got posted, are those people still
alive, failing to acquire,
ostracize yourself, how is one to,
a blip followed by a blop, blip
but no blop, poetry room, nolong,
we had a little to and fro,

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

o, jimmie the meaning, moronic
men, raise it up a notch, it's
sell or be sold, rip a sheet, two
hundred and thirty-third
journal, fetching fresh water
for the artists, crisp hop edge,
created death, call money,
changed horses at each, we
thought we thought, hit a knot,
tenax, emotional freedom
technique, infoglyptic,
vacuum energy, unchinese,
eye-consciousness, connect
nothing to nothing,

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

over the cliff (for cliff)

the moment of the word, compare
methods, the four of us, still no
cheque, aprote, the distances,
geniculate, original equipment
manufacturer, orange armature,
renminbi, katakana, escadas
rolantes, research to death,
dog lime, immanentalism,
ischiorectal, instantaneous
concrete, christian essentialism
from the haecceitas,

Thursday, October 05, 2006

if you search for, original document
original document original
document, a word referring to a
particular moment in time, how
many times do you intend to do
this, figure out how to make the
mark, the textual risk, special
defective copy, all these goofy
fonts, unlimit the edition, what
did the other hundred do with
their’s, is that a three, identical
to the original, carry the error
forward, five copies press, bold
risk, textual poetics, revotution,
quickly proliferate, cornerstole,
seneca root, nanofluids, to mock
a killingbird, penniless in
paradise, honorificabilitude,
ova orb, a career in copying,
the book says discard, the living
author, hakata, where to go from
everywhere, the only thing that
changes is the price, suffer
through a thousand pages,
no one is making you read this,
if this book leads to that book
then, do you want to know this
stuff or, love stained pages,
where the good writing is to be
found, book luggage, the
famous page is missing, what
sort of writing are you after,
you had your chance, and
descant on my own deformity,

Sunday, October 01, 2006

risking nothing, sure it’s flesh,
wait til you see, colour is nice,
a copy will do, still flush,
a national bohemian cap, here
we go again, could you rubber,
shade garden, black garden,
if you bump into one on the
street walrus, copy tally,
approximate dollar, like a
bird flying away, now it looks
punchy, an eye competition,
what’s wrong with drawing, are
you still present, imagine
facing, write more bolder ,
gapping down to the line,
nobody responds to these, what
can and what cannot be sold,
it all depends on how you think
of it, keep a few copies ahead,
the original is a copy too,
imagine war, designated for
death, you call yourself a
press, phul-nana, is this a
special one now, hat one ten,
supportage, oughta toner, total
lit bentspoon, how many words
for a nickle, whim voel, not
hispid, one hath, agenda gov,
imagine copies, every
laideur, film underpants,
brazilian handiwork,