Wednesday, December 31, 2008


it’s just another day, grab blank,
o r i g i n a l, estimate with eye
or mind, misestimate, the failure
omnibus, this is toner not ink,
blue change, glue luck, ece bike,
hand torn, hand ripped, gives us
two variations?, wood of thot,
the artist that is doing this, e.d.m.
t.e.n., feel free to destroy the copy,
microsoft-centric, why don’t you
read all fifty copies, ece photo,
night bicycles, glue here, lucky
nonidentity, changed information,
blue games, cyberday, losing
worth, this network, still bitter,
where mighta, here onboarding,
fail culture, the it, orange is,
how do you remain legible, enuf
blank to inhabit, glasseats,
increased customer traffic,
didder, the only thing that
changes is the hole, proscuitto,
faeophobia, mummichog and
menhaden, morin khur, perfect
zen failure, acquired situational
narcissism disorder, the higgs
boson, the boswellia tree, the
commiphora tree, h flat h sharp
sing h, chester cheese, mudda
fucca pomost, hired as a local
moron, white ink, inheritance
is not enough, fantails,


take the smar test, this could take
a little bending, activate memory now,
parties for uncle sam, i love you by
making, small wonder drove us mad,
we did the to and fro, what lies
behind the doors of perception,
nobody to do your bidding, gooey
lips, it ain’t no sin to be begin to see,
the drinker’s sea, interdigital,
boreal wafer, hypnarcotic, ovo, nine-
teen-sixty-nine, yay x yay, yo x yo,
perfrep, memem, you were right here
beside me, indi, do you know what
your name means in english, all the
places money, suggest slugfest,
these will all be bundled toge,
still a job of reading to do, a
whole has been ripped right
thru, unhappy harbour, meaning
full hand eye work, one day you
are moving the next you are still,
you missed each and every chance,
now for a text unlike any
other, no point stimulating yourself,
is this what you like to see, ztim,
torno, not even murder could put
her in jail, eskimo grotto, help me
i’m dangling over an abyss, knock
yourself off, ask for mister blue,
faulty intelligence, conjure up the
taste of cod liver oil, season of
gloom, actual meeting in reality,
here have a cd, appreciate all,
you are way over here, cranes crest,
we met, wemet, met dead, mewet,

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


mark ististin, mandrax, you made me
quit killing myself, red jimmy
versus blue matrix, the e-mail
that brought the net down, think
of yourself as an other, all the
effort that goes into failure,
failure daemon, alcohol was a
factory, orge van, grin taxi, inside
kick, overbored, ozzem berg, wail
tale, dragon’s milk, what are you
teaching your children about
beer, yes somebody is still on
the case, way back machine,
interacting with strange entities,
smilodectes, bad bad black sheets,
revocable now, full sail three,
you almost need a microscope,
let us be broken, which way does
the head go, confuson, bandeau
rituel, the clever forge, mint
for use, failing to smile, study
nothing, turn every thot into
something beautiful, the inside
of a shark, asuloc, the good old
brown rockfish, thirty-nine
placenta, blackbird agave,
canadian legend, this is not a
duck, half fish half buffalo,
you look like einstein, tuskan,
straight up baselisk, you can’t
eat art can you, share sugarbear,
mere water, they are busy making
weapons, bunyon canyon, red
fish blue, graduating to,


perror, real paint for a change,
shaitans, where’s the red, you young
coveri, attach some reality,
post-auto, borsodi, it was an error
to start with, a replication of
the error, psychotic arrests, we are
the outsider, a record of our
correspondence, gyula, imagine
engine, agyak, always already
seen, anammi, enel, tabella,
forty gigs worth of the same poem,
this chant air, positive mutation,
cybird, i stand here reading,
take the logo out of context, the
grand total of damage, the label
finally soaked off, phthalates,
millions of caps, mad-hatter
bio-tech tea party, japanimation,
eye candy with a hint of acid,
hst means, a conspiracy of idiots,
saw the smashing of the art,
writing about ether, art made
from sausage casing, kermode,
mere-painting, orange success,
imparity, hand eye coordinates
heated, plotinusian, a hardhat
over a turban, optasy, two
pieces of blotting paper,
slice of hand, nipple-tux,
calamity is as heavy as the
earth, mews, a hat of great
size and weight, fluctuated
down to zero, sos survey,

Monday, December 29, 2008


pop eye scan nada, the jack of
spades, an environmental technician
is a cleaning lady, typical list,
with the leg, type me a word,
skeezix, reproductions of trash,
please inform your correspondent,
star date, inspirational text,
change of status, ain’t got no
point and click, telefile, who
picks up the postage, you got me
wrong, swedish fish, vitamin i,
panchimagogum, when this you
see remember me, listed cleavers,
slackpacking, and who had you
through the mails, heaven and
earth may collapse, zerbert,
nothing but a follerer,
ideological correctness, stilyagi,
crypto-ideas, phenothiazine,
hithertonow, the screen remained
blank, historically essential
cause, essence of organe, extra-
consciousness, pulverized baby-
crab, stelazine, pol-read, datrox-
three, pseudo-hand, orange
stretchpants, canon theory,
aesthesis, forced travel, kuluk,
wreckers and hoarders, the sun
is late today, pushing people
into abysses, kolkhozes, a
dangerous and unpredictable
alteration of the entire system,
za, myrmecology, queen-lickers,

401 (the island of candara)

capucine, failed on all four heads,
nothing is better than you, dukka,
underare, hoss’s hat, trance lightning,
colourbled, a geometry of dust,
fanes, coronagraph, panna, tanha,
submillimeter light, bolometer,
thankaka, motioning with his hat,
potboy, skittles, hat on the piano,
paid at a penny a printed line,
slangular, a rummy start, hideous
expedients were common, mousewarts,
cellblock aitch, the bedrooms of
the nation, seppuku, hara o warra
hanasu, the crushing of jewels,
sacred murder, ecodefense, babay,
literary pugilism, usamerican,
universist, universistism, flesh-
and-bone reality, geopoetics, a
marriage of acids, dipperfuls
of water from the murky, fig,
the foregoing copy, paper ledge,
photocopying is an aid to memory,
desireau thanatics, desireau
leaf, desireau eff, begin plot,
carnivorous lightning, location
in the copy pile, now make a
few hundred copies of this,
but now there is more than five,
we like the way this is put
together, a free standing
piece of paper, now you have
time to read this, breathe,

Sunday, December 28, 2008

cambria cheese? or the island of cambria?

arousing nothing, what is it going
to kite, play the other side of the
card, letters collide, st rum meat,
funex, tomba, cee, p and er, off
leg, pixels schmixels, up in the
slammer, socic, llen lob, number
cluster, seeking the hand of,
welcome to the year of the pigpen,
om ad is, produce produce produce,
can’t you see you are dying,
entoptic graphomania, cubomania,
fronto-callosal glioma, ccabw,
anosognosic graphomania, floor
punching, pseudoagraphia, hautes
études commerciales, affective
indifference, hypergraphism,
echographia, aphasiology, carre,
dynamic aphasia, psychosensorial,
pallidal lesions, chasmically,
subspeech, the perpetual stoppage,
day care for old folks, blues-ed,
what does cover a hat, concrete
pray, grassroots celebrities,
the fashionable intelligence,
yard-wide hats, gonyin seeds,
the eternal chicken, paper baptist,
glazed hats, a giant refreshed
with wine, one is a fixer-upper,
alouettine, a nothing clerk,
orange bobbing, busy-pink,
heartbreaking echo of christ,
colonial heritage: emerson,
nothing confidential,

on the island of calibri

saint aitch, notes on saturday,
what can turn garbage into gold,
depends on who was doing the
striking, context referential,
stirking, all is equal to none,
air sculpture, akzo, vanav, wafer
thin mint, temporary focus,
industrial hole, random
selection, the burning concerns,
clipboard mentality, zero
response in, pacifist on a rampage,
psyche out our conversants, you
must choose sides, one will be
forgotten, pointytits, armed with
knowledge, looking at everything,
poem entitled i, all the pennies,
still a pile, value high, etaon
rish, the power of positive
deviation, here’s this mysterious
mark again, editor to the letters,
better than escher, thinking about
the letter a, time to take another
gander at the goose, thinking
bout, from the edge to the
gutter, loosen the folder off,
internal use ontology, when your
socks get holes wear them upside
down, stirred by garbage, one
two three etcetera, the
hallucinated image of god,
mud lamp sand, rattlrs blud,
depends on state of mind
during reading, there was no
blood, tried to buy nothing,

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the book is obsolete, man

this can only be read by the
initiated, evn the coor of me
eyees to help, nothing trembles,
for someone who does not value,
absolute message, bleeps,
priapean, abrasive language,
onjon, now is the time to write
this, original rusty paperclip,
every cell is screaming out for,
silk screams, figure out how many
things we are dealing with here,
completeness of historical
evidence, watch for falling
concrete, the column and the
circle, reams to read, mayhap,
junehap, still cycle, anti-library,
subscribe but do not read,
zoning but order, copied and
punched and copied, world
improvisation, writer book reader
book writer, being on the beach,
being in jail, the path of
hurricane eng, disappoint your,
like a worn out shoe, always
already full, three-dime,
identical for all intense
and non-intense purposes, enuf
ray to go around, and last
but not least blank, fame
and famine, this very moment,
mslloc, progress towards death,
fiore, i need you signature,
an evil mistake, financial love,
fuckin’ rip, go lay in the snow,


blâti-mé, the generous margins
rule, there is nothing beyond
writing, a mere year ago, force
you onto the typewriter, we are
actually selling these texts,
what do these do-dads signify,
very little publication taking
place, couldn’t you wait until
the corpse was cold, long handed,
even gold is just dirt, we got
hauled away, divide yourself
into six, whether you think art
has any value or not, art versus
sport, do not encourage the insanity,
back when here meant there,
chrome writing, buddha now,
skeleton mosh, blame it on the
suburbs, i gave you nothing,
being have, whawhuwhe, rayar,
culture of violence, seven is
supposed to be lucky, put it
where somebody can pick it up,
dumb fool boiling, who are you
calling a jerk, a year between
hellos, valium overdose time,
did you have something you
wanted to say, drink yourself
over the edge, s, lucy smith drops,
junkyard art, peace-sign crosshairs,
might be mere loss, a complete
list of mailartists, the world
is always at war, texts for
rubberstamps, postward,

Friday, December 26, 2008

back to batang (again?)

my worst year ever, text literature
book, remember the moment we
smeared this text, take last
breath, no action no failure,
making out the pornographic bit,
want to let you kgow, is this a
push or a pull, what were you
doing a year ago, tone for sale,
the pust, busy doing, the bone of
contentment, cause a gap,
garanoia, secret mail, last known
address, no colophon, eight eyes,
fire in the system, controls the
fish, city of time, hus, what
could happen, access to the
control, watchperson, bobm, zip
around the world, highlight
the dayglo, too busy for art,
salt lass, textcycle, drive
with blood, nuf fun, favour
dead tree, gimme a sec to
study the brochure, associa,
hoping to find this moment
again, normal art mind, used
paper discards, pled guilty to
something you never did, you
failed to heed the warning
signs, we were just getting
started, we never found our
way in, a whole ‘nother stack
of blank, not an internet one,
fake post, seeing it as an ass,
we thot these were the same
publications, still sign, aug,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

damn this printer!

all we want to do is see it, raw wind,
x is for rox, wawazin, here’s a plum,
sane effort, the light zone, from
the first to the n-th degree copy,
xeropoesis, the golden past, no wheat
today, infrapink, orange windowpane,
zeven, your fears evaporated,
electronic microdot, the letters are
fragmenting, acid wheels, bell
queue, expedient pong, pink ponk,
electronic salt, we eat our quota,
the golden future, camel-pig, keep
the dead idea, an interpretation
of the address, are yot, defense
of sanity, prompt copy, the effort
of zero, typewriter decoder, remin,
picture plum, before it got broken,
tools of violence, the sun in your
eyes, enter the frame, looks like
about nineteen-sixty, print xa,
i was thinking about you when
i wrote this sentence, a crazed
beauty, are you sober, somed,
blaw-knox, watch you don’t get
hit from above, might be better
captured with words, jump out
of the book, the computer is free,
outlab, recycle your cranium,
all this wealth has nothing to
do with you, deadhead miles,
realtime information, terminal
social clubs, rpm violation
record, a kwispel cap, wyvern,

"smoke, or someone else will smoke in your place"

fix the broken egg, jull, you were
not taking part, take part in someone
else, writing after work, om magic
day, god said rest, while you were
here and away, we had plenty of
material to work thru, all apart
together, sweating hat, ain’t got no
connection, elite sign, express beg,
suddenly became a criminal,
memphis charmed fairy, attach
a blank, how cums it, how many
times the same image pops up,
setting the seeds of disaster, one
works while the other plays, work
this forward, if you could go back
go forward, there will come a
long, depends on the time of day,
immocent, mail tray stone,
nothing to do with beer, the work
we are laying down today, you
don’t know the meaning of
double bind, glass slag, order
poets, auguries of disaster,
think of everything as an addnpass,
nobody is going to be our friend
now, how are you finding the
smoke, if this is the cure i’d
hate to see the disease, as we
approach the end, by the end
of this month, one had nothing,
always running, the last time,
one hot spot or another, now you
are on your own, i liked you
best when you were asleep,

Monday, December 22, 2008


year of the dead pig, ut ik, slackers
of the world, eighteen forty-six
watermark, west edmonton mailart,
all poetry is rare, a bank of hands,
might make a nice fake, are those
guns you’re holding, police
expansion, let’s figure out what
caused the catastrophe, collect
pork, cochon, dreams wanted, we
need more tickets, jack of spades,
get ‘em while they’re cheap, the
cost of breaking, put it under the
heading of nothing, should be
discarded, hihanna, the jacking
up of minimums, unavoidable
exposure to the elements, normal
wear and tear, presumed dead,
microcephalin, glossopteris, the
end-permian extinction event,
stressors, evapourite, trishaw,
foraminifera, photoresist, orange
mini-taxi, verberus, hum emb
currents, foamathon, this orange
thing, lumber mail, self-lobotomize,
fade up, an ion implanter, carbon
dating service, affectless monk,
the arbiter of existence, kadaw,
parabaik, atomic-layer deposition,
extreme ultraviolet lithography,
soft x-rays, the hapless digger,
dead image, extraordinary
half conceptual, writing sous
rature, the german mirror
punishments, copy the wisdom,

an ad revolution

schizofriends, they differ in the way
they are destroyed, spoon vacuum
dream, capital see cowboy, tearing
nerves, copy chaos, we never knew what
the token, p, work you back into the
fold, growing from the concrete,
the ambiguity of reality, concrete
concurrence, emergency midwifery,
shopping drunk, hey kids look
there’s a dirty word on that sign,
the good old days will come back to
haunt you, this will not make you
a better person, we lost all our
hapticity, are you glad you spent
the time to read this far, june is
coming or is it going, take me to
the other place, even when you said
no more you said something,
nothing is ever really empty, is
it may or december, the power of
suggestion only goes so far, this
is meaning nothing to me, may or
june, oxr, you have been disincluded,
jump to the same month next year,
usually interesting, took a look
at ook from the side, let there
be english, we think we might
have already written this, we
blog or we are silent, did i get
a chance to show you this before
we were torn apart, bring something
unusual forward, this won’t work
it worked, my thirsty year,

Sunday, December 21, 2008

touch you bert

we had the machines, a little
publication never hurt anyone,
no more cookies for you ever, one
mentions another, what do you
do now, i wrote you but you were
already dead, nodded yet, what
would it feel like to be back
in that moment, we were all
within range, now we have enough
text to last us a lifetime, thou
shalt not swear, we need to move
some of this art, lousy zeal,
zoom in on my face, face composed
of about fifty dots, psychological
reverberations, send your voice,
if you need help with the internet,
you have been forced off the net,
you won the hat, one has seen
beautiful things, willing to
fight for art, you are not invited
to the party, you are off having
fun together, ahoy there fellow
human, i am having to cut you
more and more slack, now we are
long past the point of no return,
risking the art to the winds of
chance, well you have the
number but, oh we could come
up with a few texts if need be,
one and the same with your
former self, white toner in
orange highlighter, zin, true
love broken, be hap, behap,
respond despond, you hap, me hap,

"Fuck Times New Roman!" (title quotes Christian Bök)

find your way forward to happiness,
maybe something here will jog your
memory, every scrap of paper that
ever blew your way, try and
capture the reality before you let
it go, nothing happens, name blot,
opposed these carefree, how old
is that beauty, so is this the copy
of the copy, this is blue ink
not toner yet, why don’t we get
all this made into a rubberstamp,
we hope we get no more mail,
everyone climb aboard, laussel,
it crops up again like a bad
penny, this is the masterpiece
of, the copy that can make copies
of itself, ignore this, free to
give up our freedom, one amp ust,
are you still there dear reader,
if you find anything relevant
highlight it, getting to know
you as you, elements retained,
dip back and compare, i added
the garbage, this should be
with the colour version, oh i’m
sure it was actual somewhere,
a whole lot more than a mere
copy, would like to see the rest
of that picture, rudedur,
microcont, sadly unannotated,
the best of the worst, anno
may, ones we never got to know,
if this offends thee, longone,

Saturday, December 20, 2008


lugpos, do it as often as you like,
hitler as a baby, my skull, every
item, derelict duty, toner meister,
poets meridian, to write or not to write,
over the lim, willist, you don’t want to
miss a single word, somehow remaini,
the year of the camel, always
already gone, copyright therapy,
the thickness of the silicon, home
breast, message labour, let us try to
piece the word back together,
schizonomics, gradual marks, this
is not my finest hour, l, divided by
three, let’s do something about the
confusion, an original smudge, the
tape does not help, ististian, mute
it, schizo trance, the wisdom of pigs,
why vern, i took this picture of you
while you were asleep, our throwness
made us break, msgsm, home hour,
breast bulb, you chief identity,
zero beer, the silicon word, slack
copy, link therapy, amend moment,
violent love, fills me with the urge
to defecate, camel shark, gloriously
blank, specific copyright,
continues off in both directions,
antisocial character disorder, eyes
half closed, cials evincing the
hardness, armchair revolutionary,
pacifist anarchist, happy sadder-
day, a dollar in the hand is worth
two in the bank, hot italian what,
shore up the bank, three of hearts,

sylfaen sildenafil

a name that signifies, the selves we
left behind, ain’t got no hand to hold,
picking words from a hat, concrete
was animated, glickering, old hat
misplaced, sildenafil citrate,
apparoir, gathering little moss
among the conquest, penny ante,
frog crumpet, the eremitage a
hunting castle, not-yet-canadian,
a notre dame cathedral imp,
vision elite, humanamuh, really
simple syndication, art with bar-
code, every line you make, better
take that off your to do list,
ginger alien, personal self, maybe
this is not my hand, slapdash
employment, hope of escape from
condemnation, loyalty violence,
revolutionary theory, enhance
it by counteracting the
hegemonic, lega-style, nothing
proud, thot we saw a typewriter,
extend your word, faux gold,
artsite, no more latitude, don’t
want to get into part two, a
letter of reference, how do you
stay so pure, death takes
centre stage, say goodbye to all
that and hello to all this,
another blank day, hoping always
hoping, there’s no getting over
time, bebuary, beb three, the
word police, the dot under the
aitch in pesah, beb six, be seven,

Friday, December 19, 2008

sydnie as in lsd

if you look back you may see me
pop up where you thot i never was,
meaning only chaos, we can’t have
things like this showing, maybe
this was made by, influxus,
genuine material not allowed,
all down here in the negative,
original material reality, drink
toner, bath tub hanging from
ceiling, if we make ten copies of
it then we get to keep the original,
there’s a first time for every
offence, someone willing to sell
their dirty panties, arbitrarily
broken, start reading the sports
section, you all have your
hockey, now here you are gone,
some they succeed, i want to be
back in that better day,
responsive individuals, we did
take care of that debt, out of
the blue: joy, still posting,
what you said about yesterday
yesterday, we like these little
haiku-bytes, no more escale,
the photocopier is obsolete,
goa head, it looks like an omen
in retrospect, anemone sidecar,
a suspect copy, jewel hat, out
of one month into the next,
multiple workarounds, double
production half results, here
you are away, ship off a load,
double self-destruction,

simulated sunlight

yes terday, three fourteen, without
the context we have no way of knowing,
this looks darker than that but, save
them before they flutter into oblivion,
policing the now, travel around in
your memory bank, memories going
up in smoke, blue turning black
enough, zerovision, lug means to
fly, how could you not want
this text, this is all machine
made writing, signifies being,
flying heart, contemporary text
production, zero advice, date
toggle, turboaction, horizontal
envelope collaborator, the
forgotten sugar, time bug, put
the original into play, memory
flux, dismemberize, death
to the moment, suddenly your
brain explodes, police letters,
the beauty of black marks, are
any of you still with me, are
you in the good book or in the
bad book, obliterated friends,
be careful what you put on
your to do list, thank blank,
still falling, how do you
like yourself now, think of
yourself as us, five tons of
paper, settle in to your new
identity, share what little you
have, cryptococcus gattii, the
poverty draft, imperfect
copies, nipple balm,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

simulated heights

there is only one eye, got girls?,
microstic, secret contents, blue ink
like this, maybe it’s time to retire
this identity, bending way,
envelope bangalore, the reality
changer, the legibility hotspot,
always already gone, this text
is holding it’s own, debt value,
distance forget, envelope bending,
between might, blank debt, you are
permanently in the good book,
you are drifting out of the
picture, think death, why has thin,
if you are going the way you are
going you will, collection of
transfer punch holes, the funny
thing about regret, shared pool,
the perigord truffle, brule,
tuber melanosporum, a textile
stripper, sga heap, red ham,
mad on the range, a concubine
who embarrasses him, kamiks,
anlu, the aztec flower wars,
punishment of rocks, zebu
rustling, santeria, same day
liberations, the herdsman’s
expedient calculus, now we
need the unabridged version,


repondront, riddle solved, mix-ups
in communications, it’s not ringing
any bells at the moment but it will
it will, a change to arrange,
subatomic consciousness, what do i
have to do with myself, jet blue,
midnightize, frozen t-shirt, the time
is dead, age progression, skindials,
my universe is contracting, legnipple,
para-art, iew, we put in the change but,
barcode removed, deny money, what
image are you projecting, yop yog blog,
fashion trends in glasses, yshb,
elephant holepunch, no gard,
happy in hell, suddenly nothing,
a yope-a-lope, start writing at
work, the word kitty-corner,
canola, fear of information
loss, is this part of the art no
longer, you have a phone number
but you can’t remember it,
does this qualify, jala pen,
you can call me wendy, you are
talking to everyone but you
are not talking to me, you
always need more money,
three seven four one six, the
land of wheat, wouldn’t
cross the road for it, you
told me three thousand,
obgk, slack coal, sea fret,

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

unpalatable line of type

envelope full of odour, such a
thing as shrinkwrap, there seems to
be some sort of string attached,
is this one thing or several,
listen and see, united hermits,
look and hear, you are looking
right past the object, engraxate,
art permanency require, ampersand
cluster, black and white is two
things: colour is one, copy for
replication, one one one one one
one, kay-sevens, see eye eh, is this
art or food, sexism is an evil,
are those real sails, frenetic
dust, jay dot n, ready for to be
consumed, spiral scratch, this
was sent out from here four
months ago, berror, this might
refer to this, naked mail, your
star is damaged, flit thru the
mails, everything that can be
done thru the mails, foreturn,
handcarve text, the dada stops
here, microtoner, what else can
you do but copy it, six billion
people seeking six billion
people, let me see your armpits,
pick a girl any girl, refresh
your soul, in the loop: the
eternal loop, thou shalt not
connect, we can’t have this sort
of thing on display, it does
mean something to the one,
two ways of making two,
postal product, bangalore,

hey, wanna do some collaborative writing?

bending around the horn, was all
this red here, oh you will be able
to tell, the last straw has already
been laid, global garden, global
publishing, we have hardly even
begun to drift, gone before you
know it, we are on our way to death,
stitch initiate, it ain’t what it
ain’t, bloody me, indicate plummet,
falling into jail, indicate you,
augers grain, postword, negatron,
thincap, saint nothing, reading
the snow, selection by way of
response, slipping slipping, botto
botter, saran saran wrapt lit,
feux orange, porcelain prayer,
i think we can just say check,
well we are just going to have
to read the damn thing, lap
dance alp, two hundred and
fifty-three blackbirds, bold
just yourself, does that mean
we don’t have permission to
breathe, you’ve got he, square
the peace, up eye or down eye,
rile eye, cell phonee, lash north,
ripeace, hurricane north, not
singing, build money, bloob,
fire roar, powerfibres,
retention hot, alokanorée,
dusty answer, there must be
a way,

Monday, December 15, 2008

miss you i go this

it is what it is, design this, the
expiry date on the milk today,
this is the one that is marching
forward, seems to be shrinking too,
maintain integrity, a million tea
leaves, calling lake wet, what
does this line signify, violent
eye, the happiness machine,
yesturday, the working homeless,
your reading identity, have not
been behind the wheel, redesign
this very phrase, ticket to drive,
your reading is deteriorating,
apt identity, workbookhole, still
homeless, rubber nipple, i was,
long gone happy, machine-made
happiness, all the violence
women cause, the happy eye,
pure tripe pure gold, still doing
nothing, athabasca flow, a slab
of images, one fell a million,
jasmine maquis, it can never be
undeteriorated, hurry up before
it’s all gone, like a tumbleweed
without a home, what sort of paper
do you prefer: blank or nonblank,
take a close look at your clothes,
ad here, bring forward the rice
one grain at a time, pick up a
lifetime supply of postage,
maybe you will learn from my
mistakes, alonement, almoner,
uighur, died of love, negawatts,

miss make mincemeat out of you

think of this as an event, maybe i am
a dangerous person, as if the word
needs any more meaning, we do’nt,
sincerely enclosed, optical page,
these will all wind up on e-bay,
seems to mean nothing, egg colour,
glut the nothing market, error
will destroy you, what do you have
against the hand, when the duct
tape was new, still laughter,
undesignated yourself, you can’t
turn shit into gold, who built
the malls, soon none of this will
ring any bells, copies are for
sending, coping with copies,
between art, emphasize by reducing,
which wons which, you were doing
this when you should have been
doing that, this is failing to
produce results, writing in the
middle of the night, reliable
correspondent, could suddenty
it must be in one box or another,
the poetry of going out of biz,
the retro-computer list-serve,
the photocopier’s eye, no matter
how you try to hang on, once we
were four, information is in the
eye of the beholder, forgot you
moved, familyless, everything it
took to finish the text, disgust
society, another perfect day in
hell, barking up the wrong
tree no pun intended, thinkhap,

Sunday, December 14, 2008


i’m writing as fast as i can, sell
this one, actual exaggeration, art
wrapped in plastic, available time,
look at that skin, obliterate your
former self, fema, nixie section,
digital paper, row not, tore turn,
deepen dances, dainty floral motif,
the science of suffering, dedigitize,
is it being constructed or destructed,
bush is a jew, you are making the
same error over and over again,
psychedelic toner, heavy hand did,
don’t even hope to read it, turning
chinese, binga binga, my tv and,
nott, the word working, toner fails,
judged by whose standards,
minimal shrinkage, orange difficulty,
failing to contact, buddig,
elegance schmelegance, macumba,
the caterpillar man, look worse,
enuf to pay the rent, tear along
the cheek, glue clue, botflies in
saskatchewan, parasympathetic,
scot-free, sand hoses, otan, dotism,
g hrth, ted x ink, happiness is war,
thank you for your blank, fold
each way, maybe you don’t deserve
to be represented, transportation
expenses, cultural hooliganism,
anti-potlatch, shimmic, skintunes,
ethical avant-gardism, sussuric,
homotarian, edjuka, genderspeak,
genitalsitalismanic, yeastily
kissing, bent candy, high end cycle,

miss mincemeat

penny moss, put out, six three four
nine one, a hundred dollars worth
of empty bottles, you can’t actually
do anything, why would you need
so much postage, become comatose,
here have some free lunch, destroy
your brain, zen murder, precarious
happiness, dross moss, destroy your
relationships, scona knocks, what
was that song you were playing,
keep it up you will break thru,
now you have the money, all the
warning signs were there,
eliminate yourself, on a sun,
now you can afford all the
postage you want, intuit outofit,
are you still there will you
always be there, you don’t need
to get drunk to be violent, you
are asking me to do nothing,
days of dross, an artificial
being, postal math, twenty-five
ten sixty-four, the price of
the news, you don’t need to own
the tool to make use of it,
dishdrudgery, everyone is looking
for a sign, triple ex edding,
float your balance back up,
the jackpot at the end of the
rainbow, rod road, get fish
eyed, alcohol destroys us all,

Saturday, December 13, 2008

gothic manuscript

can you read this, this is up for
sale on e-bay, wait until the
situation is ripe, emphasis cluster,
playing hockey the next day, why
what happen happen, remember
the exact place and time we wrote
this, did you have something you
wanted to convey, single women
double, bright final memory, you
were here and i was there, more
choice errors, the mind remembers
itself back to happy, minim
maxam, i liked you best when you
were gone, pretty junk muscle,
nothing lust, account for this
bruise, flows the ink nice,
burkenduzes refers to, now i
will be the enemy, blank sex,
bublication crawl, resignify
yourself, this is kid’s stuff,
try to capture the density,
the anti gang, what have we
referred to, one oh three,
glue stains, true love boner,
prefer to forget your humiliations,
why isn’t this text used, this
isn’t the first one of these we
ever saw, we lil ew, that’s a
beautiful thing you are doing,
lude innuendo, let’s play
conflict, dank navy, now you
are reading, your funeral
my trial, heading off accross
the page, yer fattest happiest
moment, predeterioration,

Friday, December 12, 2008


identity being rubbed out, girl
with hairy armpit, representations
within representations, what can
be told from a photo, no new road
dividing us, flips in the middle,
ascap free zone, what do you do
with your slush-pile, do you feel
like you are being surveilled,
mind-sleep, fingerhead railroad,
hammersandwinches, let her found
her own, how many dollars worth
of death, obbb, combine the three,
maybe next week, hi i’m the new
guy, one seven five one one three,
k’minyan tov, zz’akari, tramping
the moss at the university, the
winter hat, tg tagtrips, appel,
panulaba, increasing snails,
selektions, blocksperre, black
work, concrete shoes, bunyan
bags, pinning hats, a bed-after-
puller, bettnachzieher, trust-
break, what does love mean to
you, lay it to rest, take a day
off from language, this is not
a love letter, might as well be
writing as doing nothing,
gestures to blank paper, copy
is one thing distro, everything
turns to dust, you are pre-
forgiven, are you still on
such-and-such street, how do
we get this other font, bebu,
might ı, yes this one, bpapb,


cog drop, having three stakes, maybe
your brain has been attacked by a
deadly meam, all the data has been
obliterated, think of the little ones,
two week free trial, give her a wad
of twenty dollar bills, the phrase
begging for cuts, scanathon,
interpherans, dysunderstanding,
the word no more, sliver off a chunk,
retain this copy until hell freezes
over, another straw, when’s the last time
you saw a movie, love nothing,
crakers, ezoob, nothing is going out,
unfollowed leads, the very page you
are reading now, that damn sign,
mailfrag, licence to silence, it grew,
cocking your hat, what was it
that put us over the edge, did
and do again, cartoon beaver,
intending to mail nothing, the
last happy moment we spent
together, near saint, so be blank,
one broke, the crime, ironic fate,
postplenitude, bibulosity, super
tiger, if i hear the word one more
time i’m going to, it grew,
something to do with the, drunk,
a pile of cash to spend on,
dominique o, liquor liquor
liquor, load it in, rock canuck,
three point two five percent,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i shot the serif

sign zero, stuff you don’t want
your boss to know you’re copying,
penny alcohol, fashion elephant,
unabridged vision, document
vehicle, blank violence, how are you
going to set this text free,
exhibit copy, what is the definition
of, it is still saying now, we are all
being deleted one by one, this one
went a completely different way,
where do you get all your neuronal
impulses, when is a lulu not a lulu,
actually cough, love don, here we
have lost a little more, you can’t
get anymore defeated, blotter
blotter blotto, say boo, maintain
your integrity thru violence,
what has been blacked out here,
loki violent, talking about in the
past, bury the weight, snap a
staple into it, do you have plans
for these texts, bedroom panopticon,
eye responds, penny destruction,
brown all over it, evil bean, ivory
breast, cash nothing register,
chicken boots, soft stag, you thot
you were getting fat, rezell,
wrench kite, redherringbone
stuckinthroat, stuckinslot,
stuckingthot, cerebral policy,
composition realized, comes from
harsh exclusion, ipecac, rahab,
nasab, serach, talab, mojitos,
become the whole of boredom,
poems clustered around, the
imp turning vicious, hamam,

lucid code

the drop that burst the seams,
not a significant amount, perv
perp perm, enuf fuel to burn it
down, a simple machine for pleasure,
innagodadavede, hurry up and
destroy, what do we know about
morality, one of the questions
you can’t ask, who knows war
knows, mere meat, a loaf of white,
whear, shell out for hockey, the
green lines arrive, everyday
another every day another, failing
to make copies, eff tea double
you, here i think of you, what does
this word keep signifying, break
out of your gilded cage, ain’t got
no hat, why are we at war, nothing
wrong with a little prune, there
is no such book, bedroom
panopticon, a persona of nothingness,
a quarter pound of assorted
balloons, well you knew you had
a problem, one hundred two-bit,
violence is exspensive, it all is
written, not allowed to dial
that number, thou shalt not act,
the penny trade, drinking gas,
any chemical you want, we are
still constructing ourselves,
will this be the one, if only
the signs could have been heeded,
a slice of somebody else’s life,
earning a penny, no her, you
only have a week left to live,
still boiling, division town,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lucid consolation

tort, micropearls, we don’t like to
think about money, the vehicle is
identical but it is not the same
vehicle, this ain’t no pleasure
trip, let’s stay at the bel-aire,
i can’t even remember my own
phone number, let us wash our
hands of each other, all your
donut dollars are gone, a
rubberstamp that says, cave eat,
zers gather, are you calling me
a baby, a registration number
won’t save you, wad of suffering,
that little bit of colour is
going to cost you bigtime,
low and lower, historians of
england by contrast, sign high,
uwe, history made by egyptian
chronotope, remember this
particular moment of boredom,
nothing needs to be done with
this text, making strange
connections, be my friend,
everybody is fading out of
the picture, still love,
nothing left to dig thru,

egoburn lettertrap

squilla armata, payment from
none, were we together that day,
can we get the breakdown on this,
one’s hat has been crushed,
something you found in the slough,
these sound like interesting texts,
now we are closer together, cau,
scanomania, only scan, you have
already been judged, random
insanity, twenty bucks to mail it,
breako, junk fool, floating
towards disaster, complex guilt,
ex-alcoholic, triple x wedding,
are you still at the same snail,
nothing is static, architecture
and crime, one is held in check,
can we get this in plain english,
one forgets what all this crap
refers to, thirty-three floors
would do it, die by the word,
plan for love, not jut, this is
it’s own source, nothing turns
me on, redemption is a very
complex procedure, reinforcemeat,
prll hnd sntzr, i remember being
together, spend more money on
books, i’m always thinking of
you, we are all falling like
dominoes, one of these words is
determined to be your last, the
bloat before the burst, realemon,
must tang, the in and the out,
click click click, your hand,
where things are going, blankd,

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

hat in she why lure

work yourself into a hole in the
ground, this is not even written
out, damaged purity, we were writing
even crazier then, all the little
hopes that die, we only actually
never, saint pip, there were plenty
more that went down in the flood,
we may not have the original,
please don’t point at that part,
what is that swan doing to that
girl, intwinsic, they don’t live there
anymore, is the baby still kicking,
let us regain touch, the reasons
for the crime, looks like some sort
of criminal activity from a
distance, are you still with me,
here’s how to fill the mailbox,
also known as pink, you might
get some garbage in return,
who’s your favourite mind, the
picture with you out of it, never
trust a mover, neverbend, are you
sure you want to interact, labour
laid down on paper, orange glazes,
mere chaos, write this paper to
death, the actual construction
of the chaos, what could be
done with all this text, no
boss around, always already
published, fish the art out
of the dumpster, always
already too late, book it,

hung gun up

homeless dumping, ipecacuanha,
lint moss bard, ciprine junky,
alibi network, person friday,
ma pen lai, ringgit, let’s take
a trip back to happyland, now
the battle is between, how do
you spell practeyes, the
forward chip and the backward
chunk, i’m going to go right up
and knock on the door, i wish
you were here, even when you were
here you were not exactly here,
the network destroys lives, the
concrete eye, frankensteinisation,
carry the damn thing over here,
there’s a lot more than what the
eye allows, if you need more
text please write, never found
it’s way online, the process of
refining the process, writing
finds a way, de-escalation,
what did you do with that bit
of paper i sent you, the still
and the still, we are just another
speck on the spectacle, busy be
busy being, i thot that signature
looked real and it was sort of,
the anima of commerce, one
feels like a displaced person,
feel free to keep or send, this
was nice and real once, forced
to choose between love and art,
addnpass valentine, still here,

Monday, December 08, 2008

my luggage

mar the paper, mark on the copier
glass, no need to write another word,
text already flown, you are no
longer what you were, why is this
not turning black, how many weeks
has the mark been on the glass,
let it drift, cog dis, sign ham, the
writing cycle, home arrive, the
canadian mind, it will go, camel
pig dragon, ignore this, lphob,
arbitrary zero line, atrocity
price, food supply, begorra,
intervale, hibernophiles, mujahed,
egyptionization, quantum
cryptography, orange soda,
standwiches, lath, the bible fist,
a leap of doubt, a leap of despair,
the sad whine of a mosquito’s
song, hoogh, sand cannons,
encouraged to cannonball to
their heart, how can one approve
of oneself, vanlit, qaat,
paderewskied, everyone could
hardly, you don’t need a


scam of what, now we are not taking
part in our own life, the thinging
of things, the full concreteness,
inherited nothing, how do you dérive,
hockey holds no sway, sandwich mail,
pron, now we have entered the end,
the devil’s fishhook, monument
destroyed, hyper-disorder, never
circulate, playforward, we do not
remember this, eye lot, time enuf
to copy, why local not global,
fat goes to your head, it really
did expire, ifism, exposed to
removal, as blazed as a, the
adhesive dissolve, aap check, leave
earth, esive esive, a genetic spasm,
maybe take in a movie, too much
fucking rope, still more rope yet,
thou shalt not think of oneself,
will this be the straw, money that
can only be spent once, out of
debt department, bust vigil, shee
shee shee, one was trying, self-
serving egomaniac, split off from,
depends on who you hear it from,
penny coffin, scanabration,
bell never rung, penetrate the
cluster, oran-honey, cutrate fruit,
scrunchies, a name that rings no
bell, uti, trampoline ducks, now
you have proved yourself to be
a monster, we are reaching the
breaking point, still work, the
konings, ethic high consequence,
bit by your own, how’s corn,

Sunday, December 07, 2008

gar drome

alljoy, imaginary meat, juvenile
sugjest, it was just a day like any
other, as fat as all that, a bit
more and a bit more, there are
no saints here, drink the bleach,
where can you go when you have
nowhere to go, white bread and
skim milk, a lecture, is there
a crisis, nothing can enlighten,
voodoo psychology, domestic
chaos, simian technology, ham
chick, still in the fridge, let
us jump ten years, a beautiful
thing to destroy, innocent
family members, framemarf,
gnostic riddle, white night
nickle, how are you going to
respect yourself now, exercize
yer demons, justice or, this is
the very straw that broke
the camel’s back, on the flip
side of death, something got
blasted into oblivion, cave it
in, joy plus despair, overconsume
yourself, actual mail, tear and
tear, no rebate, plan disaster,
the crazed teacup, you can’t
just continue on as you were,
in suburbia no-one can hear you
scream, what are you going to
do, a fin’s a fin, cluster cop,
ain’t got no car, ham swings,
the indifferent sun, diagnosed
with, none of this explains, now
we are truly disconnected,

franklin furnace medium

included among the guilty, now six
seven, abc six, abc jay, denov, hi q,
abc sth, is there a madness to your
method, one is still one, holding
your poems hostage, forthcoming
in fuck, develop a legible
signature, overweightea, no caveat,
gcog, the business of guilt, thry,
nothing has been disclosed,
trance expense, comp copy, suck
in your gut, micro-analysis of
discourse, being nothing, who are
you calling sister, winceys,
snaths, silks hats fur muffs,
big word vans, corrumptions, clock
beer, hatters dread, droomed, he
ceased to exist, haywired, a
jumper’s paradise, tuxidoes,
call it transportation, abducted
by the government, error in your
flavour, mount vimy orgasm, burn
today, now you are a completely
different being, a following
sweetness, in other words work
will set you free, one cannot
see this spring, sclopn, can’t be
bothered to collect your money,
five hundred bucks is nothing,
thirty-two twenty-three, fash,
cactus landmark, walk to the
station for a can of gas, do
you know where you sit, service
hero, your interior regime,
fold before tearing up your
eyes, bmtclo, ought not should,

Saturday, December 06, 2008

dot um dot com

slightly different blanks,
two hundred and fifty-three
blanks, okay here we go shooom,
sometimes the best way to hope
is to give up hope, lungemeat
plungemeat, boob berry, paagol,
stimming, neurotypical, historical
evidence is careful, hurry to cure
or even, base animal, sometimes
bending is not enough, art beans,
crhym, nothing by air, what is
it exactly you want me to
state, suffocate each other,
art is right, can you stand
alone, you can’t have abundance
without a little avarice,
entertaining too many conflicting
notions, cash for cabbies,
bibesco, obb, golden dildo, funk
mail, fat bed hats, par moss,
fuck the judge, bednesti, the
bproblem is that nothing is
the only relation, neither a
buyer nor a seller be, fuck
today, pseudotourists, efforts
to create harmonious,
composite photography,
absentee moderator, cussions
of higher education,

re: iroc

pennier, pennies per squirt, fleck of
red, the dna did it, ballato, span
tea, bisphenol a, glass closet,
creepy-amoebic, ı, the distinctive
now, polyhistorical, sesshin,
everybunny, brain-redistributions,
neuroplasticity, no self no control,
refuse to patronize garbage, the
tiny push that put you over the
edge, the negative community,
informatics of domination,
supergene complexes, bum steers,
cultural vandalism, ant farm,
a singularity without identity,
coprophilic copulation, mwali,
soulava, pre-skira, definiendum,
beneficent feedback mechanism,
we live in a war universe,
neural selectionism, neural
darwinism, concentration or
distraction, electronic signs of
life, why would you want to draw
a line, the pink folds, lost to all
but the most, we need to clear
this text off the desk, take the
whole day off, write until your
fingers bleed, just fooling,
still fooling, all fools, fresh
deteriorations, chance takes a
life, in another lifetime, in
another month, writing over,
writing over, writing over,

Friday, December 05, 2008


your mother’s handwriting, nothing
against the world, look twice and
see, leaving out the is, the ink is
continueing to transfer, cut a
hole for yourself, psychiatr
krankenhs, you are getting zero
credit for this activity,
obsolitude, this microdot of
colour, violent hobby, failing
to resume, vispo marketing, the
time before the fatal remark,
do we not have art, erection in
the sun, your skeleton, bfk, nice
stump, we seem to be missing the
annotations, now we need to
annotate the annotations, lost
and find penny, trainsmug, in
the penalty box for good, nothing
more than a note, hyssop or
let the bones dance, long after
the dead are dead, the chaos
we have caused, hurry up and
choose, get out there and join
the flow, misrepresentations of
reality, a voice now enters the
text from elsewhere, are we
reading the book or, the insanity
that drove us crazy, how do you
like your chaos now, the text
continues beyond the end of the
text, it’s sex that drives us to
war, you mean we have to go
thru this again, better not
scratch that itch, these
voices are coming from
different places,

Thursday, December 04, 2008

constant sorrow

code red penny, sand hat,
trance money, tempted to say,
moss sex, god’s poison, blank
mimicry, shattered concrete,
mimetic excess, extermination
of the real, e em and eir,
higher-order consciousness,
the lethal squandering of
ourselves, a brief psychotic
episode, hydrodemolition,
waning of affect, inner
distanciation, am i getting
paid for this, the captive
audience project, the one who
appreciates, while the problem
sleeps, am number one, aft
number one, lost labour, hoping
for despair, half a moment
half a month, write a whole
nother, really sleeping or, copy
it and call it done, now you
too have let me down, now i have
let you down too, hope crashes
eternal, perpetual notion,
para-system, envois, artistic
micro-society, microperceptions,
anexact, zones of indeterminacy,
the hallucinatory intensity of
schizophrenic disjunction,
post-transsexuality, human
concerns e, mammoplasty, a
deindividuated model of the
self, phallogocratic, the
good enough mother,

nothing consoles us

real rued alli, it’s falling and
rising at the same time, a machine
for getting thru hard times,
deinstall yourself, sour art,
sweet independance, try a different,
earth healing ceremony, fluxdivorce,
yamflug, forest medicine, the
history of european culture,
hwp, distracted attention,
sapientia, retro-irony, bektashi
dervishes, a marzipan frog, the
brotherhood of dada, orgone cops,
normalcy agents, in a word,
a violent attack of diarrhea,
let go of the page, one is not
flying, one quarter progress,
crucial speck of information,
forgot poetry, fatten up your
days, a number of sevens, they
may very well still, check yourself
see if you’re still there, skipcopy,
get sharp, mayor maynot, timejump,
yes to today, gaze at it all you
want, surconsommation means,
reconsider the art, the gang of
the day, with additions in pen
and pencil, close the map, the
desire for interaction, with
additions in felt and ink, what
is wrong with pleasure, dodajk,
now you have become undone,
be just be, a ten year jump,
as graffiti, orange window pane
acid, secret hidden mural,
similar consciousness, words only,

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

cosmic without miss

the god of chaos comes for a visit,
bau, the mailbox has been removed,
a drill to the eye, let the hand
forget, rip care, the soul of a louse,
we were a part, the hermit on fire,
that’s no trunk, concreta, the collage
years, the poison flowing out of
your brain, get creative with the
recycle cage, can’t quite make out
what this represents, nie, global
shattering, raw poece, falling
event, topy or tofy, you choose:
money or poetry, did i say that,
the time and place changes,
nothing too small or too large
that it can’t be replicated,
three thousand pennies, the meat
goes on, how to turn shit into
gold, txakolina, please call me
by my real name, this hour you
are working for, bring void, what
the hell is that thing, when you
see the word pantry, lge ban cuc,
mad with joy, who will punish the
punishers, can i get an amen,
spend report, quesdil, extra
deductions, uva, the paternity-
property hypothesis, saint eer,
gbbc, g hrth, hot cap, not at my
desk writing, never sure from
one day to the next, schedule
jockey, the good life is relative,
the single word milk on an
otherwise blank sheet of paper,
dolc, not only missed the event,

you are an important member of the avant-garde community

mail sign, do you see what the eye is
saying, a controlled spiral, blahber,
they drop your mail into a puddle,
actually saying something for a
change, magic lifts, could never
actually remain anonymous,
adamage, jump to the meat, please
limit your dreams, the details
remain the same, we are always
already dead, type the name into
a search engine, arc alumis, the
details have changed, one is
performing, the sort of texture
you can lay a hand to, you are
an important member of the
avant-garde community, anaglypta,
food that has been touched, the
words that make up a name, fuck
the crown, smell the purple, a
cherry for your ear, actually
burn this page, we need new,
don’t read it just copy it, do some
vigourous mailing, one is an
interdict, jump ahead a year
into the future, ba diped med,
theartre, design fashioning, lèvres,
vinnipeg, turn you suffering
into beauty, condemn nation,
social beacon, we need to get
this text translated into, all
we got is a handle, says feed
the hungry, judgernaut,

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


lives that touch, harch, silent
chaos, art tomb, backlinks, alternative
pleasures, rebuild the registry,
bumped off the network, nothing
to hang on to, where strange worlds
collide, can we go back to the year
two thousand and start again, corn
cap, jar boil, the comic brook, finally
sees it, boiled gerbil, writing
table with wings, rosewell lollypopout,
hook eye co, a very complex envelope,
no not what, baughczxs, hiss pants,
selling blank, buying nothing,
view zero, scratch null, zap and
it appears, no rufous, nevertouch,
logorgasm, handdripped, young
goodman car, better get a good
lawyer, last we word, strange
thing appears in the mailbox,
speaking of jars, sensitive
pictures, roaring up from the
unconscious mind, jucifer
rising, have you been mudflapped,
what is the blank up to now,
zen hysteria, jail expansion,
eros sins, one billion loo, to
dough or not to dough, hetrolife,
lamp arena, agharta, do you have
a chit in, tilapia, tartabull,
eakly, trance occultism, bakota,
pink column, the stendahl
syndrome, my white rabbit,
domestic art, one day all
the next nothing, stay at,

cambria cheese

did we win, one is a fool, as it
works out so it works out, the original
sucks, droptown, all of your friends
are gone, going going gone, friends
that might still, tort squilla, mar
scam, guilty joy, alli oop, the gob
of chaos, mother code, chaos event,
your mother’s voice, rude ally,
disconnected joy, guilty for saying,
corn scam, mar the computer,
squilla blankd, tort thru, pri de la,
toner time, swarm of smarm, now we
are divided, look at this text thru
another’s eyes, pluck no more moss,
the phrases that connect us, a good
presence, puppling, animals in top
hats, a dream of a van camped,
the dream-van, a velvet sombrero,
groiners, stamp out mailart,
facebooking, social utility,
the evidence that could change
history, oranges that come all
the way from china, history of
canada’s exchange, soopallalie,
irukandji, peace machine,
ladybug taint, vinclozolin,
epigenetics, an unlucky break,
can’t afford love, cblt, oka,
oka cheese, sprezzatura, history
is what hurts, punctum, aristos,
a diamond in a lemon, sapates,
bathmology, bouvard-and-pecuchet-

Monday, December 01, 2008

calibration blug

how did this get here without
postage, approved but not posted,
it’s never too late to post, how
many copies all told, you have to
buy them both because they are one
thing, a whole new year’s worth of
evil, who is watching who, let’s
hear your greatest hit, all of us
joined together, it’s dadaday,
post on a mailbox, red uct,
courier versus postman, sapient
bologna, this is all in your own
mind, no implication implied,
the gold surfer, i think our
projects are compatible, what part
of you is this, if we had a pile
of these we could build,
disharmonies and battle marches,
the year we died, never used for
nothing yet, syawal selasa,
lamination is forever, slk,
sybylismus, a signature to
remember, overplease, how bad
of a name can you get, satanzas,
double-dross, obsoletification,
sez two-fifty but lies, in the
same boat as all these
monsters, depredator, saying
such insane things, strike that,
hoping to get a little, why
would you wanna publish
this crap, in the unfolded
condition, you represent
your city, pathippagam,


ain’t got a friend in the
world, conceited to be ashamed,
chicken burst, cvcsco, i would
happily return to smallness,
it’s better to regret something
you have done, dwids, hemp liver,
name restricted, circus cum,
sting array, claw hammer eel,
intrapsychic stress, software
generating machines, epoche,
hypervisibility, cyborgization,
techno-hysteria, super-sanity,
apperceptive mode, decreation,
nerve-language, anything
concrete, psychic apocalypse,
catastrophe to happen itself
enfolds, posadaists,
revolutionary nuclear war,
the end of human civilization,
anal polyps, sado-monetarists,
catastrophe curve, blind field,
nothing to say, in the north
penniless, ixi, semioclasm,
quest ions, relay trance,
the tuché, apparatus theory,
extradiscursive, kernel of
nonsense, exert hegemonic
control, the reconnection of
the bicameral mind, feminine
style, part passed out, the
grammar of tempura,
rhetoric of walking,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

attached to nothing

your name in silk, apron strings
attatched, the day the ink was fresh,
the process of elimination of artists,
thanks for dropping by this text,
liquor store horror monsters, it
all depends how easy it is to
replicate, a crucible, capital a
contest, organic material like paper,
eleven two two thousand and four,
live for it, natural v, clean your
pipe, this is not a pipe-cleaner,
drunk only let me be, depends how
far the ink does fall, drop of
ink falling sixty feet, namahs,
blooprint, code of time, a box full
of heat radiation, adanac ack ack,
fw, dear mom, like a brick in the
teeth, cold chrome, we do not make
a distinction, you won’t catch
you making an error, trance hop,
a craze that died, love done,
orange difference, are you still
there dear reader, rubbrstampede,
art deterioration league, please
take your microscope off me,
let us mix ourselves together,
voodoo luau, poetswell, will you
answer to, each fragment has
meaning, mamanuca, gmcbl,
what if you had no bread,
thinj, batopilas, did they,
do these numbers actually
differ, gbbt, because death,

offliners' conference

ogo brb l, don’t pick the shiny one,
select nothing, aquos, we two are
two, destroying families, concrete
finality, action art, in situ actions,
disinterested in documentation,
cafe handcuff earrings, social
lubrication, ska hats, honeyslides,
a situational depression, gagger,
exurbs, how th e calm, bexaz,
cluster of radio, xeon, nothing
is certain, high endurance cutters,
high elevation coverage, slinks imp,
carpet-udinous, is radio a hot or
a cold medium, kaironomia,
the middle voice, artificial
brainstorming, snick, critical
essays from a humourous, human
consciousness as expressed,
neglect the concrete, constating,
ed the happy clown, early human
cognition, econosymbolic exchange,
dog that does nothing in the
nighttime, manna-words, mots-
valeurs, a sieve-order, we ran
out of garbage, get in amongst
the letters, write three pages a
day, maram, the toner seems so
real, best not waste a stamp,
we need to know nothing, on
being on being, this is no
fooling, still more no, postill,
yesterday numb, yesterday

Saturday, November 29, 2008

marmay yam ram

don’t let yourself get so wound
up, jumping off the shallow end,
monologs, tyvm, nothing needs to
be reiterated, this still needs
to be typed, imagine travel thru
time, seven seven seven, these texts
all need to be retyped, six
six seven, the paper is getting
a little shopworn, marmay yam
ray, maybe there is someone still
there, not even your loved ones,
bleaker beaker half empty,
ha ha just kidding, still
kidding, still joking, six six
five, boo hoo for you, seven
seven six, why would you want
to call, equals twenty-four,
do you have real mail, let’s
take the scenic route, write it
in korean, working weak, destroy
all paper, change and change
and change again, set it up
and knock it down,
retrotelekinesis, saved you
a nickle cost you a dime,
oh oh we owe, van der ham,
make sure you use your own
credit card, item time,
low dead, are you insulting me,

Friday, November 28, 2008

sweep the salt out from under the mouse

informational nirvana,
taka boné raté, the number
goes up, any way to say fifty-
two, silent blabber, pegnant,
eyeplugs, mailing to the dead,
toner punch, nothing makes me
smile, write it out in another
hand, rpr,

“If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise.” Blake

the things close to the edge often
fall off, suck on my toe it makes
me feel so connected, maybe we
ought to poke, dumbook, nag you
to insanity, one is just a fool
persisting in one’s folly, if you
cared about me you would google me,
fuck hannah, zenography, if
you had to choose between a
loophole and a noose which would you take?,
the bad stuff that will kill you, note differences,
dominant loser, random hello, you might be
surprised where you end up, let it go, you want to
be the star of the horrorshow, vegeble, get in the
habit of working, a penny for the environment,
you have to get thru the stench, martial dragon,
let’s get on up, do you mean to say some people
are chaff, flux in the gulch, contact

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tongue of verdana

better living thru violence, down
into the concrete dungeon, your
infinity has been compromised,
the kids know more than you think
they do, urine asphalt, pixelpost,
the booze clicked in, time stir,
manufactured by stale air,
psychedelic violence, nothing is
ever really dead, still plenty of
artjects, cultural violence, don’t
just hold it there, actually
stick it, res, my multiple identity,
recognight, at the sign of the
hanging a, ncl, van winnaars,
are you part of the conspiracy,
a happen fast life, mug, bliss
etcetera, the novel q, this is a
hit of acid, urmet, not that one
that’s a bad one, mickey finns
wake, asblank,

miss tree bucket

secret document release, every
second word is deleted, the folds
of the brain look like bodies,
the theory is you are supps, the
last noise made by the organism,
there will be no reparation, one
why three, art inaction, who knew
the end was so nigh, what a card,
infinite unit, should have gone
whole hog, we think we have a
chit in, the whole block of ice,
pornographic audio, clunk once,
wicked sweet, feeling rich and
reaching oblivion, this famous
artist, throw a penny into fountain,
half a dot, is this the bizniz,
wade thru wad, pushing the
duck, note stroke, return from
zero, not napping, hat no more,
it turned out to be blank,
bentfork, cluster meter, don’t
know what to do with the art,
leave the throat alone, we might
have given this a push, or this
maybe, me as in you or me as in,
is an indication needed, not the
vehicle but the contents,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TNR (gold corpse)

scratch and itch, activation swipe,
how the paper reacts to the ink,
the day before the attack, let the
bungee stretch, bbbc, we are expired,
sev, vaginal oranges, falling to
your death, grnd, the ink is long
gone, who floated you, who sunk
you, stamp the void, concrete
pizzle, the time before the act
of violence, now we need to learn
a whole new city, yellow ray, at
the mercy of the environment,
outside the hat, unable to laugh,
thirteen twelve whatever, the shape
of the eye, intendo, top dollar
bottom penny, build yourself a
new system, make the effort for
poetry, concrete hat, microdot
nanodot, nothing needs to be
blogged, shrinking seed wise,
thou shalt not mention pussy,


another worthless scrap of paper,
change and change until, what
can you do with these points,
gbl, trance tax, gringo star, the
number of scans needed, the
actual weight versus the virtual
weight, ignoring your left hand,
offer limit, the rates went up
while you slept, reak, adwei,
are you going to be where you
said you would be, this was
another day, maple rain deers,
only a woman would think that,
we don’t need stamps anymore
anyway, download the intake,
not afraid of the judgment of
children, mageux, wintertaling,
qw, memory pain memory, preauth
poetry, let the posty do the
walking, just a block or two
over, money talks and talks
and talks, writing poetry on
company time,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sylvan van

keep track of the hours, how does this
pen compare with that pen, one has
been gotten rid of, lookies, tost,
against love, stretch your ear back
ninety years, score some meat,
bbs bbs, the bedrooms of the nation,
a male receptionist, dolfi trost,
omadis, produce produce produce,
economic despair, some sort of
graphomania, pearldrops, liquor
store horror monsters, salty
tammy, it was a sat, one has been
transported, hyperglycaemic, ask
me for a favour, who on earth are
you talking to, head read, my
little filter, cease falling,
continue falling, entry level
lunatic, three grand, try going
without, getting ready for the
hyperjump, get to know your
city, mandala mantra,
mentionless, the wear and tear-
drops, thru the storm, maintain
your level, because you hate
hockey, gleichen, esso ess,
pats half alpha, ring for
service, hand eye coordinates,
violent idiot,

the great white telephone

twenty-one twenty-one, saint ird,
avolub, ugmh, your name was spoke,
you cheated yourself out of
happiness, anesthetic awareness,
savant syndrome, examined
contemporary horror, hoaxster,
sakyot, shetkastone, zelfo, rote
capitalism, the moss all uprooted,
i have burrowed away from the
moss, clusters ruddy, delusional
thinking, a moss-covered boat,
phildickian, ushayabhuqe, mystère,
allermeme, après coup, cluster
of signifiers, a contained
experiment in hysteria, the white
telephone, uology, not that the
world is reading, latha, laser
tweezers, paperwallah, don’t you
have anything better to do,
whole cloth in quotation marks,
a week agon, gravy engraved, not
even time can destroy, toner
camel, i love what’s happening
to the font, this is a week
agony, this is a day gone, tack
on more, sapping me, weak agon,

Monday, November 24, 2008

simulated sunshine

the teddy bear means nothing,
concrete van, mvbbm, these ones
gave me a belly ache, it is the
same cheese, getting to know the
city, a pen that writes and
writes, plm, emballage, meville,
when your card reaches zero,
crcc, anti-capitalist consumption,
ecmas, in this year, outlab, now
the book is gone, roirca, money
omen, you don’t want the doc,
orrpg, save on letters, one step
process, born in the thirties,
a book about a song, obr,
generic literature, now we can
no longer communicate, nothing
has been saved, cochon ray,
ggmcl, what does kt stand
for, what is the parable of
the lost penny, two-bits worth
of bulk garlic, are you employed
to read this, gsgpfb, bbc, eli,
superlovable, obbc, saving
nothing, falling up, tscml,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

simulated heights

it’s time to get back into the
spring, fax deduct, new intoxica,
what does it feel like to have a
spelling problem, buddha cluster,
scan but don’t print, sgda, what
does one have to do with other
artists, calkr, movable void,
syys, what does it feel like
to have a bit of cash flow, look
at all that postage, astroray,
obc, downtoon, uptoon, lae, fax
the art, all the postage we
wasted, sixty-six ninety-nine
thirty-three, doubt art, faith art,
gray matters, ray says pieces, tcgg,
art s, hing, lick the gum, bark
odes, cap eye, purple ray, toglb,
milf, one has become something
else, give up doubt, fat whack
of cash, how far below zero
do we need to go, are we still
lookin’ or have we found,
aliberation, tblg, chip your
consumption down, what is it
you want to say, primary
caregiver liberation front,
luce levy luce, writing is an
aid to memory, only one left
man wire, tcsggpm, naafi,


let’s go back to the happy days,
happy days for who, get your brain
out of the dungeon, art pirate, to
save or not to save, let’s turn
ourselves into a bridge, a shred
of beauty, print this up in an
edition of one thousand nine
hundred and sixty four,
lamination collage, mere mark art,
probe your depths, artistic
delicacy, art replica, reason cycle,
yin ying, forget that it is toner,
marks that speak, how to survive
being an artist, eye own nothing,
if we had to guess we didn’t
have to guess, the art is
intoxicating you, now we are
entering the grey zone, the
mighty stamp, now it is time for
the sledgehammer, a replica
of a fingerprint, how do we get
around town, you think it
represents a face, stop taxing
me, there’s a monster in her
cunt, open your eye and let the
visions pour out, the art
manager, price: priceless, reject
reality, mucous music, morse
german, these are the happy

Saturday, November 22, 2008

your attention to this matter is not required

up in the actual mountains, stook
the forest, acrylic snow, is the war
over yet, hm customs and excise,
any reasonable route, the peace
wall, is this a six or a nine, art
with staying power, the love doesn’t
love me, party colour, hurry up
and decode, sequia, the universal
language of texture, paper music,
making money shut-up, interface
module, build it out of junk,
a labial bend, totale fattura,
it’s all japanese to me, standing
on the crown, anagram logic,
suggesting a fish, still activity,
permanent messages, translatathon,
early digital graphics, i’ve been
an ear, before we came in we
came in, find your way in to
the labyrinth, put it all back
in the bag, never change nothing,
proud or ashamed, this is not
literature it’s paperwork, think
we might trance, girl or woman,
top fresh, squirted with the
vivacity of an orange, shawms,
vegetable ray, put another
quarter in the computer,
cash for information,

i guess i'll just have to take the lack of a sign as a sign

omgcb, environmental technician,
getting ready for a trip acid, it looks
connected but it ain’t, slop some of
that loot, large orange ship, the
wrong carbon copy guy, reamage,
bus sub conscious, goglc, calm abec,
the bufonet, word must have gone
out, bcro, misregister reality, why
would you want to use that old
computer, get them to sign, obit
card, phrases going to make up,
incrimin, beware of bleed-thru,
pop eye, the searching, how to
turn worthless paper into, the
ink is communicating with the
paper, yellow ray, time does not
mind, white out nothing, did they
talk, a debris desk, botter, micro-
evidence, face away, psychotropic,
the words take on new meaning, are
we now elsewhere, please stop
trying, lbb, bind nothing, mvhc,
a perfect impression is, cash
flowt, can’t afford anarchy,
there’s paper in them thar bins,
pull the bookmark out and drop
the book into the bin, temporary
activation, bulge pin, hellight,
time for boredome, oms, refuse
to continue, theo bromine, this
technical process, coogle, none of
this belongs to me, the soap
bar, mossicide, courier
consciousness, appli, sez boo,

Friday, November 21, 2008

this word reminds me too much of you

obdc, continue edm, a hammer virtuoso,
sell yourself high, not mailing nothing,
young turk burst, nanoparticles of
art, falling towards happiness, chip
away at reality, yes we have no
rubber, here comes another, now we
are driving now, ray says boo, talking
as accomplishing, no, nanomagnets,
tiss, the blue needs replenishing,
a country full of loonies, black
and blue even, an undistinguished
potato, you can only make this
better by making that worse, it
looks rich but, new improved value,
really gum the gum up, code: will,
nothing is beyond redemption, go
easy on the ink, actually buy
your own socks, did your message
ever get thru boom, this word
reminds me of you, ray ray go
away, electronanography, this word
reminds me too much of you,
ever wear a tuque, the expression
on its face, get in there and dig,
ray eats meat, a real and actual
trance, trance meat, you’re
drowning in it, still kicking
the habit, the ink says no,
using sex as a weapon, nothing
is garbage in my book, tiny
scraps of paper with strange
words on them, the secret to
stinky cheese, merry rem, bleed
hat, nail it, all the losing tickets,


there will be no more copies, by the
time we get to ten there will be
nothing left, fuck xerox, chip out
a hundred, the original is too real,
adding value or draining it out,
this is pre-staple, ten cents ten
cents, original orange, now what to
do with the text, happy with the
old computer, some sort of magic
staying power, all the rest are
always already gone, are you still
maintaining your integrity,
whack ‘em and stack ‘em, maybe
you better change your name,
concrete cutter, pennier than thou,
some people we used to know, one
has lost, your name in mud, ogo
burble, an original mistaken for
a copy, ogo one, your name is dead,
feeling partly passed out, nothing
goes anywhere without postage, no
we lost, one lives that touch, who
are these judges, pannier then
you, blank education, okay let’s
go thru this again, concrete point,
bring it up into focus, the spot
is the difference, fight
categorization, you can’t just let
it go you gotta push it, your
website is at risk, the brazil
vortex, all those files we left
on the old computer, copied forth,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I hate love.

trance end, stad, where did you
get these envelopes, opening-wise,
is everywhere as one you, eye hate
love, human papillomavirus, xyngst,
ballbusting, thamboria, let your-
self begin, phonecalls about jobs,
untelusing, double vice, ucla
lithoparticles, identical hands,
arbitrary cruelty, fat is relative,
seven dollars worth of bananas,
that me is not me, nor is that me,
the number changes, one is being
forced to change, you won’t be
needing a car, keep your heart
in your pants, we got docked, what
are these other charges, up on vimy
ridge, gfe, psychographic, healthy
conscious engaged, hoick, eye ham
hands, readymead, fishing hat,
happy to examine their
contradictions, truthiness,
clusters of booze, one was under
the radar, nice posse, never see
your husband again, and where
did you get all your money,
unnatural selection, lontananza,
menefreghista, maricones, only
for money, acid causes
permanent changes to the brain,
break change, sin acid, ocv bkl bm,
drastic plastic changes, kitty-
corner from, rotate three-sixty,
speak silence, miss nothing,

i'm hardcore but, to a degree

the smart penny, and ampersand,
acoustic arctic rockers, kbiplbi,
centraficaine, culpability kyrgyz,
the exact fragment, actual meet,
circustan, mint enough, inforich,
looking in the dark, lakemism,
just for a day press, blur
flower, anti-o press, nothing
saying, perceptual war, zero
ain’t easy, spenditures, almost
blank enough, el i o u,
commission and enrolled at

mosquito maintenance, pick a
ditch any ditch, why do gophers
run like that, columbariums,
nobody owns the ditch, but
it’s a dry heat, i nothing,
sildenafil citrate,
trichotillomania, kammersang,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

corvus of one kind

the “service” industry, are you
heading up or are you heading
down, the miserable way to travel,
we found out it was too far by
walking towards it, time will
pass on this also, time cannot be
selected, a novel about poetry,
subdimensions, sat at two,
falling up, ope, mega-nothingness,
one has a special affinity for
nothing, how to get your self out
of yourself, wakaw, not doing
anymore, there is reading but no
reader, my brain has gone dead,
waive off the trance, hardly
professional, they have a special
relationship, the pain we had to
get through to get here, there
are no others, some sort of job,
alter your appearance, this
tells us nothing, what costs a
dollar, the axe fell, blank to
all but the intelligentsia,
you’re falling, it’s time to rise,
sooner or later: gold, nothing
precedes essence, stop continue,
no choice but, why are you
wasting your time with this,
your mail is being intercepted,
pink motivation, eye you’s,
hoping for something to happen,
cookies made of bread,
temporary knowledge,

your printer is currently offline, fix it!

to have and to give, scan dal,
break millions, a cunamam, chip a
pound or two of newsprint, raptures
of scrap, thirteen fifty-one, pavo,
if you keep insisting youre not
then you must be, the practice of
insanity, for unacceptable, we do
like to write the names, vellum
table, spool it out, fall dart,
able-bodied suao, if this was
a leaf, self portrait as blank,
what’s in connection, cyano,
lift your tail, crucify the book,
a primitive lottery, bread peace,
this space is available, faja
braga, beeld, zed world, jews
without borders, ur day, the
moment the fire was burning,
maintain your erection, nothing
short of evil, belt eye, worx,
suture rapture, the gold is
fading, the battle starts again,
the fingerprints of arthur
cravan, toner progress, family
shattered, nothing is exposed,
the bag that holds it all
together, after me comes
nothingness, lecture on the
world, receive this,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

a little soft with seraphim

now where are we headed, make
the money flow, zero ray, gtbb,
zen ray, one seven five one one three,
shoestring art, wax ray, talk you
into working, alcoholic labour,
buy a new boot, arp, arpa, never
mail nothing, drivers abstract art,
the meaning of alone, nobookon,
experimental printing, mbc, repels
the ink, ray says hi, ray dad,
ray money, raybol, meat is a
crime, naynim, six billion web-
sites, mb, smear the reams, get ready
to trance, cocgb art, tending
towards the blank, risking the
bleed, turning garbage into art
and art into garbage, trance
action ray, the gap is for art,
the power of negative thinking,
out on the pine needles, blank
is never really blank, each of us
is many, spatialist, hello ray,
free falling towards concrete,
blb, happy haven, alberta ray,
there must be a ray, love ray,
fake out chicken, raycheck,
rain-, unprintable, raybus,
a usual gift, orange ray,

one code without lucidity

the lemonade splashing right up
the wall to the ceiling, the artist
on fire, the weight of art, busy
going online, the artist that did
the work versus the artist that
took credit, we have frozen moments
too, naughty doodle, toner detel,
odour bank, life is meant to be
suffered in isolation, cerlox
xerox, fever temp, pink pocket,
tilebooks, sprung bored, nothing
shocks, marks made by adults,
wad of organic material, peace
music, damaged grooves, the
language slow, separate realities
one from another, see see this is
not a pipe, a language of big
words, world artists for timbuck-
too, non-violent struggle, mandalay
mandala, drifting in and out of
the network, o falkg, the only
ink in a haystack of toner,
problem child problem adult,
a whole another city, somebody
made a mistake no matter who,
finding your way in to hell,
write your own barcodes, keep
your hunches to yourself,
shambling to shambala, is
this making a difference to
you, ant go, here have this,
go against the rush, costii,

Monday, November 17, 2008

travelers (one ell)

v inside v, saint imulation, saint
reet, enter the house of vino, Q,
st im, polar imp, genuine autentica,
escudo, unica grande nuestra,
concon, coquimbo, baltica dry
beer, chanqueahue, das gute
bier, republica, b, mapuche,
the one who liberated us, pesos,
microcoin, uno, ccu, cerveza,
madre de pearl, antofagasta,
saint iago, notice the change,
orange-thighed, glottal
grotto, beans and fire, rtst,
moonah, hob art, free samples
freecall, removalist, shed
junk, drifters internet,
concession travellers, chard,

title catalog, gorp, check in
mail, stop the to and fro,
we have a place for this text,
pill box hat, plans for this
text, the text in living colour,
pre-memory, cureetheemo, defib,
sporecard, getting near the art,
read the hand, watercolour
on rice, voj toj, the only thing
that ever changes is the
date, fluxus vortex, annotate
memory, free yourself from
paper and or electricity, this
seems time free, unact, let
the children play, cracked
envelope, we are getting warm,

gungsuh & haettenschweiler

maxaman flomax, action has
been taken, oxynein, info going
to waste, saint illiw, foreseeable
work, first we need to copy it,
compbox, superman windowpane,
inferthin, a piece of paper is
four pages, here we have gone
over the line, okhsop, tape it to
a plank, without assistance,
temerarious, mullock,
apocopate, antisemantics,
parareality, diaglossic,

ska then, what does the little
font have to say, canoeing the
milk, free jazz text, compare
deteriorate, drop out of the
game, anucal, the merely blank,
make art now, not even enuf to
cover the service charges, do
people actually read this,
emphatropes: streamsludge,
word animals, break millions,
cheap enuf to be worth the
trip, idennify, tell the anteater:
no ants today, this poem is by,
the only word we can see, the
human cluster,

Sunday, November 16, 2008


order post, post order, self-moving,
blue nose, nose blue, blue nothing,
always already gone, memoremem,
knock knock nobody, playing in
and out of the box, hate mail
art, any reason to read on, some
sort of weight, the thing itself
is gone but we saved a copy,
continuo, gurtnellen, you can
call it art, non-identical, en
avant, reason to dig, are you
involved in your life or not,
don’t give me no tasks, whycut,
the season is over, whowha,
mental response, here we are,

an experiment that failed, pick
up post, make the day as rich as
you want, leftover ink, more luck
hitting the other side, meat
guilt, what are all these books
to do with, you missed your
chance to mail, guilty is
quilty, what do you have to
mail, van yog, bot gas, as an
anti-blue, contrast blue,
what are you going to put
in the bun, black on blue,
there will be no next, bring
out the blue, eye lsd,

refers to the size of the font

you could learn the code, ross et
a stone, if you go beyond this point
then, now we have lost this moment,
the usual text, the blank text,
skull king, khybernetics, copper
hue and cry, imported language,
fight for sex, the shoes are
concrete, throat artists, joe blank,
joe oros, ursting, are we all we
have left, look out your window,
absit omen, the claims of errant
history, botflies on the prairie,
pea-pool skittles,

the writing is on the other side,
the spell checker is wrong, ink join,
ebq, arte grezza, pellagra, vert de
grece, a rooster-comb-red toque,
what are you doing at this very
moment, mixed reality, the non-
communication of it, clearing
house of early, hooves of van,
artificial sunsets, unlimited
light, continuator, meraviglia,
west eats meat, arbitrament,
orange metal, theriomorphic,
karmagandh, yog,

Saturday, November 15, 2008

dot um

this is not a computer, mail the
thing itself, the page size we are
going to, newscomputer,
surdimensionnés, trance not
completed, mer chant, actually
more like six than seven,
changing the world one word at
a time, a ball of thread, recycer,
we don’t sell a lot of sales,
snake cancer, weak housing data,
calculated to hijack our efforts,
quizzle, the counterpublic,
phthisic, forcing him headfirst
into the tea pot, munic, one leaf
that never fell, klatschmohn,

megillah gorilla, schriftlich,
lotic, save san pedro, one in the
wrong place, one has a hike to
make, toner guilt, a part of the
country versus b part of the
country, the poetry police, net
start spooler, fluxus enuf,
is that all there is to mail art,
credit advice: don’t use credit
card, colour the pattern, page
number three thousand, bad
font, my name is blank, poetry
labour, not detecting any
difference, microdifference,
the work that is being done,

constantia, corbel

typewriter font, while you were
asleep, what is this font, myriad
condensed web, a miniature book
of elegant design, top-knots
one-boob-bare uniforms, the
sarmak plant, hila, going random,
aesthetic bliss, artificial
bliss, social policing, six penny
nails, a pale copy, clustering
tendencies, numphê, mathetriai,
droit de cité, ricercatrice,
the decolonizing moment,
annushka lutetiavitch
pufflovah, nothing maximum,

treat yourself to a piece of
paper, only got to see the stamp
for a moment, the great losers,
here is nothing, distant contact, the
next blank we fill, mcd, nothing
is incontrovertible, latitude
fifty, raznorecie, polyglossia,
zero distribution, pixellated
mess, trags, degenerate artist,
anarchist author degenerate,
you want it public, se ab, draw
a line by making a fold, a
life of errands, hexis, unspeak,

Friday, November 14, 2008

the consolation of alcohol

habitation, me ad press, you have
dozens, oo oo, all the way back to
oh three, gooey girls, the corn god,
reonion, the motorscope, contribulate,
microlit, signalings, john dorn again,
equal or common in value, are
we communicating here, cursive
dragon, now we are here, rerer,
drop off the face of the earth,
how christian is it, how big is
your god, went fishy, where
did everybody go, life short,
infinwheat, please call me,
try again to get thru, never
could get it right, cle oh,
differ rent, better copiers,

choose the ditch, trionyx,
scona pop bottle, pillar of
the community with four
lovers, an essential human
characteristic, the concrete
realm of things,


writing about the paper we are
writing on, writing about the paper
we will be writing on, vanisle refers
to, a bunch off illegible adresses,
kill yourself nobody cares, noodle
atomizer, make the text available
to the world, we are free here, you
can grow into this, walmart
redemption, tamagot, help yourself
to the copy machine, fftwf, van
dues, invibrancy, cecal, alchey,
hourned, noise intoners, farragin,

amp and lust, let the poem dominate,
signature for money, proliferation of
poetry, get a poem into the news,
back in the good old place, where
the paper’s not crumpled, concrete
laboratory, it’s the cut that makes
it, now you see the reason for the
cut, keep this coupon until you die,
identify yourself at the till, did
we get beyond the mark, keep this
coupon until hell freezes over,
where-abouts is the art, favour
blank, ink and wax, a painful
economic situation, yes to this,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

bookman, calibri, cambria

float yourself a loan, do you
accept mail, eye lamp work,
emplement, paradoxysm, cyberlice,
the file count keeps falling,
macdougall press, are there any
names here, rough or viet, you
are being spoken to by person
number two, perfectly capable
of bringing yourself to orgasm,
pnac, keeping track of all the
books that come out, now we are
making art together, careful
you don’t hit the jackpot, the
elks community hall, the wit
and wisdom of love, press access,

hoge gisting, lupulo, crosstown
liquor, fake rock, de koninck,
vamonos, indifferentiate, agaves,
the ethical is not the highest
consequently, hugely complex
expressive, phthalate plasticisers,
brecciation, never smelled wet
concrete, chassid, balance of
terror, paso dobles, thylazine
thorazine, spirit doubler, hand
typed on a real typewriter,
who needs to see the actual
writing, a half a road, toner
job, only a technician, still
balid, delta text, spilling down,

the big box put us out of business,
we could easily determine, where
did you get the penny,


let’s ask, tencents, hyped up on
hypewriter, this font reminds me
of, aphasia types, step it up and
go copy, put some thing in the
window, toilets wrecked cars
and scrap metal displayed as
art, hoodia winkia, a mere word-
heap, what else can be done to
change the value, bf money, the
distance between you and the book,
the document biz, lucy in the
sky poetry, guilt consumption,
what would so-and-so do, nude
digs, slippery impressions, turn
art into money, artler, read money,

no such person, beaucoup de livres,
fluxus heap, luthier, a few
poetry, the moroccan hat, nice
print, nice print, how did you catch
wind of this, monomath, reality
tourist, on the special properties
of, peacock vehicle, kurinji,
stichomythia, lo huakew, poetry
refund, types of aphasia, give
this the grind, call it art and
have done, oh boy money, enuf
for a substitute, do you want
your art raw or cooked, marshall
your resources, galant eye,
chappals, tourist reality,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

net burnout

the lag, insert this page, waming,
manifold concrete, yateman hat,
sun-seared concrete, maxcan,
blkt, yop yog, be and fall, say
yes to art, if it involves mail,
haart, used paper discards, is
it a sitting duck or is it a decoy,
russian thistle, rub my face in
it, what does this remind you of,
subtle moss, always meant to
read a little further, reading
and memory, cut for use in
collage, reading every word,
here is where the heart is, cut
to relocate, tackle the text,

t, font control, expend labour on
texts, visible on the original,
never trust to memory, the eye is
the performer, go with the detail,
finish school, zed zed rune,
minute scales, chipping away at
the monolith, placere, bestia
triumphans, bookazine, para-
digital, hendiadys, became a
penny song, portrays nothing,
hang in collections and
exhibitions, tequila and
heidegger, the full concrete,
nietzsche and sausages,


lithography in eight colours,
friend become enemy, losing
more contact, we owe too much,
all gone, feeling more liberal,
the fine and the coarse, effort
trough, spring leaves, flip it
over and look again, the touch
of paper, chunk east, nothing
may be contained in this text,
id art, reason to snore a, check
nothing, long gone name, raining
toner, f!, no mail, signed copy
toner, where you intend to put
your eye, pinst, mind at all,

chicken foot basket ball, type and
copy, place billblass just, a vov-apt,
postal ball, stencil in public,
de-ling, the making of the text,
balltown, just keep on, sleepball,
feed the pet grasshopper to the
pet frog, mandrake, spianata,
who spends a hundred and sixteen
dollars on nothing, cash trance,
histomoniasis, texax, immanent
domain, the exhibition hall the
ceiling, maitreya,