Saturday, February 28, 2015

"humber ossing neville"

poetland, coordinate for a happy-
hour event, needs are for junkies,
think of insomnia as a form of
meditation, pallet load ticket,
how far above the water do your
nostrils need to be, rubberstamp
friction, the first day of spring
snow, face filter, cmck cluster,
i am on journal two-seven-seven,
humber ossing neville, use an
imaginary staple, ysfc, the
collapse of heaven and earth,
ojai orange, spasex, beate: o not
hinder that which hears it,
daikon, desi: sona heera, poets
on welfare society, finsterium,
rp twenty-three, left blank for
a good reason, the core of me
eyes, obsessive compulsive

Friday, February 27, 2015


chiromania, oradexon, sardarnis,
chukris, cevapcici, frikadel, kook
kanucks klan, waste of being,
luck butter, tip cluster, shuttle
cluster, limousin, jasmine butter,
snuff tea, kinder chick, mionetto
moscato, arqc, veges, condom tax,
signature value, the closer doors,
stuck in minneapolis, legjit,
tiss dish, metalless stapler,
munny world, kidrobot, you want
to see the red threads, red bell,
calgary sunnyside, fun is for
the rich, spark science, youth one
day, check your ticket
carefully, for fluxus internal
use only, it has to be whimsical,
just watch your page gauge,
xxxxxx, osawatomie, hideo
nomo, iffing, gundy’s
microaesthetics, rotate and
continue, rien go blah,
the new red, save me from
my own death wish,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

"google sculpting"

protect me from what i want,
esoteric anatomy, google sculpting,
merthiolate, come hither eyes,
reality control, saltellamento,
subimago, cerci, pentimento,
square kilometre array, acid
green, escalating humanitarian
crisis, ivy mike, castle bruno,
the mind’s eye plus, royal type-
writer, untitled art society,
pedorthist, james bannerman,
new master plan, the new mailart,
five pieces of purple paper,
brock catherines, lucky buddha,
make an indication in or on
the text, this is dna, writing
about writing, rtui, the hand of
jennifer, sasketchewan, vad
gäller saken, unaccusatives,
saint ickerdude, remove your
record, domaine grand pre
macon solutre, broken writing,
arqc tvr, put this text in a
zine, loose choc, subversive sex,
bernard callebaut, dan
johnson, loc luster, claussen,
sex fluid, ranch cluster,
red mycin, zoo cluster,
poly-paper, solutré-pouilly,
cupcake wine, anselmi san
vincenzo, metrovino,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"klaatu barada nikto"

fraktur schriften, spoon-bread,
temenos, chronospy, decus et
tutamen, nasta’liq, spoetry, girl
scout orange juice, mash notes,
poemscopes, concrete municipal
cooperation, scicom, mallies,
do das, feelies, employ a hyper-
contiguousness, everyone’s cup of
herbal, pipefish, netsuke, kaphalis,
kill pages, scare quotes, emmer,
klaatu barada nikto, kwaito,
poema desde la isla, here you are
down in brazil, zwang, aprender a
conocerme, arte em todos os
sentidos, plataformaparentesis,
etceterarte, lust coupons, prepare
box, barnart monroe, shocking
story behind cold statistics,
rolex submariner, orlando
westport, hidden faces, wxyna,
blurry mirror, de courcy joel,
the business of waves, esoteric,
san jose, psychic nomadism,
deesh picking, tlaltenango,
mandala study, another ocean,
junk mandala, meaning is not
inherent, om, noderivs, not
wanting to say anything,
vispo collage, kaunas, dwight
berkeley, shigawake, sierra
juniper, blackvinyl,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


deathrow openvms cluster, bleu
de bresse, sari-sari store, a cluster
of vaxs, org bungh, cccmgc cluster,
merthiolater, cause gap, qtaim,
quantum cryptography, real art,
how to remember, concrete identity,
django hce, campbell the mythic
image, sorouja moll girlswork,
when the words burn, cullather
the hungry world, perec what a
man, the killing of the unicorn,
upskirt voyeur, experiments in
banal living, acconci transference,
hawkin the gift of space, don
messer, kittler gramophone film
typewriter, place of value in a
world of facts, robert duncan,
morgan literary outlaw,
d’artagnan, mimologiques,
kroklok, materialisation of
language, fish how to write
a sentence, many lives many
masters, avital ronell stupidity,
betsey trotwood and donkeys,
dyer crawling from the
wreckage, heidelberg dueling

Monday, February 23, 2015


dictionary attacks, trikaya,
matrix-assisted laser desorption,
thought contagion, the yellow
attracts the blue, oakandvine,
yoblm cluster, pornographic
photocopies, walrus parable,
consume post, bradyphrenic,
hyperauxetic, homodontism,
fantomas, decina, eodermdrome,
chateau margaux forty-nine,
art meme, lucida drome, seal
version, the bard of bromsgrove,
kootenay moss, salt sanx, nbsp,
chemist or handmaid to
exuberance, franz kamin,
plether, sigint riot,

Sunday, February 22, 2015


the riot index, hyperchaos, chaotic
synchronization, floating
concrete octopus, biohacker,
ribofunk, depending on what
the markets do, sausage party,
sgc cluster, focht sandor,
european to american shoehorning,
illustration walrus, thoooooooo,
wax poetry magazine, maad
sheep, skatch, pica, micronized
silver, bradyauxetic, volkmann’s
contracture, conventionally
human eyes, benzodioxane,
scacchic, chrononomics, kirs,
scripta manent, your firm
trunk moss limbed in my bed,
nothing spiral, meme art,
kewra dot, sigint kewra,

Saturday, February 21, 2015

"contains the element of heavenly"

sigint, packet sniffer, trystero px,
squid ink cheese, noncompliant
with treatment, bibliophilography,
serpents voladoras, streetgrass,
precious blank, cb cluster, gritz,
no more memes, imagine no more,
contains the element of heavenly,
swivet, the calgarian pro-
canadian phalanx, the knight’s
tour, schedule of obligations,
zakuskis, durandal, calefaction,
fatal interview, hounds of spring,
enthalpy, torrefaction, lipolex,
liponymy, still making art,
cheddar bunnies, five by eight,
westmount dallas, flop around
event, maniunas, batspoon, moth
antennae, the fluxus suck,
show me your junk, no direction
up, two hundred and eighty
contributors, black march,
moanlisa, worldbackwards,
corundum, indiana jones
playing cards, deformed lemon,
jester’s hat lemon, moneyball,
slomo ricochet, art starting
point, walnut roanoke, rebound
art, romare bearden, don’t call
me son boy, a hint of info,
utopia wa, kiesha kewra,

Friday, February 20, 2015

"fabry-pérot interferometer"

kleshas, fabry-pérot interferometer,
fussballclub zürich, kitten shaver,
let go and let satan, codependency,
signs of literature, pick six craft
pack, orange globe cluster, plotto,
women cluster tears, necrotrophic,
fluffernutters, transcranial
magnetic stimulation, downward
causation, the capacity of higher
emergent entities, evitability,
a modicum of anal leakage, i
did not mean to write that again,
watch the street, constant
realization of objective moment,
mint clown, i broke the chain but,
chicago never happened for you,
what can you give, give a hug,
phony baroni, toner patterns,
pussy is something, giganto boobies,
pregnant dominatrix, lay the
penis down between her breasts,
focht sandor, pink, purple, maroon,
violet, chipped clown, pink heart,
kasugaoka itami, ricotta
affumicata, crossville alabama,
eric langolff, changing your
place of residence, the damage
makes it an original, cut
into oh three,

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"apalachee sneads"

omnibox, a macho cloudier plump,
teoman, fictitious name registration,
natty moss bond, a sexóloga de
floripa, i like your glasses, out of
sunnyside, fishcreek, highlighter
works on, final limited, one is
painting the bubblegum stains,
repermission, she’s laughing at
your genitals, apalachee sneads,
derelict mosquito spontaneity,
i don’t know what you are saying,
incoherence society, read it with
your fingertips, don’t be afraid
to use your mobile devices, how
perforated, sbietti stefano, pcam,
conform go crazy or become an
artist, piro arte correo puerto rico,
small wins lotto, shouting bawa,
sai, klein harp guitar, small
minds win big, small wins,
bogged down in paradise,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"edogawa rampo"

bogged down in footnote number
one-ten, leap year virus, re: tit for
tat: if you don’t like my tits
keep your tats to yourself, acid
christ, amed, armed love, railgun,
chrislip, vaginal atresia, three-d
scanning, davy jones’ footlocker,
dipping bellow below twelve, oak
and vine, insect utilities, the final
company, valérie ceravolo, tear,
sekycsoa resolution, what? and tear
the art?, how can the taxable
amount be more than the actual
amount?, dynamic funds, nuck,
notre rai pays, legal franglais,
holopoems, graeco-latin bi-square,
co-circuits, ouhistpo, edogawa
rampo, enchanting hair and
costume, saving everything, not
writing complete, honeyspinners,
the penny drops, you need a
shave, the balancing pool,
february was, mx four,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


a penny fell onto the bible,
reveille, neuroporn, oppositional
defiant disorder, howkins’ creative
economy, sensilia, flirty fishing,
neuroesthetics, thirteen cents
each, banana seeds, bread if fresh,
it’s not first avenue, please
advise us of any problems after
the completion, coin sale,
control your hole, quetzalcoatlus,
ergs of fuck, centennial armory
show, then than, poultney,
gynecopia, transcendentalist
poetics, poultry in motion,
mraur, orange pollen-catching
portion, wimbrel, black
turnstone, shipi bo, postal
paintings, fgm font, performed
identity, mead as in envelopes,

Monday, February 16, 2015


psychoelectronic communication,
emmanuel movement, poetry a go-go,
femuscle, luminodynamism,
vaporbooks incorporated, mahalo,
chronodynamism, spatiodynamism,
jaroblue, a huge tip for lousy
service, sidecar milk, champfleuy
vaudreu and dirty diaper,
envelopings, drachenmuseum,
infopost, fake-orisms, the lady
chablis, xerophagy, orange-hued
star, eructative literature,
eodermdrome, wieners suicide,
skybox, bright sky, fuzzy paper,
dirty corner, sex with others,
the little lost in the trance
elation, perugia, gar eighty-

Sunday, February 15, 2015

"eyn chaya kazo"

coin sale, springrammar, congee,
the happy cooker emporium, guanyin,
alphaconceptual poetry, neologiology,
hypersexuality, cyclothymia,
phonoethics, ramp art, horizontalism,
north korean superdollars, lotta
poetica, whitelabel, sexstasy,
crackled her hoop earrings, the
final company, cookies and milk
and beer, bbbcs, let’s share a
laugh over a beer, cmb cluster,
biscuit lu, novum organon, it
was a dark and stormy night,
lotta poetica continua, that
little dot, autosomal recessive
spastic ataxia of charlevoix-
saguenay, blueseed, seasteading,
eyn chaya kazo, quasicrystals,
five star peru, thanks to ritz,
actually printed on,

Saturday, February 14, 2015

"circular dichroism"

orange grace, lampworked, circular
dichroism, mournucopia, hodedo,
stift goettweig messwein gru,
charge up the stamp pad, gaping
hole, photoshopped, banana ink,
one is not to be controlled,
pained in ful, cbcg cluster,
little repetition, chicago never
happened, there will be no
negotiation, postal inspection,
fluxgun, saargebiet, donald
henderson clarke, artist of places,
arte grezza, uterus bicornis,
blur is the answer, one has
nothing to give, you have call
display but, calling columbus,
give where we live, pennyroyal tea,
hinge to crane the chief ear,
art must be made by all,
kazam, pseudo-data, constant
copy, orange vomero,

Friday, February 13, 2015


ontological anarchy, oncostatin
m receptor, dayglo orange frugged,
alexandrine, eco-terrorism hobson’s
choice, dentalium, vf debit, mq
cluster, drop bouy, puppy deer,
the kensington interaction
community, what no cast porn,
uci cinemas, lino cucci, cra,
brookfield place, tax the capital,
mishigosh, you cluster th readers,
elemental – the house the chairs,
concrete ship, barry le va, chignon,
shive, zuckung, bilirubin,
orange-line, exhibit in the
corridor of horrors, a thousand
flounces and a saucy bodice
of lace crochet, his eye had
just been extracted by the
mafia, taleb, anarcho-poetry,
a larger vocabulary than
shakespeare, quantum jokes,
art thorn,

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"quantum nothingness"

the semiotic liberation front,
kahlschlagliteratur, the bloch
sphere, qubit, wasabia japonica,
danvie, here you see the red threads,
when is repetition not repetition,
photocopy error in your favour,
how fast did you burn through,
buy something original, smclgb
cluster, the majority of the word,
leptospirosis, pachysandra,
moelleux, gentoos, golden orb
spiders, quantum nothingness,
galaxy clusters, false vacuum
energy, eternal inflation,
sine, won’t, kanazawa corn,
flower child surrenders, sand
critters, ell is for, the leading
go, gar eighty-seven, circle
eighty-seven, hairloom, wrecht,
actress shoots,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"ana drahotusky brukets"

lily putsch, it’s blog eat blog,
sausage tax, scm cluster, ben
insects, our ove, butterfly
antennae, butterfly whale spout,
butterfly whale tail, ana
drahotusky brukets, junkxus,
black march, speckled egg, acta,
cedar rapids, spastic play-acting,
casfc, home planet news,
canadian foreign legion,
ringtones, unfranked,
lepanierdedelices, experialism,
lebensgefährtin, eschaton,
passacaglia, religious
inversion, consensual
cannibalism, empty grief,
griefers, flesh dance, hud

Monday, February 09, 2015

"actress shoots antonin"

heads-up display, mod podge,
partial birth abortion,
vernichtung, touch monkeys,
making it is one thing, mangold,
smear of what, repechit, umami,
rhythmic picture, inconsequential
is coming, space ship to, actress
shoots antonin, great midwestern
correspondunce school, saint gall
bladder, dead spiders mosses
saliva, the tenderloin, flatland
oblomov, silhouette university,
nantaise tickness, how many emms
in hmmmm theory, your
postal self, bragdon hundred,

Sunday, February 08, 2015


report conversation, left blonde,
banana globe, the poem kicks up,
bcgb cluster, pharmacogenetics,
zef, sublow, eski, retinosa
pigmentosa, alcheringa, onagata,
chancer, the metropolitan attitude,
supererogation, black pigments,
a hold two words, the mysterious
ornstein, saint onion, vigo,
something is getting penetrated,
bugs on beautiful flesh,
flucus, it’s always six o’clock,
ediciones amnesia, eye versus eye,
biological doodle, gar eighty-six,
emm is for ritz, red loss, are you
sure you didn’t use this piece
one time already, the deter,
i have been breaking regularly,
not quite as crisp, lost the
paper colour, about mint, lossages
and findages, killer eye, are
these real bugs, the nine run,

Saturday, February 07, 2015


the onion router, trollbuffing,
the unseen concrete, prolapse,
my first glob of gooie in my
virgin panties, cut the confusion,
rice and beer, barleywine hobbit,
yes i want my receipt, rlb
cluster, repetition hoarde,
see them all orange, no inflection
necessary, from verdana to
ariel, message art, trance
evolution, chillwave, pegging,
salt glass, squirtles, lost
clusters, underconsciousness,
two point seven, economic
objectives, dividend, tax free,
book value, bay saint,

Friday, February 06, 2015


underconscious, cod papiotte,
show your love without spending
a penny, desert of the american
imagination, silver nitrate,
likehound, cleverbot, miss meat,
ccoyocccc cluster, hacksaw
repetition, drug revolution,
you have seen total chaos,
skycityscott, slaves to the jimson,
vivo vilagbaj noksag, empty
mail box tears, hell bank note,
che shing, yu wong, uhu, hits
of acid, captain fangaroo,
piedmont triad area, reverent
contemplativeness, structurply,
cocytus, weill my ship, testar,
insignificant status, font no
font, agb ev,

Thursday, February 05, 2015


serial bus, foregret, fluxiago,
everyone is happy with the change,
fluxitarianism, butter salted,
bcm cluster, all the gars up to
eighty-five, repetition petit,
belgian sugar, eve-n-odd,
power and light press, inbred
into the blood, praying for
sewer lizards, haddock, beloved
festival, art maggots, we’re so
very very simple, i never touch
the stuff, pompadour, art hole,
best spoon, wem, recall graph,
beryllium, haven’t g’art,
eye la blue, judith hoffberg,
anarchaos, shackleton,
kaunas, junk zine, malden,
my strange malady, an iguana
rub, home on the orange hot,
corrlinks, gerascophobia,
mud people, techno-skeptical,
vaps, video mash-up, woman
with gun, scattermood,
splatter sensitive,

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


psephology, olanzapine, jagon,
arbalests, kanly, woo kee med,
carrot tax, cm cluster, repetition
depot, clodius parnassius, melino,
send your ideas only in envelope
to, peacedream, alphabet
randomage, amaranthus
caudatus, cordwain, wordhord,
jon furberg, something smelled
delicious, edge house, eyeball
the text, stinkpo, gar mail,
looking thru somebody else’s
eye, time release clot, fufurtives,
way you washed the ham,
fureteuse, performance dreams,
cuaxicaltin, fingered toad,
startling literatures,
xayacatin, fawny chadow,
bawa means, toner real,
eegogg, red shirt, dog word,
empty eye, knack cluster, luach
crunch cone,

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


chicago gar cult, pedalpub,
pwning, sunkism, softly face,
kcbl cluster, polanyi, repetition
in spanish, fluxus nijmegen,
europa groen, blaster mania,
when you have bawa, registros
de viagens, how long do you
intend to gaze, brain cell life
form, glass of ammonia, fall
down the orgasmic rabbit hole,
the etymology of acceptance,
langue-d’oc, a castle of
poured concrete, sequim,
jennicam, khylysty, sinchul
throd, tue recht und scheue
niemand, zyprexa, siamang,
foo fighter technology, jack
you, somebody might actually
be reading this, double
dactyls, chat poetry, gross
talk, eap mail,

Monday, February 02, 2015

"nam shub"

extensible authentication
protocol, hyperemployment, one
use disposable vibrator, walt
jismey, ungeziefer, trance
tape, chookies, repeshition,
spot recordkeeping, hell-bender,
geert mak, eyeccupy, mailism,
fluxlistism, njetworking, no
tourists, no variations, ray as
in ray, nozzle blue, rivet
turquoise, bolt pink, photo of
a painting of bread, weather-
beaten graffiti, ants on lamb’s
ear, explosion in a shingle
factory, praying mantis sex,
doodling seventy-six, it’s
always six o’clock, drawings
of eyes, unit of artistamps,
went to see the captain,
torea, mokos, crackpot realism,
greenwashing, livicated,
mutual acquiescence,
mitigation, genki, nam shub,
give it to karen, drop the
lucida, gross pussy, asemic
mania, securityholder,
maurya, overlimit, recycle
your unwanted mail,

Sunday, February 01, 2015

"couture kander"

chat performance art, hell the
extraordinary communities,
book trailers, chromatograms,
tecco and tabby, disembraining
machine, eye movement
desensitization and reprocessing,
emotional freedom technique,
indicate to yourself, maintain
a buffer, cash cycle, rst and
slt, ocb cluster, repetition with
variation, keep your grubby
hands off the haiku, you are
suitable for framing, but it
doesn’t say anything, ell
shelmes, purple splendid,
eliminate the gray, it conveys
beauty, i’m reading this as
blurry, textury, couture kander,
ink impressions, marks left over,
thanks for not bending, hike,
magnitron, mudroom, salon
kitty, loggia, ahnenerbe,
eye biting, autodadact, the
golden rabbit, dododo dadada,
impolite poetry,