Monday, February 28, 2011


what does it mean, warp art,
enclosures: illness and cetera,
the brightest rooms are the secret
domain of faeces, hitler
eradicates culture, continuity
history an epic element, hidden
cells of experience, neophytism,
metasemiotics, this blank paper
might come in handy, lust flux,
hat balk, nine ooh, a penny if
you don’t look, the last moment
we were able, all we know is
all, the date is a disaster, get
weak, gaging ka-ching, what is
there to look at, do you want
me to keep flogging this dead
horse, eight and a half by
eleven blockage, she’s peeing
all over the place, burp mail,
do not send, local post, let us
see horse, the hole is making
you fall in, am sep, here comes
another penny, gander at
nothing, can you plicate er
replicate this, allah loves
plurality, bec, buc, this could
buy you six years, if we had
only stopped sooner, out of circ,
skip the text, hot silk, this has
to be freed first, we live to
relive that same moment, no
not out on the balcony at midnite,

Sunday, February 27, 2011


ink well my, dip ink in, for the
bird lady, out on the street,
creating a market, where one week
ends + the next begins, the word
community, find a way thru,
s or t?, be lotto!, a whole diff,
the place we lived, needs to
be sorted, remember the
association, room for, each
and every, once you put ink
on it, ink removal mechanism,
adverbizing, fax art, a real
word, sorted out already,
put down the pen, gets my
vote, no go ism, starting
in between the lines, get
yerself to a point, spittin’
in the sink, called by the tung,
getting to the bottom of the ink
well, the look of the thing,
not a waste: a sacrifice,
all the ink in the world, all the
paper in the wor!d, indicater,
or, get the old machine spinning,
rip one of these off in seconds,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"that" should be upside-down

bp stole my beard, northern
bear, posters by imp, another
black smudge on your record,
how do you keep yourself from
looking at texts, any colour
as long as it is black, if
you’re up odds are you’re
heading down, that, she’s
a great beauty, suddenly
hit with information,
alter and return, try to live
out on your balcony, it will
mean a number of steps,
balk at nothing, zatem,
alter and forward, keep a
copy for your records,

Friday, February 25, 2011

hello face

float these free, no we did
no halfbits, but these words
were written days apart, bhox,
eighteen neat highs, now you
mean nothing to me, one day
is but the other ain’t, that
wonderful week in september
of oh eight, working overtime
on your art, bp records, the
date and the number of the
page, you just can’t keep
yourself from looking at the
words can you, nineteen neat
nites, mister xia xia, eat muff,
eye am numb, eat rough, rev yr
itch, twenty twats, the pinhead
guy, inzert, it ain’t too late
yet, fair tree,

skip over to, how is your eye
finding this text, oh that
smudge will be permanent, you
could actually read the thing,
i told you not to look at the
words, the eye hunderd chunk,
hello face, rev yr search engine,
dust the beauty,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a letter to the machine

unzipping why two kay, the tiniest
little particle of existence,
paper covers rock, listen to
paper, siox, what are the
dimentions?, not exactly the
original, paper eye, can you
brink this up?, make it too
east, realink, do you want the
machine?, no portion may be
reproduced, injk, two grand!,
are poles, mere daze, a letter
to the machine, choses to
do, fluxperson, toner text
yer, prefiled, perimeter
shift parameter, heterogeneous
elements (chaotic conjunctions,
system of poetic shit,
transfinite, talk dirty,
reverse all, an extra word,
out of range machine, talk
people into listening to
you, hit in the head, pre-
written in the paper, too
thin nail, pickt up a freebe,
images?, flood of sunlight,
off the net, depending on
the size of your screen,
class lack, juntaposition,
out of the stream poet, responder,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"a social trance"

just say no to art, mister meat,
just say fluxus, always already
dated, madrugada, philatelist
art, an ear for tongues, torrid
babble, balmy balmier balmiest,
all the ways of putting dark to
light, chernovik, no money base,
dadahome, postal legs, no work
is good work, trance positioning,
paranormal is too normal, keeping
you in the net, has added you as
a friend, hear yay hear ray, you
don’t want to win that fight,
how cancel, canadadarm,
lithoautotrophic, the optimization
of inclusive fitness, veg delta,
people changes, a chance to
bail, a bit of into you might
want to keep handy, bp franchise,
payphn, direction of waste,
abducted by loved ones, as
tamp, inject some cash into the
network, only the mondosize,
key brae, leg war, disance to,
i don’t feel severely
handicapped, message taker,
star stir, trance ad, combine
offers, the most you could
hope for is a mile, a social
trance, easterblock countries,

Monday, February 21, 2011


machine porn, imp ancient, almost
rid, touching the untouchable(s),
work the flux, desperate for
material reality, derasire,
harmony of coherence...exists,
flourishing around, after you
know yourself, not exactly
punctuation, nil i, photoletter,
sex shuns, horizon-matching
capability engaged, what is
the secret sign that’s known
to all the artists?, shoot yer
big mouth off (pow!),
attitudes imp (sans
surveillance, so subversive!,
little black marks against us,
ego free, egomania as artform,
maybe surfing was just a fad,
still nothing, cybernation,
framebreaking, cybstitution,
flesh in the pen, read an old
letter, book mork, revise
reality, comrade black
meet conrad white, every
concrete sphere, copyfree,
the gain plan™, personal
vision™, not processpool,
balance island, try again
later, it’s garbage day!, dü,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"work station time"

erotic vegetables, get nothing
printed up, we’re not looking for
identity, greaze, assholderes,
kidzxress, place artista stamp
here, get closer and see the
collage, moving through the
bullet, it’s four twenty, nothing
marks the spot, ride the whip,
beer can make, perpetual
emotion, i should visit your
website, crystal leth, minor
desires, as sweet as meat,
work station time, write leave
this blank on it, thirteen
thirteen no coincidence,
careful you don’t lick, you
have to wait a week for more
karma, we can smell the meat
on yr breath, sleepin’ rough,
mods mets skos tei ead, data
about data, phoning about
fat chance, it just taste a
little longer, misk, these days
will not last forever, any
need to copy, add attention,
skip over to beauty, beauty
mail, non, nodal molin, legla,
we are carry forward,
balcony performance, all
the little parts that make
the thing go, all a, curt tail,

Friday, February 18, 2011

"do we have google dominance?"

why are you writing, you went on
and then you went on, green ex,
the tal, i’d like to see the dust
jacket, mushrooms bursting up
thru the pavement, which leaves
me half dead, we can’t afford
to be eating cheese, we need
more toner, anril, the sweet smell
of pig meat, still open, likely,
tonermail, not seeking, ska,
no avail, walk on recoords,
known, unfold, we hate to see
people being eliminated, what’s
your favourite memory of all
your memories, the actual
condition, this is turning into
a serious disaster, who gets
excited about toner anymore,
do we or do we not have
google dominance, don’t try to
control the flow, coffin-
shaped vagina, the seahorse
is evolving, you still have
the ability to make yourself
laugh, i am number, can you
feel the brain inside your
skull, tui tui, presenting
rochdale, the fly is still
alive, che-che-wid ba-as chā-uk-
tsope, all i see is text-jaggies,
just the mastheads, it was a
good project cut short, the
temp is serving its purpose,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

point to point protocol

hypertunity, the light is not very
good, who all is here?, this trip
of words, suffering from an
information flood, point to
point protocol, we realized that
we had come to depend on the
story to support the exhausted
thread of our own consciousness,
let’s go there, tools we never
got to put to use, cheat reality,
reading thru the paper,
absolute difference, same
same same, same on you, more
than just coffee, calls me
glasses, so what if i’m
schizophrenic: at least i’m
not stoopit!, ego suicide,
the goddess of currents,
beauty will only take you
so far, it’s all the same page,
huge eguh, free earth,
social accumulation,
extramechanical energy,
noisy desperation, it’s the
same me, the whole planet
was gone, crooked priorities,
the same trip, what is
loaded?, don’t get it strait,
this is not a batch, used?,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


wooden touch that hole with
a ten foot pole, just leave the
vomit where it is, mere of it,
bulb blitz, did you remember
the question mark, stop asking
that question, the libertarian
loop, add nothing but your tag,
shubbux, you don’t really care
for writing do you, complete
icon text, only you can
recognize yourself anymore,
do you want the run, this is
the front, where do you find
them all, mark to indicate,
what are your intentions for
all of this paper, some sort of
vehicle flying, theory of sevens,
the machine is providing this
smudge, here comes the toner,
this mess is going down on
your permanent record, never
wrote a one, drowning in
toner, smotch, the original has
little more to offer, now the
error is permanent, date show
thru, a clue for the reader,
gruesome nudes, saint ink,
magic worm, intending to
share this text, defective
error correction, one un
known, densify, cut april,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


this penny is contaminated, you
picked it up because you thot it
was blank, you might have to go
to the internet to find this,
i’m sure you can figure out a
way to mark, a factor in the
disaster, a little heavy on the
ink, be reft, the odds are so
low it’s not worth lifting a
finger, you don’t get nothing for
nothing, fat hers and sons,
blank its, it all depends on
how much you buy and where
you buy it, flush today, the
need level has dropped, here
have a penny, what sort of hard
work are we talking about,
a hundred and twenty-five
times point zero zero one, the
infinite divorce, a veritable
storm of toner, will the artist
come thru, i can still see you,
see the little eye, our twerk,
insuffa blank, you might
regret publishing this, this is
a serious stain, green queen, a
kind of surprise, kunning,
the petals devoured in the bud,
reeferential literature,
juice up the ink, inkox, grew
some flew some, nude movie,

Monday, February 14, 2011

hyper trance script

come on people get ready, or so,
production is over, a copy of
reality, a copy of blank space,
efil, keep sending it out, actual
size: virtual size, still sealed,
still unopened, a hole cut thru
info, write on target, no bugs,
all that wasted paper, found
some energy, get surfing
(yer boss, ink sprinkler,
just e-mail your resume (no
die a critics, huge enough!,
ŵ, replica twice over, apo(lo)gee,
genius head, a g-spot: a thous-
and dollar bill, beneath the
routine, byte this, not
symbolizing anything,
dabbling in concrete,
hyper trance script, the
concrete phenomenon, number
of exchanges, it is in the air,
smells like, pay for your
air ors, the royal mysteries,
swankers, something we did
not do alone, number of
people involved, a tempt
ation forgone, binge
festival, the coffee reading,
seemed like a good thing
to say, money spoken for,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

[remove before installing ink cartridge]

1) toner as the first step,
1) begin with toner,
1) random mailings,
1) the toner cha-cha,
1) i am number one blam,
1) enel,
1) it’s a beautiful day for [______],
1) nothing goes in the trash,
1) atcivity,
1) the ink needs to breed [______] ,
breathe , breed ,
1) seventeen to thirty-
four, o’clock,
1) plaqué or not,
1) recy-
1) give us a hint,
1) keep this text,
1) the source,
1) this bit of trash is different,
1) trouble is imaginary,
1) all disks are equal,
1) ,
1) only in thu
1) yes , we already have ocr ,
1) hey, that’s my paper! ,

Saturday, February 12, 2011

it hot i

poppels, imperfect albino magpies,
this is something that has not been
changing, if we had only thot of
it a day ago, garmania, just one
sheet of copies, writing about the
work you intend to do, it looks
beautiful at first glance, dumb
gap, chase him, just go with it,
shoehorn the word, sourcing from
actual experience, get sick get
well, globoblast, maybe you should
start with a pencil, silicon
collecting dust, wait wait wait
don’t chuck that just yet, insta-
trash, grotty art, toner is as toner
does, joy is in dividing, i thot i
saw a heart there for a second,
the chrome of the icu, let us
return the disaster to its pre-
disaster state, zip acrost the
mountains, thinking about no’,
happiness is a warm bed, you be
king, dayglo copy, you could
figure it out maybe, toner

Friday, February 11, 2011

the "m" line on "im" should be slightly detached

here we go again, can’t make it to
easy, comiex, thin ink, hetero
genius, do you knowing?, port
paper, ex & im, gold ink,
recuperated fibres, further
merger bird, read me first,
getting ready to fly, trench
setter, the velocitizer!, a
ten cent deficiency syndrome,
what you consider readable,
unburial, time-stop mechanism,
met a taxi’s driver, concept
poetry, sci-art, actually
existing socialism, switch
the labels, delogoification,
object unpackager, not a
wound, red on white,
left in the typer for a
few years, it was my depth,
surrect again, more than a
puzzle, who’s doing the
talking?, permanent emissions
, if eye remembers, identify
this fragment, nights of
someone, all owned, there’s
only sew many, tree point,
cold pen, not a real reason,
lux, almostart, inkpressions
, suckors, doctorument, higher zen,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

got crack?

ge thighs peed, i think we have
enuf pennies, it all depends on
who you communicate with,
bezoar, mad skillz, a line-read,
panty pool, eidyllia, if the
weather’s fine, got crack?,
blessem, laplink, davenning,
passing motorcycle triggers
car alarm, bogner, vote with
a brick, make sure there’s no
bugs on it, beautiful ladies
with mustaches, thousand and
nine, i can smell the bitter
iron in the moss, alienware,
concrete engineering realities,
universal machine, meat
adventures, the blank ones
still have use value, why
isn’t this text full, leave a
little lip, found another
little stash of text, do you
have the ability to learn
from your mistakes, light
paper shines, why is the text
divided, some of these kids
weren’t even alive yet, you
may find yourself reading
something you hadn’t
intended to, a million
things to cover the walls
with, put this text up on
the wall, put this insane,

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


bp ml, pet one recycle, ditzy prnt
shirt, punch in the gonads, becare,
black auburn blonde, x is for
use value, hot plug and play,
thumbdrive, crevice tool, is there
a computer in your future,
luck butter, you no longer have
a desk, appeeze of paper doesn’t
seem like much, su-hogar,
anusara, a little stash we forgot
we even had, thanatopraxy, let
loss go, fuxlist, balch, balkan,
the plan for this is different
than the plan for that, suction
control, a fool and his heart
are soon parted, crunked,
hypercharged, enchanting
harmony and countermelody,
the case of the missing pizza
dough, if you zoom in on these
words you will see, dust the
brochures, okay we have to get
these words into that device,
random fold, top o’ the heap
collects the most dust, formula
red, the date that is no more,
let all communication lapse,
sep sep sep, hot balk, writing
into the we hours, sepoureye,
you wouldn’t want this on
your wall, when the sun hits
the solid toner it glistens,

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

viddle squibble tog-a-tog

it work, how many of this, pockets
full of lint, you writing on my
paper, postpone post, imp pen a
trouble, small pressures, when
da levy breaks, never knew,
making discoveries, early work,
viddle squibble tog-a-tog,
neo-erotic, colourless green
ideas sleep furiously, marconics,
eye zaooum!, arts is a four-
letter word period, no masks,
back to the old grinder &
watch the sparks fly!, one
ideology’s propaganda is
another ideology’s…, the blur
between, invisible ideology,
boxing system, ground plan
down, varying thinkness,
stranger terrain (extraterra,
, too thin mail, nodder day, find
dart in back, not necessary
to read every word, home
down, ain’t no punk you punk,
the big push sphinx, the
reel work, sgoing on,
smellable, has to do with
here, bones about it, infill,

Monday, February 07, 2011


is this the soft end or the hard
end, it refers to nothing, writing
temporary texts, there is nothing
erotic about insanity, penny
nude, wooden april, beep toner,
go thighs go, a writing vacuum,
never roll, in the spring this
in the fall that, float tree,
i was really enjoying that
connection, year killer, zenith
of beauty, using duct tape,
blast the penny to bits, never
say ray, bigin, skip over to
the beauty, let’s redo this one,
let’s call it good enuf, can
i brush your teeth for you,
six more years of misery,
that’s the last time you will
see the text, bye bye blackword,
and you were worried about
this little smudge, post it up
around town, you have already
forgot this phrase, this is
my carpal tunnel font, ankh
colour, the text is perfectly
capable of indicating itself,
not even a bic pen, cartoonish
fine art,

Sunday, February 06, 2011

deinococcus radiodurans

sourcing from the detritus of the
world, clusters of collages,
content providers, image-banking,
image hunting, hats cluster,
trance formance, deinococcus
radiodurans, truncated corridor,
capgras syndrome, batang, the
under lying, various misprints,
the gold gush, one thing at a
time, the complete frame, what
is a long period, really ten,
paper says, sel facial, only
lawyers can get them golden
mean envelopes, ed the happy
clown, frag trim mirth frog,
dollar forty-nine day, looking
for a suitable gap, an opening
for the i to enter, field ops,
four million seven hundred and
ninety thousand eight hundred
and five, saint rac, where did
tng go, ermanent, zero bits, red
sharks, a frag too small, byam
dead mind, one can, any one of
these could take wing, lehe,
happiness is a warmonger,
you are not seeing a problem
because there is no problem,
say g’bye, don’t leave, strong
toner, even the seahorse is riddled,
toner left on the drum, only
the bold gesture, hap, we oughta
be able, easy with your eye,
sep day, mail jail,

Friday, February 04, 2011

apostrophe hovering over the 's' in "years worth"

a little scritchy-scratchy, the
once we let go, go to the
machine, moving up (north,
analphabetic poetry, original
price, makes a nice buffer,
never made it thru, how ready
is enuf?, that would be surr
rendering, this is where i
am at, to book something,
deregulating the senses,
time in the machine, from
one millennium to the next,
ui, unite against american
oppression!, here we are now,
don’t accept imitations!,
year’s worth, finally came thrue,
think small letter, additional
lives, yes i can of worms,
oversive, in the day, from
the empty place, egocracy,
disinkorporation, lef(for)t,
what happened to all that
reality?, polytasking, the
box is the thing, this is
way back to now, duplicate
copy, self same, it’s all
coming back to me, the
big gibberish, trance meter,

Thursday, February 03, 2011


chrome frag, get logo, you might
as well just go to the peelers,
metatem, the court house stop, we are
all ian’s here, the me i am continuing
to be, paper wars, postdigital,
paradigital, we’re actually going
to meet face to face, the whole printer
scanner combo for twenty bucks, is
this the fat or the fall, get f t lq
pen blk, is this the drop or the drip,
basic gray, the good writers are
getting books out, ornge, yellow
purple black, set your sights lower,
strange coin side, the blue train,
that means the fragment was not
what you thot it was, these are the
faces, you can try and imagine you
see something but, feck, this lil
frag is five years old, there’s gotta
be a way, one does not have any
expectations, trance money, daily
liberation, pink-collar job, one
is hardly a tete, everything is a
fuckin’ scam, telecast guitar,
one does not have thee, in english
please, trance verification,
menuration, tickets saint, tempty,
just copy the friggin’ thing,
legomaniac, ninguém transpōe o medo
impunimente, ac dc, what does each
have to do with each, some of these
are my signs, writing we can’t quite
make out, cryptic dayglo logo, tmi,
the one we call ubiquitous,
happiness is a warm place to shit,
do you wanna see how things are
pro gressin’, still afear, i see u,

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

it's [sic], dude

not happy with the replication,
add a part to the multitude of
parts, canister on wheels, here it
goes once and for all, looks
like a normal enough body, you
don’t understand what these
lines are doing, crosshash, what
do you intend to do with all
this text, writing towards death,
wooden penny, beep peed, black
vacuum, beep free, beautiful
years, penny numb, break off
communication, this time we
are saving the, it’s going over,
not sure how this ghost got on
here, we thot that but this,
this will be the end of it, i
jumped over to a different
machine, this text goes in a
special place, you can’t just
go ahead and copy everything,
use-value-wise, here have a free
poem, basically identical,
basically identical, basically
identical, basically identical,
frag too small to care, return
the text to it’s resting place,
there’s something fishy about
gar, before the copier declared
itself, the piece of paper before
it gets folded, the piece of
paper after it gets folded,
a little bit work, instafile,

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"processing this stuff"

what words do, no text (maker,
fabricated in canada, allergic
to paper, hairshirt, polite
asking, ersatz literature,
no dots, facmetaphor, places
we never went, stop the flow,
repliable, meology, find a place
to put this, dreamwork, the
wideawake, essentially
historical in character,
pro crusty in bed, take the
co-option, yestermillennium,
unsick, suburban paralysis,
the missing goddess, actual
doings, selling tool, approp,
all cool, cut to peace, win e,
did with all, magic word,
processing this stuff, no
longer whole, cut to shit,
id show, whole up, wall
eye, crossborder mailout,
human word, on the skits,
one copy expired (eyed,
eye, saint rings, ton of art,
on your tongue, forced
to move, info art, reading
barcodes, other city zen,
us truck, word it up, pass true,