Sunday, April 22, 2007

infoglutton, the labour of

looking, an isolated phrase,

abyss cave, quithink, my fake

face, mad eye sun, to finetruth,

paper: this is paper duh, ell

em en tea, opathology, how the

hand works, wouivre, wouvire,

breakcore, magical grid, save

a little room for, berzerker

sang, hedonic engineer, larynx

micro-movements, art nat tantra,

artkind, mirrorism, melos,

trance sense, szasz, niv,

organized chaos, whereabouts

unknown, toria, comp-work

sleep-work, arts wars, penny x,

processing and reprocessing,

aemulus, orange latex, a book

we might have read twenty

years ago, oat cube, how did

you hear about this project,

think globo act loco,

hindiadys, galaxy clusters,

seeing prohibited, yakshas,

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ecoholic, echoholic, echohoholic, even the harshest of circumstances, earwax hic- cups, eryone hate crime, bokonon, karass, kan-kan, the end of hostilities in central, thunderstanding, non-phallic warfare, moss@simpnight, lamp dung, nothing is political, if you had to choose between a loophole and a noose, crumber, six up, kids up, the johnny run and scare, schoichet, parenthophilia, dropping trou, subwayland, critical legal studies, tele-urbanity, optical printing, a photographic gun, phenakistoscope, explains the history of the cinema, santos, kachina, ethno-kitsch, d├ętente, puta gusana, steampunk, hypertelic, a constant environmental hazard, everything and change happens, the notional man, a bifurcation threshold, expresses heterogeneous or conflicting, baphomet, credo quia absurdum, interactive autism, social contract theories, consensual hallucination every, excess of presence, quasi-existences, vividly concrete, mud muck moo, a final theory of everything, flatbed, an np-complete problem, metastable, the last delta-t, rear-view-mirrorism, the pentecostal translator, furrymuck, fact-space, one and one only, sooner or later everyone loses their integrity, toner pig, over to you brazil, I am gone, last sat elite, stop automatically capitalizing I,

Sunday, April 08, 2007

hoiguy, om here, who’s doing

the typing, just holes in your

teeth, solo practice, taken

over the top, turn it back

towards an eye, go through

any extreme, the text you

have in mind, go car, add in

the nothings, anthocaris,

annuit septic, novus ordure,

small money, tumba, this

ain’t no flute, lost in the

far word biz, rubbings and

beings, inocular, rug hat,

earth cannot be had,

concrete and rich, nine,

Saturday, April 07, 2007

certain extent however, push

danger, send mail, cloud

pumper, golden bridge, and

love, feed this text into

the machine, hierarchical

categorization and erases,

prozine, the errors freaks and

oddities club, encrypted

one-time-pad compressed

bursts, corpocracy, mark

makin’, facial tissue trade-

mark, frangible merchandise,

raks, w hat ga, a change of

heart or an evolution,

concrete currency,

emerge germ, rwenzori tranche,

glossop, the artist’s name is,

good ad vice, zile, big imp,

never joke about evil, photo-

occupy, take this as your logo,

contexs, detailed brochure,

suck money, will to speak,

timeless face, even back in

odd, saint reet poet, actual

burlap, the love that binds,

re: entrenching, the total

library, the taste of moss,

pen hat boots, if then what

now, fayad, the marine theme,