Friday, October 31, 2008


are you still in the same location,
where on earth did you get the money,
pay joy, give you this money, a loaf
of butter, a pox on the nhl, skate
on dirt, el bronco turbo, crashing
to war, who’s recommending, now we
are entering now, turn this phrase,
now how did we get up to here,
watch your paper, you actually
bought something, bacon and rice,
who are you again, explanode,
it’s today again, we were down-
sizing, foisted on the nation,

Cambria Math

always in touch, renis, one is one: thirty
is thirty, shoes or books, we know
approx, a little too simple maybe,
that had to be done by hand, you
wouldn’t want to be one of us,
always worth a look, bigly, chea,
define yourself, allow nothing,
thin as a hundred dollar bill,
steal the identity of, no it is not
raining, if nothing!, too spammy,
eye don’t know what you see, is
this a real one, my third eye,
indicate on exterior, doing this
for twenty years, goes nowhere, z,
downloading garbage, blank glass,


webside, is that website still
available, learning the protocol
for trance, microparticle stands
for world, fragmented data,
cternity, copy art banner, toss
it into the arena, what about
the unused portion, ape writes,
less ripe text, the staying pot,
colour seems more real, what
held you back, mank, the words
can still be read, did anyone
ever read any of it, there was a
day, what will get into a book,
a different way to get a word
out, you could go back and look,

(thanks to clifford duffy & Taking The Brim for "information storage & retrieval"!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


am dug, take no photos,
undeck, live forever on tv,
eye zen, home is moving,
remove all nonart portions,
non-art, round trance,
balance ink, evershare,
twelve piece opening,
static information,
heroic epic and the
chomskyan, criterion for
an historical event,
thirteen point three metres,
default block backdoor
subseven trojan horse,
desalvage, er, just
talking tackin’,
emphasis on the of, who’s
drivin’, testing time
testing, still intervene,
doing drug text, pelagie,
plagiostomes, how vast is
a good brain, giffer,
remove the mark, the one
direction, public domain
yet, o-ing, the book
everybody is reading,
what’s the story poet,
well aitch, sorry try
again, resale use, re:
cent passages, the write
message, who’s reading,
tryon acarras, help
yourself to a book,
what’s the point of
reading, it’s where we
live now, move the mark,
how are we supposed to
understand this, you
think you’ve read, conj,

gothic century

getting near the end again, out
cleaning, everything is becoming
illedgible, bibulous, posterity now,
unmalted cereals, dot pt, tigirs,
laval, alirg, anthropic, asado,
about blank, wuauboot, felf,
botanist: enormous abnormal,
bky, the change person, yugioh
yogurt, the xeroxed, tornadic
activity, how on earth did the
eye read this, lease end to,
bikini landing strip, can’t get
out can, tricot, a paris vision
hat, cella, this is meant to be
layed to rest, just put a stamp
on it and kiss it goodbye, a
reed-thatched hut deep in moss,

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

old style bookman

glass stencil, enuf of a start,
cutting ball, font code, fleck
of pink, toner ugly, the sleeping
ball, print this page for your
records, sugar tits, echeck,
making contact with a piece of
moss, weepie, atc now, esurient,
the narrative hat, boina, chiesi,
central in hanoverian england,
pleurodynia, aleptor, two grand
day, no waive, world selection,
wine contour, vivid in aroma,
van sea brook, do you want to
go in and sea, hat art club,
mortgage free living, several
clusters of meaning, the
clouds hurried eastward,
paraclausithyron, concrete
individuals, rapideographs,

book antics

to nobody, surface filter,
nothing real outside the gates,
who is going to fill in the blank,
canoe milk brokenarm, we need
text to fill the gap, collection
of blank, poikilo, apodiabolosis,
qliphotic, already tranced,
mini nothing, ultramarginalized,
huge embroidered cabbage,
community of the hyper
educated, klonopin, default
design, the methodist
position, books are for selling,
blank art, nothing is for sale,
building a collection, eye
don’t see no blue dot, enuf
with the eye, oodles of
doodles, pencil in the page
numbers, enjoy and that’s an
order word, always already
moved, planned versus
unplanned nothing, concrete
nouns, sourstuffflask,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

back to BatangChe

traditional appellation, oinos,
no matter how hard you look you
cannot read, talkoot, never offer
nobody no, got blank?, a pale
copy, this text is talking to
the machine, you don’t know art
when you see it, depends what
you intend to do with it, the
spine of the photocopied book,
concrete graveyard, poems you
know, go one further, forget
the gun, that is, regal lager,
when the fold comes, taliban
press, guess the spelling,
original defacement, file live,
tell tale crease, golden
fragments, golden gone, el,
seven, copy thermostat, vagl-
eygr, erif, all printing is a
waste of paper, reproget,
income polarization, profane
domesticity, hat ratted beans,
informal economy, alpha
city-regions, the position of
alterity, the spat-glittery
hat, self-nomination, sensus
communus, islamaphobia,
pixilation of power, tampon
mouse, hegemonic context
even, constructed as a hat,
art is anything you can get
away with, the death lodge,
reprogenetics, yakuza,

back to batang

crafty hands, retch sulk, thought
material, protein rhapsodies,
pherans, the dalits, hemi-synch,
stryker-sawed, dengue vector,
catechin, rfid, excesscetera,
dystocia, salchow, the concrete
ledge, melior, a stupid bucket
hat, roc, one is only one, branding
irony, all the words are there
but the paper is gone, brandwater,
blare less, ground into toner
dust, cooking the torso,
contract theory, class evolution
but historians, history of
civilization in england, the
industrious classes, the
cultural hegemony of the elite,

Monday, October 27, 2008

arial narrow

give me a sign, xxxedding, fill
er up with copies, copiering, a
rubberstamp that says five
copies, rotate yourself, beer
letters, you get what you pay
nothing for, habitation things,
motorcycle cast, pick the scab
off the glue, designated loss,
choose copiers, face simile,
rotate beer, in the folded
position, crookerd, erotic not
pornographic, big boo, it’s get
toner, there’s no limit to the
amount of worse it can get,
free to show forth, the light
of skin glow, use your image,
copy losses,

arial black, aftertalk

egg me on, what colour is this
font, all that rigmarole for
fifteen cents, the most advanced
deterioration, glass getting, i
still i, late to rest, there’s no
rush to use this text, kerbock
conceptualism, lithography
maitreya, the heyday of seeing,
chicken foot all, amor copy,
moss getting, glass
rapideographs, still flow, i
europe, five copis, it’s not suppose
to be a sheet of paper, now it is
eight, a vov, e vov, glass eats,
better mark late than never,
lezio, brings out certain features
obscures others, blank order,
tiffany wax, here’s your eight
dollar photocopy, display
portion, reality gets unfolded,
previous to farewell, study
overlong, order are, squilla
armata, snoek, army worm,
white fly,

Sunday, October 26, 2008


swish, how come you never use your
seal anymore, graf, shelanagig,
this this or that this, drukwerk,
indirect cyberstamp, this could
be worse, substance unknown,
theres abound, take in what
sense, contrary spaces, record
poem lp, when you were still
overseas, spakenburg, busy hand
at work, lysergsäuredimethylamid,
rauschgift, le baiser, grafiek,
the snow and the snow is gone,
kaltmenü, a little touch of
reality, this is where we used
to play, passing from mouth to
mouth, religiously blank, is
that not a pessimistic conclusion,
post-concrete, about here is
nowhere, visula, click the logo,
calgary scotland, the toner
grind, tricky reading, cau,
scanner versus copier, sleepwalking
alcohol, cluster attacks, my
name is mud ra, the reality
agent, bof slag, xeroxes
already xeroxed information,
a random individual in the
ditch, nickleback, tuyeres,
xenoglossia, embarcadero
center hyatt, concrete
insolite, unpopular truths,
the present respectabit, a
silly key hole, concrete-muds,
blood-engorged mosquitoes,

Friday, October 24, 2008

vrinda, tnr

frenz, spot yourself, can’t seem
to get thru to the reader,
quick like a bunny or dead like
a bunny, kirriemuir, money of
the day, no mail sign, all of
twenty-three, mapjunncsave,
make the bank fess up, how
can you steal your own flesh
and blood, just give me one
little poem, there’s no getting
thru to these people, tell me
what you hate, what is juicy
for, these are fighting words,
could you do me a mosquito
piece, the sort of art that
makes you tremble, perception
and reality, a wicked printer,
structural simplicity, penny
member, name recognition, are
you a senior or a junior,
look with eye andor mind, icees,
standing on one hand, need to
learn how to act, trance-babble,
tattooed trademark, the squints,
a microdot of negativity,
scrap-bookie, prepetition, ijiji,
digital print, generic data,
sitting duck or decoy, and
the winner is… death, nothing
makes me come, grex,
phraselater, higer than
empty communication,

tunga, verdana

you are here, not trying to make,
base elk, imagine nothing, the
toner hole, gone city, logopolis,
the title is an erratum slip,
here a bout of, toxic concrete,
your presence is not felt, am
continuing, crambe repetita,
amarushataka, pahlevans,
tranya-swilling, likkil, acid
is groovy, life-hacking, fuck
tabs, gegenfuge, the pearlagraph,
motherance, the flossies all and
mossies all, the poets exploding
like bombs, paete non dolet,
sallescape, suburban structure,
courage everything that’s human,
e-waste, present and concrete,
manufacturing pottery to
smash, creative composting,
extended producer responsibility,
junk junkie, bundjil, oost west,
the today, what the person really
looks like, so much graphic
design, da ba, imbuto, one big
name, nothing mere, tiphareth,
netzach, get a window, ondoor,
cores pond dance shul, the wind
in the head, fold seal, eye
support art if, psychogeocache,
bendigo, tritems, french fries
that taste like potatoes,
pottery throwing, religion
is a placebo, but so is art,
wordsing, ahi, klangfarbe,

Thursday, October 23, 2008


the concrete pave, if we had enuf
writing, heme, elk’s water, xboxing
trickup, digital toner, you are
always going, is the logo part
of the poem, an actual real
typewriter, here abouts here,
recopied free, appelants, hats
auction, coltan, roe, where do you
get your mail, brownism, the red
top hat, chamanisme, nothing
static, procerity, samadhi,
zeugmatography, a coonskin
jumpin’ spider hat, lympha,
xxxedding, bollix the
machine, meminisse, marion
alachonne, conservative mailart,
quesel, any custom message,
the first thing you spend your
money on, inspected by nobody,
keeping track of paper, tiny
words in signature line,
cheque writing project, will
these blanks ever be filled,
over a hundred blanks, if
we ever fill all these blanks,
part of the unit is gone, power
eagle hydrovac, beside the
tracks drinking, transaction
not completed, what have i
got in back pocket, why the
colour, what are you supposed
to do with writing like this,
still jmbeing, dripping in
your hatband, actuall,
spoon please, meter mail,

times new roman

modelo, the cream of beers, xboxing,
ripe enuf toner, logopo, me on egg,
profligare, gretna green,
klimakter, abjuvulo, butterfly
hat quashers, the superhighway’s
hat, scupper, ricciocarpus natans,
mono azul lemons, what makes it
a work of art, pho dao, thirteen
pounds of gas, what would
colleen think, not completed,
the wise man does not fall in
love, assidere, response concrete,
fluxywux, jesus charisma, sem,
flow ers, it’s a dusie, from
she to she, political putt or
pot, copto, lucent thot, looss,
why no bend, lithotech, the
made and the unmade, sells
like a charm, zizou, comatose
time, this mail is not for you,
searching for a girl, apple
mail, tokyo talk, temoignages,
real feathers, is like okay,
answer the call, here is your,
still no deadline, how to do
art, you are a part of my
brain, no more isolated,
unrespond, three of a thing,
go from country to country,
superfluxus plus, card of
hearing, weiderholung, treat
as unit, twenty years agoing,
c hobbim roaom, do not deunitize,
holding the art the right way,
thirteen years agoing,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


warzone, wait until logo appears,
let’s pool our art, drop the jug,
bananas are cheaper than oranges,
round that up please, once a
criminal always a criminal,
actual paint art, enuf room for
fun, tender and private, lrow,
antientity, cooked or raw art,
the last artist standing, you are
still there, the technique of
this, sepulchritude, share with a
hat of not shone, prop in orange,
etrurian catholic heathen,
a coat rack under a forgotten
hat, pem, versal lettrine, here
are the actualities,


do you have any
black paper,
arrack, zenden,
typrose, grindhouse,
the chapters with
the riot-broken
window, apt,
purlewe, indubitabilis,
sagittate, pick a point
any point, background becomes
foreground, brute art, the doc
is the art, favourite view,
a pile of photocopies, handed
crazy epidermeist, in the
curle tongues of snails,
ataxis thrum, opuntia
blossom, grap, ready to lick,
make an actual phone call,
here have a beer, please
clutter, how does it play
out in the real world,
the rotating frame, hybrid
lit, post-mono culture,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


kerbock, seeing more than the
artist saw, easy enough to make
it actual, this is not a painting,
self-portrait badge, a red circle
with nothing in it, this is refer,
what’s your insect, question
postage, siamese twin erotica,
naka beyond, emphasis on the amp,
do you recognize the fruit,
certain things, ye ole eye lamp,
a chance for data to flow,
grown-ups and grown-downs,
this text needs to be set free,
what is all this junk, comprun,
miss peek peetes keens, sixteen
hundred, the generic term for
q-tip, toupee ham, blandname,
tibed, the eskimo car, oneiros,
rough eye know, eye own, bug
fighting, dodgery chryslery,
gorgos, permanent blue sky,
raise cotillion, blithesome,
earning details, handing
paper from person to person,
actually pay your own bills,
shop til you puke, can’t even
do long division anymore,
the beer is gone but the
label remains, ununiversal,
aphesis, telanglectasia, the
sea turns to concrete,
cromlech, readograph, flashe,
emerged in the heyday of

Monday, October 20, 2008

Allan Revich "Begins Again at a..."

Begin Again at a, Back From the Edge, Mayor Boog

tendentia, concrete the hidden, majlis, saint range love,

what continent is this on, a panjoyed sutra,

sent out for more hats, superlingual, gallus canit,

everybody hates chris, weisse, highly-embellished cards,

nudibranch, the last penny you are going to see,

the face on mars, that's some printer,

calligraphy on napkin, another big event we,

face on face, hatrack dada, naomfs, the ultimate eye,

pop cum funk, au held, the event is long gone,

how many tongues, tip o' the pen,

high-minded international altruism, dore in whave,

everything has commercial value, still september,

retcon, grown up in a concrete block house,

a woolly afghan hat, his hat covering his eyes,

accedence, wholly concrete, concrete phenomenon,

concrete socio-historical conditions of her epoch,

begin again at a, back from the edge, mayor boog,


xpr, signature not required,
two hundred thousand pennies,
caulking in yr hat, jules hedou,
high-tech electronic communications,
auditory cheesecake, an iron wall,
cartoon beavers in circus hats, eft,
a column in honor of equality,
erotomania, a pink lichen-like
moss, the postgirl, fifty copies
is a distribution problem,
still branding, temporary
knowledge, the brain asleep,
what matter writing, shadowcard,
pick your cover, x dot x, enuf
words to fill a, cut if needed,
swimming all the way to, the
brain on television, you pass
the test, toner doubt, clear
blare, red hot branding irony,

raavi, shruti, SimHei

create a list to e-mail this group,
four two six five oh five oh, tuche,
nothing blank about this, marks
taken for signs, brixmox, how
can you even look at this,
begging for cuts, actuality
versus reality, fufle, carbon
date shakespeare, human hunka,
through with this yet, crox,
bitter reality, next door to,
colden, a walking antique,
give me a new sign, hapox,
envision art, fold the other way,
the actual croxhapox, stretch
reality, twenty-six letters
will get you there, xopahxorc,
croxspot, spread your legs, give
her a call, révélaient, probably
nothing, pass it on in time,
pink folds, one writes to get
to bed,

i'm using recursive markov chains

nine grand, roe not caviar, can't just
place it on your computer anymore,
dezinformatsiya, litterart,
scheduled outrage, hundred and
ninety-foot concrete cross, resist
the temptation to jump too far ahead
in terms of knowledge, note: permission
to use this well known photograph...
was refused, a red circle around
the barrel of a gun, why is the
book so heavy, auieo, self-rep, feed
parse error, consciousness in a
cluster, the most troglodyte of
right-wing politicians, clusters
along the nation's highways, crwth,
texere, all hat tiffin for thea,
gaslighted, rotgut colonized
sexuality, research time release,
the "civilized" heart of european,
doing the butt, anti-entity, a mini-
nation whose power is based on
the use of shit, sex for pleasure
as commodity to exchange, on the
make, bitchified, cluster of
photographs, early seventies in
clusters, wide latin flux,
there is a break coming, balloon
show, new mad,

Sunday, October 19, 2008

palatino linotype

one is writing money, relict artist,
let’s go straight to the meat, try
and get thru again, you forgot to
do your best, purveyors of fine
chaos since, columbia basin trust,
saint blue, inspect your meat,
humans had essentially colonized,
ran out of stamps, in the toe a hat
united the vacuums, synchronarchy,
gastrocnemiuses, juggling the meat,
folderall, boisterous meat
howitzer, miserama, confused
everything helps, mind bullets,
hoodoo-voodoo financing, saint
mill beer, mumber, noise-organ,
retail terror, creative deterrence,
commencement exercises at
harvard, supererogatory, language
critics, spoiling the paper, unived,
loff, pounding the ball against
the fence, actual sunshine, never
let anyone know your real name,
toner nightmare, the darkness is
shining thru, with a name like,
away work, ex-mail,

MV Boli, NSimSun

tendentia, concrete the hidden,
majlis, saint range love, what
continent is this on, a panjoyed
sutra, sent out for more hats,
superlingual, gallus canit,
everybody hates chris, weisse,
highly-embellished cards,
nudibranch, the last penny you
are going to see, the face on mars,
that’s some printer, calligraphy
on napkin, another big event we,
face on face, hatrack dada,
naomfs, the ultimate eye, pop
cum funk, au held, the event is
long gone, how many tongues, tip
o’ the pen, high-minded international
altruism, dore in whave, everything
has commercial value, still
september, retcon, grown up in a
concrete block house, a woolly
afghan hat, his hat covering his
eyes, accedence, wholly concrete,
concrete phenomenon, concrete
socio-historical conditions of
her epoch, begin again at a, back
from the edge, mayor boog,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ms ui gothic

this is going nowhere, ecuder,
code to be left coded, mockey,
creating time, chicora, one word
to rule them all, the kuiper belt,
southbridge, carnet de drapeau,
would you rather have art or
money, just playing, who holds
the copyright is, you are being
eclipsed, pseudocyesis, sunshine
blank, a leather hat with a large
feather, impression cut, arjune,
artscience groundwork, reading
pornography over your shoulder,
which way is gravity going, oh
come now, the parts of the body,
uncover your face, the same
body, working thru images,

ms pmincho

this is not a list, which modern,
this will never get written, gray
georgia, dgw, reduce to what,
overplan, gaze at the font, could
be encoded, trance cost, what is
this thing worth, read this now,
leave the money alone, sink the
mayo, lion red, gazing at nothing,
mr turnip, agita, enteritis the
herdless course compilation,
dyskinesia, geburah, do you
print these stamp up yourself,
blog poetics, hypercapitalist,
global state apparatuses,
a poetics of errancy, new kinds
of language reproduction
technologies, the innovator’s
dilemma, post-alphabet,

Friday, October 17, 2008

MS Outlook

what are you doing, toner hammer,
starts with a b, can we look at the
font, hat and cane dance, clivus,
bean sidhe, faceway, check for
meat, trepalium, bibakd, ever to
haunt a child’s mind, did you
mean droperidol, cognitive
classification, en bon point,
withdraw the limit, baked reality,
call the lido, which way does
the sign go, answer to press,
sunburn us, jack your brain,
pyramid of dead leaves, done
up to a t, what is this picture
of, touchent, crock of what, how
you want to hold it, eye will,
the mess is the point, begging
for cuts, how are they one,
do so con, being negative,
pizza politics, prose is a kind
of concrete poetry with
justified margins, fresh eye
shard, what would they do
with art, the missing beer,
psephology, high-political
crisis in england, socinian,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ms mincho

eye lamp sand arena, one cannot
determine, pussy blossom, i just
created some addnpasses, we need
a bigger scanner, the size of an
address, gnos prizzle, want to be
a production worker, any non-unique
object, the twenty-sixteen, save
a pea, ham chick, microburst,
slab of concrete, low brow art,
the head is concrete, his mouth-
full of ecstasy, googling lovvey,
coffin acid, losels, loblolly-men,
anti-dada, throw a googly, the
subversive underground economy,
harbour craft emittences,
hullow chyst ex, peruvian hats,
the lines are too close together,
the analytical community, “e” in
orange, the wafer-thin mints,
let’s go play hockey, cosumer,
this is not today, what is your
real identity, has there been a
day, toner olympics, toner
warfare, searching for blank,
just work, is this not work,
toleration work, go og, undrive,
always already published,

ms gothic

hefe, seit, perpend dick, tube regular,
pertuity, with that amount of money,
that amount not this, actual pay,
saint iegl, two beers please, javexevaj,
give you a nickle, reference author,
nonlocal newspaper, yact, purchase
nothing, checkstand arts, socialites
cluster, her cot’s edge, drug
addicted loved ones, a machine
for living, the shapes of teacups,
a mere coffee mill, the hard left,
the virus or rotten apple effect,
a weapon-rich environment versus
a target-rich environment, remove
the bookmarks, lrdc, jajing!,
e, retrocession, nibbana, annica,
intended reality, a real-time
fiction, the real flux of the
definite particles, orange blossoms
in his hat brim, somagrams, déjà lu,
acoherent, spectacularized
commerce, up-talk, crunked-out
electro beats, frame grabs,
local friend, still plenty blank
from yesterday, starts with a
smudge, ends with a smudge,
anna log poetry,

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

monotype corsiva

what to do about all this
writing, take care of it, ready
for replication, this text is
asleep, a font that hits the eye,
you have been branded, the problem
with this text, voluntary branding,
blare less, just keep grinding,
the cooking game, sleeping at
work, medicine ha, hermaphrogenized,
haganah, tear out this page,
trance hallucination, you have
the right to remain reading,
zero emissions, rotisserie
poetry, actually having money,
bag nugget, crakers, queef,
philaedephile, demaggoting,
pourdex, experimental love,
total freedom no deadline,
bordijol, this is worth
nothing, how old do you feel,
david jones, x sparks the mot,
nothing by today’s standards,
a hamilton, madonna bush,
the hand of the handjob, baron,
others scream: no more slogans,
release tension by breaking,
gather strength for war,
pass up the weapons, break
out in open, shed light on
the enemy, you are a target,
vano, nothing robotic, tried
to get thru but, biting fly,
who are we becoming,

Monday, October 13, 2008


żywiec, eighteen fifty-six, touch
the elm leaf, parchment time, two
corner quarter, akaaka, is it an art
work yet, one is further, wobbling
house, flimsy brain, twelve point
five, the macguffin, put out a
signal, serious art, out of pin,
flicht, back to back we face the
world, is the blur in the eye,
desire recall, how to lack desire,
how rich ought it to be, ommik,
the actual spilling, call me new
address, reading the bubbles,
double-oh zed, resitation,
indeterminate textwork, still
wiping, ice tongs at work, the
uniferse, please information,
a counterfeit of reality more
real than reality, a canadian
researcher, who hates that or a
hat, a hand-sewn dummy book,
nothing concrete,

mangal, marlett, microsoft sans serif

the top variety, do you want to
save the changes to the mind,
ponere, mouse of eliot, face
of ray, do you see what you
are seeing, face of who,
recycle ideas, received nothing,
one for everyone, contribution
to make, a twenty dada, mmt,
return the bit, now all these
forms, tet an us, hr refers to,
forgot we had any postage,
check the void, too com plex,
xat, numb to numbers, base zero,
grand zero, deduct nothing,
the hand of your boss, work
considered play, aphasia work,
rock it back and forth,
collage rubber, who will fill
this gap, for those of you who
can’t read this, pica garamond,
a dangerous reality, a typical
reality, celesta, a three-dee
escher, geodesic concrete
meditational structure,
elephantine glory, hasti varcas,
brahma gnana, power is
concrete in actuality,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

lucida sans unicode

let’s talk about metal, browar,
stary, hattenheimer, self serve
copy, that was easy trademark,
the fluctuations, maple elm,
syd syd, disruptive behaviour
disorder, orthomolecular
psychiatry, adrenochrome,
quantum electrodynamics,
area twenty-five, distended
stomach, make yourself some
more time, still three corners,
one letter at a time, ten
thousand copies, blank inside,
tradflask, novascotian structures,
designated blank, the copy in
hand, copy copy project, copies
better when blank, the copir,
sixty-four percent, thirty-six
percent, moved moved, obsolete
address, still floating around
the network, a bloody fire,
change it, trad gang, to flask,
no fun cluster, let it stay
blank, diverse gradations,
actual reality, return to top,
return to saint orage, cover up
the naughty bits, spot the real,
machines that scan books at
a thousand pages an hour,
barflow, the bird cluster,
tivo, a single liquid fabric
of interconnected words,

i don't have any stamps, so...

qoin, corq, mt, why this paper and
not that paper, is this art yet,
get the chunk sent, what do you
remember of, some ray of light,
this does not need to be copied,
got text?, disappreciation, ding
these down into, copy epoch,
blood flow to the brain, no we
have no stamps, muffet, blowout
job report, concrete-dropping
incident, anti-scepticism, the
red needle, the time we are aiming
for, first we see the money, a
solid gold hat, an orange bicycle
horn on my everyday hat, the
campo santo of nonconformists,
the compatibility of
horticulture and even an
experimental, humourously
confusing exchange, if it
looks like mail, not actually
mailed, nothing subversive,
chop stick papers, now is the
only time we have for art, a
flashflood of money, the paper
has been all the way to japan
and italy and back, security
is still available, mint in
the middle, play the berimbau,
hanna husky, actual japan,
seven come, edema, up to two
sixty, down to two thirty-
six, trance port hats,

Thursday, October 09, 2008


beer time, mutation of self,
the part we are prepared to part
with, the part we are prepared to
hold on to, nothing inside, i’m
thinking copy, where this all
came from, smile you’re dying,
cutting reality, arpallisis,
beer pif, lsd mutation, eye
as a host, bright and shiny
death, porn loss, colour loss,
where do you see yourself
fitting in, art sales, cease
production altogether, examine
the copy and see that it is
an original too, you can tell
by the reality, but you might
want to indicate,

pasangrahan, like a page in a
book, smart spam, still writing,
frank slide, there’s only one
way deterioration, surveillance
wing, phainein, jumping dot,
convenience text, casalingo,
simple math problems, trappist
beer, authentic trappist, kook-
and-dishdrudge, dabbawallah,
cold hard evidence, fagwa,
fadvert, paraquat, loccing,
cryptobiotic, person-of-letters,


rotate ninety degrees, ex if,
a member of the surveillance,
one will not do, bonanzerox,
hokester, saturn nine, artistic
criteria, still of the same name,
top it up to ten, postage galore,
rubber stump, pharmapoesis,
raining hedgehogs, elimae,
high costs enviro, as mortise
unto tenon, the language trap,
the liquid courage of my
fluid convictions, the worst
beer you ever drank, an artificial
being, chimay, spend all your
money on booze, dysmoralia,
minx lightning, the scum that
forms on the surface of
molten metal, loaded forbearing,
the paper people place near your
computer, this exact moment in
time, gob art, what label is this
on, this reminds you of you,
never be frank, a hand for a
head, open and see, punctuation
love, nonintentional green
smudge, add some ass, high
this is me, looks pretty first
hand to me, actual art,
this is the iner, this is a
rock, identical originals,
expendio, claim your fold,
the cast freak, excremental
art, print it yourself,

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


let us breathe together, eye before
e- except after p, filicide, quark
xerox, who did the work ad, exotic
tour of alberta, trance punkt,
writer’s blockbuster, glitzy
paper, hogg-nogg, the year of your
death, inxs, calomel blue, the
taste of cod liver oil, dylan
who, do not return, lipophilic,
some sort of hypnotic trance,
layette, concrete aspiration,
the boats i wore for hats,
enveloped in the mossy coolness,
clusters of horseshoes, congou,


colour thirty-six, picture turns
to black, no need for colour text,
beyond the edge of the reproduction,
semaphore fades out, black ink
only, original purple, tlbp, dash
it, adulari irenic, free super
object, v human, bryostorm, free to
be buried, just takes a second to
make a copy, toner halo, maximum
flow, all the colours that were
there, free to be whated, this bit
of scratch, rezerect the comp,
take the copies back to the
copier, no you are losing the
beauty, beer rebus, you can buy
the whole world, paper discount,
sicae, the webmind, hand eye
coordination, whatever it once
said, consider this text for
your, might amuse you to see
this again, just as god, the
pear is long gone, dredging up
beauty, everything you were
desiring, a page spared from
the inferno, merest mention
of you, i need a commodity,
hull lull, not trying to fool
you, gone nog, my name is poetry,
meet me on page ten, you can
visit nothing, just about the
time the ink ran out, compete
for nothing, by rum, get a
hit, asaxena, nothing if not,

Monday, October 06, 2008


beer soup, suntanning in the real,
do the doing again, what are you
going to do with this text,
in general terms now is, workball,
let it get beyond ripe, enjoy the
current, the failure to communicate
is the message, american versions,
a boy and his library, how does
now become then, ephemera on
ephemera, thessalonica, what a
hand, prima e dopa, porn studies,
we are on a trip, poor self
traits, klown, keep the one, are
you one of the children of,
what phase are we in, i hear
what you are saying, try and
read, krowten, aardverx, it’s
music to my eyes, still plenty
of cuts left, macc, twenty-
four big names, a hundred big
names, two hundred big names,
still ray ving, blow art out
your nose, cash elephant,
the plump cherry belly of a
quebec heater with a mica
umbilicus, the exegesis of
hegemony, spoil the penny,
desdemona moss, viremia,
two at stamps, liquid
manure rainbow, zoning out
while reading, medicine
speaks, egg burster, pif,


time to deal with this, lots of
volts but no amps, future texts,
pure elementary, bacillus
thuringiensis israelensis, no need
to examine the original, faint
and getting fainter, precise
destiny, mosquito sense, the smart
whodat, explain the computer,
the most eye, the house of place,
folding mailart, the title of
this series is five copies, and
your identity is, your actual
hand, how many hats can you
wear, nothing is being lost,
it’s so black it’s red, this is
the ripest of the ripe, you will
just have to remember what it
said, steal your own ideas, no
need to designate nothing, the
smart mosquito, the most
explain, the house of mailart,
the five copies zine, fold to
indicate, fold the opposite way,
ripeness wise, lighen, darken
your way, holy shit, make sure
you don’t lose the thread,
postage glorious postage,
pantymouth, blood poetics,
post-colonial irony, the
tecumseh breakers, concrete
crumbles, de mug een kwart
eeuw, teledildonic, anti-
moth, certainty of access,
jubject, pilule, parallelysis,

Sunday, October 05, 2008


adulari, career sat, man one, a
signal from a window, lucinda
handwriting, ultrathick, chop
at comma, colophon no fall
lock, text halo, æsthetic
letter, what do you plan to do
with this blank space, hat
one thirteen, do makeready, go
fly a kite, every word is a noun,
facticity city, riddle me with
bullets, put these other marks
on the paper, the makeready and
the thing itself, tender loving
booklet, lack language, saint
cafs, homogenius, copy event,
remake yourself, enough copies
to last you for a year, the
hat flower, geopoetics, huges
caput earlyfouler, amblyopia,
hatblat, agnosia, pneumatic
tube men, mechane, irenic,


mailart will set you free, now we
have money, torino sauvig, now we
have money, sbecks, opuntia blossom
with metallic green bee, served by
man two, radeberger pil, make
progress now, obliged to write,
still breeding, xenial, ready to
let things fly, poorly printed
postage, let’s talk about words,
qoin hat, the top actuality, ż
concrete, warzone actuality, gap
culture, where a piece of paper
can get to, the only artists
left, let’s ask reality, note
direction of drift, now you’re
stuck with a wad, let’s talk
about money, eye wise actual,
just as if there never was no
gap, in memory of forgetting,
good for nothing but, le plus
bons du monde, datum worth
trance, entheogen, two ct two,
the theories of otherwise,
hope canada embraces, diclofenac,
copy clerks, spending their lives
copying documents, amoros cap,
tricorn hat, universalami, ictus
debarrassment, chi-chi, the
paper is the best part, finger-
prints in clay, folding is
a job of work, regardless of
degree, now we’re folding,


dash ell, let somebody else do
the desiring, flying superman
kite, nothing lucid, saint argent,
realize your ideas, sacroiliac,
cacographic copying, miss tongue’s
careful copies, proxenete,
suchcaughtawan, her erring
cheef, antiabecedarian,
the orange term, the tranced
wish, the tranced dancing of
men, consciously poetical hat,
deodars, de jure divino, the
plumes in the cocked hats,
uprooting the moss, spalbeen,
a poplar bluff, bees break
cluster, the broken cluster,
glostora, dig where the gold
is, green gold, seeing dross as
gold, consciousness in trance,
hold the thot you fool, night
snake, give you the weird face,
the moss from the tyrolean
iceman’s colon, we are not
really on this page, patch
dynamics, the most useful
book in the house, as far as
we were able to go, a reading
error, twenty dollars in
nineteen-sixty-nine, what book
do you love today, wherever
the bookmark happens to be,
never none-derstand, make me
an offer i can refuse, up
in the hundred, how you get,

Friday, October 03, 2008

franklin gothic medium

the house of grand, calceus, great
exuma, the ditch report, puppets
spattering concrete, childream’s
hours expercatered, skin radio,
five million mosquitoes, the
concrete-dropping incident,
megaintelligence, the writing
has come to a halt, two pages,
fill this part, moooning, just
keep copying, lapostoll, highgih,
the sun is standing still, the
mossy-quito woods, snailblubber,
mosquito man, sentence of the
grass, big white hat required,
big gold hat rather, less than
a dollar a beer, gladly pay
ya later, a year ago and gone
now, eighteen fifty, it’s no
secret, a plastic nine-up sheet,
why two, wove move, the look
of music, measure out the
square centimeterage, here’s one
you have not seen, volume sixty
thousand, don’t try and send,
if you’ve seen one blog you’ve
seen ‘em all, hout, in touch
around the globe, heaven moss,
alft, subtle sign, the best
nothing yet, nothing is more
important than anything else,
nothing has a special place,

A.R. finds a Hi Q! in Estrangelo Edessa

The Labour of Play

Hi Q!

the labour of play
where else do you want this text
straight lothario

Allan Revich
(from D.ross Priddle text)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Estrangelo Edessa

the most loudmouth, breeding
nothing, the labour of play,
actual church, break the text,
where else do you want this
text to go, sort this one out,
now we have two, have not been
to the machine, continue
deterioration, meet you in the
water, four will give you,
signalization, evil twin,
clusters of invention,
twiltone paper, harryhausen
animation, a straight lothario,
paroli, iron chefs, croxhapox,
xeroxen, fuligo, bizou, popular
poetics, mosquitoeskimo, all the
ray jay, farkles, evanescere,
electroflux, pendulum
politics, vicis, a hat in the
ditch, a mosquito scientist
is a, endwarnow, natch, render
the word fuck inoffensive,
the only thing you can’t read,
can’t seem to get thru to you,
why bother with reality, more
art move meant, up it goes on
the net, leave it attached, ple
pou, paint you can touch, prot,
moon and storm, taking the
way, random surprise, holy
paint, breekbaar, golden
detail, is this an eye,


explain your process, take a
fragment, alter it, is this
the bridge, the image is in
the mind of the beholder,
a complete frag, the person
who laboured on this text,
buzz bee, real money, skceb,
met his match, all the art
is ts, rolled rump roast,
free program, one or two grand,
just put it on my computer,

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


this text is not available, we
liked it better before it became
a book, what if we don’t want
anything, the dust has become
part of the text, not what the
word meant at the time, what
does it mean to you now, felt
apart of something, you can
write, another kind of hat,
no longer apart of the world,
pass-it-along culture, the angst
conveyor, how printed so fine,
can’t you find anything better
to read, the real deal lead
read, satanic toner, the whole
whip, the bottom of reality,