Wednesday, October 31, 2012


fnord, pausing my licks, tiverton,
fora, the graydog, cuntjunk,
seedless oranges, just curious what
the ding is going to be, slow the
fall, spelling cluster, quantum
cryptography, long-combination
vehicles, bikram, competitive
environmentalism, authenticity
tourism, idiotes, a sheet-anchor,
narnia bright cluster, radical
transparency, digital dead drop,
cryptozoology, the conception
community, softcups, peccatum,
role distancing, hand-to-hand
distribution, refill the money,
poins, corbel arch, portmantle,
just find me the number of
fives, pay love forward, one
penny half penny, she’s made
of plastic, ail art, we feel a
little freeer, pirracchio
pietra, five hundred years
of books, photocopier stress,
we only have so much time
to waste, the underlying loss,
to have it both ways, actual
scratch versus, jotting down
notes, your colours are a
little off here, don’t sweat
the losses, the new machine is
lame, wants too much margin,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


fuck off fuck off, precision recycling,
the money angle on poetry, all frag,
pay wall, volunteer content provider,
ask the horse, saint eed, the down-low,
benzos, abilify, unitive experiences,
existential medicine, angenymity,
lost and found miro, black oxide,
one drain o, draino cluster,
hullhirst, perforation cluster,
eternalize the highest condition,
a world fire, conscience everything
half-hearted, dies nefastus,
all printed orange, cocaine
clarity, fluxoid, the ula,
pleonasty, the word sits idle,
reaxons, dunkeresque,

Monday, October 29, 2012


dunkerque, the international city
of teeth, porno for the blind,
ecosexual, not consuming a job,
malaka, the wicker man, i forget
what i was looking for when i
found luv, let’s deal with this
today, milk junky, i ain’t buyin’
i’m sellin’, folie circulaire,
contradicted harshly enough,
the art of reading well,
ephexis, exceptions: a high culture,
panelogistics, joybuzzer,
somantric, king monencauntzin,
read aloud at printed matter,
turn ninety degrees and cover
some ground, orange polliwog,
ambient literature, etouffee,
me me me me,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


ywol, paper arc hives, schnellkursus,
thanks for the over, settevalli,
we like to think we know which
way is up but, break out of
the ranks and run for it, bridge
versus battleship, read the
lunutics, it will just have to
be read, tevar, augmented
reality, paradhina, machinima,
avsc, monstromimeo, you are
either on the bus or off the
bus, european court of human,
chagos, the beltline, fica,
one three one point eight three
nine, think of something else
to do with the text, the pen
is writing about itself, yeff,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


dee eye why, status update envy,
neaster, rotoscoped, ring rice,
rice cookies, a copy for every
person on the planet, neurocinema,
the feelies, a chilling effect
on the entire hemisphere, gobbio,
gladius, egg hats, cacothephas,
pulchrum est paucorum
hominum, semeiotic, helotism,
the chandala, the law of the
knife, pia fraus, the fair
brunette, we egg, just keep
writing with all your might,
the printer has a bad habit,
call it cooked, if we are going
to paper,

Monday, October 22, 2012


it becomes art, you failed to
annotate, you can date the image,
a seventy degree shift, the
famous corcoran museum, the
oils on your fingers, waveform
lineation, trance talk,
spykenisse, methylxanthine,
daleks, mneme, daser, vloops,
senders remorse, psychology of
avatars, when the good kind is
unavailable, sinnamun cluster,
glad tidings, a concrete person,
dystangel, history of earliest
christianity, niaiserie, feel
free to sell this on e-bay,
publiss, only one person cares
to hear what you have to
say, the blank lies ready for
you, a designer for ikea,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"this is gonna be read in new york"

here ‘tis, you are part of quite
a conglomeration, democratized
travel, fake letter, ancient
reflexology, let me tell ben,
footprint on the envelope,
einiosaurus, okay so it did get
thru, vishnu mandir, lettuce
vultures, evolution contamination,
muni trance, admit zero, eye
heart dirt, give me the margin
for a moment, ghost photos,
buddha void, toner noise,
toner cloud, keep the fire
burning, no-break space,
chupacabra, googlebot,
methylphenidate, jack in
prisons, groar, netlabel,
hyposmia, wow how did you
find the microdot, tassimo,
heedless oranges, vegath,
consigh, ultima ratio, consign
to hell everything, è tutto
festo, torah, kinetism,
entry-level concrete,
graphic tectonics, this is
gonna be read in new york,
no decision is final, the
pink arts, ursuline ducks,
tristero, homosote, too
valuable to look at,
ruching, an honorable if
common experience,

Saturday, October 20, 2012


let’s see what the fuck we are
saying here, rut roh, yellow bell,
cryo life, copybot features,
jiggly bewbs, bookra fil mish mish,
jorts, caipirinhas, mmo, mining my
own business, genuinely grubby,
inkseal, prostitos, we had to jump
to the left, little rip indicates,
pink repetition, the repetition of
the hand, ank!, run through
machines, zama open, what makes
you think, caracalla, polytropoi,
hebetation, nika hyas tikegh
mamook, black strap molasses,
if you have the long lines,
here we refuse to go again,
test pattern, i wanna see,
we are running out of
boredom, bring back the
third session, one man gathers
what another man spills,

Friday, October 19, 2012


so taut, tight junk, neti pot,
cornus mas, antic ham, hydrolith
editorial collective, saint oner,
the deadline game, the sharper
image, weasel card, hawkins
winnipeg, ccb cluster, the bit
of paper, seven-shaped, aut liberi
aut libri, je m’extasierai,
partie honteuse, canaille,
disgregation, the pathos of
distance, moral impressionism,
i thot you changed your name
to anonymous, shitkatapult,
semioticon, cupules, evocritic,
neurosociety, this is your
brain on, internet mentality,
guess the dateline, this font
in ten points, we are out of
the moss, sifternoon,

Thursday, October 18, 2012


why go thru the computer, the
explanation is much more interesting
than the art, paper hacker, bind
with binder twine, this seems to
be a review, let’s deboss, cryst,
stained to boot, add and pass
luggage, if you are going to
bother to make a linocut, busy
leaving, short message servant,
banging up booklets, primary
information, this crappy little
photocopy booklet is a ten dollar
item, hammer and swastika and
sickle, las golondrinas,
chironomids, perks on all,
agoraphilia, the videotape is
blocking the writing, your
source texts are better than
your, one makes the mistake
of taking an interest, i know
who you are, the person who
broke the seal, routle,
from the very fine to the,
i like to eat the good cheese,
fluke, the ink never stuck to
the paper, toner on plastic,
coaxtal, one builds a sand
castle, disambiguation of
poets, the text comes with a
little fortification,
didn’t get the full,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


a machine that sucks and blows
at the same time, scratching out
the faces of the missing, axe
and packs, my advice is do nothing,
seven stories of beer, one decides
to unsay, aruri, quick runs out,
it’s just a piece of cardboard,
auditioner, necrologo, as long
as i’m not included i’m behind
it, tullamarine, what are the
top six languages in your neck
of the woods, horrorsleazetrash
all one word, tusk dildo, as
good as dead, no no we ain’t
too selective, poetry to read,
dragarancia, oh nine oh ten,
bringing everything you have
to bear on the page,
underground fulfillment,
fella by fishlight, left
a bag-o-sharks in the trunk,
the midpoint between duchamp
and ray johnson, compliment
the weather, recognition
failure, three-dee artistamp,
we have enuf to cover today’s
expenses, the only way to
not consume, mx, graphis
scriptae, mister peanut’s
hat, temecula, one is having
a corruption fit,

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


the good stuff is buried under
all this crap, pantyhose plaything,
i want to get back in touch with
you, excavating collages, all the
people on the map, making contact
maintaining contact, that will
be the one, get on out in front
of the charge, code of cuts,
plus-minusism, maech, society
games, envelope construct, tao
shelled nut judge, everyone
who ever dabbled in mailart,
you might be able to get the
negative developed, art’s eyes,
love and disorder, i’d love to
see how you made this, black
jack chirac, pain cheese,
pain cheese, please indicate
where the item was found,
the words are thinking, the
thought factory, jellicoe,
input data, address see,
devis, a perfect oval,
different opinion, the text
may or may not be significant,
dlabal, that way, non-local
variable, metanetworking,
what are these pictures going
for today, no ism, the all-
important band,

Monday, October 15, 2012

"raw spurtle"

chexting, haram, manchego,
mechanical turk, you swallow
the moss, aspava, ampsan, save
yourself a dollar, don’t you
ever get tired of that poem,
cornarism, horrendum pudendum,
habitual explanations
consequence, show pen hour,
intelligible freedom,
englishes, don’t be fooled by
the mark, the very moment this
phrase was written, penny
moss, d, pedalo, lengua
cab no cambiada,
tongueditch, concrete cash,
calibe, amera, something one
has been meaning to say,
don’t forget to check back
in on this blog, golden rain,
books we wasted our lives
reading, men really used
to say such things, raw
spurtle, the girl that said
wow, stick your nose into
the tuna, the entities we
have on our mind, dig out
some old newspapers, are
you choosing these books,
drag the paper thru the
street, how do you get
so far back in time,

Sunday, October 14, 2012


alter eagle, alt lit, alphabetical
disorder, geomatic attic, cluster
of culture monks, shrouded in
orange dust, ambien sex, fnord,
language is contagious, hunch-
meat, hello is this the mgr,
nanette, the moment nothing
becomes art, i’d like to see one
of these get grubby, become
hard, zhong nan hai, mumblecore,
camera-ripper, enigmax, le whif,
black irish, magnetron, calcium
lamp, a yuengling bottlecap,
galaxy zoo, lyric essay, radarange,
american reality, imagine this
text in monotype corsiva,
inspired to do things with
text, try not to scratch the
paper, nth degree copy or
n plus one, run time backwards,
running with the b flag,
no this is not a smile, write
til it aches, i can’t even tell
anymore which one is you,
i like the purity of it,
infinite earths, tor macau li,
an original fruit-sticker,
not exactly problematic
problematic but, waiting
for anarchy, most sayable,

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"calgary fluxus"

food for peace, drosdat, frilled
dogwinkle, internet specialist
diploma, tsao, three-dimensional
senior, when is a lemon not a
lemon, dupe lick kit, clever
saying replication, ain’t beuying,
jeder mensch ist ein kunstler,
well i take it quite seriously,
error schmerror, tag art, twotone
photocopy, art everywhere, what
do you have against paper,
this can be seen as the cover,
calgary fluxus, i ain’t
signin’ nothing, enuf postage
to last a lifetime, go ahead
you need practice signing,
get ray to sign it, if they
are all different they are
all different, empire-speak,
global garrisoning, it’s never
too lake to pull out is it,
a decent piece of paper, time
is going on by ticking,
double-sided ricepaper
photocopy, white envelope going
brown at the edges, tollware,
the still actives, iti, ot,
still losing still finding,
bucheron, irrumatio, text
ed, resplendent anarchy,
tulpa, acceptrance,

Friday, October 12, 2012


circular river, i can only draw
one thing, excessive fetishization,
if you don’t value your work,
north texas, concrete landscapes,
cupids sixteen-ten, blackcroft,
okay i do not wanna see photos
of dogshit, let it be lost,
weaverham, well she certainly
looks innocent, zen anarchy,
viral stupidity, tickertext,
agatized rainbows, moose hat,
a chaotic neutral, oana,
rtui, the exact same cookie,
a rubberstamp to fit the hole,
we were both just hungover,
clathrate, strass, septarium,
lusus naturae, birefringence,
craquelure, piezoelectric,
heterocentricity, bebafing,
desire, nutraloaf, talk
minus action equals zero,
jeweled one ell, me lick
nothing, genital flux,
futile attem,

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"thela hun jingeet"

carcaradon carcharias, the
let’s get rid of quebec party,
holiday closure closed for
easter, a pink moon of pink
moss, why does there has, thela
hun jingeet, bb mini, ebb cluster,
please no organic material,
say om, jumbled iconography,
giant sandworms, he truely
has a lot to say, a replication
of the deterioration, sapre
aude, the brainworker,
shaky x, x points the way,
ian whistle is rob mclennan,
emotionally burdened but
still free, there’s more poetry
just beyond the prose,
pigmeat art, container art,
liverword, tower of dung,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"voj toj"

title catalog, gorp, check in
mail, stop the to and fro,
we have a place for this text,
pill box hat, plans for this
text, the text in living colour,
pre-memory, cureetheemo, defib,
sporecard, getting near the art,
read the hand, watercolour
on rice, voj toj, the only thing
that ever changes is the
date, fluxus vortex, annotate
memory, free yourself from
paper and or electricity, this
seems time free, unact, let
the children play, cracked
envelope, we are getting warm,

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

"lithostratigraphic" & "oam"

the situation about to collapse,
how can we be doing nothing,
rip rig, gaze at the ink, do you
really want more, compare and
see, one side is more slippery,
will it to arrive, the day called
all, cranking beyond, condensed
text, as a stamp, join the club
bulk, why only one when, scrip
money, lithostratigraphic, an
oil weapon, a gulf superpower,
a secret hand, trundwadian,
orange-wood and plum meat,
islandmountain, hat golden,

chang and hallida e-count, oam,
love attic, zero utter, your web
don’t work, poetry climber, how
did you spend your money,
nothing will come back, the
number climb until, up from
a nickle, actual presence,
henny penny, just move, move
being made, ask the engine,
seventy-year-old avant-garde,
actually using the thing,
purchase hope, a bottle of
red, a record of the jelly,
chunk it up, one two seven,

Monday, October 08, 2012

"ayasofya" & "bieng"

saint ride, study garbage,
the sides differ, not for long
term storage, we need still more,
xerox hockey, wasaouro, a sixty
dollar word, someone is watching
over you, if blank is what you
want, a perfect address,
ayasofya, shout for joy, the
tissue of the face, sitting
alright, into the briar, grok,
goon a-blakeberied, petroleum
hat, six impressions, coiffeuses,
fraicheur, pinchbeck, his hand
was made of cardboard,

you are not going to find
yourself looking in here, the
picture without you in it,
never even heard of the picture,
here is the door, where are you
writing from, see more of the
work of, what did you think
about what you read, that’s
the way booklets get done,
time is travel, until the
staples fall out, bieng,
guilty of collaborating,
retroactive publication,
spider squash, small world big,

Sunday, October 07, 2012

"nichiren" & "ankarra"

levy gable, code tax, take the
human out of the transaction,
concrete antitank, the job before
the job, the hats in the lake,
currency ops, the bank needs to
know, before pouring the concrete,
get back to the work that is the
work, makes it easy to read,
infinite chapters, related to
nothing, mailing all around the
world, nichiren, cambodia year
zero, placing nothing in ambiguity,
between playing, at demons,
being here for the first time,
same table new location, live,

the texed, indicate meaning,
sucking up ink like a sponge,
nothing confidential, lel,
the difference between what
you want and what you get,
games people used to play,
the micro-events of existence,
who looked after you when,
medicine to stop the flow,
a solid slab of paper, the
introduction of the grid,
no memory until, the day of
the changeover, ankarra, art
enuf, fall into the text well,
yeye, placebo text, what was
happening during composition,

Saturday, October 06, 2012

"palintrope" & "payap"

skip nothing, publish post,
detonate the shit, nonmetal
letter, generic day, will be
being, breaa, tis oped, recognize
the number, fulgere, ‘s rubber,
the hatfuls of stewed fruit,
the famished hand, pennies
groats coins, google-sculpting,
blogwars, reading-to-know,
palintrope, trance category,
into the box, we heard about
these from, the most boring
wins, check mark, ten twenty-
five left, publishit, hêtres,
do we still have the thing
itself, such a person,

pdt, during the war, busy being
stupid, one in seven, iconic logo,
particular pile, emp, what about
this information, still weather,
actual poetry, did you enjoy your
visit, a nice blank day, things
we ought to know, no indication
of which book, postage is not
enough, ecoh, here’s a job you
could do, might be seeking,
do you want your name on every
copy, rubber graphics, before
the x, payap, cheap meat,

Friday, October 05, 2012

"nobulon" & "upbloated"

where exactly are we doing the
writing, poetrygeist, seemless
joint, vistatation, four square
blanks, elsewhereness, nobulon,
a cohort of etymologists,
stick this thing in your nose,
ebq, meschores, constructive
bloodbaths, benign bloodbaths,
historical engineering, opera
hat, a big eyed trance,
explodescow, paronomasia,
panties like hats, wilting in
their hats, pues, comedy of
human existence, a key

what’s not coming out in a book,
year slayed, before we threw in
the towel, edit as you read, the
website is long gone, claims to
have broadcast, britain’s rarest
penny, if you type it up, the
gang that was the gang, the
machine is trying to say
something, electro-economy,
copy for why, a found copy,
upbloated, the richest moment,
let’s talk about the gap, the
programmer did all the work,
file trance protocol, what do
we do with it next, we used to,

Thursday, October 04, 2012

"bak sheesh" & "santiossage"

inhabit the word, do you not
know what is going on, two
yesterdays, we sat mesmerized
by the poet’s hour-long eulogy
to his father, bak sheesh,
waiting for approval, advent
guard, thousands of books
sent to the pulper, edgiest
micropublisher, clean zen,
limited identities, stupas,
theoretical history, jackytar,
a gramscian project, glad-hand,
tchefau, the mind in its blank
state, poltrone, arbitrary
freedom, gargouille,

near current, what is below the
top, semi-current, insane object,
feels like nothing, unact, afraid
to look, randomania, books for
real, a thin layer of time, fill
fuller feels empty, down beneath
the shit, we know this box be,
santiossage, all though, mfour,
antitime, looking for a pain,
going down into the dead air,
not chocolate, fuller mail, too
many particles, imported dust,
better not kept track of, trac,
and one, let the data flow,
which box is your favourite,

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

"zapikanka" & "koqlak"

plue, clean stamps, leave your name
behind, vdb, why copy, fort garry
manitoba, nothing is on sale,
set yourself a new goal, right
out at the very edge, switching
fee, burning thru a lot of, momo,
isopoetics, forevering, trigeminal
neuralgia, intruder concrete
suspect, zapikanka, breakfast
trance, espejos con un hacha
construida, crural, moving out
from the centre, the perceptual
cornucopia of reality,
hiranyagarbha, limited
attachment, nirmoha,

a rare postage stamp, fermentation
from the oak bog, mirror-typing,
responding out of time, koqlak,
croniamantal, frothcoming,
what will you be having for
dinner, mister press, john
sausage map, nothing needs
to be posted, bender-gestalt,
this is the way we do our
thing, are we packing or
unpacking, wackett, where you
put the barcode, the book is
gone but, sir-come-spy-see,
archies enemies, key story,

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

"doozoon" & "microbits"

orval, vertegenwoordiger, permanent
ephemera, you can’t feel the paper,
patina of what, ijzer, and continue
to pass on, houblon, stomen, nada
united, random exchange of
culture, hold it up to the horizon,
the thing we forgot, the face that
is facing you, mental compartments,
dental fire, articipate, can’t get
to there from here anymore, where’s
the nearest, the price of the crunch,
while you are here, art dollars,
widthaw, ebb eh, all your favour,
doozoon, the story of the penny,
the last thing we mailed, bub,

metabox number one, trash art,
it says books but, junk on top,
well not exactly five million
but, not the stuff in the box,
couple year old, last year,
just the hat, this goes back to,
varieties of artistic experience,
heavy junk lightbulbs, in and
on the gone desk, seeding the
past, heavy writing, back a day
or two, pregnant with success,
a mixture of shite and shine-ola,
microbits, no toys aloud, get out,

Monday, October 01, 2012

"ateleiaphobia" & "void trance"

first you write it down, books
we are considering getting,
cross-identity, exactly one
hundred, we need to make this
trip again, walking distance to
nowhere, no trees, where do you
hear about all these books,
ateleiaphobia, how pay sage,
all this blank, leaving little
marks, actual cash, repeat
nothing, golgi, holds cell,
collect them after they have
been used, the year you were
born, climbing down to zero,

pisi, at exactly, nothing on paper,
ipsi, adme, non-extant, sign for the
booze, a site we fear, the single
phrase, what all do we need,
here’s the phrase that explodes,
void trance, how’s your armenian,
mirror machine, cries out to be
marked, too late to subscribe
now, if you take a close look you
will see they are digital, one
disease or another, every tiny
particle art, toner for toner,
one could be acting, it de,
this was the day, the living,