Monday, January 19, 2009


eyelets, brun noir, tana, the diff
between blank and void, bid set,
lace or laces, errand boy, knock
off early, one special person, the
zero income flatlands, do i look
like a human being to you, you
got the wrong guy, learner,
somebody had to make the guess,
rurban, captain copyright, gene
trip, topical eutectic mixture,
prilocaine, dapoxetine, pegging,
ggg, automated weapons, omega
threes, virtual fence, sensate
focus, spectatoring, herbifluous,
rusts away in moss, dholak,
shoyu, fine glutton, everywhere
was confusion and hitting,
psia krew, topers old hats, gypsy
shoelaces, the details killed
everybody, slivovitz, illegal
labor, the toilet queen, blue hat
stood, concrete building, molim,
sandbag concrete, bread seekers,
to bih, eosin, cover of the
happiness everyone,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

glass quagmire

violent woman, you hurt yourself
when you attacked me, monsters
heading your way, don’t be confused
by the art, dear radar, what does
abstract art mean, on and off the
flow, nonenone, glass quagmire,
i’ll paddle your canee, flux
love, no one disses the tyrant,
a year ago we were in love,
wipe that time off your hands,
art time is crime time, sixteen
million bricks, must crank out
texts, true love baby, let’s go
into that little pub, stop dealing
with texts, let’s go out and play
in the snow, i am doing this to
you, go to zail, so sick you can’t
go to work ever, simin, copying
is not enough, working on sun,
still with the gold, understand
the breast, useless copy, bunny
cluster, nothing seems to stop
the pennies piling up, not to be
confused with the hand of
fate, i think we can work around
the impass, kill all culture,
ray ban, spell the world out in

Saturday, January 17, 2009

tnr limacine

gsg, the jack of hearts and the seven
of clubs, keeping your appointments,
what were those to you, multi-channel
what, twenty-four cents worth of
garlic, those two questions again,
palaeosols, event bed, catastrophe
theory, bioturbation, stromatolites,
impact theory, flood vulcanism,
fullerenes, bolide, euxina, yird,
teosinte, brinjals, flashbulb
memory, vulvee, limacine, flying
straw hat, inkadu, concreted
tides, the larvae of the rhinoceros
beetle, dahs, chi pao, concrete
viaducts, the parable of the lost
penny, execution the cup of hemlock,
calèche, palátch, existence…
harmonious chain, philosopho-
pornographic manuscripts, from
here to four, matrixerox, no need
to specify, siberian light horse,
noam it was, out on the green, my
id, post around, that will go
first, none of these phrases
signify, the lord said, midsummer

Friday, January 16, 2009

nothing special made it break

now we are thrown, the way the glue
pulls, did we see the end coming,
why not just let the texts rest, off
off off, what were you doing when
you were sleeping, this is a knife
in my heart, fooling around inside
your head, the presence of one, we
were there now we are here, doing
something that involves no screen,
face the ugly reality, copy for use,
one of those ells must be a tee,
have you no telecommunication
device, just read the first phrase,
the floating penny, poetry is not
crack, who has time to do all this
writing, how many times over the
same texts, all of these texts
could explode, add love and pass
on, actual colour or words
representing colour, a lonely
party, still make a contribution,
a little electronic response, as
if one was doing nothing, send
your whole self, a girl riding
an innertube, ride all the way
over there twice, business mixed
with pleasure, thinking about
the situation thru paper, art
yourself to death, if this is
the one then where is the other,
really finding the breaking
point, massive debt to society,
nothing special made it break,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a passing reality

lax but not leaks, independently
owned and operated franchise,
take the fold out of it, take the
context out of it, this is gone, this
is still hanging in, this is not
drunkwork, uske zwerg, pop-lickers,
capucine confidential, bright
and salty, measure the length
of the paper and see, seven brighter,
salty look, capucine breathe, arousing
confidential, perror survey, eye-
lickers, uske plas, why zwerg, a
hundred lines, eye lurf psyche,
you mosquito, start drunk, this
on, why peru, copy these ruptures,
blank is for happy, ginger itself,
any detailing package, king of
spades, i ship you the keys, you
don’t know the meaning of hot
water, cooper hewitt exhibit,
cammers, an bhfuil gaeilge agat,
wadi, herringbone bulwarks,
allows native mosses, blue
tilapia, freegans, corporate
leftovers, opportunivores, urban
foragers, food rescuers, palm
defenders, skip lickers, micro air
vehicles, rafflesiaceae, tea
yoga, rasa, elliptical machine,
cherry panties one dollar,
shaft shifters, numen, nothink,
levitesse, a passing reality,
rookery, the ink which, squib,

"I YELL BECAUSE I CARE" (title from Clint Burnham)

you may visit reality again, we
used to have others, why is this
copy being considered an original,
the situation was always already
broken, not knowing where you
all are, when you were here with
me, proximity and non-proximity,
just before the move, your little
crime, this is in the new house
already, which brazil is which,
bounce it off in a completely
different direction, tentative
existence, keep tap, busy being
yelling, what are you monsters
doing down there, we do not talk
to monsters, you’re happy when you
are asleep, what are you cooking,
we, can i say we, are you a genuine
identity, stay in the same place
for twenty years, a very early
instance, eye see no reason,
this goes in the misc file, also
misk, misk, nat bo cap, astval,
this goes in the copies file,
the situation saint, txt nada,
inhabit your mind, orval
plue, cast your mind in iron,
the original moment, this is
not even misc, denotate the
feces, wasted reality, what
makes it more than a copy,
destroy all bits, whole-size,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the artist is a sitting duck

one is falling to smash thru,
poemer, explaining how cool
cotillion, a silly key hole,
let’s stick together until the
beyond the bitter end, uagust,
average effort, huge package
no content, busy being razed,
leverage to crack, the artist is
a sitting duck, blank riches,
two difference, beautiful
things kill, aughast, the books
we have resided in, that thing
we thot we knew, there are more
books we need to destroy, how
do you identify yourself now,
where do you reside in the
textual universe, heading off
towards a new identity, read
such books, feel free to high,
no more sweet song, what would
buddha do, shape of the kajah
devil, psychotic chanting,
yes there is a place where they
have all the books, torn
apart for a good reason,
stapled together for posterity,
thinking outside the prison,

nothingness exalted

an indication of the thing itself,
beaucoup de consommateurs, the
way people are looking these days,
bol, we need to bring this back up,
attilem, zoed, lack of love, a
post-christian society, death drive,
nothingness exalted, bakeshop
ontology, seraphic poultry,
universal nomad encampment,
prisoner counsellor, minyan,
causal loops, remote control
skidoo, glossy blank, on the edge
of the cluster, eusol, redding
up, the yeasting excitement,
pulling rabbits from a hat,
heartless exaggeration caught,
a land-girl, a school crocodile,
vacolitres, the drugstore’s ruby
jar, orange splash, bathroom
whistlers, garbashars, catch
some girl hat, conception of
honor and execute, para, a short
man complex, mashed-upness,
politricks, plantocracy, ruinscape,
a philosophy of hedonism, greed
and zen, cattitude, shack wacky,
food on books, climate porn,
the humble penny, hoof bunny,
moof, sententiae, eff holes came,
mekhanik tarasov, the hexi
corridor, greenwashing,
green latrines, climate chaos,
floating shift, voir dire,
do you really think you can,

Monday, January 12, 2009

427 hemi

this shit will kill you, jville hot
italian, the actual cost, reading you
or reading about you, we have the
book to hand, a good book koob
doog a, not a dragon but a pronghorn,
my greatest enemy is my mouth,
wood shipper, edmonchuk’s tarmac,
homieism, a copy of the popular
book, the golden blue, herms,
heritaginous, jupe, frontlet,
cell in a monastery, a baby farm,
the affectionate parasite,
ch-nothing, the great torture of
the law, hat peg, a psychic outlaw,
between the hand and the page,
establishment and habituated
to a communal, a high energy
construct again, skin books,
fasten you to a block of concrete,
i was released on bail but would
have to return for my execution
in thirty days, hoplite, careers
experiences habits, crystalline
heights of elitism, blinding grey,
skull-time, skull lightning,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

nothing is on sale

carnivorous garden, disturb the
peace of marriage, blank sack,
belge water, invest in cards, what’s
the matter art, cast a blank eye,
get the word out by way, ©o-opt
produ©t, schizo-spoonerist, fecal
tickle, dysraphic haecceity,
white easter, ham chat, the r is
floating free, no hiel, run your
fingers over the text, new
midnight, a detailed list of your
papers, lush money, keep bleeding,
all perils, mass evacuation, full
depreciation has been reached,
aluminati, a case of mistaken
identity involving a gun, nothing
is on sale, recreate reality from
memory, happiness is a bad habit,
layspeak, scooch over, pdq pellets,
you check for mail and find
nothing, pill-box-hatted, alterity
fied, pro aggression, tea and
oranges, blank cannons, a shining
hat, a continual choke,
whytorseller, a jeweler’s loupe,
bowel-fed, interplan, anti-p-k,
a vast cluster, a gigantic orange,
arsine gas, a para-psychological
bias, get your hat and go buddy,
dorsal root ganglion, taxiests,
photomultiplier, pseudocolor,
perspectivized drop shades,
hand’s knowledge, therblig-
style, ein arzt?,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

gearing up for the head-on collision

the distance between us, it’s not like
money in the bank, non-voluntary
move, it only takes one mistake
to destroy a, never knew the
fifties, bringing the world to
your eye, being behind bars,
lectures on nothing, the word
conveyor belt, are you getting
plenty of mail, dadatrash,
ommik, nothing is too hot, knowledge
you will never know, addressi,
this became part of the good old
days, psychological contagion,
voodoo chapeau daze, we really
did expire, enjoy orange, blank
check, what do you do for a
living, toner blood, only visible
in reality, clemency, govern
blank, hand to hand or
computer to computer, dig
until you find rubbergold,
john sausage map, anagogic
means, fragment of happiness,
while you were being roasted,
dish god, here we go again, pay
to change, fell out of the zone,
a happy tic or a sad one, gearing
up for the head-on collision,
we thot the days would go on
indefinitely, an act of violence,
a little violence goes a long
way, the residue of the happy
days, might as well forget,

eating a banana is imperialism

what is gone in the going, i’m getting
so weary, october yesterday, mere
insanity, bold address, not the
pinky on your hand, the last envelope,
eight dollars and ninety-four cents
worth of communication, here’s some-
thing to memorize, eureka we got
thru, better check identity, sakura
means, it’s a duplicate to you,
ahaha, priddle-sama, the only
difference is none, yoyogi, make
more trips, get work, cupping reality,
voids convivial handtray intubation,
hyper-referential, degentrification,
habitable concrete, built space,
forced thots, transnational
grinder culture, the nothing
anthology, literature workers,
good dad bad dad diplomacy,
eating a banana is imperialism,
governmentality, language
orange, glocal, manufacture a
life, affinity markets, bounce
once bounce twice, judged and
found, process-based logic, the
value of nothing, his enthusiastic
communications, mistoco, life-art,
the recluse of utopia parkway,
art surrogate, a hebraic
quaker hat, ipana toothpaste,
a master of the throwaway
gesture, the merzmeister,
fluxartist, cosimot, don’t get
caught with your mouth open, the
fire before the fire went out,
unsightly reality, do you
recognize this day, moments
before the collapse,

Friday, January 09, 2009

scribal eyeskip

and the meat goes on, might not be
visible on the copy, e-torn ell,
file trance protocol, drw oo four,
incarcerated fool, mock hyper,
further tonerization, buru, draw
something real, this line means
nothing, designated lamb, nodded
yet, canadian pen, make digital,
political hand, goofy self,
unadulterated copy, drw zero zero,
here different, incarcerated out,
pump ed, upside-down scissors, is
us, mock copy, hyperconceivable, to:
machine, a chunk of outer reality,
no way to tell the copy from the
original, not present on the original,
sacrifice a copy, coffee klatch
company, original colour gone,
political me, hand hammer, make
resume, digital sexual, put
nothing, canadian cigar, now this
falls out the window, blank is
for filling, one copy is enuf, one
original is enuf, what does reality
want from us, turn the sea into
el, loss of marks off the edge,
gathering the lost marks, round
number rolls, cupping blisters,
drop the meat, potato plus potato
masher equals potatoes, gopher
zydeco saloon dixie, reverse onus,
canadian public intellectuals,
inflammatory leaflets, qi,
quantum strangeness, ofrenda,
the many-worlds interpretation,
tzedakah, waterboarding, chads,
the aztlán, la raza, the bandung

it's zen time!

orange resonance, volunteer computer
programming, interpret this text so
far, would you rather three today or
eight tomorrow, indicia, not a very
smart move, twenty-five dollar scrap
of paper, can do web, can do nothing,
the writingest person on the planet,
peace cluster, no more sloggin’, the
main engines of housekeeping, smash
the hat, it’s zen time!, concrete ear,
midkingdom, call-and-response poetics,
esoteric a hoodlum caught, mumbling
trance, candomblé, a dob kit,
suburban anarchy, it’s meat day!,
meat wallah, tos, unfocused
awareness, benign ignorance, too
smart to work, high hats at reduction,
a cloudland artist, degustation,
virtuoso paint handling, curse the
alphabet, the typographic jungle,
word-landscape, anomie, morris
column, hand-moulds, conveyancer,
dare to know, the point of crisis,
banlieu, the whatever enemy, an
omni-crisis, even historians
continually, a great idiot, connect
your adapter to your, ten percent
off the top of your head, glitterature,
mede pot, masters of stasis, what
lives in that dark delta, your
situation is not being understood,
body position, van hat yen, penance
paper, no six oh six, if i’m the guest
then you must be the host, months
of suffering, why are you making
it so ugly, what about me? me is
dead, maybe better write a letter,
rounds the bend to find...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

there's really nothing left here

the day’s bleeding away, capital
wolf, aren’t destroyed, hello concealing,
rabble art, eight eighty-eight trance,
information difficulties, the point
of illegibility, info slip, chrome
equals black, gone meat, judge today,
pendant centric, there’s really
nothing left here, the whole thing
is slipping up and to the right, old
drunk, amazed the most famous
unsung language heart, you can
see right thru to the toner wall,
the zebra photocopies well, shirt
watch, make a record of the text,
always do a test pressing, turn
the gray into black, the light
bounces alright but, meat band,
going collapse, judge you, it’s reality
day, euro-parabolas, how much
deterioration can we face, echt,
this represents a day, string of
numb, when you get to zero, you are
lower yet, crazy cream, isandlewana
no e, theocons, paper engineering,
on a presentation plate, minger,
social neuroscience, a sleep doula,
emotional intelligence, the
telling detail, foofaraw, tiny
facial expressions, technocreep,
subliminal reading, dyssemia,
squirmers in bogs, beeswing,
polemonium confertum eximium,
neural duet, foxcore, magnet tar
pit trap, hidden biological
dance, chemic beauty, overlearn,
cremains, who do you want to
pick your poetry for you,

reveal nothing to me

e dot v dot, now you know who wrote
it, atomic fractals, the shape of your
hat, see it on a grand scale, dream-
face, all things egyptian, slfre,
none sun, fair isle, what does resolution
mean to you, is this you here,
plinitude, the book of the night
sky, not in your backyard, infinity
halo, reveal nothing to me, slb, were
they coming back, opuntia and
halibut, fan vidding, we don’t
watch movies anymore, you still
have the book, you will manufacture
miniature devices, it’s rigged, the
deuce of spades, thirty percent
off oranges, afloat on who’s
ocean, water intoxication,
hyponatremia, renewal denied,
stupidly left open, one is between
realities, can’t shut out irrelevant
info, sold five million harmonicas
by mail order, exits hotel for
cool, teenies, in situ registration,
the so-called thomas process,
trance ship, a chiff-chaff,
unblended mix of orange and
green, mouth stopped with moss,
arcanists, orange flecks, what is
swamping exactly, anglo realist,
fiction-theory, transgeoethno-
poetics, salted paper print,
empathetic bridge, autonomous
preference, black diamonds,
defense against insult,

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

fish a haiku out of this

weat, four of diamonds, receipt of
nothing, the intensity of you, mister
puddle, let’s try four thousand,
anarchy today at four, am use meant,
opt for nothing, haul the typewriter
over, fish a haiku out of this,
now that we have done that with
the text let’s do this, i don’t feel
completely deteriorated, how do
you stay so uncontaminated, axept
nothing, i feel like a fly, let
your other hand take over, concrete
pusher, aquilia nothing, lax squib,
not a pretty copy, what do you
think of me now, make it handy,
from bones to stones, cut your
love to pieces, you three, the
thing itself remains completely
unmarked, a pattern of chaos,
why the reduplication, elaborate
on labor, hotlink, lax squid, you
size, you now, you aquilia, nine
pusher, some concrete, someone
spies, endless again, you territory,
i glands, your anyway, the alw,
living axept, twenty eye, broccoli
exasperation, the one who stays
free and clear, indicate original,
techno-economics, dogskin caps,
autarky, rerror, perioeci, shock
worker, hopliteness, feeler-taps,
happy conditions envisaged,
a quota-overfulfiller,

register nothing

consumer frustration, mickey
mouse in his pointed hat,
crumpled poetry, one is being
railroaded, you are not being
detained, one-oh-sixing, take
the paper plunge, at number one-
oh-six dot, representing the
unrepresentable, a clandestine
collective, willing to act for you,
moss and dolphins, corruptive
agency, self-represent, housewife
geometer, abstract poetics
research, polytopes, coxeter’s
hocus-pocus equations, circles
touching circles, concrete
geometric constructions,
permanent domicile, no haven,
resume poetry, poetry resume,
register nothing, a science of
the police, right of intervention,
the terrain of crisis, hat is black,
mantah hat, point-blank attention
to the moment, some like it hat,
the great stone face, multiplication
of transformable art, multiply
art, personal handwriting,
reproduction versus multiplication,
a paster of found situations,
mamaliga, momify, poipoi,
a topolo, pogonotomy, laque-
dynamorphose, mecanohedron,
the society of control, dispositifs,
biopolitical technologies,
maximum plurality, biopower

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

exchange nothing mouth to mouth

in a rush? a hundred thousand
copies overnight, orange police tape,
we have plans for this one, doc oct,
fruly profound, mixed intel,
primary minimum, recon work,
simple luck, evicted from the
plane, the nothing graph, exchange
nothing mouth to mouth, toner
devolution, would you put in a
good word for me, why would you
want to bother these people,
toner night, the blank is drifting
in, try a fold, decide on a fold,
watch the blue, blue absorbtion,
did i have something to say, likely
copy, file your life under,
designated go-ahead, exchanging
abysses, enuf here, this anything,
let break, flat organisms, one
present, luck leper, a here, the
work drugs, recognizance
burlesque, primary head, min
head, mix everything, entelechy
tide, pass profound, früli
theory, too attacked, put nothing,
designated free, pitch perfection,
canada ebb homeless, microcredit,
my mosquito bites have erupted,
saint ents, repeatedly into the
abyss, the nail-clippers of the
dead, biblioburro, panmunjom,
plenty coups, write yourself
insane, six six one, not completed,
three three one, you will never be
free, endless caligraphy, mossy
den or ferny cavern, saint
organic, deserved existentially,

reduced to eleven point type to print

hand holding hand, non-professional
resume, elaborate on these activities,
acco fifty, how to tell the diff
between reality and not, nobody
left to right, whatever will we
do with all this writing, rainbow
camera, forget nothing, consumer
rush, one-oh-six city, tops form
three three one four, the making is
one thing, embellishment war,
has the potential to be filled,
ell stands for love, is this to go
or to stay, why would you want
to look at that ugly, do not go into
that room, what’s with the dots,
this is called your own, before
we get confused, alot snap, one-
oh-six orange, consumer concrete,
in an existential rush, notpresent,
forget being, disorders of the
sign, camera name, special art,
rainbow doing, neuromuscular
sonoran, bored now, beargrass in,
copy to be let, it’s just lousy ink,
starling murmurations, magic
gasoline, every existing scrap of
paper, trademark leaking roofs,
a sexual hothouse, toxic teeth,
concrete cantilever, how embracing
chance can heal, a champigneulles
beer cap, dynamic labyrinth, taboo
catalogues, to untrick the eye,
in fair hand, glou glou glou,
croquer, nine million eggs,
concretology, a glue poet,
collector of crumbs, juk,
cocoagraph, the silent hammer,

Monday, January 05, 2009

we idolize nothing

is this political, the politics of
toner, new weirdness, staples are for
pulling, what are you up to in full
colour, wait we have not read this
yet, lay down in the grime, lust
shop, casein is, spit abyss, please
note: original art, coneheads
unite, go it in the woods, kayak
kayak, go for these giant, my eye
versus your eye, marching giants,
elf portrait, do me a fish, which
way’s which, laughing salt, saint
atic, the duchamp code, when is an
addnpass not an addnpass,
garibaldi the what, we idolize
nothing, reflections in the honey-
comb, know your fish, pinole camera,
the whole thing shines, what sort of
art exactly, say hello to infinity,
a plain old baggie, is this your
handiwork, the artistamp biz,
neverscratch, no mention of ray,
chop you chop me, a printer so
fine, okay now as for today, bring
the list forward, nobody to
even answer the phone, to died,
east of butter, cup nothing,
something salty, disturbing
images, sunday-go-to-meetin’
haircut, gold colon ate, when is
a mark not a mark, red delta,
lorazepan, foco theory, hangnail
clap and the economic, social
inscriptions, beershit, hombresito,
two addresses behind me,


what does blogging mean, \ , repent
simultanement, the crown of the
orange, petal weapons, pusser
manhood, orange dust, meddle
eye, poietes, the vocab lab, insanity
clause, her cunt is a lethal
weapon, matthew seven: one to six,
the blank concrete, cluster of
neon, pewter is just glorified
tin, a red paper mill, law-hand,
waste paper bought, engrossing: ,
nom de crayon, copying to
execute, all’s fish that comes
to my net, copies from memory,
a law-writer, heterotopian
transgression, the withdrawal
of love, the mystic writing pad,
object choice versus identification,
the fort-da game, cathexes,
identity confusions, borderline
disorders, microsociety,
microcultures, diegesis, pda,
chpater, commodity exchange
and the human, community-
bonding gift practices, p , sperm
and eggs, déchets, just another
night, d-dee, over and above
time, local mail, blank orange,
remaining legible thru thick
and thin,

Sunday, January 04, 2009


cado, language specific pun,
yellow paper crown, don’t want
to know what you didn’t win,
some people have zero luck, fob,
you can feel the money in it,
high-needs, the loading up and
the emptying down, the gift
apparatus, today’s phrase, a
rubberstamp that says five
dollars, nine forty-four, why
do they get to believe in
themselves, kinder-hat, esing,
copies of french, church cheese,
gumflower, sexual thickness,
tossed moss off, fuselied,
storming in blank, suttee,
fleckless, the seven delights,
blank remote, concrete and dirt,
cheap-grade steer refuse, a
cluster of red, blank fields,
infected hairy-cell leukemia
tissue, routinely copied and
distributed, element of
hypocrisy in the court’s,
information commons, commodity
theory, consumption theory,
the commodity situation,
plauged, pseudoxanthoma
elasticum, extended mind,
commodity exchange hinder,
emotion to human cognition,
embodiment characteristic
of the history, the mindbody,

distributed cognition

your double is coming to replace
you, you can write with your
fingernail, blip up, blop down,
actual weight, stoned knowledge,
agonía the counter-coin-side,
bigtentism, the product is
thoroughly pizzled, strewn
concrete, how will this all look
in twenty years, siliconing
the text, health and education
cash, logic gates, delight of a
snail, components essential to
human, fluidiom, distributed
cognition, the windowed
organization of knowledge,
hypermediation, actionism, the
accidental spectator from the
street, thread-words, breaking
into reality, a reality bleed,
illocutionary act, in loqui,
what does its nonstructure
look like, culminate in the
hypermediated extensions, a
change of status, hysterical
ecstasy connection, that repre,
scrim-stretched, ungrounded
doubling, the written writing
process, clausulae, expressis
verbis, searching for
something to write on, hotels
entertainment cash, scads or
skads of blank, all atone,

Saturday, January 03, 2009

dotless i

show us the ink, zoo bye, place
product here, yellow card, trance
redemption, electronic hiring hall
for canadian, john zorn den, recal,
hometegima, recreant!, he has
got your name in his hat, saint
michael’s oranges, trance zen
dent, adjuration, the poetry-tribute,
guilty of everything, appear in
person, do you recognize the head,
maple thorn, if you miss one single
payment, ı, to ensure you have
continued access to credit, get
rid of your identity, how do you
get the cash, stealing ten years,
i did it for the money, catalogued
the hardcover edition, concrete
sleepers, chocolate pain, vain
grandeurs, do-it-yourself
politics, mini-ficelles, glia,
axon, longyis, stupas, action
potentials, calcium imaging,
terminal schwann cells,
oligodendrocyte, enter into the
field, notions of responsibility
and duty, transnationalism,
paranational, unix to unix copy,
poetry coursepacks, anti-artsism,
the great thoughts of humanity
can be entered on the back of
a postage stamp, we already
tyed, today’s the day we
leave, blank format,

a utility fog

why would you want to put a tax
on sex, smell the reality, you want
me to write here, one by the one one
by the other, a reproduction of a
milk carton, sendee, time trance
for space, those within the e, sheol,
eight oh eight state, dull-orange
nightskies, rearrange reality,
fractalled, white desire a cluster,
throws pennies at the bald man,
the ufo redemption group, the
hassidim, hello cruel world!,
hurry up sun, pressgang, the crown’s
position, not in your best interest,
transcendental paralogism, the
cybernetic immortality of the
soul, presentation eye, the rapture
for nerds, philosophy made concrete,
ideate, art as idea as idea, shicker,
spifflicated, bingo mort, kurzweil
organ, a period of madness and
near catastrophe, collective
entity, mind virus, killer meme,
foglets, nanobots, a utitity fog,
a fog person, hard computing
entrepreneurs, evolutionary
algorithms, wetware, designer
neurochemicals, amino-linkers
and chromo-cookers, allatonceness,
hit the hyperspace button, a space
of flows, a timeless time,
derivatives in the financial
sense, hyperembodiment, the
culture of real virtuality,

Friday, January 02, 2009


dee cee nine, what does the number
eight eight eight remind you of, it’s
the paper not the words, marching
forward to obliteration, funny
amen, only worked one day in your
whole life, what thou, maybe
they don’t get the joke, eliminate
writing, test toner, e d m numb
eight, a mix of good and evil,
paper with metal attached,
nothing is ever really void, copy
in the second degree, eliminate
parasomnias, writing here, tilt
off the page, amen funny, where
is that sign coming from, what
reality, fuck supermodels,
thou shalt not access, hieratic
infesticons, time here, final
interruption, top hats and
flappers, the iconic frock, the
pomo pop snap-and-crack genre of
poetry, osteo-poetics, word ploy,
meta-nothingness, laneway art,
infracts, pilatneomy, typogra
-phy, truthiness, black dog on
piano, holiday blues, planets
cluster, self-out-of-self, comped,
optical bliss, satya, ice glasses,
two hand-illuminated copies,
emotional alienation wakaw,
a resting image, moil for books,
human editorial consultants,
bold use of concrete, kenuzy
scream, the pursuit of nada,

read nothing day

globy, is a bell a spoon, are you now
or have you ever been, you can’t deny
the power of, this way to paradise,
dancer belly, ptld, om ho, the angle a
twitch, not the sort of text you can
really read, crease courtesy of
canada post, elusmod, pataphysics
with one or two apostrophes, when is
data not data, organic data, signal
virus, code no code, bp pru, blank
bellevue, don’t try to read it,
read nothing day, doctor german
zinc, if you fold the envelope down,
lost all copies and originals, a
faint ton, it’s good having bread,
this could be your ad, cease
cupping, hey don’t wreck my art,
hours that went by, milking your
fan base, short orange skirt, the
itching hat, orange powder, zendo,
sertao, close the end of history,
quorum, dissolving the trust,
i’m between identities, haiga,
tongues of ecstasy, little clusters
of cherry tomatoes, a randomizer,
canned hits from the eighties,
orange the perfect, remorsing,
the hunger stirred, henotheism,
google schmoogle, abaca,
chrachers, star sixty-nine,
everything you need to know
everything, ontological
reassurance, panelology, a
devotional writer, the language
trap, no grunting, a swell head,
gens, preventive police, active

Thursday, January 01, 2009

a special needs poet

orange written in blue ink, could be
mistaken for art, there are no toys at,
n void disparition, now we have every-
thing we need, back on thursday,
cold pitch, a special needs poet,
taught to trance, the idf, the orange
dripping, white mosquitoes, back on
the unit, reality-to-be, a fun way to
die, words of nothing, the books are
endless, bottom nature, theradrama,
visual concrete, poetic crack,
the condition of entity, composition
of an historical or epic, smile and
dial, iconophobia, policing of media,
is it fascism yet?, sigils,
topographic space, concrete utopia,
the world cop, library create, no
christ, how can you say no to money,
thot you said twelve, ex marks your
spot, is that a thing to be doing,
if you start putting things like
that on your resume, try to make
contact with the outside world,
get in get out, started with a
typewriter, a fat new wad of, you
like leaving protective membranes
intact, post consommation, here’s
some paper that needs filling,
wait a minute these files are
not supposed to be digital, to
reverse or not reverse, the birthday
i couldn’t contact you, no four oh,
eat a big meal, everything
always deteriorates, beyond
recognition, the birthday we
were all together,

caressing nothing

eye eye amp sand, a little light
to block the light, we paid to have
this work done but it never got
done, house car etcetera, our
reality principle, digital
possessions, necessarty, login
do, caressing nothing, cinnamon
four-thirty, the falling must
come to an end, grnd, menstrual
strawberries, oranges and
lemonade, hermosura viril,
monking whit, to pee from her
sweet crack, the blank pages of
the unwritten volume of the new,
gas yourself, bleed yourself,
a fat load of gas, return on
the bungee, please govern yourself
accordingly, the begin of the
misery, hurry up and expire,
computers and humans each,
enaction, embodied and concrete,
voxels, autopedagogical,
autonomous agent software,
workarounds, the brightness
confound, communications from
an extraterrestrial intelligence,
stardust gathers in our lungs,
reality engines, cranial
landscape, a rendering engine,
thermochromic paint, events
that have changed the course
of history, silicon collaborators,