Saturday, July 31, 2010

FEB 29 2008, 8:00 pm

1) the war against poetry
2) Boots the Cat
3) let’s make it a policy (no more than 2 pages)
4) now you’ve turned a nice piece of paper into
something annoying!
5) maps we need: transit, +15,
6) in the year 2335
7) fuck, I thot you mailed this!
8) i’m a non-parent
9) this guy’s a fucking pseudo-intellectual though!
10) nothing is irrefragable!
11) irrefragable data
12) what, you call this art?!
13) you can’t tell them apart (just the way we like it!)
14) ekphrasticism?
15) writing poetry on company time
16) you need something special?
17) i was in a bog (blissfully in a bog)
18) you got the yellow & the blue overlapping there
19) close enough for capitalist consumption
20) royal publicity stunt!
21) Thomas Paine Common Sense (what year?)
22) strangleholds can be broken
23) only a penny an ad!
24) i like the blueberry (in fact, i seem to be addicted to
the blueberry!)
25) we know where you are, we know what you’re doing
26) this printing is terrible! (what do you expect for a penny?)
27) you didn’t mention there would be a fee!
28) go out looking for the buddha
29) hypermnesia (mnasthai)

Friday, July 30, 2010

MAR 08 2008, 10:30 am

1) plus fifteening
1) significant moment (saint ride)
1) 54 pages of rank gibberish
1) you couldn’t find a cleaner piece of paper?
1) save trees, don’t print garbage
1) penny arc
1) a little extra postage never hurts
1) i’ve got a postcard fetish
1) lean quiz
1) the paper still smells of tobacco smoke
1) philosophy mail
1) discard this cleaning sheet...
1) taking it apart stops it from ticking
1) witness sutra noma sutra
1) oh no! here it comes again!
1) busy reinventing yourself
1) i live on moss street
1) aquainst
1) from apartment to apartment
1) the brain is flickering out
1) every single circle punched out of the paper
1) the defining moment of the poem
1) sand clue
1) we don’t even say hello to each other anymore
1) bring in some moss
1) two secs (are better than one)
1) pedi lab tab not pedi gre tab
1) I walked right by.
1) bank balance rising down
1) commun

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"poetry bucks the system"

circumstances reduced us to
standing around, all we’ve got
to show forth, now they can all
be filed down, still want to take
a fair shot, poetry bucks, due to
fadeout, pleasantly psychotic,
a continuation of the thing, a fine
mishmash, living off the big name
of somebody else, hell’s essential
character, made the biographical
notes but, thru the trance duct,
acentered alphabet, knows it all
oh gee!, what fog machine?,
cadastrophe, stratoanalysis,
anticulture, interbeing,
back in the jungle, april thirty
ninety-nine (full moon, the
destruction of the entire
literary archive,
words-on-the-page, tain,
iterability not irritability,
oblique reference, a letter
does not simply reach, but
participates in the creation
of, its addressee, i surprised
myself, glossematics, a pretty
tall order, back into the book,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feb. 12/08, Calgary

1) future unhappiness
2) that was the bookstore that burned down
3) foma – harmless untruths
4) what are you willing to go thru?
5) Grus americana
6) it’s 30° in Bangalore today! Word!
7) it’s not nothing I know, it’s something
8) adventurous geeks
9) Excludenda
10) we are helping you to perceive
11) Lavender Rummp
12) you can feel the gum
13) unlawful detention
14) Art: Who needs it?
15) Letter Opener
17) toilet moss

1) Patsy Cline “Crazy”
2) Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone”
3) Beck “Girl”

1) The Golden Dragon Gang
2) Native Syndicate

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


portion left blank, what it origin-
ally said, didn’t really do it all
that much damage, condensive,
heard it could be done, the logic of
the kettle, being suspended,
an imitation of a word,
against time, trance plants,
an existing thing, a one-off
(punctually, give it up self,
without access to the tools,
trait or mark, poing! (right in
the eye!, hit me for my hook,
engaged, paper blown away
in the wind, a quantity of molar
s, motor city, flat phenomenon,
trance decoding, pluridimentional,
a body of matter as a whole, tinfoil
behind glass, flip the heap &
continue, eyes getting worse,
the recycle bin, non-fonetic,
non-informations, double zero,
it’s all so fake, never even
had a chance to turn the page
on the calendar, i call you
so & so, more interesting terrain
over that way, the thot of,
zebra-like lions of text, room,

Monday, July 26, 2010

APR 05 2008 & FEB 15 2008 (overflow)

1) it is also well-known to provide hollow
1) parallelopiped
1) disclam
1) remove the desire for poetry
1) remove the paperclip so you can see the full text
1) “in the wreck of Guildhall”
1) do you have an accent?
1) saperlipopette
1) i don’t speak french myself, but...
1) technicolour evil
1) rack out
1) antibrouillard
1) saporlipopette
1) reincarnate reinkarnate
1) art selected by

1. pencits pencils
2. it’s a jack!
3. regular disaster
4. Argentine cowboy
5. it was a normal straw (the last one)
6. gamble?
7. brown wire
8. like goes with like, you monster!
9. pink quarter, blue quarter (one & the same)
10. these are not mere coins

Saturday, July 24, 2010

FEB 15 2008 (main)

1) it says “rubberstamps” but it contains money
2) sunflower, time, T.B.s, blue button, etc. (money)
3) packed full of money (packed full of pennies)
4) emptea
5) the five million things
6) bag full of final fatal things
7) stone “box” (made in India)
8) and
9. and
10. this is a five-niner!
11. another box full of dee-lights (slaps in the face)
12. protect your eyes, protect your I,
13. a screw in the bag
14. now that the lava has cooled
15. it’s a little scratched, but it’s still beautiful!
16. the fatal drink
17. maybe it just needs batteries… ?
18. how do dolphins deal with it?
19. H3
20 Lick Imp
21. crinkly little bits of paper, eh?
22. I wish it would quit signifying
23. sort of nice little black ribbon (bind something with it?)
23. sort of nice little black ribbon (bind something with it?)
24. the rubberband still has a bit of it’s spring, you know?
25. yeehaw! ride ‘em, cowboy!
26. it all begins (& ends!) with A

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FEB 13 2008 (calgary)

1) run across the street & pick up some tea
2) how much is a portion? (of orange juice)
3) all this food is making me sick
4) Artists of the World Unite!
5) 426-5050
6) almost ten grand
7) let’s all get coffee together
8) when I said “you” I meant...
9) you gotta do what you gotta do
10) I love the smell of this paper
11) I love the smell of this tea paper
12) Om Money Pad my hum
13) Om Money Pad me hum
14) from paycheck to paycheck
15) what do you got against icons?
16) what is it like being down in the hole?
17) you have trouble remembering your own phone # & address
18) Bolus! Bolus!
19) penny objects
20) yes, we delivered the ‘zines
21) black grim sin
22) the paper surrounding the money
23) makes a good fist enhancer
24) aged the paper four months
25) which lighthouse?
26) this is an idea for a poem
27) septem triones
28) everything is poetry
29) date returned: never!
30) save the blanks! (or not!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


fourty-four □, more ferrari,
micromultiplicity, why dint? why
dont you just let me go?,
hyperconcentration, multiplicities
of multiplicities, writing things out,
i love you or whatever, speakwriter,
articut, then folding, no mad,
lost saliva, like style?, the science
of multiplicities, interstrata,
highgrading, metastrata, flysch,
assemblaging, name tag: you’re
it!, turna round, holding me
against me, supposed to want,
who i happen to be being,
not i anymore, prerogative,
will not understand me,
anti-botanist, unenthusiasm,
pink drifts, destroy you and
then hate you for what you have
become, marker-of-the-examinations,
self-loading, mothar, old bill
said, flyer art, not what i,
may day! may day!, could be you
up there with all them, make
me drink, be there?, ! cansailed,
maybe if i had a big computer,
didn’t even know where i was heading,

Monday, July 19, 2010

FEB 16 2008

“people who only write on one side of the paper”

1) how’s it made, that’s what we want to know
2) that looks like an actual typewriter: you can’t do
that with a computer.
3) let’s roll this boulder back up to the top of the
mountain, shall we?
4) art might get you thru some rough times
5) just the lovely part
6) add something real to the reproduction
7) i just want to say hell o
8) we are well aware of the meat
9) the paper is (always already) touched
10) a rubberstamp that says “ALWAYS ALREADY”
11) seven?
12) let me know about your projects
13) all of this for a dollar?!
15) check it out: that glacier comes right down to the ocean!
16) study the way the shit hits the fan
17) if i had a million dollars i’d write a million letters
18) well you didn’t pain’t it, but.
19) well, you didn’t say it, but.
20) Terrazo 141
21) this faint grid of blur
22) “chop wood – carry water reality”
23) the last rose of summer / the first rose of spring
24) you and your fellow art thugs
25) you ain’t no thug you thug, you wanna hear about the
real... ?
26) one is not always forgiven
27) what kind of shit is this?!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"the sphere of the rhizome"

out of the blue & into the black,
crossover point, all gap, plan
for the future: plan for the future,
ate candidly, refuse to wear the
nametag, not, the empty chair
beside you, mounting preparations
, community feeding, one makes
oneSelf other, kills osiris by
trickery, a piece of food into her
mouth, conversing with the plants,
expires with this, using pussy
and shunyatta in the same
sentence, hook them in, sample
copy, bigger number, research
matter, changing editorial
hands, trying to get rid of it,
moanemes, plan(n)ing, words
& things, asemiosis, asignification,
a consistency, the sphere of the mind,
the sphere of the machine, the sphere
of the rhizome?, a chord, check
the recycle box for interesting
material, cash for upgrades,
the litter(ature) box, tortula
muralis, tamarisky, semper
viva!, just high a cynth, the
kybosher!, some kinda way
outta here, mucked it u p,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

APR 05 2008

1) grufo
1) error of nature
1) hoooh! there was something in my coffee
1) Ralph Nader – Crashing the Party
1) sewing destruction
1) who has got the biggest bestest printer?
1) the inside of the crater is fertile
1) who should crop up
1) patina of obliterations
1) the language floating underneath
1) what should we call the weasel?
1) ceramike
1) read dimensional
1) bay tek
1) sack art
1) social enigma
1) skeeball
1) gosch
1) coping with art
1) joe eye row
1) drink schotter’s glue
1) andaclinktic
1) bysen
1) i added this cut / i added this line
1) global liberation
1) slab of pins
1) snot block
1) bentchat
1) hold the paper up in the sun
1) leave it be or alter it?
1) sunt
1) sunk
1) tambien gronk
1) nothing needs a name

Friday, July 16, 2010

MAR 30 2008, 9:30 pm

1) dynarouge
1) an event we almost made happen
1) 12 billion eyes
1) we have made no progress in ten years
1) the knowledge we knew then is the knowledge we know now
1) if not then why not?
1) did we really know anything?
1) easy calls
1) these don’t seem to be actual mimeographs
1) left absolute zero behind, right?
1) if you want text to read it’s all you can print
1) we never meant to say “sex”
1) we went from 2000 to 2005 in the blink of an eye
1) logics of entropy
1) red clay L.S.D.
1) exploded gallery
1) my blank & ruined eyes
1) wireless roastbeef
1) mobegan
1) voir clair
1) enuf j. lo
1) gab away
1) frust
1) sile
1) knocked out loaded
1) tea pee
1) eroses
1) l.r.c.
1) umei
1) befe
1) choo
1) afin
1) roo
1) foo

Thursday, July 15, 2010


prints equally well on either side,
a certain consistency, blobbing in,
idio(ma)tic interpretation,
whateverest, sidetracked into the
box, eye can, trance textual,
surprise loose, there is nothing
outside of the text, cover the letter,
convictim, mind-these, actually
acting, sell it to me!, make your
own world, photographness,
buy the time, played on, sues,
the right to do, won lovers,
played on, making it?, divided
by three divided by three again,
enjoin, into the blender, you can
put any message you want here,
roof prism, givin’ it away,
amero, can copy, didn’t exactly
exbload (soft bomb, the previous
year’s saint, mon-eyed interests,
tour spiel!, still alive barely
, notes from something else,
took five bucks off me!,
he asked me my name,
regarding the collection,
he must litter, dot tea see
dot see a, she see you, draft,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

APR 02 2008, 9:00 pm

1) should never have called attention to yourself
1) the best thing about the whole process
1) the sudden “gotcha!”
1) identification services
1) swallow your money
1) it’s like being booked
1) no, you will not be pardoned
1) kakaohaltiger
1) etobicoke front press
1) dylanism
1) excommunination
1) this is the world, not the beer
1) another fat wad of book titles to track down + read
1) art for 3-D glasses
1) divorce journal
1) m.s.
1) we had the thing to go with
1) memoreasonzen
1) the wall as a way of communication
1) kleurmodel
1) paum
1) oink! if you love pigs
1) ecphorization
1) zodiacese
1) you got the call, but did you heed the call?
1) postbus
1) we don’t even remember our own efforts
1) rock jock
1) is one of these the one the one
1) put the boots to poetry
1) probably read every word
1) opponens pollicis
1) blast but not beast
1) i’m sorry if you didn’t find this rewarding

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"habit end of colonization"

still no closure to it, the same
thing only a copy of it, running
out of paper, anti-abbreviation,
ungated, one to fly, crease first,
or is it this one?, holography,
another one already?, le not
el, print run, a pile of ten,
mister so&so, the heap, the
beginnings of a letter, sm
navel orng, a curved inlet,
sightation, and/or, time-
freeze, the reality-principle,
sin building, teletopology (not
telelopology, irisation,
chronobiology, paramnesia,
born to inhabit (barn to inhabit
, end of colonization, fat um
head, know-how plus doing, AND,
trance it if eyes, there’s
that word again, tense or
loose, chromaticism, parlando,
zones of resonance in which
several voices seem to issue
from the same mouth,
circular breathing, aphatic
alphabetic, tessitura,
glissando, speech-song,

Monday, July 12, 2010

MAR 30 2008, 4:00 pm

1) zumiez
1) in side the green dust
1) rewarewa
1) pukeko
1) get on up into the top of the jungle
1) speight’s
1) waikato
1) waka
1) dezign
1) taupo
1) otway
1) motukarara
1) akaroa
1) perhaps there’s something wrong with your brain
1) actual filth
1) there seems to be some sort of genius at work
1) in this instance one prefers the copy
1) no need to go so far as to send the actual
1) compoglosmic blubub
1) K.C.A.I.
1) pondtoons
1) Cliff Vancura
1) poist card
1) decomposing butterballs

Sunday, July 11, 2010

join to, white openings, ampersand-
able, big ess self, trance is on
point, psst! (gsst!, no longer money,
order word, strange tongue,
i solemnly swear: fuck!, retension,
mark, a sign that’s, decided to
spell it wrong anyway, sting
mania (everything to do with
the police, massification, nous
that stays nous, trance situation-
ism, logo type people, a phat
(ic) em, pseudo-communication,
non finito, the zero degree of
representation, already in page
proofs, malarming

........................spacing, as
if there were words there,
syntaxer, juxtaposer, am big
you ate, art together ran off,
elude the categories of history,
criticism with an entire hidden,
anything to do with folding?,
creasing?, plurivalence,
hypersentence, indiscernible, ay yo
trip!, depending on the quality
and the quantity of the coffee,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

MAR 31 2008, 9:00 pm

1) being apart of something by being apart of it.
1) you’re not meant to focus on this target
1) does that mean we aren’t friends anymore?
1) now you can afford to buy books (no time to read)
1) do you see the code now?
1) ain’t got no gizmo
1) how things can get from point a to point a
1) don’t you care to protect
1) here’s lookin’ at you, kid
1) find a stationary
1) that looks rather loominous
1) one of my favourite hands in the whole world
1) barresters &
1) still a little delight left in the bucket
1) please, pound on me, harder
1) build off your failures
1) we went thru a lot of envelopes
1) the clusterfucker
1) oversize cluster material
1) never did come thru with that, but.
1) more envelopes!? you’re kidding me!
1) hamilton moonflower
1) still more envelopes!
1) a truly divine/devine batch of colour
1) we had it coming out the ears
1) why lem
1) nothing is free
1) read
1) focus on
1) ads & pads
1) we canoli
1) how can the memory?
1) kiosk
1) whyke

Friday, July 09, 2010

"remember the password?"

the cerebral surreal, did somebody,
not really wanting to sell it, ejitor
(double art, living material (bract,
ooing un-profit, overload-variation,
..., sign S, this is a mouthpiece,
a city without a franguage,
tending towards the limit,
what are they saying about us?,
patch of oil versus paratrooper,
able to be turned into something
else, in the monk office, still
remember the password?,
forgot we spent so much, unit cost,
a float alone, doesn’t want to
talk to you either, urban juice,
still looking for the m,
judging will be blind, the
girls on the bull, a publisher
suppressed a prose book, the
river of un-forgetting, an
adequate representation,
an outwork, is-trying-to-say,
platonium missing, the art
........................of space,
on to things, on being- present ,
thee present , hope helps,
already forgot, living memory,

Thursday, July 08, 2010

MAR 30 2008

1) devil ink
1) all the money spent on eyelashes
1) think how you can tell
1) we still need more clues
1) bootleg underground
1) pristine copy
1) degree of “float”
1) so logn
1) toner developments
1) we need some way to get free from texts
1) “typewriter kensington” seems rather prophetic
1) take a moment to read the complete text
1) fial
1) the files will be coming along soon
1) the hole has been seemlessly removed
1) goes down to
1) you can still identify the seahores today
1) people that mean something to you today
1) Adel Gunden
1) the delight of communication
1) is that the feel of yesterday?
1) insa-net
1) not seeking noise
1) the place does not look like a real place
1) you might think you exist, but.
1) surffering
1) the file pile is still at liberty
1) let us ark to and frow
1) ice laser
1) to and frown
1) steinway of beers
1) you see here on the edge
1) papers the text have nown
1) now you are going to confuse yourself

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

backwards ampersand

and then some, to remember
it all, a yet unwritten page,
extra-being, the copy inside me,
a deter(min)able hole in being,
explicitation, pnin dent,
rend(er)ing , hypostatized
by a capital letteR, to
join against, not sure if
you have any use for this
but, kil nothing, win
lose what’s the diff?,
perfectly legible,
consume these words!,
not squeezing another,
ecstatic hilarity the crime,
the capital text & the
footnote, grapht, not dyad
yet, signs of live, not enuf
storage space, dad me,
dock it, perfectly blank
oh, what is moving,
unparalysis, &, a praxis
mate, what you must work
with, II am nobody in particular, textual
grafting, hamno hobby in particles, member,

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

MAR 16 2008, (am) #3; MAR 20 2008, 10:00 pm & MAR 16 2008, 8:30 pm

1) look at the thing a new way
1) cut a hole in the thing
1) dear wendy,
1) envelope arrow
1) divorce yourself
1) where do you get the strength to write so hard?
1) consider this an awareness check
1) don’t be so quick to file things
1) “funkoi” funk oi!
1) stand on the corner with your “underground publication”
1) bone of contentment
1) build your system back up
1) proviso
1) a copy that boldly says “I am a copy”!
1) send it in as a submission to The Fiddlehead
1) ;

1) beuwe
1) no today
1) oing!
1) how the holes are made
1) the actual book itself is gone
1) a suitable substrate for art
1) no pass
1) the first of five million impressions

1) this is not candy, but.
1) brain candy? mind candy?
1) intellectual candy?
1) pastel let sap
1) digital bluenose
1) actual metal object (bottlecap)

Monday, July 05, 2010


batch processing, fine brochure,
being able to tell, free return,
permanent ephemera,
hypermodernism (anti-antiquari-
anism, true eventual, if these
days survive, saint b, the livin’
breedin’ word, suddenly the
birds start to sing, (still black!),
omnivoyance, the terror-effect,
the un-said, fate divers, a
double-degree move, state forth,
refuse to look up, without
panties, enantiomorphosis,
the meaning is not set (yet?,
puissant pepper, vibratin’
tremblin’ spillin’ over!,
outsystem the system, forty-
five revolutions per minute
phonodisc, the papers occupy
eighty-five meters (& appear
intext, we love to forget, to
forget we love, deem my
shell, not hoping anymore than,
rude imp, you’re on the
speaker-phone by the way,
no ref, monsteration!,

Sunday, July 04, 2010

MAR 16 2008, (pm) (#2) 5:30

1). well, actually...
1). table of contention
1). caps lock is on,
1). advice to map makers
1). cloves
1). hand-painted reproduction
1). there’s always another stash kicking around
1.) the last thing we wrote before we were arrested
1.) bring the orange into view
1.) all the poets are collecting dust, in fact, that may be
the very task of poetry!
1.) none of these “to go” items are going anywhere
1.) oh sure, you are thinking about doing something, but.
1.) a slomo replay of the fall
1.) probably no such person, place anymore
1:) orange zombie
1.) copy for to do what with?
1.) are we not going to continue with the text?
1.) wait a minute! i think that was art!
1). &
1. how did you get thru?
1. you don’t know what it is / until you lose it
1. to rip or not to rip
1. what do you want to know?

Saturday, July 03, 2010


how am i supposed to write on
this?, it’s got a few holes in it but
it’s coming back together, merit-
ritious, locus of beauxarts, back-
wards ampersand, still hualin’
this around, remove paper from
duplexer, where to place the
next to last one, already spent,
buttered art, a xerox collage
of the author’s, what good is
a phone number?, synchronicle:
mcmicrosystem, depending on
what you call it, owin’, things
to be said for & against , things
to be spoken for & out against,
loosely sealed logo file, high
man, quite a mark up, the
differents are or is?, scrap
t yers, textra, empty hollow
concave, hymen in (case events
go, verge you lay, more grim
more, consummation of this
hymen eliminates, categorical
sin, mark in the margin,
machine ate, hum knows,
hew foes, to fuse together,
re-birth of the book,
interpretosis, faciality,

Friday, July 02, 2010

MAR 20 2008, 9:00 pm

1) judging by the way it is ripped open
1) there is only one hand
1) if we had a penny for every penny
1) moiré staircasing
1) the poem appears to be swooping thru space
1) smearing thru space
1) bursting into flame
1) the poem about to explode
1) once enclosed bubbles
1) psellismophobia
1) is it on the inside here or only on the outside
1) are ye still there?
1) what happen to all the freak?
1) the thing itself is yours to keep
1) “contact” from 5,000 miles away
1) china
1) don’t you already know the language
1) can you not see?
1) eye la
1) annotate annotale
1) microbeauty
1) whazzah!
1) feeling for signs
1) blank space crying out for
1) extra for polation
1) the ink is just sitting there on the surface
1) how do you find joy?
1) what kind of paint is this? & where can i get some?
1) frame it, put it on your wall
1) mysterious appearances

Thursday, July 01, 2010

goo? "goo" is not in the spellchecker.

marking up paper, marked up
paper, this is to certify, free
brochure (suitable for framing,
this doesn’t jive, might has bin
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