Tuesday, January 21, 2014


sanityism, left wing fringe group,
catch a bullet goin’ over the wall,
you can mark your place and come
back to it, a credit-crank, nitchevo,
half century of effort, lambert
conformal conic projection, cityparks
electric hum, azimuthal equidistant
projection, cholo, superrelated,
swamp under hat, a competitive
heritage industry, edutainment,
the understanders, charts a history
of economic, historicide,
tainment, using the word late
loosely, all box, give these lines
to your various characters, shack,
don’t remember it right now, the
at symbol branded on your ass,
what is this hole for, we being
filling, add more books, are
these creases intentional, she’s
so damn sweet it makes me sick,
faffaf, everybody has one of
these rubberstamps, this is one
i don’t want to let pass, all
the rough edges, we orbit each
other, zoot walks in, cat chaos,
roos, you can feel the reality
of it, mental annotations,
just splotch the envelope,
édith butler, why is this one
so cold, one is offering one,
redjistering, e-bait, okayako,

Monday, January 20, 2014


cancelling authority, down he goes,
i think this little quirk is
supposed to be meaningful, enuma
elish, an online artifact, rawdog,
a night of seconds, diana cam,
switch beds, he being dead yet
he speaketh, fishing for pigs,
a night of serious drinking, we
should get to know each other,
sizing up the loaves, gmomb,
what scotch tape is made of, you
could lick it, for the bubblegum
flavour, the dissociation of
sensibility, reading along with
the rest of the idiots, x marks
nothing, culturing moss, meshik,
exactor, totalism, self alert
training, ginkgo sorry,
modality fingerprints, eureka
alert, human education and
culture, the isolated mind,
aft no eve, if you had to
pick a single phrase, moss is
meat, neurosocialism,

Sunday, January 19, 2014


neurocapitalism, extropians,
short message service, basement
fetishists, womb-broom, muff
nuggets, groupe spécial mobile,
 the jimmylegs, zohai, restless
legs syndrome, the politics of
exclusion, you cashier today
was self, bang nana, writer that
paid his dues, bright shoots of
everlastingness, prolixia, grade
inflation, my body lies over the
ocean, massed practice, superior
underwater vision, the orienting
response, explosion of human
culture, grave goods, perceptual
learning, the focal fish, the
people and their publications,
zodi, halle luja, give signs
in the text, the width of the
letters, laughable language,
one didn’t feel like going on,
all the things themselves are

Saturday, January 18, 2014


one head up one head down, your
breast, food insurance, set face
on the moon, the emo look, half
eaten crackers, elucubrations,
snowthunder, recoolessence,
cinnamon cluster, start buying
perfume instead of postage,
you’re selling me defective
product, your cashier today
was self, think of postage as
meat, the american language,
sorites, hemiplegic, superior
concrete, a memory artist,
computerized axial tomograph,
social disinhibition, sensory
reassignment, compensatory
masquerade, mirror region
takeover, alternative
strategies, map extension,
gefüllte versus ceviché,
real lites, only one word on
the whole page is blue, and
one comma is blue too, how
do you know when the text is
finished, panic pass, what
makes you think i want
your garbage, the original
has to be seen in real life,
nie rzucać, taoudenni, it
took me twenty minutes to
write this, clux, i ain’t
dead yet but, what am i,

Friday, January 17, 2014


dithering, barefoot servants too,
heteronyms, bed-day dots, ben wah
versus ben gay, spanker hud,
halftone dots, ben-day not bed-day,
burmese bells, autofellatio,
heralding nothing, paper cluster,
stamps with bubblegum flavoured
gum, the politics of inclusion,
chinese stone text, kwei-shin,
popular neuroscience, dyscalculia,
history of cultural evolution,
a cluster of tropical islands,
the sea gypsies, insula, an entire
culture of hunter-gatherers,
underwater sight, cognitive
fluidity, signature cultural
activities, geste, lyrids, sicut
eritis dei, givebacks, darvon,
excess eyed, most likely words
will appear here, string of
zeros, not the prettiest piece
of paper, don’t be including
shit that will make this
difficult to copy, i can’t
even read this, i walked by
the celebration, what is
with the heads, languagable,

Thursday, January 16, 2014


failure-to-panic disorder, challah,
slowmail, you are not yunlong,
take the whole fourteen, glube,
involve all five senses in your
reading experience, cheesier cluster,
glucocorticoid, mental plasticity,
earliest childhood can haunt,
script-driven imagery,
neuropsychiatry, paroxetine,
cognitive-behavior therapy,
flashbulb memories, reverse
learning, positron emission
tomography, the ventral tegmental
area, irreminiscence, thinking
dreams, off-line memory
reprocessing, copjec, adspecs,
social-anxiety nightmare,
supplemine, tangible ideology,
here we go again, fictional
texts, the logo appears, bet you
never thot this was going down
on your permanent record,
by rights this was not suppose
to be copied, you’re getting a
gouge thru this wide toner
swath, to linger or not to
linger, how’s your enemy, this
is you: do you recognize
yourself, the noise is
becoming the figure, booys,
red leather day, booy!,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


pile of paper, he changed everything,
just for the blank of it, vary your
diet, the zoot suit riots, aere
perennius, confucius him say,
end of heavy clouds, cybex,
glia, neurogenesis, the striatum,
dentate gyrus, neurotrophins,
cod liver oil, high-amplitude
gamma synchrony, the septum,
corticotropin-releasing factor,
neuroendocrine, quantum
teleportation, zero social
interaction, dropped atop
concrete, super-secure quantum
communication, valentine’s
day chat marathons, why are
these texts so different,
dicranella crap, all this
writing is a huge job of
work, leave a blank in the
copy, a list of books to drive
you crazy, typewriter
obsolescence, panic pas,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


syntropy, negative entropy,
sheet wrinkles, spank your penny,
mashable pages, the gimlet eye,
coghaven, piece of paper going
thru the wash, negligible mind,
what’s the code for bulk
carrots, the broomfield emergency,
tear off here, save paper and
reduce clutter, salt-chuck
oluk, catechins, crowd sourcing,
please fill all portions of
blank paper, the sun never shines
into your cell, art praxis,
nothing but a list of lan,
well the idea was to turn these
into a book, paper security,
writing is a sign of life,

Monday, January 13, 2014


evidence that the artist is still
active, modulor, mail tart, send it
back, battlefish, art detox, we
are not building bombs, cindy
cashdollar, here we go again,
transparent colour, disintoxification,
the artist is gone but the art still
glows, credit to whoever wants
credit, haslam dancing, well it’s
a lot to say, substance not form,
how we will look from the
future, flea market photos, you
want me in, neuroanarchy,
killer penny, hottest penny,
epigenetics, street meat,
postdata, uterine didelphys,
diphallia, huge coupon email,
total change, the cluster
strategy, obiter dicta, nothing
loath, historical evidence
into consideration, orange dogs,
signal to noise ratio, electret,
cardioid pattern, käxed,
kärlek, statins, graders
scrape off mossy stuff,
the therefor symbol, fake,
the burden of replication,
gomma, present technique,
cancel authority, fill it
back up with money,

Sunday, January 12, 2014


burning muffler, being senior,
this is me in nineteen eighty-seven,
write your own aphorisms, empty veins,
you had to take the press underground,
political weather, everyray, bite
marks on the card, the production
of thousands, ciani, labelblank,
well you have e-mail but, a
monument to the self, handletter
font, atlantic cable, nooschpheere,
the hat of authorial impossibilities,
marathon sleeper, parasyntactic
shizz, milk is murder, saliva
and cinnamon, doctrine of
signatures, celandine nipped by
swallow, unstill, risplende in
se perpetuale effecto, the
associationists, a book of oranges,
relational art, new genre
public art, just an artist,
create a real accessible beach,
let is spill, gouge out an
original, very protective of your
paper, you wouldn’t know that
these were written by the same
hand, pack a random,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

"templum aedificans"

july fourteen nineteen-eighty-nine,
when the moon is a ghostly galleon
tossed upon cloudy, tumbarumba,
tuumba rhumba, take me to the
kittens, psychophants, a whole
nother tmesis, spicy que, your
cashier today was other, the
lunatic burning of money, paytel,
you’re getting soaked, you are
paying with time, handscreen,
templum aedificans, rilievi,
the hellenic element in
christianity, semina motuum,
m’elevasti, slowness is beauty,
oak leaf never plane leaf,
the most unkindest cut of all,
test kidneys, carried an
exceedingly heavy, the pure fool,
helen has nothing, centurion
pine, spray it don’t say it,
mitleid, the author’s writing
is a mystery to the author,
oh no we have reached the
here we go again point, this
text is a hybrid, aff, get
out your little ruler,
nothing but a list of
bizarre entities, thirteen
pages, where the sun shines
on the toner it glistens
rainbow, poster kiosk,

Friday, January 10, 2014


the envelope almost blew apart,
schaller eats sausage, the date
ten ten ten, one dollar usa,
mhmuau, inner your, peristalsis
jonquil mandible, turned glass
to liquid, parasystems, did you
move again, never on theme, iap,
aloud requires stamina, sorre,
pick an image any image, e fiori
bianchi, what is happening at
this very moment, well i don’t
work with art materials
myself but, which address is
current, save a little delish
for later, a million identical
envelopes, chlorociboria, squat
art, holacanthus tricolor,
tweet details, post-monetary
culture, moontaster, old
tyme ale, lunchmech, the
colour on dat, atypical
general paresis, castratism,
eris, the furry assemblage,
the emerald tablet, what did
you do with the first copy,
the random pile, this will
come in handy later on today,
unammo, or unk ott, you have
to make the decision again
and again, caught
shoplifting meat, you got
sucked in, last seen,

Thursday, January 09, 2014


rai onda verde, william hall, all
the trimmings, laqroki, overidentify,
social software, ordo templi
orientis, tantricians, let em take
it, a couple horrific events,
tonked, software hub, the prissies,
breast fill it, nothing clusters,
wrecked verse, innal, do not wash,
do not paint, mind full of the
folds, give it your alls, qui
laborat orat, compenetrans, joint
effort, retroflex, arynoc,
jacaranda, plumb-time, digital
reification, mass mediocrity,
digital maoists, free culture,
oranges and sardines, cluster
of turrets, ministry of tran,
you’ve got the go ahead to
fill in the blank, we need to
determine the correct spelling,
all knowledge all, there is no
question about this blank,
random chunk of metal on the
side of the road,

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

"a penrose stair"

yes we look at text, yes okay i
can see the difference, the back
tells you how to look at the front,
paper reality, paper is dead,
brilliant paper, not sure if i
see the meaning but, document
heaps, degree of replication,
magic clockwork, green hair ginger,
mail sign indicates, lighthouse
in disrepair, boobbinding,
seventeen feet of snow, nomadic
science, thump the paper, penny
threshold, the applet don’t work,
check hec, narcomania, twenty
dollars to drop on, is this even
me, don’t be afraid to go
under, the red indicates nothing,
auto-sixty-nine, micro-all,
mass information, tu blank,
hors de concours, the happiness
at the end of the contest,
hybris, qualitas occulta,
philalethes, prana, a penrose
stair, unfortunately
legible, buxcey, the printer
intentionally, apian, offer
up oranges, this text is
written, the most likely
scenario, montago, there is
all the difference in the

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


one needs to move product, munny,
onomatologos, neti pot, the wall
of death, the small of the back,
working your way offline,
jasmine tea is not exactly crack,
frottage art, rent strike, we
poets in our youth begin in
gladness, bohemianism, bestia
triumphans, the reabsorption
of semen by the blood, the
author of ameresque, mons of
jute, get the lowercase letter a
tattooed on you, only related
by juxtaposition, why do you
find it so difficult to let
this pass, you can’t even look at
the texts you produce, dream
up some information,

Monday, January 06, 2014


clearly human equilibrium,
the irrelevant classes, paper and
meat, rent cluster, poetry
positioning, placetti, nos ennemis
naturels, aspasias, convert waste
into jet fuel, ever higher cost,
poetry on buildings, free skiing,
cloves pierce the orange rind,
res hotels, jitneys, diplo-speak,
a poetics of exhaustion,
drop to the ten point for lucida,
next week can deal with it, all
the plants in the world, random
font selection, end up wasting
all the paper, well the constellations
themselves are not paper, a nice
tight little product, february
twenty-eight two thousand and ten,
green wave ray, we were transcribing
from illegible handwriting,
lophozia hookeriana, these marks
are only meaningful, aka
test tower, one becomes illiterate,
lead retter, formal purity,
you mailartists are gone,
probing for sore spots, evansia,
turn it on its head, you can
tell it’s a copy cuz it has
no folds, develop a blank
gaze for text, mailartists
who refuse to give out their
addresses, imagining information,

Sunday, January 05, 2014


jackalope, mashpee, who’s the other,
freep, slinky font, shadow material,
a piece of blue sky, multiple
non-meanings, mutant lemon,
looking at images on paper, art
hero, kasugai, change of format,
we got the stamp in the wrong
corner, drain a vein, edition size,
who was not involved, menschen
von unterdruckung und, tee bee
nine, fishlight, housecopy,
himalaya ride, toss off,
jacqueline goddard, tee four
texas, oh we should be bilingual,
you can judge an organization
by the interior pattern, shevel,
eleutheros cooke house,
inverted totalitarianism,
drink canada dry, junko partner,
there’s still room in the margin
for, pagina web, antillas,
factory cotton, schizoversive,
neoanarchy, bilharzia, blank
paper is useful: written on
paper is not, we have lackeys
to make the art, petit rentier,
chambre garnie, chloral hydrate,
veronal, sumpter asses and
assesses, blether-cock,
universal anarchy, hybris,
anti-political, übermut,

Saturday, January 04, 2014


nice who made the art, best thing
is hit me with something camera
ready, the dak of droll, the union
label is subliminal, are you
speaking for me, collection of
shrunken hearts, the heart lives
in a cage, dallax, orange slices
with cinnamon, chatwriters,
mightymins, lucie, we need to
nothing, cluxster, parasystems,
axima, why the flux, there’s a
lag, media filter, how to speak
about the same, requiem aeternam
deo, seven solitudes, hebetation,
sequaciousness, honey-head,
the dross of verse, let copulation
thrive, objectism, a footnote
would have been helpful, it
causes me pain to let this pass,
sydnie as in, i’m gonna speak
for myself, almost half, no
trace, d· , grody, galaxian,
the name larry bell does not
ring a bell, if you go to the
main, abundancing,

Friday, January 03, 2014


lézard, sad looking human being,
carrying on personally, logorama,
b· , hobot, toss it on the scanner,
scanwallah, mootie, eyepod,
ghost resident, two dollars and
thirty-one cents for a single
sheet of paper, how do you know
the code, black cluster, sun
and rust, all all, ear flapped
hat, the makai, the abodox,
corpse human existence, it
fell into the dust, ressentiment,
fraw holt, too subversive for
the internet, a good half blank,
nothing but plants, overspeech,
how does it rip,

Thursday, January 02, 2014

"violent nonobjectiveness"

one has no feelings, projekt:
arriére-garge, priced at original
goodwill frame purchases, use
your robot eye, matter-a-facter,
rezday, agentless file integrity,
an unlimited supply, the enemy
camps we harass, elke, the shit
you have inside you, star
sixty-nine dallas, these bees
remind me of those flowers,
sitting ugly, overearths, kathy
acker on youtube, advocating
avocados, the sixteen-character
formula, a fight with sledge-
hammers, serotoner, the madman
who wrote this, remember:
violent nonobjectiveness, push
the text over the line,

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

"nomadic promiscuity"

the most ghostly of all, tora
bora not bora bora, dogfly,
concrete penny, dating portal,
ghede, eucerine, oarfish,
nomadic promiscuity, parecon,
zenerosity, intoxication is where
you find it, pagina, a very dot,
fuck nietzsche, fluxorum
organum, doce, bulldozer to
push back the texts, turn your
problems into solutions, selent,
but the text she is not complete,
optional fill in the blank, can
you tell the difference
between pencil and toner,
optional out, radiation
hormesis, labiola, anchovy