Monday, April 30, 2012

"tiazac" & "trench chant"

will answer to voodoo chapeau,
this is as great as you are going to
be, an obvious pinhead, mailfreax,
i hate lights, reticulate mind,
tiazac, mistress of the hamhamz,
virtual shoebox, test it to see if
iht has any extra letters, damn
one short, no wonder you have such
bad karma, a comma of distinction,
obsolete signal, be creative on
blank paper, one is an international
art organization, art is money,
do you miss the universe, iuon,
hey this is a real, dublitz,

a letter that you do not remember,
i wonder it that was part of a war,
worder if you are being used, who
has time for old poems, moss
percolates, fuck! not another fuck!,
if you could read this blank,
where are you getting this are,
this is trench art, trench chant,
provocation to collaboration,
your tough luck is my good
luck, are you still shirking,
mystery crumbs, not any more,
paper is shit, splash a line,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

"tyran huppé" & "bent spoon seeks bent dish"

look smart or look stupid,
cumulonimbus mammatus, inglued,
you say you love me but you don’t
mean it, this beauty looks like an
acċident, i love spamletter,
tyran huppé, never say finis,
surveil away, a strip of poems,
fanzi, snap the heart, desire is an
illness, postmodern dada, could
not this insanity be rephrased,
bran cell, hanover what, saint
icker dude, eating banana slugs,
five zero zero zero zero zero zero,

you failed to make a contribution,
surely we could phrase this a
little better, bent spoon seeks
bent dish, e-vocation, there ain’t no
free lunch, it looks like the
perfect little human, the little
joke made you laugh again four
years later, one excellent,
cambridge money, and every hour
until, now you are living in a
beautiful place, judging by
your handwriting, judging by
your typing, eye overlook you,

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"economusees" & "masaccio"

arbeitswelten stahl, the doc
from one project needs to be
documented in the next, hand-
colour childishly, never it has
happened to think to you, d’aspect
terrifiant, economusees, you
really can’t out create nature,
i would like to see how all
these things are printed, we
never were the priddle family,
irc circuit, did you actually
make this lace yourself, i
remember when you only had
twenty friends, mt william,

zug, need money, mail me some
money, the goddess bran, in ten cities,
is this a bleed or a wash, a
twenty-five cent bill, silk-screen
is like printing money, eye jam
sand cluster, just about the time
you get to the point, scanhappy,
by the time we ever got word it
was too late, art is that which
does not look like art, masaccio,
the black island, we include
here a xerox there a xerox, i
didn’t cut it out i cut it in,
rhwnt, le lieu,

Friday, April 27, 2012

"litsprune" & "zen madonna"

colour texture no words, tranvia, beautiful breast attacked by cancer, papersprawl, nothing tender, not even one night off in twenty years, the hypertext king, this text is probably hilarious, litsprune, suddenly fascinated with breasts, you never followed the directions, so you get a bit of time, are you able to pinpoint your self, must have some sort of arrangement with the post office, can’t you fold a bit of paper, how the addresses, fuck don’t fight, it’s not the world that’s sick it’s you, could you do me a who’s who sheet, le nid de fourmis, an envelope full of water, it was a molecule that drove you insane, zen madonna, prescrit, five cents for this bit of paper, loi, delightful soft and mellow, make beautiful women send me rolls of stamps, fifty dollars a pop eye, if you don’t like something just put a stamp on it and mail it,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"ben jelen" & "san pedro de atacama"

sensipur superba, doctor all, these stamps were obviously cancelled beforehand and on different dates, a blue moon cap, there’s nothing quite as real as paint, ben jelen, blogg, you had a chance to seize a book, please don’t try to sell me nothing, just another reason to spam people, now here is a moment we would like to be able to return to, there are a few variations in the list, the artist does not speak english, no i will not answer to hammarstrom, ashoka, scream coaster, no no there will be no change, lotr, nine billion surplus, can i publish this insane scribble, esroc, destroy the earth funnies, nova lux, kina, theory of having control, no more hot lunch, toconao, esmalte, katia aguirre, la serena, recaudación, san pedro de atacama, artesania, irarrazabal, churrasqueria, el parron, pago de dinero,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"if homo pouch" & "campus grampus"

canadian ten cent stamp, the good bits have already been culled out, hot line to nothing, post-expiration, fly it into the ground, what do you have to deposit, flying out for the death, you came with me on my birthday, i was broke on my birthday, thirteen thirteen o’clock, we had to make this payment again, seymour street, if homo pouch, you are at zero and you know it, the kinko’s at twenty-four-thirty yonge, this is what we had to do, follow the flux, from key to key, the parasite is always at zero, these are the drops, bite a hand, campus grampus, fly out the noose, this is the moment before, need some cash quick, the national trust, what were you doing in so-and-so, you had to be out moving around in the weather, indicate the one you love, there is only one place money like that could come from, blight on paper, one pork roast, how the hell will you pay, drive zero,

Monday, April 23, 2012

"pepp pepp" & "kreemo"

what were you going to say, at a certain point in time you have a certain amount of money, pepp pepp, the summer: the one who sums, the parable of the strawberry, next step powder, at war with nothing, we seem to be stuck in this moment, what are you doing with all this cash, optical illusion causing death, drive it down to zero, want to make some quick cash, a day you had the privilege of, before the day became imbued with, what are you going to do when the money runs out, this is the time we get to spend together, let us spend an identical day together, why did you drop so fast, ground up chickens, frozen penny, coin clock, information-wise it’s a disaster, kreemo, let’s do our day again, next step powder, at least you’re out of debt, have a nice day by getting drunk, maintain the level the maintain, everydead, tissues, loaded upside-down,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"tza kch kang" & "aligote"

gulab jamin, why were you eating alone, smak aero, keep an eye on your bank account, this speck of money, batch numb, was this one of those days we, nearly identical days, all of a sudden cash, topopos, living high, you can’t survive for long on that pile of cash, coulee dam credit union, republic washington, just don’t buy any gas, coin for tune, tza kch kang, yates, oswego, out of the liquor loop, charred things, personalvision, enfalac, van pol, stew rtber, was this a typical, rid yourself of your money, six photocopies, cash head, tempted to buy some electronic files, bread and cereal is bread, versatellers, aligote, foul bay road, enveloo, an interesting figure, you only need to spend nickels and dimes, next step powder, chckn, wonder what ears, shawnigan, the summer of ninety-eight, area of non-blur,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"treb" & "mafe"

bescherellia, erpodium biseriatum, please pay the full amount, you had the privilege of living, living without money, penniless christmas, yer gonna ding me, curious elastic band, we used to eat a little different, you are ordered to buy, you had money, withdrawal from reality, you were on an alcohol system, treb, indy lit, litter honey, these days we grind down to nothing, seventy-five percent off all books, two thousand and nine dollars, interest on the ninety-nine cents, agrafer, the essential drunk at the end of a week, a certain point in time: a certain number of dollars to your name, may be month of, mafe, here you are suddenly lost, next step powder, spring’s public relations, u wanna pizza, bread and milk, you had two grand, now you can eat your favourite food for every meal, lily’s navel, formula, where did you get the two grand,

Friday, April 20, 2012

"gnomery" & "suck sessions"

work this, the year of the humming, there never were no such people as me and you, nuke wart, ceic, gnomery, sir central index, shangri la lake, lsd news, cfn, foer, otus asio, on on on, you as part of you two, need a po, druk drug, an extension of the nursery, mo bot, foundation of the spirit, swg, phlar, taunus, ogle logo, selling shit to suckers, try to learn fast enough, all this paper seems so old fashioned, amager, there was a timeblank, yellowsward, big pink erratic, agrestia hispida, normie brown’s mountain, cinnamon tuba, soft borders hard borders, dangling o’rielly, some chick, indigo milk, zeichentubus, are you paying attention or not, cacotopia, mind if i join you?, da dee qua cha, penicillopepsin, springtime come, big orange clocks, nothing ever happen, today’s message is: text, almond grammar, suck sessions, just for fun, ananda,

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"telkwa" & "quatro-pro"

telavail, the text has faded beyond easy legibility, antique chargex receipts, does this say book or rock, the breast by, telkwa, the interior of this envelope is fascinating, i think we should get a designer and change the inside of our envelopes, i’d like to get these other fascicles of moss specimens, this old kind of glassine prints nice, coffee and gasoline, canada’s year of asia, you thot it was money for you, this is the wrong wright, cake caca, a combination of latin and german, zusan, metcho, go the science way, quatro-pro, to reach edge of paper, old man burning, retention patch, a flood of paper from argentina, demolition order, alt trance, the junkyard with the octopus on the sign, the central riddle, red eye form, elizabeth sly, forty-eight wall street, phil esposito, wandering eye, once you subscribe they keep you on the mailing list forever, the image is on the sticky side, you could trance,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"juicinda" & "enola alone"

pink ocean, in pass of becoming, i
have to take an egg course, pulpani,
juicinda, palustrella, unsecond,
highlander grog, interesting
transition, self-unloads,
stegonia, pleckaitis, suddenly
you are on the other side of the
continent, slime canal, grave
hepatic, mahonia mahonia,
payap, impressive evidence of
confusion, four point nine miles
west of paradise in roadside
ditch, cotylimes, samphire,
frost boils, venison tickle,

microfiche literature, allt nan
caorach, trunco erecto ramoso,
can’t be sure without destroying
specimen, calypo geejaw, computer
reality, life is not long enough
to take such intense interest in
objects in themselves so little,
this is the hand of a girl, axenic,
mosshungry two-eighty-eight, the
cloud of unknowing, gospel-hump,
thrust faults, nothing is too good
for me, enola alone, kulchur
chrome, self-unemployed,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Day-Glo post" & "versement échu"

golden pearls, it’s good money
if you can hack the boredom,
scholochloa, dynamite lodge,
must for the shelf, bryophyta
exciccata, species problems,
mothiple, obi giro, dayglo post,
copy slash copies, it’s the things
themselves that are the true
delight, is the hattori still
going, oh you can see what got
cut, remove all question marks?,
aylard beechey creyke, people
come out to see the show of
force, before your identity died,

hender, reaction speed balance,
take some chemicals out of the
chemical bank, ten years later you
put the book to use, you went
shopping at an emporium, this
is your monitor lizard, versement
échu, ader dater, i hope i paid
that, i’ve got the receipt that
says paid, ne rien écrire, do not
send unless paid in full,
sink the mayo, you bought two
tickets but you went alone,
eye elect, remember motel,

Monday, April 16, 2012

"gastax" & "boulaya"

you have enough money to have a bit
of fun, sudden evaporation, pay
off your microdebts, gastax,
seven x dollars, passage of particle
thru time, okanogan with an o,
the having and the losing,
chinese sausage, the little bit
that makes it art, the whole
machine is upside-down, paich,
i remember sitting in the car
there waiting for you, a
momentary fluctuation,
which one is the number seven,

netaction, ten years ago you were
floating around zero, pushing the
net, a dime is reasonable, a
hundred whole dollars, street zen,
got love?, buy love, the rate of
flux, is there a decimal in there
i hope, identical except for six
cents, oak copy, antique laptop,
okay you are under, nocoincide,
only spending nothing, a disruption
in postal service, busbill, ship it
collect, red carbon copy,
abelmrv, adhiint, boulaya,
hygrolembidium, personiellinae,

Sunday, April 15, 2012

"trance methods" & "chase manhattan down"

okay you’ve got seven hundred
dollars what are you going to do
with it, okay you’ve got two thousand
dollars what are you going to do
with it, you owe fourteen hundred,
you owe fifty, your left nostril is
above water, there is all this
money flowing thru this city and
you can’t have any of it, merry
christmas: you’re broke, you can
graph the fluctuations,
trance methods, twat the night
before christmas, account
balance: negative two twenty-nine,

hand-washing the dishes, and you
feel generous enuf to share,
identify the oak, the kids are
flying, pandora and the swan,
the information you need is not
available, no-load, lenox, chase
manhattan down, we don’t need no
validation, the fuckin’ hot line is
broken, life is constructed of
little bits of paper, five cinq
mayo, two hundred dollars cash
in your fist, monk office,
plunk first, splash first, lin
heung, we need to keep these,

Saturday, April 14, 2012


i think we just about got it obliterated, post no toner, the
seahorse thru the ages, you had to obliterate your love along
with your hate, you might want to highlight the lack of a comma,
golden pearls in your pink ocean, available at a distance work,
a beautiful representation of a catheter, a website in the sky,
is this identity worth saving, we are up over a third, i like this
double register effect, the reader will have to figure out which
way to look at the text, mailed alright, or thenabouts, fcz stands
for, take a moment to touch the bone of the beaver skull, we may
have to return to one-oh-six, digiplums, combine the four,
the value of this text is, identity fishing, poetica continua,
you have a home but you never go there, catheter cathexis,
poetry must be made by all period, teletrance, sat shit ananda,
self-motivated propagandist, golden pearl motel, mindless splitting,
revert to your kindergarten signature, dig deep dig deep, nth
generation copy as an original, it's all about the seahorse now,
the very molecular reality, by focus on hate, and do you ever get
anything in return, job of temp,

Friday, April 13, 2012

"isolate flecks" & "kabir"

ece, gold-based nanoparticle
synthese, watch the bottom rise
up to meet you, going under one,
cheese junky, back when a stamp
was only fifty cents, lib-labism,
the nonworking class, kitsch beer,
mixing sugar and salt, vicrose,
copying gallo romaine pottery,
egg shells and oranges, cheap
white labour, moss a louis, the
zero of ecstasy, expandable batons,
isolate flecks, ideological pink,
to ease his head of calculations,
naillie, virtuosity of hammering,
heaps of concrete, a thaw-drop,
i’ll take your hat, john eight three

contacts held in high esteem, social schizophrenia, profuse
otherness, de-traditionalization of the lifeworld, the anti-sleep
league, identity anxiety, a discursive self, a symbolic self,
the social-symbolic self, the constant pressure to rework one's
identity, contain hidden envelopes, the commodification of human
expression, mailism, become your grandfather, i'm about to upload!,
obliscence, persea tree, yaru, concrete nothingness, i think the
printer is intentionally wasting ink, kabir, theravadins, tying
up the computer, sufficiently unemployed, placenta spain,

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"mutagenesis" & "calypogeia azurea"

mindless lumping, the mail slot
is under the clock, reciprocal
illumination, i forgot about the
fourteen year old swedish girl,
site directed mutagenesis,
sarcobastic, the day of the blind
tiger, fuimus fumus, night-
swimming, peripheral intensity,
raise skirt to let light in
flower bed, syncline, turgid
thing, sitting lady falls,
let’s go botanizing, ahtiana,
azolla, hairy manzanita, the
happiness of pursuit,

years later the book might come
in handy, fifty envelopes for two
thirty-nine?, red i form in voice,
the new ones are all computer zaggy,
direct deposit of literature, send
your money to orpington, they don’t
even notice they are on a plane,
spirit of van, fresh oil bodies of
calypogeia azurea, it was to be
looked for, my kingdom for a
decent topo map, looks like
somebody was doing a bit of
thinking, immersed in data
analysis, i ain’t no doctor,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"tchesinkut" & "yezoana"

pink ham notch, notebookmark, day
one, these little notebooks are rich,
you think you’re smart when you’re
a kid, let’s not refresh our
memory, whether we saved it or
let it go it’s all lost now,
elliot creek head, were you only
kidding when you informed
me, pull yourself together or
pull yourself apart, alp ine,
tchesinkut, skins dome, three
species of anomodon, gatineau,

before i lost the ability to sign
my name, yezoana, self-guided
interpretive loop, anhinga, my
balance is upside-down, in a foul
liquor trance, avoid mail
disruption, car sauv b, ten years
ago you were at zero, today you
are at zero, ten years to the
moment, there’s a funny name for
these twenty dollar bills, six
sixty-six o’clock, penny graph,
tulle v, nothing to pay, where
did you get the dough, every
transaction is a desperate one,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


dig deeper, the texture of latex, debo vilca, art always wins and
don't forget it, just go straight to the temp, i like it when
it gets to the point that you can't even recognize yourself, we
just like the feel of solid toner, we are having a tough time
obliterating this one, everything that got obliterated as
collateral damage, what can you put?, the copy has no folds,
the writer went into a dream, nonconformist research, reality
effects, we had to do the printing, ells bells, permax, things
can always be unfiled, the glue tension makes the paper crackle,
the date is close enough, fike kopi zzen, shouldn't releve have
some diacritical marks?, nothing lucky, forget time, zine mess,
precious permission, killik, cashwar, anarchypo, formal address,
overlook smart, you could consult a german speaker, if you hate
something set it free, this is a condom, vilca gecko, think to
your son, i fell in love with your avatar, toner totor, note
scotch tape in photocopy, how gack!, how can one glob of toner
make you say yes! while another one makes you say no?, the
natural world wins, these marks were made by the document handler,
just send the guy a fuckin' dollar, art ponzi, you can't knock the
guy, tiny gibble, band name: the close enough doors, what's done is
undone, a rubberstamp that says: no more rubberstamps, just in
case somebody wants to carbon date this at some point in the future,
cartoon psychosis,

Monday, April 09, 2012

"genizah" & "bert rocket"

art always wins, prims and sims, crash report, members took a
vow to live substituting themselves for someone else, flashdance,
revealed my sex, genizah, trance lunary, sedulously clustering,
limba romana, improperty, éraflure, matei voievod, hors champ
at espace, the exotic close to home, artiface, nostalgic kitch
versus melancholic kitch, letherium, always remember to forget,
the torhamvan wreck, the homeless mind, remember the future,

never thank someone in advance,
oh, i did do it!, fingerprint
identification, sooner or later we
will win thru, get your grubby hands
all over the art, slip sleeve, serie,
bert rocket, but putting a bullet-
hole in the text, medecine hat
sans frontiers, you wanted me to
be there for you then but, sick
of evolving, spent ticket, sweet
time, mark the book with wine,
let’s think of each other as
friends, bouffant terrible,

Sunday, April 08, 2012


the toner blot is slowly but surely obliterating everything,
the message is the movie is over, nature just keeps on evolving
no matter what happens, loose toner, would you mind taking this
crap back?, mudwolf, yell ell, either way it's going to be a
problem, wait wait let's back this text up, gar field, all
three of yuz were doing the same thing forty years ago, not afraid
of anysort of communication, march fifteen or thereabouts, zine
zyne zign zing, yush, this is going to cause a bit of confusion
at some point down the road, but, here we are at the originals,
did i say this or did the paper say it?, nanton china, am i my
brother's greifer?, eye before e except after fuck you, the
book of homelessness, the secret aroma of the fluxus, i vividly
remember this tiny scrap of paper, postmarked hell, splatter
a line, the only thing keeping this text alive is the reader,
pinweep, let's take a look at this from all the angles, nice
little constellation of toner dots, me and my bright ideas,
one can hardly wait until this memory is obliterated, there is
no up or down anymore, i'd like to see the whole run of the
evolution of the toner seahorse, now we can only see with our
mind's eyes, minds', mindses,

Saturday, April 07, 2012

"neathnet" & "fiddledead"

debo irme, whatever method you use
to get colour down onto paper, heart
star, an example of usage, internetty,
you just need to install these
fonts, got fonts if you want ‘em,
things we did together when you
were, the only part that is real
is the postage, you don’t like me
anymore do you, neathnet, i dunno
about any birthday, the artist
is dying, pass to all, stealing
the network, fripsmail, still in
the same network, oldest
living son,

you can try to love, money mandate,
suddenly you are in jail, it cost
you a pretty penny to communicate,
lsd fund, your local radio
station, before you give up all
hope, the logo is better left
in situ, enuf with the dues already,
fiddledead, great barrington,
strange backward communications,
swg, never ever found an in, in
with all, a rubberstamp that
says forget, sudden evaporation,
havlickuv, glad bats, is way?,

Friday, April 06, 2012

"torobayo" & "ptti"

vilca vilca, bazar, oneto, jormar,
agradece, inspector, impreval,
impresores, chiquitin, pasajeros,
compra, helados, panaderia,
expreso viña del mar, especifico,
distance means nothing, money means
nothing, torobayo, kunstmann,
polar imperial, black imp, ley,
becker, desde, escudo, retornable,
elaborada, temuco, cristal,
baltica, quilicura, mallinkrodt,

gecko and gecko and gecko, ihre
aktive, postal money, broke
pencil, you don’t get a lot of
junk mail anymore do you, what
would you want with a fly,
you get to know the hands, sld,
this is so nineteen-ninety-eight,
you drove the poor old man over
the edge, it will cost you an
arm and a leg if you want the
flourish, a little graphic
design will go a long way,
ptti, send some art to the bank,

Thursday, April 05, 2012


logotheft, belle the cat, faustbook, no matter what you say it
will make zero difference, pleasant dad, nothing commercial, gulab
bescherellia, say it in canadian, eh?, che ese, i can see why
you would say that but, the evolution of the seahorse continues
a-strut, blissfully word-free, the btot, this is the one we thot
but, replicated doodles, halfway to heaven, library fish, never
looked too mush as the inside, aproof, we're going down to one,
sit turning up playing cards, fancy butcher, paper impregnated
with acid, nobody wants to hear about your anus, the meaning
is psychedelic, pleasant splotch, the author of us all, meme art,
nothing spiral, spent money on moss, gulab-blur, say it ti yas,
canadian zero cent stamp, when is one ever seven, you are diving
down into the underworld, hand-washing the hand, this blot
represents you, this seahorse represents you, you can use the
blank or the black for your message, look at the blot and ignore
the non-blot, once said peace, you want to give the joy back to
from whence it came, this is the black and white version of,
note these are punctures, personally hand-washing the dishes,
in the copy the collage elements are more coherant?, h, this
doodle is going down on your permanent record, eighty cents is
a small price to pay for such beauty, you like to hide a little
bit behind the arras, nice enuf to put on the wall at an art
gallery, a temporary job of work,

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"gkass epistle" & "manyhoses"

bushmeat, moss cushion, fawny chadow, all the mail artists you
can think of, are you building or burning, unpleasant book,
so i have heard, gkass epistle, i'd rather be bored than be
boring, there's no such thing as a liverwort, broccoli spam,
counting paperclips,

sigmax, electricity site, the tone
of the blue, reciprocal harem,
compact-fluorescent light,
the words we us our, do you
know where to stick the postage
stamp, manyhoses, memorable texts,
the machine sent it off in the
wrong direction, here we are on
the far side of already,
six six six interest, because
you were inactive, a canada
wide warrant, electronic
documents act, pay ray phone,

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"takamina falls"

if you look at it from the back you can see a happy face here,
you need some sort of message though, the seahorse is the
message, toner anarchy, oh i've seen that sign before, we
can't have all this typing here, sfw arc, semolina pilcher
king george, speedwriting, sell cuddling, well it's an
electronic typewriter but, hand holding dead hand, why can't
you bother with perfection?, you can see it as an ell if you
insist, gar thirty-seven, it's secretly red, it might be years
if you entrust it to, point out your own errors, is it possible
to erase something in such a way that it will be truly forgotten?,
a hammering wall of text, detorne billboard, reach out and touch
nothing, her hand on you, glue tape whatever, and electro-jack,
you have property to sell, go live up at calling lake, please
indicate your contribution, it ain't much so don't be afraid to
let it go, takamina falls, king george the fifth, arc of the hand,
do you consider yourself white, meditate on beauty, metal nothings,
replace love with meditation, better buddhas, the copies come off
the machine faster and faster, the evolution speeds up, hitting
the toner wall, grudge nothing, falling all aside, the paper has a
certain texture that signifies, the paper has a certain ‘temperature’
to the touch, they look like ones but,

Monday, April 02, 2012

"the tao of chaos" & "epideixis"

ptosis, the tail of spence, friendship mound, the eye in the
universe, methoproxy, eclasticides, tobique, permascript,
unindicated time, scratch!, the tao of chaos, the deadhead
worldview, low-generation copies, accurately databased digital
clone, betty board, sharing information bestows power.

suddhauccarana, cow veneration, teaching through trial and
obstruction, cultural competition, an apparent refusal to play,
artivism, virtual communication, suggesture, blue carpet cones,
epideixis, doomsday billboards, place-of-the-elsewhere, very
important literary values, this line was drawn by hand, a funny

Sunday, April 01, 2012


paper? what the fuck do we need paper for?, ad just, kumala
national monument, flippy-floppy disk, i thot you might like this
mess, just keep blotting, what sort of feelings does this evoke,
turning the seahorse on it's head, this was, ray sign, you can
hardly tell that it came out of the photocopier, can we just
fold it, why these little texts, must i highlight the errors,
you've only got nineteen words to proofread and you still fuck
up, think of it as a bleed, gar thirty-nine, i left a three
mm margin of error, but, gutter all, if you want it to be,
tc, no indication of page order, fcz, perfect little morsel,
let's check and see how the inkless one came out, swing
movement, use zoda, dayglo trip, purple flywheel, open the
chat and leave it open, the photocopier is obsolete, slish
art, the missing we, no actually it is a bottle of wine,
trance adjust, busy being baptized, this is all alcohol, you
could use the sharp edges, the sun is evil, xamgis, the text
inn, blot enemy, ready for public consumption, seahorse stench,
sending means waiting, make another trip to the photocopier,
thot you might like this label, nobody seems, tempmet,