Friday, July 31, 2009

"ratava" & "borusuna"

before the invention of the
sextant, mailing shit, sitting
on the moss, the level seems to
be rising backward, recursive
movies, rotfl, ratava, irawaddy,
trance canopy, arcpo, couloir
coulee, dedekind, gladuate,
back when dreamlife was
happening, concilium, friçon,
text gloms onto, a dot c dot
ross, unknown hypertext,
brain event, you can’t buy
lips can you, fable of the
bees, a beer won’t kill you,

mzzolz, bone know beau, before
she became free, back when you
had an actual place, bonus lamb,
lay kite, enormous bottles of
fabulous content, typetics is,
your task for the day is, tag
reck, shoppersfood, sesame snaps
made in, the heart is off kilter,
you’re soaking in it, borusuna,
and how did you go about
paying it, total eros, i eye i,
comportare, video up, classic
rest and relaxation, intertan,
if you could only forget the
source, tighten clamp, kunnen,

"myzopoetics" &c.

a kinder surprise, swallowed or
inhaled, a gutter spout, hey don’t
write all over my paper,
perseveration, you’ve had money
before, until the money runs out,
you’re not actually going to be
there in person but, pork barrel
shotgun, how many of these
things do you go thru, perseverate
in the psychological sense,
myzopoetics, only one mind can
make out this bologna,
streamlined evictions,

this fragment of paper
represents the buddha, alelos,
proximate to the berry, one
collected points, one collected
more points, and still more
points, saint ah der, priddle-
praddle, bary, cds going for
two bits these days, amusement
expenditures, more specifical
beautiful people, erin
brockovitch erin, one is
beyond nutty, you saw them
all and forgot them all drunk,
one remembers it all wrong,
it copyright, the only item,

Thursday, July 30, 2009


perks are for jerks, strung up
by the heel again, these fit
together like a foot goes in a
glove, find the difference, the
man you stripped, you have
exchanged joy for misery,
everybody wants but, every
direction home, methinks you
underestimate methinks, strange
totem, the employed is a
shifter, fell down the concrete
poopshoot, oölfrugeous,
financiae, tappata, the artist’s
body, okay so who are you now?,
how are you going to pay your
rent, memespace, egomaniacal,
weakened to the point of
collapse, tried to pretend to
be strong enough, ain’t got no
gizmo now, i was going to give
you some money but, well it
won’t really be chance,
regarding your other, least
billable unit, i’m stickin’
with myself, get let go, pay
it off slowly or, legala,
be bled, liable to, inksane,
billable moments, nameplates,
bamboozlya bamboozlaphoozia,
i’ve got a passion for cheese,
maybe you’ll win one, uncrazy,

pick a title any title

1) just happened to be smiling
1) you were serving me
1) yel, mag, cya, blk, 1805
1) endless satsuma
1) merit nothing
1) hurry up and do so
1) please fill in this form LEGIBLY
1) mental health sampling
1) the swoops!
1) the golder protocols
1) here’s a starting point: alsenviro
1) a page hase
1) franz hals kafka
1) never get into it
1) bag to fill with dirt
1) saint robe
1) list of books you will never read
1) is this meant to be an artwork?
1) koolatta k
1) this text can be retired
1) balk at nothing
1) ax pex
1) experiment with reality
1) adrenalin overdose
1) jump two weeks
1) beginfin
1) the date is always wrong
1) it used to say “FUCK!”
1) we want to watch you deteriorate
1) nature maintains it’s structure
1) can’t you see it’s destroyed?
1) maybe we are having some sort of influence
1) iconic toner
1) write like you never wrote before

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"cheering on the writer"

it’s made from toiletpaper but it’s
beautiful, there seems to be
money present but, sue press,
this is not good recordkeeping,
augustus jessopp, motley
landscape, vindicare, chinan,
cadmus, frogs!, the we that
were, what? you want a lickin’?,
the amazing things you
accomplished, wonder if it
ever got to its destination,
the things we have to suffer,
the curse of heredity, busy
getting wasted, the mystery
of spawning salmon, careful
with that slogan, what do
you think of yourself, boring
animosity, do you do catalogs,
a bookmark that will last
forever, wefro, woulda thot it
woulda, hepi, down tempo-holics,
penny honesty, you never did
look it up did you, excerpt
nothing, cheering on the
writer, pretentious annotation,
this is no kind of po, caco
cancou, you dang ringer,
overcoming your subsance
problemz, park arc, a little
ching, yer beat kit, two-
tone, sending spree, a
hundred and thirty ounce,


nobodaddy loves
you, any movie
including boobs,
you will know,
cream cheese and
sesame snaps, clay-
brained, brabbler,
falling or rise
and falling, n.b.!
les og behold,
forty-seven flags,
brake: wild
undergrowth; a
woman’s pubic hair,
the lampass, bra
zen, blue ray,
second bubblits,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"mere of it"

orange spacecraft, graham’s
constant, alternity, a shit of
paper, the cancer dentist, my
first bug, dust the fruit-
stickers, these texts need to be
separated, this text will be
good for, this text will be
good for, violence replaces
nothing, arbitrary break in the
text, colour goes with colour,
what the hell’s in the jam jar,
who are all these people, please
ignore the text, a couple
hundred degrees of degradation,
why can’t you let the text go,
how can this blot mean
anything to anyone, nature
maintains its integrity, inter
saint ice, the new thing is
worse than the old thing,
you asked me to track you
down, add toner, loop o
seven, quit writing like that,
ink ox, i am standing still,
grew so ugly, longon, thouse,
what does the photocopy have
over the printed page, con’t,
we might get a penny out
of this, one more drink won’t
kill you, do something fun
with this text, keep away
from the kunst, more of it,

Monday, July 27, 2009

"all words are bad words"

you could of cleaned the vomit
off it, is this a facsimile or is
it a facmetaphor, pulp this text,
zed rocks, chester field, it’n,
who are ya lookin’ like today,
emote icon emote, git yr prod
cost down, up the tube with
one eye open, collectable marks,
not expecting inspection, fistpo,
pierrefonds, ax and ye shall,
a suspicious lack of variation,
a suspicious lack of variation,
a suspicious lack of variation,
cut, perhaps you see me as a bit
of a bandit, better not even
look at it, thankfully blurry,
the clincher is yet to come,
a girl in a box, not much to say
about the lope, a book full
of rusty staples, one klick-klack,
a little bit of paint, accept
the chaos portal, everybody needs
help, skin seeking, just leave
me here i’m fine, my german
is not good enuf to comprehend
your sentence, actual artist
spit, you can’t see the gold
for the pink, is that a
scorpion you have tattooed
on your belly, the stirring,
nathalie pelletier, prettynot,


kunst kontakt, psychedelic
pussy, offending command,
creative operators, is the man
turning to stone or is the stone
turning to man, are you on a
tea trip, fecit, a simple
work of art, ver ichtet, the
website is always already
long gone, we thot you were
psychic, that orange plastic
fencing, contains no beauty,
artchitexture, a stack of
cookies with bites out of them,
dangle your feet off the
balcony as if you were dead,
candado, collage with meat,
otońo, not for sale for sail,
when did the fly die,
quilceniad, the higher fish
and the lower fish, it was
on the way to the garbage
anyway, it would be easy
enuf to translate, the
valuative approach, destination:
further, paintings you can put
your finger on, you can
understand anything if you
want to, zaklady, ten year
memory, put an ad in your
local artsrag, at least art,

Sunday, July 26, 2009


of nudes, a place for a word
to fall, circle their hands
entwined, wanda o, we love your
logo, the flux is holding steady,
turn the page now before you
read the rest, a froth of red
bubbles, a clean tight copy,
how much of that does the
poor woman actually see,
gyrothyra, counterfactualizing,
façons de parler, jethro tull
the scientist not the band,
executive houses with cedar,
what possessed you, you could
have earned ten points, buy
more, you are not going to win
what you desire, sausages
cream lips, zoom in on the
mouth, contour floss, as a
little publication, take a mo,
six years sounds rather
dramatic, period on talk,
proxabrush with death,
half blank on bottom, how
many babble, now this text
can be laid to rest,
yesterday is still alive,
that’s a lot of hammerin’,
how did you mark the event,
how did the event mark you,
this is my favourite text so
far, we’re making movies,

Saturday, July 25, 2009


grueso, you know you want
the beautiful thing but,
that’s a thirty percent savings,
there’s not much else can be
done with bits of paper, you’ve
got the buddha in your pocket,
i am the leak, eight bucks,
blue would be better, next
time you go to the library,
pizza appaz, you are witness
to the ink, microvacuum, crop
enclosed herewith, once you
start shaking the die,
indexicals, une toute petite
amourette, lay your hand on
the skull, gegenschein, the
historical the cutting edge,
mzz olz, keepin’ tabs on the
flow, laying them down,
vuddha, inter saint ice,
no no no keep flogging keep
flogging, only one mind can
see the beauty in this blob,
aphoryago, i am waiting two
years, it all depends on how
you look at it, seporation,
ten years from the word now,
inktox, do you know who
you are, stopping doing

"i hold the moss in high regard"

inktoxification, perqing,
upcycled, dukkat, your less
significant other, lomem, i
hold the moss in high regard,
you might find yourself
unable to get to the sun,
team-destroying, do a few
kegels, mossenger, where there’s
text there’s mind, no?, the
teeth of the beaver, chips
frozen milk, the human being
has served its purpose, always
already fired, spicy que, did
this go thru twice ?, chesnut,
three point nine, three quarters
blank, i love slogans!, how can
you look at this ugliness?,
pennies galore, who do you love?,
one is in the market for data,
a serious gas addiction, maybe
if i can’t go on you will,
gasohol, expensive pensive,
cartoonish reality,
underseeding, poster it up
around town, who all wants
copies, fe mew, flexwave,
i think i’m turning, how long
do you think this is going
to last, j-scrap, global aphasia,
you can understand it if
you try,

Friday, July 24, 2009


saint ice, toner silence, some
pretty heady language, sucks fluff,
the pain was doing the writing, it
is possible to let them go, early
daze, curry as in favour or
flavour, baste for meat, honest
with the pennies, wood is tree
meat, memento moray eel, total
price decrease, the zeroth
generation, the anesthetic versed,
encouraging the mosses to
flourish, violent nothing,
maybe if you said it more bold,
free to be buried, i am at home,
we never even noticed the porn,
ink detox, eggscluded, just
blacken it all out, should i
keep workin’ it or, a form of
insanity, back generation,
dear flips, something is
dreadfully wrong,

"lust for text"

petal-devouring worm in the bud,
add a whole nother pile of
languages, the mere fact of
it being a photocopy, you saw
all the movies and forgot all
the movies, shitdemon, callet,
eid ul adha, original prisoner,
prisonwall dictionary, gaolwolf,
what does the feel of the paper
convey, it took a long time to
float down to zero, why would
you want to look at this for
longer than a second, cobble
of skulls, you can’t buy sunlight,
turux, better memory bitter,
forty-seven birds, make a legal
deposit of turd, bung-nipper,
where’s that gonna come from,
bawcock, can i borrow some of
your letterhead, life beyond
the point of no return, nothing
to upload, legends of china,
bubukle, same as this, north
of here, what was lunch bunch
exactly, having a hot back,
green tea, boor roob, lust for
text, dyad-in-the-wood, get
yourself to float around
a number, knows no zero, one
that finally broke into your
memory bank, no distinction,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"paint the penny black"

the magic number is four five
six three, hide a limb, hid a
lamb, thot eye reck, saber-tooth
beaver, errorists, paraxanthine,
cytochrome p-four-fifty, filk,
paint the penny black,
benzoylecgonine, all but blank,
my cultural gatekeeper project,
more often a saint than a
sinner, xxxl, enviornmentally
sound, nothing is working
damn the tornadoes, another
jewel for your crown of
thorns, the plenum, the postal
ding, does that make me an
employee, i just printed a
poem, diggin’ a little too
deep, omega-inconsistency,
never seen a nickel, rp is
nine and three, study the
flux, kula, perissologia,
you have to look very close
to see the benday dots, red
glassine mountie, sepuration,
plenty of room to write, i
feel like i’m in prison, you
are not allowed to look at
the words, add the question
mark, why not just lay it
to rest, either way it refers,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"fishing for responses"

nothing gets capitalized in
my world, a vacation in a
cooler clime, even evening,
backdada, fishing for
responses, if you don’t know
geuss, use yr clues, seems
whole heal, is it the fade
you want, no girls fer me
thx, the copy is just fine
thx, the ongoing word, turn
back the rubberstamp clock,
hello paul, the original
sucks, the desire file,
nothing in the long run,
near agony, desparat, how
can you possibly read this
blob, hello random person,
live inside the toner,
metamaterials, ordi,
upbringal, compassion
fatigue, final national
encampment of the gar,
alberta ostrich: head
buried in the oilsands,
chat presence, early streamer
emission, take it easy on
the rubberstamp, how can
a name be bad, grand total
auto, you can be as
generous as you wanna be,
smearwords, it’s all going
to go to waste, seven grand,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"a non-achiever, an anti-achiever"

a non-acheiver, an anti-acheiver,
urushiol, i’m a sumac, rus!, one
has been discarded, readymade
atc, timor merit, the colour known
as eighteen-oh-five, why is this
so black, i remember larissa,
you and i side by side, grld thai
chick, the worst hours of the
whole trip, little saint paul,
lact butter, vorce, leaning towards
beauty, nothing lasts forever,
not even eternity, pennyworld,
slumping towards beauty, one is
grounded, bi: polar? or sexual?,
pecha kucha, metadata, trance
living, stealing garbage, got
soul?, beautiful diseases,
having semantics, possessing

Monday, July 20, 2009


figuratics, tropology,
‘marker permutation’
, cryptonomy, carnivalization,
erlebnis, esmplastic, the general
with the concrete, reflectaphor,
spot the error,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"invigilation network"

…………………, old out, it’s a text all
right, want the old machine back,
dematerialize, ink is one thing:
toner is another, no member, on
the rise, narcopolitics, back
reading, extreme writing,
hallucidity, it’s just a piece of
paper, “the little white man tells
us when to walk”, fractal interior,
gaping mail, this servomechanism,
hoicked up, total feeled aware,
easternization, magnetscape,
more writers than readers, we
were already there all along,
all tension turned elsewhere,
eye destroyed us, something had
us in a vice, who we’re we?,
just a doodle, isn’t it?, aska
you, type of writer, eff art,
invigilation network?, a broken
record of some sort of existence,
an interest in silent seams,
y’eye!, we were on the wrong
track, wrong to copy, another
new house, better version less
ledge able, yellow ink thru, head
in the wrong whole, the inclusive
domain, out of that context, a
glance into another universe,
need to know nothing, orchid volts,
again saint po, over writing, no,

"turn your blog into a source of revenue" & "what's the name of that font?"

call it a graph, blue base,
hard base, blank versus, data
type, at a dat, blue data, hard
data, football war, switch
caps, herbal essence change,
recycled bison, over draft,
horn-mad, zero or more copies,
turn your blog into a source
of revenue, holy garbage,
look in your hats, trance
sylvan, glitter at eye,
realitized, scramjet, still
roughly, nonscience, trance
voice, xenopic, stereotypist,
cutting-edge home, an agitated
buddhist, auto-examiner,

golden language, arrived,
skwawks, a definite target,
shanghaied, thru no eye, real
blood, a mere rem, sdrflykz,
declare peace, newsprint zen,
there’s a time, one we did
intend, spl, time document,
and, finis!, which is who,
insta-death, up on the, thart,
glueridge, being silly, six
billion names, instant
burial, date stamp, face
again, sunder, still
waits for nothing, go thru,
raise a smile, better, zen,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"dropping out of the net" & "the art of exuberance"

despondance, one time only,
copied and sent, the balt, guess
what’s in the box, dream me up a
dream, vague memories of, a
special place for, reach!,
searchn from home, clean out
the envelope, a sign that,
still unarmed, cough a,
the ink is still flowing,
to: blank, where’d all the art
go, dropping out of the net,
particle ident, now here is
something, the turning point
keeps returning, where did
this idea originate, return to
the network, still to be,

imp press egghead, my hat
includes your head too,
update your sight, you already
have all the books you need,
march in the parade of
liberty, this envelope is
loaded eh, nothing happens,
this envelope is empty eh,
dust the chrome, cut holes,
still garding, the art of
exuberance, never works alone,
louse magnified, temporary
glue, co-mingle, how
respond, mere excellence,
being’s being, blurrr, or igi,

Friday, July 17, 2009

"wolves are edible" & "documentation of nothing"

copy local, slow money, blue
money, hard money, corn iron,
shy trance, workey, motorized
drycleaning, home war, the dogs
of easement, this torso
represents you, one hundred
percent cubana, elabradora,
camaguey, la preferida, oof,
lemieux who, switch hats,
concrete flows, viral art
network, extreme heinous
crimes, cartridges ensures
high-quality, wolves are
edible, still done, a little
blue, a little hard, robotic
trance, smashed into a
million identical bits,

already fixed, the hello that
exploded, used envelope,
finally did get it right,
which rest, and still, doc yr
pay, sup wit camel, interaction
stops here, an audience of
three hundred, used you said,
still to be acted upon, hello
number, documentation of
nothing, a philosophy of as
if, are you a doer, whatever
was in the letter, here we
are up to, overposted, run
thru machines, what hap,
still sounding, still key,

"tequiza" & "oiko"

there’s art in them thar
dumpsters!, ex-bux, whole
clout, trance descent, trig
fire, dry dream, mockery
work, star shiver, global
type, voudrais, saint aff of
life, hidden markov models,
horinca, teqiza, blue line,
raise the money to print the,
still licking wounds, cross-
border reading, flibbergib,
abyss on abyss, rustbowl, the
shortcake tragedy, let them
eat cable, an open flow of
information, para-information,
commercial reality, event

inform whereabouts, or is it
gold, fat chunk of, join to
forget, owe nothing something,
in the unit with, how’s the
situation, eye am blank, mere
toner, goofball literature,
slab you another slab, that’s
the way the paper rips,
santiossage, getting here,
call me ross, oiko, bouncing
money, buy!, found a place,
vague us, the possib, dear
current resident, still
intending, excellent art,
zero velocity, judging by
the typewriter, ex-poet, rep,

Thursday, July 16, 2009


throught, information overlord,
recollage, the e-king out, ndust,
civis eratica, epistrophy, ecdysis,
ablyss, face another wall of
words, peace of moss, there are
still things to be gleaned,
signs taken for wonders:
billboard poetics, bus yaws,
rixxia, black sounds, e-trance,
the single onion, k-tronics,
multi-dimensional, non-commerce,
typographic letter g, day tour,
zzzyzyton, bufoteneine, resun,
swear these the seen zoo art again,

"these little errors that destroy us"

logical time,
educators and
cultural historians,
identities, japanesy, overexpress, the law of
the letter, just ice, shoulda woulda
coulda didn’t, unacknowledged, off on
an irrelevant tangent, knowledged,
ask for nothing, aff, saint ress,
agree to nothing, these little errors
that destroy us, another vacation,
what was vetted, nobligation, change
nothing, bring nothing, love nothing,
memrable, no fxed city.
high light nothing, aluminati
lililili, no chips left. daramn mmn

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"new and used ray johnson"

one is not allowed to exist, exitable, these fours
resemble capital aitches, pas, pallas, the quality
of your business card, paperwallah, as orchids
fall, seconds to go, radiologic, van houtte,
talk to the thugs, cosmix, telephone art,
mem-consciousness, don’t miss your misery,
new and used ray johnson, du prevention,
discoconut, could hardly entertain,
some people object to organic, the library
thugs, sideswiped, epc or, bel-aire, this is
a true copy of the original, enhance cement,
violence as punctuation, melancholia
in revolt, a flash of hilarity, coverd,

"inconsequential perplexities"

auto gazer, sirenical, the most
inconseqential perplexities, the way
of all meat, pseudowriting, hardly
blue, pharmapricks, tempted to nothing,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"i was wondering if you’d accept some art in lieu of money"

none of this paper is going anywhere,
take possession of the library, intro to
confusion, this is how i write you
out of my system, i say oh you say,
the sooner the text leaves the page
the better, i love you therefore i,
i love therefore i am, the trick to
nonbeing, this is not what i wanted
but i’m happy to have it, you might
be quoted on a bookmark someday,
the reform is backsliding, the hour
count is always wrong, thank you for
not robbing me blind, no need to go
into the forest, can we get a machine that
works, let’s fix it, is there a band
called the bit-rate streamers, festina
lente, here on secound ave, one has been
seconded, the hunger for sex is much
easier to satisfy than the hunger for
food, your real job is not the one
you make money at, nine hundred and
sixty-nine years, k po, tortilla gorilla,
if it don’t cut, what does sweet and
salty refer to, pay en, the me that used
to be me, datahog, i’m all zacked up,
art biologist, thou shalt not sieze the
day, thou shalt not desire, processus
vaginalis, solntse, sleepshapes, cinnabar
something, shimai, lowghost, scatter fold,
alexial, heat close eyes, the clothes of
the day, if it keeps flowing in like
this we are going to drown, skid road
nineteen-ten, six square yards of bliss,
the shock troops of environmental
degradation, gallicium, i join their
trance, the cluster bombs of consumerism,
perineum female, pharmaceutical poetry,
tag buff, pointing out the dragon,
humans on continental erosion, org sci
pat, we’ll get ‘em in somehow or other,
cutnaught, the larger category of meat,
coinage problem, errin’ will set you free,
non-existent press, i was wondering if
you’d accept some art in lieu of money,

"made copies of a sheet of paper with words on it"

kitchen blizzard, tidy page,
robot page, sixmas, ego sleep,
sleeping race, hockey sleep,
real penwork, this is not a sign,
img src, ullapse, sign out once
and for all, hydrography,
powersport, made copies of a
sheet of paper with words on it,
lebensgliedes, eleven unresolved
items, trance feud, mesto,
robot ranch, signs of humanity,
slouch hat, micropoetry,
locust andor tara gum,
recognize the city, en vente,
geoism, negatory big, wats
of says, what is the problem
what is the problem, thirty-
four million dollars, copy
death, see the sign, copy
theft, embossed thank you,
post fluxus, fluxus poem,
bottomlining, texts like
this, high caps, laistig, eye
look, toner stretch, hun
gelding, yellowish black,
pure text, event score, is
this a rebus, peace dream,
high and low contact,
career expanded is a

Monday, July 13, 2009


charlie’s angles, bamboozle into spending,
sometime’s gone is gone, get it in the
window, the ship always stops there, being
in a bo, the pants are already torn, it’s
time to take the plunge, the world’s
best pencil sharpener, recycled paint,
eponyms, elist to the left, saint ropic,
not an editor but a selector,

oh well i couldn’t afford you anyway,
remove after, these objects are not
speaking to you, the constructs of
human ecology, seldesian, hid it
beneath a hat, extremely heroic conduct,
lumberjills, diminishing marginal urgency,
creoleity, motherese, email and holiday
commerce, cowpea weevils, diacetyl,
pop in jay, everything you need for the
trip except, lysol action, are you awo,
fieldslut, air is addictive, thoing thoing,
this is so romantic, faster core, first
the name, frug, i am soaking wet, play
lap, the sticky buns city, read this
to curry, one is done with this, do
it as a little, glocal, i want to connect
you with you, now everybody is gone,
wait wait wait wait, yer ropes, flap
their wings alot and hide their ecxitement,
what makes you think, is it worth seven
sixty-six, you are supposed to be beside me,
the plane won’t leave without you honest,
is this your hand, bibpcw, when is me
not me,

i don't understand why we didn't put this online the first time

cypress tree, one oh nine at
five, the new canadian one
hundred dollar bill,
philumenists, confessions of an
economic hit, lariot, shinook,
deep infinity, stringendo,
whale post, cult object,
neuromarketing, brodmann
area ten, cluster research,
the blue penny, panmodern,
novel concrete situations,
now what about this, a sign
meaning, blank movie, one
copy blank, fracker, blank
movement, higgle play, txt
power, blank repetition,
here comes difference, pen
task, frack off, still
approve, accidental
editions, master writer,
manila organization, imp
frac, canada inverted,
still approval, thirty-five
hundred pals, psychic
television, sixty-four,
this was meant to be
different, middle bufo,
you are being ignored,
jump to electronic,


ocotillo, orange caps, yardies,
chav, a wheat boom, opuntia juice,
nopalea, only then did the penny
drop, croations, kitsums, orange opel,
coleus, timelift & forkclock, matriculous,
one is attuned to certain voices, imp
or dice, if the poet says this fills a page
it fills a page,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"theory has no place in poetry"

you don’t have to dance with all the
ugly boys, it don’t matter what the
smear consists of, the slightly
attached, let us interconnect each
other, communication is power, go dirt,
go dirty, ten years of blank history,
ultrarevolutionists, studio teaspoon,
wombling, i was forgetting myself
there for a moment, growing in clusters
of individuals, hello blah, to hell
with the brain, all new cry, blank
yellow, coffee is at the wheel, junk
ball, thou shalt not be blank, dada
entry, you have had your defining
moment and it wasn’t pretty, still
an animal at heart, regular university,
nichol arts museum, an unconscious
tendency towards self-destruction,
sunny s, is it gymkhana or gymhkhana?,
ain’t having no parties, pre-slacker,
there’s a lot to be said for five cents,
i was born ready as my dad used to say,
she nukes me, theory has no place in
poetry, say it out in full, not the
marlborough man, chapmen had ever
hoped, hierarchy of editors creative,
the poetic lowlife, churches & exposes
hypocrites, concrete earth cycle, you
could be writing in the margins, the
reason is forward, makes a nice eight
and a half by eleven poster, just say
ditto, the zines are under lock and key,
can you read polish, can you polish
reading, we thot wet hot, eight pennies,
no more envelopes!, imp refill, shop op,
ask yourself and you shall receive,
poor old me, it’s all about the time, ing,

Saturday, July 11, 2009


it’s the day, read and ye shall see,
concrete earth cycle, a major cluster
of wet episodes, speleothems, fourchette,
faux hawk, symmetrate, no i;m not
going to scratch that, a tibetan hat,
orange decor, cherry medicine, drop
of a hat productions, coleus, what
would you rather be doing? nothing,
trance aybit, texts to hang out in,
snailbank, junk language, orange
plastic ruler, iced sausages, counter-
factuals, possibilia, habits of children
extend, mice & moss, the edges of a hedged
class, calistoga bottle cap, empty
headed contemplating, argoing, rarin’
to go, siopold, phenothiazine, scop,
the animal that invented the hat,

autjor [sic], rou [sic]

noise poems, tgreen glint of moss,
we got too many books, cough up
the dough for some more books,
hentai juniperbug, today’s the
day we are supposed to communicate,
ottawa return, canola or, cling
especially a hindrance, coneja,
it’s better not knowing who the autjor
is, capelin, what does this say
to your eye?, what to your ear?,
cannamm ots, an identity of what
is myself, okay here we go, pop
tatari, was your name included,
c’mon there must be a different
perspective, actually asked me to
sign, bashing your face on the
keyboard repeatedly, typepad,
are we past the ding or not?
, breaking the seal on the girl,
so are you like christians or what?
, ain’t got no cd player, can’t
tell the difference between a crow
and a raven, eight gigantic copies,
how do rou pronounce your last name?,

Friday, July 10, 2009

"olim" & "kigo"

mega-mall, malicious
lectotypification, chapters in
the early history, holmgrenia
chrysea, reproduced with loss of
detail, badidio, microliterature,
chartaceous, olim, nowhere
visible, thet white-winged crow,
angulation choir, sphgnu,
looking at moss thru a
telescope, parried rapider,
the peatman, elmopty, dope
hope, oorego, the mamey tree,
lift yourself out of the
bog by the scruff of yr neck,

d’art, e-e-e-e, art-art-art-art,
blank below the line, one hundred
percent recycled art, any idea
what you’re going to say,
delight simple, bilhou, shock
the house, my imaginary hat,
an oversized hat, meat parade,
lack lyric, put the five,
peanut paste, remini red o,
pixel perfect, image cluster,
non-event productions, suicide
medicine, kigo, nomadclature,
a stunning head ornament,
magically concreted itself,
cancow apps, hinge picture,

"conform or die"

what did we need so bad we could not
live without it?, ves heill, what if
we don’t like pizza?, saint ultify, oay,
lightnin’ hawkins cheezies, conform or
die, love versus Love, mother philosophy,
kwanza, a munt, cannot be blank,
ecoliteracy, the exact location we
work, lacombe the stop, deteriorates
rapidly in a wet environment, got
the monopoly on the word: ‘marks’,
hyper-wet, you’ll have to take them
off at the airport, stsp, ascites, moss
cushion shores, thou shalt not experience
delight, satyriasis, movie-azation,
the trance-like quality of her art,
gesantliebenwerk, bog of tears,
expose hamster cage, extremely a
convalescent home, is this a sign? i mean
really!, why would you want to store
fine particles?, but you are only
charging me one penny, ate one ate, wsp,
dst, elevendy-six, a phone call is a waste
of bandwidth, even caught himself, “poems”
one syllable or two?, the law of the claw,
tambien, inquinating, obolus, glee-wood,
impecunitis, aposiopesis, extant hand copied,
true or false? if you make a geodesic
dome big enuf it would float, better
living thru nothing, hot off the typer,
now we are done with this text, get
your highlighter out and highlight the good
stuff, hurry up and get off the page,
eh! pasquini!, are all these people lost?,
nineteen words, a whole stack and pile of
words, my fingers are burning, anything worth
saying is worth saying a thousand tomes full,
this is erroneus, purple harem, toner is in,
it’s not too late is it, the last one standing,

Thursday, July 09, 2009

"zoysia gerontocratic metasound the breakfront"

in the words of emolation, not my
hat the hat, one less object to
bring with us on the journey, binder
done that, no we are typing whole
hog, the person is long gone but,
me no more, this could be turned
into , augur, don’t forget the
thing you always forget, don’t
forget your necktie, free enter,
creamy sticky buns, the toil sands,
careful what you dream, one has to go
to prison, zoysia gerontocratic
metasound the breakfront, one has to
go to coke class, working a hundred
and eighteen hour week, locked in
immortal combat, there seems to
be an eye at work here, keep your
eyes to yourself, let’s do the speak,
let’s do the straight speak, what
the heck is yucca moss, agreement
zones, temporal myopia, love the
tar sands potential, careful you
don’t bend that spoon, pornopo,
sweet disorder versus, i made a
profound error, ampliphone, transbot,
how are you going to pay for all
this?, zero recall, rubble stamp,
mail art is a workout!, pennyize it,
what time is it? it’s whatever time
you want it to be, art is the opposite
of money, lawyers: capitalizing on


hot ink, good contrast, how they
might fit together, white ground,
by comparison, the temp is late,
a produced thing, you can’t
just go and underline, she
wants it back, thin k, getting
thru (out, domination day,
trance substantiation,
getting the bad noose,
fungus in the insulation,
the imp risen, out of our
league, naked crown?, how
seriously can we take this
stuff? (self-decapitation,
read what you want to read,
poland in the original, them’s
fightin’ words!, zinemark,
you gave money to these people,
the em in flame, verbomotor
skills, hiring now, word
capital, what kind of ecstasy
you’re after, nothing™,
neck taming, trance history,
some kind of space-time,
plodding east, photocode,
headlesson, disunited states,

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"six billion minus one equals"

separated with kids, divorced with
kids, ron sillion, usual orange, hidden
earmarks and coverts, you will work
hard to achieve… control of your
time, you want violet ink, dinhs,
hand carved eggheads, saint ort, six
billion minus one equals, golub, you
can live without turkey, contact contact
contact, break all your own rules,
neverclick, lovehate, a lot of mail
has been arriving at, you keep making
the same mistake over and over and over,
you need all these by today, now we need
to check the errata for errors, the
originals are for sending, but let’s
copy them first, one small difference
after another, elvis the couple changes
hooters, folded saints, imp alp able,
hyperanalog, clusterphobia, ulalu,
morning trances, sopraninos, capture
humidity’s essence, shakuhachi, orange
pill, securitv, sidwalk, hippie capitalism,
paraworthies, orange crate, saint runk,
bursts orange, antiprisms, trapezohedra,
orange month, orange cigar, the weight
of my hat on my head,

"pseudocode fortran"

saudi alberta, ideologiekritik, calls
exclusive humanism, secularization
studies, enstehungsgeschicte, the
canadian disconsulate, the mind-bruised,
environmental armageddon, chador,
miracidium, the right to type, tucker
telephone, la parilla, cachots noir,
moss is a furry coat, microcoded,
think of a newspaper as general
merchandise, death is the new black,
one is spending time with one’s elf,
bee line accross the street, uklg,
a lady boxer, write it with your other
hand for emphasis, pseudocode fortran,
doing what?, regarding ricciocarpus
natans, thou shalt not say tu, strictly
professional love, the string going up
into the black sky: later was revealed
a kite!, relocatable industrial

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"that old tapeworm nothing"

designate yourself other,
in a sealed plastic bag,
bba, concrete redbird, aaff,
may cart, zywiec, zywiec,
hkrcbts, oh eye know, save
ant, seven hundred and
fifty thousand books,
moorooka, moribia, house
of anarchy, obsolete scan,
number money, a lot of
paper to waste, did this
ever materialize, artist
trad, biblioasis, micro
please, g g who, nond,
pick u, ate e- for, sbrain,

reading reading nothing,
exactly a breeze, let go today,
still owing, stereopsis, sick
of money, beat back the chaos,
how much for the corner, abcd,
wax crown, ray-tracing, that
old tapeworm nothing, tumba,
loneliness grew as moss, an
intangible item that is a
marketable commodity, can’t
quite see, find the word
copyright offensive, poler op,
would you believe ten years
ago, you mean copyleft, the
one and the other, wriality,

throw meat

rebels don’t wear hats, lit
art, a pile of paper to write
a letter on, how our minds
were formed, in begin, on the
scene since, the same, self-
eating, now is when we enter
the picture, volume zero,
stone hat, five million
trees, complete on one
sheet, the whole deal,
for want of a staple,
spatter with red, type
factorial, plobby, riz,

paintain, cwac, throw meat,
calmness lessons, dis test,
reading desk, gettling,
valuab, still confusion, who
did whatness, dream-nine,
put war in the museum, the
digital internet, comment
an ecstatic horoscope, total
scrap, lungpop, clarification
of rain, psycho magica, the
retinal circus, white suit
and hat, rut turn, pharming,
exploding human crisis,
concrete potential, cultural
intelligences, always
already started, bendmind,

Monday, July 06, 2009


why is it dark and light, dedicate
it to a poet you know, cut it up
and turn it into a book, copies
go forward originals go backward,
hurry up and write that letter, there
is nobody there, two are a family of
two, all the production, the left
behind will be brought to the fore,
ask the denius, what is a sacrum
exactly, a mouthful of black ink,
typing is for making a racket, am
i referring to myself, refreshing
the mailbox, a marxist interpretation
of your life, blast this text out
the window, bentspoonerism, where’s
my goggles? my love goggles.

let’s pretend that wasn’t a period,
but you can’t fool all of the eyes all
of the time, hmmm, this text could
sure use some recuperation, copying
is not enough, concrete typewriter,
is this the 384th generation or the

Sunday, July 05, 2009

"being in a bog"

you just can’t seem to read this
crap, yes a dollar twenty-seven,
one must eat, we are not on a date,
one must travel, no indication of
what was bought, this is actually
gas not parking, sounds exotic but,
careful you don’t double charge, one
must fly, one needs coke, the
moment leaving, this trip we are on
together, money residing in bits
of paper, one must consume, this is
not oh this is so romantic, that
sense of oh i deserve good things,
okay now has changed, it sounds
romantic but, prone to confusion,
hope these are not all the same day,
ardmore, being in a bog, can we claim
each and every breath we take?, i make
a wisecrack you take it as advice, it
is real but, it’s only worth a dime,
air horn bear horn, being in the air,
being in the air with,


find your limits by exceeding them, in
side out, gived, more blank space on the
page, wobbly table?, exhibited lunatics
for a penny, cutting out the self (& the
other, make a stand up, click on the missing
link, icon writing, poo bell, cite not site,
this writing contests writing contests,
imp lament (imp asse), all paths lead
out & back(?), it is working, lost in the
reproduction process, gained in the
copying, do you copy?, a better error,
canada counts (ill), period!, if no info
fon i, pixelated soutine, same trash
piling up on my table (desk), literature
head, i’m just sounding you, the return
address is a barcode, tattoo, pursuabilities
, magic mushrooms?, they slash we,
we slash they, power out(r)age,
big blue bottom bliss, lection of amateurs
or mere theorist, capitalist running dog,
cyberdelic, passionate ████████,
ahlmost, what about the rest of this
peace of paper?, future reference,
unburyable, jambusters march,
warm call, red plastic letter mania
wall room lesbian installation art
dream, paydgya!, moss fights,

Thursday, July 02, 2009

ok so here's a text:

do not machine, evolving or deterior
ate ing, shut off the mike, practically
an original, fadin’ away on ya, stick
with it, another day that came & went,
skimpin’ ya on the ink, filed away (at
the bars of the prison, yet more,
yet more, yet more, dialectic guitar,
imp hinge, appointed saying, signify!
as in: declare yourself!, the dud that
exploded, lower than whale shit, gap
addiction, sugerpussy, common
humanity to escape, imp romp too,
i like to be around beautiful women
but i prefer to sit with my back to
them (crossed out), super silly us,
a mossy was an abrupt change of
topic, superabundancing, she
changed her mine, potent dark,
i jam what i jam & i paint what i
paint, high times at the grand
prix, car bliss man, death of senna,
screech, tobacco advertizing &
death, exactly what i was thinking,
‘s phrase, chaotic plenitude, day is
this? pointing, backward, illusion
of reference, points forward, it is
night, it expletive, semantically
empty, eagle squeals at night,
a visit to the lottery terminal, spun
puns, cohesion not coherence, two
bookmarks (one for the footnotes,
some of the goodness in its non-e?,

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"tampered with"

if you don’t like the looks of
one of your customers: poison them,
mkkyan, they’ll pay ya for the pleasure,
your food has been tampered with sucker,
working like satan, the mystery is
your brain, going toward nothing, want
the impossible, this is happen, that
can’t be the same person, sexual structures,
tiffany comfort louis, mahi mahi which,
emotions in hand are currently, polymeaning,
one abstract and one concrete, palongawhoya,
nura nal, hypereconomy, quirks and crochets,
the probationist, helen and clytemnestra
and electra, a weather eye, babyblue van,
errin’ , tea hat egg, excretic, rancid
e. slutbucket, aum.