Sunday, May 20, 2007

gold gilt, the letters will temporarity,
jack up the prices just in time for the
may long, riotisseries, shikiji, don,
nothing sour about it, nothing is
changing into something, groundhog
is on strike, demand a response,
precursor to the cursor, i want to
talk to your supervisor, motor
spirit, cheese select, it is unlawful
to reproduce it, except in the free-
zone, we gotta logo, no solicitors
or barristers, chainbridge lease-
holds, put on your chinos, it’s
nineteen eighty-three, might never
make it back, the denials team,
consider yourself a resource, copy
first then mail, a year-round
playboy, smiling vendetta,
desperation works, pulse code
modulation, quantizing, the
negation of space, negated space,
impassioned dropout, blank
imagery, echidna, lodgers,
anthelminthic, capias executions,
lodgers, questionary,
defecation-art, para-institutions,
lifestyle artist, anartistic,
a banana artist, popporn, in effect
a continuous happening,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

xerox park, telerobotics, how control exists, knowledge engineering, attention economy, was i making these marks, telecommunication artworks, transnations, satellite art, intimate bureaucratic art practice, cultural emotional and economic history, economy of the medium, the standard penny postal system, the technologies of penny post, destining, postal maneuvering,

Saturday, May 12, 2007

primary caregiver, hi express com,
at the sign of the steel helmet,
the last time you looked at your
money, container explosion halls,
trance itch, intellectual
guerilla activity, gradualism,
this is you now, riding the
groundhog, crime of having ended,
winebibbers, where's page one, now
we are writing different, is it
right for you to be angry, you
heard it on the radio, influence
nothing, one has hit the road, the
thirteenth step, another notch
on your heart, hat and old,
still walking, the jailing when,
what is going on in the courthouse,
see that snowball, one is not
being good, the book the buzz,
the last time we were all
Your identity changes with your e-mail address, the ethersphere, nothing falls into place, ambient money, hard to escape the conclusion, concrete noun, peak oil, gleets, erection alarms, habitrail, L-arginine, penis cases, alprostidil, space monkey, sleeping mitts, gypsy cabs, lslncca, is it a dot or a non-dot, are we scanning today, mayo oyon, may fall, maxe, focus on what is not gone, lower left safe zone, the words continue to click into place, there’s not enuf difference to make a difference, dadazines, ephemeralization, fluxdivorce, the creation of a gallery that travelled under his hat, postal poetry, literary cognates, yearboxes, unobjects, event works, meta-form, on-sendings, concrete and idiosyncratic, and the beast goes on, humanism concerned with essentially, extra historical character, objet de luxe, enter the matrix, hell-bent, the worthless bit is the only bit, never actually scanned, this is the only evidence we existed, paperwork is expensive, the towers of the virgin, everything needs to be copied, total unsigned art, booby hatches, gwavity, vivograph, one day press, sher,

Sunday, May 06, 2007

head cleaner, anti-resonance,
plastic meltdown, the very
first heartbreak, shoulder
pads girl, nothing on the
board, capital q, there is no
common thread, tranquil
ocean, narada lotus, beauty
and the monster, trouble in
mind, conservative graffiti,
dean-o, bilking millions,
riff maze, rehaunt, the tune
alone, adaran sutol, your
greatest hit, dsrc, one kind
of night, descendant music,
dove, memwar, move a lot of,

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Griend, Monday morning piss in a cup, the rite line, postage not for sale, pay and set up pay, non dot, break freak, bada, enuf with words already, fruit sticks, select nothing, facial issue, safe to spend, bifor, HH, mango tango, looking for someone to give to, refuse nothing, art oyster, network centric warfare, nothing to sign, soc, garl, expensive talk, in and out of the matrix, there’s only so much freedom to go around, slinorla, porn chic, impactful, manties, progressing towards disaster, impulse control disorder, suFISTicated, fuscia the wrestler, here today gone tomorrow back again the next day, say my name, how can tou forget already, a month of sausages, gale still, the hopes and dreams of the monster, zippy the what, why am I drawing a blank on this, unblank your mind, will we be getting thru, fourteen million to one, rose butter, flag down a taximeter, ah blank, this bit of paper is worth nothing, intake extake, long change, occopy, you’re always right for a change, tune out the important stuff, momba, make a piece of paper, hope or despair you choose, maybe I should quit writing this, what are we going to do next, dropping it all at the drop of a hat, we are standing by, all our friends are gone, spill us, the path of most resistance, too many days have gone by too many words have gone by, nuke the milk, maybe better write more, are we past the point of no return yet?, change the point of no return, ape rills, all we need is scissors, ape noon, one person’s emergency is another person’s ..., mum’s the word, ape gut, write this all out by hand, england coffee houses, psoralen, denazification, quand il miaule,

Thursday, May 03, 2007

browntown, the penny arcade chicken, paraurethral sponge, skene’s gland, crurae, post-tasteful, a hilarious commentary on the essay, moss be mo’ bettah, health and environmentally conscious, elastomer, smallerize, the floating world, comprador, geminoid, household decision-makers, a contributing editor to harper’s, engorgement factor proteins, an effort to consolidate his hold, chillax, expedite cluster, consent to engage in high-risk, church concrete, par moss, clumb, eye have ways, scandalography, the changes in higher education, critics of the humanities and higher education, expanding machine civilization, different size brims on their hats, hook-and-eyers, rebaptizers, aphophasis, libido dominandi, bien-seance, interactionism, social confirmability, social heredity, the crisis of higher education, bien-pensant, parametric play of codes, transcendental signifier, the critics of higher education, an ideology-free education, confronting higher education, list servers, jack mennonites, antitechnological, having a senior moment, copy it and lay it to rest, copy it and lay it to rest, now you are here, really actually mail it, feels arbitrary, cognitive distortions, you are an emergency, the ape is extinct, the replication is the distribution, hendiadys, time push, a silent truth, change it, two we, the scratching stage, keep up with the variations, being one, am one, permanent fluctuations, friendsy, tony orlando and dawn amato, have you replicated this yet, ape-like behaviour, echolalia whale, still ape may, we have enough text to, mombuy,