Monday, December 31, 2012


magic writing, textual quality
control, intellectual vampires,
chubberstamp, the blue x signifies,
the internot, petabytes, vuvuzela,
sheista, a mailbox is a vagina,
segmentarity, unique dust,
internautilus, mood control,
not all us, lyapunov function,
hoverboards, precognito, newtype,
dataflux, alprazolam, death
threat magnet, banking your
way to the grave, the rubber-
stamp kisses the paper, blank
love, the rare need, the read and
the unread, sacra testa, succo
d’arancia, carabinieri, orange
stucco, contrapposto, hypotaxis,
a starry party hat, clorazepate,
parasamgak, benzodiazipene,
tile concrete, what’s with the
colon, megaprogram motel phone,
flutter trace, we may need
more blank, a mushroom from

Sunday, December 30, 2012


laccaria amethystea, gravamen,
reflectoporn, fifty-two dollars,
come again cluster, double loaded,
express cluster, who she refers to
today, black and blue love, you
are with me, lifestyle feminism,
flux-jails, change machine
dispensing penny for dime,
concrete stuffing, moss tea,
luke dada oncle, all the info
is long gone, a roll of pretty
pennies, what can be said about
crumbs, tee broken into vee, t
for texas, wwaad, hurry up and
mail, where the entities reside,
shehorse, no this is not a smile,
don’t sweat the blank, indicate
nothing, smudge incorporated,
the blood is the message,
nirvana is only a click away,
gray smudge, grey smudge,
cloaks enuf, the character
for impunity, brown envelopes,
burn the page not turn the
page, nukespaper, if your eye
falls here, blood message,
cotton blood, nirvana blood,
boss blood, hidden blood,
samsa time, mio art, my
consolation, kilter fold,

Saturday, December 29, 2012


amie carson, amie carson’s garbage,
the best thing today, nice fresh
black, clearing cache, wap, going
with the flow: right over the
waterfall, disassembling
machines, morphogenesis, this is
supposed to be happening right
now, eff-pin, marine fonce, i
don’t have to print your, one is
historical, orange globe,
genévrier, get the fuck out
of my heart, ye ole loss-leader
strategy, recall delay,
rainbow bubbles in my coffee,
anthemia, white male heterosexual
educated unemployed, i am
writing this shit for a reason,
still tight even at ten point,
traces and fragments, bit basis,
the temp just flew by,

Friday, December 28, 2012

"factum brutum"

newspaper consciousness, phantom
attic, the day will go south,
arresting developments, depleting
copies, the colour conversion, maybe
i should stop printing your art,
no globe, find the meaningful
phrase, skizophrénie, turkey
gutter, hypogrammatic, the
original ur matrix, zoems,
factum brutum, sala, kraal,
tiny onion-shaped hat, gold-
leafed buddha, treacherous
moss-covered stair, a touching-
the-earth posture, cenogenetic
dichotomy, crankly hat, dadata,
punk marketing plan, odd job
hat, bo-tree, orange brickwork,
defacing with annotations,
a pointed reference, fold cask,
is this menstrual blood, retox,
my parents did not encourage
singing, you want the ink,
obscene fun, put them on the
front, jay oh w, the status
of the text is garbage,
toner patina, it makes a
fun impossible message, fade
right into obscurity, the one
you are looking for is gone,
do an evolution of the
seahorse animation, blot rep,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

"mysterium tremendum"

you better not be reading this,
discontexts, phyllody, jukelip,
neo ross, orange marxist, dwelling
online, maybe i should return
your art, nothing clusters, herb
benedicta, mysterium tremendum,
home on christmas eve, materia
prima, a becoming other, a
becoming animal, chiasmus,
editioned on the copier, aphonia,
monomolecular, the retinal net,
biochip, waning or disturbance
off affect, of sorry, word salad,
disconnection syndromes, jargon
aphasia, a elegantly clumsy
hand, observable non-gaussianity,
robotic fish, the liberation
treatment, hat-happy
fashionista, viburnum
plicatum, secousse, concrete
threat, confiserie, hypnic
jerks, diaphanie, check power,
why does it look green here
and pink over there, gloire,
bladda bladda bladda,
blue smudge indicates

Monday, December 24, 2012


cotton lake, broken hearts nuttin’
but, former favourite, dada jobs,
reknowned artist, weapons of mass
distraction, superhumanimal,
beats concrete grey, lipoma,
the sniper of love, television set
floating over my head, a
substitute for the substitute,
red-painted concrete, casuarina
trees, karst, geographic
determinism, restrictive cluster,
museumization, never met a
narrative i didn’t like,
decentering of identity, the
canadian hero and explorer,
mile zero of the trance, my
ten years war, hant, moss-covered
boulders, hardly blood,

Sunday, December 23, 2012

"a multistable artifact"

it’s a nice little art work, hot
potato press, kaoss, technowriting,
paradigm grifters, vermicious
knid, splake, rosswell, the wolf
children of midnapure, ubuntu,
sociopathic obsessive compulsive,
macrofreaks, blobfish, unfull
dead, blotfish, the shape of the
paper changes the poem, the myths
we die by, pump and circumstance,
un-ceremonious writing, anaphoric
deictic, the present continuous,
amyotrophic, a multistable
artifact, raki, dirty orange
chairs, soi, orange mailbox,
dharmachakra, ego equal,
d, paradigm shaft, royal
taster, look this shit up,
one has notions, gregoire
samsa, the mosswood,
remainderman, red smudge

Saturday, December 22, 2012

"saccadic masking"

ross falls, surrat, handwriting
analysis, letter with margins,
spend your inheritance on postage
stamps, voice morphing feature,
the speed of love varies, onward with
broken heart, softwarewolves,
young moss tongue, driftmania,
improvised uterine device, solar
storms, microtubules, saccadic
masking, it’s always decision time,
panorama lanes, it’s a pleasure
doin’ business, hero explorer
cyclically, le vrai lieu, where
are we going net, we need to scratch
these things out of our system,
everytime, say fuck again,
noemata, paper is for killing
trees, the beast goes on, mountain
of oranges, bredouille, goujats,
the blood,

Friday, December 21, 2012


push button nirvana, monoatomic
gold, greedy idiots get what they
deserve, bentspoontang, get your
pussy out of my face, the candy web,
globs of death, softwerewolves,
pussy jams, need a substitute
for the substitute, years later
it finds its way into a work of art,
the wax just slipped, imperfections
in the paper dictate, i can’t go on
with replicating your, filter
cluster, unintentional art, it’s
not blank to the nose, imaginary
homeland, either canada or
herself, hypermasculinity,
wrenk, double consciousness,
discredited knowledge, acker,
dehydration control, you
found the right character,
we don’t know what it means,
clownskull, paper is for
writing, will pay you to
read, meow movie, blood,

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"hadronic matter"

check for hidden message, where
did your face go, enuf face,
unwanted mail, lithochrome,
dysgenic, waterhead, comare, don’t
be gettin’ funky with the letters
of my name, luchador, love is
always delusional, butterbeer,
karen eliot: wanted for crimes
against identity, actual levels
may vary, erotic coast hwy,
flowing data, hydrofracking,
teenage gang debs, the love wars,
hyperspectrum, hadronic matter,
cutting from the present,
living on milk and cookies,
a mountain to move, i’ve got
half a mind to call you,
orange and blue cluster,
one suddenly quits reading
altogether, we make book,
fuck a, but what about
the blank, cotto, art ruse,
the politics of resentment,
th konkreet slab, the
blood the blood,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"nyack buddha"

this is going to take some looking,
don’t feel like you have to see it
all at once, these are from back
when you were still alive, pussy
punk, eat drink buy, art and what
about it, keep your eyes open: you
will find, work anonymously, stand
still and dance, open your eyes to
others, representations of tits, oh
boy boobs, all this art jumbled
together, repepetition, the
singularity spread, nyack buddha,
dada jobs, avenue see plus school
of art, the continual representation
of, rare to see in the unfolded
state, seven forty-six to seven sixty-
five, blank back, it’s a book,
gzowski, house slippers, house
shoes, waste locks, it’s all been
done, laughter is not happiness,
remove yr hat, never let it, if
you use the umlaut, fl sux u,
sal, harvard computer engineer,
hornet honey, emotional
wargames, cyclospora, pretender
button, cyborg buddha,
greebly writings, cloraz dipot,
mud and ping pong balls, in
cakes you decide, with the pen,
defakes, butterfish,
shake-down, langoustine,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


pureland, what are these bodies
doing, co-lag, obfuckskate, on
four false illusions, it looks
like art but, clear proofing,
excalibur hotel casino,
asymmetrical feedback loop,
bignessman, extradictable, zen
prairie eco-design, i never
tendered no fifty dollar bill,
i’m still printing your work
but, carcel, lu cluster, taking
out your rage one drop at a
time, macrobookmark, nothing
is ever really dead, hard
earned cash, songthaew,
concrete corridor, a talk poet,
apparent death, riser hat,
a securing center, a
cluster of xeroxes, notchbound,
how do you control the search
engine, saskakota, when all
else fails get rhythm, roux,
maximum silence,

Monday, December 17, 2012


so low we can’t hear you, your what,
took the scenic route across the
street, no thing is free, what are
all these other dots, tew, did you
have a name before your current
name, hey you there walking
along looking at your phone:
heads up, may bens, lifejacking,
tonglen, karenting, art hanger,
huge coupon emailed, i’m still
using your rubberstamp but,
zinnamin, h, khlong, soi, seated
on concrete, orange tab, chedi,
gold-tab, wiharns, tripitaka,
celebrate with red meat,
the planning system, le donné,
flarfy, ergoneous, sexenio,
the great communicator,
rubble in mind, virtual
dérive, the acategorical,
other praxis, contra-textual,
hypermnesia, polytelegram,
all the phrases on the bage,
the green ink is visually
striking, let the desire pass,
a better typewriter, ink
machine, maxvis,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"capite operto esse"

address visibility, lift an ear,
no we are not an item, okay that shit
ain’t gonna flush, we have colour
capacity, cultural sushi, all
the contributors are long gone,
against conceptual art, capite
operto esse, jojo mojo, polylog,
that hamilton urinal, mask your
beauty, disintossicazione
artistica, univershity, yoyo was
a man, munch art, no mail today,
against any art, all sealed
together as a product, postal
sounds, hat art project, adhesive
art, more or less infinite, x
marks the use value, applaud
for pay, leke, penny farm, hid
lamps, beetle work, you need a
reminder to love, think of
your tea as medicine, all that
money is going to kill you,
scotch trance, orange milk
cluster, it’s a bottle-holder
not a hatrack, visual indifference,
aesthetic emotion, a schmoo,
earring caught on her
headphones, lixiviates,
barcancare, the rains of
chaos, apocalyptic wallpaper,
the honest dollar, unliquidated
gains, long-run maximization,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

"woodshedding with owsley"

that’s not funny: it’s obscene,
coppice ministration, you better
get a post office box, what face,
thermographic, it’s a kerouac
ticket, maybe you want your
rubberstamp, back, orange
vegetables, the poem is the
thing itself, all split, library
demolition, when your brain
wakes up but your body remains
asleep, ashoka tree, farangs,
prang, orange boutique, the
pill press, woodshedding with
owsley, dolbilation, the banjo
theory, what were you on
when you wrote this, shiver
me timber, si dot dojl,
langoustine bitters, ell
is for luster, the fragments

Friday, December 14, 2012


too much ink, shopping for love,
the internext, pixelitis, red wedgie,
fast and furious pixels, mudhoney,
speak up or shut up, awesome penny,
one thousand percent penny, penny
fun, final full circle,
deathcake, existential condition
of human, tranzaphanizer,
printing your handcarved rubber-
stamp, old tyme ginger ale and
bulk carrots, rent strike, you’re
only as great as the books you
refer to, make-work art,
boondoggling, manufacturing
desire, automobile paper,
virtuosity in persuasion, wat,
tuk-tuk, stupa, bodhi trees,
bright orange potholes, samlor,
sour sausage, li, chedi,
manumission, almost exact
copy, saffron wax, mall cluster,
plug the hole already, fitting
a lot more words onto the page,
we need to work on our cashflow,
the art detox book, a microhit
of poetry, depends on which

Thursday, December 13, 2012


art detox twenty-ten, fishnet hat,
black pool light, creative minds
mimic schizophrenia, junk shot,
muck bucket, hard copy press,
feces-squirting thieves, now we
have too much ink, i don’t know if
it’s worth it, no more rubberstamps,
plays against type, smackdown,
second face, gatefold, globish,
entented, relative performance,
relational aesthetics,
kynismos, ego-melting, first
you must overcome your
prejudices, capital immobility,
the technostructure, spread
them out around the page,
the palomino font, the error is
built in, skip a step, make the
cut now, enter any woman’s
name into a search engine,
postcardstock, a pleasant little
job of work, are you still sore,
run the movie, the machines are
at war, nobody bothers with
the internet, local chaos,
meaning fried, let the colour
go, new ribbon or better copier,
cash war, cathected to what,
billed as not build as,
the blockage is the direction,
planbook, we only wanted one
copy, just rotate the book,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


booklet of words, transindividualizers,
patriot groups, social page evaluator,
vitrue, go barbie, swimsuits and
beehives, bogdammit, windswept
labia, dieingly, plenty offish,
the big trout lake monster, in fit it,
malawareness, insource, globehouse,
salad cluster, red tongue,
liriodendrons, cynamolgs, argatiles,
caprimulgi, musimons, cemades,
a cyclostyled document,
artificial fire, half closed eyes,
verging on orange, para-scientism,
rocker-foot horse, protosonic,
spewmetrics, scatalogics, what
font comes up, going thru these
things for the nth time, thick
description, actually do it,
i’m thinking this is forward,
everybody’s favourite seahorse,
actual others, slipping away of
opportunities, post it up around
town, the longest gone of the
long gone daddies, writing is
one thing typing is another,
crystal mine, living a life
of status updates, hegemony
of colour, phenopoem, the
stink of pink, maytu, the
original has a bit of blue,
the writer is merely nuts,

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


the plan is not to plan, cash-for-access,
synthetic cell, creativity is a
disease, knowledge never knew,
scrapbook moss, sexecological, garf,
mailwise, encased in concrete, the
arousal industry, we are working
into the future and into the past,
the ink says today, got a little
wet did you, there is nothing for
the bit of paper but, concrete
pillow, orange circulate, orange
handtruck, stretch clusters,
blake-light, goniometer, lu do,
waste-grinder, lampshade for a
hat, silk-worker’s brains, alosa,
go-moku, one of these big
apostrophe fonts, when you put
the disk in the computer it
automatically uses the internet,
eye apostrophe em, we can fill
this blank in later, neo-deco,
orange flippers, this blank is
more fillable than that blank,
blue, blue comma,

Monday, December 10, 2012

"dyspneic frequencies in fallot’s tetralogy"

the obstacle is the path, vegasm,
logging too much memory, a no
fault state, logo rhythm,
passionate glance, i don’t need
any damn love, placebo-ok,
intubators, everytime i print your
picture, chop cluster, we wanted
to really blaze the ink down,
magnified surface, t-bar, da
tong, finials, author onward,
tai-ji, albany california,
cluster of rusting tracks,
bouvier, mais langue n’est
pas langage, dyspneic
frequencies in fallot’s
tetralogy, arteria emulgens,
glomerulus, uropoïesis, neo-
renascent, called everyone
handsome, freedom rides, the
puzzle was never solved,
groschen, orange concentrate,
holohedral, open a free
museum, got a soda jones,
cash flight, we will have
no reason to return to the
originals, optional lip,

Sunday, December 09, 2012


find some information, the blog
directs you to the real world,
brief existence, last heard from,
from the horse’s mouth please,
let’s head off into the desert,
do you want in, we were born
in nineteen-sixty-four, stilling,
replica art, no hack, jackhammer
lady, the last show on earth,
credcunian, wandering places,
do we need ass, do we need fast
cars, hygrograffiti, mouth in
art, strawberry jam art, cubic
art, not actually on the web,
subtle obscurity, the illusion
of pussy, the way we spiral out,
a drawing is one thing: a
photocopy is another, red
bubble, roar shat, a sticker
zine, anti-chameleon, the
model versus the photographer,
photophobia, vagrant artist,
disability arts, plaster scene,
image deceit, irony mark,
the withdrawn trolley,
überlemming, peaceful at
the macrolevel, all is inside,
fiat justicia ruat, a chill
island, spare us the poetry,
that guy, bring the two
things together in your mind,

Saturday, December 08, 2012


one is a production assistant,
arc head, the year tara was born,
volume four art, corrupt her into
mailart, alphabetical cluster,
use zoom, the squid squirts,
locomotive robots, locobot, the
locomotive was the first robot,
three three oh five, hot water tower,
arc wilding, robomotive,
what does westmount mean to
you, plasticized cardboard,
esther bunny, the art of
protecting the art, wine with
art, homeservices, this is just to
say, cut yer consumption
culture, swathes of swatches,
chat head, worm’s meat, oilshark,
sleep paralysis visions, smoke
this book, correspondense,
mail art general, art venture,
an anarchist fuck-off freak,
self-exiled artists, a member
of the tng community, the
great stilton fire, the thing
itself has never seen the
light of day, ain’t got laid
in four years, all your
trips, pick a dirty penny,
gum pennies, her eyes could,
imaginationality, blaze
some text down, all in all,
vegan gas-guzzlers,

Friday, December 07, 2012


in a word: all, get out in the field
everyday, subtle animal, du meme
auteur, oh i see you’re being ironic,
blowing milk, hitstorical, hell bank
notes, spewing ash or oil, refuse to
wipe, fallow directions, no poor
quality photocopies, the bag it
came in, the brown paper with
lines, the buddha wrap, get your
city behind you, you are beautiful
honest, crack white skin, come
bubbles, blow that banana, the
mailman lost the evidence, saint
ape, it is the artist who is fine,
mit dem auge festhalten,
impeached star fruit, mossy
old logs, resignated, what’s
the phone number for, south
broad, two free months, pay
din fool, chat on the go,
interest reversal, get your
card fixed, last seen entering
the elevator, dipping under
twenty-five, pink plastic bag
full of dog shit, erotognosis,
the minustry of fluxus, top
kill, zakuski, roup, scialytic
lamp, the rough packet, ahem,
snakehead fish, cupcake porn,
glue me, net shave, surtreat,
prick board photo, eco-city,

Thursday, December 06, 2012


cat hex is, it’s a construct
involving glue and staples,
what the frag, halovision,
red wedgie, slathered with ink,
i want to sleep next to plastic,
i need your measurements, the
intelligence of the poet, the
emm states, broken betties,
doral, you are a poet you dumb
fuck, lunatics monopolizing
my time, time to draw the line,
usuck, the worst of the worst
of the underground, declare war,
a production man, frivolous
intellectuals, the profit
system, wept and threatened
to chop through the power
lines with an axe, incorrigibly
plural, a riddle wrapped in a
mystery inside an enigma,
construct a zine, ataraxia
not ataxia, must trip, all

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"ballistae pyroboli scorpio"

eighteen-eighty-four eighteen-ninety-
four onward, sage plant, cohosh,
nothing binds us, nano-ego,
fluconazole, a ten minute
attention span, wowever,
tactical frivolity, tonight is
a shifter, one is tempted to
recharge, the perfect dimensions,
autogenous, boilersuits, vinea,
ballistae pyroboli scorpio,
flaming mirrors, publicitary,
draisienne, solar forge,
great white wonder, orange
with toxins, concrete divot,
fleer camera, the cantsin-
jammer kids, sola kowel,
chan khong, litte, that
nobody get to fat, pink
seeking, pink stink,

Monday, December 03, 2012


this paper has a distict pink cast,
distinct sorry, with this paper ring,
you can always pull it back up,
quantum internet, chitter,
krautrock, cryptofluxus, the
king of free time, mile-lone,
plexiglasstext, eighty-eight
shares, situlogical, paper is only
good for one thing, nothing
synchronizes, a bit of meat
just went flying, orange cookies,
unfun bits, subtle marks, you
wouldn’t think you could get
art onto something so small,
sm all, two or three years from
now you will get a chuckle
out of this, silicon size,
homologation, panarchy, concrete
tunnels, through-stone,
concrete mixers, gantries,
trigeminal, rat lungworm
disease, charcuterie,
artificial sun, apioectomy,
isotoner, manis, plantigrade,
what google doesn’t want you
to find, we are getting some
smudge lines, niether bud,
do we mention the yellow,
add and pass in a timely
manner, it makes for a
nice artwork, not to keen on,

Sunday, December 02, 2012


pom, mauldin, you can’t open the
door too wide, orgasmic response
requested, fractal life form,
harmless eccentric or dangerous
lunatic, the laft suffer,
international forget your
wallet day, the cherry runs,
one is beyond love, smushed
penny, evolition, bees heaven
sex, déjà vu logic, dorcopsulus,
one is not consuming a job,
yahoo’s on first, burka porn,
sprog, poetactics, saving my
pennies to come see you, busy
being black, commented on
her own anus, metalike,
one is thinking about all,
ccl, wadi, atatich, esparto,
non frusta vixi, appanage,
enlightenment hatstands,
crypto-commercial, chit,
a frogged dolman, toponymy,
amaurosis, pigmentary
retinitis, microtick, nice
curves on the unjustified
margin, it looks yellow
here but, siblinghood,
phalarope, inniverse,
climbed moss, colocynth,
onward cowboy,

Saturday, December 01, 2012


phenos, bent’s poon, one is doing
some very important fucking
around, your text becomes my text,
prisoner movement, trance fictional,
paradykes, her circle ezine, one
does not wish to continue, gridmoves,
bio-planning, glass candy, double
paradox, slan, the black helicopter,
gonzo pussy, we will enter the
premises, yer role is jamming,
miryame, let me check your work,
let the poem float up, now you
have an art sticker, ahoj, do
not overlook the fact that
you actually have to pay the
bill, plan on phoning, irving
texas, masters without slaves,
a contemporary ancient, an
orange telephone, plackets,
a bottle of waterman ink,
theorbo, wiwwing, wiwwig,
crystal zing, hat-grab,
swarzchild radius, pom and